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in the u.s. embassy this latest is coming while tensions continue to rise too over the u.s. military buildup in the pacific. as china's rampant economic growth and political influence continues next week take a look at how big a challenge this is for the rest of the world is the subject of our interview with john nice names but he's an academic an expert on the country he's here right now. well. john i say thank you very much for being with us today it's a pleasure sir thank you for having me to china has been a mystery for scholars throughout centuries why is it such a challenge for thinkers these days up till these days everything is revealed now
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it's now it's a good challenge they were still in charge and so i was still in charge well. you know first thousands of years there was such an insulated isolated place that others didn't come in and it's only been relatively in recent years that a lot of people tried to i myself have been going there for forty four years since nine hundred sixty seven but that's new for westerners to spend so much time there were two did before but now they're all over the place although i think the western report is not very good about china but there are a lot of people there and my wife and i have been. going there for the last ten years and but it's still kind of a mystery it's because of their language it's because it's a country now with no ideology and suddenly said david history was the religion of china and i think that's true in a sense that that's the only thing that really holds everything together now and not the only thing but you know. they have that kind of reverence for their history
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which they know so well through through all of the dynasties and so on and which the west has a was a zero information about and that's why it's a big mystery you touched upon the ideology and the side of that china has no ideology but how good is it to be a country without an ideology when you're striving to be a superpower isn't just enough to. certain send a message only about economic prosperity without any other ideology well there's some concern about that but china didn't have an ideology before communism really. they've been arrayed confucius and but that's that's the only religion it's kind of a code of living so there are people searching in different directions the united states for example doesn't have a ideology i mean the real law i mean you know there's the american dream and so on but you know the people have all kinds of ideologies all kinds of religious face
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and so and they're all over the place and i guess the only real hold everyone together is the. idea that there's freedom in the united states and you can make yourself or you can and so forth and a little bit is is involved now in china to was not a question everyone asks themselves is china socialism or is it a current elisabetta they're not even talking in terms of ideology but in terms of regime it's not socialism but it's socialism and chinese characters now if you can figure out what that means that would be that would help a lot because no one knows what it means it's not a socialist country it's not a communist country but you know here we're sitting in russia i think about this at the end of the last century two great countries gave up communism russia and china and what's happened china is number number two in the world economically russia's will stuck in the mud by day and energy too much energy in their economy and too
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too little energy in the people to be there they'd like way behind of these two countries to gave up congress a very interesting study i don't think it's been done but it's certainly an interesting question. how did china do it and why is russia couldn't do it why do russia's not done that so to speak but we just brought up an interesting point as for the bric countries killed it. kept up with china's growth can that be a problem for poor countries that china is developing so rapidly let's put this in context china has gone from a hundred forty seventh in the world to number two in the economy the role in the last thirty three years but us economy is still four times spigot us economy is way up here and there clustered together are china germany and japan way down here and in. only one fourth or one third the size of the u.s. so the u.s.
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only has to get a couple of percentage points or three percentage for that in china you can still call it eight or nine which are probably won't but for for for for it to be a long time arithmetic way you can figure it out before china catches up if it ever does you know regardless all the credit with china does face some major problems like gender inequality income inequality corruption and by mental issues could that undermine the growth well you know all of these problems and these these are the problems of china are talked about and written about in newspapers and magazines and speeches all over china all the time this is totally open china says that their biggest problem is the growing inequality the growing income gap between urban and rural. and the answer your question is no because it's so so openly talked about and we monitor it with our institute in india and we monitor all of the provinces
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in the newspapers and on the provinces the two biggest issues that are in the story of pages and the news pages are corruption and the environment and dealing dealing with both of those these are issues that are not hidden these are the most talked about face in china and the leadership the broad china this. or is there leadership that you have to imagine here and you can continue to deal with those problems and can. do a little better job as it goes along now let's talk and paralyse as china is slowly growing ties with weaker asia and african countries the kind of aid the chinese are giving to africa and to some other countries differs very greatly from what the west when the west was giving it was it was a government to government you know who knows what happened in the money the
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chinese make a deal they say here's the deal we will build you an airport we will be jewish sports stadiums and so forth and you agree to sell us or oil and energy we need at market price. and it's the africans many africans describe it as a win win. range meant versus what the west has been doing with their aid programs all these years so china is absolutely connected with africa as well as as well as asia because of how smart they've been in the arrangements they have to to create win win situations for those countries so its economy only and not their will to evolve into or encourage states to build an empire you know the china china it's never been. acquisitional country to begin with but they're making their arrangements and their deals not to acquire anyone or to build an empire but to
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it's mostly on an economic basis to to to assure themselves of the resources that they need for the rapid growth they are experiencing and they are in our view will continue to experience so here's what also many people think that with this economic and military prowess china is poised to become the center of the new mobile. pollo world it's an elephant lot of. all the world and by the way there they have been building their military but they still you know the u.s. has a military that is equal to all the other militaries of the world put together and i've heard of we've heard a lot of talk about multi i over world but last century it was the soviet union and us this century to be very simple minded about this century is the us and china that bipolar that world is going to be dominated by the bipolar connection of
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china and the u.s. and people will make countries will make decisions and calibrate their their actions against what they perceive will be the response of the u.s. and or china that there will be a bipolar world replace thing they soviet union the u.s. but on a very different basis so not for not we guess a cold war but sort of a cold war but with the soviet union on an ideological basis with china on economic what do you think china strategies in relations to russia china as it were here's the i'll summarize their strategy russia is the biggest producer of oil in the world china is the biggest consumer consumer of energy in the world that that dictates the strategy john i speak with you very much for this interview thank you very much.
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join me on a journey to the heart of the problem to a place is hidden from the tourist you're going to meet some real credible insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. .
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leaves keep this inside the room. beneath. me. civilization notice their absence. but is there life outside civilization possible.
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to see a chip worst clashes in months leave at least twenty dead and over a hundred protesters in accusations that are complicit in the violence adding to the concerns about the country's stability ahead of presidential election. morning and could make a preemptive strike against nato planned missile defense shield field if the system deployed and significant. anjum existed between both sides moscow's de telling its opposition to the project a major conference in the city as the u.s. refuses to curb the planned despite russia's objections. and american chinese relations are tested as hillary clinton has high stakes visit to beijing is overshadowed by controversy over a local dissident who was given refuge in the u.s. embassy this latest dispute comes while tensions continue to rise over the american military buildup in the pacific you're up to date with our top stories it was more news twenty four seven at r.t. dot com it's now two forty six pm let's catch up with unity from the school rather
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than the rain in spain lies firmly with real madrid footballer today and certainly does kevin to have to wait four years to take that premier league crying away from barcelona but i tell you what they're celebrating it today and more on that coming up just a sec. thanks for joining us this is sport with a plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including all this. man on the move . of the remaining champions league qualifying spots in the premier league. or heading stateside reports that the will join the. group. after the euro league. and reinforcements at the ready n.h.l.
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. ice hockey squad ahead of the world championships start. the race for champions league qualification next season is now the center of attention in russian football followings and it's retention of their title at the weekend plenty of midweek action though they keep track of with seven games in all taking place on wednesday including a couple of darby's this is one of them. say yes but it didn't start too well for the real. straight red for this stage. creasing his tally to twenty eight with a finish we get worse. here zoran kasich with who finish on the same staff and score from the free kick later in the hof i know there are cool finnish deflection possibly but the. second no two
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games for me and. kevin karami the former german international making it wrong with the strike and get back into it right after the half time break already. taking his time here but he does find that the brazilian forty seven minutes in. now on seventy points for type one behind but i tell you what they haven't won the last three games not for the red white the moment. they were being but it was the host who took the lead alexander. eight minutes in with the finish. he would then level one one five minutes after the break but. a diversion fifty nine minutes a powerful finish to one but then. turned to grab
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a point. after the former arsenal man hit the net to nate's. from september last year to two to score they're not thirteen points in front. of the points in crusts nadar two nil the score at this moment twenty second minute in so i guess. this is no two to equal our must that's right off the mark would end in fifth position. in the moment or you. know the bottom half of the table grouping rough edged out of relegation thanks to . the help of calls to stave off the play offs with a three. points in this season the bottom two sides are automatically relegated with the next. with the third and fourth place in the first
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division. real madrid are the new champions of spain. wrapping up the premier league trying to games or early courtesy of a three nil win away to athletic bilbao consulted. on christiana and i'll do all netting to get the celebration started in the country. it is reality first the mess the championship since two thousand and eight maintaining their seven point lead over barcelona in the process pep guardiola charges also winning on the night for one of. one meaning he's broken the european record for goal scored in the european season with sixty eight. but these were the scenes on thursday night after that real madrid win in the spanish company but had to wait a while for four years to lift the domestic but boy they are celebrating now and i tell you what they'll celebrate even more if they reach their one hundred points record it's never been done before in spain you can expect the party there to want
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one. last night three goals too good for bolton. and took all three points away from chelsea spurs and fourth at sixty five points while chelsea lie four points off. so no title for barcelona this year at least content in the knowledge that they're the highest paid team in professional sport the couple on side shelling out almost one hundred sixty four thousand u.s. dollars per week to its players and i'm french the figure from playing second place real madrid by more than sixty the spanish rivals though they are followed closely by manchester city on chelsea european football dominating with us this morning franchises making their first appearance. last week is piers which is their one hundred fifty five i. faizal baseball side the new york
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yankees there are six in the reports by industry analysts sporting intelligence field this is russia's biggest basketball star could be making a move to the n.b.a. to join up with the league's only russian team according to. the country sporting media undercurrent that has a verbal agreement in place with a view to signing a three year deal with mikhail prokhorov brooklyn nets that go forward who is currently preparing for the girly finals for tournaments house a long standing relationship with the nets and then on the said to be signing on with the need for the club at the end of the european season for lanka returning to the army men as a free agent during the n.b.a. lockout the signing player at the season in russia despite you could have offers from the us when they leave you turned the thirty one year old was shot a superb sixty percent average from the field this year should i say that the american football world has been rocked with the news that one of the n.f.l.'s best
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players of the one nine hundred ninety s. has passed away former chargers dolphins patriots linebacker junior see how dying is californian home aged forty three from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest see how started his career nine hundred ninety thing for san diego until two thousand and two he led the chargers to the team's only super bowl appearance in one thousand nine hundred eighty four a loss to the son francisco forty nine ers say outrun szekely becoming the if member all that he risk want to die prematurely had made the n.f.l. all decade team of the ninety's before retiring for good in two thousand and. two sources holmes says words routes were. any couldn't do enough off the field for the use them anybody could help be helped and i think people remember him for that and they should. ice hockey finally russia have not finished their preparations ahead of the world championships which faceoff on friday the red machine boosted
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with a strong reinforcement from the n.h.l. including if gainey malkin in public doubts meaning gold is very much team. xenical i believe deal of has now been in charge of the russian national ice hockey team for almost a year and the world championship will be the biggest test for the coach so far despite the fact that russia's main aim is building a team for their home olympics and twenty fourteen winning the world title would act as a huge confidence boost ahead of those such a games if the team plays like i want them to play hell be satisfied which should see the tech six we're supposed to be applying however the result is very important as well if we have a soul a team ready to battle we will achieve a good result the red machine has already received reinforcements from the n.h.l. the colorado avalanche simone barlow of seems to be the first choice between the pipes while the n.h.l.'s best forward you game out of that is worth being wins will
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surely add more goals to the team stalley and the detroit red wings center bottled up soup will join the side in sweden but neither model can not at soup has yet to leave to the world championship trophy. we're good friends with it's good that detroit were knocked out of the stanley cup and you can join the team he's one of the best players in the world it's a pleasure to play alongside him and hopefully we'll get a positive result this time millie dean of still hasn't named his final roster and has a reserved three places for players from north america whose teams will be eliminated in the second round of the playoffs however nothing can stop russia's youngest forward he gave up from going to his first ever world championship. in one thousand year old is often compared with model kim and the pair were playing in the same line at the training camp. at malcolm is a great player and of course i'd love to play with him and that would be an honor for me to be in the same line as him but it's up to the coaches to decide the red
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machine faces in the opening set a day two of the world championships and as usual russia are among the favorites with a new ish behind the bench and a solid rooster on the ice can stay but out of archie. not his all your sports my pole scott will be here in just under two hours time with more but now here on twenty four are the weather. well to the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. they've escaped this inside he took the room. to.
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make. civilization notice their absence. but is there life outside symbolising possible.
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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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egypt's worst clashes in months leave at least twenty dead without his ations the complicity in the violence deepening concerns about the country's to put it yet a presidential election. american chinese relations attested as hillary clinton's high stakes visit to beijing is overshadowed by the controversy over a local this is the u.s. military buildup in the pacific. and russia warns it could make a preemptive strike against nato planned missile defense shield for europe if the us press is ahead with the project despite moscow's objection. three pm thursday afternoon here of moscow river you're watching around the world well.


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