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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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kaiser report on r g. tonight a chain of explosions rips through a city in eastern ukraine leaving dozens injured in war police say terrorist attacks. a new cyber security bill slammed by internet users as an attack on privacy gets a step closer to the white house but president obama threatens to veto if it passes the senate we've got the latest for you this half hour. plus a three man crew successfully lands in cars and start after six months aboard the international space station we'll bring you more from mission control in russia. and the economic blows continue to rain on spain its credit rating takes another hit while unemployment reaches a critical twenty five percent. however
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a good evening nine pm moscow time you're watching r t i'm kevin zero in on our top story from russia tonight terror has gripped ukraine today with a string of bombings that left at least twenty nine people injured four successive blasts hit public areas in the eastern city of the no pro petroff causing widespread panic several people suspected of organizing the attacks have reportedly been arrested. in the ukrainian capital with more details for you tonight. ukraine's interior ministry says that four bloss rocked the third largest town in ukraine to the city of give it off and those were for explosive devices put in fresh bins at tramway stations it's interesting the attack looks really coordinated because all those last happened at one particular line of the tramway in the pit at the office now we have a chance to listen to eyewitnesses who told us of the horror which they experienced
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when the bombs went off. that we came to the park and on our way back the blast happened leave swirled off the trees we saw pillars of dust. really overcome by turn explained to them and then within five minutes and seven thirty had to seen the listener through writing inside the fountain and it was like using that one to look around and notice my spend all night for disc when there were not because it was recess time and all these attacks happened hours ago but the city of the paper the office still gripped by panic when the stand that many people are staying in their offices afraid to go home because fearing more bloss could happen could happen in the city reportedly several people have been detained in connection with these attacks it's believed that they could have been behind those attacks but this formation has not yet been confirmed by the officials what is confirmed by the officials that they are definitely considering this to be a terrorist attack and have already launched a criminal investigation into this rather untypical incident for
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a typically calm ukraine we're only forty days away from the start of the euro two thousand and twelve football championship an attack like that in a very populated city with a population of around a million people certainly puts a lot of pressure on the authorities and could even jeopardize the euro twenty two world championship in ukraine and poland certainly many concerns will be there among the football fans will be coming here in hundreds of thousands and the authorities are now trying to do everything they can they already organized an emergency meeting of ukraine's parliament but for now nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks and we are waiting to hear from the authorities whether the. people who were reportedly detained were in fact those school masterminded this terrible attack in the pulpit of. coming up a real academic uprising running battles in montreal reporting on seeing eighty five more students arrested in the increasingly violent pace of over a rise in tuition fees and stealing the revolution from those who needed it most egypt's secular groups boycott the latest cairo protest saying that being hijacked
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by power hungry islamists is. a soyuz module carrying two russian cosmonauts and a nasa astronauts landed successfully in kazakhstan the crew returned back to worth after spending almost six months on board the international space station r.t. sean thomas followed events for mission control. the launch happened in november two thousand and eleven mid november they spent about five and a half months in space as part of it so use a twenty two inch but also as part of the thirtieth international space station expedition there were some problems with the learning about want you because they were so close to launch as early as september but as you may remember there was a problem with the progress rocket which delayed this rocket as well but then we were also some problems in that delaying their landing well they had some problems with the pressurization of the men module so that actually delayed and i'm in fact this was the first soyuz capsule to launch after the shuttle program has retired on
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that hand there were airplanes fourteen helicopters twenty two land vehicles and over two hundred personnel ready to make sure that these three space men these valiant heroes got to earth safely and that is that is exactly what happened secular political powers in egypt have refused to take part in friday's show jewel demonstration against the military rulers there called by the country's islam is parties the religious groups are accused of using the protests as a p.r. tool and monopolizing power and as sarah first reports now the ongoing political wrangling pushing democracy in egypt into the sidelines. protests nation after the revolution toppled president mubarak egyptians have continued to use people power as a way to force change the sights the sounds of protesters on cairo's tahrir square have become a familiar one more than a guess and president back without the from power with presidential elections just
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around the corner and the activities here have once again taken center stage but it's the last years taught us anything is a revolution alone is not a democracy make this why the upcoming elections appraising so important. as a discussion group focused on a post arab spring egypt we met a former member of mubarak's regime now a prominent speaker here in egypt says the revolution was a must and it's a great action but unfortunately after we have a lot of problems and the challenges we have to discuss and do have to reach a vision for. the not everyone will say positive one man asked the panel how they'd feel about the outcome if they'd been one of the young revolutionaries there's no quid pool's but he's not given a clear answer. on forces and the. administration . after. they get. in their lives in february.
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eleventh. food revolution. we will give the people what you want we'll give you. freedom we'll give you a democracy he told us of the frustration of many people who turned out to tahrir but now feel they've been left represented with a new struggle for power killing many of the regimes old guard which is a democracy is the. source of course is a common complaint. an equally common answer. but the revolutionary me which can last indefinitely i can see. but we expect to know waves of. people who are testing against certain actions should go in a different way more realistic to understand that there is this region it's one of
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the only slogans or shoutings it's the economy the culture and the politics a view western a single thirty in underestimating people has seen regimes across the arab world. the announcement of the list of candidates attention turns to the policies they see might become the next president they'll need to be careful not to allow power to churn out the voices of days who are determined that this time they'll be have. r.t. . now the day's big story soon americans may find every private e-mail they write could be opened copied and inspected by government snoopers the latest cyber security bill called pass the house of representatives coming a step closer than becoming a law president obama though has threatened to veto that act if it does get through in the senate he's citing civil liberty concerns as the reason for the threat
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suspicious raised a massive cry with internet users and freedom activists who say it's a hard hit on people's privacy let's get some reaction from dr richard stallman he's president of the free software foundation he is into this with us tonight dr thanks for being on the program really appreciate your time what exactly is that a fear about cispa if it's prime motive is to improve cyber security which affects us all i thought i just put that to you like the touch paper and let you go tell us what you think. well the motive is not what's important what's important about any or is what is its effect now what sr says as passed by the house of representatives is that any i s p or website or any company that has some of your data in it can voluntarily hand this over to the government on a wide range of. for
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a right wide range of reasons to be interpreted by them and so if they see the slightest bit that they think of as an odd in your e-mail they can look at it and then they can hand it over to the government and if the government says it has something to do with national security it's very easy to say that whether it's true or not then the government can study it for any purpose so this nearly abolishes people's right not to be. unreasonably searched which is in the u.s. constitution all right heavy handed but is any of it necessary i mean cyber security is a huge issue in an age where the internet's inseparable from so many people's lives we should it doesn't assist brawl for a reasonable sacrifice and being devil's advocate in the offing that letting some haka have you a danger is worse than letting the government out of it wait a second i'm i'm a hacker which means i enjoy playful cleverness that's what it means to be acar now
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you may be thinking of people who break security i call them crackers but the government is a much worse threat governments are far more powerful then people acting on their own underground clandestinely or as criminals or whatever and so we must protect ourselves from abuse of government power first of all. and secondarily of course there are other people who might do us harm and the government could conceivably help protect us from them but that's a secondary. should other countries are going to that don't respect human rights those are the most important threat we must constantly protect ourselves from so what to do about it now means this movement potentially has got the power to override laws protecting privacy and reduces the calls outside america through us placed into that companies it's not just america could find should other countries intervene do you think to protect the citizens personal data well they should do
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that regardless of sr whether says what passes or not if you store any data in a u.s. company that company with few exceptions is legally required to hand that data over to the u.s. government without even a search warrant so i think both individuals and governments should take precautions to make sure that their citizens data is not being handed over to u.s. companies or their foreign subsidiaries which are subject to that same hypocritically named patriotic unquote act we've seen a real rush of legislation in parts in recent months old but the same kind of thing what is all happening now. i really don't know but i don't think sis is so to socal was pushed mainly by the publishing industry and it was to give them the total support of the government in
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their war against sharing now that's a completely evil purpose people should be free to share sharing which means noncommercial redistribution of exact copies should be legal for any published work well we defeated so. sis is something somewhat different cyber security is not an invalid goal but of course it doesn't justify doing terrible harm just because you're doing it in the name of a valid goal. three preferred a couple of seconds you think cisco will make it all the way into the law books i can see the future it's unusual for obama to stand up for human rights but if you will i'm glad before you go what was your definition of a hacker again what do you say you were playful is playful cleverness your hacker is someone who likes to do that i'll put that in the book of phrases to
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remember thoughts of richard stallman president of the free software foundation thanks ever so much for being on the program. happy hacking. all right and still to come in the program the toxic truth. he wrote to the mood was the rest of the father of russia's former security officer xander litvinenko says he knows who poisoned and killed his son and it's not scotland yard's main suspect in the murder. the euro zone's fourth largest economy has been stripped of its prestigious a credit rating the mark of a top economists another blow them to spain which also saw its unemployment rate sort of almost twenty five percent figure dreaded by economists the ratings agency behind the move standard and poor's warn that things look set to get even worse and social economic. can't help but agree. this is russian roulette work as we've just made referrals or the government has just made reforms to the labor market and
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to the economy with this are starting to cut we have to see how those play out but we're in a recession in spain officially when driving a recession steady t. hese is a constant it destroys any chance that could exist of growth which is what actually goes and sees that you are paid your debt hence the problem with our with our separate bad judging from from the very first the very start and weeks and months of these reforms which should explode and the fact that it passed and so far. is on his plane by the fact that obviously spain has a has a shadow economy of great proportions that is what. these massive run employ well part of it actually but sooner or later it will it will come to a very very difficult situation for the bigger picture here the e.u. itself clearly tiring all this long time of your stare at is calling for a new approach to resolving the euro crisis the european parliament president
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stressing now the urgency saying the collapse of the union is for the first time ever a realistic scenario test for a similar reports on the source of the crux snaking through this once formidable bloc. they say it's better to travel than to arrive but for european unity the ride has been bumpy to say the least and where could it be headed and nor will the euro zone will implode a considerable number of economists admit as well the french of four and that the eurozone is already dead it will collapse. all over. so says the candidate who surprised france by securing almost a fifth of the votes in round one of their presidential race all the other candidates without exception regard the european union as part of the solution or as the main solution as she has identified in her campaign the fact that it's actually the cause of the problems much of the french press but also completely wedded to the euro project they cannot conceive of
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a foreign policy or domestic policy which is deeply. you know it is rooted in the whole european project one that finds itself in ever more shaky ground the should get agreement one of european integration sacred cows allowing border free travel across the e.u. is under fire. germany and france want member states to have the option to bring back those internal borders for a thirty day period if there is a threat to security and public order there's a danger and more and more people are also going to start attacking all the good aspects of europe and divisions within the union don't end there amnesty international's recent report documents examples of prejudice of the block against muslims in education and employment ideas that were once very much on the fringe of the through a political support terms on all being really mainstream in the right certainly
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able to sort of sort and so on the left would kind of see that people are more racist certainly not but there has been some sort of. reuther or wider or fortunately for people to express their hate and to also indulge into violent behavior so where does that leave europe even the people who are against this kind of europe and against the euro in an idea that say they want a different kind of europe the e.u. may be trying to say in the past that set to achieve its vision and version of europe the obstacles are getting bigger from voters rallying behind anti brussels candidates to oppose also putting back border controls or some e.u. leaders have dismissed them as populist threats but the question is are they merely still threats or is this growing resistance already the tip of an iceberg tell us are still here r t brussels. one hundred sixty protests within just two months and kind of the student uprising continues unabated meantime new clashes thursday night
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the standoff over tuition fee hikes is turning increasingly violent centering on the country's second largest city montreal pressure has resumed after talks collapsed between student leaders in both orotate offices maced and detained dozens of protesters while the police chief public complained that his forces were wiped out these students. incensed over to we shouldn't fees rise which the government says is necessary now janice to discuss says heavy handed policing will only promote students further. there were really only minor incidents windows broken. recalls but i realised the police is using that as a pretext to conduct mass repression and usually the ones who will break your window or another once you get caught the police those that have been they run faster than the police the ones who get caught are peaceful protesters and people
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are becoming infuriated by the behavior of the police who were its peaceful protesters oh it's fueling the fire. this has profound the ramifications people are very unhappy about the way their political elites are behaving and the fuel that the government is not serving the people at all it's only serving big financial interests this is all those are all very repressive and it's only going to fuel more and more and more people are going to join actually let me take you through a few stories to go online and our website tonight r t dot com and from leading the country to leaving the party russia's outgoing president dmitri medvedev accepts the reins of the ruling united russia party replacing to the post one of our top stories tonight got a lot of clicks also with this story two teenage cancer sufferer forced to pay for their own lives she survived chemotherapy she had a leg removed but one russian airliner is forbidding her from traveling even
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finding it so they can inconvenient senshi could die during the flight we got our story online tonight but our team don't call. the father of the poison to execute the office alexander litvinenko who claims he knows who killed his son he says the u.k. prime suspects russian m.p. under look avoid had nothing to do with the murder in london six years ago that belief has also been backed by the results of british led polygraph test but he's a country has more on the revelations. polonium can poison a man and relations between two countries in two thousand and six former russian spy and fierce cram and critic aleksandr litvinenko was poisoned with polonium in a top london hotel written accuses russian state duma deputy andrey lugovoy of being behind the modern and wants him extradited six years after his son was killed seventy three year old why the litvinenko says it's time to speak out here boy
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should be used as a witness you're going xander died in my arms he wrote important information on a tissue as he died because they might do you understand went through my gesture the room was bugged he didn't want anybody to hear and what was on that issue when on the people he wrote to the murder was and the rest are all reveal it only in court as up with the by the u.k. like the truth. it will leave the cotton subject to. that and russia at the even more. the only accusation up to now from alexander litvinenko was that putin ordered the poisoning when you're. this statement revealed after he died never existed until the very last moment i was there and sasha believed he would recover also he hardly spoke any english and the
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letter was written in impeccable poetic english someone did it for him before now vulture wasn't lined with the victim's close circle all point the finger at former f.s.b. officer well governor saying he poured polonium in the victim's t. . void didn't kill my son to kill with polonium you need two to three grains it fits in a thimble but large quantities were scattered everywhere it was done on purpose and lugovoy was used as a fall guy but there are you ready to say this will govern directly if we call him right now your mug will happily go. to the hospital and today then he gave me two older bad things that i said about you i hope you can forgive me you realize of course what sort of people with dealing with here can you explain told viewers what exactly you are apologizing for. the slander under is not guilty these guys have nothing to do with this baby are in danger too because the
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polonium was scattered on them as well. and your lawyer must mean that you understand in person. thank you i'm ready to bring walter to court new hearings in london stanton several months important secret documents will have to be revealed by m i six and m i five years of marina ram the court with her revelations and walter is doing the same they have no choice here soon they'll be no more secrets left vita promises to reveal more secrets in court and makes it clear his son's once close circle of friends won't like many of them. but you re why didn't you disclose the information to them because if i had to do you really think i would be sitting here to day talking to you and you could sit in a great show of on our t.v. month i'm out of channel eataly. news runner so far as coming up to well it's
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exactly twenty five minutes past nine moscow tylers catch up with katie pilbeam of our business katie now the big deal in rush's energy sector bring us up to date absolutely we're talking a big amount a six hundred twenty five million dollars kevin and it's one of the biggest a word investment into russia right now now the company's direct investment fund and the report those have poured a quarter of the power generator and l o g k five from energy holding into rao now one of the members a.g.c. fund is a large investor from the middle east all the deals mediator explains all the details and the potential impacts they are investing one hundred seventy five million in what is one of the largest investment by some middle eastern investor in russia so really a very important transaction very important signal and example was are investors because as you know as a fund was just five allies to structure in january of this year and since that
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time we already have two transactions with thoughtful worth of one billion dollars of which two hundred million came from russia direct investment fund and eight hundred million dollars came from our point busters. more big money stories on to gas problem the company managed to achieve a forty five billion dollars in the two thousand and eleven financial year last big money that was a gain of thirty five percent and it was all down to a high prices and growing production of the company increased its market share in europe it's chemo to twenty seven percent from twenty four percent a year before but i remain note of this and it's about the complements plans to raise taxes on gas probably as also another factor as well greater competition that's coming from the u.s. as it becomes the world's top gas producer and that's because of shale gas. so that we have a let's have
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a look at how the russian market finished up today and it was again as you can see that we're entering the may holidays he ate at moscow for the r.t.s. is one and a quarter percent on the mises one and a half percent we also have some fantastic core purpose old come out today i just spoke about the gas chrome one of the ones include ross telecom as well if we look at the store to see that they managed to finish highs today they achieved a net profit five hundred seventy million dollars that was for the last quarter of twenty eleven that feat expectations bucking the trend i was am on s.k. no loss to spotlight's. they have net year profit last year of fourteen head but as you can see best as they seem to impress one tenth of a percent down for that particular stock as we get into the russian ruble we see that had a mix performance against the basket of cards as it gains against the box and did manage to lose against a common price is euro dollar is one third to do fifty five below the sentiments coming out of europe today we have the spanish price down did
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a full triple the poll last they're now down to and i also cited a negative growth in the future and the economy is going to decrease by one point five percent if you look at the facts and the tax investors that. once you have that to buy that was the end of the trading session that's because there was some positive information coming out of the us and that's consumer spending at a yearly like we had the fancy heart of percent up in the dax nine tenths of a percent i am talking about the u.s. so they did release their g.d.p. figures and they did fall short now it was two point two percent of growth they weren't is a paid thing at the request step but as i say consumer spending without our help to offset that let me just mention as well that there was an italian bond auction as well that went rather well that really helped the business segments on both sides of the palms ok i'm moving on few we do have more stories that was the i also got time for kevin i do yes i could offer you prime the you got to go to
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a break you see katie thanks so much catch up with you later you got plenty year to talk about you've been going on for another hour just a couple of minutes so reminding all of you because we had the washington d.c. the latest edition of capital coming up and a half from the company washington d.c. offer of updated friday night's headlines and this quick break.


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