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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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so we wanted to present. something. the u.n. security council unanimously vote to send a three hundred strong observer mission to syria and it reports of troops both rebels and government troops. russia's envoy to the u.n. insists the resolution is a fundamental step towards bringing peace to syria saying there must not be a repeat of libya style details coming up from new york. also this hour campaigning ends in france ahead of sunday's presidential poll with voters facing a tough choice at a time of social division and record unemployment blood expert opinion on this later in the. energy hungry china works to secure a slice of the arctic and its untapped mineral resources with the chinese premier
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on the floor of the nordic states. russia place up team troubles beyond the arctic circle to see how hurting and fishing communities there survive and thrive our top stories this hour. on screen all lying around the world this is our t. night here in moscow the u.n. security council has unanimously voted on a resolution to send hundreds of observers to syria moscow says it will help promote the un backed cease fire agreement with multiple reports of the truce being violated by both sides artie's made a point now joins me now with the latest from new york marina for just the second time the u.n. security council is united on syria will that no lead to real peace on the ground. well i think at this point the security council is trying to stay cautiously
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optimistic it was a dream a russian draft resolution that was unanimously adopted by the security council on saturday paving the way for a three hundred strong group of unarmed u.n. observers to head to syria for a period of ninety days to continue monitoring this cease fire that was dotted between the baskets and the opposition groups on april twelfth that is what outlined one of many things outlined in the six point peace plan put together by joint envoy kofi are not members of the security council did address the issue of syria but they all did agree to this draft resolution our russian envoy to the united nations vitaly churkin said that the external players that are involved in this syria the syrian crisis such as a group or friends for syria and the coalitions that supporting the opposition groups that they hope to abide by the security council resolutions they have to
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help enforce the resolutions put forth by the security council and not try to undermine the road of resolutions by by promoting more more plans by the opposition groups now let's take a listen to what ambassador churkin had to say. but it is a new super you don't need resolution is of fundamental importance for a peace settlement in syria in shaun's a consensus rebuilding kofi annan six point peace plan the main goal should be to comply with the resolution any deviation in terms of the interpretation of the mandate is unacceptable the libyan model should remain in the past the resolution establishes clear parameters just don't violence and cooperate with the observers mission it's principally for the external. in the syrian issue to act very responsibly only the un security. parents you can take decisions regarding the
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crisis anyone the friends of syria group and the coalition of interests she don't hold the mandates the security council. well marina has been pretty woman over the last few days what is the current state of the un backed ceasefire. well what's interesting to note is that the worst before the security council resolution or coming to a vote there were reports of the opposition group in syria have been calling for a un baptise military intervention now this of course comes as the united states and its western allies have still been campaigning for a regime change in syria and there are u.n. observers right now currently in syria about seven of them they have traveled to homs where the repeat a they had reported that things remain relatively calm there but it according to syrian state t.v. there's been reports of armed terrorist groups escalating attacks against civilians and law enforcement officials in in several provinces throughout syria the
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government says that more than a dozen soldiers have been killed in the city of daraa in the past two days which clearly indicates that there needs to be this this group of three hundred observers u.n. unarmed observers heading to syria to monitor what is happening throughout the country not one specific area but the latest development of course is that the united nations the united nations security council is showing up consensus unanimously approving a struck the russian drafted resolution should bring a group of three hundred unarmed u.n. observers to syria for a period of ninety days. thanks very much indeed for that update in new york. the former syrian ambassador to turkey says despite cools from your position for military intervention good massacres will not allow a repeat of libya. what we are seeing is that the security council has been moving
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more and more towards russia's point of view and towards syrian principle in adopting a more balanced resolution and that's why there is a consensus so observers on the ground are doing their job the syrian government is facilitating the work but what got aunty's peace on the ground is not the mere presence of three hundred u.n. soldiers and officers what guarantees a peaceful end to the crisis is a goodwill gesture by the so-called opposition and their regional and international backers the so-called national council is seeking a repetition of the libyan scenario the catastrophic libyan scenario it was an international word that has been waged against syria for the last fourteen months but syria is not going to be another libya if they ever take any foolish step to attack syria militarily they're going to regret it for a very very very long time to come. a media blackout in france this presidential
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race is giving the kind of it's just a little breathing space in a tight contest which threatens to oust the current leader. the expected to include socialist leader and front runner for all and will do in a runoff to decide the winner in a week in the report's economic gloom an all time high unemployment of dominating voters' concerns. one day to go before the french the polls but one in four voters still haven't made up their top of the fence people's jobs and money in their pockets especially at a time when unemployment is around ten percent hitting an all time high that's about three million people unemployed so who can take. people's problems according to the latest poll socialist party candidate is do you believe that about twenty nine percent of potential voters now are not one to target the top income earners of the country but he is criticized for this widely perceived lack of experience truly a lot as incumbent you can see he's
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a deeply unpopular president and one recent poll even declare that the most unpopular president in french history and his presidency has been marred with one economic crisis after another the last weeks of campaigning he starts with more radical rhetoric such as clamping down on immigration putting that number down or talking tough when it comes to security matters especially after the to lose that incident has also taken on a more confrontational tone towards the european union proposing that france freeze its budget contribution to the e.u. budget currently a third place according to the polls is most of the national front party as she has been sticking to it and to the immigration platform vowing to cut down the number of illegal immigrants attempt thousand here that's down from about one hundred eighty thousand at the moment and she has also said that she was france to the euro and go back to the french currency the french frank and what's being called the big surprise of this french presidential campaign is all of the left now his not.
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doubled since january from about six to seven percent to fourteen percent now he is mincing no words and is talking about a civic insurrection a revolution also has the financial sector and he also was shot as the e.u. a fiscal pact then had to decide he wants to withdraw from nato he's taking on a very strong hardline approach these are the top four contenders vying for the top job in france based on the rhetoric they've been using in their campaign france's european neighbors as well as other partners understand the matter who takes on the presidency there would be disruptions to what the former contiguity baby expected it's just a matter of to what extent these changes will impact the relationships as far as fresh people are concerned they have a few more hours left to make that choice. of the research center of globalization during the life. of its rival for
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a year ago is expected to lose to the party's challenger this time francois land. what impact would that have on france's foreign policy bearing in mind the relations he has particularly with washington. well this is a very important question. a sock or c. is old sock or debit he he is the maryland candidate he is supportive especially paul the american citizen rather than that invisible friends the public says he goes against true tenets of the old us a box because we recall i think that back in ninety six he showed a goal actually. group of the come on structure of nature or they could withdraw from legal aid from itself and the best thing of course it's called the passage of the crystal to restore a new relationship to nato. very much they keep us policy it prevents
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us foreign policy if you know that's what's happening in africa and in no matter in sub-saharan africa where it's used to be a country of committing the same roots. both of course it is part of causality is in the so called part of what's happening is that all those all those countries which were under the french. and now becoming more american in other words it's an america in africa and i'm talking about this year that i'm talking about welsh area mali of course which is in the process of coal the well head also in central africa where the. united states has taken hold. especially with all the processes. to ask you also about france's influence over
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the libyan crisis of course and of course it's been very proactive move to syria just how much could france's foreign policy change. and what impact could that have own the western interests in syria right now. well i i suspect that if some pussy willow was. possible let's say egypt wellstone becomes president of the republic we may see the new seven term shift change the. french foreign policy but i should also mention the other. aspect of this question which is the role of wall street of the european case and on the landscape. and that is something which of course as to the other story but there's also another there's also the relationship of influence but really for all of the germany we were called back into the details of this relationship between
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frost and joey in the united nations security council christmas time really to be against. the united states and britain and backless in the balance taking up to the iraq war people will tell you very very briefly this could have a big impact on the e.u. at the moment if we do see so cozy go just briefly a u. economic mathematic very briefly. because there's even an appearance of goldman sachs in the european financial structures and so on i don't i don't think we can make predictions there's continuity but certainly so cozy was a cool. part of washington and perhaps your presidents a socialist president will give us a little bit more of its republican you know traditions.
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pendants poised on hold on loop other world scale as well as within the european union we shall try to hear from you once again thank you for your time a show chossudovsky live on the line from montreal. media currency crisis. cuts. tragic integration. who will be left standing with. the french election on r.t.e. . but life here in moscow with the twenty four hours a day still to come this hour a chance to live. to suffer as in india put their hope in a new law to allow western life saving medicine to be made locally and cheaper than thousands who otherwise couldn't afford to treat. and still come because protesters in egypt the state the biggest rally in months to the moment an immediate end to the military rule which they've lived under for more than a year the move comes a week after the army barred almost half of the prospective presidential candidates
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from standing in the upcoming election u.s. based election u.s. based analyst i should say jake i think that the egyptian revolution has been hijacked obviously things are moving toward a collusion here the military doesn't want to give up its privileged position in society the protesters want to genuine democratic system where this thing is headed to impossible to know you've got this complex force taking place there you've got the military dictatorship funded by the u.s. doesn't want to relinquish power you've got a whole radio of protesters out there with diverse interests if you know i mean say we won a genuine democracy in this country the question is who is ultimately going to control the the rate down reign of power here and the military is making it very clear that this isn't just a temporary transition to civilian rule they've made it very clear we're here to stay we're the ultimate power we will permit elections to be to be had but under
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our ultimate control we maintain the ultimate power in this society how is that a genuine democracy protesters are realizing it's not. well with more stories a lot sells to for you online on a website or com including america's plan b. for iran and not about reports of a four hundred u.s. missiles deployed to the persian gulf as washington gets ready to take all options against iran if it doesn't give up its nuclear program. and confess to under what they've it gives a step by step description of how exactly he must good sixty nine people on a holiday on an in norway last year claiming he had to dehumanizing to carry out the atrocity and get more on this and many more stories i don't see it come. in these are the images being from the streets of kandahar. but for
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a show to rule the day. down the official tee up location. i pod touch from the. video on demand. you'll see. now in the palm of your. the vast energy resources of the arctic have so far been fought for by the countries bordering the region but now china the world's biggest energy consumer is joining in the country's primaries touring europe stopping in iceland where he signed accords on energy cooperation beijing also wants permanent observer status on the arctic council and some experts believe it's a real chance of securing itself a slice chinese rising rising very quickly also politically and economically or
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somewhat the western countries are actually sure they're cautious they're still was trying to survive actually hesitant to give china this time not scared or as in the arctic council china or us always get a magic skills to try to gain more support from from the not it cancerous or more friendly cause china in this region another you see is a china were also us is. our each team us of all its currency the worst is in the crisis specially if for example i certainty i think china will use more of its oil wells. in the us of oil in the region. shortly an r.t. will be going to extremes. for the rivers and to indra russia's far north provide two things that are vital for the people that live here reindeer and fish come and see how life here revolves around them just a few minutes on r.t.
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. some more world news for you now this hour in our world updated exactly ninety minutes past the hour here in the russian capital in iraq a twin blasts rocked a northern baghdad killing four people and injuring a dozen the first bomb exploded inside a mini bar salute sheerly it was weak seconds later a roadside bomb blew up or feel it as a way hitting another car two days ago al qaeda linked militants carried out the series of assaults across the capital leaving thirty people dead and nearly one hundred wounded. foreign protesters being found shot dead after overnight clashes with security forces reported the man had also been beaten by right police ahead of the controversial bahrain grand prix on friday tens of thousands took part in anti regime protests against the sunday ruling elite and demanded reforms activists a promise to mark this weekend's race with days of range. also in the world update investigators trying to find out why
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a passenger plane crashed in pakistan on friday killing all one hundred twenty seven on board and recovered the aircraft flight recorders from the charred wreckage of boeing seven three seven burst into flames and fields and it is not a bad international airport for a landing attempt in the thunderstorm that has been imposed on the head of the airline front leaving the country accompanied only recently restarted business office shutting down due to the financial problems over ten years ago. five men have been detained in afghanistan along with ten tons of material which could be used in homes security officials in afghanistan say the suspects were plotting to assassinate the country's vice president they would retain last sunday but the news of the rest was kept secret to help investigations into other suspects the men were held the day the taliban gunman was an eighteen hour assault on the capital's diplomatic district targeting western embassies and residences. every million people in india diagnosed with cancer every year and most of the drugs they need are currently imported and don't come cheap could be about to change though with
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a new law that means lifesaving medicine can be manufactured locally what is pretty shrewd. she were the one of the two point five million people in india dying from cancer while she spent three thousand dollars of her money and traveled for three hundred fifty miles from her home to get proper treatment she believes there is no hope for added back after the match assumes the stores are expensive and i have come from so far so there are times we don't have money to burn it. but now there might be a chance in a revolutionary move india's patent office has decided that they are a german pharmaceutical powerhouse would lose its exclusive rights to manufacture a lifesaving cancer pill that i use was absorbed into the heart. you can manufacture of from abroad and soon here it grows on the horn of a population and now a compulsory license would be given to
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a local indian pharmaceutical manufacturer that could make the exact same drug but cheaper all of a sudden because who would a number who hoard medicine and would have no bid the latest news if there friction the price it's all possible because of a revised trade and international property rights agreement passed by the world trade organization known as trips to trips agreements focus is to provide medications of all people in developing countries that means that global pharmaceutical companies are required to sell a life altering medication at a reasonably affordable to people in those countries if they don't do that patent offices in those countries can ask these global pharmaceutical companies to provide compulsory licenses so that a local manufacturer can benefit make those drugs the idea is that the global
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pharmaceutical companies would then be stripped of their monopoly on drugs in developing countries. barry has said in statements that it is quote disappointed in the ruling and is looking for ways to challenge it this is a solid buffer of what we're going to the beck and call of us top even their product of. the pricing and give all the other things you know give them a limit a chance to live and a chance for india to stand up against domination from the west preassure either r t new delhi india. get to know more of russia close up now in our latest venture toward to a far flung part of the nation that's next. today
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we're exploring russia's extreme north the modern in its region is bigger than france and half of its territory lies beyond the arctic circle the winter there eight months a year which means only a few species can survive in the harsh conditions reindeer and fish mean everything for the indigenous people populating this on welcoming land as tom barton discovered. an icon of the north and yet some of the native north and peoples follow brazing reindeer wherever they go their routines revolving around the animals the lives of the reindeer herder is usually hard in isolated but occasionally they gather to share their world and compete in the skills they hold on the tundra and i'm about to join the celebrations. lassie throwing. stick wrestling. and hurdle jumping oh cool cause for competition for the main event is a record i actually. agree races bring teams from the bar and. the
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competition is tough i feel a bit nervous my rivals get better every year even though i won last year this year the younger ones may compete on a par with me. and perhaps he's right to be a bit jittery what it seems getting started is the trickiest moment. it's possible sometimes for a cameraman to. knock your feet off the couch. after the festivities and sit down to eat some reindeer of course but also that other russian arctic speciality fish in this nearby factory they're preparing fountains of. none of these are sea fish all having been caught quota from the movies and i'm told demand is booming and simply asked if there isn't enough of our product even
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to cover the mastic market europeans find our products delicious and it's a logical if you were but so far it was simple haven't enough of them. to see where all this comes from we caught up with andre he's been fishing since he was a child on the hill today the river shark pike like his catch andres a true russia northerner and we're with them when you can't say for their share in the south it may have as advantages as for me i love to fish right here in the north when it's frosty the air is fresh and the sun is bright it's great it's liberal ten point later andres off to prepare his dinner and we have a small insight into the central importance of these animals to the lives of normal well those without the fish and without the deer tundra in the lives of those who live here would be very empty in a big. so boston seems. but in
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a few minutes small scouts martin andrews wrestle some big boys oriental style but first i'll be back with the headlines stay with us life here in moscow.
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there are killing innocents here i was a base of course and that's never answered. mom a song from the skull spoke to me i think of it every day. i feel the flash right from the memories. last so much so long time to search right now. i was afraid. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i hadn't a clue. why. i got. the legs off. in the mine. where i like to be our nominee our fortune. and our belief what i was going on once or i think. that i was a good soldier. but namo soldier on the. the side and i think i'm just an.
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