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this is our t. intern i did gyptian to choosing a replacement for the ousted president mubarak amid concerns the revolutions being do by stagnant candidates and hardline military rulers. break through or break down of iran's nuclear programs in focus and under pressure once again with a new round of negotiations between to run in the west. and the e.u. leaders getting together right now in brussels to dine and discuss salvation for the eurozone with many believe it's time for staring off the menu. but the market on convents with the global slump shoplifted for rostock germany twenty minutes time to get.
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hello it's nine pm here in moscow this is r.t. with me kevin though in this hour the top stories for you in two days of voting are underway for a gyptian as they decide on a president to replace hosni mubarak who was toppled last year but it's already been marred by bloodshed with a policeman shot dead outside a polling station in cairo as for the vote itself some would talk to tahrir square to bring change saying none of the candidates represent the revolution. they stayed down the police and the military and they won but now they staring into an answer in future and it's far from clear egypt's revolutionaries are holding the trump card i'm sure of the martyrs where life they would think that this is or is just no one chanters for elections they want to free them now there's a monthly massacre that takes place when people protest we don't even have the right to be listened in the big square how can they really surprise me cynical
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what's. it took my arm and other egyptian youth just eighteen days to topple a dictator who'd been in power for nearly thirty six years but they haven't been able to come up with a single compelling candidate in the country's first post mubarak presidential elections since the frontrunners include a moose or insider former egyptian foreign minister and hit of the arab league after more name of doom for top former brotherhood leader kyra physician and long time and to mubarak just wouldn't and mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood's choice who has a respected party and well financed campaign behind him the fact that there are two strong islamized candidates means the islamist voters split although on foreign policy issues they're united. and comes to believe that the two of them will try to improve the relations but mark on the expanse of egypt through the motions was the last of. them are going to try to improve the
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relations was israel. i believe it's going to get more. chances are high that egyptians will vote in an islamist president but this support is no we near what it was in recent parliamentary elections was egypt tough on. that civil servants have picked up a suit. that said the state is challenging. many of the thirteen candidates it's expected to top fifty six making it one of. highly likely but the delays are making egyptians edgy time and again the ruling generals lift out as to whether the elections would even happen and concern is right that the army plans to stay in power or at least pull the strings from a far but dr hassan the far disagrees a military coup has to be executed and if it is done they thought it would be very very violent and there will be a little blood think the them is very much aware of this there's been little about
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this election it's been predictable and no matter who wins the new egypt is likely to look a lot like the last few months of the old at least for some time the problems in the country run deep and economic and political frustrations are not that far from spilling over into fresh protests police here our team kyra. particular listen a bit a run down they told us the choice for egyptians is mostly to options these days and it's not even clear what powers the new president will get. if an islamist is elected they are concerns about the fact that it should stifle pluralism parliament in egypt is already dominated by islamists the drafting of the constitution is being done by a majority of his image as well and the fear is that they will put in place an equally authoritarian regime but based on religion now with the former member of
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the mubarak regime was elected then the fear is that. this person will not. challenge the the structure of the mubarak regime and he will not challenge also the military's grip on politics the responsibility of the new president haven't hasn't been defined yet the new constitution hasn't been drafted yet so this is a major stumbling block to democracy as. you know people are voting for somebody who doesn't quite know which power he will hold. the bitter end. now in lebanon the conflict in neighboring syria is increasing violence and tension between supporters and opponents of president assad clashes of left a dozen people dead there in the last week alone on his roof a national got the latest for you from the lebanese capital. and other night of
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street protests in beirut. it was sparked when thirteen lebanese pilgrims were kidnapped in syria apparently by groups linked to the syrian rebels the lebanese capital witnessed what it hadn't seen in years it's more about the moving. between sunni and shia muslims this is at least what i see in a lot of. the reason the spillover from the chaos in neighboring syria shia muslims here generally support syria's president assad. while most sunni's favor the rebels likewise lebanon's ruling calling led by the powerful share has bola is process while the opposition backs the uprising situation is getting worse obviously in the region and this is having a spillover effect here in lebanon and where we're having to cope with the consequences of that there's also internal tension that's increasing there's a large flow of refugees and there's
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a lot of instability all around us. some though believe the problems in lebanon and tony down to the crisis in syria local observers like spanish john is thomas alcove editor says they are a symptom of a deep divide that's long bubbled under the surface but there's no she does there were many unresolved issues after the nine hundred seventy five nine hundred ninety civil war like religious division the authorities didn't sort it out and now they're discovering it again and they kept this situation of instability for many years you know and that's a good ground for a new conflict like a spark in a powder keg get out of order and the bad news is the resplendent of power during the cag for the recent history of warfare hand makes sure that and means the political and religious refits i remain more dangerous bowler more the state of our libyan or not there are so many factions now sunni or shia salafi what's really bad everybody has weapons not only has they may think but everybody in every house and they use them or thought about the shia and sunni neighborhoods exist side by side
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in central beirut and in recent years it's been a stable peaceful arrangement but the syria effect means fear has now greet them feel very turn into a deadly bloody past which residents here desperately hope to avoid but they are doing is nothing that has nothing to do the way out of politics or what's happening in the region at the moment my sisters but then use it against violence in lebanon to some of the feed her she will have to leave for the world to fulfill her fate but there's still have been a ban on him. august seventeenth he remembers all the major conflicts more than lebanon has gone through as a chilling forecast about the latest trouble surely you know what i see no reminds me of the nine hundred eighty two in two thousand and six israeli wars and the one nine hundred seventy five civil war and the two thousand and eight political uprising here i didn't think i'd witnessed yet another conflict in my life. but it seems
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a worse case scenario could be getting more and more likely this neighborhood in beirut where the violence started is known as that of his d.d. meaning new road many fear this road may lead the country to civil war. three for national party beirut lebanon where russia's been trying to mediate a peaceful solution in the region with the country's foreign minister giving a clear call to foreign forces to stop fueling the violence and come clean about their motives. they're no good was that there was there's a real threat that the syrian conflict could spill into lebanon where due to its history ethnic and religious makeup could turn out badly it's a pity the divisions are being artificially stirred up between the shia and sunni populations the aim of the syrian opposition and those financing and arming it from abroad is obvious to me to disrupt kofi annan peace plan always grossly violates un security council resolutions those behind it must honestly say what they want whether they're ready to assist in ending the violence and start
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a national dialogue or if there's a hidden agenda they're following aimed at regime change in syria. iran's hoping to convince world powers its nuclear program serves a peaceful per person isn't about making bombs a new round of talks has begun in baghdad with further pressure on taran to stop high grade uranium enrichment which is feed could be put to military use iran's already tried to ease worsening relations by tentatively agreeing to new un inspections of sites which are suspected of involvement in atomic weapons development but washington says there will be no letup in the heat on to rand fresh sanctions are expected to hit in just over a month targeting the country's all a nuclear sectors as well as international trade links political analyst chris bambery told me iran's nuclear program is think of a matter of national pride for its people which they won't give up lightly. iran is of course virtually surrounded by american american bases not just the american presence in afghanistan afghanistan so they're ratcheting up the military pressure
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in there oh it's associated as well with the tensions over syria and as we were hearing a preview just in lebanon so the result of being on here which is a very dangerous game many people who would not support our digital biota would not support khamenei the supreme ruler would take a position on this because it's an issue of national pride and i don't really think the west understand just how far that goes and how deep the record of people's memory and understanding of western western involvement in iran is which stalks resentment of the west treating iran is of a somewhat older child and refusing to accept the repeated promises and statements that this is a peaceful nuclear program i am sure who's all nuclear program is right thing it's ironic speaking in london tonight that we have a british government telling around you kind of a nuclear program which is replacing its trident you could missile defense so-called defense system and is expanding its nuclear program you know so it's ok
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for the brits and it's ok for other europeans and north americans why not for ryan and his double standard here. your opinion really matters to us we'd like to know what you think about this big story today we're asking what does the nuclear deal between iran and the west mean do you think well this is what you're telling us over half of you believe that it means nothing as it would prevent a strike against iran is what you're telling us nearly a quarter of you as you can see there is the last chance you think to stop war in the middle east eleven percent of you think it means israel desperately needs oil sanctions to be lifted and still just a few considering this to be a trick by to round to proceed with making a bomb five percent. you can still have your say there are plenty of time to do it why there's what you might be interested in checking out these stories if you get a moment of reporting about a russian military plane this crash landed in the czech republic with twenty three on board seriously injuring two servicemen after it caught fire we've got those pictures of a dramatic crash there also online as well but a lot of luxury cash strapped italy investigates the owners of top range sports
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cars to see where that money's coming from to do it and see if there's anything hidden from the tax man big clamp down there in italy right now got the details of our t. dot com. bubble stay in similar vein with a similar story should be next to you leaders gather for an informal dinner in brussels but the main course will undoubtedly be the euro zone's crippling debt crisis there's a growing belief that the austerity drive there heralded by france and germany is now backfired sending we could countries into a spiral of decline like it was talking about then europe's appetites moving away from the sterett see with greece on the brink of leaving the euro zone spain's rocked by protests against further cuts reports a single currency member nations are preparing backup plans now for the consequences of a greek exit these are actually live pictures we've got coming through from burma brussels but interesting breaking from tradition mr lyon did not hold a pre-summit meeting with german chancellor angela merkel but could be you know may be for how they're going to work together in the future because they've been such
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big players for austerity before long came on the scene he wants. the strategy now to shift to growth germany's very reluctant to agree with but they have to try and find some middle ground both sides need to reach a compromise ahead of what could be a decisive second greek election in june we'll be following that closely but officially the focus is firmly on the growth at this summit only officially at least of those going everyone's talking they're all the talk we are greece maybe having to go to the trying to keep a positive i on this let's talk to john laughlin the director of studies reinstituted democracy corp he's joining us on the line from rome i was just talking about italy just then there's been a big clamp down there on taxes people trying to get the money back in the authorities every is trying to save a penny to try and make this work aren't there now as i mentioned eurozone countries are being advised to prepare their own contingency plans just in case greece quits the euro what does it tell us about their common determination to save
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the country these days is that determination less than men were appalling on this speculating about it six months ago a year ago. i don't think it is i think that on the one hand the a warning that contingency plans should be made is a realistic one because i think that there is a very dangerous very great danger that the euro or a very great probability that the euro will break up but even though i am a long term critic of the euro and the euro project my view remains that the european political class will do anything and i mean anything to keep it together in other words i think that this a call to set up contingency plans is in fact brinkmanship it's brinkmanship address to the greek electorate because the greek electorate is trying to be is being forced into a corner by the european political class the european political class by issuing this warning is trying to make it clear to greek voters that they have to choose the euro and they have to choose the austerity program so i think it's brinkmanship
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ok fine but if it doesn't work if something happens and they just couldn't push this through and it does drop the currency what can the consequences would that create. the consequences i think would be catastrophic at least that's certainly what the europeans meeting in brussels this evening think in one sense this analysis is rather odd because even under the terms of the present bailout investors that is to say banks people doing greek debt have written off more than fifty percent of the face value and in terms of lost investments they have written off something like three quarters i think of their in of their total investment even under the terms of the so-called bailout which is supposed to keep the whole show on the road there have been massive losses over greece what the european political class is afraid of however is what they called an uncontrolled default that is to say of. events taking place which they the european political leaders
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think they do not control these people are control freaks they want to feel that they're in control and to some extent they're right because the world is awash with danger and what they want to try and do is prevent panic and i think that's the key thing they mainly fear is fear itself. looking at the official agenda of this meeting in brussels is about growth investment to mention just now something very obvious in the course of the austerity drive that we've witnessed and heard so much about for the last few years do you see this transition happening anytime soon though is it reality can it be reality. no no it's just hot air. and promised growth when he was to get elected the germans have always said that growth and cutting deficits go together it's all just words you can't magic growth out of thin air you have to undergo enormous structural change there has to be a kind of revolution really in europe in its practices in its laws in its social
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state and above all in its work ethic and culture so no it's just a way of reassuring. afonso along who has an electorate who has an election coming up in june as the greeks do and to try and put as brave a face as possible on what is by any chalk a terribly catastrophic situation in europe so you know expect anything big to come out of this meeting tonight a hot air i guess is what you say there's not a lot coming out of it i wonder what's going to happen when greece goes to the poll again on june the seventeenth those elections is that going to be a game changer any shape or form. well it could be. said before on this channel that obviously the elections are going to be elections at least unless there's a military coup in greece which by the way i don't rule out or some other kind of coup elections will obviously decide it the strange thing is that i'm sure you know is that the leader of the new left party the man who emerged really as the effective winner of the original poll and who may well be able to form
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a majority on june the seventeenth he says he wants to keep his country in the euro but of course he doesn't want the austerity plan now if he were to be elected and to renege on the a sturdy plan as he's promised to do then i have to say i think the game would then probably be on the rug would be pulled on the so-called bailout plan and presumably there would be some kind of collapse in greece some kind of default but for the time being it's still impossible to predict that with certainty precisely because as i say even he who is the most strong opposite opponent of the austerity plan even see he says he wants to keep greece in the euro and that's by the way why i said that earlier that there was brinkmanship because what the european leaders are trying to do is to force the greeks to understand that they have to choose the austerity plan john a lot of things here sources have a director studies in the institute of democracy and cooperation on the line from of course the heart for some of this is going on in rome tonight down there in southern europe thanks ever so much thank you. practice what you preach it's
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a golden rule which germany's somehow failing to follow apparently artie's paid all of the reports on how berlin is applying its own belt tightening policies to merkel message to europe it is clear that by structural reform is important and necessary but a debt ridden growth would join the revive a crisis with one that it will not do that. so all sturdy all around however don't expect german belts to be getting much tighter. according to the influential cologne institute for economic research while berlin bangs the drum for spending cuts in countries like spain greece and italy the federal government has made good on less than half of its planned savings as the boomers were young the federal government promised in twenty ten that they would cotton over ten billion euro dollar a year in spending from the budget two years later they've cut less than half of this amount some of this is down to changes in policy making
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a promise to cuts impossible but most of the promise savings just weren't made. this will make interesting reading for the heads of the twenty five year a peon union member states who signed up to a fiscal pact in march obliging them to show greater fiscal discipline pact championed by the chief cheerleader of austerity chancellor angela merkel as these are missing it looks as if the german government has relaxed a bit while at the same time telling orders to work hard our deficit goals were reached because of higher than expected tax revenue but the cots were not followed through. so after the government made good on only four point seven billion euro of the eleven point two billion savings that it promised the association of tax payers came up with a list of areas they suggest should be cut from the budget as part of a spring cleaning plan which could save an extra one hundred and fifty six million euro these include scrapping a quarter of
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a million euros subsidy for growing organic carrots as well as a similar initiative and more juice all the way through to reevaluating civil servant pensions and the driver service for former presidents of the german parliament. are thirty examples are meant to inspire ideas about how and where the budget can be cut even with a large. spending blocks the government should take the good spring cleaning tradition in the blood to the budget and start saving. there are those who argue that the recent growth posted by the german economy means that they are under no obligation to cut the rest of the proposed eleven billion euro that it's only those countries posting negative growth that need to trim their spending but the reason why the cuts are not as deep as periphery countries that are suffering the most from the financial crisis is simply the fact that we have a higher tax revenue right now and that leaves room for maneuver so the german
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economy is showing growth but as the country's debt rises by the second even europe's dominant economy isn't out of the woods yet at home under merkel's christian democrats have suffered some major political setbacks most recently a crushing defeat in regional elections in north rhine-westphalia a state seen as a bellwether of opinion in germany the because the theme of the christian democratic party has a tradition of celebrating its victories together it is the same for the defeats this is a common defeat we have discussed this defeat today and looked at length and the duty as we have. despite mrs merkel putting on a brave front as a party loses support from the electorate the question has to be asked how can the german chancellor preach austerity to the people of athens madrid in rome when her party's policies can't even win over the people who sold off peter all of the r.t. germany. three top world view stories right now clashes between government troops
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now a code of forces have left twenty nine people dead in yemen seven soldiers and twenty two militants were killed in the fighting in the country south the areas beyond militant control since last year it comes as dozens of countries including the u.s. and russia gather for the international friends of yemen conference to help the nation overcome its economic and security challenges right now five aide workers have been kidnapped by gunmen in northeastern afghanistan two female doctors and three afghan translators were abducted while they were traveling on horseback in the city of faizabad in the search and rescue operations underway for them the kidnapping of foreigners has become common in afghanistan since u.s. backed forces toppled the taliban government over a decade ago. but a stunning doctor who helped the u.s. track down osama bin laden has been sentenced to thirty three years in jail in the country shall kill afridi was found guilty of conspiring against the state by running a fake vaccination program for the cia soley to collect d.n.a. to track down the al qaeda chief the doctors were critical in pinpointing where bin
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laden was hiding setting up america's most wanted fugitive for assassination by u.s. commanders in a raid on his compound last may well the verdict expected to add further tension to pakistan's already strained relationship with washington. this cultural business story making headlines this it isn't the business as we've been reporting you leaders meeting in brussels but the markets seem to be taking a nosedive investors more than a little nervous absolutely real uncertainty in the kevin also nervousness and we all are looking at global actually slump right across the board u.s. europe asia earlier on in the sessions of vestas are unconvince to say the least and here russia the markets took a really bad toll today and a lot of that was because of declining oil prices we know they play that part here on is going to investors can start to say the names there's lots of just as in the air right now because prices all the main protagonist really here in moscow also is
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well worth a mention that the government decided not to privatized its taken a number of energy companies as well that's also news having an impact but the overriding is of course the potential great exit which of course is the e.u. ministers are going to be discussing love to be at that dinner table ok let's have a snapshot of the movers and shakers today the biggest lead to hit moscow last over five percent russian power generators amorous ross hard they were both listed on the companies that will now not be privatized if you look across to the half cent down ok that was the russian market is what is going on to the u.s. to destine trading and to the dow jones is now nearing the lowest level since december as panic stations are really on the back side of the call is intensifying concerns of the greek text now as i said we got the e.u. leaders meeting salutes have a look at the european markets and see how they close up today to the obviously going to be discussing that now they are also going to be discussing those you
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wrote bonds which angela merkel says she does not want to she's really sticking to her guns on this one but the new president of progs he along he's saying that he wants some and it's really take the rest of those peripheral countries because it would reduce that interest rates that are now. to get a bit of insight into this maxing shopping cart head of actually trading at usa price place in early today they were saying this is interest and if it's going to exit here as i might take away some of the pressure. i actually fully support the idea that the grags that so-called gregg's is the exit of greece from the euro will be a very positive was a markets that removed the things which markets fears more uncertainty and greece so as long as the european community able to prove that it has sold it for war i think that the markets production recover especially it would coincide with a collective action undertaken by european central bank by us all the governments
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in the world to actually address deficiencies in the economist so long as this concern i think you know they'll be roughly the board to move the market now the euro has now dropped its lovers levels in dollars since july two thousand and ten so the common currency that greece could be leaving shortly is really having enough that now if we look at the ruble performance today we're seeing loss against the euro on the u.s. dollar that is investors flock away to safe haven but how do those zero prices because i did mention that there are facts in the boston market out of the light sweet is down below that ninety dollars have power and that's for the first time in seven months have been so obvious back called give you a round up of all the markets in about two hours' time the people crowded into the boats tonight out there again this week goes on and on thanks for the update we'll catch up with you say about two hours time now in a few minutes tonight capital account as we take you to our studios in washington d.c. plenty going on there for next hour and a half but it's your headlines and this quick break.
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