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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2012 9:01pm-9:31pm EDT

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russia around the world this is with me thanks for joining us russia has a new prime minister dmitry medvedev who will now former cabinet before getting down to business and new to inaugurated president putin is a ready dishing out directions regarding transfers to the country's policies out of a breakdown probably amid a bed of acceptance speech. changes to the upper echelons of russian political system also to continue with what he sees as his efforts to mull to the right political system in russia i like to meet call me a major point that he wants to to push saying that he wants to increase investment into russia's economy and increase investment from a brule as well also you saying it's full membership of the w t o is a must and something that he will push for as hard as he can doing his time in the role of prime minister and in terms of the military he wants to see
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a industrial military complex see making sure that russia's armed forces can remain amongst the best in the world for more reaction to the fight to meet you may get it is now the prime minister of russia i'm joined by michael the editor in chief of g g russia thanks very much for talking to you so what is your reaction to the election of a teacher may get it is prime minister well i think has just about any observer of russian politics for the last few years i guess the proper reaction would be a complete and utter lack of surprise i think. that's been something that could have been he's a verdict and especially you know yesterday's pageantry. indicated that the tandem as we know it is still very much alive or at least by the fear and says dimitri medvedev said that one of his proudest achievements presidents was that he believed he would like the political discourse in russia as prime minister of course he's
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going to be have a lot more input his input is going to be with domestic politics do you think we could see that increase and widening of the discourse in terms of local politics in russia with bit of his prime minister i think so i'm not sure exactly how much credit for this i would describe to the bit of but it's undeniable that the discourse has widened. you know things have gotten much more interesting and much more volatile in a few places and. i think that focusing on municipal and local politics is a smart thing for everyone right now because a lot can be a lot to accomplish absolutely like a lot of thank you very much the editor in chief of g.q. russia well let me a putin is the president and he's been delivering this on the strategic hold is highlighting what he wants to achieve while he's in power he amongst those who have been foreign policy decisions revolving around the proposed u.s.
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on time missile defense shield in eastern europe now the president has ordered the the foreign ministry in russia to address the united states demands from washington clio written commitment that they will not target russia with any of those missile sites placed in eastern europe a clue closer to home he's also said that he wants to cripple corruption in russia by forcing all bureaucrats to declare their incomes and to work to more transparency in russian politics using technology using the internet to do that of course that was something that dmitri medvedev had put in place had started to do during his time as president now as prime minister he's going to have to work very very closely with blood in me a putin if they're to be able to live up to some of the promises of what some people think hooten two point zero is the loss of key economic decisions to be made and both prime minister dmitri medvedev and president vladimir putin going to have
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to work very closely to knock those promises. and alexei pushkov the head of demas foreign affairs committee told me that the new crime is international agenda is one area that whole foreigner they cool was mocked by jimmy. i expect to will be continuity between. foreign policy under president medvedev and the foreign policy which will be conducted by the russian federation under president putin in the last six seven years there is a large consensus in russia on foreign policy issues unlike domestic affairs i think that russia will insist on this position on the issue and yesterday vladimir putin signed a decree in which he. stressed that. the russian foreign policy will be based on requests on the request for
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security guarantees from the united states and nato and those guarantees should state that the new a.b.m. system that will be established by the united states of america and nato in europe will not be directed against the russian nuclear potential however it was also stressed that russia will seek balanced and constructive relations with the united states what is important in moscow is that there are no military interventions in the countries where there is an internal conflict this trend which we have seen for instance in libya. is not acceptable to the russian federation russia would not like that in syria the military intervention that happened in libya repeats itself. and has led to a person gets busy in his new role as president some people have taken to the streets of moscow showing their discontent with his return to office riots police
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have been deployed to disperse accidents have been trying to hold marches against persons you know he ration our correspondent asked late. several groups of protesters remain on the city streets the activists have been wandering around the city center throughout the night evening and really the entire tuesday in what they call are just walks that the been taking and sometimes from time to time gathering for. protests rallies in different places of the center and were blocked by the police who have been also sort of following them around the city center and you have to do you see that the. around two hundred people throughout the entire day on tuesday several opposition leaders have also been the latest one was. the leader of the movement also a blogger. meanwhile washington says it's. least action during moscow's precious
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are his concerns about human rights issues in russia but america is in no position to criticize our state's our nationwide violent crackdown on the occupy wall street movement says eric draitser political analyst from the imperative. it's just another example of the double standard of the authorities here in the united states anything that falls in line with the political line that they want to put out there of course they will support it they will talk about election fraud in russia despite the fact that there were something like two hundred fifty thousand election monitors throughout the country an election that was more democratic and more open than anything we have here in the united states so again it's you don't want to read too much into what the u.s. authorities have to say simply because they have no legitimate ground to stand on the putin government is willing to allow dissent it's willing to allow of the least of the people in so far as that voice is able to follow the law here in the united
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states we've seen a level of police violence related to occupy wall street that is in fact i would argue much higher and to a much more extreme degree than what is being what is being seen on the streets of moscow and elsewhere in russia. the u.n. envoy to syria looms that his peace plan is the last chance for the country to avoid civil war called hang on has all psyches damascus of failing to implement the road not saying civilians are still coming and the time he's going to check on has the details of syria's response. purred the syrian ambassador to the united nations say that a number of regional arab powers are sponsoring terror in syria to undermine kofi annan. said the syrian government remains committed to the plan but it faces a surge of terrorist attacks including. investor shows and d.v.d. and said it has the confessions of dozens of individuals involved in terrorist activities upon the order of thirty countries here's what he said these terrorists
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did not come into syria. by using partition which. they came into syria through the syrian borders with the neighboring countries so it's not a secret anymore who is behind these groups the. who are giving orders and try to work through these terrorist. leave. he also accused turkey of harboring armed groups which are infiltrating syria committing crimes and returning back to turkey because syrian ambassador said what also undermines kofi and his plan is the inflow of arms into syria now both the syrian ambassador to the u.n. and even the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. noted that there has been a decrease of violence in syria but the international envoy kofi annan said there is still a profound concern that syria is descending into full on civil war up to one
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hundred international observers are already working there the only said the number will reach three hundred by the end of the month so there's going to be more eyes on the ground as of now he said and i'm going to i'm going to quote here there have been worrying episodes of violence by the government but we have also seen attacks against government forces troops and installations it's very interesting how the u.s. ambassador susan rice responded to the claims made by the syrian ambassador she brushed off the question about terrorists and then she went on talking about those who took up arms stepped down to fight for their rights very dubious question arises here is that an attempt to justify violence on one side while. the other being exclusively the syrian government susan rice confirmed it in a way with her latest statement by putting all responsibility in the hands of the syrian government and never not once mentioning the armed groups in the opposition with this regard and that despite the fact that the u.s.
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has accepted kofi annan plan which addresses all sides of the conflict not just the syrian government. london based writer and commentator on the middle east so the united nations plan lacks coherence and calm produce concrete political solutions. it's important to appreciate the importance of these elections where whereas we found the international media kind of dismissive of the elections completely and i think the real significance of is that president assad and his kind of support base is trying to legitimize himself through his claim to being very former. but since that call is let's say he did by half of the country and not the other i think ultimately what we're seeing over here is an increasing support among one but increasing isolation among the other which kind of signals further division in syria there's very little coherence about the so-called peace plan and there's very little coherence about other than just of a kind of
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a cease fire and putting the weapons down there's no more political mechanism for us are you sure this is kind of in itself not a positive sign the it means that it's almost like the crisis in syria is about to be institutionalized and it might become that that's the long term for that is going to take so we really need to be critical of the u.n. efforts that are not geared towards political solutions but towards a band aid temporary kind of quelling of the fighting which even that is not working. the office of the levy is the interim prime minister has been at times by gunmen in tripoli leaving at least two security officers dead and several others injured the militia man surrounded the building demanding to be paid for the role they played in the last year's uprising against moammar gadhafi the premier also present however when the shooting happened and by the army as it is right at the pan african news why told us that this security problems that currently been government is facing now might pave the way to foreign intervention. there's
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a lot of our problems that exist are wanted the national transitional council inside of libya they were put in power socially by the pentagon and nato are they have not been for the air power the naval blockade the intelligence sharing on the part of the united states government and the various or european governments there is no way that the n t c could have defeated the libyan army or last year so these are are the dilemma's that they are the government is facing right now so it actually is creating a situation where there will be a rationale for possible u.s. or nato or direct military intervention on the ground in order to poorly or stabilize the situation inside the country. and of course there's always a lot more in store for you in our web site actually dot com including the cia claims that the demand hired by al qaeda to board a u.s. airliner wearing an underwear bomb was
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a double agent the story is going to be online. also get a preview of moscow's massive victory day parade go to our website to see the footage of the final broadcast so in the heart of the south. bahrain's leading human rights activist remains detained on charges of inciting protests through social networks and the baler job was arrested just days after featuring on tree line a song here or nazi and on the program the whistleblower question him on that gyptian human rights campaign about the origins and the future of the arab spring movement now they were job has always open to criticize the bahraini reading
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finally on the state of western eyes the next edition of her than a train. at this hour but here's a brief review. what i said in my two we did a column that i'm going to meet julian assange and i'm going to his. t.v. program my house was surrounded by almost one hundred policemen and. machine guns in there and they realized you know was not a tom didn't they just. smile to tell me to come to deplete prosecutor today at four o'clock where i am here to do it so you're here today and i deceived what i was and i think good but what i mean what is what are you going to do is i'm going to go back i mean i have to face it i mean it's not the first. but this is the struggle this is the freedom this is democracy that we are fighting for as a cost and that we have to bear the costs and the cause might be very expensive as
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we have been caused by man willing to pay for the changes that we are fighting for . as peter two leading revolutionaries one from bahrain where the revolution failed was the leadership where the revolution is now in turmoil for makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to go. france will be hoping for a positive future following the lead. the new president but while france so our land may have beason his rival nikolaus like a z. in the recent round of a considerably tough a tough skin no awaits him many voters want to see a change in the country's foreign policy and economic growth oh she's test reports now for. out with the old. in with the new. president has been
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a victory in the french presidential elections the people here are saying that france is once again peaceful if they're here they are voted for change but the question is how soon are they going to see that change and what kind of frats are they really going to have and the world is asking precisely the same question. is is that people reject it because it would then france but also france for many reasons one of them was his personal arrogance so we can hope but in foreign policy is going to move in the right direction that is less arrogant. be it arrogance or something else there was no hiding nicolas sarkozy's eagerness to lead the libyan intervention sending french warplanes in first he of course betrayed himself all along as deliberate of libya but he kept that extremely quiet as allegations kept coming out about his relationship with gadhafi the reasons tonight or it's clear they wanted to stop that kind of policy and that's going
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about here a c.v.t. and to night it's the night of hope again that you know the march thirty second scene has created an awful image of france we don't want divisions within the french society we don't want the bombing of arab countries we are friends of the arabs have. a lot is being branded france's new hope or gadget on task ahead of him to sort through the euro crisis and clean up an image which many think is no longer in line with what's traditionally french while foreign policy took a backseat during the campaign a lot it did throw out two moves one go head to head with germany's angela merkel on renegotiating the e.u. fiscal pact believe me she will experience in the coming. the power of i mean the negotiation power of america because. we will face an election in one year and will not be willing to compromise we said with
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a french president and to withdraw french troops from afghanistan a year earlier than planned it's a sign that i think you want to scale down the foreign policy but i would guess that he's going to be. considerate of what is happening in there and the rest of the world i'm more focused on the can i make issues within europe at the end of the day all the french really want our jobs and leadership to truly represents them both at home and abroad. yes or sylvia our team paris. i'll bring you the headlines again in about ten minutes time and up next one of president has . ordered the foreign ministry to attain clear guarantees that america's missile defense shield in europe is not a threat to russia and in a few moments we'll talk to nature's deputy secretary general on the future of cooperation between moscow and that line.
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alexander vershbow the. secretary general great to have you with us sir so last night was something you probably never heard before. is concern about nato anti-missile defense system will be able to. shoot down its nuclear missiles that's upsetting the balance in the region that the negotiation on this topic has started two years ago in two thousand and ten why do you think that is that the united states still isn't haven't been able to person rochelle's the opposite well
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it's not something that. is very satisfying and we want to continue to work on this dialogue with russia but it is a serious difference of opinion that we have to overcome because it's really about the facts about the science about the capabilities of the system that nato is developing with a strong contribution from the united states we remain convinced that there is no danger to the russian strategic nuclear force not today not ten years from now and that the russian analysis is based on a series of worst case to some sions and unrealistic assumptions that creates an image of a threat which really doesn't exist but it is worried that maybe in five six seven years time the european anti missile defense system will be able to shoot down for example specifically its concern about the modifications of the s m three
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interceptor that can travel fast enough to actually shoot down russia's missiles and sat a key issue it's a very technical issue but it's a very fundamental issue is that nato system can't fire and that's today system in the system we might have ten years from now it cannot fire until they were told the i.c.b.m. that it's targeting has finished its powered flight until the engine burns out and only then is it going in a ballistic trajectory by the time that happens. if this we're talking about a russian system it will be too far to the north nato will it might fire but it will be chasing the tail of that missile all the way to crashes into the arctic sea in that case why can't america when he took you legally pounding guarantees. that's a complicated question relating in part to politics and in part to the nature of the problem the cooperation itself we think is the best guarantees come
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inside the structure participate in the planning learn more about the system we could agree to exchange information about what we're going to have not just tomorrow but five years from now ten years from now there's lots of ways to increase predictability which is really what russia is looking for a guarantee. as we saw with the a.b.m. treaty it's just a piece of paper can be torn up and abandoned just took six months for president george w. bush to abandon maybe i'm truly president obama when he sought the ratification of the new start treaty made some very specific commitments to the senate to get that treaty through he said the united states will accept no limits on its ballistic missile capabilities i know president said you have had to make similar deals to get it through the duma. but political leaders need to. understand that no one has the ability to override the will of their of their parliaments i understand but in this case in this particular case america needs this to sound system much
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more than russia because it's. it's a topic of concern for russia so if the only thing that's coming in the way of sealing the deal is the legal legal guarantee why not just give it because of the commitments that have been made it would be rejected by our senator we had a worse situation so i just don't think that's the answer i think political guarantees transparency predictability. and the benefits that come from cooperation. in which nato would be helping russia protect its territory just as much as russia would be helping nato i think all that leads to the kind of confidence that. both necessary and sufficient to move forward well from what we're told they say european missile defense system is really directed against the iranian threat and it will be fully operational in two thousand and eighteen there are numerous ways right now to contain iran u.s. is building bases around it israel has kept abilities international sanctions are
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in place it really doesn't look like in the nearest future for another five six years iran will be representing a real threat to nato so why so what is the purpose of this whole european anti-missile system if iran is contained well there's a. i think a legitimate debate that we could have maybe if we had more time about can iran a regime that has a radical ideology that has pledged to wipe country not far from its borders off the map whether it could really be contained but yes the threat today is not as bad as we think it will be five ten years ago ten ten years from now so we do have time to work this out right now the threat is concentrated mainly in the southeastern part of europe and southern part of russia if you look at the circles on the map. but we've also seen iran conduct tests of a new generation missiles that are even longer range that can begin to threaten central europe by the end of the decade they'll be threatening northern europe will
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they actually attack. who knows from the russian perspective the whole missile defense is break or make as far as they do as far as nature relations go president has stated more than one step at a new arms race could be in place if the two sides don't come to agreement but is it really as important to nato as it is to russia i would hope that at the end of the day it will be equally important to both parties because we're talking about our security at the same time we take the russian concerns very seriously so we have to address the concerns about strategic stability i think we can then i think we can really be thinking about nato russia relations and a totally new way we're still not yet free of the hostility and the suspicions of a cold war and it's our mutual obligation to try to work together to overcome. nato deputy secretary thank you very much. pleasure.
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watching on t.v. it's great to have you with us the head of. the russian parliament because overwhelmingly come sunday the appointment of the trim it is that it was prime minister in new government while the new be inaugurated president present has a british begun mapping out his own vision for the country's future. and protests against hussein's return to power continue into the night in central moscow with around two hundred i've seen those detained over the day and while some on that say the opposition movement is losing them by the time with you know coherent leadership or gender. the u.n. envoy to secret kofi annan slams damascus for them growing bloodshed warning that the country could plunge into civil unions and while they say were numb box of this says some gulf states are undermining the two un mission by sending in.


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