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tv   [untitled]    May 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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welcome back this is the headlights. islam is dominated approaches to gays the military rulers in egypt and in deadly clashes and leaves one dead and schools injured and the country seen a surge in violence less than three weeks before the first presidential election says the ousting of hosni mubarak. also campaigning and france ahead of sunday's presidential runoff while which many see as decisive for the troubled european union polls show the left wing francois hollande is set to win over the current president despite being put on sarkozy closing the gap on his rival. and russia's republic of dagestan rules the victims of the terror attacks which codes thirteen
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people and injured dozens more that's our experts point to the similarities of the tactics used in the north caucuses with international terrorist groups and up next as promised to explore the russian capital what the russian capital has to offer for in families who make moscow their home. hello and welcome to the pride of on this week so we're taking a look at the subject of babies and toddlers for some people a busy capital city such as moscow might not be the ideal place for foreigners children so with that in mind let's take a look at various family centers shops schools and entertainment on offer here isn't that radical for an ex-pat to have a baby in the russian capital let's find out. having a baby broad with no family support network and in
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a completely different culture can seem daunting throw in the harsh climate in russia busy traffic and expensive lifestyle how accommodating is the russian capital for new parents surprisingly for many it seems is very. welcome to the child development center or wow town as it's called in english formerly known as the world of childhood i'm here to meet marina and have baby sonia like me it's the first time here greene has been married to her japanese american husband for several years now and the family are always looking for new places to take their new young daughter. it's a fun and exciting complex of entertainment education and shopping for the whole family and the perfect example of such a place in the russian capital dedicated to babies toddlers and children up to ten years old this hospitable venue is a cozy and ideal place for timely recreation painting craft tables puppet shows you may miss. the venue also boasts cafes on the first and second floors to have their
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own play rooms with toy furniture and kitchen utensils this looks fun. add to this a healthy menu with fresh juices and homemade pizzas and you have a dream solution to what can be the mighty. the process of dining out with small children it seems like people needed really big love because you can see so many is the details in design it's so colorful and i think they're friendly people children . the complex is the ideal location to shop for all sorts of toys educational games and products for creativity although there is one slight issue times hear noise while sound will wow you in many ways but it's not really a place to relax or. even
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to on expand you me the rides at the department store located a new arbat in the sense of the capital i'm here with polish expert elisa cloud that had also olivia was nine months old with three venues in moscow bhaskar bambini is a bright and exclusive looking store professional salespeople are on hand who can help customers choose what they need and advise every child development education safety issues what items are best for children of different ages. looking around with alicia and livia i'm not sure he is having more fun. that you the edgy which is italian for cherry orchard is the official clothing provider of the russian olympic team the children and baby store here is just a tiny part of a huge company back to shopping for little olivia there's plenty to choose from in one part you can find a supervised children's corner where your little ones will never be bored in other areas of the store you can find a whole range of furniture that's been specially designed for little ones.
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well problems cots clothing accessories and shoes you name it you'll find it here in fact this store has an impressive collection of items for babies toddlers and children up to fourteen years old. i mean interestingly enough many of the items on sale here are imported from europe it seems that for many people western imports and new style are very very important with the competition for their baby to look the best. with prices around thirty percent higher than in the west how much would you pay for an item of clothing for a baby. that's our guests impression of the store. and i like the store a lot because it's very convenient for mothers and their children there is an area where your child can play while you shop and also it's nice that babies can play with any toys here in this tour if we're taking them home he.
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can. try next guests now and i'm being taken to the bright family center by texaco coming tommy. boy in japan she's brought along her beautiful young daughter my. below the venue here is small there's a large spectrum of interesting classes and activities that take place here prenatal workshops for example they come in various forms but all have the same aim to help prepare women for labor birth and early parenthood the bright family center also trains cheetahs here teaches are taught new skills which they can pass on to expectant mothers and those with children of all ages such as new breathing exercises stretching and yoga the birth life method is uniquely baby oriented so we are led by the baby we are a developmental program we used is natural growth reflexes development
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to give us our guidance as parents hard to work and hard to move with our being the center is most popular for its core sessions getting babies and young children used to water early in their lives makes sense from a safety point of view it's also great fun hands. good exercise too some private baby swimming classes start up for weeks but most start six it's just that the pool is heated to around thirty two degrees babies are born able to do primitive swimming strokes the specialized sheets here build upon these natural reflexes until children are completely happy moving in and through the water. and having great fun. moving on and what other places are dedicated to the little people of the russian capital well there are several large shopping malls that cater only for babies and kids with some news that catered in
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the downtown area of the city there are also many that one hole in your pocket situated further from the center of the arab small is home to more than one hundred shops selling various goods for pretty women clothes for babies toys and proms to mention a few the staff are trying to communicate with their youngest businesses and various amusement rides will keep them entertained while parents shop. the n.y.m. spa is a contemporary training center offering various yoga practices people of different levels of training classes both in groups or individually there are also special yoga classes for toddlers sessions for young ones are presented in the form of games and love to perform positions as animals or plants the center also offers special yoga classes for pregnant women a three month membership with unlimited attendance costs fifteen thousand rubles which is around five hundred dollars. for families in moscow or those russians who
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want their children to attempt to speak several languages there's an agency the highest off of both sexes from various countries primarily in great britain. specially popular among the russian clients parents who have realized that having a need. speaker in the family is a fun and easy way for their child to learn english fast ineffective rather than being forced to deal with text books also known as. staff are expected to nurture the babies or provide parental support and help with the behavior and personal development of the child. improve the child's social skills speak the language with them english french or italian and integrate different cultures into the lives in the russian capital. welcome to the international school which offers pre nursery nursery and reception and the school prides itself
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in having soup facilities. assistance. from eight am until eight pm and meals five tours a day. in russia preschool last longer than in the west the children attending. school up to six years old. take a look at this for a playground children or take it outside several times a day when conditions make the climbing frame inaccessible at times. when temperatures below minus fifteen. here to communicate play and interact with others appropriately. little children are all ways to tell and they always have their own ideas and when you have a bed to tend in a room or a center room it can be very challenging so we try not to plan anything. structured we like to follow the children's interests and what they like to do so
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it's very challenging but it's it's good it's going. to school believes that young children make the most of their potential when they feel secure. stimulated. i think i see a future here. from puppets to modeling plasticine it's about having fun while educating children at the same time. whether it's a trip to the circus or a matinee at the puppet theatre the russian capital is packed with ideas guaranteed to keep little ones and happy for them maybe moscow is much more child friendly than people think proving that having a young child in a foreign country can be a rewarding experience fusing different cultures together in mind this full plus thirty. well done. is more interesting coming is. the time we have left on this week's program about babies and toddlers here in the
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russian capital i'll see you again at the same time next week until then for may the rest of the career for the. book. download the official. i pod touch from the saps to. life on the go. video on demand. gold coast's. r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the
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dot com. the people of the united states and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder is a regime as an active program to acquire and develop nuclear weapons and let there be no doubt about we know for a fact that there are limits there. as we're just being carried out under the direction of dr david kay respected scientist and former u.n. inspector was leading the weapons search in iraq we are determined to take this apart you have a tremendous a group of dedicated american men and women involved in this with the best assets of the intelligence community and provide. data cheney is not going to be done with this for quite some time david kay wants more time and he says it could take another six to nine months to make a definitive finding ministration is asking congress for hundreds of millions more six hundred million dollars to fund a continuing search have not yet found shiny pointy things that i would call
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a weapon before we can draw from conclusions we need to let the iraq survey group complete its work. we were all wrong probably in my judgment and that is most disturbing. sometimes the true patriot takes the unpopular course but helps the country of wooden stakes and even if they can't persuade these three to patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels and i think these are scoundrels they have no argument now they have no defense for what they do the country is in the turbo international security situation but i think it's apparent worse so they're attacking the patriotism of other.
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aussies top stories for you this hour my system is dominated a protest against the miniature rule is in egypt and in deadly clashes that leaves one dead in schools injured the country is saying it's such a violent it's less than three weeks before the first presidential election since the ousting of hosni mubarak. complaining ends in france ahead of sunday's presidential runoff budget which many see as to syosset for the troubled european union poll show they left wing francois hollande is said to win over the current president despite what else i could see closing the gap on the smile. of russia's republic of dagestan moves the victims of the tyrant time which killed thirteen people and injured dozens more thus has experts points to the similarities of the time to take sneezed in the north caucuses with international terrorist groups. and
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up next i will take a look at the latest action from the world of sport with anger. hello there thanks for watching the sports and let's start with a quick look at the headlines tough task russia warned against complacency ahead of the open with latvia at the ice hockey world championships last chelsea in liverpool prepare their cup final showdown with both sides looking for a unique trying to beat double. the no words tiger has a shocker hollow to miss the cup eight times in his career. now stop the art of the world championships where russia are expecting a tough opening game against rivals latvia on saturday the teams played each other twice just last month as part of the euro hockey tour with russia winning one and losing one so there isn't much between this side to face off in stockholm later
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today russia are among the pre-tournament favorites but goaltender simeone velarde of has warned the latvians a serious opponent will not be underestimated he's one of several n.h.l. stars to join the russian side in recent days forward you can email king of the pittsburgh penguins and the detroit red wings puzzled that suit will also be in today's lineup were told we got on the way yesterday to the usa off to a flyer coming from a goal down just brush minnows france seven two elsewhere germany beat italy brain deal and that actually baccy their greed to the czech republic began not while holders of finland got a narrow win over valerie's and sweden defeated norway three one the football chelsea take on liverpool in the f.a. cup final of the afternoon and could feel financially torres against his former club the spaniards got a hat trick against last weekend although i didn't drop but is also pushing to his start since helping defeat barcelona to reach the champions league final manager
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roberto di matteo then houses of the old who will get the nod but he. does predict a close battle against liverpool who also won the carling cup earlier in the season . always. difficult games against liverpool the good side very good team with some excellent players in the squad saw it it's going to be an interesting game and certainly a different game because it's a one off as well final so you know we'll learn would have to be very very good on the day. also today are all hosts knowledge and the only game in english premier league begun is looking to consolidate third spot in the table the only way to ensure champions league football next season that's because the chelsea win vicious champions league final they'll take the last remaining spot at the expense of the side and finishing fourth. the more english premier league chairman said david richards has been touring stadiums in russia and believes preparations to host the twenty eighteen world cup will take the sport to new levels across the country poor
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feet caught up with him. december second was a depressing time to be an english football fan despite high hopes of winning the bid to host the two thousand and eighteen world cup those dreams went up in smoke as russia won the right to hold football's biggest tournament china half years on and a former member of the english speaking team says it's time to put that disappointment behind them will get carried away about things like that and we'd all like to or state you pulled out remind you you say you've done and you have to now say well how can england russia to make it very very special thing because don't forget our friends. and we want to talk about fantastic a choice not about winning or losing it he said about moving on getting to the next phase helping your colleagues i think the experience of bringing it to russia will
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bring football to a totally different to a very still much work to do with rush stadiums and infrastructure needing a massive overhaul however the premier league chiefs say is progress is already being made to get there we had three major disasters we had i saw battered and hillsborough and it changed to told clive teacher of football and how he turned to work and. it's a tragedy that you have to go through that to get to where we are today but some very clever people got together and said we can't allow this to us and we've got all seem to stadiums we've got new stadiums but bush aires he's now getting to a stage where you've got now some very very good stadiums i mean i went to the garage yes and i'll tell you all there is a touch stick stadium there and i just wish that england got the kind of one that they've got it's the wall way up to the gardens the fountains the car parks the
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stadium. trash to her just over six years to go chill russia host the two thousand and eighteen world cup it's going to take a lot of hard work to get the country ready however the government and top officials are already making its trying to head back told him and. now we take this chance to look back at another eventful week in the russian primarily tom worth finding relegated ending seven years in the top flight while to scar their claim for the second champions league spot dismiss any of the action well it's time to catch up. i. i. i i.
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. my. thanks. to my thank my. my thank you thank you i thank i. thank my thank i thank my uncle. i . thank you.
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thank. you but two games left things are hotting up nicely now in basketball to see moscow have received a timely boost ahead of next week's europa league semifinals after the russian powerhouse won the united league for the second time in three years eighteen teams from ten countries took part in the tournament the army men face fellow russian side a knicks in the final in latvia discussed on to an a in the second minute unix did stage a comeback trail by just a single point late in the second quarter however the capital side never relinquished their li labyrinth of each top scoring the fifteen points and star forward undertaker olenka was also instrumental in te ascough seventy four sixty two we. thank you very very hard to get them satisfied with the job we gave you
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know we've been fighting hard all season and i argue and this is just the beginning of the way to go well we have a higher goals. for tonight we can celebrate that. and over in the states the denver nuggets got an important win over the los angeles lakers their ninety nine eighty four victory again back in their n.b.a. playoff series which they now trail two one elsewhere boston grabbed in ninety eighty four victory over atlantis to lead that series two one and philadelphia are two want to head in their matchup with you cargo after a narrow victory spencer stop scoring for the seventy six is the twenty one point. you know we hung in there all years the team through the ups and downs and we finish strong and now we have a huge opportunity here in the playoffs. you know we have struck up was on now a shocking run from tiger woods is saying he missed the cut for only the eighth time in his career this was his worst shot of the day the wells fargo championship
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in charlotte shanking it into the tree during his one over par round of seventy three although bizarrely it didn't cost him a shot because it was believed the spectators stole the ball and he was given a free trial. but even so spot that good luck if you can call it that parting was also pretty bad and he goes home early fellow american nick what we lead by shot at the halfway stage after carting an eight under par sixty four countries frustration and i finished twelve back of a lead. in a weekend where i have a chance to compete for a title so. i've missed my share of cuts in the past not on feel good and at the spanish open frenchman gregory board the lead spy shot there is a three way tie for second and that back includes dyson seen here along with fellow englishman rob brock and italy's matty amana said over forty though delighted with his sizzling round of sixty six sure. but. in the conditions with. again just
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a. bird it is saw. the sport for now we've got more later on. it is.
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