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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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free. videos for your radio projects. are in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture alice republicans again passed paul ryan's budget yesterday and under it forty six million americans on food stamps will see massive cuts to their benefits over the next decade is this really the moral way to govern the nation by stealing from the board giving to the rich also mitt romney may be the republican nominee for president his fellow republicans are less than thrilled romney really when americans vote if he can't win over those in his own party that is more than i said low liberal and just weeks after the anniversary of the focus human disaster more bad news is coming out of
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that crippled nuclear power plant what are officials now saying about the possibility of another nuclear disaster one that would be even more devastating and sure noble. you need to know this tuesday night house republicans even as multimillionaire congressman paul ryan's radical budget for the romney rich coincidentally republicans use the same deem and pass tactic to pass the budget that they've criticized democrats for trying to use back in two thousand and town to push through obamacare the ryan budget deemed it passed republicans going to get to work set a new and much lower funding levels for a whole variety of social welfare programs. yeah the one million american students who stand to lose their pell grants and the millions of poor and disabled americans who could lose their medicaid health insurance coverage it's those americans on food stamps would suffer the most under republican guard at the forty six million
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americans on food stamps will see thirty three point two billion dollars in cuts over the next ten years to their benefits and you eligibility requirements will force millions of americans further into desperation before they can even qualify for federal food assistance so say the press reports that three million people lose their benefits this year under the ryan plan in a letter to the house agriculture committee which oversees the food stamp program the u.s. conference of catholic bishops urged lawmakers to protect essential programs that serve poor and hungry people over subsidies that assist large and relatively well off agricultural enterprises while welfare recipients are expected to take a hit on the rich the are republican budget giant transnational oil and agribusiness corporations get to keep their corporate welfare is this really the moral way to govern a nation take from the poor and give to the rich here to offer his take john kerry senior writer and catholic outreach coordinator at faith in public life john
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welcome great to be here thank you thanks for joining us it is always i've always thought that the core of christianity was matthew twenty five it's the only place in the bible where the disciples actually said to jesus how do we get to heaven and how would you and uses feed the poor. among other things you know feed the poor water the thursday with those who are in prison you know cold with the naked which today would be you know how's the homeless and heal the sick and they all freak out because they say wait a minute we've never seen you hungry so we're doomed and races as you did on the least of these you know the story of how is it that a party is the republican party which. panders why we're not yours to do christian voters and and catholic voters in particular. can do the exact opposite of the core teachings of christianity and yet still be you know calling this you know what i'm saying it truly is stunning i mean representative ryan seems to want to have this debate you know he specifically time and time again references as catholic
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faith when he talks about the budget you know and as we saw last week he's really been taking a sunday school if you will by over sixty catholic theologians catholic nuns priests and just this week out the bishops as you mentioned have explicitly called him out on these proposals i mean they're deeply unchristian they're deeply immoral and it seems like representative ryan is more faithful to the teachings of iran who he's talked about as hero than the actual gospel message of compassion and justice and the common good so i would say the representative ryan really needs a sunday school lesson and to go back and think about deeply those aspects of his faith tradition that he seems to be ignoring for should promote a radical economic agenda that's really at the federal to the common good john boehner said quote i want them to take a bigger look at the bigger look is if we don't make these decisions these programs want exist and then they'll really have something to worry about. yeah i mean the catholic bishops have been very explicit in their letter to the it's the house
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committees and they said look this is a problem this is a morally indefensible budget i don't understand how john boehner and other catholic another prominent catholic who's very proud of his catholic faith can justify these kind of cuts look we need to take our budget deficit seriously we need to have a frank debate but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it and the struggling middle class the poor they have not caused our budget deficit they're not causing our debt you know two wars on a credit card. unsustainable tax cuts for the wealthy and i think we need a broader values debate about these issues how do we in fact it seems to me that we actually need to be framing these things as a values debate not necessarily a religious one although if that if those are the terms that they want to define service certainly we birth control oh yeah let's. put it in religious context. how do you think that's best done. well i think you know broader is value a broader values debates means let's talk about issues of economic justice let's
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talk about poverty you know for example the catholic bishops back in this is way back in one thousand nine hundred another ryan monsignor john ryan who is a progress a populist catholic priest who was a noted writer on inequality and social justice helped the bishops write a really at the time a radical proposal for economic justice that really laid the groundwork for the new deal i don't think most progressive snow that we need to resurrect that tradition that republicans have claimed to own the values debate in recent years and that's that's not really in keeping with our tradition in terms of how christians and jews have it have approached these issues of public life so i think you're starting to see the conversation change but we need to do more so the catholic church has been historically at least in the twentieth century particularly at the forefront of many very progressive social issues absolutely and you know i remember one when george bush started his wars it was it was pope john paul was talking he spoke out
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explicitly against the that's right and enter a number of other policies and yet. there is this kind of cherry picking that goes on in on the right when it comes to specifically catholic teaching do you think that the church that the current pope and the and the current. senior levels of the church are going to push hard on these things or you know i hope so i mean in recent weeks the bishops have been loudest on issues of contraception or religious liberty and those are important issues to discuss but i think many moderate and progressive catholics like myself you know are a bit frustrated with the bishops in terms of the moral outrage that they summon seems to be on sexuality issues we need the bishops to speak boldly on these issues you know back in the one nine hundred eighty s. when ronald reagan was promoting an agenda of trickle down economics the bishops spoke out very powerfully against that we need to bring that back today i think you know there's two hundred sixty bishops in the country so we can't paint the bishops with a broad brush and unfortunately you have cultural warrior bishops who tend to get
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significant media attention and i think back kind of distorts the understanding of what the catholic witness of public life is but you know i hope the bishops will continue their their strong pushback on this ryan budget. amount thanks the next it's great to meet you they didn't know. paul ryan's budget shreds a social safety net to give three trillion dollars worth of tax breaks to the romney rich in america that's not courageous and it's not moral for more on this topic and some of the big stories of the day it's time to turn over to the lone liberal rumble. it's wednesday which raises time for the lone liberal rondell our panel tonight will ron deputy editor of the daily caller and judson phillips soci director of the tea party keeper nation isn't. tea party nation is one group and i'm also the soci director for the tea party dot net the tea party donna ok great ok you guys just
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heard my interview with john during and. wonder in your take on this whole issue of you know the more rally of the ryan budget how can how can republicans defend a budget that takes away from the poor and gives three trillion dollars to the romney rich. well without offering a full throated defense of the romney budget i mean what do you do about entitlements and the trustees of medicare and social security you to lift the cap so security ok these attacks you list to have exactly you led to a stratosphere. where right now. in the first hundred as you know the first hundred eight thousand six hundred dollars of income you pay social security taxes and if you make a million dollars on the next nine hundred thousand basically you pay not one penny right why shouldn't bill gates pay the same income tax rate as you and me and anybody else with regard not income tax so security tax rates and that would solve the social security problem and if you allow medicare to negotiate drug prices if
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you solve the medicare problem using the force of the government put down health care costs is one thing but. to say i mean the trustees of the program say that it's going bankrupt it's going bankrupt at a rapid place nobody actually believes that you can tax your way of course you do well with bill clinton was here do you think you would say that we can provide for a way out of this house said leo with president obama has called for this in bill clinton's interest to lift the cap on the social security tax so the bill gates is paying the same rate as his secretary and it will solve the problem so security and medicare is not entitle is not a spending any of that in the immortal words of margaret thatcher the problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money what are you going to jack the rates up to eighty percent ninety percent roe you know roosevelt at one point in one thousand nine hundred four had a one hundred percent tax rate because he declared unconstitutional we but he did it for all but i didn't know that we had a ninety one percent top tax rate in the united states for the better part of thirty years and for another decade and a half with a seventy four percent top tax rate that period of time that forty five fifty year
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period was the only period of time in the history of the united states from its founding and more than fifteen years without a major bank panic or a major stock market collapse the reason why many economists are saying is because that you know people could get rich they could get thirty times their employee rich but they couldn't get romney rich fabulously rich and because it wasn't easy to get a lot of money there wasn't a lot of gambling with that money and stabilize the markets ok and i think that we should roll back the reagan tax cuts that's still not going to solve it this is just a huge massive problem if you listen you can talk about ways of doing entitlement reform that aren't in the ryan budget we need to get out of there and we will have the new america foundation you know people on the left talking about you know technological innovations a way to stimulate that for government but to say that you're going to actually agree there what is relevant aggressive budget i mean they they laid out you know corporations back when reagan came into office corporations are paying thirty five percent of the cost of running our government it's now eleven percent ok what's
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wrong with that what's wrong with that's too much government spending. government spending right now as a percentage of g.d.p. is lower than it's been sixty two years and it needs to be a lot lower we are spending our so your bankroll we need to turn ourselves into the libertarian paradise a somali now we need to turn ourselves into the constitutional republic that our founding fathers had in mind for the federal government it only has a few things it's supposed to do so you want to figure boarders you want to go back before the civil war no i want the government to do what it is supposed to do i want to go back and start getting rid of back to my original question why is that when the catholic bishops come out and say you know we don't like contraception the republicans are all over it but actually this is all over when the catholic bishops say it's immoral what you're doing with this ryan budget problems start to talk about ok what do you want to talk about under criticizing the budget but not of you know contraception i talked about all right there was one more valid to you than the other i mean this is the catholic church has a lot of opinions about a lot of things they all agree is catholic theology is enormously complicated subject. cherry pick here and there which you like here and there ok that gets into
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a very difficult we will have to we'll have to debate this at another time you know we're we're out of time here i go there but more on the right after the break. we just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old and since you told the truth. i mean i am. i was rapping. and. he was kind of the jester. i'm very proud of the window and see his place.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so bleak you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you don't i'm sorry is a big issue. for . a. few.
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of the magnetized alone liberal or all of the panels i will run deputy editor of the daily caller and judson phillips associate director of the tea party dot net let's get back to it first tell us what psychological projection is sigmund freud you know his idea you know people who are thieves constantly looking around figuring everybody trying to steal from them ok mitt romney i'm wondering last week he says it's obama who's waging a war on women take on. the real war on women is being waged by the president's failed economic policies. and then a few weeks back he said it's not the president but it's not the republicans who
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are trying to take apart medicare paul ryan all is that here it's the president. three and a half years later he has failed to enact or even propose a serious plan to solve the entitlement crisis instead he has taken a series of steps that end medicare as we know it. he is the only president to ever cut five hundred billion dollars from medicare. first of all that's just plain old not true but any romney said this about president obama being out of touch this is best. we have a president who i think is a nice guy but he spent too much time at harvard perhaps or maybe just not enough time actually working in the real world i think to create jobs in the private sector to help get ahead a job in the private sector. so this obama spent so much time in harvard romney went to harvard a year longer than obama did got two degrees from there not just one romney's now trying to deflect criticism about his dog seamus that he tied to the roof of his
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car for a twelve hour ride by pointing out that in his memoirs obama says that he ate dog meat when he was nine years old and didn't like it didn't want to do it question is mitt suffering from psychological projection issues com are you seriously using a major party candidate trying to spin an issue no i'm asking if he might be mentally ill you're saying that mitt romney may be mentally ill based on what this looks to me like like projection it looks to me like he is he is taking the things that he is doing and he is suggesting that his opponent is doing when in fact is is about it is not a problem i don't have the same psychiatric expertise i don't blame it all ok all right the discussion the democrats are right let's roll with the war on women i was a democratic talking point. they slipped up they got tagged for it they distance themselves from that means you know the democrats the democrats use this is a war on women talking point constantly often they had their adviser democratic
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strategist hilary rosen come out she said something that could be interpreted as something that's very offensive to she's michoud said specifically and romney's never worked a day in her life yeah and my colleague stephanie miller and romney the maid and cook who raised and romney before she was married. called in to my colleague stephanie miller show and told the story of that you know i'm the maid who raised and running yeah yeah it's amazing i mean it's like this is sort of the other side growing up so she was. she was very wealthy and she married a guy who's worth a quarter of a billion dollars a year i think the issue is that they were discussing was working women and you know i you know i look you know i will let me flip this around if women if you for raising it raised a family of raising kids is work and that's what romney is trying to say now. is probably a parent be able to work and raise your children yet even even with a maid in a nanny in a ship it's still work ok let's let's stipulate that then why is it that ever since
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medicare was so scary was first passed one hundred thirty five why is it that every attempt by the democrats to extend that one hundred percent to work to moms who don't go to the workplace has been defeated by republicans but why is mitt romney mentally ill again why his that that the republicans don't want women to have equal access to the benefits of being in the workplace or when they choose to stay at home i've never heard of republicans i've never heard that either. social security where if you're a working mom if you're not if you're a stay at home mom and your husband dies you get half his benefits not all of his best what's the social security would not work you get all the benefits of that social security is stays on what you contribute the amount of money that you contributed to the system but. my point you know republicans refuse to acknowledge that there's any value associated with being a stay at home mom now mitt romney's trying to have it both ways but let's move along to drug testing here in this it looks like drug testing welfare recipients is
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actually costing money now maybe that was the plan this is this study was done in florida rick scott down in florida owns a chain of companies that do drug testing and he's now the governor and they started drug testing people who were on welfare programs or any kind of relief and only two point six percent of those people actually failed the drug test which is way below the average for working people. it has cost the state one hundred eighteen thousand one hundred forty dollars more than they've saved by kicking people out of the program. what's the deal why why are these big government republicans so fascinated with what's going on inside our bodies i don't i don't know but i'll say this cost is irrelevant there's a separate issue here still thing we call the fourth amendment unreasonable searches and seizures but if you are if you get pulled over on the side of the road the cops want to check what's in your blood see if you've been drinking that got to have a search warrant the same is true here you've got to have a search warrant see if a welfare recipient has been i'm with him this and i would judge this is
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a libertarian streak coming out yes so so will yeah clearly the florida i don't know it buttoned up but on the face of it it certainly looks like a disaster it's not a positive effect of it all you could certainly make the case i don't really have actually the same philosophical objection to it as you do up a same time when it's not cost effective is a reason way of punishing people in the way of humiliating people for being poor enough that they have to get some kind of government leave no i mean this country needs more guilt and shame about things being out that there is a legitimate complaint ignoring the constitutional issue for a moment which i'm not backing away from but there's a legitimate complaint if i am forcing if i am forced to give you my tax dollars in some form of benefit i think you have the right to complain that you're blowing those tax dollars on an illegal substance or if if somebody is on food stamps and somebody on unemployment food stamps or they lost their job. their need government assistance to survive and they get sick they get cancer they get something they get
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to break their way would you cut off their food stamps because they got sick you know what are you guys. what's the what's the comparison almost it's a stupid question right if i was going to use or going to certain illness. it's a self-inflicted oh yes. so every drug addict because in my professional career i've dealt with a lot of drug addicts every drug addict voluntarily took that first toke of marijuana did that first line of coke you know the example of iraq there are more people in. who die from taking prescription drugs and i'm talking about abusing prescription drugs most of the painkiller while i'm there i'll grant you thing else and so it was a voluntary act of show up at the doctor's office with a broken foot and you put on an oxy coat on or con or whatever you rush limbaugh would know this stuff i don't know these drugs but. you know a lot of drug addicts in america did not start out as hippies with joints they started out as patients a lot of them started out as people who wanted to tried marijuana but hey man it's
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cool no it's a gateway drug it leads to other thing i would with somebodies food because they're drug addict they have an illness should we treat them yes treatment if you want to talk about treatment but treatment usually isn't defined tom it's just giving them money no i'm not suggesting that i'm suggesting that you know again something i mean he's always opposed to drug addiction treatment should be covered there's a larger glisten i am all for treatment programs for drug addicts but i think that's a separate issue here and again actually we're all on the same page about drug testing. welfare recipients while i don't think we're on the same page i'm totally opposed to it i think we're all opposed to it but i think you know i thought you had a very good news or no no no you're all going to let's let's you know let's let's change topics that on that. i'd like to come back to this war against this violence against women the war against women and we you know we talk about it a little bit but the sixty one co-sponsors in the sun the violence against women
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act is going to be reauthorized this is been watch for fourteen seventeen years some stange appeared out of ninety six when bill clinton was so it's been it's been around for a long time. chuck grassley is holding this thing up in part because it extends protections to women who are here illegally why republicans want to choose some women who it's ok to abuse or rape and other women who it's not ok to abuse rape. that's a pretty hard. you know what you should bear you just prove it honestly i don't care why chuck grassley is holding it up i'm kind of happy that he is being sold in and out because of his objection to know to illegal immigrant women and to get into lesbian kiss me in the set been the victims of sexual or physical violence that's fine but the reason i say i'm perfectly happy to do so we get up i worked for twenty four years as a lawyer to this prosecutor forty was criminal defense lawyer the volleyball is it's called in the legal community is probably one of the most abused laws that has
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ever been created it in truth the federal government intrudes into areas of state law that has no business it creates massive problems be mandatory arrest programs restraining orders that are given out faster than can be at halloween you know you can have somebody who you dated swear out a restraining order against you it'll be automatically granted they might not even show up in court and that stigma is going to go with you for the rest of your life so if you are why should we do about the fact that ninety nine percent of the time is scenes of violence abuse and people who start wars are men. how do we deal with this testosterone problem well how are you going to if having a bit of the records i'm going to have been in the courts at least anecdotally i'd say it's much closer to eighty twenty on the violence and violence comes in only eighty is fifty fifty in the population the it is but men who are sometimes are victims of domestic violence won't call because they're male privately this new bill protects men as well it just doesn't matter includes men and chuck grassley
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said objecting to that as well it doesn't matter that they won't call and it violence cuts across all i want your i'm sorry i have thirty seconds. very quickly i mean this is a law that has been on the books has always enjoyed large bipartisan support and is now having stuff about it including provisions to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country longer know if they've been abused it what it says is. is that if a woman who is not going to tell her a visa they get a. vet. and you get it as a witness to crime until. until this is so this is where he has been a result does he just goes beyond that theory when exposed did it last much longer so those so those women are legitimate targets so you know why don't you just inject that into the issue and rebalance always it is no you want to suppress the violence against women act violence against whatever you know you don't have favor of because disaster all right well maybe so that this week carson friends made this
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perhaps friday back to psychology have mitt romney search for a vice president show tweeted romney is hired advisor to do his v.p. search who should we choose we being presumably fox news it's long been suggested that any republican nominee for president must win the fox news primary and which romney has done which. santorum has protested but will the eventual this president candidate candidate also have to win the blessing of fox news. i would actually disagree mitt romney won the what for calling the fox news primary to begin with i don't think the coverage has been politically slanted towards romney. but i mean certainly you would want somebody who is safe and who a lot of conservatives are going to rally behind i don't think fox news is going to have any real impact there is a fox news reel got to get a lot of t.v. god bless the folks over at fox news they've been in the bag from it for
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a long time santorum complained about it gingrich complained about it and i think a couple others did you know for the for the v.p. search the primary they need to work for the audience they need to worry about winning is the conservative base centers i don't disagree that judson will thank you both for being with us and i thank you so much. he just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old so if you tell the truth. i may confess and i am a total get of friends that i love rap and hip hop is that philanthropy. he was kind of the jester to. i'm very proud of the role without you she has her place.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lack of sleep you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is are you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. for.


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