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it's influence and when will all americans brace marriage equality and in tonight's daily take no one in america has ever made it on their own but so many are quick to argue just that where has this been tally come from and why and how do we restore we the people back into our house and. get the best of the rest of the news a week after president obama made a historic announcement on gay marriage on marriage equality we've learned that america is still not a place for gays and lesbians are treated as equal citizens case in point the behavior of the virginia house of delegates a monday night virginia delegates fell eighteen votes shy of appointing tracey thorn baghlan to be a judge on the district court there in bengal and served in the navy for twenty years was one of richmond's top prosecutors who sponsored for the job and was
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supported by a bipartisan group of lawmakers but. there's also gate which according to virginia delegate bob marshall disqualified him from being a judge as marshall said quote i don't even think it's proper to put his name forward because of his behavior and quote so just like that hard right coalition of politicians in virginia barred a gay man from being a judge in the united states so is anything really changed since president obama threw his support behind equal rights for gay and lesbian couples and how long until the politics politics and bigotry loses its appeal was turned over tonight annele in new york david selig conservative commentator and federal tax practitioner and here in the studio tommy christopher media correspondent white house reporter for media dot com gentlemen welcome thanks for having town great to have you both with us david why do you hate gays and want to keep keep them from having civil rights. first and foremost you know that i don't hate gays and i'm not
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trying to stop any from anyone from asserting this the rights the whole bone of contention as i see it is just a matter of dollars and cents right now irrespective of the administration's rhetoric about reducing the deficit they are about to increase it exponentially and that would be largely attributable to the marital exemption if two homosexual couples people get married and let's say one is very wealthy and they pass on two thousand and thirteen the exempted amount will be one million dollars after that the tax rate is fifty five percent we won't be getting any of that money initially and the government i would remind you and your viewing audience has already spent that money so the deficit will swell with this stuff and i think the president is trying to make political hay out of this issue because it's an emotional hot bus and. we just can't afford it gays are going to blow up the
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deficit. are mourning doesn't that make what you're saying then doesn't that make this a tax hike by grover norquist definition denying them denying gay people the right to marry is not in effect a tax hike i mean you're raising their taxes by not letting the merry. no no no and as a matter of fact in my state new york homosexual couples are actually taking great advantage of one of the few loopholes in the internal revenue code and that is in new york new jersey and many other states they are able to file as married individuals but for federal purposes they're allowed to marry file married filing separately whereas a heterosexual couple has to choose one and stay with that david many caveats let me my mantra let me just let me just jump in here the reason why we tax laws the reason why we have policies is because we want to encourage or discourage specific
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behaviors it's about what works in the society for what's moral and society of course but but the specifics of the tax code beyond the beyond the indexed is is you know we give a deduction for home mortgage interest because we want people to buy a home it's we give we have tax advantages to for marriage because we've decided that people being married is a good it's a good institutions good for society so if it's good for for heterosexual couples to get married so that they're more stable so they can raise families why would not it be good for gay couples to get married for the exact same reasons and why should we do it with hold from them that same benefit the seem to desire a minute or two and to use the budget deficit as a excuse when here's the thing i don't understand i mean you're conservative right why is one of the conservers where you know every tax cut in history pays for itself except for the one we want to give gay people or the payroll tax cut it went
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you know why don't you just call me a breeder ok i'm not familiar camping a conservative issue i'm sure you know if there are you know one of these is go an economic ramifications if you know one of these one head that actually has to pay for themselves guys that that's not you you don't think that. i mean i thought the whole conservative i thought the whole conservative idea was that tax cuts pay for themselves that you know you grow the economy because people have more money that's just not true it comes to gay people or more. i mean it sounds like this we've seen . as always not a gay tax cut. that's an asinine question to put to me or anyone else the fact of the matter is some tax cuts do pay for themselves this one this one particular issue will add a great deal of money to our deficit right way and they have it just massive use of the revenue service up to speed to guess or when massachusetts legalized gay marriage they there are states one hundred million dollars boost in economic activity tourism wedding chapels receptions i mean it's
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a big business in mass and that was messing it i was saw thirteen million dollars maryland ninety million dollars nationally just because of the various states that allow gay marriage it's been a billion dollars in the last year. sound that's wonderful we're about to lose over a billion dollars a year federally with this so so it's on the rise and that's a little as. i say i'm saying we should look at this with a very cold and decide what is until this particular time so it sounds to me like what you're saying is that right now we are screwing gay people to the tune of a billion dollars a year and you're fine with that so we should keep do i have never screwed a gay person in my life and i don't want to start now all right all right well the point i'm going to friends of us are but but you know. tommy's making a great point here david years ago you're pointing out that gay people are paying
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a billion dollars more in gay couples are paying a billion dollars a year more in taxes than straight couples and you want to keep it that way that that sounds like the minute no no no no no no i am not now let's say a heterosexual couple were to get together absent the marriage and one of them or to be wealthy and their estate would still be taxed what i'm saying and we rely on those who are saying they're going to and who made this occurring already from getting married. what are you saying tom is we just can't afford to keep throwing away the money so a couple of people will feel really good about themselves if you can afford a republican congressman but we can't afford to keep taxing them in the extra billion dollars because they're gay why. i mean if you taxing them an extra billion dollars right now they're being absolutely fairly if you want to save money maybe we should you know stop the military adventurism and some of the other nonsense or
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really crack down on the illegal immigration i'm with you on all of that but right now i came here just to discuss the financial costs of this political eyes today showing how they explain how that discrimination is ok you know you're saying they're. that there being ten they don't have the right to marry that straight people have so they are therefore being taxed in action about their being live in new york there's plenty of married you're saying that the problem represents a problem yes so what i'm what i'm saying is the united states government the general accounting office makes these certain prognostications on what they anticipate to receive in money and we spend that money before we receive it it's just the way it is and now we're going to have substantially less and why is that i think they're going to let me ask you this or what do you what if we legalized gay marriage and marijuana we are i thought you
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guys will leave that with a final question we'll have the big i mean that's a very tough very crisp. thank you both thanks joe thanks for having me on thanks to your viewing audience it other political news the grand americans elect experiment in democracy turns out to be a failure a nonprofit group funded by hedge fund managers and a qadri of unknown donors which called on americans to use the internet to select a third party presidential candidate to appear on the ballot all fifty states announced today that it's nominating process as fail no candidate receive the threshold of support needed to win while americans alike say they were giving americans a voice outside the restrictions of party lines they did all along reserve the right to pick the final nominee in backroom negotiations among the board members and now it looks like that's exactly what's going to happen americans like c.e.o. byrd announced today that the organization will meet with its community on what the next course of action is and announce the results later this week with the
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oligarchy supporting the group then frankly i expect an oligarchy to come out on top they no attention to the oligarchy behind the screen americans elect it's nothing but a ruse by the one percent. just . it's the good the bad in the very very generously ugly the good chuck hagel the cable cable the former republican senator from nebraska attacked his party in an interview with the foreign policy magazine said that reagan quote reagan would not identify with his party as a streak of intolerance in the republican party today that scares people intolerance is a very dangerous thing in a society because it always leads to a tragic ending and hopefully haggles comments will influence republicans to stop
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playing games and help america get back on track but don't hold your breath the bad wisconsin conservative supreme court justices in the past four years three of wisconsin's four conservative supreme court justices have been charged with ethics violations these charges in mine all four of the conservative judges voted against reappointing the chair of judge wisconsin's judicial commission the person responsible for filing ethics charges it's bad enough that these crooked judges are still on the bench but now they've managed to corrupt the judicial system even more this is say about our society when those who are supposed to uphold the law continually break it and the very very ugly reince priebus just by j.p. morgan chase losing a whopping two billion dollars risky trading republican party chairman priebus thinks wall street needs less financial regulation in an interview over the weekend previous made it clear that republicans still oppose the types of regulations that
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would have prevented j.p. morgan's losses and protected both american taxpayers and the american economy it's clear the wall street has absolutely no control over its own actions and needs regulation but priebus wants to let the big banks continue the destruction of the american economy and that is very very. coming up conservatives are quick to argue that millionaires and billionaires make their wealth on their own without the help of the american government that's far from the truth how do we stop the greed is good mentality taking over the country and we store our history as a cooperative and collaborative nation.
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is he. ok.
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our first comment and i comes from bob. you called into our viewer rant line and had these questions about north carolina's amendment one which passed last week and legally defines marriage as between one man and one woman. hi tom this is bob a pod gesture in indianapolis in all of this talk about the vote for the amendment in north carolina i've never paid anybody talk about what was the turnout eve we have a sitting democratic presidents you know the republicans are going to turn out in droves and democrats not so much and then of course primary elections are notorious for being low turnout how many people turnout what percentage of the north carolina population voted to change the amendment i'm guessing it's probably going to be about ten percent or so and you know why would the state of north carolina allow that sort of amendment to be the primary ability rather than the november ballot
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when they know people are really going to turn out. well there's two questions there first of all the population north carolina is roughly nine point seven million people and about two point one million turned out to vote about twenty two percent of the population there are about two million registered republicans in north carolina this was a largely republican primary and here's the political piece of it the democrats knew that this piece this proposal one would most likely lose in the may primary because all these republicans were going to show up to vote on the other hand they thought that if it was in the ballot in november an anti-gay marriage amendment it would bring the republican voters to the polls and hurt the chances of the president the senators the members of congress whatever so they chose to put it on the may ballot is that ever about the next comment of the night comes from lynette in south africa our second from that country she posed on our thom hartmann dot com message boards with this response to a recent story we did on airport security in this country she wrote
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a good day i watched this morning saying that airport searches should be done away with in the us he brought to viewers' attention the two kids who were searched recently i live in south africa so i'm not sure how old this particular segment is what are you smoking tom this is the most ludicrous suggestion i've ever heard and that from a learned person such as yourself shame on you have you forgotten so quickly just so evil and conniving terrorists are will stop at nothing to bring about murder and mayhem and destruction of those they want done away with gone even as far as to use children which they do all the time get a grip tom and be realistic this is just what al qaeda and its offspring want for the us britain and the rest to become complacent well no actually what they want is for us to become hysterical they want us to give up our our basic principles of liberty they want to give up our basic freedoms they want us to become hysterical they want us to become like bush and cheney in fact osama bin laden gloated about the fact that bush gave him exactly what he wanted american troops in the middle east bleeding our country dry it was exactly what he wanted. we have you know we
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flew airplanes in this country for fifty years before we even put up magnetometers it's not i'm not opposed to a rational level of security at our airports but what we have right now is way beyond that it is security theater there's no good reason people should have to get an x. ray to get on an airplane in our final comment of the night comes from column a post on our tom hartman facebook page he had this to say about the current state of our american democracy whatever happened to our constitutional republic of limited powers where everybody is protected by the constitution and mob rule is kept at bay looks like it never happened that's most important is the realization that capitalism is a financial system and democracy is a political system in currently we're experiencing fascism regardless of who you'll vote for maybe with the exception of ron paul actually you know the definition of fascism is the merger of corporate and state interests. and that's what ron paul is all about so that the that's the thing the blows my mind is that all these
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libertarians are like oh jeez we got fascism vote for ron paul and ron paul wants your social security to be run out on wall street he thinks that we shouldn't have any kind of medical programs in this country that we shouldn't have any schools in this country and it should all be opportunities for corporations to make money those are public functions those are government functions and when government functions are taken over by corporations as happened in mostly news italy then you have fashions that's not the kind of government we want to stop the kind of country . crazy alert keep losing your i pod well one man has come up with an innovative invasive and initially painful solution to that problem meet dave herman tattoo artist extraordinary using his skills as a tattoo and body piercing artist urban pierced his wrist and surgically implanted
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four magnets under his own skin the four magnets called micro dermal anchors are aligned in a way that they match up with the magnets on urban's i pod nano and are strong enough to hold the i pod in place herman says he can now go to the gym and i have to worry about wearing an arm band for his i pod because it'll just stick to his wrist if it also serves as a strapless watch for her been because the screen displays the time when music is not plain needless to say with a digital library of ten thousand songs attached to his risk wrist it looks like mr herbert will always be the life of the party. facebook is going public this week with an enormous one hundred billion dollar i.p.o.
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but the company has been forced to share the spotlight with one of its founders eduardo saverin portrayed by the actor andrew garfield in the movie the social network garfield made millions from his role in the movie is mark zuckerberg first investor and now the real eduardo severe and is poised to make billions off the i.p.o. saverne announced last week that he's renounced his u.s. citizenship ahead of that i.p.o. presumably to avoid paying the fifteen percent us capital gains tax on the three billion dollars fortune he stands to take home after the taxes he'll still be a billionaire he'll still be wealthier than ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of us or more nines but still he's packed up his stuff and move to singapore a super capitalist quite as i dictatorship city state where there are no capital gains taxes and even the nobody's really sure exactly why severe on his renouncing his u.s. citizenship it could be because he really does plan to spend the rest of his life in singapore and u.s. citizenship is a burden for him conservatives have turned him into
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a hero because they say he's doing it to avoid paying taxes here what this story illustrates is that when it's a choice between being an american or being rich conservatives choose being rich even when they could be both numerous right wing web sites of praise of aaron's decision all assuming he did it because of the taxes and even the heritage foundation's mike brownfield tacitly endorsed the decision writing a billionaire likes of air and can afford to flee for greener pastures but the rest of america isn't so lucky. the cato institute also came out in support of severe with columnist dan mitchell criticizing about american tax policy rather than bad patriotism he writes there's also a lot of evidence taxpayers' escape the country is controlled by politicians who get too greedy mistress of erin is just the latest example and the pro one percent right leaning forbes magazine published an article calling severe and an american hero and columnist john tami warns that other romney level super rich americans
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will do the same thing writing assuming nosebleed roads of taxation or a driver's decision politicians will hopefully see that it too greedy about collecting the money of all others will eventually collect nothing maybe tami doesn't realize the romney level super rich have already left our country while keeping their citizenship living in their own gated communities attending their own private schools flying around their own private jets paying their own lower tax rate and vacationing year round in their own mansions around the world today's romney super rich don't have any idea what life is like for the typical working american likes of air and they might as well be in singapore point is people on the right who are applauding severe and decision to leave the united states have no idea how this nation has prospered to produce centuries we didn't achieve economic success by americans having and allegiance to nothing but profits and greed instead
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it was through paying it forward through ameri americans civi achieving great success and wealth and contributing a small portion of their wealth back into the nation that made it possible so that future generations could also be successful as senate candidate elizabeth warren so eloquently said no one in america made it on their own. i hear all this you know well this is class warfare that's right you know there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own nobody even built a factory out there good for you but i want to be clear you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us take for you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate you oh we're safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for you didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and sees everything that you're factory and hire someone to
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protect against this because of the work the rest of us did it now look you built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea god bless keep a big hunk of it but part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next you. and severe and especially didn't make it on his own he's rich today because government research funded with tax dollars with severe and won't have to pay develop the internet and build out its infrastructure he's rich today because a legal system funded through taxes that severe and doesn't have to pay has protected his intellectual property of facebook he's rich today because of a stock market kept secure by regulators funded through taxes the severe and is not to pay at the stock market has made this enormous i.p.o. possible but despite all of this conservative say saverne made it on his own and is a totally enjoy all the fruits of his labor without any consideration for the
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nation that has given him so much some patriotism that's greed and as much as ronald reagan tried to champion the idea that greed is good it'll never be good america was built on the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. we're all in it together as in the first three words of our constitution we the people conservatives who assert veron left our country to avoid paying taxes and then praise that baby or are showing us all one of the ugliest sides of our political discourse it's a sad commentary on the state of things when an entire political movement which controls one of the two main political parties embraces a biblical evil like greed that's not just not america that's anti american and to conservatives who want to take their money elsewhere
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and dive through their own private money bins like scrooge mcduck i say good riddance we're better than that. that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we've covered visit our website said tom hartman dot com free speech to oregon are to dot com also check out our two you tube channels there are links of thom hartmann dot com also a ta marvin dot com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback . and we have a little rant line that you can call in to there's you can build your own blogs over tom hartman dot com you can participate in the message boards. there's all kinds of great ways plus there's twitter and face on our facebook pages it's great so don't and you tube you can comment on our youtube said youtube dot com slash the big picture r.t. so don't forget democracy begins with you get out there and get active tag your it will see the occupiers.
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wealthy british style it's time to. go.
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markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our feet. in. the.


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