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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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please. it makes his comeback in the kremlin as you sworn in as head of state. and he promises a major reforms opinions are you did on the streets of moscow as opposition protesters clashed with police just the day before he takes office again i'll be here with more details in just a moment. but graner arrests a human rights activist just days before his interview with. julian assange is right here on our t.v. and you can watch the explosive show on tuesday. and falls under the weight of france's mounting debt a socialist leader grabs the presidency spelling change for the future.
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a very warm welcome to you on this very big day here in moscow rory suchet live on arts he. is now officially russia's president within just the past hour we've seen him sworn in during a grand ceremony at the kremlin his third as the country's leader has kicked off and he will hold the post for the next six years of course. you were inside the kremlin throughout this inauguration of you know i've been to the kremlin a couple of times now but i've never been to the grandiose george hall you were there what was it like is what i understand is the ceremony was ultimately short and sweet certainly have been to the kremlin lots of times like it dozens of times
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it's the first time i have attended the certainly very interesting ceremony rubbing shoulders with so many of you from different sphere from sports from armstrong military from religious fear so many about three thousand. and guess where they're now the ceremony itself was rather short it took less than an hour for the whole process we standing there and it's in georges hall witnessed amazing video shots of how president if entered the kremlin of how back then prime minister now certainly a president elect now certainly the president vladimir putin. and accept the government building and his travel through cordoned off streets of moscow with some amazing aerial shots we all saw that from the from inside the. whole then put in arrived the whole process took about five minutes with the idea with the handing over the actual bits of power to vladimir putin the huge presidential medal
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made of gold and rubies then there was a short both pronounced by vladimir putin in fact it was only thirty three words three words shorter than an oath of the american president i believe we have a chance to listen to that oath by that which. as i fulfill the duties of the president of the russian federation i swear to protect and guarantee the rights and freedoms of our citizens to observe and protect the constitution of the russian federation to protect the sovereignty independence and territorial integrity of our state to serve its people faithfully. so these words mean that putin will be russia's president for the next six years at least he has begun certainly the people who were there inside georgia greeted that with huge round of applause everyone seemed to be very happy when putin was actually passing through the red carpet beside the people he was shaking hands with with many of them standing in the in the front row those are certainly as i've said artists.
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different generals great pressure veterans there were a few dozen there very interesting thing to see them there because as we know in just a couple of days we'll have the the day celebrations here in russia and the country the former cia is anyway later on just twenty minutes after it was officially sworn in as the country's president the whole where we do this in georgia was empty because all of those people went to a dinner some speculate it's a million dollar worth dinner it's just speculation possibly but still we heard some things on the menu they can black caviar fried far eastern style scallops different types of expensive wine and champagne regrettably i didn't make it there but it's a real. believe that with some part of the world the champagne the caviar the scallops it sounds like a million dollars in and to me. that i wasn't there with you but indeed very good for you correctly leisure's in six years time you have the chance to thank so much . there is still though
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a lot of work ahead for vladimir putin of course so he want to large majority to return him to power but it wasn't with the backing of everyone now let's cross over to our correspondent now we are standing by outside the kremlin for us now is good to see you and you know so just how much opposition has putin been facing on the lead up to use an organization. well usually and not always worry comes down to a very black and white situation when it comes to being a for or against vladimir putin and that was really the feeling on the streets of moscow just a day before this inauguration you had pro putin rallies but also an opposition rally which turned quite ugly the opposition has been growing since december elections and claims there are vast fraud it lost a little bit of steam but yesterday it should be said was the first time we really saw any kind of provocations or violence from a movement that has so far been not only peaceful but quite festive at times really but really the underlining point here is leading up to this election russians have
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never been more politically involved in what's happening in their country and to speak now more about that joining me is sergei but a lot of he's a political analyst a journalist also commentated the entire ceremony for russian television i don't want to talk so much about the ceremony because i want to use you being here it was a lot of experience and i'm sort of no one would argue with that what people do argue about is putin and whether or not he's going to be ready to reinvent himself what do you think point two point zero so to say now let me. let me have a different question about the opposition it's very much from the streets. and also i normally is a program and most of the tweets protests since december have been on saturday so i'm sort of a specialist in story tried since the protests now with those you respects and those who haven't quite a lot of friends among those people who are in the opposition plus. this is not
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a viable opposition so these pictures a picture ras yes we see people with slogans and shouting it said but that's in parliament so the real viable opposition firstly doesn't exist in this country and secondly is very much in the parliament but that's part of the argument that they can't get into the apartment that the system is built that way it's well it was built that way that will be the first to say that yes the previous political parties about the i would actually say draconian that is to explain in order to participate in a political process in this country that you've got to have a party and then go to have a party at. the previous lawyer had to have fifty thousand members of the recent changes you would only have to have five hundred changes the plan the rama now what's really of these new regulations is. because also yesterday's riots were dominated by one of those new parties which was has been created according to new rules and all the can see the process and instead of a normal political process having said that of course there are people who are
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against him not necessarily belonging to the reds at the low position sol forty percent of the parliaments composed of from other political forces like the communist party let's say the socialist party to make things easier and the liberal democrats the nationalists and i just spoke and say couple of leaders a policeman hodges represented the republicans and yes they will vote against mr clinton excuse me mr me did if tomorrow who's going to bed you who has been the president and who is now the candidate to the job of prime minister pointed bye bye bye then you leave actually present president started to read out how much real reform because even some of the opposition members in the real viable want this is you call them say that it won't even be so much about just criticizing putin if they see real results that we have those political reforms but in terms of corruption in terms of modernization when a russian is going to start to feel those changes well i'm looking forward to. thing. the elections with which we will have an.
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election in this by the way in which the political newly created political parties will be able to participate with. balances or regulations so he. believes. in the. second thing is. the reform which in my mind is not so much political as the economic and social thing. to be saying the same thing for several consecutive. to do something else. but. the sort of modernization going to. happen in the next. about his presidency but in fact i think. maybe three more.
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in. these will happen. reform have been. happening i think i'm afraid we will be in there. people getting the right. but nothing really happening in the economy. in russia now it is. serious about it. having said that you know the difference between the past and they say that the past. has been better informed. yes indeed being well of reforms on the side of things. has been. have been a serious lesson for the political. divide. speed of the appointments means to me
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defensive by music which is the problem in which west indian friends will discuss it tomorrow which is given the duty and even the unprecedented chad deal to actually have these consultations within twenty four hours of the integration i think the political play has lessened both the opposition and those inside these from the break bread rolls but it's never been a more interesting time. russia as a journalist or gabriel thank you very much for joining us with your analysis. begins his third term in the kremlin. all right. outside the kremlin thanks very much. let's get some more insight into this now into exactly how vladimir putin's return will affect russia's foreign relations us talk a journalist and broadcaster neil clark joining us on the line from oxford here live on the program. good to see you today thanks for coming on r t let's address the one big thing here that of foreign policy we always know that in the immediate
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day or so when a new leader was inaugurated other world leaders telephoned them up to say congratulations and it's all smiles and happiness but let's talk about foreign policy do you think putin's come back to the kremlin will shape russian's foreign policy in a different direction from the way it's been going well i think that who does come back is very good news for russia and indeed for the rest of the world there were a slight differences between president medvedev and putin on foreign policy we saw that for example back in the georgia conflict in two thousand and eight and i think what we're going to see now that change will be is that russia will play an even more positive role i think in international. standing up to western aggression standing up for the rights of independent sovereign states standing up for international law and i think that russia. is going to be very good for the world as it's been a key aggressive west check as indeed russia has done so far in relations to syria
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and iran. as you say so indeed having having been back at the helm may be good for certain parts of the world not particularly to the pilots of some in the west let's let's bring up some of those issues that have been indigestible for example unsolvable issues between our russia on the west our syria iran the missile defense plan in europe how will the issues do you think these ones in particular play out in the hands of putin and his western counterparts well i think it's up to the west to be in the aggressors in all of these instances that you talk about it's up to the west to change their behavior and not up to russia the computers standing up to aggression regard to syria and iran. i think the western elite must accept there can be nobility in those countries but except that they do except except that they won't be a problem we've got to see they saw the fences to it going i think the ball is in the west's call the west has got to realize this is a very provocative act and if they go ahead with you know russia will respond so hopefully the west will respond to the election of president putin in the right way
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back down now some experts have said that putin has overplayed his patriotic and sometimes almost anti american car during his election campaign will that do for russia u.s. relations do you think i'm not sure i'm not sure i read except that he has overplayed an anti american car during the campaign i mean all he's done is basically he is sitting on the stand for russia's own interests and i don't think he's anti-american per se or president putin is saying is that america must behave like a responsible member the international community it must stop threatening other countries it must abide by international law like everyone else must do so i think it's really up to the u.s. to change its behavior not russia all right a new life and joining us here on many many thanks and thank you very much for it. r.t. is coming to you live from the heart of moscow. they've arrested the country's main human rights activist who's been one of the leaders of the uprising an appeal of
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our job but was detained late saturday on his arrival from lebannon it comes just days before his appearance on julian sanchez show here on our city where the whistleblower quizzed him and an egyptian activist over the revolutions in the arab states bennett has details. well the of origins of said is that now bill rand job is being suspected of committing a number of crimes punishable by law and he's now being held on charges of inciting and taking part in illegal demonstrations and it should be remembered though that now be all right jabs position has landed him in a number of made in the target even of the bahraini authorities before because he is a highly prominent activist there and also one of the most vocal outspoken critics of the country's ruling family and that's really what makes this next step so you enough time to show so significant because this is thought to be. last interview before his latest arrest now is considered one of the heroes of the first protests
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that took place in bahrain last february he's now got over one hundred forty thousand followers on twitter disease the head of the bahraini center for human rights and he's really the driving force behind the mass demonstrations that we're still seeing in the streets of bahrain despite a government ban on on public protests there since it became known that he was appearing on sanjay and that's that's what he elaborated on in this next episode when i said in my twitter account that i'm going to meet julian assange and i'm going to speak to me t.v. program my house was surrounded by almost one hundred policemen and. machine guns. and they realized that i was not at home didn't they just. to tell me to come to depopulation prosecutor today at four o'clock where i am here so the very day that he was summoned by the public prosecutor's office in bahrain he actually chose instead to. talk show and and appear on r.t.
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using the platform as an international platform even to criticize the regime in bahrain and it's for this reason june last stanage things why he's been arrested basically by appearing on this. ranch out would indeed be risking a great deal but even so. he that he would be willing to pay any consequences that come of it because he says he would be fighting in the name of democracy this is what he had to say. but this is the struggle this is the freedom this is democracy that we are fighting for as a cost and we have to bid of course and of course might be very expensive as we have been caused by when we were willing to bid for the changes that we are fighting for now one of the other guests this week going to do now is another prominent activist in the in the arab spring his name is our abdel fattah he was he was highly influential figure in the uprising in egypt last year in tahrir square
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that like right up to has become a target of your thora sees the fact that even the sound is speaking to the very people who are making leave things happen in these countries and are willing to face the consequences as we've seen with now bill roggio with his arrest this weekend well that really that's what makes this next episode really one that's not to be missed and you can see here marty is being so now eleven thirty g.m.t. this tuesday. to speak to two leading revolutionaries one from bahrain for the revolution failed was really egypt where the revolution is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to go. it's good to have you with us here on r.t. today still ahead for you this hour that have guns votes syria now holding parliamentary election in decades after president assad the new constitution but
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the opposition however vows to boycott the vote calling it a farce. francois hollande has defeated nicolas sarkozy in the french presidential runoff making him the latest e.u. leader to be swept aside by the crippling debt crisis. among the first steps the president elect is planning is to push back against german led austerity measures well let's get some more ideas on the outcome of that and now speak to our load of anna was to form a belgian m.p. an international consultant i thanks for coming on r.t. today how do you explain the success of the socialist candidate at these elections are people just desperate at this point for some alternative to drastic cuts and economic stagnation well you can or you can at least send a part of the french population and desperate. on the other hand we should do not forget that faulty nine percent of the french people still voted for the incumbent
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president for sarkozy so it's not exactly a landslide victory for all our listening to get there and i mean you should we should also take into account how people voted in the first france rina almost the last thirty five percent of people voted on the extreme we well do political spectrum extreme left an extreme right choice you have to do it he'll have to make a very imbalanced exercise awkward in coming years so i'm sorry to interrupt as you're saying you're saying it was a very very at the end of the day it was a very close match up between sarkozy but how did our line get it well you know that's very hard to see from norman because apparently each people who voted extreme left extreme right so all of fifty fifty went to along and so busy with a little bit of advantage too alarmed and i think probably but it just an educated guess it has to do also with the personality of both candidates people tend to vote
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for a normal guy while sarkozy's character and you know and shirton behavior has been reprimanded to bite people. now let's let's address some of the as a horse which is called the election promise as our land has valves over a vast austerity and the pension age increased. brought in by sarkozy also reduce wealth inequality these are some pretty lofty promises here can he deliver on all of us well actually indeed and i think that is part of the reason why he did it again get more enjoyment and be at a slim majority lifing nice in the short term he can certainly deliver on these issues for a very simple reason you know the define ensure consequences of policies always follow like for about a year after you take them the thing is also how will other european countries should react to it or will the go in the same way what will is just counter react and a lot will depend of germany to do. what we certainly do we do understand that the
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german chancellor has already invited all on to to come and meet and talk about what a lot as we saying should be a new fiscal error has alternately been dominated by germany having a stroll there up a lot of the struggling euro zone if i may mr bennett was there one more question for you or some have raised concerns over fossil ons experience as he's never held a government post and share any of these concerns no i don't let's not forget the president of united states now the government post i mean i can cite you several presidents who are now going to the government those who did quite well i can cite you others. on itself it's not a concern you know it all depends on which people he chooses you know in politics is a saying that you are as good as good as the advisors that you choose and so far what i see is he is going in the right way he's choosing people who will do at least put it on and tell they will deliver on this deliver on his promises or at a form of
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a belgian m.p. international consultant load of a new star live on r.t. thanks for coming on extra. right r.t. dot com today all the latest from today's presidential inauguration ceremony. in the hot water in iran and google leaving the persian gulf nameless on its online map find out what could be motivating the internet giant t.v. dot com. i'm quite diverse you surrounds jayanta pictures of stalin placed on public buses in russia on the eve of victory day you can read all about that also at our team dot com. now syria is holding a parliamentary election today amid the ongoing shaky cease fire and the first such vote in decades allows the formation of political factions to compete with the ruling baath party and the opposition has already urged a boycott saying it has president assad's attempt to cling to power rather than
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a willingness for reform but as r.t. sara reports many in syria say it's the best time for both sides to lay down their weapons damascus right now is the sea of faith is campaign pastis plastering. for weeks more than seven thousand candidates by public support one of the two hundred fifty seats available at thirty years old louis says he feels he's the voice of the young here and wants to bring that into the political sphere. now in syria we have some problem it's a problem of people wanting to make this really democratic everyone must go and choose someone who can speak about this problem the people in this parliament but the elections being questioned at least being held during a period of extreme instability in the country it is really a complete nonsense to arrange voting. in the country. the
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country kind of. people and too many cities and villages and towns that the donees one of these towns not far from damascus before the crisis it was a popular holiday spot but over the course of the conflict is an area that's seen this fighting with control switching from the government to the free syrian army and then back again in many ways subadult is continuing strong resistance to the regime has been a declaration of what they want us free army to come here and start the fight again with the government. safety. you know maybe maybe maybe maybe any time the army has come in your house and take you yeah . outside. of these houses some people say. amounts the price paid for this resistance has been high following the u.n.
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observers we find a population for him elections the last thing on their minds here inside of danielle is full you've got a mark of the election campaign i stood in front of. the head you've got the faces of people who died during the conflict one boy just thirteen years old. many lies been lost because the conflict in syria is part of the reason many people are now desperate to seal sides lay down there are a result of this conflict in the way the killing does not need does not lead to a solution talking does very little because it starts i suppose. the variance will be this the oppositions boycotted the election left little discussion here the opposition should have pretty supported and should have requested some sort of monitoring when you joining teams in order to.
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scrutinize the elections and the results of the elections this does not happen it is one of the mistakes of the position that it did not persecute because one of the mistakes of the government did not encourage the opposition lack of consultation on the part of the government and lack of participation from the opposition. dented any chance that this they bring about radical change something everyone in this country does. because of the loss of. we are fighting each other not trees were bullets and this is you know. syria. it is good to have you with us here on r.t. today a reminder of our top story here of lot of per turn has been sworn in as the new president of russia and a grand inauguration ceremony in the kremlin dmitri medvedev handed power to the
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new head of state who took the oath on the constitution i thought he one gun salute . after the ceremony and in just a few moments i'll be back with the headlines up but for now let's take a look back at some of the highlights of this event. was.
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the what sets us . and us. is the fuel this is going to get it's a good local school school even at hitler half.


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