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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2012 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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days the day when millions of russians once again remember the heroic deeds of their grandfathers support an end to the bloodiest war of the twentieth century the victory day parade in honor of the defeat of the nazis has taken place moscow's red square and it was its usual jaw dropping spectacle people all over witness the event. this year's victory parade has come to a close on red square in the center of moscow celebrating the sixty seventh anniversary of the role played by the soviet union and the victory over nazi germany during the second world war now the parade was started off by the newly elected president vladimir putin he paid homage to all of those who helped to win victory all of those years ago this year fourteen thousand troops marched across red square to the iconic center of the russian capital and they were followed by some pretty serious military hardware on the vehicles high tech tanks and followed
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up by again by strategic police stick missiles the parade was closed out with a fly by from military helicopters bearing the flag of the russian federation as well as the ban as of the defense ministry and the army the navy and the air force around fourteen hundred veterans were in attendance to to witness this year's parade many of them had actually taken part in the first parade to commemorate the victory in world war two back in one nine hundred forty five some of those coming straight back from the front to march across red square that day now the celebrations here in russia and in moscow continue throughout the day here in the capital they come to a conclusion with a funtastic spectacular fireworks display at ten pm local time just making sure that this day is a celebration as well as
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a commemoration of the sacrifice place for the freedoms we have today pete all of our reporting there it wasn't just saudi troops that sacrificed everything to stand up against the nazi threat more than sixty thousand british sailors braved subzero temperatures in the arctic to keep supply lines to russia open during the war but their apic halfords have remained largely undermined until now as a band of reports. the worst journey in the world was how winston churchill described it the ten days through hell the arctic convoys were a vital lifeline of supplies to the soviet union with britain's eastern allies in the grip of a nazi onslaught that just nineteen john c. is was a gunner on board one ship braving fierce seas bitter cold and a treacherous route infested by german u. boats never experienced in the can you just imagine. wives come in that. there's
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a block of flats just past has who at the wife say just picked us up picked us up just marketing ploy just. bear in mind we were fourteen thousand tonne pretty heavy. and you know we've been lifted out because she could hear the screws turn in at the wall below and in the water this is the very ship john c. is served on his job was to man the n.t.a. craft guns against the heavy enemy fire from above but the onslaught came from the sea to the huge icy waves with the warmth even a ship this size just over eight hundred ships were dispatched in total in the convoys but one in eight never made it back britain lost three thousand men in what was known as the most hostile theater of world war two the waters so cold that falling in meant almost certain death yet those behind the mission never ordered the men it sent john received medals for other campaign see fourteen but he's still
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missing the one that matters most but i'll fill discussed that while being trained in a minute only a few of us left now. a more well interrelated. how come not frightened now and i mean come on this. way i know. sam we've actually got a lengthy pacific defense measure i've got the order came pies other campaigns are been in the eye of the mon if i had. one of an english. medal for the russian colors but that could soon change prime minister david cameron's finally ordered the medals review after years of campaigning from veterans they haven't been on it so far because of bureaucratic red tape limiting war heroes to one medal per campaign medal rules also mean a stint on the convoys wasn't long enough to meet the six month minimum and
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impossible targets given the extreme conditions of the arctic it's disgusting and to my mind it is the fact that it's been it's taken so long it's really heartbreaking because over the years we've been campaigning for this medal many many of these veterans have and have now passed away and the absolute tragedy if this would be if we do get to a situation where the medal really removes the barriers and the up to conway veterans are allowed that medal and there are none of them alive to receive it of the sixty six and a half thousand men who sailed on the arctic convoys just two hundred remain like john they've just been offered another medal by russian government for ever in debt to this service on top of the two it's already awarded to john will find out in september if he is to finally receive what he really wants but other aging war heroes like it could be too little too late either bennett r.t. london. and coming up on our team russian opposition groups continue their protest
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over a lot of importance a return to the top job isolated rallies and sit ins or how the cross mosque there was numerous arrests by the movement's numbers dwindle since massive demonstrations and winter. a bomb has detonated in syria just moments after you want observers team which included the bodies chief monitor passed by six soldiers escorting convoy were said to have been injured it comes after envoy kofi annan said damascus was failing to halt the violence and war and his peace plan is the last chance for the country to avoid civil war are just going to check out has the details of serious response we've heard the syrian ambassador to the united nations say that a number of regional air of powers are sponsoring terror in syria to undermine kofi annan just for the plant he said the syrian government remains committed to the plan but it faces a surge of terrorist attacks including suicide bomb bombings the ambassador shows a d.v.d. and said it has the confessions of dozens of individuals involved in terrorist
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activities upon the order of certain gulf countries here's what he said these terrorists did not come into syria. this by using. they came into syria through the syrian borders with the neighboring countries so it's not a secret anymore who is behind these groups the. giving orders and try to work through these terrorist. leave. he also accused turkey of harboring armed groups which are infiltrating syria committing crimes and returning back to turkey because syrian ambassador said what also undermines kofi annan his plan is the inflow of arms into syria now both the syrian ambassador to the u.n. and even the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. noted that there has been an decrease of violence in syria but the international
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envoy kofi annan said there is still a profound concern that syria's descending into full on civil war up to one hundred international observers are already working there the only said the number will reach three hundred by the end of the month so there's going to be more eyes on the ground as of now he said and i'm going to i'm going to quote here there has been a worrying episodes of violence by the government but we have also seen attacks against government forces troops and installations it's very interesting how the u.s. ambassador susan rice responded to the claims made by the syrian ambassador she brushed off the question about terrorists and then she went on talking about those who took up arms to fight for their rights a very dubious question arises here is it an attempt to justify violence on one side while. the other being exclusively the syrian government susan rice confirmed it in a way with her latest statement by putting all responsibility in the hands of the syrian government and never not once mentioning the armed groups in the opposition
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with this regard and that despite the fact that the u.s. has accepted kofi annan plan which addresses all sides of the conflict not just the syrian government. reporting there now is a live report and settles in to use rolled back at the top of russian politics groups of opposition activists have continued their isolative walks and sit ins across the center of moscow which have been going on for three days protesters have now joined to sanction communists rally in the center of moscow and are marching was artie's jacob greaves is at the scene. this rally carries historical significance for the communist party being championed as one the greatest achievements of the soviet union but this modern day party also has very current concerns has been active when it comes to the protests movie seen on the back of the parliamentary elections back in december the not alone at this rally here stay there all those also form the white ribbon movement for free and fair elections they've proven quite active at this rally one of the reasons because they've been
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dwindling support ever since the presidential elections back in march and they will get as many people out on the ground therefore they're somewhat tacking on to other demonstrations well also they want to keep the attention on the focus on their point was protesting against the inauguration of a putin as president they've moved with this rally legolas it parks around moscow staging somewhat of a sit in there we saw this tactic being employed just yesterday it was a cat and mouse game being played between protesters and police course and all these actions are officially sanctioned i mean that what the protests are doing in a city in parks seemingly singing or playing guitars and there voiding any protests chanting or songs as to avoid being detained that hasn't been officially sanctioned now despite that there have been significant amount of arrests made just yesterday around two hundred to see fischer official figures being given by the police the protest movement pushing that much higher and among those arrested again we saw
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alexei no bounty the activist who is being very prominent when it comes to organizing these protests he was detained by police as was surrogate dull saw the head of the left front row somewhat to the communist party but also for himself is detained awaiting a court appearance and says he'll be going on hunger strike as a result. of the action began a day had of cordons inauguration which was held on monday parties and he's now am political analyst try to understand who is driving the protest. who is the russian opposition well of course it depends who you ask but also if you take a look for yourself what you'll see most often are a lot of different colors organizations and parties well to help us kind of decipher who's who in this i think we can call it modern russian opposition is to me through bob which he's a political analyst for voice of russia radio thanks for being with us i want to start with alexis in the widely and surrogate self just because they're the most
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well known at the moment they're constantly getting arrested and being released just briefly tell us who they are and why they've become the prominent leaders of our name is not a typical leftist populist like well does he use them more into it and take corruption and nationalist. but let's focus on the flanks for a bit looking at this video this is this is sunday's protest which for the first time turned really ugly you see these there's so and the left front it's called what what are the main focus of that party it's a flag we saw a lot of on sunday you see the red flags with the red star so this is an image abroad people might think it's you know a communist party because they read russia a communist so what they write because it will does so friesen to decode. he's. left drawing to the reason why all the communist party of russian federation human being chronically ill participate in all these actions get him constantly arrested that's his style that's like is that there on i.q.
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tests where he is the traditional. russian i guess what does that mean in terms of there are several groups which do not i y themselves with the left front always the communist party job you know for sunday i was there and there were clearly some people who were trying to provoke violence a lot of these so-called anarchists you can see here basically were running into the riot police and also were wearing a lot of these masks. let's talk a little bit more about the nationalist side that we see sometimes i believe we don't have pictures here yet but it's. white there it is what's this is what it means someone you know all of the groups all the nationalist groups that are strongly opposed to the cargo hold strong appeal to white. bread. but who also but would not like to be associated with communists or leftists what does it mean that. when we see tens of thousands of people on the streets of moscow as opposed to small groups like we see here which we saw after the inauguration sit
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ins trying to happen so why don't you see the thousands of the masses do we see so many different flags if they are so anti putin can't they just get under that banner all these groups have a mutually exclusive view they're not simply i think it used to seem to contradict you that's just in the school of the nationalistic use which you know being a liberal the liberal secular wouldn't be the nationalists the left just accused which you know the sort of social system is the liberal secular splintering of reviving the soviet period so they can't agree on anything the only thing that they can agree on is that they don't like they want the current state to go well that's about it to me three bob rich political analyst from words of russia radio thank you very much for trying to help us understand what's happening with the opposition in russia because certainly people in the country have never been more involved in politics. now for more of what we do here in our team go to our website r t the call where you can find how politics is casting
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a shadow over the london olympics well some countries are using the value to question britain's foreign policy and accuse it of double standards what fear is it could draw in the years of biggest sporting event. in fanny's a man of gad's governments around the world sweating as to whether he's latest leaks will expose their secrets now julian assange has his own show to do it in today find out the truth behind the arab spring and watch the show on air in about ten minutes time or you can capture it online. speak to two leading revolutionaries one from bahrain where the revolution failed was that egypt where the revolution is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to go. israel's politicians have avoided the need for early elections after the ruling coalition announced it struck a surprise deal with the opposition party but the country's military leadership
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still isn't seeing eye to eye with lawmakers accusing them of being hysterical over the perceived threat from iran party's policy or looks at the growing rift. usually it is all secret service that's eavesdropping on others this time it was the other way around in what was supposed to be a closed form in the form of security chief was caught saying this maybe i'm saying very difficult things i don't believe in the prime minister and not in the defense minister i've seen them from up close they are not people that i just to leave the state of israel into in advance of this magnitude the strongest criticism so far from someone in the know putting the growing rift between israel's political and military might of whether or not a techie ran out into the open. it's not. polite but i'd prefer that in the sense of the sense of those who speak.
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for the story i think i think what we're seeing first is that this government doesn't really engage with with the country as a whole this hasn't been a public discussion as to whether israel should launch a strike against iran and there's also a feeling that within the government itself it's only barak anatomy of themselves who are making these decisions has been no white at the base among the smaller security cabinet or even the white a couple of israeli politicians are near hysterical when it comes to iran and they have more than hinted that a military strike is under consideration were determined to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. we live all options on the table. and containment is definitely not an option. unlike the nuclear bomb. yet. even. if he.
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is. for the first time ever the head of the israeli army while still in office has broken rank and thrown doubt on with it iran is in fact planning to go nuclear. iran is going step by step to the place where it will be able to decide whether to manufacture a nuclear bomb it hasn't yet decided whether to go the extra mile but will israel go the extra mile and decide to bomb iran until. the military or the security establishment the stalk the government it's almost so or the leaders of all the military and security establishments were replaced recently the question is what will their presence establishments say and will be on subi supported by the government will make a divide between the two sides even deeper the temperature is rising ahead of nuclear talks slated to happen later this month in baghdad but also on this point
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there's disagreement with intel of is in a circle some high ranking israeli officials say pressure against iran is bearing fruit one is also official line is that it won't be can't buy negotiations policy r.t. tel aviv. now ukraine's jailed former prime minister has been moved from prison to a local hospital the opposition leader have been on a hunger strike for nineteen days claiming she was abused by guards during an earlier attempt to move her or you know get the details from our correspondent here she asked joining us from kiev well see there's been talk from the authorities about this move for some time so do we know why the opposition leaders finally agreed to it. yes we understand that huge emotional ukraine's former prime minister now serving seven years in prison for abuse of power has been transferred to a clinic where she will be observed her spinal hemorrhage which has been reported for the last several months will be observed by german doctors she insisted that this must be a german doctor and that no ukrainian doctor will have access to her treatment now
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certainly this comes after a great deal of controversy surrounding this hospital is ation of tymoshenko in fact on april the twentieth she was meant to be transferred to a hospital but back then she claimed the prison guards physically abused her punched her in a stomach landed several punches on her body and the photos of her bruises were made public on the internet causing lots of control over see here in ukraine certainly and abroad now we understand that she has finally agreed for this treatment whether for how long this will last and whether the doctors would be able to treat to finally cure her off her spinal which is certainly remains unknown but definitely this is a big development in the story which has been like a like a roller coaster for the past several weeks in ukraine indeed well and there's already been a diplomatic tension between key if and states over to treatment so is that likely to ease now. all those physical abuse reported physical abuse by prison guards on
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tymoshenko that i've spoken all that i already mentioned certainly goes lots of control over see abroad with some politicians on the highest levels and european countries saying that they will boycott the year which went to twelve football championship which is starting in a little more than a month from now and those politicians occluded the german chancellor angela merkel the highest ranking politicians in the netherlands in the czech republic in germany so it is unclear whether whether this development in the story whether the fact of hospitalization will ease the tension whether those. who are willing to boycott the euro twenty twelve will decide to come here eventually but certainly this is. something of a big step forward in this story because for up to this moment. the authorities have been saying that they will not allow you to machine good to be treated by any foreign doctors on the ukrainian store or anywhere abroad we even heard an offer from the idea to put in it you have to michigan treated in russia but the
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authorities in ukraine denounce that such possibility could even happen so certainly we waiting to see for any reactions from europe but hopefully most of the politicians will change their opinion and will be able to come to the euro twenty twelve period in months time or right alexi thanks very much indeed for bringing us this update our correspondent. scary porting from kiev. and you're watching r.t. coming to live from moscow and here's a reminder of our top story russia has been remembering the heroes who helped defeat nazi germany in world war two a spectacular parade to celebrate the sixty seventh anniversary of the victory took place on russia's iconic red square well i'll be back with headlines in just a few minutes but right now let's enjoy some of the highlights of the event.
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welcome back here with r t here's a look at the top stories russia remembers victory day and the heroic deeds of millions who put an end to the bloodiest war of the twentieth century celebrations and a massive military parade marked sixty seven years since the end of world war two. ukraine's jailed for a prime minister yulia timoshenko has moved to hospital of the opposition leader have been on hunger strike for nineteen days claiming she was abused by guards during an earlier attempt to move her. the u.n. envoy to syria warned civilians are in danger accusing damascus of failing to curb violence despite it being nearly a month since a nationwide truce was in polls but the regime says it's facing terror threats from armed groups. now the arab spring revolutions are the focus of the world's most famous whistleblower in the latest explosive episode.


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