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it will be. towards those who live on the current. ten candidates face off in the french presidential election with the voting now open as you know the misfortune of cruising is dirty and broken promises leave voters split. us here to counsel united ordering the deployment of a massive observer mission to syria but russia u.s. are divided over the details of the move. plus bahrain is on high alert to safeguard a formal long ramp for you which is going at this fire a wave of anti-government protests and a brutal crackdown last monday. the gamepad of a small screen the world watches as whistleblower join us songs makes its debut as a t.v. host here on r.t.e. stirring up a range of global reaction. we're
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trying to live from moscow to the russian capital armory and she welcomes hours today to france decide its future with a million set to vote on a new president this year polls open to a very disenchanted public and a country suffering rampant unemployment is scary and the konami despair are just as are silly now reports on the runners and riders aiming to restore french fortunes and their sometimes far reaching promises. round lot of the presidential race but what's ironic is that it a country where politics is a national pastime the prospect of a record of said should hangs over this election and some polls projecting that up to thirty two percent of voters would rather not pass or ballots not out of up with people but because they feel that there really isn't much of a choice for the top two mainstream candidates are socialist francois laws and puppet central right you can also we see both of them are seen as von how they presented enough solutions to the practical problems of france to trash the slow
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economy the lack of jobs but the social divisions resulting from these this is disillusionment has given rise to more extreme views propping up candidates such as hardliner on the left of the movement are strong and poor right candidate maybe get them together both of them are expected to garner about thirty percent of the total votes but also this anger of the current state of france has been fueling sentiments of anti globalization that seek capitalism and immigration and to nato the euro or the e.u. also need a clear message that the french would like to see the problems at home addressed first before looking on the outside and this is precisely what outsiders are bracing themselves for a france it could potentially be looking a little more inward it responds to its people well that direction will become clearer as the first official results are announced at eight pm local time reporting from paris i'm tess or sylvia our two. stations across france have just opened the french citizens abroad are already having their say about twenty
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thousand eligible voters in australia new zealand are casting their ballots queues were recorded outside three polling stations in sydney and north and south america voting is also underway in order to make results available by eight pm french time on ballot shop but even abroad the low turnout is expected with pollsters saying many voters are having a hard time relating to the candidates. the currency crisis. cuts. treasury integration. who would be left standing in the speech. the french election on our cheek. at the end stop body has decided to stand three hundred observers to syria on a three month mission to monitor an end to violence it's now up to the un chief to decide how and when to deploy the russians welcomed the move but america warns it may take action against a mask regardless of or not has more from new york. once again the united nations
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security council has unanimously adopted a resolution on syria the most recent one drafted by russia and co-sponsored by eight other countries the resolution calls for and authorizes up to three hundred unarmed u.n. military observers to go to syria and monitor the truce the cease fire that was put in place april twelfth between damascus and the opposition groups this resolution also calls on the syrian government to meet its responsibilities and pledges of cold war in the six point peace plan laid out by a u.n. joint envoy mr kofi annan on russia of course believes that this most recent development in syria is a step in the right direction u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice left the meeting on saturday not
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showing as much optimism as russia and many other countries how had susan rice took to her twitter feed to save the deployment of three hundred or three thousand unarmed observers cannot on its own stop assad's murderous rampage susan rice said that external pressures are additionally needed to solve the problem in syria the us ambassador also said that washington and its allies are preparing for action that will be required if assad persists to quote slaughter ambassador churkin said that these efforts that are trying to put pressure on an already stressful situation does not help bring peace and security to syria they missed an opportunity it was a signal to a position they give criticizing the government saying no to your bold world they expect the opposition which is unfair. very clearly in the security council
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resolution. which they themselves adjust for and all those predictions of a boom and gloom threats of various plans which are being hatched those are where those things are not a more productive i think they have distracting from from the implementation of the core pheromone plan and from the political efforts of the security council they may give a ground for some extremists to believe. their coors field has some prospect for taking over the political process ambassador churkin says the syrian government will be primarily responsible for the safety and security of the u.n. unarmed observers that will be deployed to syria they will be deployed once the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon feels that it's safe enough for the observers to go and there has been enough to satiate of violence this resolution the most recent one adopted also underscores that the syrian government and the opposition group
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both have to put their weapons out weapons down and begin engaging in dialogue. now reporting there and form a syrian i'm going to turkey told r.t. that foreign backing for the armed opposition is to blame for the ongoing bloodshed . what we are seeing is that the security council has been moving more and more towards russia's point of view towards syrian principle in adopting a more balanced resolution and that's why there is a consensus so observers on the ground are doing their job the syrian government is facilitating their work but what guarantees peace on the ground is not the mere presence of three hundred u.n. soldiers and officers what guarantees a peaceful end to the crisis is a goodwill gesture by the so-called opposition and their regional and international backers the so-called national council is seeking a repetition of the libyan scenario the catastrophic libyan scenario it was an
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international world that has been waged against syria for the last fourteen months but syria is not going to be another libya if they ever take any foolish step to attack syria militarily they're going to regret it for a very very very long time to come. coming your way in a program rally reprise i am my dictionary growing your breast was ahead of next month's presidential election a new calls for the hand of military rule. now we report on the world's biggest british american spy base in the you can wives been targeted by protesters. in bahrain sunday's formula one grand prix has been marred by the death of anti-government protesters activists say the man was killed after security forces crackdown on a peaceful demonstration on friday officers used tear gas stun grenades ashot guns to break up the rally which such as a fountains on the streets protests resumed saturday with thousands more turning
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out as activists call for the formula one events to cancel the country's on high alert to ensure the race takes place yesterday patrick has since asked the gulf states and regions in washington means there is little hope of democratic reforms. already in is one of the petrel monarchies of the middle east and they've had a change or change of leadership recently but as you can see hasn't changed we've seen reports of violence coming out of bahrain one after the other for the last year or two years the it's not uncommon to the police will drive by shootings of people in bahrain you can watch these videos on you tube if you want it's one of the worst police states really reaches we form i don't think so if we were going to see reform in bahrain it would have come to the recent change of leadership. under the umbrella of the western nations in terms of influence in the region the rain is a satellite state of the kingdom of saudi arabia and also in turn is
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a satellite state in the region of washington and london with incredible vested interests there in terms of petroleum contracts etc and also it's just it's a strategic defense position as well. now it is really all it goes about re to find out why the protests are still raging as a mainstream foreign media is accused of turning a blind eye. it took a car fire ahead of a major sporting event for the world to notice the flames of discord engulfing a small island nation in the persian gulf but green is suffocating in the smoke of an ongoing struggle between protesters and police demonstrations have been happening in bahrain for more than a year now producer say this is the longest lasting revolt in the arab spring but so far the only result from them has been an increase in violence on all sides scenes from the capital be a more than passing similarity to the pictures out of the embattled syrian city of homs but the two cities enjoyed
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a very different level of attention. and the media state surprisingly silent considering their stance on other middle eastern revolutions they were all but silent when the bahraini revolution was crushed last year they're all but silent about the human rights abuses in bahrain itself and the formula one race has just focused attention on that society and when the media does turn to her they seem to do more harm than good foreign media coverage but they also did you see always use the framework of the sheer force us because. they don't understand that this actually helps the government the city was the whole story is such as the opposition says hundreds have been wounded and standoffs with police and many sacked from their jobs or arrested for taking part in mass protests but unlike in
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syria and libya no one has called for foreign intervention. variance problems put before the international human rights council europeanization american countries were enthusiastic about exploring this issue the us prefer to be the mission of their relationship. by the government it did bring back several iranian human rights defenders who are next so everyone speeds out of town much of the media and the world attention is likely to follow. it in. all our news and much more can be found on our website r.t. dot com here's what else is there right now shield against brands a look at israel's planned advances to known as the iron dome and why the u.s. is reportedly preparing to pump funds into the project. also online how a real life avatar project has been backed by explore and multiple academy award winning director james cameron get all the details on our website. and the blue
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gold scientists discover that africa is apparently sitting in a giant reservoir groundwater barge is it a blessing or a curse more on r.t. dot com. now it was a t.v. talk show that got everyone talking join us on his new interview program on our t.v. did what man expected provoked a mixed sometimes this terrible reaction around the world for the wiki leaks founder choice of guest editor a challenge was aired on the collins kept pouring in as are now reports. for most american media julianna songes guilty without charge reckless traitor and a threat to our national security interests sleazeball me and julian assange who is bent on damaging america how did this guy just land his own t.v. show the implication is assad is a russian agent whose anti-american mission is now out in the open for all to see and the accusations kept flying as the whistle blower's very own show premiered on
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tuesday but also saw it coming as to. illegal got an. interview with. terrible radicals and. i think that's a sort of it's a pretty crude. card with or. without actually look at how. we have complete control of the guests over his first show was the head of hezbollah designated by the us as a terrorist organization it was not starlost first interview with international channel in six years the reason why him could be found in the interview itself the united states is blocking. into us as well when we want to be able to tell people that he's one of the syrian terrorism is that small organizations. but they're one that people listen to us hyper my heart
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for example if there wasn't just a trial then you play a very mean if anything should have an opportunity to defend themselves some say in the court of public opinion as presented by the us mainstream media there is a tendency to simplify issues often at the expense of the full picture somebody agrees or doesn't agree with hezbollah's ideas or all of their ideas ideology or their theology american people hear the voice of hezbollah rather than simply have them demonize. targeted as a quote terrorist but the purpose of demonizing somebody like nasir rai or nelson mandela who was considered a terrorist until one nine hundred eighty eight is not really to stop terrorist ideas from infiltrating but for the american people to only hear one side of a debate only hear one side of an argument julian assange is now under house arrest in the u.k. fighting extradition to sweden where he may well be extradited to the united states u.s. prosecutors were pointedly have a secret indictment ready for our son who's made public thousands of leaks
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documents with him bears in details relating to the wars in iraq and afghanistan as well as other issues in the u.s. has been under fire from capitol hill the white house and the media and we've got to apprehend mr assad's the founder of wiki leaks and bring him to justice as a as a violator of the espionage act because if we don't just keep tapping the dead men can't leaks that this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law of the united states the guy ought to be shot i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot what about freedom of information cherish this is a core principle of democracy it's almost like leaving and letting genie out of the bottle mr assad's has the internet and the governments and everyone else at their own game because he's gone from a place where others have not been before and he's introduced the types of
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information the range of information that previously were not available if one views the media as the court of public opinion then julian assange is someone who presents to the jury that is the viewers argument evidence voices which they almost never hear on mainstream media and it's up to the us to form an opinion but what many find ironic is that our solution is under attack by the u.s. government and the media for practicing poor for extend the freedom of information that america. around the globe i'm going to start our reporting from washington our part i can find out for yourself what caused a media storm by watching the first episode of julian assange and his new show and what's on our t.v. dot com and next week you can catch him and his next guest on the air here. and still have for you this hour in the program norway's trial of the century married men killing seventy seven people in a gun rampage last year goes on trial describing in chilling detail how and why carried out the massacre. and with next month's presidential election an edge of
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creeping ever closer more and more people are taking to the streets to call for the military rule the john doe that's been running the country since the toppling of president mubarak year ago is losing supporters by the day artists are first has the story. in egypt the cost of democracy has not being an easy one you know the jedi which still president the barack fullest year and how to take away the but the military council because in the build up to presidential elections that the people like that to come this way the people are angry at what they perceive to be the military council's attempt to cling to power by recent disqualifications popular presidential candidates in one of these boston writings on the ultra conservatives the left the preacher he was disqualified because his mother allegedly helped us all schools but his supporters say that was the basis behind the decision but it's an election brother to god because he saw this as the soul of the clinicians
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against us and we stood to the king what's the to you it. brings into that those guns when he would say to them what we are trying now to move me to see election code to desist system. needs. to speak to this committee but it's an mc. election he that was independent. think he's going to bring the uprising from the ferry to get it he told us that the deep distrust of the elections committee and the military council led to playing the people it's hard to say exactly what's going to come to think we can't even know who's going to try to think what we can safely say is that we're never actually doing them or even really trying to make sure that this is this is written in the constitution of every president. basically taking to interact very personalities egypt's military rulers hijacking the ventilation
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are you see things are moving toward a collusion here the military doesn't want to give up its privileged position in society the protesters want to genuine democratic system where this thing is headed it's impossible to know some protestors from a terrorist they found fishing ahead of the plane crash on the military council like the cut transition they say those calling for. decides who. you. really. want to know will be nothing to. do with the things. you. did the people travel egypt to come here and it's plain that tens of thousands in the sixteenth the teaching
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people would feel very good for a chance to genuine democracy and they can say they see that chance is now being denied to them they say in the mood i'm willing to keep on fighting for it. all to see how this bank highway. and a region court has decided to keep information from the trial of mass murderer anders breivik classified for sixty years believing it could be harmful to the public this came days after his widely televised trial began in oslo declared sane graphic could face a maximum twenty one year prison sentence he admitted killing seventy seven people to bomb attack on a government building and a shooting rampage at a youth camp last summer but deny criminal guilt claiming he was protecting or away from being taken over by muslims during his trial where they gave a fascist salute court and appeared close to tears during a screening of his own anti islam propaganda video also gave a harrowing account of how each of these victims die former year i'm pleading for it believes that the extensive coverage of the trial turn it into showcase of
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bricks extremist ideas that is the way if you will get justice system works in it in the european union in norway he he will clearly i was opportunities to express his own views but i just hope the overall we would your people will reject them for what they are signs of if you want to. who is deluded and the racist was on a focus is something that we've seen across the european union. in germany and in france in the united kingdom as well as in norway is just he was particularly successful but i think he's one of. many maybe too strong body he's certainly not unique in amy's whatsoever and least groups are actually working together to promote these kind of lone wolves in any sense follow the same pattern as the some of the muslim fundamentalists. now if you look at some other stories from around the world a massive explosion at
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a chemical plant itself was tapan has reportedly killed at least one person injuring about a dozen more blast said to have blown out windows over a hundred nearby buildings was quickly followed by another one emergency services are currently at the scene and firefighters are battling to extinguish the flames there are also on confirmed reports that radioactive waste may have been stored nearby. close to ninety people have been arrested in the canadian city of montreal following a second day of anti-government protests the rally against the government's eight billion dollar resource extraction development plan for it without protest gave a day after hundreds of students demonstrated against seventy five percent jewish seventy five percent jewish and pikes at least six people were injured as officers used tear gas to disperse the crowd. south sudan plain its neighbor savannah's beyond its troops as they were pulling out of the disputed oil decisions of had left south captured the region last week raising fears of an armed
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conflict then announced it started withdrawing friday calls by u.n. secretary general ban ki moon and the violence south sudan became independent from the north last year following a long running civil war that claimed the lives of more than one and a half million people. in the netherlands now where almost one hundred twenty five people have been injured including more than fifty seriously. crash in amsterdam a high speed express approaching the city collided with a local train heading in the opposite direction it's not get clear how the two trains ended up on the same track the accident caused chaotic rail delays westernesse them and severely disrupted its main internet. now it's been called the largest spy center on earth jointly run by the u.k. and the u.s. the man was hailed complex in rural england monitors the communications of dozens of other countries however protesters are increasingly concerned that intelligence gathering is not the only thing that is going on inside are just laura smith has
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more. it's a little piece of america in the middle of the yorkshire dales it might look like some kind of theme park but it's actually a spy base and part of the early warning system for the ever expanding u.s. missile defense shield the support of this huge kind of organism which gripping the world on its surface using different places like redwood which is connected to use is the american military base in menwith hill since the nineteen sixty's growing all the time until this site now comprises thirty three of those golf ball like structures inside each one a satellite dish which collects information from us that's light but also intercepts the communications of other countries that information is then fed back to the u.s. i've used in what they call intelligence led warfare which includes special operations and drone attacks. to keep up with new forms of warfare
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billions of dollars have been invested in menwith hill over the last ten years it's enabled the base to remain a vital component to the global u.s. surveillance network men with watch or talk to steve schofield reckons the inner workings of around a hundred countries are closely monitored here something he jumps an unprecedented level of intervention the u.k. is providing a facility here it's involved in drone attacks that we know from independent assessment by killing and injuring thousands of civilians these are acts of war and normally when we have lots of people calm and shoot normally informed people were involved in those who were not being informed. in the dark about this isn't news to locals they've been coming up here to protest weekly for decades but now their cause has drawn the attention of a global movement occupy helen alexander is from occupy leeds and sees
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a common cause in menwith hill. it's implications on our on our individual civil liberties the fact that they can listen to all of our phone calls they can intercept our emails you know this whistleblower evidence is testimonials that will back up their claims that that what goes on there is not only political espionage the commercial espionage it's a far cry from the land of the free rhetoric the u.s. is famous for and chris sixty men with hell as a symbol of that hypocrisy and of europe kowtow into u.s. power what we're seeing is americans developing a new form of imperialism this isn't about protection of democracy if you look at the pattern of bases this investments by the united states over the past twenty years it's all about ensuring that they have access to oil and other vital not the resources in africa and the persian gulf and we've got to challenge that we really have to start challenging of course through it because the next stage is probably the attack on iran. with the us it expansion plans for the ballistic missile
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defense shield up to twenty twenty five and with menwith hill already part of the early warning system this king of america's nose into other people's backyards is still king fears it could be the trigger to a new arms race nora smith men withheld yorkshire. and just a few minutes we'll hear from one of the main talents in today's french presidential election but first i'll bring you the headlines after a short break. something
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law is beneath. thousands of metres of the ice and broke. the law. and that is a loser for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. and will for the future fund.


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