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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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cool. calm father of the austerity and italian museum director starts the works of art in protest of the state of the country thanks to europe's debt crisis. in syria rules were agreed for an international ceasefire monitoring mission but with violence carrying on regardless and alternate crew finds itself under fire in the city of vera. russia will give nato extra helping the afghan war more supplies through its territory as you know it sees its troops caught up in a wave of violence and scandal in the top stories this hour. on the screen online around the world this is r.t.
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life here in moscow oh it is the latest victim of the e.u.'s debt crisis at the rector of an italian museum is burning works from around the world in protest of the government's harsh austerity measures with the permission of the artists he's promised to destroy three pieces a week until the government listens to what he has to say. syria has more from brussels. well the museum director has started burning artwork he's calling this the art war basically it's a symbolic protest against the way that the economic crisis the european debt crisis is being handled until this point and he also says it over a thousand artworks are already doomed to be destroyed anyway because of the government's indifference to their situation subsidies have been cut to the cultural institutions and again this just brings about the message that no live and nothing is spared from these harsh cuts being imposed by governments in europe because of the debt crisis and it's the same story you have here art and cultural heritage of italy being prized assets and it's going down the drain the same goes
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with its workforce its assets their human assets bearing the brunt of all these pots and this is a symbolic protest follows what we've seen recently already suicides and suicide attempts in greece and italy as well over a pension cuts or loss of benefits or loss of jobs and this is the type of the symbolic protest may be changing but it goes back to underline the point that the people are saying that they are in desperate need there in desperation at the dire situation that they're in this specially in countries like italy and spain which are still hanging in the balance european leaders and markets still i mean of whether it will be the next to receive bailouts and we all know what bailouts mean that from international creditors it means even more a stary and even more desperation from the eyes of the people. in britain advisor patrick youngers total of three that he thinks. should be treated as a joke the problems. very serious. the truth of the matter is that i think
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it's difficult to keep seriously the idea of simply seeking attention to destroying artworks when actually would not be a great deal of a better idea to have these artists and indeed these artworks being sold so that we could actually go somewhere to try and help some of the pensioners but i mean it strikes me that it is a rather ludicrous scrutinous for say to do all draw attention to the past the fundamental underpinnings of many european spirits and that means last minute money that if you spend all that the solution will stay it whether it be an arch whether it be intentional whatever it is that is coming to an end europe and the euro zone cannot afford its socialism. while in america the financial organization many accuse of pushing parts of europe into a sea of death has been corpore haven badly goldman sachs faces a hefty fine for allegedly tipping off some eighty clients and as always the kaiser
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report provides its unique take on that the full show coming your way later that day here's a preview. it makes sense that the commission was able to negotiate a penalty on an over four times the two thousand and three penalty settlement so yes goldman sachs already paid a penalty in two thousand and three for this exact same tactical violation but they have more leverage now because of the financial collapse to clean with goldman sachs to pay a little bit more money this diagram. lawbreaking in your group will be. pleased to do those who is one of the few. poor bureaucrats who do most of the. you know this is outrageous that the f.c.c. is begging goldman to the right of the fine at their craft yeah it's sort of actually you know saying you know what you guys are shameless lawbreaking banks are scar and how about we bring it out of sparks and. you know i love these chinese bad
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. who'll give you know they take the beggars alpaca lake to kill on that's a target death as a deterrent. syria and the un have agreed on rules governing in advance team of international monitors observers will support a suspicion of violence or sporadic clashes between regime forces and rebels continue despite a ceasefire that is of some a boy who was forced to flee the city of daraa in the south west of the country because of intensified shooting. it is known here as the so-called cradle of the serious revolution because it was the scene of the first mass rallies against the assad government this is one of the most military communities in syria these days you can see the checkpoints and almost every corner there are snipers on the roads becoming a building buildings but despite these have been a presence of troops there this situation the security situation and derek is
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highly volatile and watches take place on an almost daily basis and today wasn't an exception we arrived today or on the invitation of the syrian information ministry which is now eager to show our reporters a bad life is probably a good getting back to normal and i'm being a right to deceive the clashes intensify violence and time to fight i could hear the sound of gunfire the sound of machine guns and as a result our visit was cut short we also know that at the time r t crew was embarrassed the un observers also introduced v.t. and local officials told that the rebels are using any opportunity of these type profile visits to provoke them into military action what i was really surprised with is the reaction of the big people on the ground the cd is very sort of calm because you don't see too many people on the streets most of the shops are
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closed but those people who venture out into the sea to want to be here it becomes piracy rushed to one side of the city or one side of the street or not it's to find refuge but two minutes afterwards they go around bad daily life so it seems that these alive the big constant threat positive gunfire has sort of become a new normal for many residents of. more reaction on syria and from sara my research is a researcher from sort. of the middle east extensively joining us there in beirut syria has agreed to allow an extended observer mission just how significant is this cooperation with the now with the u.s. . this is incredibly significant especially when we consider a lot of the other regional neighbors of syria behaving very poorly and provoking violent conflict in syria and suggesting that they once you arm the rebels and
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continue and actually increase the level of violence that's happening in syria so we have this whole region that's actually instigating violence and we have the so-called friends of syria of western powers really who will no influence over syria and have very little to say or do because they they don't have any relationships they don't have any information that will provide any help to the people of syria to solve this crisis so with those two efforts happening you know between the arab league and the friends of syria it's actually very refreshing to have a u.n. observer mission that actually we're willing to talk to both sides and that has the support of president bashir as well as some of syria's allies so this means that actually the u.n. observer mission could possibly produce some results because it's talking to everybody people are taking it seriously and so this is very promising indeed to see these developments and it's not
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a solution that's going to solve everything in one day program people and it will take many different compromises and steps but with patience i think that this is certainly the best and most promising development that we've seen in a long time so you're saying this is cause for optimism and yet diplomats from the u.s. europe and the arab states that meeting in paris right now to discuss more pressure on the syrian regime while the u.n. security council is debating the peace process i mean what do you make of this contradiction. oh it's a huge contradiction and it just shows that these countries don't want a solution in syria that's fair and just and that's going to go over peace and security for the syrian people they want a regime change and they will stop nothing to achieve this regime change and unfortunately they also have very strong allies in the region and it's just it's so sad to think that this peace observer mission could have actually taken place so many months earlier if we had read the report of the arab league observers mission
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we would have seen that the violence was happening on both sides and that the need for dialogue between the two sides an agreement by both sides needed to happen then and unfortunately it took several months more of violence and civilian casualties and army casualties and the protesters everybody is that dying and it could have been stopped if the international community has been more fair from the get go as well as the arab league i mean they really failed to deliver anything on syria and so it's very disappointing that they are they've already condemned this measure and they think it's going to they're waiting for it to fail so you know what we have to sit back and watch what the u.n. is able to do right now and with. the support of countries like china and russia and the support of course of the syrian government itself i think this is really quite promising and like i said before it will be difficult and it will be a long struggle but we're seeing some progress and we're seeing fewer people dying right now what about and that's the most important thing the u.n.
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chief has said today that of the truce the cease fire in syria is being breached by both the regime and indeed the armed opposition groups with that sort of mission message would put pressure on the likes of us from saudi arabia to use their influence all the opposition to actually fulfill their part of the ceasefire agreement sort of if you can you go. i mean of course one would hope that if they had the syrian people's best interest at heart they would of course do this but they had the same message from the arab league observers months ago and they didn't put any pressure and in fact they only encouraged the syrian opposition to use more violence and we had you know our own senators mccain and lieberman going to turkey and encouraging interaction and terrorism against the syrian government and so i think it really shows the united states doesn't want to solution that is going to be. a good solution for syria and
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they just want to destabilize the region so that they can carry on doing what they need to do against iran to carry on their drone attacks we've just heard today actually that the government wants to increase the level of strikes in yemen for example these are illegal drone attacks and yet they're happening because all attention is placed on syria right now so we're able to get away my government is able to get away with these changes acts of violence against civilians you know without any condemnation because everybody is paying attention to syria and so i think they're completely satisfied with provoking further violence and not solving the crisis interested to get your perspective on the developments in syria thank you very much indeed sir mercer researcher from sarkozy's university joining us thank you sean. well still ahead here this hour an r.t. occupy activists joined a chorus of those protesting against the world's biggest spy base in the u.k. . we're seeing is americans developing a new form of girls and we explore what's fueling fears of operations in
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a british american something could lead to a new kind of international power again plus. they will hold russian reserves it fires in the arctic under a new deal we interview the head of the american oil firm in business at twenty past the hour. all that still to come for you this hour but first nato is getting more help from russia in the afghan war and in a ministerial meeting in brussels the sides it discussed expanding the vital transit of military cargo to afghanistan through russia's territory now moscow has provided the alliance with their corridors and railway routes the link is vital as pakistan blocked an acre of supplies from crossing its totally after an airstrike that killed twenty four pakistani soldiers six months ago and as the alliance appears to withdraw troops from the top of the midst of a string of scandals involving extreme breaches of discipline by u.s. troops washington says recently published photographs of soldiers posing with the
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remains of afghan bombers show an isolated incident of young people caught up in the moment an opinion which is not shared by john reese from the stop the war coalition. this is what happens when an occupation last for ten years and is manifestly failing i imagine that the that the morale of the troops these are rock bottom they have up so no idea what they're doing there they know that the populations in their home countries whether it's this country or the united states are overwhelmingly against the war and this is bound to produce a situation where the occupation becomes more brutal before it ends they they know that they're on the run they know that the business of training the afghans to take over is actually resulting in a situation where afghan armed forces are increasingly shooting members of the occupying forces so i think that this is a generation of what was already a disastrous. creation and what the situation will be like when they've gone is
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this that whatever the difficulties whatever the problems whatever the military situation is in the country it will at least to be afghans who are settling their own future at the moment we have a colonial system where the major powers are trying to run somebody else's country now we should have left that kind of mentality behind in the nineteenth century. a day after those photos of american soldiers posing with afghan body parts surfaced . with video of foreign fighters going wild this time in iraq market civilians and ramming cars aside indiscriminately details of bartie dot com. the controversial ad he counterfeiting trade agreement known as actor has been dealt a heavy blow they did not and a member of the european parliament and a key figure behind a treaty has already said the bill should be rejected and as he told us earlier the legislation meant to stop piracy has too many side effects. in terms of what i was trying to achieve i'm quite happy with that i think it's important to you it does
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protect us and to actual property but had a number of unintended side consequences one was that it would have put a duty on internet service providers to think that we act as the european police force of the internet and i don't think now is right i think that's for the formal judicial authorities secondly i didn't like the idea that i could possibly have criminalized young people who were quite innocently dying or doing films and music and so on in the privacy of their own homes. back to save the should only be for commercial purposes but commercial purposes are very weakly defying the other concern people how about clear that it was a negotiator or five six year period behind closed doors the rights holder seemed to be involved in that discussion but the civil society did not seem to be to be proud about discussion and most of the members of the partly didn't really understand what they were signing up for i mean the british house of commons i
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don't one morning reporter night which said that i could have not met a debate on the floor of the house of commons and as an aside i actually demonstrates the importance of the european forum and the european decision making process because without the european problem back there would probably no be a law. well like today any on a show explores another controversial piece of anti-piracy legislation being pushed by the us government joined as an eighteen hundred g.m.t. to discover more. you know you're on a show coming away little later here in r.t. sudan and south sudan are edging closer to resuming all out war as fierce clashes on the borders intensified last week the south after less than a year of independence seized the disputed hedley goldfield sudan and returned branded its neighbor and enemy and promised to reclaim the oil rich region but it's
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all right or reason why a lot of us says the conflict is escalating partly due to unofficial u.s. backing of the south. i believe things are going at the moment we start. declaring. right will be asleep. what they're not believe. that is that. the situation is very tense and i think it's great. because on the part of this so in terms of. the nation at the moment and probably it is because they might see it in. the united states can people might you can leap on one or two things like they are to turn now to weaken his majesty. not sit down especially their place again we know if we're. getting more power and everything up in the brain what i do remember we have
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a wealth of other stories online in addition to what you see here on screen for you variable l.t. dot com i said look and see what's lined up now at most one of russia's key opposition figures alexey not only makes it into time magazine's top one hundred of the world's most influential people and this year he's the only russian on the list find out who else is included online. plus you can now catch a criminal using a new i phone app introduced by a modern metropolitan police find out how it works at r.t. dot com. three members of a russian feminist punk band arrested for shooting isn't back in february will remain in custody for at least two more months at least twenty of the group supporters were detained trying to stage an unsanctioned demonstration outside the court that came to guide public attention when they rushed the altar of russia's christ the savior cathedral in moscow and performed for prosecutors claim with a blast from the song conceive and put in jail for up to seven years into because if you public reaction and harsh criticism from russia's orthodox church. let's
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have a quick look at some other news from around the world this hour the way the bomb attacks in iraq has killed at least thirty five people and that around one hundred others injured officials say streamlets launched both car and roadside bombs in the capital and the country's north explosions in baghdad targeted many share neighborhoods authorities believe the security forces were also targeted in attack . on a protests continue in bahrain as the country prepares to host a formula one grand prix security forces use stun grenades to ward off protesters who stormed the culture exhibition organized for the race cultural bundle aid a racing team from making its way from the circuit back to its hotel nobody was injured and the team was not the intended target was cancelled last year due to government demonstrations. being called the largest spy center on earth a man with him in britain has been the target of protesters for decades run by the u.k. and the u.s. the complex monitors the communications of dozens of other countries it's often seen as a symbol of security it's also held up as
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a sign of hypocrisy it's not ignore smith explains. it's a little piece of america in the middle of the yorkshire dales it might look like some kind of theme park but it's actually a spy based and part of the early warning system for the ever expanding u.s. missile defense shield is a part of this huge kind of. gripping the world and its surfaces you get from places like memory which is connected to these the american military has been a base in menwith hill since the nineteenth sixty's growing all the time until this site now comprises thirty three of those gulf war like structures inside each one a satellite dish which collects information from u.s. satellites but also intercepts the communications of other countries that information is then fed back to the u.s. i've used in what they call intelligence led warfare which includes special operations and drone attacks. to keep up with new forms of warfare
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billions of dollars have been invested in and with hell over the last ten years it's enabled the base to remain a vital component to the global u.s. surveillance network men with watch or talk to steve schofield reckons the inner workings of around a hundred countries are closely monitored here something he dubs an unprecedented level of intervention the u.k.'s providing a facility here it's involved in drone attacks that we know from independent assessments are killing and injuring thousands of civilians these are acts of war and normally when we have lots of you know parliament should normally inform people that were involved in those who were not paying for its. in the dark about this isn't news to locals they've been coming up here to protest weekly for decades but now their cause has drawn the attention of a global movement occupy helen alexander is from occupy leeds and sees
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a common cause in men with hell consider its implications on our on our individual civil liberties the fact that they can listen to all of our phone calls they can intercept our emails you know this whistleblower evidence is testimony to the claims that what goes on there is not only political espionage but commercial espionage it's a far cry from the land of the free rhetoric the u.s. is famous for and chris sixty menwith hill is a symbol of that hypocrisy and of europe kowtow into u.s. power we're seeing is americans developing a new form of imperialism this is about protection of democracy if you look at the pattern of this investment by the united states over the past twenty years it's all about ensuring they have access to oil and other vital not the resources in africa and the persian gulf and we've got to challenge that we really have to start challenging for through it because the next is probably the attack on iran.
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with the us is expansion plans for the ballistic missile defense shield up to twenty twenty five and with menwith hill already part of the early warning system he's poking of america's nose into other people's backyards is still king fears it could be the trigger to a new arms race euro smith r.t. them with hill yorkshire twenty four minutes past the russian capital daniels' next with a business update after a short break. the
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. bright. sun from plans to. start on t.v. dot com. business let's go straight to the markets because it's a roller coaster day new york's been topsy turvy all morning off the. results of the most disappointing u.s. jobless claims that there was back on the thirteen thousand on the nasdaq a point four percent. below two percent madrid two and a half after researches moody's analytics said spain and italy face a high risk of default if course don't calm the russian markets posted strong gains
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the first time in four days as a crisis group over sixteen hundred points today change rates and the euro's now low against the dollar on those italy spain fears and then you sell through pipeline through solving your construction already this year also added today north stream through northern europe will also hit full capacity. ahead of so stream will carry gas to supply thirty million homes in europe a year project by past trouble transit ukraine. because the first commercial deliveries through the south stream will start in december twenty fifth we agreed to schedule with all our partners and will start construction of the pipeline in december today all the preparation is going according to plan and we have no doubt the project will be completed on time and will own some of the reserves it finds with in russia the american firms did a deal this week to explore the area and some pause any thoughts forward in ownership but it seems had told all to you will keep
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a third of what it finds assuming we discover. commercially viable reserves in the agreement. provide for us to be able to book gold reserves but we have one third working interest russia has a two thirds working your first so of course once we have paid our taxes paid the fees are due to the government we are operating expenses and we will begin to repay any loans financing that may be required and it will be repaid on that one third two third's working interest basis you're up to date most there is on a website called slash business headlines the next here on alt.
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the close up team has been to the sverdlovsk region. where blacksmithing the develops from a craft into an industry. now archie goes far north. where returns to good roads and rails are a battle against the elements where helicopter is the only transport for medics to reach those in need. and where reindeer and fish are treasures for the people will come to the. autonomy area russia close up on r.t. .
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will put in. science technology innovation called the list of elements from from around russia we've dumped the future coverage. the.


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