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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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this is our t.v. our top stories egypt's worst clashes in months leave at least twenty dead and over one hundred protesters injured accusations that the military rulers are complicit in the violence are adding to deepening concerns about the country's stability and head of presidential elections. russia's warning it could make a preemptive strike against nato as planned missile defense shield for you would have if the systems deployed and significant tension existed between both sides moscow's de telling its opposition to the project at a major conference in the city as the u.s. refuses to curb their plans despite russian objections. and american chinese relations are tested as hillary clinton's high stakes visit to beijing is
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overshadowed by controversy over a local decided he was given refuge in the u.s. embassy this latest dispute comes while tensions continue to rise over the american military buildup in the pacific. up next maxa stacy take a look at the latest economic headlines in the cards a report. i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report vomitorium orgy's say server tell us more x. kaiser that is the america max and i have been in the last few weeks here this is a collapsing empire you see corruption at the top from wal-mart to rupert murdoch to john chorus line there's corruption after corruption and then there's the decadence of the secret service having sex scandal after sex scandal there's no
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place on earth they haven't been home piers and now we have the population as you can hear outside of course rising up oh they're on the streets now that the game oh they're looking for some retribution and they're very hot under the collar and they've joined up with their global counterparts around the world that's the beautiful thing about this globalization if corporations going to globalize still can dissent and of course a key ingredient to a collapsing empire is total ignorance at the top let them eat brioche let them eat cake why are my people all concerned about my burning c.b. and i'm fiddling here so here's the first headline max timothy geitner you can't legislate away stupidity and risk taking greed it was just an accident i think that the global financial markets collapsed i don't see any crime here or he's
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as selective amnesia and he's purposefully blind to the crime in front of him he can't hear anybody out there committing crimes you can't see anybody even though it's presented the evidence every single day criminality no. ambiguity abode it. well of course he's probably covering up his role in it at the new york fed. treasury secretary timothy geithner however sought to reassure americans that the obama administration was doing what it could to rout out the bad actors from the worst financial crisis since the great depression geitner suggested that holding people accountable for the wreckage caused by the recent housing collapse and the ensuing financial meltdown was not that simple since most crises were not caused by criminal activity he said most financial crises are caused by a mix of stupidity and greed and recklessness and risk taking and hope and you can't legislate against that. geithner is
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a shameless apologist for criminality on wall street and in the banking system he has no accountability turbot to me who famously cheated on his taxes is lecturing people on morals and the criminality is rife as william black for example professor will explain in great detail force he's not allowed anywhere near these prosecutions because he'd put thousands of these bankers into jail so they don't have prosecutions and the treasury secretary tim geithner is on television telling law is to cover up these crimes these is like richard nixon but a lot shorter testimony has shown that lloyd blankfein knew he was selling deals so what else does he need to say that all of that was stupidity to admit to your guilt you know there's more than that going on i don't you know admitting his guilt i don't see wall street telling me all the facts and figures of their guilt over the goodness of the bush liberal and listen how they described him here in this
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article max timothy geitner who helped tackle the crisis for the bush administration when he was head of the new york federal reserve i believe you could say it was the new york federal reserve that caused the crisis and they helped engineer the crisis they helped cover up the crisis this is why people are out in the streets protesting rising up across the world across the united states on may day protests the new york fed in particular absolutely the new york fed is connected directly with the folks in the city of london where the epicenter of the global fraud is committed goes right to the new york fed and then to the federal reserve in washington and to central banks around the world but the new york fed is one of the lynchpin crime syndicate hubs geitner comes out of that crime syndicate now he's on the national stage and if he keeps going at it in this way we can only assume that he'll be the next c.e.o. of goldman sachs well the the article goes on to quote timothy geitner as
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reassuring the american population that the wheels of justice are turning now. the wheels of justice are spinning in their graves that's where the wheels of justice are turning this is appalling miscarriage of justice well exactly like we said at the top of the show max this is the collapse of empire one thing that is that ingredient across all collapses of empire is an absence of justice there is no justice for the one percent and therefore there is no justice at all because you can't remove the constitution of the united states and all of its rights the bill of rights haiti is corpus that goes back hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years just for the bottom ninety nine percent and you can do that in fact they have done that but when you do that it ends always the same way well this is one of the primary misconceptions about the occupy wall street movement it's believed that the bottom ninety nine percent feel as though they deserve more as in material wealth that's false but the bottom ninety nine percent want is some justice just
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a bit just a modicum of justice because this current american justice quote unquote system is the god awful most corrupt we've seen in generations and this current young group coming up is saying. i've had it. we're going to take you out of office took a took no matter how we do it you're going to go yeah they get that thing the guy is playing the fiddle and riding his horse into the senate it's like all of the craziness all of the crazy emperors of rome in rolled up into one before he marries a source. is going to thing i heard so here are the wheels of justice turning that he talks about obama's tainted bundler obama is constantly denouncing millionaires and billionaires for playing by their own rules it's true that the campaign told one reporter in february that it wouldn't take more money from john corps sign
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himself but it's been happy to let the man solicit donations for obama even as corazon is under investigation by obama's own justice department how cozy a course on should represent a heart out and use it as collateral for a horizontal hard collateralized bond obligation he could probably raise you know a few hundred thousand bucks for that and then use it as an ex appropriated hypothecated collateral based on his own ripped out heart to finance yet another trauma of debt to help timothy geitner finance or some other fricken payment on some off balance sheet expense he's got talking he hasn't told the american people about because he's a mafioso schmuck well he's the tainted bundler he is the pink slime of bundlers and but however max one point six billion a missing m.f. global funds trace why we got the money back investigators program that collapsed bankrupt brokerage m.f. global said last week that they have located the one point six billion in customer
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money that has gone missing from the firm but just how much of those funds can be returned to the firm's clients and who will be held responsible for their misappropriation remains to be seen of course it does seven hundred million dollars was found in the u.k. subsidiary six hundred eighty million dollars with j.p. morgan and another two hundred twenty million was transferred inadvertently of course. from the accounts of securities customers to those of commodity customers that money is now in limbo amid a dispute over which customers it belongs to so it's gone from being vaporized max to being in limbo oh from vaporised to lumber but you know this sets a horrible precedent they stole one point six billion and they got to return some of the money more importantly they got away with stealing the money i mean this is exactly like a three card monte guy in times square who steals all of your money but to stop you from killing him he'll give you back a twenty and just say hey everything's cool again you know the people are rising up we've seen that across the united states and why they rise up why the people of
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rome who led in the barbarians lead in the vandals the visigoths why they wanted those guys to come in because there they were sick of this sort of corruption they're sick of jamie diamond taking six hundred eighty million dollars in stolen goods handling stolen goods and yet he gets nothing there's nothing that happens to him there's nothing that happens to john chorus line the visigoths look good compared to him you've done a lot of live back to the big. well speaking of jamie diamond max this is before the may day protests wall street tracks whorls as may first protests lou so here's an article that presents bankers jamie dimon lloyd blankfein all these other big banks here as the elks and the protesters are wolves ok yeah banks have a history of coordinating security with city authorities at a two thousand and nine u.s. senate hearing police commissioner raymond kelly described
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a partnership with financial district firms that gives his department access to hundreds of private security cameras footage is monitored in a downtown manhattan center he said a two thousand and five letter kelley wrote to edward force then chief administrative officer at goldman sachs shows it was among firms getting space in the facility so all these banks are recording the protesters they have access to this footage of who is that exactly protesting so it will be interesting in light of all of this these new laws coming in and the lack of any sort of justice. pre-sale recognition software as well if you from now on forever will be excluded from this banking system for example you can be taken off the grid. they just push the button and he was off the grid. and cases along the way in america's foreign policy in the countries around the world is to go with mercenaries they don't have a standing army they have mercenaries they just hire these guys to do the killing
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for them now they've got the blowback the so jamie diamond and lloyd blankfein have to hire the cops the cops on the street here in new york the blue boys there mercenaries they they work for the banks and this is developing into a nasty bit of situations well max you mentioned that they the banks are paying the police and this is brought up here in this article starting in two thousand and ten j.p. morgan gave the new york city police foundation the largest donation in the group's history the bank's website shows the gift valued at four point six million dollars included one thousand patrol car laptops jamie diamon chief executive officer of j.p. morgan said these officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe that's the truth he is speaking the truth jamie diamond finally spoke the truth max that's right they only protect the bankers they have no care in the world for anybody else and they forgot to include the ten thousand doesn't doenitz. well it also made me think of the fact that here is a group j.p.
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morgan giving four point six million dollars to this armed wing of the department of justice of j.p. morgan the armed wing of j.p. morgan let's be frank about it that the police are the armed wing of j.p. morgan they give the money they crack skulls of anyone who doesn't like to be ripped off by bankers that's their job they were a blue suit with a star but don't be fooled they work for the banks well i looked up on wikipedia a vassal of vassal or future tory is a person who has entered into a mutual obligation to a lord or monarch. in the context of the feudal system and me the evil europe or i might add to this wiki pedia go do it right now or modern america the obligations often included military support and mutual protection and exchange for certain privileges usually including the grant of land held as a fiefdom or as you say ten thousand donuts then as a get worse and worse more out of shape they have to get bigger and bigger guns so if they spot a perp they think they won two steps rather breath hell what the hell do out of
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breath to go chase someone just tell him oh there's like dota i'm so happy thank you jamia doesn't go just to kill the perpetrators alleged all right states never thanks much for being on the kaiser report thank you mags now go a much more coming a way to stay right there. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin it was a big. imax
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kaiser welcome back to the kaiser report in studio gerald celente gerald welcome to the kaiser report great being in max ok joe by the way this is the latest trends journal here it's dynamite as always every single edition has got a fantastic forecast again fantastic comments on what's happening in the world today and people are coming around to your way of thinking a lot of these issues that are gobbling up our civil space and our banking system let me ask you first about m.f. global i see john kors ita still not behind bars but he's bundling for obama raising funds your thoughts what a surprise it's the it's the syndicate that's all it is and nobody from the sin the kids' heads or have a role have you seen a head roll from since the crash of two thousand and eight all the banking crimes
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that have been committed why should corps on be any different did you see anybody from the merrill lynch mob go under. the goldman sachs gang oh no the five hundred fifty five million dollars fine but we don't admit to it to know the allegations or wrongdoing you jaywalking you get a ticket what is cut in it because there's this incredible double standard of justice that i mean before it was understood that ok had a lot of money had some influence and you can kind of write your own ticket get a jail out of free get a jail card but it's gotten absurd these days where at the top you can steal a billion point six as the jamie diamond and encores i have done but on the street level the penalties for simple crimes are outrageous people going to jail for ten years five years penitentiary for downloading a song for example how do they get that huge spreads very historically have we seen
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anything as outrageous as this i think maybe stalinist russia or something where you nailed it bear a fact a guy just got busted for stealing a coke at mcdonald's the but dollar soda people get busted for selling raw milk. you hit it stalinist russia but it's really not that it's more sasha's the merger of state and corporate powers by definition is call fascism and fascism at every level is coming to america not only on the t.s.a. when you go on an airplane and get felt up not only the new supreme court ruling that if you're not wearing a cell seat belt and they arrest you and take you to jail or you had a drink and they're going to throw you in jail for drinking too much to spread your legs and bend over strip searches are now for anybody and everybody so when you look at the mergers state and corporate powers it's not something that i'm making
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up all my life from a little kid they told me you know this is a capitalist society and you rise and fall on your own merits except when you're a member of the white shoe boy club then when you go bust we're going to steal all the money from the people and then we're going to give it to you we got a name for it we're going to call it too big to fail because you have better than everybody so nothing happens bad c.e.o. meanwhile it's whether it's to united states spain ireland italy u.k. greece portugal go around the globe look at we need more money we're going to call it was stary team and shoes so what it is it's punishing the people at every level cutting services cutting pensions cutting benefits increasing the retirement age to left to die whatever they do it's hit the little people so that we can keep propping up the top is this propaganda no look at the numbers the gap between the
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rich and the poor is the widest the united states of any industrialized nations you put it all together justice means just us not them. in a trance general has political trends has economic trends and also a social trends and you bring them all together and that's why it's so widely read and popular and on the social trends front i'm been in new york now for a couple of weeks and i see things that i find remarkable for example i was at a club the other night it was a comedy club and the comedian before they went into their routine they went they gave a series of disclaimers like these jokes they're about women but they're not about the women in this room. you see them saying get up so i mean he did it in a way that was palpable as a show but even a comedian even even the bastion of work humor is where are your loudest free speech is now no longer possible it's become humorless this city this country has
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become charmless has become humorless everyone is on edge everyone is frightened everyone's looking over their shoulder everyone's still crying about nine eleven in this town you know it was already twelve years ago can we move on i mean let's face it that was an event that had both innocent victims but not so one of the victims when what we shouldn't just keep that as a marker and say everything going forward from that moment is now a gulag you have to live in a goal leg what we don't want to live in a good leg or your thoughts that's exactly what happened they call it battlefield america look at the laws that have been passed you start with the well going back to clinton actually after oklahoma city he started robbing us of our fourth amendment rights it got ramped up with the patriot act after nine eleven with bush the raping of the constitution act then obama's out bush bush out about the lovely national defense authorization act signed on new year's eve you know everybody's glued to the news on new year's eve so when no is no one's watching what does he do
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he said that you know guys like celebrity over there up in kingston new york he's a lot of. trouble he's not pro our chain he's a belligerent to the state take them away no judge no jury no trial no charges no havey is caught up is only a hanging by the military they could do anything they want to anybody that they want at any time all this is the country that's going to spread democracy around the world yet while you're losing it here that's just the beginning in that act they repeal the posse comitatus act of eighteen thousand nine hundred seventy eight whereby they prohibited the military from taking police actions now the military could go anywhere and take over police activities then we saw obama sign an executive order in february oh this is a beauty if there is
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a quote potential terrorist threat you remember those those colors you know they are it is in the yellow on all our rigs it's going to be read a potential terror terror threat. el presidente of los is stopped as soon need as i say that because the joints turned in to a banana republic because it goes back to what you said about course zine you know how they get a free ride because that's what goes on in banana republics so let's get this straight now el presidente they could say oh i'm declaring martial law yeah that's right i'm taken over the banks and taken over the factories the farms all the businesses because of potential threat and how long this potential asked for for ever and then we have big bro you know we've big bro they've out big brother with big bro and now the attorney general over there eric holder he just
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signed a new guideline. they get don't stop typing on that because big bro is watching you every stroke of your keyboard they are not following you and every cell phone quo you make any savan lends tape everything that you do max keiser while you're in the loss' stop who's the need is here you may be a potential threat because we have algorithms that the geniuses put in place over at big brother is such a headquarters to see whether or not we have to arrest you before you cause more trouble speaking of algorithms gerald it's been reported now that up from seventy percent to eighty six percent of all the training on these exchanges are algorithmic trading high frequency trading computer training to keep this economy looking puffed up because there's no humans doing any of the trading anymore it's all machines trading with each other and i want to speak on that point
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a bit but also follow up on lawyers as saying in terms of the drumbeat to war you write about this and you say it's not about this existential threat it's more about economics yeah because the systems are collapsing the spanish problem that little problem the italian one the irish one the portuguese one the greek one they're not going away you remember what they did right during the christmas holiday were not many people watching the european central bank one point three trillion euros into the system and virtually interest free loans to the banks to keep them from runs on the banks and to use the money to buy the worthless bonds that's run out the whole system is collapsing oh did you see the latest new numbers on g.d.p. growth just came in and the stays over there were a lot whether the estimated oh yeah it was i because they dumped trillions of dollars into the system and just gave it to their buddies and there's no recovery.
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and the jobs that they're creating a low level jobs so what does it all mean they're putting all this in place because of social unrest they know it's collapsing every day there's riots as we speak is riots going on last week up in montreal with the students every day one hundred thousand people to the streets in prague a few weeks ago hundreds of thousands all that saw i mean greece and spain it's class warfare when the money stops flowing down to the man on the street the bloods thoughts flowing in the streets they're putting these things in place to keep the people in place because it's breaking apart one last question and we touched upon it earlier there's a dirty talk about fascism and is direct connection between the j.p. morgan giving donations to the police force of millions of dollars during or after these street rallies and that's they're in effect hiring out in the miscible cops
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to be their private mercenary force isn't that clearly an example of fascism of course it is and you just keep looking around the i think the but they call it different things here you've got this guy christie over here in new jersey the. senator and or governor governor christie he's bragging about all the money that he's giving to a xerox to this one to that one. and same thing in new york state with cuomo he just gave he just gave money to a german company to create jobs tax breaks loan guarantees hundreds of millions of dollars. the merger of state and corporate powers by definition is called fascism and the police the police don't serve and protect you know they serve and protect how come they don't have to join cause how come they don't go if a goldman sachs gang oh no hands off down the boys got the award not to go after
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the syndicate and leave them alone just keep austin the little people the cops in america have become nothing more than i.r. s. agents that are on because you go five miles over the limit you don't have a seatbelt on you are that far over the drinking limit boy did a beat you up rough you up i just got a ticket for rolling through a stop sign of driving from a fifty years i know how to drive in a little nowhere place up in redbook new york and i go through the sign i stop just one hundred sixty bucks outrageous the trends journal is the must read gerald celente thanks so much for being on the kaiser report page great pedia you backs all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert are they my guest gerald salon today going to send an email please do so a kaiser report at r t t v are you until next time x. guys are saying bio.
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