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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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straight to our breaking news for you this hour here on our brand new a russian passenger plane at the sukhoi superjet one hundred has gone missing during a flight over indonesia with forty four people on board. it is good to have you with us here today on rule re sushi and straight to our breaking news this hour the authorities in jakarta searching for a russian passenger plane off the old communications with the aircraft were lost mid flight let's not get the latest from. joining us live here on the program
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pretty good to see you any news now on what has actually happened to this missing plane. apparently we've lost the connection with arteries a prius reader in new delhi we will try and reestablish the connection here on. drugs for that and grateful for your patience the sukhoi superjet one hundred was on a demonstration flight near the city it went missing while returning to the port authorities say the plane may have crashed or possibly even been hijacked a search operation is currently underway it's the first such incident involving the brand new russian plane which made its first flight in two thousand and seven one that it will be updating us so with all the very latest developments on the story do stay with us here on our table. now these two project one of one hundred is the first civil aircraft designed and manufactured entirely in russia since the collapse of the soviet union it's
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a joint project of the russian aviation giant sukhoi europe's superjet international and several dozen other companies the plane was meant to offer a whole new dimension of technology and comfort eclipsing its outdated soviet rivals it features a fully electronic fly by wire system as opposed to the manual flight controls and is equipped with a built in failure to texan system aside from its cutting edge technology the super jet is cost efficient to run due to its a lighter weight reduced fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs the plane belongs to the regional class but is designed to effectively operate on a number of mainline rooms. now a russian blogger that of us who was initially supposed to be on board the missing superjet reports online from jakarta is also providing us with the latest pictures from the region he spoke with r.t.
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just a bit earlier via the phone. they were thora teaser searching for the plane helicopters just returned but says there's no trace of it rescuers are looking at the maps trying to determine where it could be i have been aboard this plane and i flew here on board it there were two flights the first one was fine it lasted thirty minutes then we came back the plane was checked over and it was fine the second flight should have also lasted for thirty minutes but it's now been gone for almost four hours i could have been on it again but i stayed back because i wanted to film it on the ground looking but this was a demonstration flight from indonesia an aircraft company that wanted to buy twelve such players we have already been on this plane in kazakhstan pakistan. the next stop would be in laos and vietnam. about to r.t. is a trade and i was standing by in new delhi to bring us up to date on what has happened to this missing plane. can you bring us up to speed now what is the latest
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information that you have at this moment. indonesian authorities are searching for the russian sukhoi superjet one hundred the plane has forty four passengers on it and it disappeared off the radars during a demonstrated flight in jakarta today it's already gotten dark over there it's nighttime it's actually raining and there are reports of the visibility isn't looking so good so we're hearing that the helicopters are actually no longer looking for the plane the search has been restricted to ground crews the plane actually went missing twenty minutes into the demonstration members of the crew actually asked the aviation authorities for permission to do that and but now no one on the plane can be reached and the aircraft is not responding to hale's i believe we talked to the press secretary of the united aircraft corporation that's the company that actually built the plane so let's take a listen to what she had to say about everything that's going on there. and i don't
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propose. to project one hundred he was conducting and second demonstration flight in indonesia the first flight went without a hitch flights were carried out from the same airport in jakarta before the second fled the plane underwent required maintenance and was technically in good order according to information from indonesian authorities communication with the plane was lost twenty minutes into the flight at two thirty five pm local time right now the search is on for the plane and the crisis group has been formed. so as you can see that plane actually already did one test today the plane was actually on a tour in asia it had already been through pockets than me and maher and caustics and and was set to head to laos and vietnam next prove what a fault of the officials in jakarta at this point what are they saying about possible causes for the disappearance. so actually hijacking or the possibility that the plane crashed into
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a nearby mountain had not been ruled out by the indonesian aviation authorities if the plane did crash authorities say that an emergency beacon should have gone off and as of right now on there has been no indication that that beacon has gone off which is why the aviation authorities in indonesia have not ruled out the possibility of hijacking as of yet and prove what about so let's take a bit of a black truck here and talk about the history of sukhoi superjet any problems on the pasta with the line a. summary of the sukhoi superjet one hundred is the first passenger plane built in russia since the end of the soviet union it's actually a joint venture between several countries that provide parts for the plane including france the us italy germany the u.k. and switzerland the first model was made in two thousand and seven there was a task next year in two thousand and eight and the first passenger flight was last year in two thousand and eleven and there haven't been any problems with the plane
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but so far only a dozen have been built there have already been russian and international orders for this plane actually one hundred seventy planes and a dozen are actually already under construction indonesia actually just did a three hundred eighty million dollars deal this past august to purchase the jets which is why the sukhoi superjet one hundred was in jakarta in the first place or authorities approved through the new delhi thank you. let's get some further analysis on this our breaking news story here on r t n n speak to speak to our christiane it's an aviation security expert from yates consulting of life for us in bolton u.k. thank you for coming on r t today especially on such short notice it's a brand new plane boosting and boasting the latest technology so if it went off the radar it means something's happened to the aircraft what are the possible scenarios you know rui i think we can possibly rule out the suggested hijacking scenario
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no indication as to why something like that would have. even to all the transport. so i could be turned off. board. you would still see for example a primary radar blip on the screen indicating where the aircraft might be generally within the region that doesn't appear to be the case so i think we can rule out that hijacking scenario and instead i think we have to look out a possible technical malfunction or operator error pilot error we know that this is very well serviced ports in terms of all of the navigation. but it's also interesting to read around it and it's not a difficult airport by any means. out of but if it was
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defending back into the airport at the end of this demonstration flight. descended low the the altitude given by traffic control then it might well have gone into one of the mountains and employ are so you're bringing up the issue you're saying it's unlikely it's been hijacked it's more likely that something to do with the mountainous terrain there we understand after just speaking to our correspondent there is now nighttime in the region. but even at this point what action do you think the aviation and emergency authorities will not be taking. quite obviously continue to hail be crossed from time to time and they continue to search for the emergency beacons of the will to magically or should automatically deploy when an aircraft such as this goes down. cause they know the general vicinity of where they. disappeared from the radar.
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at the airport so therefore the rescue teams the ground's teams to. obviously the helicopter currently on the ground because of night time because of the weather. but ultimately we will find the location of this this aircraft and this tragic crash that we assume the plane was in good working condition as it was on display this wasn't the first flight that it was taking in the area are you in any way surprised by the reports we've been hearing today i'm very surprised you know this is a very modern c.e.o. carly just intimated the first commercial flight for this aircraft. it is a solidly built very carefully designed craft that is designed to replace much of the aging fleet within russia so. to
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directly challenged the primacy of some other manufacturers on the world stage. it is surprising but. literally disappeared from the radar screens on a demonstration flight. you know we need to wait and see without prejudging any investigation. because of the last sort of this crash. no sir i do know that this sukhoi superjet has the latest top of the line technology the fly by wire system as we were discussing i mean certainly when we were showing pictures of the cockpit it's very very impressive looking but how do you think this image of the sukhoi superjet could now be affected at a time when it's just opening itself up to the international market talk about bad timing yeah absolutely very bad timing rory the issue here of course is to try. to touring the world. before
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it's drumming up business for this particular model and you know this comes at an extraordinarily bad time for sukhoi. all right across the ocean security expert from yates consulting thanks for coming on r.t. today. i will continue to update you on this our breaking news story here on r.t. for now back to some other off today's news it is a day to remember for millions in russia and surrounding nations whose forefathers vanquished the nazi war machine now sixty seven years ago festivities are being held across the country and military parades have rolled through several cities of course the biggest one taking place right here in moscow. was there to witness the . of this year's big parade has come to a close on red square in the center of moscow celebrating the sixty seventh
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anniversary of the role played by the soviet union and the victory over nazi germany during the second world war now the parade was started off by the newly elected president vladimir putin he paid homage to all of those who helped to win that victory all of those years ago this year fourteen thousand troops marched across red square to the iconic center of the russian capital and they were followed by some pretty serious military hardware on the vehicles high tech tanks and followed up by again by strategic missiles the parade was closed out with a fly by from military helicopters bearing the flag of the russian federation as well as the ban as of the defense ministry and the army the navy and the air force around fourteen hundred veterans were in attendance to to witness this year's parade many of them had actually taken part in the parade to commemorate the
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victory in world war two back in one nine hundred forty five some of those coming straight back from the front to march across red square that day now the celebrations are here in russia and in moscow continue throughout the day here in the capital they come to a conclusion with a fantastic spectacular fireworks display at ten pm. kill time just making sure that this day is a celebration as well as a commemoration of the sacrifice paid for the freedoms we have today. are these put all of our reporting right over besides the soviet troops thousands of british soldiers sacrificed their lives during the war of course they went to see braving subzero temperatures in the arctic to deliver arms and food to the red army all in all four million tons of supplies were sent to the eastern front but as artie's are bennett reports their epic effort has remained largely unrecognized until now. the
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worst journey in the world was how we churchill described it the ten day through hell the arctic convoys were a vital lifeline of supplies to the soviet union with britain's eastern ally in the grip of a nazi onslaught just nineteen john c. is was a gunner on board one ship braving fierce seas bitter cold and a treacherous route infested by german u. boats and never been spirited in the can you just imagine. wives come in nature there's a block of flats you just passed the wife say just picked us up picked us up just market. just take it mark perry mine we were fourteen thousand pretty heavy clark at all and you know we've been lifted out because you could hear the screws turn in the war. below and in the water this is the very ship john c.
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is on his job was to man the end of the guns against the heavy enemy fire from above but the onslaught came from the sea to the huge icy waves with the warmth even a ship this size just over eight hundred ships were dispatched in total in the convoys but one in eight never made it back britain lost three thousand men in what was known as the most hostile theater of world war two the waters so cold that fall in meant almost certain death yet those behind the mission never ordered the men it sent john received medals for other campaign see fourteen but he still missing all the one that matters most discussed here while being tree in a minute only a few of us left now. a more well interactive. not frightened now and i mean come on. we are no way someone we
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as you say got a lead burma pacific defense medal i've got the order came pies are the campaigns are been in a pair of them only fired. one of an english. medal for their ration cards but that could soon change prime minister david cameron's finally ordered the medals review after years of campaigning from veterans they haven't been on it so far because of bureaucratic red tape limiting war heroes to one medal per campaign medal rules also mean a stint on the convoys wasn't long enough to meet the six month minimum and impossible targets given the extreme conditions of the arctic this is this casting and to my mind the fact that it's it's taken so long it's really heartbreaking because over the years we've been campaigning for this matter many many of these veterans have and have now passed away and the absolute tragedy if this would be if we did get to
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a situation where the medal really remove the barriers and the outcome with actions are allowed their mettle and there are none of them alive to receive it of the sixty six and a half thousand men who sailed on the arctic convoys just two hundred remain like john they've just been offered another medal by russian government for ever in debt to this service and on top of that to it's already awarded to john will find out in september if he is to finally receive what he really wants but other aging war heroes like it could be too little too late either bennett's london. is i know it twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow are thousands of opposition activists marching through the center of the russian capital in a rally organized by the communist party but hundreds of other protesters still angry of lot of putin's return to office have jumped on the bandwagon with them correspondent draco greaves has more from the scene. yes this right is officially
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sanctioned for the homeless cost now coming on the victory day of course it has its historical significance and. the soviet union amaryllis of most policy ever a much harder day so while having an election i did the same but i made allegations of electoral fraud become iced coffee on the only walls house a stadium i take a look around the crowd at the white ribbon strewn everywhere i said trying to use this all the sanction rally to get there i sit across the senate should i stand against the inauguration of bottom a present as president ever since march the presidential elections simply haven't had as many people out on the streets willing to show their support for months now they've resorted to other tactics and even point of the tactics recently will be stage some citizens quietly at peace with demonstrations where people gather the monuments in central moscow and avoid any displays of political allegiance because
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these are signs if they do to their if they were to do that they'd risk arrest some of their leaders have been detained including alexina bounty problems anticorruption leader and also known for his stars leaving the opposition movement he tweeted asking people to come out yesterday they did just that a couple of hundred. killed by police riot police arrested here that members went on to another part playing a sort of passive mouse game with police that's something they say why everybody here they'd be willing to again today again be on a little pocket playing a piece of cardboard in any major cause will say it's because the political statements by the way. i live this organize the ones that i think is a stand against vladimir putin was present far from our home they come from different areas of the business section real amalgamation they have national summarised you have those of the. front surrogate so who's also been detained for
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yesterday's protests he's going on hunger strike but he's the left front and they are typically associated with the communist party so there are different thinking different approaches this is a little behind this war the movement there is all comes on the back of those demonstration we saw taking place on sunday their head of the inauguration of blood may appear to know they turned quite markedly violent compared to others we saw protesters with police led to a number of injuries injuries on both accounts with police arresting quite a few number of demonstrators out alleging that they're trying to pull some of their riot gear from the leading to some of the patients. just to give you a reminder now of our breaking news here on our search operation continues in indonesia for a russian passenger plane after all communications with the aircraft were lost mid flight the sukhoi superjet one hundred was on
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a demonstration flight near jakarta it was shuttle to carry out two flights today the first one going as planned however during the second flight the plane disappeared from radar a search operation is being complicated by nightfall and bad weather conditions authorities several versions of what happened and none of them official as of yet it's the first such incident involving the brand new russian plane which made its first flight in two thousand and seven i do stay with us here on r.t. for the latest on this developing story. by turning our attention now to that of syria where a roadside bomb has hit a military truck injuring six soldiers and the vehicle was part of a convoy carrying the head of the united nations observer mission it's not clear who was a behind the blast the attack comes a day after the u.n. envoy to syria warned his peace plan is the last chance for the country to avoid civil war kofi annan also accused of failing. the hole to violence despite it being
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nearly a month since the nationwide truce was are imposed. has details of serious response . will hurt the syrian ambassador to the united nations say that a number of regional arab powers are sponsoring terror in syria to undermine kofi annan to find a plan he said the syrian government remains committed to the plan but it faces a surge of terrorist attacks including suicide bombings. d.v.d. and said it has the confessions of dozens of individuals involved in terrorist activities upon the order of thirty countries here's what he said these terrorists did not come into syria. by using. they came into syria through the syrian borders with the neighboring countries so it's not the secret anymore who is behind these groups the. giving orders and try to work through these terrorist. leave.
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he also accused turkey of harboring armed groups which are infiltrating syria committing crimes and returning back to turkey because syrian ambassador said what also undermines kofi and his plan is the inflow of arms into syria now both the syrian ambassador to the u.n. and even the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. noted that there has been a decrease of violence in syria but the international envoy kofi annan said there is still a profound concern that syria is descending into full on civil war up to one hundred international observers are already working there the only said the number will reach three hundred by the end of the month so there's going to be more eyes on the ground as of now he said and i'm going to i'm going to quote here there have been worrying episodes of violence by the government but we have also seen attacks against government forces troops and installations it's very interesting how the
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u.s. ambassador susan rice responded to the claims made by the syrian ambassador she brushed off the question about terrorists and then she went on talking about those who took up arms stepped down to fight for their rights a very dubious question arises here is that in a campaign to justify violence on one side while. the other being exclusively the syrian government susan rice confirmed it in a way with her latest statement by putting all responsibility in the hands of the syrian government and never not once mentioning the armed groups in the opposition with this regard and that despite the fact that the u.s. has accepted kofi annan plan which addresses all sides of the conflict not just the syrian government. his gun if you can right there now in jail the ukrainian opposition leader yulia tymoshenko has been moved from prison to a hospital for treatment of already as are hoping this will defeat was a growing diplomatic crisis threatening to overshadow the euro two thousand and twelve football championship ukraine had already been forced to postpone an e.u.
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summit after several states pulled out in protest from kiev as artie's alexi had a chef scare. emotional ukraine's former prime minister now serving seven years in prison for abuse of power has been transferred to a clinic where she will be observed her spinal hemorrhage which has been reported for the last several months will be observed by german doctor to she insisted that this must be a german doctor and that no ukrainian doctor will have access to her treatment now certainly this comes after a great deal of controversy surrounding this hospital is ation of tymoshenko in fact on april the twentieth she was meant to be transferred to a hospital but back then she claimed the prison guards physically abused her punch ernest almost landed several punches on her body and the photos of her bruises were made public on the internet now we understand that she has finally agreed for this treatment for how long this will last and whether the doctors would be able to finally cure her off her spinal which is certainly remains unknown but those
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physical abuse reported physical abuse by prison guards on tymoshenko certainly cause lots of controversy of road with some politicians on the highest levels and european countries saying that they will boycott the euro twenty twelfth championship which is starting in a little more than a month from now and those politicians who did the german chancellor angela merkel the highest ranking politicians in the netherlands in the czech republic in germany so it is unclear whether the whether this development in the story whether the fact of hospitalisation will ease the tension whether those. who are willing to boycott the euro twenty twelve will decide to come here eventually but certainly this is something of a big step forward in this story because for up to this moment the authorities have been saying that they will not allow you to machine go to be treated by any foreign doctors on the ukrainian soil or anywhere abroad we even heard an offer from. which you have to michigan treated in russia but the authorities in ukraine
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denounce that such possibility could even happen so certainly we waiting to see for any reactions from the. but hopefully most of the politicians will change their opinion and we'll be able to come to the euro twenty twelve period in month time. or it's a bye to our breaking news here on r t authorities in jakarta rose searching for a russian passenger plane after all communications with the aircraft were lost mid flight and now let's get the latest marty's appreciate are standing by for us live in new delhi priya can you bring us up to date now what is the latest that we know has happened to this plane that's very very as you mentioned the authorities there searching for the russians. one hundred the plane had forty four passengers on it and disappeared off the radar during a demonstrated flight in jakarta today and it's already gotten dark oh great there it's rain. all right we do apologize.
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we've lost our previous treated there we did have our own a skype connection good enough part of the world it can be tough to maintain that connection we do apologize and thank you for your patience a recap of our breaking news an odyssey just to give you now that what we know so far is that a search operation continues in indonesia for a russian passenger plane all columns were down with the aircraft they were lost mid-flight the sukhoi superjet one hundred it was on a demo flight needs a casa it was shuttle to carry out two flights the first of which was successful however near the completion of the second trip the plane disappeared from radar but the search operation is being complicated by nightfall and bad weather conditions it is the first such incident involving the brand new russian plane which made its first flight in two thousand and seven do you stay with us for the latest on this developing story. or and here we are we're showing you pictures here of the super.


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