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director of heritage action for america rania. calacanis thank you journalist and regular contributor to alter net and nicholas ballasts the senior video reporter at the daily caller thank you all for joining me tonight let's start let's start over these job numbers the unemployment rate dropped by a tenth of a percent today eight point one percent twenty six consecutive months of private job creation in fact all on president obama's watch and in fact the private jobs we've got a chart someplace here here there we go this is up on the screen this is the cumulative change in the private sector in the public sector and what you can see is that the private sector jobs are back to where they were when obama came into office public sector jobs are dropping though because mostly republican governors are laying off people all over the country. this. thoughts on this it seems you know it seems this seems like a success story but not quite enough. i think we have to look at what's happening in the labor market and one of the big things that we've heard all day long is that you know what people are dropping out of labor market and that's why we see the
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unemployment rate going down there's a lot of truth to that if as many people are in the labor market when president obama came into office unemployment would be at eleven point one percent so we might be making progress but there's still a long way to go but this is this is also twenty six months of continuous job career but this definitely shows is that the private sector cannot be counted on to lift us out of this unemployment crisis that we have on its own this shows us that we need serious government investment and spending and job creation and that's what we should all be taking out of this. in ranya how much do we need of that a lot more than we've been putting out and you know obama had a stimulus you know a while back that that worked but it was an awful lot of economists said it wasn't enough. parchman have economists. and you know here we need we need bigger stimulus as we need more money and investment into job creation and right now we have this
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congress of republicans that want to allow us to pass any of that kind of legislation we just have this austerity obsession that and hasn't gone away and that was the austerity in the u.k. is just devastating in the u.k. in fact i think we've got a you know we have a graph of this to let me just show you this to get your take on if we can pull it up here we go. this is the yellow line is the united states which shows a stimulus path europe. actually the u.k. chose a cutting path of austerity the republican path and they're actually falling even behind the eurozone which is all in recession now so you know how can the republicans continue to pursue this you look at what's happening in the united states the question is can we afford it i mean the debt is you know you're wealthy nation but the debt is equal to the size of the entire economy you know it's not right maybe it's not there and be a lawful lot of the debt is money we ourselves you have two point seven. dollars and so security trust fund is considered part of the debt is not part of it. but are you saying the debt isn't important though you know yeah absolutely i was
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saying that that when one when we got into world war two our debt to g.d.p. ratio right now is between eighty and ninety percent but you know you calculate it or between sixty and eighty percent sixty and seventy percent if you take out public debt. at the end of world war two it was a genuine one hundred twenty seven percent of g.d.p. and how did the white eisenhower the republican president get us out of that debt he borrowed even more money and built infrastructure build a national highway system build schools build hospitals put america back to work the president's team of economic advisers and the president himself said eight percent unemployment is not going to. the this is actually and it didn't happen so i mean how much more investment there's been studies that show that for every increase the every dollar the government increases spending by private sector investment economy falls by fifty percent so we have to sort of the bunk this multiplier effect if the government is going to spend money it's going to come out of the pockets of somebody and borrowing is going to have a downward effect so there's not a multiplier effect of your lies about money on job creation though you have more
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people to tax and you get more revenue out of that i don't know what study you're citing but it's pretty much common knowledge that when government invests in job creation you get more out of it you have people back to work you get money from consumers consumers are where we're job creation live us not you know if we're the job creators and we need government to invest in that i would also add that with the obama i mean this doesn't you know i don't think it reflects well on obama and i'm not arguing that obama's done a brilliant job i don't think he's invested enough well i would agree with that but he has been restrained in doing so citizens united looks like we're in store for the most negative political campaign season in history new study by the was when media project very nonpartisan organization shows that this election season so far has been the most negative in history seventy. political ads so far been negative outside interest groups have increased their advertising activity by eleven one hundred percent since two thousand and eight eighty six percent of those ads are
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negative the campaign candidates themselves they've gone from eight percent negative in the last campaign to so far as fifty two percent this time around so you know is this good for our democracy driving driving campaigns with negative ads but one thing that i think we have to be very clear that president obama was not constrained at all back in two thousand and nine when the democrats controlled all of washington so we have to put that to rest on the campaign thing i think what's let me. back to the first point we were talking about president obama being constrained in not being able to implement his goals that was in the case in two thousand oh absolutely. it was not democrats controlled congress he had he had a photo of those a third of the stimulus had to be tax cuts just to satisfy the conservative conservatives and the republicans said no democrat no republicans voted for it i would argue that there's no such thing as a conservative democrat. in the room and isn't even a democrat i would say most democrats that we have right now are very much conservative and they pushed farther to the right i would i would argue that obama
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himself is not you know he's kind of a center right person i would argue that he's not really the democrat that you probably think i don't think you can call somebody conservative when they view the fundamental role of government as having a larger and larger impact and everybody has their own it seems to view the government as having a larger and larger impact when it comes to war making or when it comes to imposing on people's first amendment rights in terms of political protest when it comes to a number of things they i mean look at bush for example i mean he increased the size of government tremendously he did it with the spending with rick scott you know what people are smoking. what people are doing in their bedrooms all over the you know it's. back to the spending i mean this stimulus was supposed to cost seven hundred eighty seven billion and now it's estimated to have cost over eight hundred thirty billion i think that's a pretty large package no i think it's going to have a trillion. i think that's much much george bush or glue a two and
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a half trillion dollars dollars and just not ending money but actually finding real solutions to the o'briens dancing a lot more effort that's that's and out of revenues in two thousand and seven or at all time high from the time president bush into office in inflation in inflated dollars not in real dollars right now we have revenues and spending that are that are at sixty year low what i'm talking about is in two thousand and seven but aware of news that all time high that increased by twenty plus percentage points under president bush spending at that same time increased by sixty percentage points so if you want to talk about spending as an economic stimulus we saw it under president bush who everybody says wildly failed when it came to the economy but what you have in the government spending you do you get more revenue and you do get more job creation it's a matter of where those jobs occur not there but yeah there's a huge point here the. just made perfectly which is if you build things and drop them on other countries and have them blow up they're not going to produce wealth for you for years and years and years where if you do like eisenhower did you build highways the last seventy five years and facilitate commerce that's an investment
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but something that nobody talks about enough ease you give stimulus money to hire teachers for example hire firefighters public safety workers but what happens when that money runs away and goes away of congress isn't going to appropriate that same amount of money every single well this is actually not here that's a problem with a bunch of conservative republicans who are trying to bring down the economy but you can't spend. eighty seven seven hundred eighty seven billion dollars every single year on stimulus i mean it's impossible that you'll be getting revenue back out of that you'll have more consumers you'll have more people to tax you'll you're getting money out of that but once the money goes away those jobs are gone unless they're continuously funded with taxpayer money every single year taxpayer money coming back coming back from apropos of all this is that you know the tea party seems to be the major. force that's driving the idea that you know let's all bow down. the grover norquist you know the there shall be no taxes dick lugar is in big
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trouble in the republican republican long terms long time sentence and one hundred seventy six this guy's been sent from indiana and he's ten points down below a tea party guy so you know does this mean that the republican party as we've known it since reconstruction is dead. i think what we're seeing is that at the grassroots level is a lot of people say voters are saying look we want people who are going to say no we're tired of all the we're tired of huge amounts of deficits and we go away and bush and bush ran up most of that debt. so you have people who say no we're trying to look inside only people are looking at that i think you were saying what was your way to start talking about that but that's the truth here's the thing though is that i think everybody forgets everybody assumes the tea partiers it was was a reaction to president obama it wasn't it was a reaction to president bush and republicans who blew an opportunity last decade to really fundamentally reshape government make it smaller and i do. that i disagree
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with that president obama really riled up the right i mean the right was terrified of and the tea party directly i came directly out of that fear that history is very very clear is that the movement started before president obama started during the you know the process i think of like there on. the next on the same as what we're talking about right now and literature i covered some protests right after the bank bailout under president george w. bush people were people were angry about it whether you're an r. or d. people were angry that that was happening and it's obvious were and were given in cash and they're still you know what in this you got a lot of money back a lot of people so people are getting upset at dick lugar because he's president obama people are upset at dick lugar because of the way he's voted the past and he voted for all the support actually bail out the auto industry he he supported the start nuclear treaty and he supported the obama supreme court nominees who were moderates want to go back to your original question about is there room for
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moderate republicans in what we're seeing right now with republicans in you know in state and nationwide you're just seeing this sort of regression. backwards when it comes to women's rights when it comes to marriage equality when it comes to the economy it's all austerity it's all you know shrinking government like we're drowning it in the bathtub. i mean it and this is what you know this is the base of the republican party this is what the base i guess wants now is this sort of tea party like figure and i think you could see that really demonstrated with mitt romney and the way he flip flopped on so many issues to appear. more you know right wing to appear more conservative and you know turn himself into a pretzel. can mitt romney going to be able to to if. i can pull the tea party along i think i think we're going to see in the general election is a lot of. group tea party groups are going to back mitt romney i mean they see that
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. president obama has increased the debt five trillion dollars in his three years i mean that's more than president bush in a short amount of time talk about he was though it's something that americans care about even people on the right care about jobs right now because that's what's affecting their daily lives if not this debt that's like years and years down the road that is an immediate problem and the other thing that both republicans and democrats agree on is that they don't trust washington they don't trust congress they don't trust politicians so when you have that was just going to get there in a cup there in the pockets of these big banks i mean even that democrats and republicans both are in the pocket of his ability which i have we have we have just thirty seconds before the break i have a really quick question this is the republican logo behind us mortals. what's the deal with flipping the stars upside down betsy ross had the star right side up in two thousand when george bush was running for president they flipped upside down so now it's the satanic star instead of the american flag star i don't understand why does anybody know i didn't know that was a thing. it's
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a question of what for twelve years i was no more rubble coming up after the break . of american power continues. things are so it. might be time revolution. and it's going to be we're very good. and realized.
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with. the aloneness so they'll get the real headline which none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters. that's why young people don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. .
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mr. carter back to the big picture rubble joining me tonight are dan holler communications director of heritage action for america ron you're kalak journalist and regular contributor to alter net and nicholas policy senior video reporter at the daily caller and thank you all for joining me and i got it right florida governor rick scott apparently thinks it's a good idea. arm up republicans for the for the r. and c. convention coming up in tampa later this year the city say you know we're going to have some conflicting forces here let's make sure there's nothing that could be a weapon and so they say they've made crowbars illegal string more than six inches i guess they're worried about getting people i don't get it what water guns squirt
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guns maybe they think people put l.s.d. in them or something i don't know what but they just you know none of this stuff so and then the mare at the request of the police department apparently goes to rick scott and says can we also ban guns for four days and rick scott says no which is not his job the governor's job is not to interpret the constitution that's you know court's job. our rights the four out of five americans who don't own guns the ninety nine out of one hundred two probably more like nine hundred ninety five out of a thousand americans who don't walk around with guns it's probably even bigger number than that are our rights to the pursuit of life liberty and and happiness being stomped on by these gun nutz. well there are no guns allowed in the actual arena the actual center and there are no guns going to be allowed in this secret service protected area right outside of that of course but there's there's this whole city that's going to be filled with politicians from all over the planet all
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the hotels the nightclubs the restaurants the strip bars all the places where the lobbyist the republicans love to hang out and there's people people going to be packing heat really and then the occupy protesters i mean. i don't think he said it but you know it's been in the mouth of more than one conservative commentator that that scott's doing a great job because these are republicans need to protect themselves and occupy people with their strength and basically what the mayor asked was hey can you suspend the u.s. constitution in the florida constitution for four days absolutely that in new york city they have a ban i write funny because in tampa in both tampa and charlotte where the d.n.c. is going to be in september carolina these concealed carry laws will not be put on hold but the first amendment well and i think it really shows that when it comes to not just the right but you know the guns rights advocates in general the second amendment trumps everything else even the first amendment rights law in florida you've got to i mean a lot of these
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a lot of these ordinances in florida and charlotte a lot of these sort of temporary no string no gas masks you know bottles of water that are empty that could be misconstrued as trash you know and these things are all banned because they could be used as weapons this is going to affect protesters protesters can actually get around it ok to use a quick. i mean ok thank you last question quick for c.e.o.'s in america now on average make two hundred six times more than the workers in the fortune one hundred it's like way above that so the question pretty simple as c.e.o. pay too much you know average c.e.o. fortune five hundred ten point two million bucks yes. ok because. i hope to be a c.e.o. some day some say no but the american dream ok dream i would say that's up to the shareholders i would say as long as the the average income for a family doctor is one hundred sixty thousand a year a rocket scientist is ninety eight thousand dollars a year a brain surgeon seven hundred thousand dollars a year anybody is making ten million dollars a year move money around is wildly overpaid but that's just my any other thank you
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all for being here tonight much appreciate. back in one nine hundred thirty the all white school board of lemon grove california decided they didn't want children of mexican descent sitting next to their white children in class so the school board built a separate school and then turned away the mexican american students from their original school and directed them to their new school which was basically a big barn a house within the local community it became known as. your reason reason to believe they were the stable. but rather it was socially referred to as a barn they were going to redo it was going to be a single room and two teachers were going to educate seventy children so they were
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quite shocked and very unhappy because. but rather than just accepting the new segregated school the parents protested they sought help from the mexican consul in san diego eventually got legal representation and won a court case against the lemon grove school board putting an end to the barnyard education plans this happened more than eighty years ago and today history is repeating so. thanks to the radical anti immigration law recently passed in alabama hispanics. and are afraid to go to school that's because the wall requires alabama school officials to check the immigrations that is of kids in the public schools ninety nine percent of the children in alabama's k. through twelve public education system are american citizens but those who don't work like this sort of zooms at least by the opinion of these people the state mainly because their skin isn't white are subject to prying questions and unnecessary paperwork to prove their citizenship and while most were born here and
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are citizens in some cases their parents are not and they're terrified their parents will be identified and deported and they'll end up orphans and wards of the state a wrenching tarried a part of families that's already happened to more than five thousand children in america just in the past a year and will likely happen to another ten thousand over the next five years this creates a hostile educational environment to say the very least it's leading to record numbers of hispanic students going absent from school since the law went into effect is panic student absentee rates have tripled while other students absentee rates have remained flat also since the law was passed the dropout rate among hispanic students has exploded is troubling numbers caught the eye of the u.s. justice department which wrote a letter to the state of alabama on thursday warning of the effects of this law on his fanuc students a letter read the law has diminished access to and quality of education for many of alabama's hispanic children resulting in missed school days chilled or prevention
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chilled or prevented the participation of parents in their children's education and transform the climate's of some schools into less safe and welcoming spaces for hispanic children the justice department went on to say that this law could have lasting effects on hispanics in alabama since if thirty nine of the education they need is a child they'll have a difficult time finding a good job as an adult course that might have been the point altogether. you see there's always been a fear in white america that their grip on economic and political power is slipping that's why minorities up until i have century ago were always segregated in schools and denied good paying jobs in our economy when a generation of minorities whether they were black irish italian or hispanic are denied an adequate education and equal access to our economy it takes generations for that minority to recover and all irish and italian americans have recovered from generations of discrimination probably largely because they're white and
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overcome destructive stereotypes that suggested something was wrong with their genes black americans still have a long way to go to overcome hundreds of years of slavery discrimination and racism as to hispanics president lyndon johnson made huge strides in giving minorities a chance to live the american dream by desegregating schools and passing the great society legislation minorities across america were lifted up educated and given a chance to pursue their dreams and the decades that followed more and more minorities found themselves in the middle class with their numbers growing along with their political power that didn't sit too well with many in white america who found their privileged position in our nation threatened so the campaign to reverse the strides made by l.b.j. to help minorities. so began really got real the reagan tax cuts the embrace of trickle down economics in the one nine hundred eighty s. kept the mostly white americans at the top of the economic ladder firmly entrenched
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in their positions the undoing of welfare and much of the great society the one nine hundred eighty s. and nine hundred ninety s. by ronald reagan and bill clinton rip the social safety net out from under minorities who are just starting to get into footing in america after centuries of discrimination and now there are the anti immigration laws that make young hispanic americans afraid to go to school and work and there are the voter id laws that kick mostly minority voters off the rolls silencing them in our democracy is the last gas of a small group of races terrified and frankly stupid white people in america and those driving this assault don't even try to hide their fear you can see it in books like suicide of a superpower written by pat buchanan which contains child titles chapters titled the end of white america and the death of christian america are in flippant remarks by political figures like joni brown's fetter the wife of north carolina state
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representative peter braun statter who authored a bill banning same sex marriage because according to his wife quote the caucasian race is diminishing and therefore whites need to be quote reproducing with each other. america is changing rapidly and the white racists among us can't stand it for the first time minorities and not whites made up the majority of baby births last year in the united states so by two thousand and fifty or sooner whites will no longer be the majority in america and luckily for pat buchanan he'll likely be long gone by then in fact twelve states plus the district of columbia already have white populations below fifty percent among children under five years old whether those in power like it or not a segregated america where whites hold all the power is not the future of america and here's something that will make the white power elites even crazier muslim populations around the world are now growing at twice twice the rate of non muslim
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populations so not only might white america be in danger in the future but christian america to do ger and whites can either accept this truth embrace it and begin building an economy and government that is inclusive of all people regardless of race and religion or the races whites can continue to stupidly flail against it america didn't work when we had apartheid in fact it led to a brutal civil war and the efforts of the white racists in alabama arizona and texas to reimpose apartheid won't work either we the people means all of us we're all just people here. that's it for the big picture tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our web sites at tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and. also check out our two you tube channels there are links to tom hartman dot com this entire show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes and you can visit thom hartmann dot com and download the audio podcast of our daily know the three radio show and we are free
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to harvard i phone and i pad app at the app store he said his feedback and twitter tom underscore harping on facebook at tom underscore our our blogs message boards and telephone comment one of top of the dot com and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your it see next week. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not gamble why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as. china operations are on the day.


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