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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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thirty pm here. egyptians get the final shortlist of presidential candidates. back in the race. drawing a line across the union the. free travel zone could fall under the axis politicians rush to the peace driving right wing factions. the protest mood sweeping through russia and relations with the u.s. president. his legacy in his final media q. and a before leaving the. next back to washington. to show for you.
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hard time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to my brilliance engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because when you've got something to say i listen now first i want to respond to a viewer that washed our interview on the f.b.i. seizure of an entire server last week which hosted an anonymous remailer service used by the activist groups rise up networks and may first people link as zuni to comment on youtube and said anonymizer is used by people who don't want the government or corporations spying on them aka the bad people and you know i think that unfortunately that's the way that a lot of people look at this especially people in the government they think that because a group or a person would want their communications not to be monitored by everybody and their mother then they must be up to no good it's a really dangerous mindset has become almost normal in this post nine eleven state if you don't want your communications monitored by the government then you must be a criminal and the reality is that your person you're not in
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a speech they're both supposed to be protected in this country something that a lot of people seem to have forgotten especially those working in the government again but unfortunately i think that too many of the rest of us have become complacent about letting that go next i want to respond to a viewer that watched our update on the trial of bradley manning yesterday magician commented on you tube america should be outraged that manning's right to a speedy trial was an exercise but then again how an american know if the m.s.m. does not report anything about the manning trial it is just sick and you know it that's right americans should be outraged and yet they're not in fact i would venture to say that most americans don't even know the bradley manning was kept imprisoned in the united states for over seven hundred days without trial and that's because nobody in the media seems to care and when they have briefly weighed in on this case it was often just to immediately declare him a traitor to the u.s. so once again the point is not what somebody did how you feel about it but the fact that there are fundamental the. i'll use protections that we're all supposed to
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have like the right to is fair and speedy trial and finally i want to respond to a very kind of you were jamie belden said on facebook alone to show thank you thank you thank you for everything you do i never imagined it was possible to have such an articulate and awesome news program i hear your staff is filled with intelligent women it shows it's refreshing well thank you and you're right our staff is in fact filled with lots of intelligent women but we did one guy and that's it that's it my ranting today will be back with more as usual next week. well it looks like the pressure against this but is building and maybe even working out for a fresh system or the cyber intelligence sharing and protection act has been drawing a lot of criticism so that companies will be able to share your personal data or it was written so that companies will be able to share personal data with government agencies all as long as they deem something to be a potential cyber threat and we've been talking about how scary this bill is but
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sort of organizations like the electronic frontier foundation the center for democracy and technology they even dreamed last week stop cyber spying week and guess what today the white house released a statement coming out against this five because they say that it doesn't do enough to protect national security while also shredding americans privacy online and the white house even said in the statement that if the bill in its current form reached the oval office it would be vetoed now scheduled to be voted on at the end of this week but even the authors of the bill are now getting the picture the original co-sponsors congressman mike rogers and ruppersberger announce of their open to changes today amendments were proposed in a hearing and over all these amendments of lassoing the government creating limits on how they could use the data handed over from the companies saying that the information could only be used to protect national security and couldn't be used in any other instances beyond anything labeled as a cyber threat but a cyber threat is still very vague so is that really going to be enough to make this a good bill we're going to get into that tomorrow but for now just know that the
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opposition is gaining some traction. well there are a lot of eyes directed at the public display of military power from pakistan today as less than a week after india test fired a nuclear capable missile they did the same but considering that diplomatic negotiations between the two countries have been on the upswing lately is it really worth worrying about or is that just the typical nuclear brinkmanship where even frenemies have to every now and then remind each other that mutual destruction is indeed possible now perhaps even more attention needs to be made or paid for the leaks of the strategic agreement between the u.s. and afghanistan that one that would seal a ten year commitment from the u.s. past twenty fourteen we have to ask if the u.s. really has any need any interest in afghanistan once the troops are gone or if there might be something about having property next door to pakistan the nuclear country that won't let the u.s. operate extensively on their own land i'm joined by retired lieutenant colonel anthony shaffer senior national security adviser with the task force on national
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and homeland security and author of the book operation dark heart our tony thank you so much for joining us tonight and first starters you know what's your take on these back to back missile tests. well as you said to protect both sides wanted to be made very clear that one side is not getting the advantage over the other this is been going back and frankly this went back to the cold war during the time that we were dealing with charlie wilson's war the soviet occupation of afghanistan we were conveniently looking at the way as a pakistani it's built a nuclear program at the same time the indians are doing the same thing for obviously the purpose of having deterrence to dissuade the attacks never doing anything so we have now situation where both sides are armed with nuclear weapons india is a stable country a democracy pakistan is this sort of stable country a sort of mock recy and they have insurgents which are weakening the government so this is one of the reasons i like your deductions we've got to look at what's going
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on in pakistan i think much harder than what's going on in india because of the central government ever falls we're going to have some real problems with the fact that they the pakistanis have over one hundred nuclear weapons and probably enough material to make at least a hundred more but so in that sense you know clearly i think that india is the real intended target here in terms of sending a message when you want to test i mean i think april missile but is there any kind of message that should be sent to the u.s. you know there also is a lot of positioning for more power and more influence especially once u.s. troops start to leave and then it starts to make more sense that maybe the u.s. would get into an agreement for the next ten years since so they can still have some influence over pakistan even though we will have a massive troop presence in afghanistan on the border there why it's very clear that we should be focusing on a regional solution and focusing on what could hurt us most nuclear weapons could hurt has a lot especially in the hands of folks who don't like us with that said i think the most most likely target even if an insurgency group or terrorist group gets
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a hold of it back a stand is india so we should have been looking at this a lot harder and more detail than we have should have because the telly bond. for better or for worse or really you know focused on trying to go into afghanistan to reestablish some level of order there i just don't see them coming here i don't see them going after the indians frankly and so this is where we have to be much wiser than we have been frankly that you have the iranians on one side trying to develop nuclear weapons you've got other elements. you know the west who have concerns in the region you have the chinese from their perspective now compromise and so we need to look at this is a big picture and we have not been doing that so with that said then you know you've got the iranians the north koreans and other folks all developing nuclear weapons for their own purposes and we're not really doing much to actually understand why they're doing it what we can do to control things or at least preserve our own national security well in terms of iran you know you have the i.a.e.a. you have our own defense secretary that have said that there is no proof yet on
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defense and intelligence agencies that have said that there is no proof yet that iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon you also had the israeli military the new minister come out and also say the exact same thing that he thinks that they're actually a rational actor and probably won't go for it which is a direct counter to what netanyahu said on c.n.n. yesterday and so you know they have this war of words but i guess i shows you that israel is pretty divided on how they feel about a two. well the bottom line for both the north koreans and the arabians is regime survival if you accept that is the central premise of why they're doing what they do you can kind of start judging what they're doing i do believe there are radical elements in the iranian government who would like to do really provocative things but i think they're being held back same with the north koreans they always push us to the point of or you know we want to get mad at them but they always pull back and then they get what they want and so this is been a pattern with the north koreans since you know the ninety's. the iranians have
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learned the same game and they're doing it now so i do agree with the israeli perspective at least that you know that i think the iranians are rational actors this is the deal though they are developing a new class of very bad weapons e.m.p. weapons some version of the neutron weapon potentially is being developed by the iranians and what we've learned is that they develop these things because they see it as a means of survival let's look at libya some as moammar gadhafi gave up his weapons he got taken out so we we set up a bad lesson here for those countries who want to develop these things to deter us getting action against them and increase their ability to have regional dominance and i think that's what we should be focused on not the taliban regarding afghanistan now i walk that that makes a lot of sense right the more weapons you have to play with the more respect that you get on the global stage in that sense i want to ask you two questions i got news this week about this new defense kind of service that supposed to be working
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basically with the cia it means that i guess the defense department going to be able to retain more of their employees because it's also going to be a bump up they're going to be focusing on africa they're going to be focusing on asia you were part of what you called the precursor to this program to tell us what . well defense human service was a consolidation in one thousand nine hundred five of all the service human intelligence programs which related to what we're talking about here if you look at my book i talk a little bit about some of the things we did we have always we have always had these capabilities and bed within it our job to support military operations something called title ten is the body of laws we support as well as title fifty which are the cia laws regarding collection we kind of said both in both camps that said the cia has always had its own objectives relating to what they believe to be policy level collection we are trained in same school we go through the same basic things but again our focus has been different and duty is not what we let me
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interrupt you for one second to have a freeing us out and that sense are you going to you know is this new defense intelligence service going to be accountable to more law is rather than the cia who basically gets to act outside of the law. that's a good question. there is things that we've always been able to do in the d.o.d. using the existing laws i think. it's one of those things i'd be careful of because we think we do have ways of getting things done it's just that you have to look very carefully how congress writes the laws and deal with that duty is always had a responsibility to protect our troops protect the combat interests of the regional commanders that is always been our focus was that said cia has always tried to dominate the battle space because they've always said well you know we're we've got this clandestine service yada yada yada so i think this is going to be an equal and equal some sort of equilibrium between the two sides the deal he saw for a long time with with diggers mr vickers over being the end sycophants for so
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special operations i think he's had a great effect in trying to level the playing field we go through the same training we do often curb or risk the cia does if you read operation dark or go see a lot of the things we did we did differently than the c.i. did so it's it's i think a step in the right direction but there's no guarantees it'll be better for the officers are currently serving and frankly you know you've got to look at redundancy what missions cia is doing versus d.o.d. and you know if there is going to be some good news be some hard thinking about what's going to happen next regarding celebration of resources and capabilities as we move forward and how about transparency i don't know if something feels very thinnest or about the to me and i can't say that i'm necessarily he is about you know if i get another intelligence agent read being on the fame footing has a theeye that may be or may not have going to have to comply with the law that tony thanks so much for joining us tonight but you know. i've got one more quick break on the flip side as far my full time where is back for more and i'm happy hour and
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the kids are getting high these days i'm climbing. wealthy british sign on. time to. go. around the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. world with a. touch of one mean cleaning machine from university labs to the outer edges of the stratosphere the russians are going to find eco friendly solutions to big city
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travel to spin with us and enjoy life on the green side. no joke here on large. the future of. our guys inside for tonight's tool time award and we're actually giving it to a repeat offender and governor of florida rick scott this guy has been featured many times on this segment mostly because he's got his priorities all messed up not only does it feel that it's appropriate to drug test welfare recipients and government workers but he's also waged war on the school system are moving money from the education budget and guess where that went. it takes more than one point seven billion dollars out of the public schools and instead of putting that money back into the budget the budget gives it away in corporate and property tax breaks
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so so like i said he's shown how much of a tool he is on multiple occasions but today we're calling him out for a different reason you see april the sexual assault where in this month and the state is aiming to help around seven hundred thousand rape victims in need of aid so florida's council against sexual violence has asked for one point five million dollars which was approved by the state legislature and florida already budget funds for prevention and sexual assault services but that money usually gets funneled into education programs and schools and so not so much the actual crisis centers so instead the state's crisis centers are funded by the provision from two thousand and three that takes fines from convicted sex offenders puts it towards finding the crisis centers but those fines usually come to around one hundred dollars per person and the state hasn't collected nearly enough over the past nine years to sufficiently finance the program so those centers are finding themselves in trouble with waiting list to see victims that could last weeks or sometimes even months and so that's why the state government signed off on that one point five million dollars which would have gone specifically to thirty rape crisis centers
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across the state rick scott stepped in and he vetoed that funding that's right despite the fact that lawmakers thoroughly reviewed the council i determined that the program met the criteria rick scott said nope he wanted his reason according to his spokesman spokesman the state already fund sexual violence programs the governor's press secretary gave this reason quote we already funded sexual violence programs there was no information suggesting any needs in this area that weren't already being met. so god says they already given you guys money what more do you want who cares if the money only goes to preventive services and not the actual victims let me just take a moment to remind you our viewers of the one point five million dollars that they wanted is merely point zero zero two percent of this entire budget and again we all know how rick scott feels about giving government money to people in need perhaps a mandatory drug test first for assault and rape victims would get him on board
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helping them or perhaps signing in the bill publicly support prayer in schools would encourage scott to give more money to the program either way it's sad that he thinks that a million dollars out of the state's seventy billion dollars budget isn't important while drug testing government workers is about with rick scott in charge nothing seems to be normal in that state so we're further using to provide much needed funding to assist make some victims of sexual assault rick scott is tonight's tools i'm winner. ok it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening alone show producer jenny churchill and mike riggs associate editor at reason that asean and reason dot com lou thanks for joining me guys. there is a very scary and serious new damaging trend that's sweeping the country kids these
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days they just come up with the stupidest ways of trying to get drunk and trying to get high and it's always something new first will be the tampon soaked in the. now it's this. dangerous new trend and it could said your kid to the emergency room. it's the truth right now and sometimes it sounds odd but it's true kids who once turned to cough syrup and mouthwash for alcohol or turn to tips are now using hand sanitizer to achieve a buzz because it's cheap and accessible. so you know like with a hand sanitizer is sixty two percent alcohol makes it one hundred twenty proof liquid they were looking at the link for what was it like there was five shots in every bottle and you don't need to drink it together you can just scored in your hand really quickly oh my god and you know we were i've been doing that since i was like a freshman in high school like this is totally not new getting high off hand sanitizer
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is totally not new but i don't really know what is going wrong here we need to remember to put the hand sanitizer right and you know i think you. know this is happy you know i find it really interesting it seems like the kids very taking cues from homeless people who have been drinking mouthwash and wiper fluid water here for alternatives that are much easier to get your hands on if you have no money or under the age of twenty one but i mean the sub staying here is there's a sixteen agers that drink and so i ended up in emergency rooms what are you hearing. this stuff has been around for like over a decade right it's not good don't know how to write would you say that is that is scary trends from a few years ago where they were going number two in like milk jugs and then letting it sit for a little while and then inhaling the methane i mean this. was a great it was not a great i mean it was a real trend you know and it didn't work you know as well so. yeah i can imagine that one would have caught on very well it's interesting because they're now
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telling parents not to leave hand sanitizer out in the house in case their kids are taking it also to get the foam kind because it's hard to get out i mean it's obviously a serious problem but i just can't help but think about like kids out there making a show and sharing getting high on with anything original i mean i just don't think this is a serious problem i'm sorry i just think the kids are stupid and so they will get out of whatever they want to get. and then somebody ends up getting hurt how you are going to really to find someone to buy you how hard is it really it's apparently not is not about any tough breaking anymore. you know i mean probably a lot harder for guys that's for girls. well actually no. you know you have a little thing going for that one story but we're going to have to go back to. ron paul seems like he actually has you know we're both when you think take
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a look. dust settles i think there's a very good chance that we're going to have the maximum number of delegates coming out of minnesota. so you know a long time after iowa and minnesota it turns out that he actually had the most you know he predicted this you predicted i mean we didn't play that big of a burning right and he predicted it but you predicted that would be him and mitt romney in the very end and ron paul is just like he won't go away so it is a romney and i just it's of to be present for the i agree he's going well and gary johnson on the show tonight you still see it on the ground libertarian you know i really appreciate something about ron paul's commitment to not let the aren't seeing the established republicans choose you know who's going to do i think he's saying like delegates are voting for me just because i'm not the candidate you want doesn't mean that other people don't want me i think it's really interesting you know to be fair i don't think it's just aren't these primaries or popular primaries
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you know mitt romney is. i don't know somehow quads and being like the most popular guy and i mean look at our election it's going to be two jerk wads against each other and i right mitt romney is by no means the most popular guy though i mean let's be i'm going to tell you that i think he is like technically like statistically the most popular guy well it's only because they don't like anybody else he's not actually popular like obama people actually like i think which actually he's analogy more despicable than romney fans or republican voters in general because there's so much for liberals to hate about obama that they don't and they just look the other way mitt romney did. we're going to france though right if you look at public opinion polls public opinion polls will tell you that personality wise they think obama has charisma they think that they like him as a person but they don't necessarily agree with his policies and so you see him out there singing in you know doing the green whatever the new yammering and stuff and you like ok. here it's kerry. obviously disagree with the majority of his policies but you like it but you have charisma i'm going to give it to republican voters
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because when they pull the lever for romney they're going to do it with their other finger on their nose and obama very visionary led around by the ground so you know i mean god you voted for that one guy sucks and i don't hate you are you know your i.q. your it isn't that much but you're with it for the next forty years to do that going to win it but like seriously though what we're dealing with is a situation where people don't have anyone better to vote for it's not people are going in voting for obama saying he's done the best job ever i don't believe that i don't believe look we should finish this up over some handsome touchable but we have time for one more story can we switch to beautiful people ok really quick check out this new business. coming for you track to vote you don't have the money to travel what if you could travel around the world stay in five star resorts dine at top rated restaurants and do the fun things travelers do you all for free on mistrustful dot com there are thousands of frequent travelers who hate to travel alone. this is
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a psychological two weeks ago has sixteen thousand members and basically it's like oh ok a prostitution thing where are they if you're hot this guy will buy you a plane ticket or later you know i was actually part of the beta test and. i find a way you know. there's the attractive travelers i mean. if you're going to track the person i know you know actually you're sad that these people think that they need to join a dating site to whore themselves out when there's corners all across the nation it's really confusing to. you. chad's judgment you're going to want to be all around for free in miami doing a little you know wonder what is going on i think ever comes for free yeah these people they're going to generate aren't as generous with their general we're going to like cut up their and slightly alter their host now they're going to take off clothing change larry i was a grown up you know i should've done it you know ok thanks you guys good night that's a good night joe thanks for joining in ad makes me come back tomorrow jake brewer
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is going to be joining us for happy hour in the meantime to forget become a fan of the i want to show on facebook and on twitter if you missed anything at all you tube dot com slash the i want to show and coming up next isn't it.
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did i kill innocent kid allies a day base of course and that's never answered it. is
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something that's constantly me i think of it every day. i stay the flies fired from the memories. i assume i saw a long time i'm just here trying to help. i was ashamed. i was ashamed that i did i was ashamed that i hadn't a clue. why i got a long arm i got my legs. in the mine. what i wanted to be out of or to. not believe what i was doing on one's own i think . that i was a good soldier. but you know i'm a soldier on the other side and i think i'm just a good.


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