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this is the trusted. intel see. this is our. headlines now leaders of some of the world's most influential states take another shot at stemming the fiscal crisis in europe g. eight efficiency and relevancy is put to the test. germany's financial hub frankfurt is brought to a standstill as thousands of police flood the city in a bid to contain a fourth day of bank protests. opposing sides the same plea the loss of loved ones brings israelis and palestinians together in a unique organisation seeking better understanding between conflicting sides.
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why do you stay with us here and now it's time to take a stroll around wall around moscow particularly into the walls of the kremlin moscow out is now. hello and welcome in this week's moscow up a side will be taking a look at various and favorite spots around the ground and where the best places to rest those we repeat grab a bite to eat all shop til you drop look at history and let's get some action here in the russian capital. kites fly in front of the kremlin walls and i just bet that carries the costumes it's clear to everyone loves to walk outside take in the beautiful surroundings and cherish the warm sunny weather when it comes to looking at history you don't get much better than this. and don't worry if you don't know
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you'll both shore from your bolsheviks tourist spots aside moscow's entertain to see his face with a wide range of activities i'm place to guide the capital has to be completely transformed in the past decade and it's now a cultural melting pot full of new restaurants clubs bars spas you name it that's the million eyes of the people there is this it is there in the eyes of. the food. and the drinks of. good a revision to only one restroom oh and the coffee now the shopping center we want to do today and we are quite impressed how big and how huge they are yeah i'm chimamanda see him face by moscow i think it's a wonderful place to sue increased by the cleanliness and the beautiful architecture and the history there and i'm going room to tell everybody in scotland what a marvelous place it is and they should all come and face it took place. there are
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dozens of place to relax in outside the kremlin catch some rays and watch the world cost by wherever you are in moscow as an alluring green area not far away. but now on the next such historical sites to train could take a walk in the new landscape alexandros the garden is the perfect remedy. for those in need of refreshments the area of match square has a plethora of places to eat and drink packed full of tourist locals or ex-pats it's one of the most popular areas to hang out in the capital when looking for somewhere to eat just take notes of the number of underground places such as the shopping center as ideal place to relax whatever the weather says the cases can be easy to some to miss. feeling fast located a stone's throw from red square to splice in bold venue to please anyone in search
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of a traditional colorful shade. so welcome to one of the latest installments at least bill's diner a slice of american cage complete with a crime bar red five seats and impossibly keys a friendly staff actually i come here quite often it's quite nice out of the sphere just like. my own usual to find this sort of american diner in moscow. i like to see the food is quite cheap thank you very kind of america will be nice many is there a child friendly there is a whole range of entertainment for kids on offer they can play one and draw and the food here is very tasty i especially recommend the milkshakes although it's a taste of america portions are still slightly smaller political european but sometimes less is more better for the waistline here waitresses zoom around the roller skates around the glamorous hollywood themed interior guest sits in costume
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seats and american retro music plays out loud. enough thank you very much it's. a fun. dollar milkshake i want to know what a five dollar milkshake tastes like baby very old folks in it we go let's drive. home. very nice i love it i miss is that the beverly hills diet and it's open twenty four hours a day then we need this transport you back to nine hundred fifty s. america best of all the interior is all great the service is fun the prices are low and the food and drink delicious zero zero zero zero love like. most of the world's cuisine can be found in moscow and for many tourists you fancy something wrong something that is american but a ukrainian restaurant might be an interesting place to visit the restaurant holds happen as they call themselves tell us pull the names off to retire or just from
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the flight goals noble has several locations in the city one of which is a couple of minutes pulled from the kremlin its interior is not designed to give the idea of a traditional statistical ukrainian house the stuff dressed in national costumes are eager to explain what this is all in all for helping choose a delicious meal. when you're from a menu is translated into thirty six languages that says a lot about all visitors sometimes up to ninety percent of our tables are occupied by international tourists. to our next location and with the shop call culture you got me to take all my might not be there to go back to visit but it is popular among those who are interested in various parliaments called a place this is the store is more like a museum of cards of weapons so artists in the famous historical family chamber in the coming in might be interesting to complain of super scary looking objects have
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to balance over the centuries. makes up shopping the kids and guards area makes the criminals always be known as one of the main to summations to buy various goods and most are century. to go merchants had all kinds of items on offer here and now dozens of expensive well things plans have been stored in the area the peaceful whites to translate what you see the us was built in the eighty's seventy's by the russian brothers and flung trophies the tread recalls now it's one of the most of the jewish shopping areas in the city being home to such be sikhs as . raw floor in the cheap and prada to name just a few. just opposite lane on the street in the cold sky and the shopping mall cools the plaza the center houses several fashion boutique and shops to sell jewelry watches and other accessories as well as restaurants and beauty salons.
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to exercise now a welcome to the sky health club the cases in the historical cultural and business center of moscow behind red square at the german spa to situated in the basement of the nicole star plaza. this gym has been designed to be a place you want to go rather than a place you have to go to. the polls on that encourage men to drive the expertise of the team of high skilled and motivated to stress is all shaft and genuine passion for helping people achieve the health and fitness goals become special train is all qualify for this professionals who specialize in many different areas such as weight management injury we have a station sports specifics interest in martial arts and flexibility the venue also beds a spa where you can choose from a range of spa treatments designed to ease the body and soothe the minds here guests can both a deep tissue massage or soothing i remember peanut sauce from the ultimate place with white rubbing the white knots continue field one hundred percent again he says
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the slicing trips most scared should be stressful. in my case after closely something on my feet all day i've also some reflex. a nice relaxing for us. this is just heaven. not to show you really want to look at my feet and after a busy day of sightseeing around the busy rushing capital this is just what the doctor told his. guests to finish off that's fine for the license with the pool to get the stresses of life the next tour excursion and jelly exercise in the soothing music. and back to something more energetic and its passing time.
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the last drop bar restaurant is a venue which has been welcoming its guests in the city center for more than a decade now not an unusual thing from moscow wessex place is pretty close every week. is simple and serious and it's of russian mexican and european cuisine it's also the drinks menu that attracts me is something that one lifetime say after a long day of sightseeing by the jaded bar is very popular for the drinks it's packed full after dark with people drinking cocktails dancing and having fun. to a final location roger the twelfth floor of the ritz carlton it's allocated. hundred on the top floor of the hotel. as the city's best views of the kremlin. and the christ the say because. in short the panorama here is sensational and so are the prices. this exclusive is cutting edge.
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of like dishes including one of moscow's finest menus in japanese cuisine. where ever you visit in the area around the kremlin you would fail to notice it's breathtaking the street is the soul of the capital and one of the best preserved areas if you wanting that perfect photo position or ideal moments to remember you could ask for anything more. while what a view incredible well unfortunately that's the time we have left on this week's program about various entertainment spots around the kremlin i'll see you again at the same time next week from the cultural slam against around the russian capital until then for me and the rest of the crew from the beautiful terrace on the ritz carlton hotel here and cheers.
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wealthy british style. sometimes. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our.
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something else. six. league. just seems. to me it's. a safe place on.
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the. headlines on r.t. leaders of some of the world's most influential states take another shot at stemming the fiscal crisis in europe g. eight efficiency and relevancy is put to the test. germany's financial hub frankfurt is brought to a standstill as thousands of police flood the city in a bid to contain a full day of protests. opposing sides the same plea the loss of loved ones brings israelis and palestinians together in a unique organisation seeking better understanding between conflicting sides. more news in fifteen minutes time for now though the sport with paul.
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hello welcome along hey here's what's coming up in the world of sports. the final countdown buy in and chelsea prepared to go head to head in the champions league final in meaning. come together russia's football is prepared to meet this weekend for the first time since manager dick advocaat claimed his provisional euro twenty twelve squad. and eight progress maria sharapova claims a straight sets victory over venus williams to reach the last four of the italian open in rome. the first there's only one place to start this saturday and that's the champions league final between by and munich in chelsea the german side have home advantage as they look to win europe's premier club competition for the fifth time in their history with the final being held at their own allianz arena the bundesliga outfit were able to train using their usual facilities ahead of the showpiece event men can become the first team since inter milan in one thousand
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nine hundred sixty five to be crowned european champions in front of their own fans some of whom turned up to watch their open training session by an can call one twelve goal striker mario gomez who's the competition second highest scorer this season but they head into the game fresh from a five two thrashing by bruce who dortmund in the german cup final. meanwhile chelsea a looking to win their second trophy in two weeks they'll be hoping to get their first ever champions league title to the f.a. cup they want to wembley a fortnight ago interim manager roberto di matteo has a threadbare squad blighted by injury and suspension defenders john terry and branislav advantage along with midfield pair ramirez and raul morales are all suspended although david louise and gary cahill both made timely returns to training this week after injury detail will also be relying on the goals of didier drogba. his contract at the london club expires there's some other. bodies talking
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about last game of the last game but i just want to understand people because we're again turning to the finals. for the club it's it's fantastic it's fantastic because i think we deserve to be it was very difficult nobody really expected us to be there our division you know to see them but i think we did everything. to do to reach the final so now we're going to do it from two to win it now staying with football in the clock is ticking as qualified nations gear up for euro two thousand and twelve next month one of them russia will meet up on sunday for the first time since the premier league wrapped up ahead of the opening clash with the czech republic on june the eighth in poland doesn't take out of account name his provisional squad of twenty six split on the last week and the rest of the coaching staff will now get a chance to figure out who makes the final twenty three when russia play your require in a friendly on may the twenty fifth the russians will then be tested in two more friendlies against it in a before leaving for warsaw on june the third. if you have to go to.
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because there's a new thing what is important. if greece can do something to those afford. to do so . in the meantime in the first leg of the russian premier league's relegation play off the volga came from behind me not to one of the russian a level of three nil. now in tennis russia's maria sharapova has advanced into the semifinals of the italian open in rome the defending champion took on venus williams in a battle of the big hitters the russian took the six for all the second seed continued to dominate in the next set wrapping it up six three and with it the match sharapova faces germany's angela curb and next hit wimbledon champion petra in three sets. meanwhile in the men's game world number one novak djokovic has also booked his place in the last for the top seed and defending champion meeting only two sets of quarters to send french ranger wilfred song to packing seven five six
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one in less than an hour and a half that was when at number twenty nine of the season for the serb swiss roger federer is up next particularly. now to basketball and in the n.b.a. the l.a. lakers have secured a much needed win in their western conference semifinal series with the oklahoma thunder they earned a narrow ninety nine ninety six home win in game three to half the deficit kobe bryant scored thirty six points and didn't mess with eighteen free throws he scored fourteen of his points in the final quarter the funding now lead the series two one heading into game four later on saturday meanwhile the philadelphia seventy six ers have leveled their series with the boston celtics after winning game four ninety two eighty three. you know look like paul pierce and it's a big shots there form but once again our guys did a good job you know as i said before going into the series i think you'd probably say the advantage you know would be to boston with their championship experience
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late in games. but i think our guys have shown in both games too in games for that we did a nice job closing those games out to boxing now among pages and has been speaking on the eve of what was supposed to be his light welterweight world title defense against our makeup on the fight was cancelled following peterson's failed drug test he tested positive for synthetic testosterone although he maintains his innocence and. this goes beyond boxing fighting for money. back to. the. planet checkerboard. we can leave out there all of what i have and i can achieve change and then where. and i love the way now it's not just football which has a european final taking place on saturday in rugby the biggest club game of the year is happening at twickenham it's no irish affairs all-star unless it's to maintain the european cup final a tight affair expected between the two neighboring provinces but instead very much
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they form tame on the continent they go into the clash defending champions in aiming for a third title in four games they'll look to brian o'driscoll to again produce the goods while south african ruan pienaar has been outstanding all season for all star scrum half and could make the difference in london. now but just a little six hundred days before the winter olympics in sochi kick off one of the city's most highly anticipated arenas has been put to the test for the very first time he has more on. the ice is hard with a temperature of minus seven degrees celsius perfect for an ice hockey game two teams entered the rink at the newly built ice arena in tsotsi head of the upcoming winter olympics but no professionals were going to show russia's best ice hockey players are currently in helsinki fighting for medals at the ice hockey world championships and they have no time to put the ice to the test so for now those holding the sticks are the same ones who build the arena including builder alex
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he'd need to be good there was a little said we're not just a team of construction workers we're also united in our no phones talking like to the puck in the players can barely be seen in the midst the organizers say it will disappear as soon as the air conditioning system becomes fully operational that didn't stop the construction workers however from playing a game of three periods twenty five minutes each the venue known as the giant frozen drop because of its appearance these men three years and tons of glass and metal to complete from scratch the twelve thousand seat arena still need some final touches but the builders are sure it will be ready in time for the sochi games were team russia will seek to. win gold at the olympic ice hockey tournament for the first time since one thousand nine hundred two advancing gorski r.t. . now finally to martial arts where russia's new star of women's type boxing honest i say on covert has maintained one hundred percent record since turning
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professional cost of reports. this event is not new to moscow already and says in fact it's the fourth time the w five fighter tournament which is based on k one rules has hit the russian capital despite twelve votes on the fight card there was one question the student that being the one battle to unwalled woman russian tie boxing champion unless they see in color that we're just versus ukrainian kick boxing champion victoria court of course. it was just the second professional bode for twenty one year old muscovite go away in her debut fight the explosive tea kirby's compared to it unless they seriously lowered by a unanimous decision. however car course could turn out to be a much more hard nut to crack. in caller who is often compared with american fide legend gina khurana launching a series of friends i had attacks right from the off but her ukrainian opponents
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student up to the onslaught and didn't forget about fighting back either leading to her knocking down in calling in the opener however it seemed to just anger the russian who fired back with both barrels the ballad staying tight and to live very end meaning the referee would call for an extra fourth round where you managed to claw out the victory. like these four five but it was a very tough fight she made me work hard after being knocked down i knew i'd have to recover quickly to get back into the back out and i did. but. i made a good start but unfortunately i wasn't as fit as i would have liked to be it was a good fight but i'll get back to training as soon as ever. home as i need to improve my stamina to. keep score and didn't run going with this second brawl wien in as many fights and she could make that wife before the arizona with the final w. five white sudan's jew to take place two days before christmas. or chief
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well that is all this ball for now because plenty more throughout that i have not. seen exit. decadal. i don't trust it. they tell. us that we have to begin to identify those goals you have been. pushing at. me. just say.
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as i keep our people don't seem all that bad such as a bunch of losers but i have a very good job people have jobs here that's all nonsense so they don't have jobs or losers. are. my.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.


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