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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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possible financial tsunami from the eurozone demands the attention of the world's top decision makers as g eight leaders gather in the u.s. . iran organizes protests against the economic and military union between brain on saudi arabia calling it a u.s. plot to annex the region. and the syrian regime says al qaida militants are behind attacks in the country as damascus releases the names of foreign terrorists it claims are in custody. thanks for joining our team where we bring you the latest news twenty four hours
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a day seven days a week the survival of europe's single currency and the shock waves from its possible break up will inevitably dominate a meeting of the world's top eight political heavyweights g. eight leaders are gathering in the u.s. will have also discussed the situation in syria and pulling out troops from afghanistan president obama will also be balancing the small matter of his election campaign as artie's and he said now i reports there are several challenges for this year's g eight summit one is facing its host obama who is using hands tied with an election coming up in november a lot of focus for him on trying to stay in the white house so he's going to have to balance domestic and international considerations at this camp david summit something that's never easy but even more so when you have voters to please and global leaders to reassure it's always a difficult thing to do even more difficult during the election he has in one sense to reassure. american allies that america has remained strong and committed to the
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g eight and it has an important role to play at the same time he has to be sensitive to what his constituents in america are thinking about domestic concerns the economy unemployment housing all of the things that remain an issue already in the world but more ready to compromise on global issues through the election given it was by accident in the hot mike sit down with dmitri medvedev but with that incident aside many experts say that it's very unlikely we'll see progress on bilateral issues with russia per se on missile defense or iran's nuclear program in the election year now another challenge facing the group as a whole is the question many are asking does the g eight format still work it's true that most countries of the world see the g eight as outdated most countries in the world don't recognize. the singular leadership of the united states and its
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western european allies so in terms of what might come out of the g eight i think that again substantive policy decisions are unlikely rather this is going to be a much more much more geared towards padding obama's image as the host of the summit and showing the world that obama is this sort of a uniting uniting force rather than the divisive force that he has seemed to be for the for his first term now in terms of uniting one of the main goals and focus of this summit will be the euro crisis the goal there to try to get the new french president on board with all of the massive austerity cuts that we're seeing throughout europe this is something that european leaders will certainly be looking for obama to try to unite all of them on how to move forward with that but again a lot of critics think the g. eight is an outdated format and then you have all the speculation as to why president putin didn't come perhaps it's because he doesn't understand. how
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important the g twenty is especially when it comes to the financial turmoil that we're seeing across the world lot of course will be held in mexico in june reporting from washington and he's now away. the euro zone's debt woes are getting worse with ratings giant moody's slashing scores of sixteen spanish banks while greece of the worst hit nation may well decide to quit the euro if a man tall sturdy government has voted and next month the british prime minister has urged the seventeen nation euro zone to remain united but the director of the burj group a says member nations are too different to function as one. the european leaders aren't really doing what's necessary to generate economic growth within the eurozone and within the european union there is a major problem with the euro but that needs a disorderly mind dismantling that that's what he's required at the problem within the european union and the eurozone is a problem of growth and despair and imbalances caused by germany and we
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can have a common see you in with many different economies which need different levels of support different interest rates different fiscal policies germany and the european central bank for some countries like greece and spain and italy and portugal as well as other countries such as ours and austerity cuts right why this economic growth in economy is really on the table as a result of being in the euro and they just are now in a major economic depression that's what's happening in those economies with massive levels of unemployment and really no no future something radical that needs to happen otherwise there will be more of the same and the same is a declining economy with ever increasing numbers of unemployment that's right across the board on the financial markets today with a possible greek euro exit at contagion fears driving losses let's cross now to our business desk dimitri what do the figures tell us well you are right to read all
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across the board but i don't think it's this session which matters that much but the fact that eleven out of twelve past sessions have been negative and it's not just the negative close but the markets of faery all the time in the red dropping from three to five percent in russia in several sessions is just shows that the downside risks are so high that nobody is willing to buy. all right thanks for that update dimitri as claiming money troubles however aren't getting in the way of the bureaucrats as plans later in the program we examine how much cash is going to go down the drain. we look at how much it costs to stick a civil servant behind in the e.u. desk compared to a chief executive at microsoft. in iran protests backed by the state have been organized against plans to form a european union style bloc amongst the gulf states to call the idea a u.s.
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plot to her next the region two key american allies saudi arabia and bahrain would be the first nations to sign an agreement for more on this we can now talk to professor saeed of mohammad marandi the university attack ron thank you for joining us professor marandi so iran says there is a u.s. plot behind this potential union what are tough runs major fears. well what ron is concerned about is that the saudi regime will attempt to annex but i mean because the dictator in bahrain is immensely unpopular he is unable to keep control and in order to crush the revolution the. saudi forces to effectively occupy the country. but still the people are staging protests and they are resisting and therefore there seems to be taking additional steps to the fact that we hand over the country's sovereignty to saudi arabia but
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the iranians believe that at the end of the day this will only be stabilize the situation further the fact that the united states supports the balcony in saudi dictatorships also makes them responsible for the growth of bloodshed as well as the current situation at large what do you think about this union could strengthen the sooner position against push for political change in bahrain. they shoot is not at all she is only one this is something that saudi arabia is trying to make the rhetoric that comes out of so defunded media whether television or newspapers or websites is both racist sectarian and in its sights religious hatred but the reality is is that the saudi regime and other dictatorships that are allied to it are struggling to preserve their own thrones and the current status quo
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and they are very much concerned that back brain will spread and that it will destabilize saudi arabia itself because. saudi arabia has many internal problems it has many millions of foreign workers which are very unhappy and these foreign workers many of them come from yemen in egypt in both countries the people there are very angry with saudi arabia for trying to block their revolutions the saudis also have poor relations with neighbors like. like egypt by iraq which the saudis have funded terrorists and iran in bad rain and even syria because the saudis the americans and the turkish prime minister have a lot of blood on their hands by trying to create civil war in syria so the saudis have a lot of problems at the moment now the saudis being america's key allies in the region do certainly play a significant role in the effecting events in bahrain not least by helping the
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brutal suppression of the revolt last year how much of this really comes down to bahrain just looking for more help. this is basically for the survival of the dictatorship in bahrain because the dictatorship the king is immensely unpopular the vast majority of the people of bahrain want to go over throw of the regime but unfortunately the west supports the saudis and the iranian dictatorship and even turkey which the turkish government has a very hypocritical role because on the one hand they support so-called revolution in syria but they've been very silent about it but i mean so they give arms to create. bloodshed in syria but. all these powers allow the bahraini regime to crush the local population but this is very interesting that the people about here in despite of this this small country has put up so much
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resistance and i think this show itself shows the immense weakness that lies behind the saudi regime as time goes on and especially the saudi dictators is very old and there's a succession problem and there are thousands of princes who want more of a bigger piece of the cake the saudi regime is growing more and more unstable all right i'm afraid that's all the time we have professor side mohammad marandi from the university of toronto thank you for your time thank you for having. foreign mercenaries alone and al-qaeda linked militants are finding in the ranks of rebels inside syria that's according to government officials damascus has even released the names of alleged foreign terrorists it claims to have captured twenty are said to be arabs who've confessed to working for al qaida the list also includes french and british citizens meanwhile washington denies recent reports it's coordinating arms for the syrian opposition through our gulf states qatar and south on the road layout the rebels say they've recently seen an influx of weapons from abroad the
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opposition and i remain split and anti-war activists jim brown says the syrian national council chief stepping down as just more proof of that. clearly you have an opposition that is and there isn't a single opposition bloc and there are those voices that are clearly calling for for intervention and there are those who are clearly against it and i think these those two tended to be in particular afflicted in the splits in the opposition the united states has its own very special interest anyway and it would to some extent it would rely on its local allies but on the other hand it would never concede complete control to them so they would be working in parallel the united states would prefer a regime change as it preferred outcome they would like to eliminate its part of the opposition to iran. and i don't
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think that they consider there's a possibility of a favorable outcome if the syrian government remains in power and whatever they say whatever they talk about peace i think for them that's the that is the bottom line and that is their objective. later on to change for the worse. a look at the crime and chaos unleashed by egypt's revolution for peaceful democratic change. there on the streets to protect and to serve but a rise in federal police shootings across the united states is leading us some americans to wonder where the real danger of lies but democrats love our reports from california speak teeters in the small california courtroom of gas but in a video off a man lying on the ground screaming they're killing me while being severely beaten by police at first when thirty seven year old schizophrenia sufferer calley follows
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appeared on corporative the officers gave him a terrifying warning. and. later in the video you can hear thomas repeated the apologizing to the police and even crying for his father's house old. girl. they continued their assault with tests and these are. she lost consciousness and died in hospital five days later it sparked a series of protests across california and demanding justice for victims of police brutality yes this was no isolated case one of these officers in a neighboring californian city i'm standing trial for the down the county thomas here in downtown really people came out onto the streets to remember the first anniversary of free now there is not will be shooting the killing of dale garrett it's with blood increasingly on the hands of police officers across the country many people here say police are using excessive force far more than necessary dale
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garrido was shot by an officer twice in the back the police chief insisted the decision to open far fell within the rules but many here find it hard to understand how shooting a man from behind constitutes so. defense since nine hundred eighty three only one california cop has been convicted with killing on duty after oscar grant was shot dead a new year's day two thousand and nine the auckland officer told his trial that he meant to draw in for his teaser not his gun you were sentenced to the minimum two years he was free nine months. but fattal police shootings are on the rise across the state the latest just two months ago in the death of an armed nineteen year old kendrick mcdade shot seven times during the watch turned out to be the false report of froggery community groups aids time the police came under the people's control
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the laws and the justice system that applies to normal folks working people there's a whole different set of laws and justice that applies to the police when there's there's rarely any or any form of justice that's brought to the police that i mean they break their own laws they were there above the law really cases of police using excessive force happened primarily in poor mainly black neighborhoods but cali thomis killing in a wealthy middle class town shows the badri so pretty smile and search shifting and californians want turn a blind eye anymore when the question archie reporting from los angeles california there are plenty more stories for you to explore at our t.v. dot com here's a sneak peak. in israel's denying wounding civilians during attacks and gaza as palestinian doctors have claimed. and deep impact nasa warns almost five thousand asteroids pose a danger to earth but most of these space rocks remain under the radar all the
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details out are to dot com. you know french president's first decision in office was to cut his own pay and the pay of his cabinet by thirty percent although the opposition says with fourteen extra ministers now in all fairness the cost to taxpayers is actually increasing but splashing the cash for bureaucrats is nothing new to the e.u. as artists are similar reports. good income great working hours generous benefits career growth and essentially a job for life it's no surprise that the tens of thousands of applicants across the european union vie for permanent posts and institutions our time is one of them i applied because maybe i get the chance to get my stuff and its job more secure it can transfer to another position of their two years walking the halls of these buildings are thousands of men and women who run this massive uber schumer the
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managing the union for five hundred million citizens no doubt requires manpower but so many people are quiet fouts or talks players money is concerned it costs between seven thousand and fourteen and a half thousand euros to simply go through the process of hiring one permanent staff is an awful lot it's probably the same amount that a company would pay only crew chain a chief executive say a more personal but of course ridiculous by no means to fund the bill why is it that these stories keep on emerging i think in all honesty. e.u. officials who really matter they don't seem to care i mean they might say certain things but at the end of the day they are asking for more money year after year after year this time the e.u. commission is asking for a budget increase of six point eight percent for two thousand and thirteen taking the total amount to one hundred thirty eight billion euros greenback about twenty three million of which will go to the european personnel selection office or eb so
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in charge of selecting potential permanent staff selected candidates are then placed on a reserve list for about a year from which various e.u. institutions can choose if you keep people reserve list this list is only valid for a certain time off to which these people probably find jobs so where's the value added in that the cost of hiring people could be much higher we also need to select people on the broader. possible geographical bases so we need to make sure that people from all all you can through this be presented there is an additional cost for that she adds that in an exercise comparing the cost of each new heart and twenty nine international bodies including the world bank and the united nations episodes average cost per person is still lower but in this context. where millions of jobless e.u. citizens are hanging by
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a thread critics say that no amount of justification is going to make this situation appear like taxpayers' money well spent yes or sylvia r.t. brussels. time now for more developments from around the world this hour. violence has engulfed a jail in honduras where armed inmates took control of the building and battled among themselves at least one person was killed and eleven injures when prisoners opened fire on each other in the city of san pedro sula some women were also held hostage in a jail and a tourist for bloodshed and armed clashes thirteen prisoners died there and march during an uprising under imprisons are infamous for overcrowding and rioting. thirty four people have been killed after a bus overturned and crashed into a river in central they had knowledge that it smashed through the rails of a bridge and plunged over the side of the bus was traveling from the central highlands to holcim mina city in the south of me twenty one other people were about
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. revolutions a don't just bring freedom and human rights as a chip shows are finding out since last year's uprising the country house faced crisis chaos and a crime wave of burglary and armed robbery parties it even has the story from cairo . it's not just protests the disruptive peace on the streets of cairo just ask taxi driver. it was calm before the revolution one hundred percent where in a total mess now i used to drive anywhere wherever they can from never refused a gust now i park my car in the garage at six pm and go home with a special security system on it so it would be harder to steal. robberies car thefts all have become part of a daily life in large cities like car and alexandria since after the revolution many people say the police at times simply choose to turn away when
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a crime is being committed. all hell broke loose after the uprising i know some who escaped from prison there are still stealing and looting the us guys who steal cars for them and then use those cars to deliver cocaine and hash to drug addicts but i didn't. people see this was something unheard of before the arab spring and the mayhem that followed the uprising of january two thousand and eleven many believe thousands of convicts escaped from unguarded prisons a crime wave has followed with egyptian media reporting more than twenty five hundred murders and some two thousand abductions since their evolution and the police are accused of doing little or the police a lot of respect a lot of. the tools that they use to work with like the weapons. most of the different people for that this police that's been treating
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my. for the last thirty years i would say for a long time maybe for six years. this police is not nothing to us we are the police and in my opinion the minister charged with enforcing the law has a very different view saying the situation is under control. want to settle out of the shop you probably told the members of the people's council look at the results we managed to achieve in record time i'm sure that no one could have done as much we had a total collapse of everything stability was nonexistent i don't have it all numbers regarding organized crime groups robberies and thefts they were committing and the achievements we've made have died in the meantime until come returns to egypt ibrahim and others will continue to close up shop early in his room before sunset fearful not only for their property and positions but for their safety and lives in
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cairo in a ghost go. twenty four minutes past the hour dimitri any improvement on the markets are we still bleeding no you don't have the sadistic anticipation we would see a five percent drop by this hour but no it's actually improved now in asia of course the nikkei did not have time to react but they hang saying manage to recover well look at them in just a second first of all europe the footsie of that accident point eight percent of the initially dropping one and a half percent i guess on that recovery that we're seeing in europe that we are seeing a rebound in other markets now this is on the backdrop of bad news of course with moody's slashing the ratings of sixteen spanish banks including suntanned there and fitch also cutting greece's over and rating to triple c. which indicates a higher chance of bankruptcy and of aggressive then ok let's move over to other markets as promised asia closed three percent didn't have time to react to that
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rebound in europe well not really a rebound but a slight recovery but the hang saying is very much better than it was even an hour ago just one point three percent. over here in russia we are seeing the markets pretty much of the closing levels of yesterday specially for the my six as you can see that down just point one percent when i was down more than three just one and a half hours ago so maybe maybe we just hit the bottom who knows take a look at what's moving the my sags some shares in the energy sector even posting gains like lukoil is up one percent polymaths was up point four percent on higher gold prices but it's burbank is still down two point seven percent two point six percent along with other. shares in the financial market system to look at how the russian market has been fairing in the past month now all together with the yesterday's close as the base we've seen
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a drop of twelve percent last month over two months it's twenty percent this week has been pretty harsh with the market dropping eight percent so far so really there is huge room for a rebound but we haven't seen one in ages over in the currency market the russian ruble is continuing its slide the versus the by currency bust get one percent against the dollar whereas the euro continues to drop against the dollar as german bourne's yields are increasing and over on the commodities market continues to drop but not so much as last time light sweet is barely maybe just eight cents down. and of course the u.s. markets will open in in four hours time and the most anticipated trade is the beginning of the face of facebook's trading now it's to start trading on the nasdaq under the f.t. ticker it's raised already sixteen billion dollars in its i.p.o.
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which values the company at one hundred and four billion alice say this is a big windfall for a company that began just eight years ago with no way to make money except for advertising facebook price its stock at thirty eight dollars per share at the top of the price range among the facebook shareholders is russia's foreign d.s.t. at its own a billionaire early show smart of parties daniel bushell explains how it was might have made his way to the world's top social network. started building his facebook stake in two thousand and nine just as the global economy tanked and investors were pulling out but social networks a wildly popular roster in fact thousands of private investors have bid to buy shares in the world's favorite websites so much so that the top brokers this film will miss out i don't you know acknowledging it we cannot guarantee our clients that they will definitely get facebook shares demand is huge underwriters prefer a big institutional investors who hold the shares for a long time meaning the price is more stable. one of the investment terms is t.
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and meldrew will malt that eight hundred million dollars was an absurd sum to pay for facebook's own proven concept but with the side to try cutting five percent of all u.s. internet advertising the i.p.o. will now earn him billions yet the social networks fall from russia's only world beating online gamble so what's been the secret social gaming course on phones to ring russia than in the u.s. or europe russian developed farmville became facebook's most popular game world cup the group created by russia's it was a top download on the store and russia is one of the few countries to beat out facebook and google yandex is the number one search engine and facebook is less popular than local rivals v.k. now facebook rival twitter is being tipped to follow it and go public that signals another huge payday for russia because mail rooms also bought a large stake in twitter. so that's something to follow today of course the way
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facebook will start trading all right thanks very much to me terry also something to look forward to moscow our latest edition is coming up after the have lines.


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