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tv   [untitled]    May 5, 2012 9:01pm-9:31pm EDT

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you're live here with us from moscow it's five o'clock here the top headlines french very broad have begun to vary to in the last leg of the nation's presidential election and what's been one of the most a bit to and divisive campaigns in recent history incumbent nicolas sarkozy is betting for his political life again socialist challenger from a law and vote for swing at french embassies across north and south america as open in a few hours across mainland france a stereotype consul push by the french leader have proved deeply unpopular with his left his opponent promising to undo much of so cozies work if elected tessa's celebrities are small from paris. but even the city itself is prepared to assure it there that's president now it's down to two men incumbent nicolas sarkozy of his socialist challenger francois log cording to the polls is still it's really hard to log but there is still that question mark as to who the voters of but in the period
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of the national front and such as france will by rule who are they going to choose for the second route the french will certainly be choosing between a man or lawyer flames that he will bring back to what would he do the country also want to go head to head with german chancellor angela merkel to challenge a fiscal pact that he says is bad for us on the other hand you have a man a subtlety with flames was that he is the only one who could prevent france from going down the path of these italy spain and all the trouble to resolve a sense have gone down but there is a group of people who believe that they don't really have a choice when it comes to the program to do that and therefore the personality of these two men has become just as important as the proposals they put for boils down to which man is more presidential to take on that's all better now for the beginning of the campaign there has a big box of things yes of the people saying that they don't really see any of the candidates was up to there with a real solution that could bring france out of the quagmire that it's never the.
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s.a.v. percent of voters have said that they have already made up their body it's be it the sarkozy or the dogs or either of the two. robot harness an independent journalist specializing on francis says if one saw a long defeats nicholas a cozy friends will play a much calmer and more measured role on the world stage. the biggest change you have to say is that it will be one of style so cozy this is it's very dramatic he leaps into a plane and flies to georgia where he intervenes dramatically in libya very vocal in his hostility to syria and iran i think if all of these elected only if i know me yet he will be much more karma and withdrawn partly because he doesn't carry the experience to credibly leap into into the forefront if you like but also by temperament he used much more of a synthesizer as the saying goes than than sarkozy he's much less
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a dramatic personality and i think because he thinks that france needs a change from the slightly energetic style of leadership of nicolas sarkozy but i think one has to say that they're of the question marks but far smaller and he's never been a minister of any sort i mean this is i would say probably almost unique you know a major western country that someone's got this far in the electoral process and they've never served in any sort of you not like office at a national level so they're kind of course there is the other faction but at least half of the country have a big question mark about whether they really want a socialist government because they always suspect fairly or unfairly the socialists will tax and spend and maybe that's not appropriate for the present circumstances. as france hold its collective breath wondering who the country's future president will be russia's preparing for the know gratian of its next lead him to meet you maybe it ever will hand over to vladimir putin at a ceremony in the make never been told of the kremlin it's all happening on monday and we'll be covering it live in from seven thirty g.m.t.
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. movie. the first arraignment hearing of a self-confessed and nine eleven mastermind and his accomplices got up to a rocky start on saturday as a defendant there remained a resident be silent at a military tribunal in guantanamo bay khalid shaikh mohammed repeatedly refused to answer the judge's questions while his codefendant the knelt in prayer the five men
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have been charged with almost three thousand counts of murder for the two thousand and one attacks and could face the death penalty however this was their first hearing in almost three years of american lawyer eric in one talo believes the timing of the military tribunal is politically motivated. within twenty four hours of president obama taking office issued an executive order to close guantanamo bay as the most powerful leader in the world and that did not occur for what reason i have no idea three years later on the eve of another election i think what they're trying to do is take that issue off the table and say well we're at least trying to proceed in an orderly fashion but i think it's a fairly certain bill and people will be able to see through it does a tremendous injustice to the memory of those victims are not a little bit and i say it does a tremendous justice to that saying that we call the justice system in america and
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you know if it's going to highlight you know an embarrassing chapter in our history so in and what you're going to see is a tremendous amount of incompetency as they proceed forward and they're going to be appeals and this thing is going to linger on. you're watching our t.v. and still ahead for you in the program a questionable resolution after three months of student protests in kick back and at least one hundred arrests government officials claim to have found a solution but will bring an end to candace vine in clashes. a perfectly legal and peaceful action by radical islamists in germany spoke serious concerns over growing muslim extremism in europe. a prominent human rights activist has been arrested in bahrain in a move that could further escalate the gulf kingdom's fifteen month old under arrest and to regime protests job has been detained at bahrain's international
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airport with no comment made on the reasons for the arrest they claims however it could be linked to his recent meeting with the world's most notorious whistleblower julian a son and you have a chance to see his latest interview before his capture and choose they show the world tomorrow right here on our t.v. . and speak to two leading revolutionaries one from the rain where they were. once an egypt where the revolution is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to go. at least five people are reported dead in syria's second largest city of aleppo after an explosion at a car wash it follows a blast that ripped through the capital damascus there were no casualties when the bomb went to which was attached to an army vehicle went off in front of the
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military institute there are unconfirmed reports of a second blast in the city of damascus has also been the scene of mess rallies following the funerals of those killed in clashes on friday between rebels and the army parties etc furthur has moved. because the bodies of the dead they carried through the streets of damascus. the people who were killed under the station they get on the way you can just look at how many people have turned out there are thousands of people here here's the story you've got the military security watching . now this comes as the u.n. observers are in the country touring around different areas tasked with verifying the implementation the u.n. envoy kay financed peace plan now casey and spokes person has come out and said that peace plan despite reported violations from both sides is back on track now
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really the message from the u.n. envoy spokesperson was that this crisis that has now been going on for more than a year is not going to be solved in a day is not going to be solved overnight syria's gearing up for parliamentary elections next week people feel that against the backdrop of a lack of security and of continuing violence that is simply not the right time to be holding these parliamentary elections but of course we've heard a lot of people calling for this. democracy in the country to be implemented through the ballot box and not three bullets. egypt's political transition continues to be scarred with intensifying violence less than three weeks before the country's first presidential elections after a loss' revolution a curfew has been extended for another night after friday really ended in fear of clashes between protesters and security forces in cairo leaving at these one person
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dead and scores injured artie's correspondent in the region policy has the details . well friday's violence a city have been triggered when protesters ignored warnings not to approach the defense ministry building they started throwing stones at security forces who responded with tear gas and water cannons and according to a number of eyewitnesses they were rounds of live ammunition that were fired what is particularly significant there is it for the first time we witnessing hard line islamists at the forefront of these what have become a weekly demonstration is with the ruling military and when we talk about islamists we're talking here about the powerful muslim brotherhood as well as the ultra conservative party and all of this comes hot on the heels of diddy caches earlier in the week on wednesday in front of the defense ministry building and here we see allegations go forward and backwards between the security forces and the protesters in terms of who started it so these surge in violence is affecting the election campaign in what we're witnessing is that these fears street battles are raising
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fears of a new cycle of violence ahead of these presidential elections on the twenty third and twenty fourth of may the violence has also lived the campaigning in turmoil already two front runners as well as several other candidates candidates have an ounce there they are temporarily suspending their campaigns in protest against the heavy handedness in which the ruling military has been dealing with protesters there is also anger increasing across the political spectrum against the supreme council of the armed forces they also say that the generals are not sincere about really wanting to hand over all the power of the twenty fourth of may. and that they're trying to maneuver a way that they can still maintain some kind of control over the reigns of the what we've been hearing from the generals it's that coming twenty fourth of may if there is one outright winner from one of the thirteen candidates who is standing in these presidential elections then they will hand over power but as i say increasingly
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egyptians on the street don't believe the word of the ruling military. students and government officials in quebec us said to have agreed a solution after months of protests against jewish in fiji hikes that's at least nine people were injured when riots turned violent on friday and saturday i made it a politician in the national assembly of kickbacks says canada sacrifices the needs of its people by spending billions on different defensive to side with america. all these policies of the canadian government are now heavily relying on defense defense policy with billions of spending uniquely in the last two years there have been almost more than five billion dollar of spending announced. with contracts with. american arm builders and in the same time the transfer to the provinces and money needed for the transfer for education for example has been
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curtailed so in those circumstances governments like the government is holding back on its social spending this is just unacceptable by the back and canadian standards it's almost unbelievable what was what has happened in the last three months because the police reacted so violently in a very disproportionate manner to some disturbances which would have been very easily. controllable by the government being on their very harsh. i would say pressure from all parts of society to come out of the crisis i think has lost control over its police force. russia's republic of dagestan has been mourning the victims of there is a night twin terror attacks to success the powerful blast killed thirteen people
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and injured more than one hundred r.t.s. maria international reports from the volatile state. it's a sad fact that the recent attacks on police and authorities and take a stand i'm merely the latest incident in a long running history of violence in russia's volatile caucasus region with thursday's tragedy has already become the most devastating in months two massive car blasts hit the outskirts of the capital markets and woke up the entire city. we were at home watching t.v. then we heard an explosion little t.v. set down and broke. around twenty cars were destroyed and the scene was littered with human body parts some even thrown as far as nearby trees and rooftops. de vry was spread for hundreds of meters around. my brother and me doctor middlebrooks for. my brother almost. but we were among the lucky
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ones as their tech claimed more than a dozen lives policemen rescuers local residents the first explosion took off here when officers from this police post stopped the car for documents checked apparently the driver was a suicide bomber minutes later as many police cars and ambulances teams and emergency crews and fire brigades reach the area the second last occurred it was much more powerful you can see the crater is huge one some reports say the second last had a force of one hundred kilos in t.n.t. coolant and it claimed the most victims investigators have already identified the owners of both exploded cars. the double attack one walmart or another is a tactic commonly used by international terrorist organizations such as in qaeda in places like it. in afghanistan it's designed to kill as many people as possible the president of darkest and was away when the blasts happened in
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a bitter irony he was at a congress in moscow highlighting a counterterrorism complains recent success. the caucasus region has been suffering attacks by islamist terrorists for years this recent one the deadliest militants strike is part of this and go in battle between russia's federal forces and militants and it's unlikely to be the last. hour to report on from in russia's biggest town clashes broke out in the german city of bond between local police and followers of a radical islam make a solid swing fighting erupted when they fled a stage a counter demonstration against an anti muslim rarely the radicals have been distributing free copies of the koran in major cities sparking concerns among some in germany over the spread of muslim extremism there's nothing illegal however. which are those behind of thing it's freedom of expression to tease a yugo or piece cannot investigate. afternoon
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breuer concerned. and once the words are being ended the redistribution of grants continued. three hundred thousand copies in over one hundred across most sports of germany. material here if the bible can be distributed why not the koran. there's nothing illegal about handing out the koran the campaign may be provocative since it kicked off during easter but it's not even the timing which could do so much attention but who is behind the distribution. in the southeast movement is one of the most radical wings of islam known for its truth interpretations of the koran and in association with jihad the holy war against nonbelievers and punishments that can include amputation and stoning none of the most constitutional penalties this man sums up the credo don't mention who gives
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men the right to create laws there too right belongs to. we're going to find a local community the campaign's long term goal is to put twenty five million copies of the koran into german forms but it's not clear which interpretation is being used. but. there are passages about violence especially against women who are not protected by the law as men would be also about violet's it gets the other faithful. it says here this is only an approximate translation. one of germany's most influential service leaders has already been charged in cologne with inciting the public to commit illegal acts. i do believe these people are dangerous they don't just issue which is ok but they're trying to draw the youth into a specific interpretation which promotes violence. the distribution of religious
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literature is protected by the constitution being part of the right to the freedom of opinion and religion as long as it doesn't promote violence he tricked. it's not officially established if that's the case with all the qur'an is being given by the zionists so for now the only legal option for the german authorities is to stand aside and watch. the berlin. stay up to date twenty four seven with r.t. dot com let's take a look at what else we've got lined up for you on a website right now the f.b.i. is watching you and i'm president of new surveillance program is to be prepared it will monitor all your activities through facebook. pricey i a multi-billion dollar agreement on active shelf development has been fined between the russian all company rules nafta and always a stat oil. as
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the us government introduced cuts at all levels of public education in los angeles parents and teachers and children have relit in forza saying the measures have put education beyond the reach of many they blame washington for for living standards after slashing the education budget by half in recent years archie's. listened to their plight. parents who join forces can be a powerful voice for change your how do you think i was reflection or actually i was. missing the third but this is being served if the governor is caught you go into a problem i have from two thousand and three told today if you will of experience
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of forty six percent much you can know eleven year old vanessa had to repeat her grade and was well behind and just reading ability she lives with her mother to remain in a poor town in south in california. frustration over what she sees as the school's failings and that her to use the studies pioneering parent trigger law we were outraged disappointed and felt that we had to do something find a way to make a positive change her children the law allows parents at a school with consistently poor results to file a petition to reform this court although rejected by the local authority to send this case parents are taking it all the way to the courts. i don't want to get upset but it's frustrating because i want my daughter to get out of the kitchen of myself three or four he's going to be getting killed every day i mean if he starts in this school might as well keep my home because he's not going to be in there and we need to get the best for him and for both of them because i want to go to her
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opportunities in life to be become somebody and i had to learn to doesn't stand alone when it comes to dating standards how imported by the states coffers are running on empty. or programs and even the number of teachers have all been cut and the axe has a step swing that's. been proposed twenty twelve budget with slashing thirty five point two billion dollars from public school funding unless motorists can be persuaded to have income and sales taxes. for. now some schools here are moving to four day weeks canceling still troops and charging students to play sports well mothers like since you do read are trying to take the law into their own hands and show this story geez that their children deserve the right to decide now to cation original question marty reporting from california and now some more stories making headlines around the world at this hour
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a river near one of nepal's most popular results has burst its banks and swept away a village killing thirteen people blood waters from the swollen set to river smash into buildings and leaving seventeen missing including three tourists on the helicopters and a private airline that have been deployed to the area for risky operation. fourteen people have been killed when a fire tore through a drug rehab clinic in piru an investigation is underway but the blaze is reported to have begun after one of the patients said lie to a mattress the swallows another drug clinic fire in the country that killed twenty seven patients in january this year. thousands have marched through tokyo to march of pan switching off its last working nuclear reactor for the first time in over forty years of the country would be without a tomic energy after intense public opposition following the fukushima plant meltdown caused by last year's quake and tsunami the government had been eager to
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restart some reactors fearing blackouts and rising emissions as they turned to other power sources. being a member of a secret society can apparently grant you an elevated sense of status and power but how much influence can it give you on the world stage our resident laurie hoffman estates on the streets of new york to find out the pinions of people. do you believe a secret elite is running the world this week let's talk about that there doesn't seem to be any compelling evidence the world has too many. disparate and independently acting things and functions in it for there to be sort of a single. ball of individuals instructing them where to go it just doesn't seem credible to me what about groups like the bills or bridge group or the bohemian club those kinds of things and i think a lot of that is just sort of overblown and just rhetorical but there are groups of
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people that are powerful men that get together once a year and no one knows what they're talking about but we know they get together what do you think they're talking about. i get together with my friends couples homes here nobody knows who are talking about either so i don't really care about what those are you don't think that they're making decisions that influence your life not at all as a do exists. in a part of the world but not the whole world so it seems there is a lot of different groups with different goals so there's a little element of it but it's not as evil as people might think yes exactly i don't really have an opinion on it i mean if you know rich people or rich people are going to have their on the country club that's fine with me to really bother me but money influences the world's right true but many of these people probably are employing us right kind of goes both ways so it seems like most people don't even care whether or not there's a secret elite group of people ruling the world and if they do exist that's probably just the way they like it.
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i'll be back in a couple of minutes with the headlines and right after that stay with us for a fascinating trip into the very heart of russia in our latest documentary. join me on a journey to the heart of the problem to
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a place is hidden from the terrorist you're going to meet some real credible insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. . looking. to defeat it.
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the official location. from the. video. an r.s.s. feed now in the palm of your.
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dot com. thank you for tuning into our t.v. let's take a look at the headlines at this hour french ex-pats and cost their ballots in the country's presidential vote as decides on sunday between nicolas sarkozy and his socialist rival. in an election which has split the country. the self-proclaimed mastermind of the nine eleven terror attacks on the judges questions with the stony silence at one tunnel chord some critiques. however i believe the timing of the military tribunal is politically motivated. and a day of mourning is observed in russia's republic of dagestan for the victims of a double bombing which rocked the capital on thursday night they.


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