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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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i am true in the song. it is true which he would expose the world since he's talking this long in the states government been attacked by the powerful united states strongly condemning. illegal five hundred days now i've been detained without charge but that doesn't fall to. today on the question. can change the world. this week i'm joined by a guest from a secret location and living on is one of the most extraordinary figures in the middle east. is for many battles with israel and is now a court up to the international struggle over syria i want to know why he called the freedom fighter by millions and at the same time a terrorist by millions of others. this is his first interview in the west since
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the two thousand and six israel living on war his party his beloved is a member of the live in ease government ease its leader saeed and now it's remarkable. how you reading. i read here. i think. what is your vision for the future of israel and palestine what board hezbollah consider victory if you had that victory would you disarm. though that is that the state of israel does not say that it is an illegal state it's a state that was the lebanese on the basis of occupying the land so there's a lot of usurping the lands of us and all are controlling by force their lands and as much as of committing massacres against about his opinions you would expelled women and they simply misstatements and christians to tell you that is so for the
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estranged son just as he is the no justice remains remains of the work of the messiah well even if he has it all says i have no and the progress of time has no sense of justice and to know this not be making it all just as now you have some i have a feeling about me for your house and i go no keep quiet about it for some doesn't become mine in fifty or one hundred years just because i'm stronger than you and i've yet made with the ok corral your hands that doesn't give me that doesn't legalise why i should leave your house at least prisons are ideological if you and i mean both you and i and we need for palestine films to make understanding and people that i would not imagine but if we wanted everyone to do all those combined i'd walk i'd see a lot she ought to know what i know and the politicos i realize i'm related on the ground should say that the only solution is we don't want to be here when it came to any one of the truth once and been treat anyone on just a name that being one just just to be restored that would go off the only solution
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is the establishment took one sunday off one stage on the land of palestine it was the magnificence under jews and the christians and even the east in a democratic state any other solution the. same cannot be definable and it was the state israel says that it is so he'll to cool his blog and was fired rockets into israel lol see we need a real this is for the true. throughout the past year on the. internet since nine hundred forty eight when the state of israel was created on the land of palestine where israeli forces have been shelling civilians lebanese civilians in the boonies towns and lebanese religious. for the work of my interest in the resistance here between one thousand nine hundred three and until ninety two. after ten years of resistance.
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we started reacting. only and strictly to stop israel shelling our civilians so the ninety nine three if there was an understanding. that it was in direct between the resistance and israel and that understanding. of nine hundred ninety six and that understanding. makes clear that both sides are following shelling civilians are you always used to say that if you don't. shell out of it it is. said we have nothing to do with your villages and your child's so this method with hezbollah resulted so we did after knowing years of aggression against lebanese civilians stop and. rather to make a kind of mess with terror and balance to prevent israel from killing lebanese. according to wiki leaks cables coming out of the us embassy.
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you said that you were shocked. so sad how corrupt his beloved members are probably not because some of his beloved members were driving around in s.u.v.s all the issues he's wearing so verbs. you have to do not how do you know. buying takeaway food. to take away. is this a natural consequence of his blog moving into electoral politics we've been living right. well then. what they said have been about about this this phenomenon is not correct right this is a this is part of the room. they want to see use to discredit his beloved distorted image this is anyway the culture the media war against us and you know they talk about us they say. that we operate
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you know matthew organization and the same. drug trafficking organizations around the world which even though you know religion and you know more religiously this is not absolutely one of the biggest fans that when something we try to games they say a lot of things that are baseless. once in the frontier for us and this and this thing is not correct. secondly on. what they said restrict what i say. it's just a very it's a limited phenomenon and the reason for it is that there are some you know rich families which which were not which in the past were not supporting hezbollah or supporting it it's a lion or its ideology or its program and you know after two thousand and one when the resistance in levanon has a lot of and has blossoming proto components of the resistance and they managed to
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liberate south lebanon that was seen as a kind of a miracle if it creates a great shock in lebanese society might just. how quickly this small group like this just stand for thirty three days facing wish we had because the most powerful army in the region has without being defeated one half so there are groups inside syria that started considering themselves pro has been law all supporters of hezbollah and they come from you know wealthy by. the life consistent with the. financial capability so you know it's it's you know this is a they say this is a common move to his beloved it's not true i say this really confident and with this information has been favorable to me this is not really a clear nominee and everything it's running. why have you supported the arab spring in news you yemen egypt and other
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countries not in syria. clear reasons were first in when the originally first as a principal returned want to interfere in the interference of arab states has always been not going to see them have been prevented the center of the world had been it's very serious and very important to an extent that nobody in new movement no party can just not take a position regarding peace and. also in syria everybody knows text. messages regime ultimately has supported all the resistance in lebanon supported the resistance in palestine and as a test case nobs back to town in the face of this radiant american pressure. because he said received which some of the palestinian cause very well. what we call for in serious negotiations dialogue is the idea of reform actually reform is
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going to be carried out because the alternatives to that are no one because of the day first i see somebody inside syria because the sensitivity of the situation in syria they also just i wish they would just a whole war and this is exactly what america and israel want for syria so you get over the weekend or one hundred people the night of july homes including a journalist i had dinner with a year ago it mary colvin i can understand your logic in saying that we should not just destroy a country for more than that and it is much better to. a country if possible good because his book ridgeline national call if there are one hundred thousand people killed one million people killed when will his books say good. there is a lot of. movement there from the beginning of the difference in syria we've had contacts come some concepts of meeting each other and we spoke and as friends while
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giving each other advice about the importance of carrying out reform is a right from the beginning i personally found that president i said with a very mining suit carry out a radical and important if i have this and this used to reassure us regarding the positions that we have. more than one occasion publicly i used to give speeches and saying this and say this i give up and in my mind in my meetings with various lebanese and arab and other political leaders i say while in the same things that i am confident the president has that wants reform nothing and he will be the ariadne forms. genuine the file of the above the opposition has to increase the entirety of them and i'll say most of this is the first time especially since we don't know if you have contacted or even elements of the opposition as you are to encourage them how many had to facilitate the process of dialogue with the ratio. they've rejected god in a good day and right from the beginning of bone we've had
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a regime that this is when interest proud to go reforms and prepare for the i don't know not on the other side you have an organization which is not prepared for probably knows that and is not a little bit is not prepared to accept any reforms and is all it wants is not too much bring down the regimes us are open up another way may as you if you switch what's happening in syria. as it relates to know that it wasn't true ah it's not just with one. remarkable thing the armed groups in syria and if you have killed in very many civilians. way do you see the syrian situation growing what should we do . to stop the killing zones looks you have to know it is about the lord your god the stand you want dialogue is very easy to talk about it on a practical mission. fran or not good luck shit is occurring in syria. and. in the previous question there's something i didn't i didn't mention but i'll add it to this where there's also the second the states offer money to provide
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money to provide weapons which are encouraging fights inside syria and some of these arab countries and their own countries as well as from one side here there's a very serious. issue as well which is confirmed and we've all heard him talk for a minute so welcome in the car that he could when he when he called for the fighting in syria. to arms and so there are so there are fighters from outside who arrived in syria and others such as there are following them. from various countries. and they're trying to turn syria into a battleground. for countries that provide awareness and money. would be able to get the opposition groups in there supporting to sit down at the table and resolve things but i think i said just a few days ago that said mary huntress that was the he was the head like this you
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have kenya stand trial in terms of violence holds out like with israel for tens of years not just all this destroyed everything that is resident the region but there will be good one year or three years or ability good or even just a few months for a political solution in syria this just doesn't make any sense and would you be willing for years of mediate between these opposition groups and the i said regime people trust that you are not an agent of the united states. but you are not an agent of grass the regime if they can be convinced. except to grow cooties. it will but their experience of thirty years that has put us in i've proved it would consist of friends of syria not an agent of syria. so you know their opinion periods of eleven months political and. cheering which all relationships syria took was not good we had problems even featuring us there were
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problems between us and then and now those who used to benefit from political. influence of syria and lebanon they are now the ones who are on. the phone posing us whereas we used to be under pressure from syria we are friends were not engaged in. syria the various segments of the syrian opposition know that and all the political forces in the region and there is no girlfriend. for us and that's a first and second period when i say we support a potential cause of national. and we're certain it will be willing to fix said any that or any on the contribution of chief but that's what i'm going to tackle solution in the past and i said some new development here and we contacted some parties but they refused to get into it a try not with the regime to leave so any any group that wants i would probably die along with russia and would like us to be to be go betweens would be more than happy to mediate either but we are asking others and yet they would soon make their
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offense to me. to create something and that's a consideration. i have i believe that these opposition groups will find his supposed grow more credible if you said to the syrian regime. that we have a red line. is the syrian regime free to do what it wants as far as his blog is concerned for all this all the things that his book the law except. that he. has assured us that the i think that president bashar assad has red lines and that our brothers in syria have red lines have you and we reaffirm these red lines that we should all of all i've got a problem there he said there is fighting going on and really when one side entry inside the other one advances and. so mr two was talking it's a constitutional slam to close in this country and this is going to continue
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because even if one party retreats the other one will. and easier has declared that it will agree if you can eyes the syrian regime anymore why has new zealand taken this strong move to disconnect itself from syria. i believe for the. position of this taken in tunis for elsewhere. and so on well those incomplete infantry's i would say and correct i would say incomplete everywhere this was of course there's a there's even mistaken incorrect information which was presented to share advance and western governments when it was told when they were told that the regime is going to fall just within a matter of weeks so a lot of them wanted to be harnessed to this anticipated victory and i don't conceal also my belief that anything you have perhaps one reason for some of these
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positions taken on the death of the us because the young men i knew government have placed tough tests there and they believe that they it's not it's not the time to start getting into arguments with the us and the west and things like that and it's better to appease them and go along with them in a lot of these issues you have made a international media network united states is walking around we are broadcasting into us at the same time united states to clear. a you know free speech why do you think the us got good so scared over. they want to be able to tell people that one of the syrian terrorism terrorists organizations if it kills them it murders but they're worried that people listen to us hype on the high for example if there was a just a trial and you have a very lenient defendant then should have an opportunity to defend themselves. but
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the us administration and. we are here accused but we don't even have had very basic rights different to defend ourselves like the united troops were given arguments or to leave their peoples of the world so they are preventing this week saeed as a leader in war. how did you manage to keep your people together under the face. because you know it's the main thing as far as my concern is that we have no objection if we specify the object if the subject. of human and a moral. or faith based and patriotic one there is no debate about this subject of today great land from occupation this is the this is the original reason to release and what has been that was established in the first place and there's no speech about this among lebanese when we didn't want to be you know want
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to get into government we cannot compete and it's really the first time we entered the government the lebanese government was in two thousand and five and they were there was not in order to have a share of now a bunch of print statements to protect the back of the wrist and that's so that this government and the government that was set up in two thousand wouldn't make any incorrect mistake and gainst the resistance we have fears are very very i mean . wouldn't you have to correct himself and i make it my priority and i have always all of the rivalries for the sake of this objective that i give everyone close to god and people cooperating so we achieve this objective until this moment we are. getting in the polls in internal squabbles as far as we can you can see there are many many issues in lebanon for which there are huge arguments and just for instance. we have pointed sometimes even expressing all of
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you taking a position so as not to get involved in the morals and people of priority is still a real hope for the liberation of our land and the protection of lebanon from the israeli threat because we believe that never no it's still faces threat. i want to go back to when you were forty you were the song. what was your first memory as a boy in this home in a long thank you these are. perfect your political thoughts. probably are naturally comparable when i was a child for this little child. i was born and lived and the. whole fifteen years. since i was born in a neighborhood say from big east but rather the home as one of the neighborhood certain characteristics of the actors and naturally even environment. leaves an
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effect on one person as i say either one of the characteristics of this neighborhood is a poor area and choose to have moods she are in and there was. sunni muslims yet to see him he was christina romer the armenians while they were kurds. and also they will be nice and kind of strange since i both know what it was so i was born and i made in this very mixed and very interesting environment out of probably i think so naturally this made this made me sort of a legend concerned was on the scene about palestine and the injustice which the palestinian people had been subjected to see so i had home a very early awareness of that because the palestinians who were in our neighborhood they were all expelled from their dad towns from for america from jerusalem from ramallah. this was the environment that i was born in and brought up . a brother so using the story of yours
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about israeli incursion anticorruption this is interesting to me because i am an expert in corruption learn need to feel the sheer. extensive surveillance do you remember this story. yes i was thinking about. how simplicity can defeat complexity. and for example working with the israeli forces. they use very sophisticated technology. or in their communications. for business sense on the other hand is a popular resistance and side of that for most of the young men in it all just an ordinary furniture or in some they come from farms and small towns and they come from an agricultural kind of scene. and basically he's the they speak on ordinary
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working tokens. and there's no there's no complication about it they're very simple devices but when they get the moment when they use codes they simply use the kind of language that kind of slang that's used in every new choice and among that families so anyone listening on this anyone listening sort of behind the surveillance devices i'm having the employment huge is trying to you know trying to keep codenames this kind of language they will never be there won't be easily able to find out what this means and i said i missed any of that for you. among these for the moment i think for example they use certain words about. just the french kind of times. you know the cooking codes and don't cave. i'm probably in finnish saying this room with the name of the father of the czech cable something like this you know there are no history of any intelligence coming from
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international computer i mean this thing's going to understand who the father of the chicken is and why they call him the father of the chicken and how that money i'm proud to be clear that's not going to do you any good receiving some of the ways to the daily life and it's. very just make one very provocative course letter to read and. then just if there is a good it is not political. you have forty against a hedge many of the united states isn't a law or the notion of a god that you ultimately supercar and wouldn't you as a freedom fighter also seek to liberate people from the totalitarian concept of the no. god. we believe that god almighty scream well as the creator. of this existence and of human beings and of all created creatures. when we created us.
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gave us capabilities that gave us bodies and the world became the psychological and spiritual capabilities we call it instinct. people in isolation just will fall when they're not as a nation from religious laws just they have an instinct to look when they are can but they have an instinct to tell the truth they have an instinct on the against them towson but truth is there and from a little lying is bad justice is good that injustice is bhatt saab that helping more people and i'm just naturally people i'm defending them is a good thing i'm. talking all the shouting their blood this is horrible most. of the issue of resisting well american here again many who are missing ok racially resisting any attack against us or against our people. love this is a moral issue that we and an instinctive one one law and
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a human one called also one would not like this sensation so this sense of the moral and human principle must somehow consistent we are normal to have an interest. and think they are everywhere projections up to god to come up with anything that contradicts the mind on drugs as a human and i think it will not because the creator of the religion is the same as the creator of the human. and the chief in such a very consistent. oh please whenever you are in any country for you know even if in our house or in the country i'm going to tear into nita's that's a recipe for a new way to be so how could the universe and i've been lost on the kidney and so years. in such beautiful harmony ok and have more than one quarter mother was more than one cause it's already been torn to pieces you know so we're going out every
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chance we don't need as you i would have needed if you needed five chain posts and i really just couldn't find anyone here molly abraham the prophet abraham. was always in favor of dialogue and showing evidence and we were all we were all followers of the prophet thank you sorry just a lost cause you share that for yourself plus or. thank you thank you this is the interpreter is going to make this a very high post for them with a few me to. show for them. see. see.
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