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tv   [untitled]    May 5, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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protests against the military rulers in egypt and in deadly clashes fueling fears violence will escalate further ahead of the landmark presidential election. campaigning ends in france ahead of sunday's presidential runoff vote which many see as decisive for the troubled european union and. we are seeing links between these terrorist groups in different parts of the world and so the response has also to be global traces of international terrorism in pakistan's twin blasts the russian republic holds the victims of the attacks which killed thirteen people and injured dozens more.
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hello this is r.t. and live from moscow it's three pm here now one is kevin zero in on our top story for you less than three weeks before egypt's landmark presidential election of the country's plunging deeper into turmoil mass protests against the interim military rulers have turned deadly leaving at least one person reported dead and scores injured our correspondent in the region paula slayer has the latest. friday's violence is said to have been triggered when protesters ignored warnings not to approach the defense ministry building they started throwing stones at security forces who responded with tear gas and water cannons and according to a number of eyewitnesses they were rounds of live ammunition that were fired what is particularly significant those are for the first time we witnessing hard line islamists at the forefront of these what have become weekly demonstrations with the ruling military and when we talk about islam as we're talking here about the powerful muslim brotherhood as well as the ultra conservative still laugh as party the islam has joined the confrontation is way into heavyweight islamised candidates
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who had been put forward for the presidential polls that are taking place later this month who are disqualified now all of this comes hot on the heels of deadly caches earlier in the week on wednesday in front of the defense ministry building and here we see allegations go forward and backwards between the security forces and the protesters in terms of who started it according to the protesters they were attacked by thugs and plain clothed police and troops but according to activists as well as residents they say that the protesters began the violence by provoking the forces and that many of the protesters themselves were armed what is particularly significant is that we're witnessing cracks in the opposition to the ruling military whereas once they seem united more and more we're hearing of these splinter groups beginning to form and certainly the sturgeon violence is affecting the election campaign in what we witnessing is that these his street battles are raising fears of a new cycle of violence ahead of these presidential elections on the twenty third
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and twenty fourth of may be violence is also in with the campaigning in turmoil already two weeks trying to run as well as several other candidates the candidates have an ounce of where they are temporarily suspending their campaigns in protest against the heavy handedness in which the ruling military has been dealing with protesters the fifteen. hearing from the generals if they come in twenty fourth of may if there is one outright winner from one of the thirteen candidates who is standing in these presidential elections then they will hand over power but increasingly egyptians on the street don't believe the word of the ruling military or middle east correspondent there as the voices of business grow louder in cairo's tahrir square the message is also being heard on the streets of germany to take to the program take a look at a controversial cover it in the european power of one of the most radical muslim movements. next though the two french presidential candidates have made their last appeals to voters ahead of sunday's run off poll the debt crisis has been central
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to their campaigns with france who are promising to challenge the e.u. fiscal pact an agreement championed by rival nicolas sarkozy of these terrorists brings you up to date. well one day to go before the french at the polls and make that decisive vote and even the city itself is preparing to usher president now it's down to two men incumbent nicolas sarkozy of the socialist. cording to the polls is still behind a lot but there is still that question mark as to who the voters of the national front and center. who are they going to choose for the site that the press will essentially be choosing between a man a lot of claims that he will bring back a quality to the country also want to go head to head with german chancellor angela merkel to challenge a fiscal pact that he says is bad for france on the other hand you have a man who claims that he is the only one who can prevent france from going down the path of greece italy spain and all the trouble you resign have gone down but there
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is a group of people who believe that they don't really have a choice when it comes to the program presented to them and therefore the personality of these two men has become just as important as the proposal stay put for boils down to which man is more presidential can take on the better from the beginning of the campaign there hasn't been much enthusiasm from the people saying that they don't see any of the candidates receptive there with a real solution that could bring france out of the quagmire that it's nevertheless eighty percent of voters have said that they have already made up their minds to be in the stuff they see for either of the two. defeats nicolas sarkozy we will see a different tone from the country on the world stage. biggest change you have to say is that it will be one of style stuck ozias is it's very dramatic he leaps into a plane and flies to your journey he intervenes dramatically in libya very vocal in
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his hostility to syria and iran i think if all of these elected only his if i know me yet he will be much more carmen and we've drawn partly because he doesn't carry the experience to credibly neatly been to intercede for front if you like but also by temperament lose much more of a synthesizer as the saying goes than than psychos he's much less a dramatic personality and i think because he thinks that france needs a change from the slightly energetic style of leadership of nicolas sarkozy but i think one has to say that there are big question marks but far smaller all along he's never been a minister of any sort i mean this is i would say probably almost unique in a major western country that someone's got this far in the electoral process and they've never served in any sort of public office at a national level so of course there is the other factor that at least half of the
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country have a big question mark about whether they really want a socialist government because they always suspect fairly or unfairly for the socialists will tax and spend and maybe that's not appropriate for the present circumstances. just letting you know as well but later today we've more insight into the european debt crisis with max and stacey lifting the lid on the latest dirty secrets but on the financial headlines in the latest because a report. the u.n. peace plan for syria is working despite reports of ceasefire violations so says the office of international envoy kofi annan and his spokesman defended an ans mission saying violence has reduced this despite the u.s. renewing its calls for another approach in thing at the plan's defeat but as sara furthur r.t. reports from damascus many syrians hope the upcoming parliamentary vote will also bring some stability to this conflict torn country. syria's gearing up for
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parliamentary elections next week and all across the capital damascus right now you can see these campaign posters that have been put up around the city now this comes as the u.n. observers are in the country touring around different areas tasked with verifying the implementation the u.n. envoy k financed peace plan now casey and spokes person has come out and said that in peace plan despite reported violations from both sides is back on track now that statement came against the backdrop of pressure we've seen being increased by some of the international countries we see in the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton was in china this week urging the country to apply further sanctions on syria now really the message with the u.n. envoy spokes person with this is a choice it does not mean going on for more than a year is not going to be solved in
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a day is not going to be solved overnight is going to take time and say now really what you're seeing is a focus on these observers on their task in hand and of situations such as the parliamentary elections and what the outcome of these will be the parliamentary elections have come under a lot of criticism certainly from the opposition for taking place at the wrong time people feel that against the backdrop of a lack of security and of continuing violence that is simply not the right time to be holding these parliamentary elections but of course we've heard a lot of people calling for this push for democracy in the country to be implemented through the ballot box and not three bullets. russia's republic of dagestan is mourning the victims of twin terror attacks which claimed the lives of thirteen people and injured more than one hundred two powerful blast rocked a police checkpoint in the capital within twenty minutes of each other of his roof
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a national report it's a sad fact that the recent attacks on police and authorities in darkest town a merely the latest incidents in a long running history of violence in russia's volatile caucasus region both thursday's tragedy has already become the most devastating in months to mess of car blasts hit the outskirts of the capital markets color and woke up the entire city. at home watching t.v. then we heard an explosion or t.v. set fell down and broke. around twenty cars were destroyed and the scene was littered with human body parts some even thrown as far as nearby trees and rooftops . spread for hundreds of meters around. my brother and me duct this metal piece fell here my brother almost died. but they were among the lucky ones as their tech claimed more than a dozen lives policemen rescuers local residents the first explosion took off here
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when officers from this police post stopped the car for documents check apparently the driver was a suicide bomber minutes later as many police cars and ambulances teams and emergency crews and fire brigades reach the area the second blast occurred it was much more powerful you can see the crater is huge one some reports say the second last had a force of one hundred kilos in t.n.t. equivalent and it claimed the most victims the investigators have already identified the owners of both exploded cars. the double attack one born after another as a tactic commonly used by international terrorist organizations such as and qaeda in places like iraq and afghanistan is designed to kill as many people as possible the president of dagestan was away when the blasts happened in a bitter irony he was at a congress in moscow highlighting
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a counterterrorism complains recent success the caucasus region has been suffering attacks by islamist terrorists for years this recent one the deadliest militants strike is part of this and go in battle between russia's federal forces and militants and it's unlikely to be the last. hour to report on from in russia's biggest un security expert some words believes the tactics used in the attacks point to links with international terrorist groups which must be terkel globally. there are very obvious similarities in the tactics that we are seeing in the north caucasus these days and tactics used by al qaeda and other. similar forces in iraq and afghanistan this is a particularly cool type of terrorist attack and it seems now to have reached the north caucasus and this is a sign of contacts that exist between these terrorist groups in different parts of
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the world works like a franchise organization. it has a template and encourages groups with domestic agendas to copy it this is a global problem we are seeing links between these terrorist groups in different parts of the world and so the response has also to be global and i welcome very much cooperation. between russia and western countries and dealing and tackling these issues. still have focusing their attention in all the wrong places. they have the laws in place to attack piracy and i think ten years from now it's going to seem laughable and sad that our government went after pirates critics make the case against the pirate crackdown that's another attempt to censor the web that by also schools. protesting in the u.s. parents teachers and children stage a rally of
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a devastating budget cuts later we find out more about their efforts to try to teach the authorities a lesson. the speed at which is the most radicalism filled the void created by the arab spring has alarmed many in the west and now it's arrived in their own backyards one of the most extreme branches of islam is making its voice increasingly heard and all under the protection of the west cherish lord's piskun off reports from. afternoon prayer in central moon. and once the worshipping ended the free distribution of car runs continued on three hundred thousand copies in over one hundred across most parts of germany but no mr new material here if the bible can be distributed why not the qur'an. there's nothing illegal about handing out the koran the campaign may be provocative since it kicked off during easter but it's not even the timing which could draw so
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much attention but who is behind the distribution. that the southeast movement is one of the most radical wings of islam known for its truth interpretations of the koran and in association with jihad the holy war against nonbelievers and punishments that can include amputation and stoning not exactly the most constitutional penalties this man sums up the credo mention who gives men the right to create laws that right belongs to. we're going to mine the local ses community the campaign's long term goal is to put twenty five million copies of the koran into german forms but it's not clear which interpretation is being used but. there are passages about violence especially against women who are not protected by the law as men would be also about violet gates the other faithful. india
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it says here this is only an approximate translation. one of germany's most influential service leaders has already been charged in cologne with inciting the public to commit illegal acts. i do believe these people are dangerous they don't just teach which is ok but they're trying to draw the youth into a specific interpretation which promotes violence. the disabuse you of religious literature is protected by the constitution being part of the right to the freedom of opinion and religion as long as it doesn't promote violence or he treats. it's not yet been officially established if that's the case with all the qur'an is being given out by the zionists so for now the only legal option for the german authorities is to stand aside and watch you want this kind of berlin. and if you get a moment of the stories get a lot of hits on our website r.t. dot com right now these blue glass and dramatic pictures here of those hundred
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fifty people wounded in this explosion happened during a political rally in armenia you can find online from us what went so badly wrong. we've got the story fisherman two who were uses a wheelchair but he's been denied entry to a club in russia's urals on his birthday despite a regular party in advance party pooper is on not find out r.t. . the u.k. are caught recently called for the country's internet providers to block access to a massive file sharing website claiming it was distributing copyright material but the most backfired with the pirate bay welcoming twelve million more u.k. visitors to its site last week journalist david seaman says governments across the globe need to focus on more serious internet crimes. fight against quote unquote
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piracy is global we have these powerful but dying entertainment corporations that are putting tremendous pressure on legislators and on law enforcement on our government to crack down on what they see as piracy but piracy is not the same thing is that when you distribute a piece of music or you know a comedy show or anything like that and other people see it it's not as if the original creator has lost anything in fact there is a lot of evidence that those artists who receive a lot of play over the so-called piracy networks. end up doing quite well because they reach millions of people who would not have even known about them otherwise they have these laws in place to attack piracy and i think ten years from now it's going to seem laughable and sad that our government went after pirates when there are legitimate digital crimes happening online there's identity theft there's
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credit card fraud there are very serious things happening this online harassment all these things are happening and i think that's what our law enforcement agencies should be focused on. they have ever of a secret you know of etudes sense of state has apparently but how much influence do they have on the world stage that's the question we're asking the person trying to answer resident oftenest in the streets of new york went to speak to people there for their opinion. do you believe a secret elite is running the world this week let's talk about that there doesn't seem to be any compelling evidence the world has too many. disparate and independently acting things and functions in it for there to be sort of a single. ball of individuals instructing them where to go it just doesn't seem credible to me what about groups like the bills or bridge group or the bohemian club those kinds of things and i think a lot of that is just sort of overblown and just rhetorical but there are groups of
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people that are powerful men that get together once a year and no one knows what they're talking about but we know they get together what do you think they're talking about. i get together with my friends couples homes here nobody knows who are talking about either so i don't really care about what they talk about you don't think that they're making decisions that influence your life not. do exists. in a part of the world but not the whole world so it seems there is a lot of different groups with different goals so there's a little element of it but it's not as evil as people might think yes exactly i don't really have an opinion on it i mean if you know rich people rich people are going to have their own little country club that's fine really bother me but money influences the world's right true but many of these people probably are employing us right. so seems like most people don't even care whether or not there's a secret elite group of people ruling the world and if they do exist that's
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probably just the way they like it. three some peace agreement between the u.s. and afghanistan is confirmed washington's commitment to the country even after soldiers leave but according to our military contributor going to khrushchev the road's no left wide open for the permanent presence of u.s. troops in the region. the strategic partnership agreement signed by the u.s. president in afghanistan of the dead of the night is neither strategic nor it could be cool in any sense as any partnership between the united states and afghanistan this bizarre alliance between american democracy and. narco state could qualify for partnership from the washington viewpoint then it means that all other stakeholders in afghan
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and pakistani security and stability have a lot of homework to do to recalibrate their new air protarchus to the open ended and in fact a permanent u.s. military presence in afghanistan. we take a few small world news headlines now self-proclaimed nine eleven mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed for the man accused of planning the atrocities in the us a said to be charged. the new rules for trials held that guantanamo including a ban on evidence tainted to check a previous attempt to charge mohammed to stop three years ago when president barack obama tried to close the prison relatives of some of the victims of nine eleven the next we'll tell you. the u.s. drone strikes killed at least nine suspected militants in northwest pakistan regions thought to be a lifeline taliban cross border insurgent activity pakistan's previously complained
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about the attacks saying they violated sovereignty the rate of u.s. led strikes has increased since president obama took office in two thousand and eight. french cool senses an old jury and ball nuclear scientist five years in prison for plotting terrorist attacks that he sure was arrested in two thousand and nine after police intercepted to use e-mails to an alleged al qaeda member the communication suggested he was willing to be part of an active terrorist unit officials became suspicious of a show in two thousand and eight when threatening messages from al qaeda were sent to president nicolas sarkozy. here just two days there before russia gets its new leader is to be to be vetted hands over to vladimir putin as president you know gratian ceremony set to take place in the magnificent always the kremlin from where we were of course people casting live for your special coverage starts at seven thirty g.m.t. monday morning. you mean.
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parents teachers and children taking to the streets in protest over severe cuts to schooling they blame the government for failing standards or so after the education budget was slush by half and recently is through the coaching of a listen to their plight. parents who join forces can be a powerful voice for change. i think drinks and
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actually. was. the third year that this has been how big the search for the governor's budget would go into from ny from two thousand and three told take a look of experience of forty six percent much akin to a lovely view of the nasa had to repeat her great and was well behind agents reading ability she lives with her mother to remain in the pre-term in california. restriction over what she sees as the school standings that hurry to use the state's piney rain parent trigger law we were outraged disappointed and felt that we had to do something find a way to make a positive change her children the law allows parents at a school with consistently poor results to file a petition to reform this court although rejected by the local authority to send this client's parents are taking it all the way to the courts. i don't want to get
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upset but it's frustrating because i want my daughter to get out of the kitchen of my son's three or four he's going to be going to canterbury and if he starts in this school might as well keep on my home because he's not going to be learning there and we need to get the best for him and for both on because i want to go to have opportunities and not to be become somebody and i had to learn to stand alone when it comes to dating standards imported by the state coffers and running on empty x. turkey regular programs and even the number of teachers have been cut and the axe is on the steps when. the proposed twenty twelve budget would slash five point two billion dollars from public school funding now unless troops can be persuaded to have income and sales taxes but for now some schools here are moving to four day weeks canceling field trips and charging students to play sports while mothers like since yet do read trying to take the law into their own hands and show
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the authorities that their children deserve the right to a decent education i do not question marty reporting from california. surely parties are going off talks he also has a recently published book about putin and tried to look beyond politics subsequent i'm sure before then after i've updated the headlines in just under three minutes from now.
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joining me on a journey to the heart of the kremlin to a place is hidden from the tourists you're going to meet some real kremlin insiders although they may not be the usual newsmakers you see on t.v. . because of the.
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good news a secret laboratory here in the kirby was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music.


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