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who will be left standing when the people speech. the french election on r t. but the headlines of the week kind of today this is the weekly on outs he headline the french decide their future with voting in the presidential election about some well underway today but ten candidates are in the running including incumbent nicolas sarkozy now the next leader of the will face a tough job of fixing a faltering economy unemployed. the u.n. resolved to deploy a three hundred strong observer mission in syria to monitor the fragile truce but despite a unanimous vote in the security council some members are accused of undermining a piece of a. controversial formula one grand prix goes ahead despite widespread protests
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against the regime and the brutal crackdown by police that's killed at least one of thousands have been out in force demanding immediate democratic reform. and thirty minutes that gripped the world's attention julian assange premiered his own interview show on our t.v. this week giving voice to those ostracized by the mainstream media the show sparked a range of reaction from frames to hysteria. and now we travel to the year old mountains to take a close look at one of russia's greatest natural want to see watching out. a small and ancient russian merchant city said to the confluence of three rivers. it's not quite europe but it's not a nation either. constantine's a native of congo or he heads off to work each day of the same time. constant in has been conducting independent research for ten years now his
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profession is out of the ordinary for most people but it's quite natural for those living in the urals it mixes danger with excitement. the city's protected reserve early morning enjoys a few precious moments before being plunged into darkness be a good idea of how constantine how are things at the site everything is alright no problem again really he's a group of scientists is arriving today and we should check everything carefully ok them. ok. another day begins in this beautiful urals countryside. every day people working at the site after walked ten kilometers back and forth for all passers by it's obligatory to strike the singing star and the more beautiful the seldom acts the more likely a wish is to come true. on the one hand everything seems to have stopped
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dead here on the other hand a specialist could always see how the cave has changed over time the place is a living organism and an underground parikh dies for geologists and researches lying beneath the banks of the silver river and at the depths of the ice melt and hides the pearl of congo or. the ice caves camps or the interest of many scientists and it's no wonder the cave is concern. one of the most beautiful ice cabins in the world. hello hello how are you live the scientists we've been waiting for have arrived this is a complex expedition they'll go into the cave to undertake detailed research let them all go but make sure they all register in the lot ok then i'm off to meet them and give instructions. the purpose of registration is to ensure that everyone makes
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it out of the cave safely today this group of scientists has some unusual work ahead of them perhaps they'll find a new grosso or come across a unique crystal. according to the scientist estimates the cave is ten to twelve thousand years old. it's the only cave in russia which is equipped with special poles for tourists. when passing bad things to the researches wish for a geographical discovery. you must be very careful when climbing there so that you don't fall down it's slippery there's a lot of ice down there how big is the grotto pretty large it will be exciting for you. if we do no come back in an hour send someone to find us. the research is a getting ready to cruel to reach the reserved area of the cave and that's off limits to ordinary tourists the entrance to the protected zone is basically
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a narrow hole so be very careful and cautious all who go first what you feel are closely. about fifty grottos have been found inside congo rice cave it's also famous for its seventy underground lakes. as a biologist. today and together with his assistant he's checking out the caves flora and fauna that ask us or set up some traps and they hope to catch a unique inhabitant of the water. via temperature inside the cave varies from freezing to above zero the further away from the entrance the warmer it gets from minus fifteen degrees celsius that's about five degrees fahrenheit to four degrees celsius or around thirty nine degrees fahrenheit now look at a found yes yes. this is
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a winter. quito. he's a frequent cave inhabited. look started moving. i won't be surprised if it flies off. for the first time the scientists have the chance to explore the depths of the lakes. this one is called the lake of deception because the water appears to be moving here. what happens is that the rain water percolate through the ice mountains and drip into the lakes in different places it gives the illusion of movement. phenomenon interference. so now we have to put out the bait. and was used. over here they love this kind of sausage they would never. should be very careful when putting it ours so that we do not lose the trap that's it.
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it's a hundred twenty one metres long because water dissolves its gypsum arches appearance constantly changes regular measurements are needed here. we definitely need to measure the protruding parts of the plate the results will enable us to predict future growth or development so that we can then lay out the safest route for visitors. today geologists are measuring one of the most beautiful grocers a difference in temperature makes it peculiar at the bottom it's freezing on top it's above zero celsius because of this there are no static types in the growth or only mites reaching from the floor. husband and wife. first met while working at a mine together. in landslides another hazardous activities he is a mineral survey. as a geologist nicholai researches different rocks and looks into their formation and
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structure his job also involves making laser measurements of caves. or notes down the results to measure the entire grotto they have to record two thousand different points with the help of special equipment have you got it yes good. we are now on top of the rock slide which formed when the roof collapsed over. these rocks will eventually be washed away by underground water in the cave will cease to exist so this is very precious to us today so we will be. oh hello you know lights where ok i'll be there soon to change the bulbs ok rangers are in charge of safety inside the cave every day long before the tourists arrive they have to check to see if they're going to collapse on the tourist trail
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to be sure that everything is fine with the lighting and to note the general condition of the roof so now everything's fixed the cave is rigorously checked on a daily basis after all one hundred thousand tourists on average visit a cave every year that's twice the population of congo or. when the loose rock has been scraped off with the help of the speak and i can observe the process of how the slabs moved down which we can no to crack when such movement occurs now i have to strengthen the gypsum block here. a screw threaded anchor fastens the loose rock to a solid one behind. is believed to be the safest method for the congress k o. because it ensures that the five tons of rock stays on the roof and full of the tourists try to stop the cave has been opened to tourists for more than one hundred years and it's not seen
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a single accident in all that time. when i came here as a student and saw all this space and the way ice is formed i was struck by this beauty this energy power. gen years have passed and the cave has become a part of my life as. oh how difficult it is to get through here we're almost there. and meanwhile geophysicist your easter bunny that costs the pub nicholai maxim over to have reached the polar grosso imposed not only the most bizarre ice crystals but also life that's lasted for centuries it melts neither in winter nor in summer here one can appreciate the food beauty of ice crystallization scientists first began using geo radar to take measurements of the ice inside the cave and it turned out to be very effective. we have to crawl here
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and then slide down to measure all the year regularities of the ice formations. yuri and nikolai thought that if such a technique was being used to study icy antarctica then why couldn't it be applied in a cave before that an ordinary fishing ice ax was he was to measure the ice it takes a little time to measure a fairly large area with the help of this device scientists learned that in some places the ice is six meters thick. the state of the ice inside it it depends on the range of temperatures created by natural ventilation when it's colder on the surface lower temperatures accumulate inside the cave forms and freezes over ok the process is controlled by the external environment in other words they came back as a kind of natural air conditioner. if we do these measurements every year we
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can understand how freezing and melting happen so we would be ok and can even make conclusions about climate change. the sparely are divers have never swung in the protected area of the cave before for the first time a team of underwater researches from the russian geographical society will dive into a barely explored part of congo's treasure trove. spill your divers are exploring the so-called arctic ocean a lake in a protected area of the cave. they found out that this underground lake is congo is biggest it's sixty meters long making it twice as big as the last one which we found on the tourist trail to a bit of a person who is undergone an underwater spear yogic course can work literally anywhere. this includes as rescuers on sunken ships. this is the best training. this group has already studied more than
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a dozen underground lakes and not just in russia they research caves all around the world came diving is one of the most dangerous of occupations divers are often unaware of what awaits them underwater but that thrill of discovery is also a stronger force. that there's there's a passage passage over there it's about fifteen meters long and one hundred fifty centimeters tall it's very narrow stones are falling down thank god we found everything we wanted well don't arise. out of the cave diver has just made his chance to a graphical discovery it took him three years to prepare for a dive into this lake they had to develop the necessary skills in the undiscovered cave. because even the slightest mistake could cost them their lives.
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to build a new. mission to teach music.
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just like you know old times trade the history of the traditional russian holiday of schroders. which bids farewell to windsor pancakes and souvenirs so fast. is it because the city of congo is full of talented artists ceramicist and stone covers since the seventeenth century when congo was founded has been a major trading for the past. back in the sixteenth century the conqueror of siberia muck most here because only they ended up losing their way so the chief then decided to set up head before heading to siberia establish a settlement of the ice mountain houses were built for his men so they could survive the winter and during that time they discovered a cane under the nose of the next troops used this is
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a natural refrigerator. the newly found cave attracted many tempting them with its mysterious tales peter the great in self ordered a map of the cave to be drawn atos it was fulfilled in the eighteenth century it was the world's first map of underground grocers in the late nineteenth century congo native alexander litvinenko was the first person to conduct guided to his using and despite its beauty the cave hid many dangers for them didn't stand a german princess victoria or battenburg antidotes or louise some time later louise married a prince and became the queen of sweden and said that this is what she wished for on the singing stone. the map of the cave is constantly being updated nine hundred sixty four saw the first case plan with photographs but science has made great leaps forward since then. is developing a three d.
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model of the underground labyrinth. from the tower grosso into a special program the three d. model makes it possible to clarify the relative positions of the caves and to establish their maximum size analysis of the measurements helps determine whether a collapse is likely to happen and that's important not only for the cave but also for the city. we should study the course if occasion occurring in congo or face caves it has created such an amazing natural phenomenon that it has become a tourist attraction the course of occasion happening in congo means a lot of money is needed to relocate people to safe places and to build houses on stable earth. according to scientific research two thirds of the city's depression's the cost of acacia the cracks on this building have been growing for several years now. is supported by
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a special construction of girders they prevent the ceilings from collapsing cracks are a sign of cost of education taking place underneath it pretty common pleas national with you there's a large crack here where water leaks in it causes rocks and destruction but with a wall in the kitchen is wobbling. mice and hamsters attack us from under the floor they nod the floor and run all over here inside the rooms the walls have been ruined by the damp wall paper simply peels off and there's also a big hole behind his crib. the reason a lot are pipes here. when temperatures drop it simply freezes through and through here we have static minds this speak. and there is another crack in the side as well you know when we first patched in up and then put up and he can hear me speak and has already cracked. when this apartment block was constructed
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a cast lake was filling up below the land under the building began to subside as if it was sinking into a bottomless chasm tenants were evacuated and scientists were brought in to study the situation. this house is located in the city center. was that cracks appeared because a cavity formed under the house here to resolve the issue scientists were signed to deal with that they researched it for two years there was became the basis for the new general plan of the city now every building is constructed based on the scientists recommendations. surprisingly all seven of the cathedrals in the city stand firm despite the fact that they were built long before people knew about cars. in fact the city's merchant history has been largely preserved thanks to cost of education is predicted from building high rise
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buildings in the old city in case cast covens cause another collapse. is that very kind of a which is so convenient for a scientist to study. to get from one grotto to another one has to cool sometimes upside down meter by meter off the grocer unexperienced spell just leaves the group. you have to crawl sideways thrusting your legs against the wall there will be a lake under your feet for a new year's eve please be very careful if you do not fall down or drop any equipment. feels at home in the protected area even when the lights are off she sees every little change immediately the protected area was found by accident in one thousand nine hundred thirty five there was an
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expedition during which a worker found a hole which reveals tunnels and grottoes stretching for three and a half kilometers along with many lakes these are so-called organ pipes vertical channels that connect caverns with the surface their height can be up to twenty two meters as tall as a seven story building the research team grocers in this. huge pieces of loose gypsum hanging from the ceiling weighing at least five tons the first explorers were so amazed by the beauty of the new cave that they chose to preserve it just as it was. the gypsum crystals are rare in our cave this is one of the places where there are large enough of the most well known cave this type is in mexico where they grow fourteen metres high. in our cave they are five centimeters but they're very beautiful. meanwhile uncle
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continues his research. people have been interested in the caves but also in the things that live there. people believe. living in the caves feeding on the earth and of the underground. because of it but in reality the cave is home only to a very small and harmless inhabitants because the huge sea of used to be here. is just a match stick and. material that falls into the lake your influence. on the surface it was named after the caves first. great. chance yes of course they often. get
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spoiled. now we have to register. that this is a very interesting species this is the only organism in the perm region which is adjusted to living in a cave. there is a theory. of the cave at the beginning of the ice age the cold contributed to it quicker penetration under the. photographer of the czech republic. has come specifically to take pictures of one of the largest of the year olds. in the passageway an inscription made in one thousand nine hundred fourteen by princess victoria of her daughter louise can be found. and. when temperatures drop.
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they transform into bundles of ice. and there at their largest in march this is how i stretches a hidden away from human eyes anything congo is also so difficult because being to many places over the past twenty years at five o'clock i've been to very dangerous caves. but i would like to say that i am absolutely stunned by what i see here now both as a photographer and as an avid speedier tourist it's fantastic. i am the queen of the coal i will lead you through three kingdoms the kingdom of the cold my favorites the kingdom of stone and the kingdom of water. some so totally amazed by the striking beauty in the mystery of congo or of ice
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caves the dead even ready to forego the cold and darkness to prove their love one couple with hearts as even held their wedding in the cave. for the love this is our stone our stone of love do you remember them if you wish when we came into the cave two years ago yes i do can you guess wants to marry me not to call her sister has thrives on. what you know gear guess police come in here to register your marriage in the cooler five k. . of the cold cross it was soon names because the walls in the ceiling resemble a reef well above the guest was built here in ninety four was like having chosen one of the most beautiful grocer's arena and alexander decided to get married here . was.
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the magic of the giant underground lakes and grocers and the frozen poetry of the ice rink. into a fantastic world of ancient caves. the practice of guided tours here is almost one hundred years old valentyn rap continues the tradition of the first ghost clinic of he loves the cave as if it were his own home to a dolphin swimming here in search of his beloved mermaid but he fails to find or turn to stone because of the owner acquired love that everyone searching for love knocks on the dolphin and the dolphin sings have their wishes come true. in the past people used kerosene torches or candles in spotless to light up the cave but by the end of the twentieth century electricity was restored today
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a torch light procession in the cave is only for special occasions and now it's in tribute to alexander a clinic of thanks to him tourists convention underground every day. clinic of guided tourist into the cave until his very death even to the point where he was almost blind he connected the past the present and the future it was a constant process an eternal link between the mysterious underground world and the buzz of life outside.
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