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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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around the world a million celebrate may day here in the u.s. the occupy wall street protesters rallied to say there's still a lot of work to be done and may be painted as lazy hippies by the media when they're not being ignored but could these protesters be the future leaders of the u.s. . plus while one newspaper after another fold under economic pressure on television stations lay off their staff fox news seem to have the formula of success mixing journalism with tabloid headlines at their business model and ask if this could be the best way to save the news. and forget drugs alcohol and sex american college students are experimenting with something
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a little more dangerous these days unmanned aerial vehicles and you won't believe how far they're pushing this drone technology. it's wednesday may second eight pm in washington d.c. my name is christine freeze out here watching our t.v. . let's take a look at what we've seen unfold on city streets during the last forty eight hours both in this country and around the world may day protests have sparked much more than just discussions about workers' rights or immigration reform here in the u.s. a lot of may day was actually organized and celebrated by those involved in the occupy wall street movement this was a day that had been planned for months deemed by many occupy activists as sort of the coming back day resurrection of the movement in a form visible to the public and to those not involved in some of the work being
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done behind closed doors over the last few months hard to correspond on a stasia charge and i was up late into the night in new york and here's a look at some of those protests that took place around the country and especially on the streets of the big apple. may day workers united after winter pause the occupy movement took the streets of its birthplace new york. on a day of action protests took place in the big apple and throughout the country the fight between them. and the workers. to be the percent of people rapidly growing young my wall street movement hopes to be a new stage in the battle for social and economic injustice. but what started out peacefully. turned more intense as the day went on with about thirty arrested newark for an ocean of people marched through which street movement
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is still alive it's growing and people are taking notice and made their way towards wall street. people released before clinton over which saw nine arrested with the new vigor with which people flooded the streets is this a new dawn for occupy wall street the problems are real and they persist and they're getting worse the problem. kleptocratic banking elite confiscating well and and this is causing economic to wrest. the wealth inequality continues to be a major issue for the working and many non-working americans well be four hundred americans hold as much wealth as the bottom hundred fifty million of these protesters see the politicians turned a blind eye to the needs of the people as they promote the interests to work from. the system the demonstrators see as broken and. the democrats and republicans both
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disappear into some nasty. you know what it wanted dante circles we're going to shut down. since the beginning of occupy wall street last september roughly twenty one hundred people have been arrested throughout the u.s. in the torrijos incidents of police brutality. with dozens more last night the question now is whether the move that took over american streets on may day will continue with the same force to become a tangible next step that the american people take you see them back. from space you took an hour or two. we want to stay with the story and take a closer look especially at oakland california twenty five people were arrested there yesterday there were several clashes between protesters and police and now in many ways oakland has been sort of this one of the centers of this movement especially when we talk about harsh measures taken by police you may remember us marine scott veteran scott olsen seen here he was critically injured hospitalized
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for days after being hit by a tear gas canister shot out by police and i want to talk about the occupy movement since then and bring in occupy oakland activist laura long lauren start off just by describing to me what you saw yesterday what went down in oakland during the may day events. well a lot happened yesterday. where to begin things started very early we send bus loads of people to support union workers in their strike against the golden gate bridge the labor coalition so we have some people out all over the place to support unions and we also are going to march as an pickets around downtown and police began being very aggressive very early in the day i saw police museum to leave be able to attack a crowd of protesters and that happened early on and the video has been all over the place in the us today. of police. running into crowds of people and knocking
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them to the ground knocking a young woman off for a bicycle a friend of mine. had her head after being pushed up her bicycle had to go to the hospital and then nine hundred stitches now what danger was she on her bicycle that she needed to be pushed off her bicycle. i think the danger was being around police honestly oftentimes in oakland it seems that the most violent situations happen after police intervention so i wish i had a better answer but you know you can see and speaking of some of the things that you saw i want to put up a photo this was taken yesterday in oakland not sure if you saw it a sheriff's vehicle and looks to me more like a tank i want to know what were these armored vehicles i think they're called blackwater grizzlies all about. i yesterday i had no idea doing some research we found. the oakland police department
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or alameda county or owns one particular bought it for a little over three hundred thousand dollars it's a vehicle designed for urban warfare to withstand. and projectiles could be thrown. unfortunately i haven't seen that in new use any i haven't seen id or anything any sort of explosive at any occupy protest in oakland so not sure why they needed it yesterday so interesting it must be and must be the county because it says sheriff on the outside a you say urban warfare that's what these tanks are used for just really interesting just really interesting because if you think about you know people coming out of a baseball game after you know a tough loss sometimes people get a lot more rowdy than they got yesterday and yet this is with this type of stuff we're seeing what do you think this needs. from what i saw with
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the types of weaponry and types of defense mechanisms the police had yesterday in addition to the tactics that they used targeting individuals and snatching individuals out of crowds a situation that frankly terrifies a lot of people who may have had nothing to do with any sort of lawless act they're trying to instill fear in and convince people that it's not worth coming out because they're in so much danger and yet if you look historically at what has made more and more people come out it's when for example where you are in oakland after the you know injuring of scott olsen that brought so many people out it's after seven hundred people were on the brooklyn bridge in new york and so many got arrested after people saw police used pepper spray in people's faces and that's what's getting the masses to come out so you'd think that maybe they'd the police would learn from that i should say though
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a federal judge yesterday in the city of oakland ordered the city and its police force to submit a plan on how they might change some of these harsh tactics that have been used the judge said you know if they don't do that if they don't submit this plan the police force can think face sanctions i wonder what you think laura i mean is this a first step to bringing about change. unfortunately you are actually it towards one of the last steps before a whole new situation the oakland police department has been under threat federal receivership for almost a decade. in two thousand and three there was a case where. basically it was determined that there was systemic brutality by the police against communities of color in oakland a lot of cases involved planting at a planting evidence and falsifying reports in addition to excessive force so we may actually be at the end of the line before
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a federal takeover wow that's that's interesting i did hear about that case a about evidence being planted by police so interesting when you think about what you know what could drive people to that let me ask you this you know as the struggle continues for workers' rights yesterday may day of course first started as to to bring attention to a change in the system that's needed in terms of labor i'm wondering what you can tell us we can expect next in terms of occupy. in terms of i can't speak for occupy as a whole but what i saw yesterday was a lot of smaller events taking place all over or so we had unions who had been reenergized who may not have celebrated may day for years taking serious actions. and we also have a ton of time as groups small groups to make connections through occupy set up their own protests marches and pickets and that sort of thing and i think if there's anything to expect it's
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a lot more in dealey organizing which i don't think any of the communities involved in occupy have seen for a long time so i think it's going to be a lot smaller and a lot smaller a lot more regular events and community use i'm excited about it it's really interesting when you think about a war i mean a lot of people that i saw it at the occupy d.c. event yesterday from a day that we saw in new york that we saw in oakland this is a generation of people an entire generation of people who are angry in part because they will not have the opportunity to live as well as their parents this is a shift because mostly you know our parents lived better than their parents who live better than their parents this is a shift a marked change people are angry i'm wondering if you think though that you know after you know they dye their hair blue and paint their bodies purple and sleep in the park do you think these people will just sort of in in the next few decades be
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the ones who occupy congress meaning there are members of congress do you think. i think one of the beautiful things and for the record i never do my hair blue or if you need my body purple but i want to feel things is a variety of people that come together through occupy and also the various ways that they have decided to take action and so i know a few people within occupy oakland who are interested in running for city council running for mayor and i know people who are no interest in that i want to continue doing daily organizing on a very small like a very local very personal level and so we'll see both of those things happen and i think that's really exciting. absolutely i spoke to someone on the show today who is actually running for congress in new york so should be interesting what happens laura long occupy oakland activist appreciate having you on the show tonight thank
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you well it's official newt gingrich has suspended his campaign dropped out of the race i.e. the entertainment portion of the show is now over and that romney was in the neighborhood today actually in chantilly virginia down the street he was speaking to a crowd of supporters in a state bronco obama shocked people and won in two thousand and eight obama was the first democrat to do so in forty four years now our own our team correspondent abbie martin went to the rally today and spoke to many romney supporters she takes a look at what they're looking for this time around. fairfax county virginia the second richest county in the us located right next to washington d.c. fairfax has a median household income of the nearly one hundred three thousand dollars and homes on average valued at over half a million. this is romney country. although the campaign event you
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chantilly was mostly scripted the people present gave an important insight on mitt romney's main voter demographic the taxation on small business thirty five percent top marginal rate rather than raising it to forty percent as he proposes i want to reduce it to twenty eight percent so that businesses have the capacity to invest and grow a message well received by what we're likely to the g.o.p. candidates base of support in his presidential bid he knows what it takes to run a business and understand what really happens when you try to go out in the private sector and make money he's got a business sense and he actually ran a business and we don't need another and we need mitt romney many romney supporters who praised his economic policies are affluent business owners or government contractors but the small business that you know government contracting business that work for the state government for outside work has that got virginia's a key swing state for the republicans to win back and it's a key battleground state that could determine the outcome of the election this is
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definitely one county romney can count on coming back for election day abby martin marty chantilly virginia well let's talk now about one of the world's best known media moguls rupert murdoch the owner of fox news channel and the wall street journal has been admonish recently across the pond in britain once after his news of the world shut down after a phone hacking scandal and many other company wide practices deemed outrageous here's a recent decision made by the british parliament. we finally news corp carried out extensive coverage of its rampant rule breaking its most senior executives repeatedly misled parliament and the two minute the top rupert and james murdoch who were in charge of the company was no answer for that in the view of the majority of committee members rupert murdoch is not fit to run an international company like the sky would be all right lots of people have opinions about murdoch
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and his beloved baby at least american baby fox news and i love him or hate him we want to talk about this is certain that he's unfit to run a company of fox news model after all is the most successful in this country right now i'm not saying the best but it is the most successful exclamation point take a look at this this is cable profits from two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten as you can see fox news it made eight hundred sixteen million dollars that was in two thousand and ten it's estimated that the following year fox news made eight billion dollars with a b out the next closes network you see back in two thousand and nine two thousand and ten the numbers are about five hundred sixty million and then m s n b c made a lot less about one hundred seventy two millions in revenue back in twenty ten now i spoke a short time ago with georgetown journalism professor chris chambers and i asked him about his claim that rupert murdoch is unfit to run a company. well when you look at the profits and the operations across the pond
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across the atlantic and he you know that merged into this hacking scandal you know he was using they uncovered you know his reams of evidence showing that the you know news of the world a lot of the other media outlets media properties you know owns over there were doing you know you know everything from shady to out not illegal things to get that advantage so i mean you know there's a there's a history here of using shortcuts both kind of you know little some little tiny moral shortcuts to major crimes to to build this empire and really what has happened is that the equivalent of our you know house judiciary committee has basically given him and his stockholders something to think about with this decision so you know this isn't anything new for him you know he'll weather the storm because like all you know because illian airs they will but you know it's something to think about over on this side of the atlantic as well you know especially our f.c.c.
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needs to start thinking about it now we put up on the screen some of the profits that fox made again and again they are said to made a billion dollars but i want to also show the ratings because that's important to. realize this is just april cable news ratings of fox news their top thirteen programs are on fox news c.n.n. and imus and they say of course battling for that number two spot but april was want to cnn's lowest rated month in total viewer since august of two thousand and one it's crazy to see those kind of numbers. even now studies have shown that people who you know adam we watch fox news are less informed than people. you know the question is what is a successful news model well this isn't a news model. that's what the that's it i mean this isn't a news model this is infotainment content delivery model and i know that sounds like garbled you goop but that's really what it is i mean we have to take the news angle out of this i mean this is this is. news in that is that is crafted into
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political message is crafted in a marketing message that is crafted into psychological sort of you know commercials kind of the thing i mean you know roger ailes started off as a regular t.v. producer so he knows how to reach the reptilian brain that that stuff that advertisers like to go after and he's got a nice of people i mean you know nice doesn't necessarily mean tiny niche can mean a big trench of people who feel that the mainstream media has abandoned them as a band in their values you know whatever those values might be some of them legitimate some of them just kind of stupid well this must be really difficult for you because you deal with the future journalist of america and georgetown university the people that you teach say you have a choice you have a choice to teach the fox news model in which some would say you'd be teaching people how to be immoral knowing in areas where you can teach them how to be you know unemployed well intended well it depends i mean you have to also understand i
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mean there are news product during the day you know while i might not agree with with their editorial choices and stories and the scope is actually a pretty decent news product it's when you start shooting into the evening and that's where you have the problems and that's also where they have the highest. basically what you what he has given a group of people in this country is basically right wing soap opera and that gives you know that they're eating right out there and you know it's. so that masks what you know some of the things in the past has been happening with with with news corp with fox in general with their licensees and you know even now i mean this is now fodder for the f.c.c. to perhaps look at some of the broadcast licenses that he holds let me ask you i mean when you're teaching is there a model that you hold up to tell your students you know n.p.r. you tell them and b c sixty minutes i mean what do you hold up as sort of a higher journalist knowledge and it crosses into into fox properties really it's
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just basically doing your homework and doing it you know whether you're giving an opinion or just giving the news doing it with authority just doing it with the nuff information that you can give people what they need to really propel themselves forward either just that day or intellectually for the rest of their lives it's really not that complicated what do you think the chances are. arguably again and i successful media model in this country we see how great britain feels about that and about rupert murdoch right now but even the chances are of eventually fox news going across the pond going to france going to britain going to russia going to china well this is this is pretty much this is not good in terms of expansion he doesn't really need to he's got roger ailes he's got his newspaper properties he's got he's got it set here he's got a very friendly forum in the republican party they're not the tories in england they really do owe a lot of their success to him and
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a lot of them are rethinking that so so is he probably but he's got a friendly forum here why kill a good thing by trying to stretch it out how about chris we know how those billionaires get that i just want to make more money always good to have you on the outskirts of our chambers journalism professor at georgetown university always good to see you. well it's the end of the school year and for all those graduating from high school and heading off to college well they're going to have yet another field of study to choose from when they get there according to a new article by salon dot com several universities in this country are adding drones to their curriculum drone use drone development and more at kansas state university for example there is now a degree offered in unmanned aviation and it's already got about thirty takers students there are working with kansas national guard already in disaster response efforts helping to develop drones that can survey towns that are hit by tornadoes moving on to georgia tech students and teachers they're focusing on new technology
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to help make the drone engines more quiet and therefore less detectable by those on the ground they're also working on what's called a flying android technology to make it so unmanned aerial aerial vehicles will someday be controlled if they aren't already by smartphones at middle tennessee state university there are several programs offered an unmanned aircraft systems and students there focus on the role of drones in civilian life and this is an all the electronic frontier foundation has been looking into this is well they found that the f.a.a. the federal aviation administration has already approved twenty five universities to fly drones in its airspace it also appears some universities have already purchased those drones and so here's a question is the u.s. footing the bill earlier i asked this very question to amy's tapan of it with the electronic privacy information center here is her answer. it is actually there are
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grants from the department of defense the department of homeland security that are being used and being given not only to universities but the private companies into law enforcement to encourage them and enable them to purchase terms that they might not have been able to afford on their own in order to experiment to see what they can do with them to provide surveillance and to look into their capabilities and hopefully in the future i think the goal is to get them to buy their own and to proliferate the system the economy i want to for a second look at the bigger picture here i mean it was just a few decades ago that we saw you know a flurry of computer programming programs being offered at universities in the last decade or so we've seen a lot of focuses in things like web development. do you think more drones on college campuses in college curriculum means that something is about to explode not just on our diplomas but also in our skies that we're going to see a lot more drones they're estimating thirty thousand drones in the united states national space in the next ten years so that is a lot of drones that is just an exponential amount more than what we have now i
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think the largest fleet currently in the country is done by the bureau of customs and border protection and a d h s they have nine drones that is the largest fleet currently if you think about going all the way up to thirty thousand these are going to be what you see when you're in your part when you're walking down the street you're going to see these things flying over your head now on one hand that you know some of these schools that we've been talking about some of the schools that have. volunteered or have decided to train people in the use of drones their agricultural based and so they're looking to use drones for things like we'd encroachment they don't want to spray pesticides on the farms on all of the areas so they'll use a drone to sort of surveil below and do that they'll use drones for places where tornadoes hit often so they can survey the damage so those are some positive things i think that you can point to. do these programs have merit there are definitely positives to drone use like you said they can be used for many different things that are. or very good for i think the united states in fact there is one case of
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a drone being flown over a river and it actually detected animal abuse at a factory it found what they called a river of blood and they were able to trace it back and to find what was going on at this factory now that's a great use however drones themselves can't tell the difference between surveilling a crop for weeds and surveilling a person so we have to be careful that we're not only training these people in how to conduct drones kind of like the video game piece of it the how to operate the joystick but also what it means to surveil somebody how what privacy rights are like where they feel like they should cross the line just morally and also you're seeing with large scale surveillance what the n.s.a. people who are controlling the surveillance have come out later years and actually have post-traumatic stress disorder because of having to spy on people and getting all that information they feel like they're encroaching on people's lives and this is actually
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a big issue and i think these students need to be trained in order to deal with kind of the repercussions that come with surveillance i think it's important to mention too because when it comes to drone use for spying a lot of people are saying you know there are so many good things that there use for the spying the surveillance aspect is really overhyped but the fact is if a private company or if the government is going to use drones for the purpose of surveillance they're probably not going to be talking about they're probably not going to have a whole lot of evidence or paperwork out there that's going that could be used for evidence so talk a little bit about that i mean some people say this is overhyped but is it oh i definitely don't think it's overhyped receipt all the time where happens that a program used for one thing all of sudden becomes used for something else so for example with drones the customs and border protection has nine they're supposed to use them to monitor the border to monitor for immigration for drugs and for just different things coming over the border that aren't supposed to be here now they're not only doing that. or lending them out routinely it's coming out to local law
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enforcement to the f.b.i. for missions totally unrelated to where they were or why they were originally licensed so let me ask you this point amy should we expect to live in a society where it's very normal to see drones flying at us if we just walk outside in our backyards well like i said if they say it's coming in the next ten years hopefully it's coming with privacy rules and restrictions in place to protect us all and protect us in our daily lives so we're not totally being constantly surveilled and we know that that's not going on but i think under the regime as it is if we don't confront it and put something into place and it's on its way i think it's important to talk about it no matter what because we don't want to just wake up one day and have this happen we need to let people know that this is going on right now that our future children will be could possibly be trained in using drones this is happening right now and that's why we're here that's why ethics here is where petition the f.a.a. were asking for rules for really being proactive and trying to get these
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restrictions put into place before they're rolled out because you find out that once the program's already in place it's hard to go back and say wait a second we should have done this before let's stop for a second and go back to our right and is to kind of it's legal counsel with the electronic privacy information center appreciate you come on show you so much. all right well that's going to do it for the news tonight but don't change the channel the big picture is coming up at the top of the hour and tonight host tom hartman will tell you why the libertarian one world notion of so-called free trade and free markets is dead and then later tom will take on a panel of conservative experts to battle it out over the retrial of citizens united and economic inequality in the u.s. that's all new and out. and for more on the stories we covered go to you tube dot com slash r t america or check out our website our team dot com slash usa and you can always follow me on twitter at christine for now i hope you have a great night.


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