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we never got the word says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you get the other freedoms. but the ordinary would like the little luck and they alone until they all get the real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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our guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight we're giving the honor to mississippi governor phil bryant bryant is the proud supporter of a bill that could effectively shut down mississippi's only abortion clinic which is located in the city of jackson making abortion de facto illegal in the state tell
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the service this bill doesn't sound all that for cody and would require abortion providers to be certified o.b.-g.y.n. ends and have admitting privileges a local hospitals the problem is that the jackson clinic only has one physician with admitting privileges at a local hospital mississippi hospitals have the right to refuse admitting privileges and two of the city's hospitals have fundamentalist christian leanings so basically this would leave the state with one licensed physician able to poor perform abortions on the july first deadline brian decided to take to the airwaves to defend this bill on the american family associations radio show it was here that this really took a weird trip down the rabbit hole the first he managed to portray this legislation as a triumph for women's health even though he has made it no secret that he intends to rid his state of abortions. personhood initiative are clearly shit i want or should be. yes something he might very well do here with this bill but then
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things got even crazier when he started talking about democrats and the left take a listen here. you would think. to talk about women would rush to support this but even if you believe in abortion doctor so you have to lay it all to try to kill this bill that is then i should have never signed the truth is there there there would be issued little. children to kill children. that's right we all just want to kill babies that is the one mission in life this guy is serious now did a lot of digging to expose the absurdity of bryant's hypocritical moralizing on women celt the state of mississippi with its clear hostility to women extremely low on reproductive health outcomes mississippi is a state with the highest infant mortality rate and the highest percentage of
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teenage mothers that's according to the kaiser family foundation and also has the fifth highest rate of women who die in childbirth according to the national women's law center how very christian of them right now is crazy was mad clearly is which he is it's actually surprisingly the brian thinks that he can get away with saying the democrats one mission in life is to kill children in the womb because simply letting women have the right to choose what doesn't quite equate to going on some massive infanticide of epic proportions surely even most people that are pro-life have to be able to see that right we would be like a single democrat arguing or excuse me it would be like a democrat arguing that because republicans support the right to bear arms and refuse to put any restrictions on people having deadly weapons that obviously all republicans want to shoot everyone else that is just stupid now it's also important is that republicans like routinely support restricting access to contraception and sex education you know like the stuff that prevents unwanted pregnancies that lead
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to abortion not to mention that making abortion illegal isn't going to make it go away but logic isn't really the strong suit of fundamentalists like governor bryant so for performing a back alley abortion on reason and for helping the g.o.p. wages violent war on women governor bryant gave admittance into the a lot of shows tool time clinic. it's a time for our weekly financial check out today g.d.p. numbers are out for the first quarter and growth is down three percent last quarter two thousand and eleven this first quarter this year only two point two percent then corporations american corporations are adding a lot more jobs but the only thing is they're not really here at home it's overseas and we're going to ask of banks are just becoming like predatory payday lenders so here to hash it all out with me is lauren lyster host of the capital account here in our teeth lauren thank you for joining me tonight thank you all right so let's
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talk g.d.p. right lower than it was last quarter of last year is lower than people were expecting at the same time it's growth right now horrible but what exactly is contributing to the numbers we saw today well in this particular report if you want to highlight kind of the main points you had negative you had contributing negatively to g.d.p. a decline in government spending at the federal level which was driven by defense cuts as well as state and local level lower government spending on the up side on the positive you had consumers spending more in automobiles as one of the things that was driving this ok so woo consumers are spending more but when they're just buying cars is that something that's actually sustainable is that long term i think that you have to ask a big question here which is whether that means that americans are still spending a lot of money that they don't have are just going back to our old habits well i think you're asking a very important question which is what is sustainable growth and how do we know what it's a sustainable growth and i would argue that you don't know what sustainable growth
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from g.d.p. numbers that come out every quarter ok first their estimates they will get revised in three months we've seen huge revisions usually downward happen before this this is something that is a normal thing a normal part of this and in addition to that as you point out there is a difference between sustainable growth and just growth that has anyone. see from the years where construction was great and that goes into g.d.p. and that was built on a bubble that burst that was not sustainable and those are the kind of things that i can't parse out what is going to be sustainable or what isn't what is good growth versus what is just growth that's calculated an estimate of g.d.p. that the government decides on me that's a great point right because there are certain things like you mentioned like construction which everyone thought that would just that would just go on forever clearly real estate is going to be the safest investment and that's never going to change and we saw that to be a huge mistake although i can't you know most americans are going to buy a car every month so to me just seems like something that wouldn't be sustainable but you're right maybe we should put definitions like that on it but you know in
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terms of reductions in government spending should we be looking to the u.k. right now we just found out that they're back into a second recession right there actually having a double dip and a lot of people are pointing to their austerity policies well i would challenge you to not look to you care you look to this austerity argument because there is an issue that is the market that is capitalism that needs to be allowed to play out a key part of that is creative destruction you have to allow the market to say out with the old so that there is in with the new and if the government is in there just propping up programs unsustainable programs or projects simply to avoid contraction it's not allowing not to happen so i know maybe it sounds like hocus pocus or something but it's not i mean it really is the way that the market works and so you can't just say over the government ok with more that are going to be a dual thing yeah but available but it's a case that i would make because that one time doesn't seem right for actually talking about austerity right for cutting down is that you want the markets to actually believe in certain governments again in certain economies right you get
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the get out of it and the market is going to respond in a positive way and clearly that isn't how fitting when it comes to the u.k. so that whole little magic scenario didn't work that's a different thing because i would argue that a lot of these cuts are in order to pay it make the market happy in order for the banks to get the money that they need. the money that they've been promised on the debt that they have on their books and i would argue not happy while i think that debt needs to be forgiven i think that's a whole other issue these are this is on sustainable debt this is a huge burden of debt and it has to be forgiven at some level or else this is never going to be solved it's just going to be continually this kind of house of cards approach where things are papered over but nothing ever essentially really gets worked out you just see this kind of continue but i mean yes there is an argument to be made alone for what is essential spending for government and what is not ok is it essential and the government grants sure is it essential for the government to bail out the post office that's broke debatable maybe there would be a private solution that would come in maybe there's another solution there than
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just propping up a project that's failing and that's a deeper conversation that is generally work in foundation what it's all about is conversation i had this conversation with you know governor gary johnson was on the show the other day to her which is just if you're going to promote austerity if you're actually going to slash things in the public sector that people are going to suffer it's going to affect their daily lives it's going to affect them in the short term and so you have to assume that that is probably in some way going to hurt growth you know so you know how we're going to never going to have to be honest about it it's whether or not people want to deal with that short term but we're running out of time so i do want to get to our last thing because i think that this is really interesting too in the sense that if you look at some of the biggest corporations out there honeywell. caterpillar wal-mart they've been adding jobs. and was it boosted employment at home by a hundred thirteen thousand between two thousand and twenty eleven but abroad they added more than three hundred thirty three thousand so they're boosting you know they're hiring more people but it's mostly happening broad yeah well ok you know i
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think that one of the main things that you can point to there that is maybe something that's not talked about as much as some of the perverse consequences are incentives that are created by the u.s. federal reserve's monetary policy ok there is this symbiotic relationship between multinational corporations and finance that's where they are able to. mansur functions that's where they're able to get money to finance their operations all around the world ok so when interest rates are zero percent multinational corporations benefit greatly from that cheap liquidity that cheap money to fund their operations their business here and all over the world at the expense of the u.s. saver so multinational corporations can go hire workers cheap labor is everywhere else finance our business see growth in these other emerging markets and whatever they get in the united states and you know in a perfect world they would return the favor for the u.s. saver that is not on their back world that we're not no it is returning. and we. have to got to go in a second here but you know what some people said to you is that this misses
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necessarily actually hurt the u.s. employees or the u.s. worker because what these companies are doing is they're trying to expand these emerging markets right if you want to talk about india you want to talk about china and so the more business that you're going to do there the more local employees that you're going to need to hire if these are your new consumers and so i mean isn't that just kind of a natural effect too you know i just think that a lot of people would say that these are because of certain policies here that would drive business abroad and so it's so much cheaper to do business there but it's also as you know what it's an entirely new market for them to discover well yeah and that's true and growth is coming from these other emerging markets that have growing middle classes that have some more money to spend than they ever did before on things like washing machines or whatever and yes i think that a lot of the these companies report that you have infrastructure and jobs that go along with it as far as whether or not that has any bearing on the u.s. or what exactly i mean there i'm not exactly sure but. financial check up lauren lyster thanks for joining us. i will go one more break i becoming up i know that
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you've been waiting for all week biocide friday is next and on happy hour the latest member of our team believe it or not a male will be joining us. sometimes to see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then. some other part of it and realize that everything. is a big. blow
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to the counseling i'm lauren mr. mayor good. luck in the aloneness so you'll get the real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and for what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. . is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like.
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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us when no one. to tonight's fireside you're. just. talking about the double standard that's applied to what's considered a national security threat and what is it to who can publish certain information and who can't and yesterday the case in point was peter bergen who got his hands on and published the memo from leon panetta to go ahead and do the raid in pakistan the ultimately would lead to osama bin laden's death that memo the government apparently thinks is fine to publish in time magazine but the pictures the video of osama bin laden's corpse they think of the public shouldn't be able to see for matters of national security because it might serve as
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a propaganda tool for al qaeda and oh yes there's a difference between a graphic picture and a memo but let's admit it right virtually anything can be used as a propaganda tool by al qaeda as specially things like our foreign policy our occupation of muslim countries the drone strikes that we've heard this administration brag about when they hit the target they want while they simultaneously stay mum when it comes to civilian deaths even the news that was splashed across the pages of newspapers yesterday at the white house that approved for the cia to expand their drone program in yemen to signature strikes that was leaked by a senior administration official so apparently that one was a ok i know that i've spoken about this a lot but what did so in your face how can you possibly ignore the hypocrisy now the good thing is that not everybody does there's some people out there that are still fighting for transparency and not shying away because of government fear mongering about what they believe to be consequences and i've spoken before about judicial watch their government watchdog group the filed a lawsuit using the freedom of information act to try to get the government to
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disclose these photos and the videos but yesterday federal judge said no siding with the cia's national security argument judge james both berg said a picture may be worth a thousand. words and perhaps moving pictures there an even higher value yet in this case verbal descriptions of the death and burial of osama bin laden will have to suffice for this court will not order the release of anything more does a little hard to figure out if the judge felt forced into this the decision or not because he also made the point of the court is mindful that many members of the public would like to see these images that it makes sense that the more significant event is to our nation and in his words the end of bin laden's reign of terror certainly ranks high in the more need of the public has for full disclosure yet he felt that it's not the court's decision to make in the first instance now i guess it would be hard to take something subjective right like someone's opinion that it might damage national security and for
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a judge to able to be able to definitively say no it won't but it's the government's abuse of this national security argument that's really the problem it's now their go to blanket term that can't be questioned in a court of law now judicial watch is appeal this decision so we might see something yes but i wouldn't hold your breath there was a point though made by a former d.o.j. official dan met cop he said of the judge didn't consider the foyer rule on reasonable segregation that's a requirement the agencies can't just declare an entire batch of materials exempt from disclosure but that they have to try to find parts that are less sensitive so again we'll see if another court actually chooses to take that further pressure the cia for now secrecy has once again. kind of time for
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a happy hour and is going to be this evening alone to show producer sam knight and that he ran down as a director of economic research for the reason foundation hello gentlemen who thank you and joining me tonight thanks for having us ok let's go back to this is kind. an older story we have covered it before on our t.v. it involves the point isn't condoms i think it's news clips will explain it for you . from now on producers or producers who go to apply for a permit within l.a. will now have to sign their name thing that they will require their actors on that to wear condoms now for years l.a. and especially off aren't so that's a big health initiative and there's a huge uproar from the porn industry they said that they were going to move to another location and yada yada but there's a new little twist in the thing that nobody noticed until recently is that tucked into this law there's a provision requiring adult video producers to actually submit an edited copies to the police for review so basically there is going to take a whole part of the department now that has to sit there and has to write is going
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to be forced to watch out of the versions of the porn or forced to you know i mean cops always complain about you know doing extra work and all this paperwork but i can imagine the police unions will be complaining too much about this one you didn't even have in this story here because you want to drive out the you tube library like you can put this in the title and i mean talk about it or you know it works when you put it in the i did like that and read in the story somebody the porn industry pointed out that because if you can make a movie in half a day or a day that there's going to be so much porn that they're making that the cops can't possibly watch all that. you know that's an interesting challenge they should issue a challenge to the police department they dare you to watch all the porno we have one of our recent t.v. we had one of our our producers put together a video we were talking about a porn story the upset of the trial a few years ago and he had he was so much more to say this is it this is ruined it for me sitting here all day long watching there's just room porn for me but can you
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imagine i mean i read that cops are actually going to have to do spot checks on the say so. it just be hilarious to see the cops just you know like excuse me ma'am you got a noise complaint you know like i don't know it just. because this is what people you know this is what the police are going to be doing days let's move on to something that. stories are just so great today. you know there's quite a stigma around loving your cousin. he went and told my whole family and has been making jokes about me to everybody and most people already knew he was our cousin this yeah but when i was first started dating anyone told everybody that i was and i will ruin the family and because you are going to love you but wake up. from like the idea.
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but ok basically there's a researcher based in perth who has now called for an end to the stigma surrounding marriage between cousins and he says he's uncovered as evidence that the health risks have been greatly exaggerated and he claims that more than one point one billion people are either married to a close relative or are the offspring of such a marriage and so you know basically it's a ok you know you know i think it's my grandparents their cousins they're from from the old country from italy at least at least i do i know i know it's. somewhat functional that i lease a little bit here as a charity i'm sure so i did so in your family that you then like it's cool if you want to marry your cousin you know you did it's not something i ever really came up you know we're where i grew up here or anywhere anywhere where it's the flame or you get the american i stick my butt in sicily it wasn't that big of a deal the fact that they were cousins. you know i mean this study is quite revealing it shows that apparently you know child rearing between cousins not so
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bad i guess a study that child rearing between you know brothers and sisters are you know fathers and daughters are the i would be a lot worse you know so i guess it just goes to show. it's all relative we still have plenty. of evidence to the contrary here i don't think that this this one yeah. let's not everyone go out there and start you know married or not coveting that. let's just make that perfectly clear i mean you know it's not just him game of thrones they're making a. game out of that. ok. it's murder. well there aren't cool they're very cool. let's move out of the sea so this is a story also that we spoke about before which is basically t.v. stations a lot of media organizations out there have been fighting against having to disclose
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exactly who it is that is behind this how much money they're getting for it but it looks like the f.c.c. they voted today to require the stations to actually put out that detailed information and i don't think they actually have any rules for how they have to do it i know there's a website that they set out to be internet somehow through the internet but they have to get them in the form of they have to be submitted to a particular database ok so it's incredibly unnecessary there's there's nothing in this given that there's there us nothing that this does that help you can you could still get any of this information anyway all this does is it just you know the process but now you have the time to go do to go do this and you're going to basically take the t.v. producers and they're going have to hire somebody to do this process so sounds like it shouldn't you know if they're just going to race where they believe in transparency where they can hire one extra person to actually get it just remembering where the we're setting the time doing it like if you guys want to find out on a show. spending what you can get this information already every station already
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has a similar actions or as a news show right this is about other people out there that want to know i mean the t.v. stations as well they already make tons of money you know running these ads to say they can't you know little lot of side you know that towards transparency it's a pretty slow does not find it but what if you know an american citizen i just want to know how much money the t.v. stations are making off of these ads but you can say also you know it's part of citizens united why can't we just have a website the put that out does this doesn't create that website you're still going to have a watchdog organization that does that the original those people can go to russia organizations you guys if you want to put together you go find it all out and then everybody can come to the you want to show its website you can find out this information you can have private group you know make people i don't know it's not going to be accountable for some of their own details we'll see you come back around mostly we will come back around to this so that information starts getting out there ok so we first wanted to do this story last night and we read a time but basically there's
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a new social network out there and it's for former violent extremists and their victims. and well take take a look here's a little ad talking about it i'd like to see in the coming year that every single. practitioner academic and everyone in the space of combating violent extremism across every ideology be connected through this weapon absalom. so the cause some people are calling it facebook for terrorists. but i what do you think we're supposed to be victims of terrorism as well as reform. terrorists i mean one of those allies i mean online it sounds like a very well intentioned idea you know try to you know bridge gaps between people who used to do terrible things and you know people who are victims of terrible things and bring them all together but i just personally i have a hard time seeing former terrorists sort of openly joining a social network saying you know hey i used to do all these bad things i mean who's
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to say that you know some of their former colleagues wouldn't find out and be a little upset as you know like my question is why would you do this on the internet and say hey i'm a former. government come check me out yeah i think that the labels are sort of confusing i want to the website you know when you sent the link around earlier and went through it's actually really cool looking website but very very well done really what this web site is it's connected people who are already like in the industry of like former white supremacists that have decided already out of the closet have already written books about this so they can connect better and can work we can go there yeah around the world trying to draw other people out but if there's a particularly if you're new you're going to understand i got to wrap it up guys cakebread of time but thank you for joining me have a great weekend it's a friday night so thanks for tuning in and they should come back on monday had a colonel anthony shaffer is going to be joining us for our monday hangover panel in the meantime you don't find us on facebook twitter and on you tube and coming up
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