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tv   [untitled]    April 24, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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the global financial headlines tune in to cause report. live from moscow where it's seven thirty pm our top stories the mainstream media lash out at their former favorite whistleblower giuliano songs from resorting to personal insults after his interview show debuted on our t.v. but somehow it's worth believe there are sharp u. turn is down to journalistic jealousy and political agenda. president elect putin picks outgoing leaders meet every day to replace him as head of russia's ruling party preventive has given the final scrubland speech of his term before handing over the reins of power to put it in two weeks' time. and it's claimed that n.g.o.s are trying to incite foreign intervention into syria where violence
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continues despite a fragile truce between government forces and gravels the organizations are accused of publishing unconfirmed reports similar to those which helped provoke international military action in libya. has promised julian of sancerre an r t this time he referees between two guests with very different ideologies that's next. i'm julian assange. editor of wiki leaks would expose the world secrets these documents belong ited states government been attacked by the powerful united states strongly condemned they. illegally should shun the full five hundred
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days now being detained without charge but that hasn't stopped us. today we're on a quest for revolutionary ideas that can change the world tomorrow or the day i am joined by intellectual superstar beanie and philosopher so i've always you a former anti communist dissident now turned so described communist together we call david horowitz a former left wing radical black panther ally and now a fiery right wing so i guess i want to know what they think about the future of europe and the united states the conversation becomes he did you get has to be physically restrained we shout rant and forthcoming about nazis and palestinians black panthers and israelis but out of karma romney thanks column. david you describe yourself as a conservative and describe yourself as
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a communist but nonetheless i was of you have had a picture of stalin. going to make me don't. know many many. about him now. yeah right ok. that's an international shot. all right david can you tell me what you mean by conservative and why you have a picture of. well look at the picture of stalin it was on my office when i was on his death and i'm a conservative because the leftists utopians have no idea what human nature is. and therefore when they get the power they are faced with a big problem which is that people don't go along with their program and so they
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kill them and put them in gulags and. the problem with the utopian idea is the idea. but first right colleen precisely remind me and could maybe be something marginal liberal even agree precisely put in mind me of this and he thinks they know of and i could tell you could experiment you know i don't know what to make of what sluggo is saying when he says that salad is there to remind him of the dangers of totalitarian it i'm the totalitarian strain on the left there are dangers of. that yeah utopian ideas can lead to because you supports all of totalitarian movements in the world and i can see. you're a supporter of. the closest thing we have to nab citizen which was you know utopian idea in the middle east you know you support the palestinians i don't see anything
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to distinguish the palestinians and want to kill the jews from that have said listen did you ever visit the west bank it's not going to face in order to speak he didn't i didn't write that we're going to say that i know that everything i do a friend said and i can tell you what i mean by. i do not think i must emphasize because i find it tasteless this oh what nazi for doing truth or truth and now doing to palestinians i. this is a stress but saudi police are out of their screwed up yes they're screwed by hamas no you know quite well you know he's against saudi arabia i guess that's the way we go way he's a guy like you know yeah i guess you know i thought and so on is that i need policy open space for hamas to influence their second home going to blame the jews for my
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it's great oh my god you see this is what i don't like oh i oh my god i've never had a i've begun to think you back a little i want to know how serious you just might be look at the situation of we mean now yok corny but if you sound a sudden i'm going to lose responsible for this united states that is the party think i think international left and a democratic party united states that went to war for saddam and against george bush when he went into iraq we should have settled their hands we should not have but you know we should have i give my damn. dave this is me and having a conversation with anyone should know this is not going to syria and that we should have stuck into iran but bush came under such hand. from the from the democrat there's never been such as seditious movement play a major american party they all supported the war not all of them but their
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leadership supported the war they voted in their majority in the senate for the war and then they turned against it and they lied saying that bush lied bush couldn't have lied about the intelligence because kerry and rockefeller and feinstein all the democrats stand on the intelligence committees they had better intelligence than julian in in the work that we do the work that wiki leaks does we. are pushing forward the bandys of a certain type of liberty it is we say protected by the first amendment that is the liberty to to reveal the truth about the world to protect the story to record community appearance and so on. i saw this incredible poster that the u.s. army produce which is a poster of jefferson say it was a big statue of jefferson saying the cost of liberty is a turn obedience that is the price of liberty and it had. a giant interception
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systems people with guns and the coast guard and people looking out over the sea with with spike officers they had interpreted jefferson's statement which was that to stop a strong state we must be eternally vigilant into we must have a strong state and aggressive state surveillance state in order we i think maybe i think it's regrettable that the state is so big. then our defense has to be so big and i am salute regrettable but it's a reality and you know what i'd like to go back to you think about liberty and equality. of course if people are unequipped if people had an equal talents and equal intelligence then the only way to make an equal is to take away liberty that's the only way you can do it there's no other
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way so of course there's an inherent conflict between the liberty i don't look at idea at least here in contrast what you think i am not for cooper three hundred be made public but i think. i'm not doing these all i'm saying when the way. the great power structure a certain level of sheep talk is east and then selectively went simply has to put it of course we have our own base called the last. the state power in the sense of saudi we have to do sort of the st louis bet that you don't know about people and i agree we have to play this game i'm not that stupid but when obviously the past and we think like we can least can play a very caustic even though i don't see any they do that also i laugh if i disagree
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if the revolution had to be regularly or if we had a new revolutionary government new revolutionary government and wiki leaks managed to get hold of him and all discover that he got that government yeah and we were going to publish it i mean i just said we were not what i would i be it would be good you or me i can look at it he spent so yeah you know what it's the difficult for me to answer this question how when i would be part of the separation of the government i would send you my own sort of who are who are accepting say. my possibly ideas it's got to be ordered liberty it can't be but everybody just thought of that in some sense a video on the front front of one time or the slogan is on a pound to the pain freedom you know in iraq there is a prison camp camp we pretty. to me seem to be abuses of the word freedom and i want to know from you do you really think
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this tremendous state that is growing up in the united states is that entirely necessary to combat the rival risk competition the united states has from china from europe or is this now a self-feeding system you know this isn't just people who are the problem people are the problem they're greedy they lie they just see they manipulate. you know their egocentric. we understand that and people in government i guess the same dangerous people with more cow so that's why we have the checks and balances and i'm i'm all for your worst group and this and that however we live in a context the united states and israel are under attack from the international left
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which is very powerful but morally dictators in south america that subway's things to get along with. from the islam a fascist. and we live in an age when they have nuclear weapons and chemical and biological i think there's going to be and i cast a few that want to work everything that happened in the twentieth century in the twenty first because of this phone two thirds you see the the creation of an enormous secretive bureaucracy doing each other favors involved in a rotating door contract think that don't you see that perhaps can be similar to what occurred in the soviet union and we need a strong thirty million e if we eliminate competition but the fact that it look you got a leftist in the white house a guy was brought up and trained by communists whose whole political career was in the communist left you have competition you know and you think you can have
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what you think has monolith and you know the secret that controls everything you have if you prefer to think of it as many mafias and they're all attorneys throats and that's what keeps us somewhat safe. well jade goody for you you know first let me state something without any anti americanism limits countries like like russia. shut down the opposition i know asked against their own i know what you mean and i think isn't this the guy who when he made the woof bush said he meant better i looked into putin's eyes and i knew i can trust in god but this is just that it would know what i'm saying is that look a little stupid things that bush didn't so yeah i've got it i thought it was a good yeah ok let me go so listen i'm unfortunately you know you like him very much and you hear me calling you nice you know that communistic like to blather. the through
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a position to them democracy you must know these companies like to call everyone who opposes them fashions if you did a modest democratic process comfortable with i'm afraid that you used to go to communist in a slightly similar way who ever used a little bit of critical or american consent to stop the spent he's a common it's kind of girl you got me to call the police they're only not referring you know everybody into iraq obama yet was in one meeting didn't want to send them home he was replying to here and you have no idea of barack obama's background who he actually is if you say that because this is not just about my own well i don't care about say guns challenge background was really just point points i thought some of them to be don't know let me go briefly on but don't you think that nonetheless i think and desist and if you're doing it like that if not this is
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a good thing but don't you think that nonetheless for me the great thing of the bush presidency was that we've he's known i wouldn't use the word of i guess chief sometimes you need known intelligent qualities that he he that he's out of he's the kate was that the united states effectively. com came close to losing the position of unified as the power under bush you're not a space lost effectively controlled overlapping america and so on and so on and i think this is not i don't hate me some lefties gee who will finally be got united states but i think we are entering even temper we're going to do a very dangerous move whether all of these these diplomatic i mean somehow the game can throw out for me over and again i'm not saying any you know what i mean of
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these things are. dangerous whether i agree let's roll you in a kind not is war bad listen let's face it and put these men you lefties to be like use me off your centrism or whatever european welfare state been marked then if you put anything in this european large market then i think even united states getting wasn't this may be the unique period in human he sporty after world war two would the welfare state better so many people live in such safety. freedom and so on don't make too much fun of course to get anything as far as you can last fall it was a disastrous spirit your your is a cultural scene part it's significant that's what happened that's what your welfare state it just took us out of the plight i have had personal i personally experience with
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a socialist dream paradise of sweden and i can tell you it is nothing like you have a fighting but it wasn't going to have the official experiences from the it's something that's broken there the sweet the swedes have no morals david striving towards your target the striving towards a better position even if even if the position is liberty it is more liberty but is a striving a direction that he. i wish to have if they can measure and temper events by the direction of the hooks and ideals have we now abandoned that true religion because religion is there waiting in the gap they just say it's easy type indigenous people can't live with that with dissent most people can't live with the sense that their lives are meaningless that they just you know born in dying are forgotten. so if you're a religious person then there's a divinity who's going to make sort it out in the afterlife there redemption in the next life if you're not religious you want i would imagine in this life that's what
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the left is about it is a religious movement and it's not an accident that all these is that these utopianism clear the roots of communism or fascism or not since i already had better than i what your liberalism. because so you would call people have to want to make things better because you may take a lot of impatience and make a modest change so you know i'm trying to think of why not with what you want to do with you want to do what you do is it is a radical means they can have very destructive consequences that are both manifest when you have to get you when you can't keep them in quotes always but when you can for example keep that in court of course you don't say oh that's right to be friendly need that's not the guy damn greek modestly. momentously no that's to be aggressive i don't we're here i hope we agree at least about the other that you
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talk to us about for me my point he's in the summer of this month i see all of those who. don't think potential catastrophe and oh i'm saying east we should fully consciously confront discuss the feast no easy utopian think companies only need that iowa caucus right let me try to tie up the stairs you were just the general secretary now you quit b.n. maybe that is your man his community so he's an economist here and i was going to say it was the natural war is the natural condition of mankind it's always been war it's right somebody from the beginning ok and many of them peace occurs only when there's a concert of powers or a single power that can intimidate would be aggressors now i ask you who would you like that power to be other than the united states.
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i don't know but i think it's no longer even the candidates but me and united states go well that's why that's why we're facing such catastrophe but you're contributing it by encouraging leftists isn't the way to keep the state accountable is to have a free market in thanks i mean different political options different political gate and then people who don't like the conditions or months they can move to another state they can move their businesses they can move their assets they can do that united states is kind of quipped as as we showed in iraq we can't we can't even occupy a country we can we can barely conduct a four day work that was a six week run and we worked with america is it's a country where people are so there's so much opportunity people are so busy having fun. they don't want to go to work americans don't want to go to work and i think america has to be lied into war no actually it was tony blair
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that the united states is crippled. in part because its commander in chief is a leftist here i expect for he said yes he can i think stacey from a set of facts and so on but one of i'm sorry to inform you because of people like obama who can succeed there were days into obama's administration he or thrice he's grown strikingly pakistan who do you think about really is when he came into office and actually when he was running he knew that his weak flank was that was the military so he picked pakistan. he has killed more civilians and the left much and get away with it because the left because the left is a religious force it has nothing to do with principle the left doesn't care about. asians being you know killed by drones but you know those people what is he what
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does he want to do in the streets protesting what obama's schooling in pakistan in afghanistan you know. you know i don't have any respect for leftists anymore because i don't think their prince will see. the finished yet both because the box obama you are critical to our time is a social your kid because they want to vomit because you think he's a communist leftist i'm critical of obama because quite the contrary i think that he's not the key could close at the left he's he's not he pretends to be a lefty so he's not the printer know what you're talking about slug right i'm going to not listen no terrence malick i mean even when obama is doing but then just because they're a leftist good speech out of your old left lefty friends paddy kali's not my friend i don't buy this democratic left you know that's true democracy blah blah blah all i'm saying is that the problem beef gave ice to communism you speak here we just.
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i'm afraid what happens oh you don't find this from noticing the part yet the problems are going to be here forever you know the problems and problems actually actually get i just think you ok let's that's a good song list and two hundred one that we see things we have a lot of ground meat we have a lot of ground point we have a lot of ground zero we are quite happy and. i think there will be maybe. that's ok. we have a lot of ground to cover and i do want to go over it ok so. david you were in the black panther and you stayed in the black panthers post well you know i was never a member i raised money for you help them you were going to were involved in activities and you supported them yes. you made those bankers who can't keep laughing oh yeah. and you brought in
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a bookkeeper from then ramparts magazine which which you were editing. but even paper and i just want to draw your attention to a letter that was sent to you. in my mind you were the person responsible for baby step sending her in support of the pencils books at this particular time was tantamount to dressing her in a clue klux klan white sheet and sending her on to talk you know this isn't this isn't there and you know just slanderous letter by a peer guy. you know who actually was involved with the campus before i was going to say. the left will defend the cause and will sacrifice and he ended it will in this case it was me. david do you think this this tragedy i mean you're involved you know you know murder i mean
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a murder was around you this is. something of great personally importance to me and it must have affected your your outlook on the world but i do think that you this opened your eyes to the reality or rather it colored your perception i was very aware of that so many was killed in your body was discovered in february nine hundred seventy five. i didn't do anything politically after that for the next. nine years i voted for reagan in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and that's when i heard as a conservative of course i came under tremendous attack from the left but i hadn't said anything. i was going to say and said anything negative hadn't done any political activity attacking the left in all those nine years
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because i was very aware that i i was. you know i felt i had been betrayed by the movement i felt guilty. when i supported. so i waited till i was relatively poor i mean you know it's in your character to. if you're passionate or not they david is that you started writing biographies after that video on clay that's worth into rockefeller's now the peak american family right i mean when you started writing all those biographies did you interview members of both welcoming the family yes you nuveen to a new sofa or book as a result of your gardener. now nominate. i really have remained pretty much the same all my life i didn't have been painting were bits i mean i did i did i had i lost every friend i ever had was as
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a leftist and that was at mid-life. so mater we constituted my friendships i think that's a big factor that keeps people in the elections that they know that if they cross that line they're going to lose it well their friends. i mean right yet just. ok ok all right sorry but no problem i am for probably he's a human face but you will be allowed to do he's. got you know because it is you know that's going to put down activism or what you do it well i have to go to universities with bodyguards because of the fascist left in this country i had assassination threats a lot of i'm the only guy in the shop that was physically assaulted by i think i have to be a communist by cognisant of the niceties so i might come up and
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educating like you tell you who will you be voting for in the upcoming election well we don't have a candidate yet vote i mean amongst the pack amongst the candidates oh i think romney has the best chance to say it's a big big obama yeah i'm not i'm not happy with anybody. i agree here we go instead it adds week and really maybe even back to the long term for the fact that if you're not that states that republican group stimulated peace simply wasn't able to produce a country date which would have enough growing focused and it's very sad i mean i don't i'm not happy about it i agree it's too bad thank you david horowitz. visiting the. leader was going to call on you nice he's a. human face cry because. he said something to the field
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i'm facing the noblest part of his might call it my. ok thank you never you think you know i write. ok if you know yourself but you know your gift the good to be the spell you can spread it dispersed that's what i'm going to. see. play be a staple you on the plane if you knew mr k.'s we could not fly you out of something you know so i think it's painful mistake. well. it's technology innovation all.


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