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missions. couldn't take three days for chargers three arrangements three. three stooges free. food free bone loading video for your media projects a free video done to our teeth on tom. welcome back to the big picture i'm tom arbonne coming up in this half hour after proposing a budget that screams austerity it's no wonder congressman paul ryan has expressed
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support for iran in the past but now ryan is backtracking from his previous comments so where exactly does ryan stand today on his support for rand and a new voter id laws going to court in pennsylvania groups like the a.c.l.u. saying the law denies citizens their fundamental rights but this lawsuit throw a wrench at the conservative war on voting rights at a twenty five election and tonight's daily take across the pond british lawmakers tore apart rupert murdoch for his role in the news corp phone hacking scandal back here in the usa murdoch's ethically challenged media empire is doing just by one. of us to the rest of the news the streets of mt the banners are for old again one day after a massive mayday demonstrations rocked literally the plan and while the protests
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around the u.s. were largely peaceful there were a few unfortunate events as we talked about on the show yesterday in san francisco on the night before made a group of demonstrators dressed in black rock. broke off the main rally and ran down the street splatter in storefronts with paint breaking windows there are still a lot of questions about who these people were and whether or not they were actually affiliated with the occupy movement at all and in downtown seattle on tuesday night after an afternoon of peaceful demonstrations more road protesters dressed in black ran through the shopping district smashing glass windows vandalizing buildings and slashing car tires since the occupy movement began last year there's been a continual struggle within the peaceful movement to keep those who endorse most of more violent tactics such as vandalism out of the fold and by a large that effort has been successful other than a few blips like we saw yesterday while it's clear that anarchists aren't necessarily violence self-proclaimed an artists say that they're responsible for
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these few instances of the so where exactly to an artists and these sort of violent tactics fit into this movement if at all to remake our economy joining me now is dennis tran writer and director has been on the new film american autumn next month dennis welcome thanks tom thanks for having me thanks for joining us aren't whatever new ideas that the anarchists might bring to the table you know that might have some positive benefit outweighed by the damage that would be caused to the movement through violent tactics. well for short answer is yes that is much more complicated a new out nuanced answer that questions. the dialogue that's that's happening in the mainstream media goes something like this eat equal rights violence sometimes even we've all iowans are activists but not only is our violence if someone with an occupy protest breaks a plate glass window in seattle where you are throws project out of the saucer is
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out of helpful tactic this movement absolutely nothing of course not but to say that violence is the sole domain of that this ignores for example a large gang going to a new york police department who's exacting a lot of violence on people armed with nothing but sorrow and an idea yet well and beyond that they are the classic definition of anarchists or anarchy anarchism let's say as a political system really is just it's a relatively flat system where everybody is participating in and there's no central authority that i don't i don't understand why that has been associated with violence or you know other than that the people who are committing acts of vandalism are calling themselves an artist's could it be that they're they're taking you know actually a fairly noble political tradition and solly in it with this kind of behavior. look i could less that that's one of the things that you touched on something very important there are a lot of the intellectual framework in foundations of the occupy movement comes
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from traditions of anarchism so it's not for me and i'm certainly not a leader to say that i denounce violence within the movement because that's just one voice among many you know we are i am one voice among many so i would say that the movement i want to produce it is not one movement that i think is going to achieve the most have the best chance of long term success as a nonviolent one but the ratio of violence to nonviolent action and violent violence and not a violent act or is is so miniscule that i'm frankly a little frustrated by this by this dialogue it's as if we would say all republicans are creationists because a few republicans think that the world is two thousand years old or all democrats who seem to have lost their spine in criticizing our foreign policy since obama's come to office are prone foreign policy that's a pullback inducing on the side of bullets you little china shop and this is not true so my best friends are democrats there and i wore their ok well said dennis
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turner thanks a lot for being with us tonight thank you tom. moving on from yesterday's made a rally to the political debates on the horizon it looks like multimillionaire congressman paul ryan author of one of the most radical hard right budgets to ever pass the house of representatives has a little iran problem on his hands after catching flak from the catholic bishops is that his budget is more in line with his favor philosopher atheist i and rand than jesus christ millionaire congressman paul ryan has tried to distance himself from previous remarks he's made supporting iran last week ryan told the national journal his latest thoughts on rand saying i reject her philosophy it's an atheist philosophy it reduces human interactions down to mere contacts and it is antithetical to my worldview and of quote in that case ryan will likely try to scrub the internet of videos like these in a million rand more than anyone else did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism the morality of individuals so it on the rain reappear today i think she would do
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a great job in showing us just how wrong what government is doing is because it's that kind of thinking that kind of writing that is sorely needed right. so while we may not know for sure exactly what where paul ryan stands and i and rand we do know what's in his budget and his vision for america looks like iran would be very happy with joining me now is edward hudgins director of advocacy at the atlas society edward welcome at will says in atlas shrugged the internet and rug ok paul ryan has a rather mixed history now with regard to his support of and rand and objectivism which we should specify is different from libertarianism which i've been trashing that let me help you out a little bit here yeah libertarianism is the view that the purpose of government to protect the life liberty and property of individuals leave them free to deal with one another based on mutual consent rather than the initiation of force and otherwise leave us alone and i agree with that since i'm a libertarian with
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a small l ok however the philosophy of objectivism goes even further in terms of an ethical theory based on individual ism based on the notion of rational individual ism that there is certain way of life using our minds are critical thinking our brains that are going to bring us happiness as well as survival that we should put our own minds if there are some work. and i want to get back to paul ryan here but how does objectivism work for a kid is born with an i.q. of eighty five well how does that work first of all fortunately there are not as many born at the eyes of one with one hundred eighty five by all of the payments are there are to it was it was about how many that here's the thing ok i believe and objectivism believes in private charity private organizations that help out people i could go down the list of there been excellent books written on how private charity before the welfare state dealt with these kinds of problems that is that the thing is this is this is it we're this is
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a very very small question ok i'm and i in this i honest answer for thirty years i've done i've done international relief work and i don't have to resign for food by the way i've gone it's ok when you've been in i've. been to kenya i've been to tons as i've been in mexico and the beggars are who are following all around the country as you know and you know those countries need those countries those new leaders don't read them they need the rule of law they need economic liberty why is i can do you know not have the bankers that they have because we've got social security no it's not that is not why we don't have the beggars because we had to have the leprous of don't have to as we have medic we have a more no medicare and so security did not cure those problems we have a prosperous country because we allow produce service to produce this was always a country i'm very curious i'm very able to able can make i'm very pro immigrant ok we were a country built by immigrants my family my mother's family came from italy they
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didn't have anything they worked their way up this is a wonderful country for that reason not for disagreeing just you know not for redistributing wealth if you read the work of for example that under desoto the peruvian and con the most and i've been to peru and i know desoto what you find and by the way i'm the guy at the heritage foundation when i was there who came up with the idea of the index of economic freedom and i worked on the why. that the cato institute puts out as well all of those indexes show the correlation between economic liberty and prosperity by virtually any measure and you know we're not going to we're not going to go over all those numbers in the next five minutes where i am telling you and that i want to see a prosperous world as well and the way you do it is by allowing people to have liberty not by having corrupt regime in your definition of first of all your it's a rule that all of us through those are not useful and secondly your diet of liberty is somewhat different than than others i thought it's called dealing with people based on mutual consent rather than the initiation of force how's that well
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i would submit that if you are if you are hungry you are not free how do you i would submit that if you are sick and no one's going to care for you you are not free even if you are disabled and you are sitting and that's the reason why you are in these countries and they are not going to. make it but let's get back to paul ryan. why is paul ryan disavowing this i will let you ask paul that question myself i've known paul ryan much since he was a staffer on capitol hill for senator kasten is he worked i believe in the ninety's for jack kemp as a speechwriter and. in fact i remember when we invited paul ryan to speak at the iran birthday celebration that we did some years back you know he reminded me that he was a believing catholic and i said you know that's fine i know that i know a lot of other don't have to be and if you didn't object to this no no the object of this philosophy does not have room for a god but people can read i'm rand her books and her philosophy and maybe they want
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to agree with all of it like i do ok but they can say she really nailed it on and i'll give you a whole lot of things that she may have going edward. now she nailed it on for example so you. know the thing is you're throwing something out that i could explain and in five or ten minutes and it wouldn't show less you're talking about less than about it would take me to talk to her i hear this from notions indexes. economic good fruit ok which is not so let's do another let's do another show on that but here's the thing let's talk about what atlas why atlas shrugged has become so popular in the leg because you've got to the leader is giving away thousands hundreds of thousands of copies of well i wish they were giving out more copies there are two there are a couple of organizations that way but let's talk about the idea way way way talk about the ideas we believe in economic freedom we believe that people that got your of ok lingo that is what i believe and i think we've got very clear to everybody edward thank you for being with us that and hopefully we can continue this conversation good. whether paul ryan wants to admit it or not he's carrying iran's
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vision forward and those who'd rather live in a we society than a nice society. i didn't write that.
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it. now on to the war on democracy and new radical voter id laws going to court in pennsylvania the a.c.l.u. and several other organizations have filed suit on behalf of pennsylvania voters saying the new law requiring voters to show photo i.d.'s at the polls will deny citizens their quote most fundamental constitutional right the right to vote and one of the lead plaintiffs in the case is ninety three year old vet applewhite african-american great grandmother who marched alongside dr martin luther king jr yet can't vote now because she doesn't have a birth certificate or driver's license voter id laws like the want to pennsylvania
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written by the koch brothers funded right wing think tank alec and will kick millions of minority elderly young and poor voters off the rolls people who tend to vote for democrats so how does this lawsuit do you rail the conservative assault on voting rights ahead of the two thousand and twelve election judith brown diana you know she's an attorney and co-director of the advancement project truth welcome back to thank you for having me so tell us about the this challenge to this voter i.d. law sure advancement project and the a.c.l.u. and other organizations filed a lawsuit under the state constitution saying that the new voter i.d. law in pennsylvania is actually against the constitutional right to vote which is a state right and so we have sued on behalf of several organizations and individuals who will be blocked from voting in the fall because they don't have they don't meet the restrictive requirements of voter id in that state a centrist and because the u.s. supreme court i forget the case but has explicitly said that there is no federal
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right to vote it's not explicated or listed or whatever and find the guns and the supreme court has said it is fine to have voter id as long as that is free and accessible i.d. and. so that they educate the public about this new requirement except what we're saying is that actually the voting rights act first of all stands in the way of that because we know the impact is on black and latino voters were also saying that under their state constitution you have a right to vote was my point is that it seems like the pennsylvania state constitution is more. radical is the wrong word because it implies a negative is is more emphatic that erode the u.s. federal constitution because they have an explicit right to vote in their state constitution which we don't have one in our federal constitution unfortunately because the shovel it in because we're getting so many people were excluded and this supreme court is not you know if that we have is not really upholding the
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right to vote which has really been implicit so given that. this is a violation of pennsylvania's state's room or state constitution are you pretty confident that you'll win in pennsylvania and if so what might that mean for other states or does that not mean anything for other states because many other states don't have the right to vote in their right it doesn't necessarily mean anything for other states i think it's a win against this you know this law which is just being spread throughout the country really i mean when we look at why these laws of passed they really were taken took us by storm in two thousand and eleven after republicans took over the legislate legislatures and they put these laws in place that are going to hit those who turned out in record numbers in two thousand and eight and so we've been bringing these lawsuits we advance with project one in missouri along with a.c.l.u. where we stopped that actually a ballot initiative that would have required voter id it was going to be on the ballot in november and we were able to stop that really was and again that was
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a state constitutional right in wisconsin there's another case that as has stopped dead in its tracks a state constitutional lawsuit we also have another lawsuit in wisconsin under the voting rights. so we'll see where that comes out that's great. are you optimistic i mean the republicans are basically bragging to the cells that they're going to like the naacp fifty five to eighty thousand largely african-americans off the voting rolls in florida two thousand that they're going to successfully not five million people off the voting rolls this year do you think that they're going to pull it off i think i'm optimistic about the fact that you know while they were able to pass it in many states that we have been fighting back and that we have really had some big victories and i think that the american public is starting to understand that this is really not about preventing fraud but it's about preventing voting and we're showing we debunk in the myth of voter fraud i think that what's going to happen is that in two thousand and thirteen was the state legislature is trying to
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pass more of these laws but that the american public will be more educated about it in pennsylvania for example there was no evidence of voter impersonator so here you have a state trying to pass a law that is a solution without a problem so we think we're going to be victorious and that the american people are going to fight that that's great and the fact is people are more likely to be hit by lightning than there are to commit voter fraud that's rank you so much for being with us thanks for having and keep up the great work thank you let's hope the court sides with voters and puts an end to this conservative war on democracy stay to. raise the alert can you tell me what you have to find my friend. health
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last parakeet like the one in the movie paulie returned to its worried owner earlier today after it managed to tell police its home address the brainy bird escaped on sunday morning from its owner's home in japan and flew to a nearby hotel where it was handed over to the local police the pet care parakeet kept its beak shut like pauly until tuesday when he began blurting out the names of the city and the district that lived in soon after the parakeet prodigy even squawked out its home address to a crowd of stoned police officers apparently the bird's owner had lost a previous parakeet and was determined not to let it happen again so she taught this one her address so while you can't teach an old dog new tricks you can definitely give a parakeet a few pointers. crimes
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the lies and corruption of media mogul rupert murdoch's employees seriously damage the united kingdom and although it's impolitic to say it out loud at least one of his companies has been poisoning the political dialogue here in the united states over murdoch's news corp acking scandal brought shame to the british people as journalists of the employ of murdoch crossed ethical and legal lines to tap into the phones of celebrities politicians and average citizens to get more and more sensational stories for is so-called news papers murdoch's media empire didn't discriminate in its sleazy tactics going after the most powerful people like former prime minister gordon brown and defenseless people like the green parents of kidnapped and murdered teenager milly dollar and the cover up was even worse high level officials in both the british police and the british government and their fingerprints all over the scandal since after all no one in the u.k. could afford crossing the most powerful empire in their nation's media now today
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the british people are waking up to what murdoch's news corp did to them and the damage his company's poison inflicted on trusted british institutions in a scathing new report by a committee of the british parliament rupert murdoch was found unfit to lead the media empire he created and labor m.p. tom watson went a step further saying this about murdoch's media empire these people corrupted our country they show you a police force and i hold the mins they do only in chiefs it but my old impled it's and we should all be a show you do and we think we can be fooled and for so long everybody in the world knows who is responsible for the room to give you school rupert murdoch. more than any individual alive he used to play morally the deeds are his he paid the piper and he called the chewed it is his company his culture his people
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his business his failures his laws his crimes the price of profits and his power while murdoch is shamed in the u.k. here in the united states as crown jewel box of old news is still the most powerful cable network news network in our nation. and here the list of distortions coming out of fox so-called news and journalistically inappropriate behavior by rupert murdoch's minions goes on and on there are the leaked memos discovered by media matters that show fox news executives instructed anchors to purposefully distort stories on climate change to sway viewers into thinking that the planet isn't actually warming or the memo from fox executives telling anchors to use poll tested terms to describe obamacare to call the public option a government option for example when right wing media strategist frank luntz found that americans have a more negative reaction to the term government option or the memo from fox news is
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washington managing editor bill sammon instructing his anchors to play up president obama's radical associations in college something that would imply he was a marxist or socialist even though sam himself admitted the story was overblown these are all blatant distortions by a network that calls itself news but has one goal to elect their political allies in those preserve enormous profits for corporations and billionaires like murdoch at the expense of working people it's basically what oligarchy of the doing for generations and murdoch is the oligarchy oligarchy even try to hide his million dollar contribution to republican governors association and twenty to help elect republican governors like john cage that you know who by the way used to have a show on murdoch's fox so-called news network not to mention republican presidential candidates rick santorum and newt gingrich and former v.p. candidate sarah palin all were paid by rupert murdoch to be fox news contributors
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x. news is not news it's the megaphone for the republican party and the impact of this network is real a study released last year by a farly dickens' and university found the fox news viewers are less informed about the real issues that this nation faces than people who don't watch any news at all and study really. the previous year by the university of maryland found the fox news viewers are far more likely to believe false political information for example it found that fox viewers were thirty points more likely to believe the climate change is a hoax fourteen points more likely to believe their taxes have gone up even though president obama has pretty much only cut taxes on everyone twelve points more likely to believe the stimulus package actually causes job losses rather than creating the millions of jobs that the c b a and nearly every other nonpartisan economist has pointed out and fox news viewers are more third thirty one points more likely to believe president obama wasn't born in the united states. to use his
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poise in the debate in america and poisoned our democracy and now the lead attorney representing victims of murdoch's hacking scandal said he has complaints against fox news to labor m.p. tom watson said it best when put it best when he said these people corrupted our country they lied and cheated blackmailed and bullied and we should all be ashamed when we think how we cowered before them for so long and to quote the u.k. made the mistake of letting a single media baron get too powerful gain too much influence in their media and politics and now that nation is paying the price and we are similarly paying the price in the corruption of our political and national discourse although few of our politicians and none of our media will come out and say it. that's the big picture for more information on the stories we covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech dot org dot com also check out our two youtube channels there are links to tom hartman dot com also do not count check out all the different ways you
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can send us your feedback and don't forget democracy begins with you it's not enough just to sit there and watch it's not enough just to vote even we all need to participate it's a participatory sport get out there and get active tag your seat. me easy easy easy easy easy easy easy. easy easy easy easy easy. easy easy to. see.
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