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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2012 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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twenty four hours a day seven days a week of this is our teeth thank you for tuning in france all land has asked that nicholas a currency from the french presidency to become the country's first socialist president in seventeen years it was a close call winning just fifty one percent of the vote against his rivals forty nine correspondent tester's the i has been witnessing while celebrations at the socialist party headquarters in paris. the results are out france has a new president socialist challenger francois long has a college of victory making him the first socialist president in a seventy day years and for because sarkozy is now the eleventh e.u. leader to be swept from power since the crisis started i put it forth this add to your sturdy sentiment she weeping across the continent now for a lot he has presented himself for the most part as the man who will unite france will bring back equality essentially by war to the heavily taxed big corporations and rich and the vigils the psycho's he had said during his campaign that he is the
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only one who will be able to bring france out of the economic part borrowed say and but a lot said it is speech that he is up to that challenge one of the first things he wants to do as president this is speak with germany's angela merkel to renegotiate that fiscal pact that had been agreed upon so early it's sending a symbol to europe this is a socialist when and for as it's what kind of the what direction europe will take now with frazz changing its course there's also the question though of what kind of change and how much change can all on really bring to the country as he has promised given all the constraints that he will be facing with certainly he will have a very busy first few weeks there's a nato summit coming up where he's going to present to the u.s. as far as what would draw a french troops to afghanistan earlier than planned as well that's a g. twenty so the world is certainly watching what kind of pressure is going to be with france warlord as their new president as we just heard from our correspondent.
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along to has promise a raft of reforms in france but french taxpayers will again be the ones to tighten their belts to fulfill his ambitious plans that's according to alex coble spokesman for the qantas centrepoint news website. french voters. a choice between a man no longer wanted sarkozy and a man they didn't really want to hold on to he promised a lot of things he promised new public jobs in in education nearly sixty soltan. a raise in the minimum wage decrease in the in the pension in the pension age figure is like twenty billion additional expenses he plans to finance this twenty billion by by raising taxes so you will see a lot of austerity in the future and believe me believe me in the coming weeks or in the coming months the bond markets will be more watchful than the french voters
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and as socialists triumph in france in greece at the elections have seen fascism making big gains as a sitting government takes a taking from voters furious over economic hardships. later in the program we see how the extreme nationalist golden dawn card to look setter and to the quick comment for the first time in the very strong demonstration yet voters rejected the authority of imposed by the e.u. leaders. just as vladimir putin prepares to take office a russian fugitive is offering big money for his arrest exiled a russian tycoon about us a bit of a ski is reportedly offering a bounty to anyone who detains putin at the immigration our correspondent bennett has details from london. what is plan is to have putin arrested for what he calls the illegal seizing of power so he's offering up
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a bounty what used to be fifty million rubles but now one new source in russia is claiming that he's increased that ten times to five hundred million rubles which equates to around seventeen million dollars and he's offering that anyone basically any member of the public who'll arrest the president elect he calls a highly dangerous crude criminal ahead of his inauguration on monday so he's advertising this bounty on his facebook pages live journal blog which is a very big in russia and he has a number of followers in fact and he's appealing to the general public not just the general public also even. parts of putin's inner circle like his bodyguards asking them to start what would be a mutiny and he's ultimately wants obviously to see the opposition in power the growing popular protest movement. and he's even calling on the prosecutor general's office in russia to what to restore what he calls constitutional order and so he's
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clearly aligning himself here with the popular protest movement we've seen recently in moscow. seems to think it is perfectly legal he's saying that if putin does become president of russia for a third time then he'll be in breach of the constitution because he claims that the wording around someone can run for president at the time is very very good at the moment. claims this and let's not forget either that he is in fact a wanted man in russia he's been on the run there since well for the good part of a decade now he fled russia back in the early part of the first presidential term after falling out with the president he fled russia after there was an investigation into his ownership of a large chunk of state assets back then and since then he's been living in the u.k. where he sought asylum living off his dwindling wealth and perfectly happy basically to live here hoping that britain won't extradite him and so clearly is very much in his interests that he inspires this popular protest movement and
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clearly that he sponsors it as well. journalist don de bar thinks it's entirely possible bures off his ideas are inspired overseas well he's based in the u.k. and he apparently is getting very favorable treatment of some rather in my opinion the outlandish atlanta tends to restrict the free press from the british courts that's pretty high up and so i think on the one hand probably from the british government but also if you consider the situation between the united states and russia right now where you have the united states very upset with russia over its veto of the attempt to use military force against syria and also the tension over the installation of the so-called anti missile was system in western and even eastern europe the united states may very well be behind this when vladimir putin's inauguration is now just a few hours away so don't forget to join us from seven thirty g.m.t.
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in the morning special coverage of the event from the stunning splenda of the crime in the halls. i. opposition activists have clashed with police in central moscow off to define orders to move to their officially agreed location for their reading the anti-government protests dubbed the march of millions was time for the evil vladimir putin's presidential inauguration t.s.a.
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you got a piece cannot has the details. the around the itself originally was pretty peaceful until one of the radical leaders of the opposition i said you would die so if called on the crowd to move away from the authorized area and gathered at another spot not agreed with the authorities the police tried blocking the crowd you to see t.v. scenes but i guess some of the radical activists tried breaking through the very key to leading to scuffles and clashes with the authorities some activists were seeing throwing pieces of concrete molotov cocktails even and small growing aids at the police and this led to injuries on both sides according to the latest figures that we're getting twenty seven people have been injured including twenty policeman at one point the situation here in moscow really began looking like last year's riots in london and many people we spoke with here say they're fed up with this
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huge you got to deal with the people who carry out such actions are extremists while people who want to change things though not by way of revolution not by violence but through reforms those are the kind of people we need like you guys and we need to the protests out of control there's nothing good in this we need to try and find peaceful solutions to all problems. bug will not die you know everyone sick and tired of it so we want peace this is useless. several journalists were injured here as well and in a separate incident a man fell out of the window of the building as he was taking photographs of the protest march the building is not far away here from square it's fair to say that police were not getting ready for any aggressive behavior from the protesters since most of the previous rallies did go on peacefully so there were no water cannons no teeth tear gas used either but due to the aggressive behavior two hundred fifty
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people were arrested including three opposition leaders including city with guards often blogger aleksey. why me who is now calling in his twitter account for people to go to hair on sanctions just rallies. despite a lot of coverage a spokesman dmitri peskov us says that even though there were indeed demonstrations against the president elect they size and scale has been greatly over the playing by international media to the contrary the amount of those. who are willing to produce it is decreasing and decreasing quite significantly or it's really very marginal are. part of moscow right there amount of it's quite insignificant it cannot be compared with a one who would take part in actions and demonstrations there are in a free world of already being done by the government when it comes on to national income have attendance or the jury service we or an area
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a car from the general trend of their money is asian or for britain proved to be their manic developing and changing personality or politician estates banding together with this country. and elsewhere in moscow all supporters of the government and political establishment to have been marking the anniversary of the popular front meant created by vladimir putin last year our correspondent irina was the. because and supporters of course are pro primarily those who are comprising the popular frauds which is liberating it's one years that the first three today the organization was formed on the initiative although it's been put in in order to bring together all those who were not participating in any political parties were not members of any political parties but so one just at one point maybe to make a sort of a political statement those people were all gathered under the umbrella of the
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popular front and a lot of the we're here today with the flags there saying victory and woods and together because people here are brotherly those who support the government and everything that is happening in the country right now at the moment. this and other stories of annabelle at our website and. also online you know we've been there and it was a brave a kind human trial for killing over seventeen people some fellow appears on a finished talking team bilbo and apparently because he was mistakenly included in the clubs a fan list find out how that happened online. and to a mass distribution of free copies of the koran in berlin is described as freedom of religious expression by those behind it but others feel the involvement of radical muslim extremists.
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police in bahrain have to tame the head of the country's center for human rights for criticizing the interior ministry on twitter and the bill ridge aab a key figure in the opposition to the ruling regime was arrested days before his interview by the world's top whistleblower julian assange just to and our team the civil rights leader was already facing charges for participating in protests against the government and was returning to bahrain for a sunday court hearing the uprising has been ongoing for fourteen months now with a predominantly shiite population protesting against the sunni ruling dynasty patrick henningsen editor the website info rules dot com says that generally szymon rights activists like my view of job stand out because they're willing to criticize but only western allies. mr rajab is significant figure in the human rights movement globally no bill has been arrested in the past has been detained
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has been beaten possibly tortured so this should come as no surprise now with the western press is out of the country there's less of an opportunity for them to to really zero in on sort of the human rights abuses that the bahraini government has become very well known for you can also tell a legitimate human rights worker or human rights organization from a manipulative one if they're criticizing a u.s. or british or a lawyer they're more likely to be a legitimate human rights organization and not manipulated one through mr rajab because i believe he is guys finger on the pulse of genuine human rights situation in bahrain when you're criticizing a u.s. ally like bahrain if you're in the press you're not going to be given the air time as much as you would if you're criticizing the assad government that's why this will wash away within days or weeks and day you'll get the chance to see julian assange just exclusive interview with bill read job and choose stay here on our.
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i speak to two leading revolutionaries one from bahrain where the revolution was in egypt where the revolution is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to go. the neo nazi party golden dawn is set to become the latest addition to the greek parliament exit polls show the extreme nationalist organization has won between six and eight percent of the vote well above the required three percent threshold economic analyst and international lawyer nick us great because i believe that greeks a want to punish the governing parties when i'm paying attention to the people's once the needs. greece the governments have not dealt with the issue of illegal immigration very well we don't know how many illegal immigrants we have and we've got to get it was springing up in many areas of athens now this particular group has been shopped enough to understand that it's vigilantes on the streets
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protecting parks. turning away prostitutes and drug runners and they've won quite a large slice of popular support and more than that this particular election was also one in which anger prevailed they wanted to punish the two large parties after the changes that we've seen in france now as well and the political landscape shifting massively in greece and the general feeling across europe i think austerity will have to be turned down there may be ways to cut deficits through reducing waste but from there on the european population is not willing to stand for something like this they want a reasonable quality of life they want the rich to pay their share as well and they don't want an economic policy that doesn't focus on unemployment growth and general living standards because all we've done until now was slash and burn which
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hasn't helped anything morning continues in russia's republic of dagestan for the victims of thursday's double blas terra to vent part with explosives just twenty minutes apart in the outskirts of the capital. leaving thirteen people dead and more than one hundred wounded autism area for national talk to the relatives of those who gave their own lives to save others. national mourning dagestan under muslim tradition three days after the funerals family and friends come to the symmetry twice a day to pray and to paris packed to their loved ones over. two massive car bombs hit the capital thursday claiming more than a dozen lives these freshly dug grave is the final resting place of twenty nine year old police officer. back of his name is hendrik no hear. me he says he feels
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lost without his brother who'd acted as the head of the family since their dad passed away years ago. when the first blast happened i tried to call him but it vague that he called me back saying he was around to go into the sea to help he said all those fine with him but the scene is a mess and he has to stay out to help i could hear cries of sobbing through his phone he said i'm going to call you in five to ten minutes ok. but he never called back the next time she would see his brother would be in a morgue. a piece of metal that had been placed around the boy did his change came out through. the symmetries keeper says at least this family had a body many others received only body parts in plastic bags it's a sad fact that the recent attacks on the police and authorities in dagestan
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a merely the latest incidents in a long running history of violence in russia's volatile caucasus region but thursday's tragedy has already become the most devastating in months the first explosion took off here when officers from these police posts stopped the call for documents apparently the driver was a suicide bomber minutes later as many police cars and i'm real and stains and emergency crews and fire brigades reach the area the second last occurred it was much more powerful you can. see the crater was huge one some reports say the second last had a force of one hundred kilos into intake island and it claimed the most victims of the double attack one walmart or another is a tactic commonly used by international terrorist organizations such as and qaeda in places like iraq and afghanistan is designed to kill as many people as possible if their right jihadi networks around the region is hosting dreaming is even
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funding some of the activities of you know terrorist in russia in an instant lives were snuffed out families left devastated. women again under the rules of islam don't go to cemeteries they grieve at home and the mother along with the wife say he never liked cameras and they have to console themselves with a few pictures they have. left in the morning and then came back you forgot something i told him this is a bad luck all will be fine mom could try to calm me but. i don't know how long i'm gonna live but i'll live for the only. leaves behind two little girls. actually we really i'll tell them to be good girls is their father is watching us and will tell them to be proud of him because he was a brave man he ran to help and died he was the best father in the world i'll tell the. t.
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in russia's dagestan. time now for more of the world's news a tornado has ripped through eastern japan killing a teenage boy and injuring dozens the twister took our politicians in the city of two good barges north of tokyo around twenty thousand homes are still have no electricity and many more houses have been destroyed. you saw there in yemen a one of the most wanted al qaeda chief. has been killed by its rights it was responsible for the suicide attack against the warship the u.s.s. cole in a over two thousand which killed seventeen american sailors and injured thirty nine two other al qaeda terrorists also died in the air raids. in pakistan large crowds call for their prime minister to resign after his conviction for contempt of court last month of the country's supreme court abroad charges against pakistan's prime minister refusing to reopen an old corruption case against the country's
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president people accused of the government of working to hide their own corruption and vowed not to allow the judiciary to become tainted. the syrian government has granted an amnesty to two hundred sixty five rebels ahead of monday's multi-party parliamentary vote the first such election in decades meanwhile a series of blasts in the capital damascus and the north or in city of aleppo killed at these three civilians on saturday and as sara further reports people are placing increasing hope on the u.n. observer mission monitoring the frequently breach cease fire i was in the heart of damascus thousands about to mourn the dead at the funerals of people killed during clashes. isn't the capital once again drew into focus the very precarious situation the country now finds itself in before the bodies of the that they carried through the streets of damascus a few rolls the people who were killed on demonstration day here's the story you've
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got the military the security watching and this is at the same time as the un observers are supposed to be here overseeing the peace plan you know early in the day we've joined the un observers on one of the daily to is to flash point areas if scientists have been traveling to some of the areas where the focus is by things being great and you can see on the ground small slow steps are being taken in the observers are really going to be one thing over the coming period be fielding all night observers are also based full time in some cities like homs and it led many have felt that their presence there has bought some calm we have little time between stops to speak to the people who live here those we do talk to tell us that the last few days have been quiet but they don't know how long that will last long in a situation is much calmer there's not much happening here now while i'm about to show people. that are so people shooting and i ran away i don't know exactly what was
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happening we're here at the checkpoints on the device or the scene of the u.n. have just done a tour through the area it's been a very very fast trip they've literally driven through stopping at some of the military checkpoints around to speak to some of the people but no more than five ten minutes at a time to give you barely enough time to speak to some of the people in the area and get a feel for exactly what's been happening here was the observers presence here does seem to have made some small in rights situation in the country is far from stable tension in the capital of damascus is palpable explosions here a regular occurrence now and security everywhere is. tight firefighters rushed to the scene after a demonstration servers themselves have admitted a resolution won't happen overnight and it will have to come in large parts from the syrian people themselves but with parliamentary elections next week and with
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the observer mission under close scrutiny a scenes like this would do anything to raise hopes that this mission will be a success but they also show the very real and urgent need for it to be say sara for r.t. damascus. i'll be back with a recap of your headlines in just a couple of moments and then it's over to peter lavelle and cross-talk.
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culture is that so much as i've ever been which of course you're right on a few of them so here it is the lessons of the job of a major crisis but more on the speculation control the markets and can free markets do better things than regular it. is believed to be. you do need.
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to a substantial degree and one form or another socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the shadow is i'm approaching a couple of. the early twenty first century military bases
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a network of military bases all around the world for misleading empire that the united states is trying to build it's astonishing most americans have no idea there are more than a quarter of a million or more than two hundred fifty thousand u.s. troops stationed on these bases all around us. we don't have foreign bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in our bases afai there are the noises i want noise and doesn't bother us at all because they're all bases but for other people it's almost like a cancer here for these people. since the end of world war two the spaces i've been . working here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody. the
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questions any of thing else you get everything you need. you're watching our t.v. here's a recap of the headlines socialist francois londa has won for instance presidential election incumbent nicolas sarkozy with fifty one percent of the vote to become the country's first socialist president in seventeen me as. a fugitive exiled russian the all the god. puts a bounty on vladimir putin for anyone willing to detain the russians the day his presidential inauguration on monday. protestors stories smokes a grenades and fireworks in clashes with pride police in moscow at an anti government rally with a number of opposition leaders arrested after apparently inside taking calls of to defy police orders to move.


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