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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2012 10:09am-10:29am EDT

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you two are serious he after being convicted of arms trafficking in the us is the first time you've spoken to any english speaking channel since being detained in thailand the federal bureau of prisons ruled that he will serve his twenty five year term in a super maximum security jail in colorado boots lawyer at this point has already filed an appeal and the russian is awaiting the whole decision in his new york prison for the time being the artes anastasio has more on this. this was victor boots first interview to an english language t.v. news outlet not only since his sentencing but also since his extradition and speaking in one in six languages he's fluent in english he seemed quite candid generally we know that victor boot is quite positive considering the circumstances with personally seen him winking at his wife inside the courtroom today too he was quite calm and really shared his personal take on his case and kind of proud of.
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were you know. through the. trial. where you know your mom accepted. that you were. recruited marker of. completion of american jump to. conclusion to reach an american comic. and nonfunctional dictatorship of course his case has been like a hollywood blockbuster picture blood is a russian air cargo business man in his forty's he's been dubbed the merchant of death in the united states the u.s. has spent years and tens of millions of dollars in an operation to hunt this man down of course we know that u.s. agents posing as far members met with victor boot and then arrested him in thailand in two thousand and eight two years later regardless of the fact that thai courts found him not guilty twice in what was called arm twisting by the united states victor boot was extradited into u.s.
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territory to face charges of international arms trafficking victim but himself has always maintained his innocence and believes his case to be political theaetetus also asked him if he has a message for the president of the united states as well as a u.s. official in general who are behind the operation in luring in victor boot. which were used. these products. drug enforcement. very workable grammar crime this rule probably not to help america really fall the problem of the drug war and you were victims of going through the real problem from the real problem isn't the grunts the group of soldiers your program go through somebody who goes through all. three different people for the corner the real problem to boot is appealing his twenty five year sentence behind bars and
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says he continues to keep on fighting until he gets a chance to return back home to russia we know that he has filed an official request for the russian state duma to file a complaint against the united states and thailand victor boot himself says because he knows he's innocent he's hoping that he will not end up serving the entire twenty five years that he's been sentenced to but whether or not that's going to be the case we're going to have to wait and see and you can catch the entire interview the exclusive on t.v. and if you are that will be all day on sunday. it's good to have you with us here on out to you today for a third time this week greece's deadlocked parliament is desperately trying to form
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a coalition government but hopes of a deal remain slim with the country now facing the possibility it may have to hold yet another round of elections polls however suggest that pro bailout part of the parties would suffer even more losses this time around those groups saw their power share plummet in sunday's election and europe is getting worried cutting the latest bailout payment to cash strapped athens by one billion euros germany though is already guarding against any possible fallout saying the euro could survive with all without greece let's get some more insight on this now and find out why berlin is so optimistic and speak to financial writer peter build now joining us live here on. good to see you thank you for joining us on the program today first off are you are you as confident as germany seems to be that the eurozone could survive fine with a greek exit. it depends how that exit took place and i'm not so sure that germany
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is really that confident i mean mr schauble is perhaps whistling in the with the rain but it does all he's daring greece to go ahead and try and reopen. the terms of the bailout deal and values what the germans at the moment. i'm sorry you can't do that and if you prefer to leave rather than to accept the terms of already been agreed then although we regret it we can't stop you and by the way we have put in place all sorts of men. can resumes all sorts of fire walls to make sure that if you go under you don't drag everybody else on the with you the question is really does is he really confident of the case or is it simply saying it in order to put more pressure on the greeks ultimately to accept the bailout terms as they are but certainly there i mean it might seem to some that there is there is room for him to be somewhat optimistic greece only comprises two percent of the eurozone economy
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and what it really pose such a danger if indeed it really did exit. it's not a question of whether greece is a member of the eurozone or not it's the manner of how they would leave it and all sorts of banks that are interrelated that have outstanding debt in europe is now would all of those be canceled how much would that affect a lot of europe's banks were german or french or indeed spanish banks would it increase the pressure hugely on spain by raising doubts as to whether spain or indeed italy could be kept within the euro that is the the danger it's not a question of the tiny percentage of of european g.d.p. that greece represents where you mentioned you mentioned countries such as spain or italy that's an interesting point you bring up here because one of the threat of contagion it's a word we haven't heard so much about in recent months but is the threat back i mean how could how would
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a greek exit affect the situation in spain or italy. the fact is nobody knows and values for dangerous thing was. optimistic because it seems to imply that well if you must leave early go ahead but we're not going to train to our terms but the real problem is that nobody actually knows how much debt is if you like dependent on greece staying in the in the euro zone and therefore greek debts that are interlinked with other european counterparts. to what extent that debt is repayable nobody actually knows and that is the real danger. the problem is not as i say it's not whether greece is in or out everybody accepts including mr assuredly that it might have been far better of greece hadn't joined in the first place using phony figures phony figures that the rest of the eurozone exempt accepted more on political and on economic grounds but it's not it's not
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a question of whether you're in or out but it's a question of getting out that is the danger and you know when it comes to this what apparently is a vicious circle of debt going around here with german shouldering a lot a lot of the burden to prop up other members of the eurozone is it germany or is it the euro kratz in brussels who really have the final say at the end of the day and as you mentioned a moment ago there's an awful lot of politicking going on behind the scenes that might often cloud what should be clear judgment. well ultimately of course the governments in that mean in germany of course means berlin ultimately have the say they do control what the commission does through the off through the european council but leave a meeting of the heads of state or the heads of government but the problem is for germany that although it can say look we've already agreed this fiscal pact we've already agreed these bailout terms of the fiscal pact is now being is now being ratified by twenty five out of the twenty seven members two countries have already
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ratified it the others are on the way the fact is that with france under a new leadership a leadership that doesn't actually accept the very near austerity terms that have been incorporated or that have been that are represented by merkel and mr scheuer with that change in politics germany might well have to listen to other voices which we have to see whether mr hollande actually argues well you know let's not throw greece out too fast let's see whether perhaps the terms that we insisted on are perhaps needlessly onerous or are self-defeating as he would argue and germany is at least going to have to listen to that sort of argument whether it except sort are not in the end is another question but it cannot politically afford to be seen simply dismissing the views of let's say the french government and i must apologize to mr burt i'm running very very low on time but i do want to ask you one final question before we go the fitch ratings agency has just announced that if greece
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abandons the euro it will consider downgrading all eurozone nations what are your thoughts on that as. well in a sense of it downgrades from or it doesn't really matter because it is relative gradings that matter above all that aside the so-called spreads that is the differences between the interest rate paid by one country and another country yes it would maybe make it more difficult and more expensive for all of you. to. international markets compared with let's say. the united states but it's not really an issue if it is. just all government. cried across europe that are actually down graded peter bill the financial writer thank you very much for joining us and today my pleasure. twenty past the hour here in moscow in indonesia a team has found at least twelve bodies on the slopes of a volcano where
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a new russian airliner crashed on wednesday during a demo flight for the rescue operation has been a hole stayed overnight until saturday morning from now as soon as well that everybody on board might be dead. from the families and friends still holding out hope. chaos to jakarta's domestic airport where hundreds gathered after russian superjet sukhoi one hundred went missing from radars early thursday their worst fears were realized as air force helicopters found the remains of the plane on a mountainside thirty miles outside indonesia's capital city. ever since the plane disappeared off the radar members of the media and family members of those who were on the plane have been gathering here at the crisis center hoping for any word as to what could have happened to their loved ones and what caused the plane to go down. did their god mad has been at the airport since he found out that his wife was on board the missing plane she has been
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a flight attendant for twenty years and didn't think it was necessary to tell her husband about the quick thirty minute demo so when they got to she didn't tell me she was going on the plane no idea. the super jet was performing that demonstration for airline executives and potential buyers as part of an asian toy or a plane billed as state of the art with cutting edge technology the multibillion dollar project involved investors from around the world and tuesday's flight was expected to show the super rich in all its glory no one including blogger surrogate bollea who has been following the super during the tour could have predicted this outcome we couldn't believe because oprah winfrey. is one of the best part of this in russia so we couldn't believe anything for them to. do the plane because we were absolutely confident in the believe most aviation experts believe that the treacherous terrain and poor visibility probably contributed to the plane going
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down on wednesday details that offer devastated relatives little comfort i'm wishing for a miracle to happen and to you good news about watching the news means good news i still have hope to find my wife. preassure either our teach a car to indonesia. and of course i do remember dot com you can find all the details about this flight as well as more about russia's a super super jet also online day where you can see photos of some of the crew cheering before the fatal flight that's taken less than an hour before the tragedy . plus a gender politics while the russian no blogosphere fumes of a claims that police had beaten a pregnant woman latest videos reveal that the woman was actually a man. well the controversial video footage has surfaced showing men in a waffen s.s.
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uniforms teaching children in a lot feehan kindergarten this in a country which holds on you will parades to on a nazi veterans which is widely seen as an attempt to twist on historical truth about the second world war correspondent in eastern europe is yourself. we understand that this incident happened on the march the sixteenth in the lobby in kindergarten we see two men wearing s.s. uniform swap and assess uniforms walking into a kindergarten or two before and what they describe as apache or to a bringing less than two three four year old kids they tell stories about the lucky an s.s. legion which was fighting back in the 1940's on the german side against the allied forces but not only they were wearing s.s. uniforms but they also brought weapons from the one thousand forties the ones which were used by the s.s. legion a lot in the war those were machine guns and even grenades and they even let the kids play with these weapons this incident is not a one off for this baltic states certainly every year on march the sixteenth they
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are organizing marches of the former s.s. the s.s. veterans certainly this has been causing widespread condemnation in russia and in many post soviet states because of the attempts of the baltic states to rewrite history to glorify nazis and certainly this new incident adds new more fuel to this fire and it's interesting to see whether there will be any reaction coming from the european union which a lot is certainly a member of because just as in russia and in the post soviet space everything related to nazis is outlawed in europe so interesting to see whether this incident in the kindergarten which has already outraged many critics in russia will cause some controversy across the european continent. are you reporting that in a moment is daniel with the business for now the r.t. world updated starts with egypt where the country's two election front runners have squared off in the first ever presidential debate former mubarak era foreign minister. and moderate islamist abdel moneim aboul fotouh both challenge each other
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in a four hour debate over brillig june's role that the see the two are among thirteen candidates running in the election egyptian ex-pats have already begun casting their votes with the rest of the country going to the polls on may twenty third. the former chief executive of news international has told a british inquiry into media ethics about her friendship with the country's prime minister david cameron rebecca brooks said she received messages of support from him after stepping down from rupert murdoch's company in the wake of the phone hacking scandal cameron set up the ethics inquiry last year in response to the revelations that the news of the world had hacked into the phone of a murdered british schoolgirl. and their ears as promised artie's it down your bushel standing by for the hourly business update i understand daniel that j.p. morgan's shares opened after posting huge losses or was the latest update on the.
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tree and hit every branch on down the learn the eight percent after traded the long reportedly lost two billion dollars that's more than all the was case for new york europe is losing of the brussels the eurozone economies will spring this year being . one of the e.u. parliament biggest groupings the europe you conservatives reformists have refused to sign off on the e.u. twenty ten budget of the order to billions of your room is spent impose more pressure on the e.u. bid for a third one percent budget rise next year. while small gets the down of the c two hundred fifty one million dollar outflows in a week that's the biggest lost. this chick stalks still make a novel lympics this profit for four to one close sale of its shares to china's chain and utility or s.k. may be taken over by the federal grid company currencies the euro is higher to the dollar this hour the ruble is retreating to the main currencies the crude prices
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are heading for a second weekly drop amid rising u.s. stockpiles for thursday the group of major oil exporting countries opec said they're producing almost ten percent more crude the necessary and russia's newly built gasoline your reply policy transit countries like ukraine may get a further capacity boost shareholders of north stream say they'll look at building one or even two additional lines to the project is already carrying gas through an existing line while another is complete and expected to be running by the end of the year and drop today most or is on a website. daniel thank you see you next hour. in just a moment here on the program i'll be back with the headlines and then it's time for .
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