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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2012 2:01pm-2:31pm EDT

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oh and thanks for joining our t. worry bring you news twenty four hours a day seven days a week and lavish celebration has taken place at the kremlin where vladimir putin has become the first russian president to be sworn in for their term is now set to stay on for an unprecedented sixty years as putin took the oath he appealed for unity and reform to forge a stronger russia and what he called a new stage of national development thousands of guests later joined the president at a private banquet here are the details of the inauguration from our very own i think say at a chef skiffle is in the midst of events. the whole process the whole ceremony it's just less than an hour of first we saw live on the huge plaza screens everywhere in the in the in the george and george hall the very beautiful aerial shots of the motorcade traveling from the government building from the white house to the kremlin certainly something unprecedented and normal too for the way this
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integration has been televised in russia so far then put on arrived he went in walked past you send georgists old boss two thousand odd guests be guests who have it they're greeted with a lot of the load of a should and certainly the people who were there were really happy to see no human being reinstated as russia present for the third term now. then he calmly and collectedly where it went into the main hall where the old integration was to take place took the old a very short oath only thirty three words. as i fulfill the duties of the president of the russian federation i swear to protect and guarantee the rights and freedoms of both citizens to observe and protect the constitution of the russian federation to protect the sovereignty independence and territorial integrity of all state its people faithfully ascii was leaving in fact of st george's hall he shook hands with most of the crowd who were standing up on the first line loud of ation again people very happy for him then we
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heard from the open windows. of the old to reach shots just meters away from the kremlin which is clear symbol that the presidential term of the dominican has kicked off in russia the greatest of russia were there not only from russia in fact some former leaders of world countries were there like me telling prime minister silvio berlusconi former german chancellor gerhard schroeder we're all there as well the last soviet leader mikhail gorbachev the widow of the first president of russia in the year and even the likes of football stars the former everton football player. who was there it's interesting that even the leader of the biggest biker back in the moscow the night waltz was there and he's called the surgeon a very famous guy he was the only one not wearing a tie and suit like most of the guests he was wearing a black leather jacket like all bikers do so differently and mixed crowd but just twenty minutes after the inauguration finished. the hall where we stood st george's
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hall was empty because all of those guests went to dinner some speculate that this dinna cost about a million dollars it's a speculation maybe but i never had a chance to go there but my insiders from the dinner told me that there were black caviar on the menu fried scallops even. a couple chino made of cocoa milk was there along with expensive champagne wine and definitely was a big party to remember when i was going to the kremlin on my way there in the morning it struck me that this. it is completely deserted only the policeman were there no traffic no anything just have been certainly unprecedented for integrations in russia but this is not something we should be surprised about i remember these scenes from the united states four years back when obama was inaugurated in washington and as many as sixty five thousand policemen servicemen military were ensuring the safety in moscow there were only twenty thousand so it was three times as less than that in the united states also i remember in the
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united states there were helicopters and even fighter jets hovering about washington d.c. to provide security in fact the security measures during obama's obama's inauguration were so serious that took special service almost a year to prepare themselves for for the process of for the ceremony of integration the same basically the security measures apply to all the g. eight and g. twenty summits across the world just points is the latest g. twenty summit in france more than ten thousand policemen were securing the particular point five thousand cameras installed and twenty million euros invested into the security at this during this event so the measures security measures moscow was certainly unprecedented but on the general scale nothing unusual at all . now straight after his argue ration president putin signed on to force some of his promised reforms any decrees designed to make the government apparatus even more thanks and transparent artist peter oliver has more. these are generally to
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improve the services that the federal and local governments offer now we're going to see waiting times in government offices cut to a much cinema fifteen minutes per person for anybody having to wait in queues there we're also going to see the internet being used to increase the transparency of the russian government now this is something that was started by dimitri made to get if this is going to be continued by vladimir putin in his third term russian president vladimir putin also saying that he will raise the education of russia's bureaucrats and will root out any bureaucrats that qualified to do the jobs that they're doing well those same pure recruits will also have to declare all of their incomes in an attempt to stamp out corruption in the country also we're going to see a system developed that will allow online feedback to be given to the police and security services so that anybody who has
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a particular grievance with law enforcement can voice their opinions in that forum in terms of the legal system in general what we are going to be seeing is made more accessible both physically and online we're going to be seeing web cams in court rooms that the court proceedings from their investigation has been launched into what happened during sunday's riots in moscow that saw many people several people injured in fact several of the police officers were wounded in the clashes with protesters on sunday still remain in the hospital the authorities say that they were under orders not to react to provocations and that they only moved in the right place only moved in once they realized that bystanders were actually in the line of fire seen people to taint here in moscow on inauguration day so despite coming back into power there still has been a few shadows prudence day in the sun on his inauguration however as my colleague
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in isa now a looks we can see what he hopes to achieve in the next term. he's back for an unprecedented third term after a break as prime minister and many say russia will need to see putin two point zero any leader who's been in power for five six seven years in a difficult position because people get used to him and the taken for granted he has to then reinvent himself putin has made the promise ahead of the polls he proposed vast reforms from a major crackdown on corruption to diversifying the economy and raising living standards to this is still just next term will be the one that forms his legacy as a politician in russian history and i'm sure it will be a positive one. but the people to be convinced most are the opposition gathered in the largest numbers russia has seen for decades after claims
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a vast front in december's duma vote and clashed with riot police on the eve of putin's from you and you're a suit. he needs to set out for reform and not a reform on paper but something real something that both the opposition and you know the regular people not just in moscow but off throughout russia can see that this is really putin two point zero the most popular politician no doubt has a majority of support across russia and it's credited with extraordinary development in the country but putin leaves few people in different at home and abroad it usually comes down to love or hate but i don't think that everything that putin has done is defensible or by a by a very wide stretch but there are some people who argue in such transparent bad faith that it's and you know it's impossible not to notice that it's just it's a person it's a personality thing in the west he's seen as harsher than me especially on foreign
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policy which could prove to be a challenge on issues like the reset with the u.s. and pushes for intervention in the middle east. but on the economic front analysts have already sense to change at least three key issues w.t.r. entry privatization investment climate reform we see. putin changing his. emphasis and direction on particular issues in a way which corresponds with a political shift. a shift that is most evident on the web russians have never been more active in politics blocs twitter facebook or something putin will have to embrace if he wants to stay in touch you have to participate otherwise you'd be excluded and you would have the other russia which talks its own language and the president will talk his language leaving the question now that he's back can move
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forward this time he'll have six years to try to deliver on reforms and change which could make or break putin's presidency and he's now r.t. moscow for more on the reports and return to the kremlin i'm joined now by moscow based analyst and blogger of exxon the. xander thanks for being with us so you've been living in moscow for nearly five years now so i suppose you do know of lead to put in is largely seen by the russian population as the person who brought stability to the one thousand and ninety s. now do you think that russians are willing to trust his policies now as they did during his first eight years of office what i see when someone receives more than sixty percent of the vote first round of elections it means that he has a strong support that's the first thing so what i do think of people are trusting or so because there is nobody else which is too many maybe you drive enough to come to you know so i think yes they do and they have no choice because he's elected.
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but the. because job as not to be done it means that the for twelve years ago the job for pushing was to make sort of the country didn't explode. eight years ago it was to put the roots for the future development of the country and bring stability to something that has been done already you know when you know the stability of the country that to there is going to be grossly risking is going more or less on the good way even if there is a lot to do. but of course they were the crises of an eight story towards the moment for. russia i know within is an inspiration us to. invent a new a new stage of development for russia although there's a reference so you see the big job that has to be done yes a big job indeed now in terms of nato and the u.s. missile defense project in europe do you think that russia's international stance will change significantly with lies about putin at the helm i don't sing so i sing the foreign policy of russia has been the same for a long time now and if we keep on going on the same way. so as to be said that. for
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a new poll we're. not always putting so many sushi that you don't need a need or their enemies because that's the that's the biggest and best animated you can finally reach so i sing that. the position of showing for employees you want change now do you think that with putin power moscow will begin to be more forceful in establishing closer ties with those former soviet republics i see so when put this morning you said that russia is to become the strongest power in eurasia so i seeing it means that they want to put some strongest some small strong link with the former soviet republic in eurasia but not only that the target for a phrase or so to develop most strongest link with the european countries are now focusing not with your opening on them but with the european countries i'd like to focus a little bit more on a russia's domestic issues you know there are plenty of problems here there's the
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economy there's corruption there's political freedoms and so on what do you think is going to be at the forefront of putin's reign sort of his policies where like we say in russia the roads is one of the biggest problems but not only no i see that you said most of the corruption is of course i seem to be the biggest issue because it's also the main problem. for foreign countries and the way this year will show if something is going to be done against corruption which i hope. you know which has to be done in my in my opinion then it would be a very strong and positive point for a for put you know party scene was in the country and the way of the country's now yesterday was a very exciting day france has a new president elect. do you think putin what do you think putin's approach will be to him. but again assuming that approach to france won't change but i'm afraid that maybe france approach to russia into what you know will change because.
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when the rights were managing the fronts during this last five years. they did a lot to increase the ties with russia and i hope that if we keep on going on this way but i'm not sure and maybe the next months as we see some interesting developments there there are a lot of in our studio here in moscow analyst alexander lotsa thank you very much thank you very much. and in just a few hours into his role as president vladimir putin wasted no time in putting his skates on but this time he swapped the political arena for the hockey rink where the leader took to the ice he took up the stick to slug it out in a friendly match between his team of so-called amateur players and the legends of sport here in russia but experience failed to hold of the putin team back as the president first scored a field goal and then landed the winning pop in a penalty shoot out a final score six five all in
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a day's work for the leader. socialist francois hollande has won the france french presidential runoff making nicolas sarkozy of the latest e.u. leader to be swept aside by the crippling debt crisis the president elect has promised to fight against german led european all starting drive and has already spoken to chancellor angela merkel the first foreign leader online to visit artie's tusshar so he reports from paris. first of all and it is acceptance speech yesterday did talk a lot about unity which is which has been much of the theme of his entire campaign he said he's the one who's going to bring about solidarity and unity criticizing cycles is divisive presidency but of course the unity he's talking about does hinge on his ability to bring about the promises that he had made particularly the practical promises of jobs and employment and this is a no easy feat given the the economic circumstances of france said again he the first thing he wanted to do is to talk to german chancellor angela merkel to push
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for this growth or yet that approach and he has a lot of supporters on this approach however even the supporters are skeptical as to how much he can really do given the constraints i mean france is a part of the euro zone there are sixteen other nations who are using this currency there are a lot of rules to be followed and so they're looking at how much maneuver room he really has been to comes to international dealings there's going to be the nato summit and he had said that he wants to pull out french troops from afghanistan a year earlier than planned he will have to and he's expected to present this blood to president barack obama and bill the rest of the nato alliance and also when it comes to issues like syria iran observers are saying that we may expect a less aggressive france wherever this observation is based on the rhetoric so far so of course we have to see the actions that this new president will be taking now french people at the end of the day said that they voted for change but let's not forget that when nicolas sarkozy was voted in two thousand and seven they also voted for change so it's in for so long does have
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a lot of work to do ahead of him and prove that he does the service presidency for more on what the outcome on the french vote means for france and the world let's talk and editor in chief of global news website news junkie post dot com now do you think election victory was down to his political vision or the french people's well documented dislike of nicolas sarkozy. well i think of this like a. cozy was it was really of the mind factor but i also think it's in more wider context the the. people all of you all of. those people you see put in place by chance of america all and some cause he. he left he said you know. all along the. distance himself on those cycles for the city and also in the you know wide open sex the
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next election in greece are sort of sending the same message and i think that in terms of geopolitical balance or near all of it could. very beneficial shift. two worlds perhaps a little bit less power to germany. a bit small for all the countries in europe that all the difficulties name ray. kelly culture. what can we expect from milan he promised change but can he actually deliver on his promises i mean his margin for maneuver seems quite narrow. well it is a bit now but i think it's you know i think. he's for now. so who are you know i'm you know bob talk to
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a bunch of people in the in finance or you know i'm biased in their view was. like last night then the answer is just is so low it. is going to fizzle in the. heartland of the debt crisis and so almost it will eventually take the best of us all to use yassmin who knows. but what what are you saying guys think it's. once again you know it's going to be of balance and as you know the previous burleson said it could also sort of box violence into a more reasonable and balanced or the two worlds of being the less. sort of taking. taking instructions on washington and balin to some extent and sort of we set the tone be less in favor of these while. mom balance and
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germ of growing potency in the middle east for example and i think that is but don't really feel you've been officially not only for francois paul for you all but as well now standing on star interrupt you but i did want to just add to that that sustaining growth is indeed a last main challenge now he wants to review the euro zone fiscal pact but germany says that that's not going to happen so how is he going to do that i mean how turbulent could franco german relations get. well the thing is you know it's i think on july melchiondo bottom line he's going to have to. put a little bit of you know whatever into a wind as we say in france. because it's not only the opposition to those people who see are not only coming on the lows but also from the way photos and all over. you of that is indeed dignity which is pretty
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much all of you up except germany so it's it's just it might be a standoff but overall we'll have a lot of ally in those also miro up so the you know the balance could shift and. go to the might to challenge you know was the w.c. in. john of those daily team which i personally think of i'm of the only one a lot of economists. don't like the interview but it's so when you look with overall. economy although as opposed to a city and it is you know it seems to be kind of a smaller way to grow at least most popular way to go because otherwise you know i mean i you. know it applies here in the u.s. and it's also probably. oh it's going to fail. all right
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there i'm sorry but that's all the time we have thank you gilbert editor in chief of global news website news junkie pulse dot com. now all korean authorities have arrested at the country's most prominent human rights activist and harsh critic of the state's ruling family now bill werde job was detained just days before his appearance on julian assange so here on r.t. and the program which does air on tuesday the whistleblower gets an insight from him and a fellow egyptian activist and to the uprising in the arab states arches over bennett reports. well the author of teachers said is that now be around job is being suspected of committing a number of crimes punishable by law and that he's now being held on charges of in some i think and taking part in a legal demonstrations now should be remembered though that nevil rajab position has landed him in a number of made in the target even of the bahraini authorities before because he
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is a highly prominent activist there the and also one of the most vocal outspoken critics of the country's ruling family and that's really what makes this next episode of true enough times is so so significant because this is the sport to be. lost in to be before his latest arrest now run jab is considered one of the heroes of the first protests that fix place in bahrain last february he's now got over one hundred forty thousand followers on twitter disease the head of the bahraini sense of human rights and he's really the driving force behind the mass demonstrations that we're still seeing in the streets of bahrain despite a government ban on on public protests there since it became known that he was a hearing on sanchez so and that's what he elaborates on in this next episode when i see it in my twitter account that i'm going to meet julian assange and i'm going to speak to me t.v. program my house was surrounded by almost one hundred policemen and. machine guns and i do realize that i was not at home just. too timid to
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contradict particular today at four o'clock where i am here so the very day that he was summoned by the public prosecutor's office in bahrain he actually chose instead to appear on our senses talk show and and appear on the using the platform as an international platform even to criticize the regime in bahrain and it's for this reason that you know afghanistan think why he's being arrested basically by peering on this shows russia would indeed be risking a great deal but even so. he that he would be willing to pay any consequences that come of it because he says he would be fighting in the name of democracy is what he had to say it's no different. but this is the struggle this is the freedom disses democracy that we are fighting for as of course. we have to be a discourse and the course might be very expensive as we have course in bahrain
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willing to bid for the changes that we are fighting for now one of the other guests this week on a do not show is another prominent activists in the in the arab spring his name is our abdel fattah he was a he was a highly influential figure in the uprising in egypt last year in tahrir square like right i've been to has become a target of the or thora tease of the fact that you know sound is seeking to the very people who are making lethal things happen in these countries and are willing to face the consequences as we've seen with now bill roggio with his arrest this weekend well that really what that's what makes this next episode really one that's not to be missed and you can catch it here marty is being shown at eleven thirty g.m.t. this tuesday. to speak to two leading revolutionaries one from bahrain where the revolution failed was really egypt where the revolution is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to go. now
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last hour i spoke with a london based author and journalist. who believes that the bills are job and his fellow activists have a lot of challenges to face in the future. so there is no case against in the cases against the british and american and european governments that are backing bahrain i don't know i don't know how long julian assange has been under house arrest here in this country without charge but they obviously seem to think that they can now arrest is interviewees very disturbing what's happening to the president of the bahrain center for human rights is not just him more worryingly of course is a. hunger strike i understand his daughter who is also being in custody case not coming up till later in the week you know they are killing people fifty dead in a country that small equates to a lot of people this is an apartheid state being backed by the obama administration
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in the years two thousand and nine to two thousand and ten as if seeing what was about to happen in bahrain the obama administration stepped up sales which include equipment used by the authorities in bahrain to suppress the protests into this is ongoing and they know journalists that a cover of some world news in brief for you at this hour yesterday's agree collection has left no party with enough votes to govern alone the conservative party and new democracy received the most parliamentary seats in sunday's election and was given a mandate to strike a coalition deal however the party's leader a set a coalition would be impossible and the mandate has now been handed to. leftist coalition which placed second afghans will be forced to hold another election and a deal cannot be reached. in an airstrike has killed fourteen civilians and entered six others in afghanistan police say the strike happened in the country's northwestern bogged us province and also claimed three of its service
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members were killed in a separate incident earlier today one hundred forty two coalition members have died in afghanistan since the start of the year. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has urged india to buy less oil from iran it comes as america increases its pressure on iran over its nuclear program which iran continues to insist is solely for peaceful purposes india receives around nine percent of its oil from iran though officials say it's reduced its dependency in recent months could face u.s. sanctions if it doesn't make significant cuts to running fuel imports. will be back with a recap of our main story shortly here with our. all
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right if you're just joining our team this monday it as half past the hour and these are your headlines back to the kremlin it is becomes the first russian president to step in for a third term as he's analogy rated during a lot of the ceremony he said to leave the country for an unprecedented six years promising to make russia stronger and more united. france while and wins the french presidency as he promises growth instead of all star it. falls under the weight of france's mounting debt that's straight to business. plans to fight against germany but also starting measures for euro. brain.


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