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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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on our team today grown wider in egypt troubled election violence swells of a bad religious candidate with the ruling military said in the being the only ones to benefit. hillary clinton pitches for china's support on north korea and iran for the u.s. military's asia pacific buildup and support for chinese dissidents leave beijing where. nato failed to move forward on the bureau missile defense dialogue with russia as moscow says it reserves the right to strike back if the system breaches its security.
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there live from moscow it's now six pm you're watching kevin now in our top story two of egypt's leading presidential candidates is suspending their campaigning they blame the ruling military council for wednesday's brutal attack on protesters up to twenty people were killed and more than one hundred injured by unknown attack is sparking further clashes now that rally was supporting a disqualified all true conservative islamist condit who was seen as one of the front runners before he was banned various political forces accuse the ruling military of trading the bloodshed party sarah firth looks into the chaos religious tensions have created in post-revolutionary. taking phone in middle east and. this is the leading comic actor. and his satirical film the leader is just one of a number in which he stirs the flanders him in prison for offending islam is
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a ruling at the same region with the public but this revolution. was a gathering now it's a case of i got really mad at the other like the process was that it was this i was bad i don't have the right to god take. a breath right that freedom of expression. such convictions accosting a cloud a very artistic plans actions which the great and the good as the arab movie industry a quick to condemn after being banned the years and in the barracks hardline parties like the muslim brotherhood and the newly created salafi nor party have gained serious political clout having won the lion's share of seats in parliament i'm thinking of the people here in egypt. has. to. watch is what will that new egypt look like for
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groups like al know it means imposing much strict muslim codes who have no problem with. this system so who have our culture how does our culture. and out of a club and. as we. saw. i think it's a system of laws has to come from this culture and this culture means. many of these pushing for implementing shari'a law in egypt and me publicly that it could still be a long way off but there are already signs that change is taking place a lot of people who are currently governmental candidates for president are being very cautious about the statements that they make with the growth of policy everyone is preaching moderate islamists but the same time there's an undercurrent like for instance we're going to change that in them slightly we're not going to make schools but we're going to preach religion better at schools no matter how
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subtle the differences may be at the moment egypt's eric cheek restraint in meeting its each and the results of what happens right now keep the felts for generations syria third party kyra a. military council condemned wednesday's attacks in a news conference and reaffirmed his willingness to step down after the presidential election but political activists are good believes the latest violence is actually the general's latest attempt to destabilize egypt with moves that have roots back of the revolution. they've been definitely there since day one of the revolution but this is what the military council kept calling or deferring to the third party the party have been part of the militias the national democratic party and the state security apparatus past twenty years those are all of them very intense criminal records and they've been used instead. of. militias
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all the army itself so they're doing the dirty work for the military council they've tried already that in november and december during the parliamentary elections but it failed big trying to drive muslim brotherhood into the square they can declare martial law and say that the muslim brotherhood is a violent violent group but they failed to do that now they're trying to do the same thing and every single time against they've obviously not learned the lessons of the following mubarak's steps big zach lee and that's why they've managed to unify everyone again all the liberals and the brotherhood and these everyone is in the same trench right now against the military council. well the other side of the mediterranean meantime spain is gearing up for its own austerity fuel protests thousands of police lining basle over the street have expected mass demos there is european central bank causing side of you even
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a close up with the report coming up. also triggered tremors even poisoned water supplies but british leaders insist they will plough on nonetheless with a controversial method to extract on the ground gas despite the cost to residents look at these pictures from america. america's chief diplomat is urging china to help rein in tensions over iran and north korea's nuclear activities hillary clinton is in beijing right now and said both the u.s. and china should work together to restrain pyongyang from further provocation and to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon clinton's visit comes an extremely delicate time in their relations to beijing's accusing the u.s. of meddling in its seem turn of affairs after the u.s. embassy briefly sheltered a chinese dissident activist it also is irritated over washington's military build major pacific something that chinese experts say is a destructive break from. the u.s.
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strategy is really trying to encircle china from ordering from japan to. india three quarters of the u.s. is calling china an expression in south china sea there you have a military exercise somewhere for philippines. so they're used to smaller countries here to challenge china so here strategy is to give enough backing to do labor in countries to keep china occupied so a dead child there would not have. to do with other geopolitical phoenix. joe nice bit to sort of his own institute in china to study social and economic development he first sees a new kind of cold war on the horizon now we've got a full interview coming out with him in twenty five minutes but here's a quick taste. we've heard
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a lot of talk about multi polar world but last century it was over us this to be very simple minded about this is the us and china that bipolar world is going to be dominated by a bipolar connection of china and the us and people will make countries will make decisions to calibrate their their actions against what they perceive will be the response of the u.s. and or china the there will be a bipolar world replacing. the u.s. but very different bases so no more no i guess a cold war but it's sort of a cold war but with the soviet union on a largely a logical basis with china economic. russia was it could launch a preemptive strike against the nato led defense shield plan for europe if
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divisions between them over the project reach a critical point the country's military chiefs have been voicing their concerns that an international conference on missile defense here in moscow as a tease in this and now explain next. well missile defense has been in a deadlock for some time now that's certainly no secret between the u.s. russia and nato and once again russian officials today reiterated the sentiment that bad deadlock needs to end or else russia is going to take response of action we heard the phrase preemptive strike this is pretty harsh rhetoric we're hearing from russia they're very serious about their their concerns their national security concerns being taken into consideration by nato and the u.s. we also heard from officials that if some kind of compromise isn't made that they're warning of in fact another arms race so very strong words coming from russia what they're hoping to come out of this two day summit is first of all to prove that these so-called rogue states like iran and south korea which the u.s.
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and nato say this missile defense system which is well underway in eastern europe in poland romania even as far as turkey that russia has research and is giving basically officials details on why they believe those two countries certainly don't have the missile capabilities to reach europe so a lot of questions surrounding the goals behind this defense system so close to russia's border and also showing a computer model of why exactly this missile system poses a threat to russia's national security indeed how this is something moscow has been trying to convince the two of us through dialogue for years now washington continues to stress that the system is not against russia like i said that it's against iran and north korea but russia just isn't convinced oh let's not forget that hot mike that we heard in south korea where obama told medvedev hang in there i'll be ready to compromise after the election and of course it's an election year in a lot of countries across the globe in twenty twelve and officials certainly understand
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that but so what we're going to hear most likely as this two day summit wraps up is baby steps we're ready for dialogue but how far both sides are willing to comp. from my eyes is still very unclear that is the big question we'll talk more on the russia and america dialogue about missile defenses the paris based political analyst john laughlin joining us now from paris john hi there nato says the missile shield poses no threat to russia because moscow's intercontinental ballistic missiles are quote too fast and too sophisticated for this planned system to intercept it's not convincing moscow though is it does it convince you. it doesn't convince me no and i find it pretty rich actually that the american should be saying this about their missile systems when they refuse to listen to the iranians who say that their civil civilian nuclear program is no threat whatsoever to anybody threats are a matter of perception but also
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a reality and the fact is that as far as we know iran has no nuclear. weapons capability and doesn't plan one while the americans are planning a missile shield which although it may not they may be telling the truth when they say it's not directed against russia the fact is it's a new weapon system and it can be presumably directed against what is russia in a matter of seconds so no it does its thing comment earlier on from a french defense official saying that iran's nuclear program poses a quote risk rather than a threat to europe security what does it mean by that it is there a point therefore of adding the shield is just a risk well i don't really know what the official means and in any case i don't personally. share that analysis i don't think that iran is going to attack a european country still less the united states of america seems to me to be an
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absolute fantasy it's not my view and in any case well my part of my answer is that one of the reasons why i think that it won't do that. is that the cost in terms of retaliation of such an attack were it to happen are obviously immense so iran would have to be mad to launch such an attack and that's why i find the whole discussion about the missile shield in the iranian head tickle attack completely fantastic russia's been trying to talk reason here for a long time now are the latest words today that certainly ramping up the rhetoric if you like russia's saying it could make a preemptive strike if quote very importantly the situation worsened worsens and reaches a critical point what is that critical point well the critical point would be if there was some kind of conflict looming between the united states and russia and if there were some prospect of the missiles being fired at europe or across europe to
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america we're obviously a very long way away from that at least i hope we are the reason why the russian. minister made this remark for the russian defense official made this remark is to show the logical conclusion of what the americans are doing the americans are planning to install a new military hardware x. on the continent of europe a constant which has struggled now for twenty years to reach it self of the inheritance of the cold war and the logical military implication of that act is that at some point a strike might have to be contemplated and will those words from russia today make any difference to think the u.s. will take russia's ultimatum seriously given of course that any preemptive strike would be far away i guess the american soil. well the fact that it's far away from american soil doesn't really make any difference because it's an american system and the americans are trying to obviously extend their influence either through our
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directly or through nato over the whole of the european continent and another consequence as well so the fact that any such attack wouldn't actually it america is a no. no consequence at all with the americans be bothered by the ultimatum and i think they should be as i say i don't think we are looking at a military conflict at anytime soon but i think they have to understand that this missile defense system is very serious they may say it doesn't affect russia or isn't intended against russia but like any weapon system frankly like a knife it can be it depends on who is holding it and under no circumstance and or moment really really briefly if at the moment anyway the u.s. still won't give legal guarantees that they feel will bridge russia's national security what is the way forward do you think to to break this defense stalemate. the way forward is either thought the americans to integrate russia into the unified command of the defense system of the missile shield or about
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a new completely or are ever so grateful for your thoughts politically on this john locke in there thank you. reverdy it out online to our web site r t dot com of course for all the latest news you may like these pictures as well but please don't try this is over as they say how's this for a few shocking shots one way to put it thrill seekers in russia as far as showing their head for heights in these dizzying pictures posted online local police more health and safety we're very happy about that as it's not something to be copied but amazing pictures nonetheless about the dot com also hunting for the phone hacking scandal plaguing rupert murdoch's news corp sees high level calls now for many was american t.v. broadcasting channels to be told this story just rumbles on and on doesn't it you can keep abreast of the latest on our website.
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keeping a close eye on barcelona the saffron protesters there are gathering as european central bank chiefs meet and security precautions have been heavily ramped up because of it spain even going so far as to reinstate checkpoints along its border with france in a bid to limit the number of possible demonstrators arriving from within europe now the meeting is expected to run parallel to a massive and potentially violent protest to thousands of riot police have been deployed there with reinforcements on standby the latest pictures these c.b. chiefs themselves are expected to resist calls to begin buying up spanish bonds as investors abandon the country's debt auctions all this is spain the course reels from those disastrous unemployment figures up twenty five percent a million strong austerity demonstrations but we've got comment from economist yanis varoufakis who says he sees glaring double standards. while they seem
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to be spent over the last few months one trillion euros. bankrupt banks. think it's great to send. it is using to come to the. states like spain like portugal like i'm like greece and to come to the. european union that. require. misanthropy conditions to be rationed suppose. so you can be. more if it isn't your one has to work the bank or a bank is essential. holding this crisis and they are being treated with it. and the way the state makes pain of being treated as not the you. should be there in order to have the kind of skate of insolvencies of spades that we have
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been experiencing over the last couple of years. and if i was tories are for you you might like to know next hour on this channel the cause report goes gunning for the us treasury secretary america's chief banker said in a statement that the human errors that led to the two thousand and eight crash can't be cured by lawmakers that's an interesting statement marks and stacey beg to differ. timothy geitner you can't legislate away stupidity or risk taking greed it was just an accident i think that the global financial markets collapsed i don't see any crime here. has selective amnesia and he's purposefully blind to the crime in front of him he can't hear anybody out there committing crimes you can't see anybody even though it's presented the evidence every single day criminality no . ambiguity about it.
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but extort. the afternoon comes from deep beneath the rolling english countryside where there lies pockets of gas suitable for energy trouble is getting it can be destructive and toxic to those living above the process of fracking is banned indeed in some countries but rather less the british government intends to drill away anyway irrespective of public fears all the environmental consequences i deserve a better reports. it triggers earthquakes and could poison water supplies but fracking suggests got the green light in the u.k. a government study says the controversial gas extraction technique fees despite causing two tremors in the popular coastal resort of blackpool last year environmentalist's fear a smokescreen hiding the far more dangerous side effect of large scale deadly pollution what it fails to address is the question from citi you know this issues
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are actually a new very small fraction of the other associated problems with fracking so the report doesn't really do justice to any other aspect to alternative department of energy climate change to regulating this hydraulic fracturing or fracking extracts methane gas from underground millions of gallons of water and chemicals including hydrochloric acid pumped into a three kilometer deep well that high pressure when the rock cracks gas escapes but so too can deadly toxins and radiation previously locked in the ground this site just sixty kilometers south of london is one of many the government intends to drill and the people who live here have had no say permission is already been given for fracking to start and that's the hole that will be pumped with water at one thousand meters it's not shallower than most of the fracking sites which means the risks of tremors a much higher but so too the chances of toxic chemicals seeping into the water
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supply and that's the worry for residents who live nearby the fact that fracking could take place four miles from my home makes me feel very angry very disillusioned very disappointed in our legislators to things absolutely exasperated that they can even countenance sanctioning because it is an eco sidle technology it's short term it's short sighted halfway between the capital and the coast bulk i'm surrounded by a network of reservoirs that provide water to much of england densely populated. se the fear is the toxic cocktail left by fracking will pollute supplies only a quarter of the carcinogenic chemicals pumped in actually come out again fracking has already begun america these online videos show what happens if the well casing splits taps flaming after gas leaked into the water system but britain insists it's a cleaner alternative to cold local campaign is far from convinced we really need
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to be looking at how we're going to move away from fossil fuels and what's happening at the moment is that the government is diverting its attention and its resources towards. energy such as nuclear fracking don't increase resilience and don't move as a way to reduce close. impact fracking is banned in france and bulgaria because of public outrage but in the quaint corners of england's countryside people's fears are no match for the energy giants either bennett r.-t. sussex. the story been falling for a long time on our website as well as want to catch up and find out more about its online at r.t. dot com while the world's news no brief and apparent protest against president assad syria's aleppo university has killed at least four and seen hundreds arrested this unverified video showing troops raiding the campus firing at demonstrators while students armed with knives also attacked the rally there's been anti regime
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protests at the university almost daily. the trial of iraq's fugitive vice president has been postponed while his lawyers appeal for a special court to hear the case terry go house shimmied denies running death squads targeting government officials security forces and shiite pilgrims he's currently seeking refuge in turkey and calls the trial politically motivated hearing resumes next thursday. there's been an attack on a cattle market in northeastern nigeria killed at least fifty six witnesses say gunman armed with explosives began shooting before setting the market on fire nigeria's enjoyed a spate of violence just a few days ago gunfire and explosions rocked the northern city of cairo following clashes between the army and militants. in twenty four hours minutes past six o'clock moscow time let's catch up the business desk it was plenty going on there dimitri u.s. markets started trading rushes about the close bring us up today well it's looking
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pretty negative. our u.s. services sector index fell to fifty three and a half percent from fifty six percent and this is why we are seeing a negative picture without point four percent nasdaq half a percent those are also following this report is now declining around two dollars per barrel we'll look at it of course in more detail next time over in europe words of her sister about the state of the euro zone with the mother you drag speaking about about the euro zone economy saying that he expects it will gradually. recover but apparently this is not enough to reassure investors and therefore the fifty's barely in the black while the dax is the center of it into the negative territory meanwhile parity between the euro and the dollar remains pretty much the same we are not seeing very clearly any movement basically whereas the ruble continues to decline against both currencies and russia indeed another twenty minutes left on
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the clock for trading with the odds yes my six now steadily going down there with the obvious that point seven percent might it's a bit better than a second ago what's moving the my sax one of the few stocks which is bucking the trend is that gazprom despite those declining oil prices still up point four percent aeroflot surprisingly is up almost one percent. net profits go down now almost fifty percent first router and after vs the big loser of the day it's down almost eight percent take a look at that story and more details now read no niece is getting closer to getting control of russia's after further setting up a joint venture with the se corp russian technologies through which will increase its taken out of us read only seven best seven hundred fifty million dollars in essentially double the chair in the company to just over fifty percent head of after verse says its partnership with international majors will help the company to diversify its production. here is the year off for.
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launching new cars and modernization of after us we have launched a new line and a line to the lines during the last six months as will launch two new cars by the end of the year we are going to produce this. and move them all to brand manufacture and in one year we're going to launch. our cars as well on the same physical way. also making headlines us out of the giant cutting gas production due to low fuel prices the wall street journal says exxon mobil's output declined around two percent in the first quarter and can as declined five percent the us are seeing gas prices drop to the lowest level in ten years due to warm weather and the booming shale gas production. well be back at the top of the out to bring you the closing bell figures for the russian market already cut things to me tree looking at the sport coming up this hour crunch moscow darby a russian football's premier league promised to be a tough one but it is an easy win for scar and paul got the details of all about
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that in fifty minutes time for a broken up that i headlined in exactly two minutes from now this is the. world for the. technology innovation all the developments from
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around russia we've got the future covered. zip zip grid lumber tour to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything. to teach the creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the dot com. russia would be so much brighter if you knew all about someone from fund.


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