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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you know how some lectures see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then he lives something else and you hear or see some of the part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . the first.
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ok it's time for show and talents and its program now earlier in the week we spoke about activists efforts to raise awareness around the cybersecurity bill so we wanted to know if you thought that since the protests can be as powerful as those that we saw against sopa if the major tech companies don't get behind the effort that's going to produce different reason a study to find out what you have to say i'm of the streets of d.c. to tell people the nation's capital what our viewers have to say on twitter facebook and you tube and she was talking to me she came orderly. and. activists are trying to we raise awareness against a cybersecurity bill says so we asked our audience do you think that says we protest can be as powerful as those that we saw again so but without major tech companies like google and facebook behind it i'm going to read your sponsor ten c. and you tube he said hell yes protests are going to be as big but the trick is to
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inform everyone since the government is once again leaving us in the dark that's why not a lot of people know about it i think a lot of people know about it only because the big companies that came in and say it and made it you know took a stand you want to keep it or delete it i think i'd have to delete because you probably need the backing of some of those bigger companies to get the word out as much as they did for so readers crunch from john on facebook he said he doesn't think it will be the reason being that corporate entities behind the sopa move are doing everything they can to make sure passes do you want to keep it or delete it sure why not buy class squashed open ever so activists are trying to raise awareness against a cybersecurity bill cispa going to read your response from someone on you tube does it say cisco protests can be just as big as soap approaches work in fact it should be bigger since apparently last time we didn't quite get the point across if you want to keep it long as you make it public i'm sure enough people will even
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better know what it's about it will you know just from. if you're sure the bills they'll. call the senator will still protest be as powerful as we saw with the scope of protest but many people think that major tech companies need to get behind these efforts in order for it to be powerful but there's really only one way to find out. thanks for your responses and here's our next question earlier in the show we spoke about how the cia seeking more authority to widen the drone war and get it how they want to be able to launch strikes without knowing who the targets might be so essentially it's going to be more lethal and less discriminating so do you think that these so-called signature drone strikes could be considered a terror tactic because no you think on facebook twitter and you tube and the response that just might make it out here. now we speak a lot about ron's right the policies of this is ministration but the truth is that most americans are incredibly far removed from the results and the consequences of
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their government's actions brought most americans have never mad even heard from civilian victims of these drone strikes one pakistani lawyers been trying not only to sue the cia on behalf of the victims and their families in pakistan but also to come to us to the us and speak about it and this includes talking about the signature strikes of the cia's now pushing for in yemen only problem is the u.s. won't give him a visa and the odd thing is that she's not a bar has been we were as many times before but last may when he was invited to speak at columbia university at columbia university law school four of these are was approved obviously a year later it looks like you will not be able to attend the first ever international drone summit which he was slated to speak here in washington d.c. so why is it think that he's not been let in earlier i caught up with shows that are part of human rights lawyer and research fellow at reprieve he's also the founder of the foundation for fundamental rights so i first asked him to tell us
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more about this is a situation if the state department had given him a reason for not letting him into the country. nothing more than that it's under their administrative process this has been followed fourteen months i applied last year. to go to colombia and i wasn't. much in time previously maybe they're used to be processed within three to four working days and since i was taken up to draw on cause it's been fourteen months. for us. these are to get into us so you think you can see specifically a correlation between the time when you started working on drone policy on representing victims of drone strikes to when you found it harder to get into the united states. certainly my previously expired just before i started by a drone work. in pakistan unspecified asking questions from the
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us and cia which is the. minute agency which is running the drone programs in progress and and before that i had an official to go to us but after right after that i've been trying for a last fourteen months and this time i'm trying to reach two people in united states to talk to and can we what really is happening on the ground because i want you to get stories human stories of civilian victims who have been killed there's a huge number of children women and elderly who have been killed in these drone strikes. i would i would say americans have been denied the right to listen to what i have to say on behalf of all these drug addict and they do you think that there's something politically motivated telling on here as to why they are not being let in why are not allowed. also at the first international and run summit that they're
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going to hold here in washington. certainly i think this is the indicated of the high headedness of cia in american state department. they're not ready to listen to any advice or any way so friesan behavior questioning the process of drone program altogether and pointing out that there's no transparency accountability into what the cia is doing covert flee in another country which is sovereign and what is the us achieving in the end people are becoming more and be american and this is certainly not making anyone safer leave america aside i mean even people in pakistan will be allied state of united states they are not fearful because of grown programs and policy because it is pushing people towards the wall and driving them to militancy and extremism we do you've written about this given the fact of
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how one of your clients obviously chose to go the path of trying to find a lawyer or try to go through the criminal justice system to see if the courts that actually take the situation rather than like you said going to militancy or jihadism to take up arms to try to get some kind of retribution against the united states do you think that if there were more signs of that ignited paper more open about there and we would see more people pursuing that route instead of like i think creating more militant. certainly when we started this litigation program two years ago at that time i was representing just one drawn with don't family who had lost two family members and for the last two years work we have been able to get more than one hundred families to take this part where there peeking did complaints and in just a stunt to them to the courts in a due process they are putting dear. trust on due process where america is not and this can go fostered and we can reach out to all these people who are probably
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queen towards the other side if only if the united states government becomes more transparent and accountable in its doing in its in war against terror so what's it like dealing with these people right are the victims because perhaps one of their neighbors and their family members was the victim of a drone strike you know what it were the emotions that they feel what do they tell you when they come here. well i think more than telling me anything they ask me certain questions i mean they ask me are they list so that human pakistanis that it would not have any legal or human rights is their life. any other commodity because no one seems to care what is really happening there and they asked me that what exactly is their fault because they certainly didn't do anything against united states whatever is happening is probably happening in afghanistan which is their neighbor it's not without it is happening it was on and if you look at the
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people and when they come across these people who who represent. most of them are below the poverty line they do not have even money to travel from visit istanbul which is about two hundred miles away about i think twenty military checkpoints but everything they are strip searched and it's quite. for them to reach to stop to to court to caution to get to meet me because i cannot travel because of security reasons to visit istanbul so it's a very bad situation for them he think if there is any positive side the use of drowsing clearly there are a lot of legal questions that don't have the answer and there is great secrecy in the program. is it better to have or worse and i'm wondering what your opinion is for there to be a drone strike that kills from afar that maybe you don't know that it's coming or
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for you know a special ops team to come and raid your home in the middle of the night. well first of all i would like to say that there can be no upside in killing in specially in extrajudicial killing so this whole program is flawed because it's illegal it's against the law it is the due process and they can be ignored just difficult for this yes the problem of can see in terrorism has to be addressed but that has to be addressed under certain codes very do not why laid the very basic fundamental rights for which every. civilized society strive to and which works for so whatever it is us needs to stress on it's got to the pakistani government to take action and that action also has to be within the bounds of law i mean we cannot have the trigger happy. for that matter pakistani i.s.i. spooks going into his or to start in just killing people on the basis of vision
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that will this person has a beard and he wears a turban do for you might be. on an even if he's not who cares about if he's killed i mean we have to work around that mentality which seems saw evident right now what is happening in was a good start. thank you for joining us and i and other organizers of the draw that have been trying to get it isn't out there trying to put pressure on the government to lessen with. you know we will even eyeless there is any other situation thanks so much. thank you thank you for having me on your show. so find out what hillary clinton said are in the obama administration. and that show with another doesn't have a right not have popper's but good times are no short supply.
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it also gives you a story in the scene so. you think you understand it and then you know here's the part of it i realized everything. i'm sorry is a big. blow to the counseling i'm mr. mayor good.
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luck in the aloneness still they'll get the real headlines if not the most of the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . card is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like an old zero. on the. russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us.
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our guys it's time for tonight's tools on board and today we are giving it to one of the most powerful women in the united states secretary of state hillary clinton went to brazil a few days ago to take part in the first open government partnership meeting now the u.s. serves as co-chair of this group with brazil and the purpose of those. is to promote transparency by corruption and strengthen the foundation of freedom within countries so during a twelve minute speech clinton not only took time to praise the other countries for participating but she also spoke about the importance of having a country that's open to well to be open we believe that countries with open government open economies and open societies will increasingly flourish they will become more prosperous healthier more secure and more peaceful. now in
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this group talks about promoting transparency they're talking about it on several levels government transparency economic transparency greater protection for journalists and those are just some of the few initiatives that partnership on stream for you we all know that if you want to have transparency you're probably going to need some whistleblowers right and hillary also took a moment to praise countries that are working hard to protect that and i want to come in and slovak republican much in a growth for also introducing whistleblowing protection laws to ensure that those who expose corruption are not punished or harmed. all right i've got to bite my tongue long about but how is it possible that we actually raise the protection of whistleblowers with a straight face we've now got the secretary of state abrogating for whistleblowers not to be punished meanwhile she is one of the key players in america's growing war on them right here at home i just like them to remind you of how hillary in the
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rest of the state department has dealt with whistleblowers do you ever former state department employee peter van buren he's been on our show several times to speak about his book we met well expose corruption in iraq well the u.s. was on it working in its reconstruction effort all van buren was fired for what the state department said were eight violations notably linking to a wiki leaks diplomatic cable in one of his blog posts so when he was fired just a month ago he explained to me why your party was targeted because approval of the department of state and more importantly the constitution of the united states protects free speech with the stupid portman is trying to terminate me for calling it judgment is in fact core political speech of the very basis of the first amendment the right of people in america to criticize their own government. and isn't the only victim of the state department's witchhunt bradley manning wiki leaks have also been on a hit list after all when thousands of diplomatic cables were released by the whistle blowing web site they expose the inside communications of diplomats and the
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cables being all paid a rosy picture of u.s. diplomatic relations clinton had some unkind words of going to say about the information and about with the leaks itself this disclosure is not just an attack on america's foreign policy interests it is an attack on the international community the alliances and partnerships the conversations and negotiations that safeguard global security and advance economic prosperity. she even went on to say there is nothing laudable about and danger in innocent people and there is nothing great about sabotaging the peaceful relations between nations so i think you guys have a point here right if you do anything to put the state department or the obama administration into a bad light if you embarrass them and you pay the price at that point it's not whistleblowing it is an attack so remember when former state department spokesman
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p.j. crowley personally commented on bradley manning's treatment value was detained yet i didn't take too long for the pressure to mount and for him to have to resign or by now it's common knowledge that the obama administration's war on whistleblowers doesn't end with the state department this is ministration is prosecuted more people under the espionage act that any of the previous administrations combined i were not the only ones who have noticed just a few months ago we play this clip of a.b.c.'s jake tapper who decided to grill jay carney after he prays to hard working journalists who were killed in syria. this is where this is a story. that's been so aggressively trying to stop progress of your emotional state by using the espionage. to the. whistleblowers to court currently i think that you can go to six times before your body is version it's only been used three times mr it just seems to you just to make sure you're a person turmel's just don't want to stay well. thank you jake i could not have
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said it better myself we send the secretary of state of his open government conference to be a cheerleader for transparency meanwhile team obama is building up their legal cases against whistleblowers who dared to embarrass their government you can highlight corruption of the rest of the world but don't you dare say anything bad or god forbid truthful about the usa so for advocating for the rights of whistleblowers abroad while viciously prosecuting them here at home we're giving hillary clinton the rest of the obama administration tonight's tool time award. ok it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening are two producer jenny churchill and lauren lister host of the capital account here on r.t. hello ladies island well let's start with you know what you would call this good
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news bad news kerry knew as india has launched a. and long range nuclear capable missile. india takes a significant step forward in its aspirations to become a regional and world power india successfully launched a nuclear capable long range missile the missile sent off from india's east coast has the capability of reaching deep inside china in europe. i believe jenny the. indian news story today they called it the china killer yeah well that's apparently what it was by the indian press china killer but no one seems to be at all concerned about this which i find quite fascinating because even back in the eighty's we were in bargo in india to stop them from making long range missiles by not allowing them to have the right electronics but now today it's really fine but when north korea did it i don't know we know everyone was looking out well i mean
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it was a much bigger deal than the whole issue that was a huge deal when north korea had a failed at large and ended up being a failure but this really didn't get a lot of headlines enough kind of what you know people have been reporting so i was trying to see what the mainstream news was really coverage and c.n.n. had a story that was so and so the reporter explains why this is not received the kind of international criticism that north korea's rocket launch and i listened to the entire package twice to see where i suppose to hear that but literally it was then explained i would like to think we're done by we're going to get you got you got a headline here that if we're going to think that they explain why there was a difference in the way that this was received it's because we're friends with india now and trying to sell them our weapons well and they're also one of the largest growing economies in the world so all drag only gather their ego it all seems to be no one makes a lot of. now obviously iran's been going crazy over the colombian prostitutes and coke and whatever scandal with the secret service the secret service other people
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within the secret service are now going to be speaking with ted nugent over some comments that he made take a look. ted nugent the singer and conservative activists making some comments at an n.r.a. conference this past weekend it caught the attention of the secret service let's take a listen to what he had to say. but you destroyed it broccoli because the president november again i will dad or this time next year. he also said something about how we needed to chop their heads off referring to the democrats and what do you think they are what hand it's a free speech issue can say what everyone in the secret service says we get that but when you say something like that regarding the president and the election we're going to have to investigate i don't know if this is a threshold then worse because on our show we've heard her literally every day when we talk about politics or whether it's a big bankers c.e.o.'s are politicians and i went away and got to have fun and
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we're headed off i mean we say things that are absurd to the same extent kind of well i think in this situation not to realize who's saying that some are talking about ted nugent this is someone who is literally known for being crazy he had a reality show where they took people from the city and had them live on his farm with him just to see if they could deal with his craziness and it was literally called surviving nugent for you not to do something brash i mean maybe he did like cut his leg during the gold a guy gave it him i think that is what i think cat scratch fever has finally caught up to him and he's losing it you guys it gets it you know that's the song he's famous for. but whatever good for him it's good publicity everyone's talking about it till his career get a little much needed boost that none of us know what kathy bieber is months old. and a resurgence. these days it's just going to enter a conference is and being allowed. pretty much to this story we don't equipped for
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it but i just thought it was really interesting right because we talk a lot about copyright law and trademark law and this is a bike club they called the wagner motorcycle club and the f.b.i. basically declared them an outlaw motorcycle gang and so what they're doing in order to make sure that the. i don't have the f.b.i. infiltrating is they have actually trademarked their jackets catch right there and they've said that you know like if you don't have the registration symbol at the bottom which is an insignia of the god of this ship then they know that you're free but it's trademarked and so you can't fake it which kind of. little because it is obviously your own show yeah you know i got it we agree i don't think this is going to stop the f.b.i. from in full trading if they want to but you got to get to these guys are getting some creativity now they have them to fight back with. but i want it exactly like it just gives them a tool it's not going to keep a cop i mean it's kind of like everyone always thinks if you ask a cop are you
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a copy have to tell you well robert downey jr tommy and due date that's not true i mean it's kind of the same thing they can still make these watches are not to mention they could actually join the gang and get the official patch yeah that said takes a lot more time a lot more effort more resources and i mean it was only one hundred do you think it was who do you you know sometimes they don't want to do. it happens. ok let's just talk about what the vatican is complaining about. that it can do is order the crackdown on a group of american nuns that it considers to really cool it says the group was undermining roman catholic teaching on homosexuality and is promoting freedom in this team is incompatible with the catholic faith. i mean really i mean honestly this makes me so angry because i was going back and looking at reports of how many accusations there have been over the years of cover ups so not only
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ignoring sexual abuse but covering it that the vatican did and they're going to lash out and make it public over some nuns who or what more lenient on homosexuality i just think that this is like and the height of hypocrisy and just the of the most angering kind i really had it wrong what's wrong with the church to get people to really you know and that's what i was saying earlier today we're talking about it it's kind of one of those things where to stay relevant nesa citee you know religions and churches kind of have to make some concessions they have to do certain things to keep people interested in what they're doing and the catholic church clearly has until now but then i saw my space you know play liz you know the pope and now they're just realize you know all of his last screw it was going to. go you know it was about kate upton and the new three stooges and we are going to have a thanks for joining me that's thanks for tuning in a case back tomorrow for a listers going back on for our financial checkup that is mean time don't forget he
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was a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you miss any tonight or any other nights it's all if you got a loaner show me up next is the news. it all sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you've lived something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. and the mission of free credit patience three times court judge is free. range from and three risk free student free.
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