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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2012 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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online on screen this is live from moscow with the twenty four hours a day so russia has a new prime minister dmitry medvedev who will now form a cabinet before getting down to business and newly inaugurated president putin is already dishing out the rections regarding changes to the country's policies. of a breakdown primitives acceptance speech. changes to the upper echelons of russian political system also to continue with what he sees as his efforts to malta nice the political system in russia highlights you need call me a major point that he wants to to push saying that he wants to increase investment into russia's economy and increase investment from a brule as well also he's saying it's full membership of the w t o is
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a must and something that he will push for as hard as he can doing his time in the role of prime minister and in terms of the military he wants to see a industrial military complex see making sure that russia's armed forces can remain amongst the best in the world for more reaction to the fight to meet you may get it is now the prime minister of russia i'm joined by michael i don't the editor in chief of g.g. russia michael thanks very much for talking to so what is your reaction to the election of beachhead yet it is prime minister well i think as just about any observer of russian politics over the last few years i guess the proper reaction would be a complete and utter lack of surprise i think. that's been something that could have been easily predicted especially you know yesterday's pageantry. indicated that the tandem as we know it is still very much alive or at least by the fear and
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says to me she meant to have said that one of his proudest achievements president was that he believed he would like the political discourse in russia as prime minister of course he's going to be have a lot more input his input is going to be with domestic politics do you think we could see an increase a widening of the discourse in terms of local politics in russia with the debt of his prime minister i think so i'm not sure exactly how much credit for this i would describe to but it's undeniable that the discourse has widened. you know things have gotten much more interesting much more. i think that focusing on municipal and local politics is a smart thing for everyone right now because a lot can be complex. thank you very much the editor in chief of g.q. well putin is the president and he's been delivering some strategic highlighting what he wants to achieve while he's in power amongst those who have been foreign
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policy decisions revolving around the proposed us. in eastern europe the president. the foreign ministry in russia to address the united states demands from washington. commitment that they will not target russia with any of those missile sites placed in eastern europe a little closer to home he's also said that he wants to cripple corruption in russia by forcing old bureaucrats to declare their incomes to work to transparency in russian politics using technology using the internet to do that of course that was something. to do during his time as president. very very closely with putin if they're to be able to live up to some of the promises of what some people who tend to point is the loss of key economic
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decisions to be made a prime minister. president. very closely. gets busy in his new role as president some people on the streets of central moscow are showing their discontent with his return to office police are being deployed to disperse activists who've been trying to hold marches against putin's inauguration when i. see you. demonstrations almost today despite some heavy rain there drop throughout the day what's happening way you are at the moment. well the last few hours in central moscow what we've been witnessing is several groups all opposition activists mostly youth have been wandering around pretty much the city center they themselves say that they are taking walks across the city center
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and pretty much they've been doing this entire day since the morning we're getting reports that one of these groups is actually expected to come to. the city in the city center where we are now it's headed reportedly by one of the deputies of the state duma who is also called on the activist to go for it exactly because all the rainy weather report will lead to gather more strength for more of a future of opposition a rally perhaps a small but there were several unsanctioned rallies today as these groups. united from time to time and police say the but the thing around thirty activists today including blogger and opposition activists you know widely and socialites and t.v. calls. although there was also a peaceful protest rally held on the one of the boulevards also in the city center
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where a few hundred protesters the same songs songs and just pretty much coming out enjoying the sunny weather while obviously when it was still nice weather earlier today you are godless all the rest and those detentions you've just been talking about just how far are all of the protesters willing to go with all of this. well it's really hard to say since there is no. one unified kind of opposition force it's made up of these groups. and it really defines the age of the activists the younger they are the further if they're ready to go if it if it means sleeping over a boulevard spending the night there some of them can do that for example like a few hundred protesters did last night on one of the wards in central moscow despite some of the detentions happening there overnight as well or it could be even more aggressive behavior sometimes if the younger sort of activists speak to
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the full under the influence of the other self more radical opposition leaders for example like. often accused all for provoking and calling on the activists to take two more aggressive sort of methods sometimes it does lead to violence for example during the latest a lawyer job position rally was gathered to thousands of people in the city center on may sixth just ahead of the portions and all the ration but it did start peacefully but unfortunately the ended violently with clashes between the activists and the police were injured on both sides really. of the conflict and just finally we've been witnessing protests in russia something like five months now you mentioned a lack of unity among the opposition a little bit but exactly what do they want to achieve what is the ultimate goal.
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of unity. one leader. one specific force within the opposition in fact it consists all fall totally different movements totally different organizations which often don't share the same political views some of them could be a left wing or right wing liberals communists so they don't have the exact same demands but the thing that unites them is they are calling for. new elections. being the president. but the whole movement really did start in. the parliamentary election amid accusations of fraud it was just more powerful in the beginning and it's slowed down and now it's much warmer in the summer the summer game it is gaining momentum but still there's still no clear leader no specific and productive
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and constructive demands either. from a wet and human thanks very much indeed. for the latest there from the center of. the nazis and he takes a closer look at what drives the putin campaign hell united a question we've just been talking about how united it actually is. who is the russian opposition well of course it depends who you ask but also if you take a look for yourself what you'll see most often are a lot of different colors organizations and parties well to help us kind of decipher who's who in this i think we can call it modern russian opposition is to me three bob which he's a political analyst for voice of russia radio thanks for being with us i want to start with alexis in the widely and surrogate self just because they're the most well known at the moment they're constantly getting arrested and being released just briefly tell us who they are and why they've become the prominent leaders of our name is not a typical leftist populist like well does he use the morning to corruption and
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nationalist. but let's focus on the flanks for a bit looking at this video this is this is sunday's protest which for the first time turned really ugly you see these there's so and the left front it's called what what are the main focus of that party it's a flag we saw a lot of on sunday you see there these are red flags with the red star so this is an image abroad people might think it's you know a communist party because they read russia communist so what they write because it will does so friesen to declare that he is. left wrong to be an ally of the communist party of russian federation human being chronically ill but dissipating all these actions get him constantly arrested that's his style let's like is that they're on i kissed rather than blair is the traditional. russian i guess what does that mean in terms of there are several groups which don't want to live themselves with the left front or with the communist party job you gone off sunday i was there
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and there were clearly some people who were trying to provoke violence a lot of these so-called anarchists you can see here basically were running into the riot police and also were wearing a lot of these masks. let's talk a little bit more about the nationalist fight that we see sometimes i believe we don't have pictures here yet but it's. white there it is what's this if it means someone you know all of the groups all the nationalist groups that are strongly opposed to the current government strong up and white. but who will not like to be associated with communists or leftists why does it mean that. when we see tens of thousands of people on the streets of moscow as opposed to small groups like we see here which we saw after the inauguration sit ins trying to happen why don't we see the thousands of the masses to be seen so many different flags if they are so anti putin can't they just get under that banner all these
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groups have a mutually exclusive view they're not simply i think in histogram all seem to contradict or that's just an exclusive the nationalistic use portion of being a liberal liberal secular which an organ of national left. the sort of social system is a liberal secular sporting of reviving the soviet period so they can't agree on anything the only thing that they can agree on is that they don't like what they want the current russian state to collapse that's about to meet their bob rich political analyst from west of russia radio thank you very much for trying to help us understand what's happening with the opposition in russia because certainly people in the country have never been more involved in politics. and he said now a that this is the life there are more sco ahead in the program this living up to expectations now that the victory celebrations are over from sweets for its new president to deliver on the promises he made during his election campaign.
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that still to come first the un envoy to syria warns that his peace plan is the last chance to avoid civil war in the country kofi annan also accused the massacres of failing to implement the road map saying civilians are still coming under attack there's no get the latest from. she's joining me live now from washington so how has the syrian government responded to these strong statement. from the un's top envoy. well we're purged the syrian ambassador to the united nations say that a number of regional powers are sponsoring terror in syria to undermine kofi annan . he said the syrian government remains committed to the plan but it faces a surge of terrorist attacks including suicide bombings. d.v.d. and said it has the confessions of dozens of individuals involved in terrorist activities upon the order of thirty countries here's what he said. these terrorists did not come into syria. by using partition.
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they came into syria through the syrian borders with the neighboring countries so it's not a secret anymore who is behind these groups the. who are giving orders and fit work to these terrorist. leave. he also accused turkey of harboring armed groups which are infiltrating syria committing crimes and returning back to turkey because syrian ambassador said what also undermines kofi annan his plan is the inflow of arms into syria now both the syrian ambassador to the u.n. and even the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. noted that there has been a decrease of violence in syria but the international envoy kofi annan said there is still a profound concern that syria is descending into full on civil war up to one
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hundred international observers are already working there the only said the number will reach three hundred by the end of the month so there's going to be more eyes on the ground as of now he said and i'm going to i'm going to quote here there have been a worrying episodes of violence by the government but we have also seen attacks against government forces troops and installations. the u.s. has been leading cool's for president assad to with preconditions just as washington reacted to these latest developments. well it's very interesting how the u.s. ambassador susan rice responded to the claims made by the syrian ambassador she brushed off the question about terrorists and then she went on talking about those who took up arms to fight for their rights a very dubious question arises here is that in a campaign to justify violence on one side while. there are you know the other being exclusively of the syrian government susan rice confirmed it in a way with her latest statement by putting all responsibility in the hands of the
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syrian government and never not once mentioning the armed groups in the opposition with this regard and that despite the fact that the u.s. has accepted kofi annan plan which addresses all sides of the conflict not just the syrian government which is going to come from washington thanks very much indeed for the latest. well syria is counting the votes after the country held its first parliamentary election for half a century boycotted by the opposition. says that amid continuing violence in the country many syrians believe the election gave them a real chance to help their country. it didn't get the stamp of approval from the opposition who had called for a boycott the people did turn out of eight in syria's parliament she elections the elections taking place against the backdrop of instability in the country and the credibility of the votes being called into question with the opposition boycotting the vote so that their participation the real question is just how serious
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a change will this election bring to the political landscape in syria and that's what we've been finding out. because we have some disturbance and some of this is. we have to approve that we can move forward and we can overcome this obstacle here . for people who are like people who support shia who say yes for syria no for to no for holding yes for peace yes for developing the country there are no international observers here something some felt should have been an option authorities say the people seeing the voting would doing so objective way and the monitor at this poll told us or been the violations so far that everything has been going smoothly people are taking part in the actions without higher elevations more than seven thousand candidates have been vying for public support fourteen million people allowed to vote in syria and they've been trying to gain
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the support when one of those two hundred fifty seats that are going to be available in the new parliament fourteen million people were eligible to vote but amongst those not participating would be the tens of thousands of political prisoners and the huge chunks of the population who are now refugees having fled their homes from the violence this is led to serious questions about the legitimacy of the ballots but as international opinion surrounds the political developments in syria one analyst stress that this is a very full syrians and by syrians to me this is too. comes from the people one. president goes to solicit visits innocent. of this for him probably sees that. the one who can declare the president. is legitimate or illegitimate
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he lost his legitimacy or he is dismissing the syrians. who are the rights that it is a right that they've been exercising whether it's turning out to cast the ballots or attempting to demonstrate in the streets even amongst those voting there was something he said they felt the elections were unlikely to bring about any serious change but they said they believe that after fifteen months of unrest they had to at least try. syria well for more on the situation there in syria i'm joined from london by car sharing he's a writer and commentator on the middle east called the red cross and the u.n. have said today that the syrian conflict is spiraling into a civil war we had an element of optimism in sara first report there do you think these parliamentary elections could have a positive effect on the country. no realistically i think your report highlighted the problems that there are thousands of refugees outside the country
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there are areas of the country that couldn't vote even if they wanted to but in fact a lot of the areas especially where the uprisings have been most active. didn't go to vote today. i don't think there's an immediate optimism for the country particularly this election but i think it's important to appreciate the importance of this elections where whereas we found the international media kind of dismissive of the elections completely and i think the real significance of is that president assad and his kind of support base is trying to legitimize himself through his claim to being very former. but since that goal is let's say he did by half of the country and not the other half i think ultimately what we're seeing over here is an increasing support among one. increasing isolation among the other which kind of
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signals further division in syria so those gestures of reform you do think perhaps there is a chance it could save him. well technically the question of save him or not is again i think it's quite clear by now that no outside kind of authority will intervene to resolve the issue one way or the other the test will be if whether he will be able to gain the support of the syrian people and put them behind him or kind of try to quell the uprising with the legitimate reforms but let's focus specifically on what the meaning of these elections are amid a wide scale. kind of. a boycott by the opposition it means that assad is intent on only appealing to those who are already supportive and kind of further alienating the other count and this is where the danger signal is he might shore up his credentials as a reformer among the crowd that already believes in him but he's already excluding
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further and further the people that oppose him and this is the aspect that we need to pay attention to what about the peace plan so far it's failed it's been zero in operation now for about a month now and we've seen this proposed u.n. mission that perhaps pacifying both sides or could we see another way the valentine rest. i mean you know i say in the middle east inshallah hopefully but again the signs are not very good and part of the problem is there's very little coherence about the so-called peace plan and there's very little coherence about other than just of a kind of a cease fire and putting the weapons down there's no more political mechanism for a solution so it's sort of almost a face saving gesture by the united nations and the international community. that is proving is not ineffectual on the ground and even adding more observers inviting more observers into syria is taking such a long time because like you want three hundred observers at the moment not even deployed the same they'll be deployed by the end of the month is that enough of the
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observers and is it enough time surely somebody will be done quicker than that and more observers needed just briefly absolutely i mean that's precisely my point you know if you look at neighboring countries like south lebanon where we have thousands of. the kind of observers and you and soldiers peacekeepers they've been there now for almost coming out of more than thirty years so this is kind of in itself not a positive side of it means that it's almost like the crisis in syria is about to be institutionalized it might become that that that's the long term form that is going to take so we really need to be critical of the you know efforts that are not here towards political solutions but the words a band aid temporary kind of whiling off of the fighting which even that is not working middle east commentator culture joining me live there in london thank you very much indeed for your time and your thoughts. i think. france will be hoping for a positive future following the election of a new president for saul and may have been his rival nicolas sarkozy in the recent
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run off a considerably tougher tell us no wait since many voters want to see a change in the country's foreign policy and economic growth. reports from paris. out with the old. in with the new. president large task a victory in the french presidential elections the people here say that france is once again peaceful if they're here they had voted for change but the question is how soon are they going to see that change and what kind of crabs are they really going to have and the world is asking precisely the same question a laundry allies is that people rejected because it would then france but also france for many reasons one of them was his personal arrogance so we can hope but in foreign policy is going to move in the right direction that is less arrogant.
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be it arrogance or something else there was no hiding nicolas sarkozy's eagerness to lead the libyan intervention sending french warplanes in first he of course betrayed himself all along as deliberate of libya but he kept that extremely quiet . allegations kept coming out about his relationship with gadhafi the result tonight or it's clear they wanted to stop that kind of policy and that going about receive it and tonight it's the night of hope again you know the march the second seeing is created an overall image of france we don't want divisions within the french society we don't want to see bombing of arab countries we are friends of the arabs. a lot is being branded france's new hope or dance one task ahead of him to sort through the. euro crisis and clean up an image which many think is no longer in line with what's to additionally french while foreign policy took
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a backseat during the campaign a lot of did throw out two moves one go head to head with germany's angela merkel to go sharing the e.u. fiscal pact believe me he will experience in the coming month the the power of the good i mean the negotiation power of of just of america because just a militant miracle will face an election in one year and she will not be willing to compromise we said was a french president and to withdraw french troops from afghanistan a year earlier than planned it's a sign that i think you want to scale down the foreign policy but i would guess that is going to be more considerate of what's happening in the rest of the world and more focus on economic issues within europe at the end of the day all the french really want are jobs and leadership that truly represents them both at home and abroad. tesser cilia our time. sakhi treatment as policy
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in the russian capital very shortly during the surgeon is gets discussed mechanics of staging a revolution i'll be off to recap will have lines of me in a couple of minutes from now stay with us live here in moscow.
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if you just joined us a very. good top stories now dimitri medvedev has voted in as prime minister by the russian. government inaugurated president putin has already ushered in his own corrections to the country's political calls. preventing hundreds of activists from holding protest rallies against putin's return to office some of them have been. made around four hundred arrests involving clashes on the eve of putin's integration. plus u.n. envoy to syria kofi annan blames damascus for the ongoing violence warning syria is slipping into civil war and the government claims it's fighting to protect its people from a foreign funded insurgency saying death squads.


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