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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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russia warns against placing the blame for a massacre in the syrian city of houla soley on the government saying opposition government may also have been involved. as the syrian conflict drags on it's being fueled by weapons flowing from neighboring lebanon where illegal arms dealers are driven by profit and faith. and after weeks of on and student protests in canada and hundreds of arrests talks of a chill wishing costs are set to resume it's no longer just about soaring fees out top stories.
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on screen this is r.t. live from central moscow with twenty four hours a day russia says both the syrian government and opposition may have been involved in the deaths of more than one hundred civilians including over thirty children in the city of houla over the weekend speaking after a meeting with his british counterpart in moscow foreign minister sergey lavrov warned against assigning blame for the massacre of his going off as the details. russia is calling for an international investigation to be held looking into what happened in houla while the west including the united states and great britain are pointing their fingers at us sidewall the foreign minister a lot of roth says that it's too early to make any conclusions since it's clearly the situation is not one sided at all. but to get a deal at the u.n. security council on sunday the head of the international peace mission in syria confirm that in houla there was signs of artillery shelling but there were also
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many cool places we've had bullets fired from close distance signs of a slaughter that was both sides apparently had a hand in the deaths of people including women and children here to syria is under the control of the militants just a little city surrounded by government troops of the u.n. security council has asked the u.n. observer mission on the ground to best gauge what exactly happened in houla you believe moscow is now lifting the responsibility from assad for the violence but is stressing that equal pressure has to be applied both on the authorities and on the opposition and it's not only vital for them to put their weapons down and peaceful you negotiate but also for the international community for all the outside players to reach one unified position and so you are off says only in that case could the peace plan be fulfilled which is currently the only way out of the crisis also outlined that moscow is in contact with both the and the opposition and he
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says that from these contacts with the rebels it's clear that some forces outside of syria but within the region are giving them other signals which are not aimed at fulfilling the peace plan but are actually aimed at violating boosting calls for foreign military intervention the foreign minister has called on these players to make up their minds whether they want regime change or the stop of the deaths of people in syria. the u.s. in the meantime is once again warning syria that it could face an armed intervention america's top military officer warned the pentagon is prepared to act militarily if and when it is asked to let's talk to them by he's a member of the syrian social club and political activist joining me live in london well syrian rebels have already called for their foreign supporters to carry out strikes against assad without the approval of the u.n. security council in light of the latest comments from the u.s. how likely are we to see military intervention. well
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good evening to you and to your viewers first of all we all these talks all this incitement came because of the the syrian crisis and what's happened in the whole oh i don't think now there is a quite a lot of incitement there fabricated this massacres i'm not saying the massacres the take place but yes it took place in the area where it's completely under the control of those governments what is so-called rebel so-called the syrian free army we know there is other groups who has alliance to jihadist to sell a feast to. kind of maybe but. they are they are quite. i mean they are supplied with. money they have borders open
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was lebanon they have borders open with turkey so they are doing what ever there was coming and going out there trying to. what to call it raise the pressure on syria before the visit of coffee or not so the situation in syria. we see this type of situation before before the security council meeting when russia and china use the veto we've seen it in every meeting it takes place or was so-called friends of syria or before with league they push through those massacres just two to four incitement and to turn people against the syrian government and to turn the public opinion of the international public but nevertheless what people are so shocked by is who would be motivated to kill innocent women and children obviously
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a lot of foreign interest in perhaps the posing a sad pursuing the rebels cause but to actually involve innocent women and children who would people who are in that. well there is some of those robber the rebels like the cell of his and the jihadists or al qaeda they don't have a code of conduct they do anything just to push the area let's say on the second terry and there's a sectarian grounds capitalizing on the arrests there in syria in order to pursue the sectarian interests. it is sick terry and the because they've been trying to put in some incitement for for for sectarian killing and civil war for not know i mean few months ago now is they start talking about different sudanese are now always and all this and of course they go and they kill the sudanese so just to play they say are always and they say other sectors involve the christian and also
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the only i mean me is nowhere near that is this is civil war they are they shoot for something or we talk about civil war now in effect no there is no civil war there will not be civil war for the simple reason there is this attack fear is an jihad these were criminals some of them coming from outside they are in one side and there is the supporters of the syrian government who they backed the syrian government till now the supporters of the syrian government they are not going to pick up arms and fight because they believe in law and order and they believe there is an army and their security service and the police who has to protect them and. the security service doing their job this the supporters are civilians they obey law and although they are not going to go involved so it is not going to be a civil war and let me just ask you that the rebels are saying that the u.s.
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backed peace plan is dead which you agree with that and if that is a case what's next for the country. plan is not dead the syrian or solitary and the syrian government putting all its effort the people on the ground in syria they want mr kofi annan plan to succeed because they had enough there they had enough but for mr coffee to succeed they have to must mr rahman self he has to talk to turkey talk to saudi arabia talk to qatar and talk to some rebels in lebanon to stop this type of killing. crimes. they want to call on the syrian soil every day he has to talk to others and bring them into the table mr kofi annan plan or the united nations security council plan is for the rebels to lay the arm. of the syrian
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what we call it or solitary under sovereignty of syria so for the dialogue to take place not to fight they have a broke the ceasefire more than four and a half thousand times and now they're killing every day they shelling every day and the syrian army has to react to some of the some of this shelling. and some of those attacks. thank you very much for your thoughts it's very interesting that your perspective on this member of the syrian social club and also a political activist thank you for joining us with your thoughts in london. thank you very much thank you for having me and while the outrage over that massacre in houla spreads an eagerness to illustrate events in the most harrowing way has misleading results and go to our website to find out about the b.b.c. story which used images of rows of children's bodies sent in by an activist only they turned out to be taken in iraq almost a decade ago the photographer who took the pictures thinks they're being used for propaganda you get all the details on that at r.t.
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dot com. and as the strife in syria drags on the rebels are getting strong support from lebanon everything from medical treatment to weapons and as for national reporters not just profit driving the daily and deadly trade in guns. as solace shows off his goods. this is five thousand dollars thirteen hundred eighteen hundred and two thousand the seven machine guns between two and a half and three thousand u.s. parks shaadi not his real name also has a rocket propelled and hand grenades which he showed me in private. contact me every day we have a revolution next door. we talking shop his garage in tripoli lebanon on syrian rebels are his major clients are very popular but recently they're looking for a really heavy stuff we buy from her and they're ours and resell they have
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a nerve and they're getting it for free and as iran makes their entire story. it will take no more than ten hours for this shot he says to reach lebanon's conflict and gulf neighbor since the beginning of the uprising in syria last march arms prices have rocketed for some items they coast has gone up five and sometimes even ten times and the more the conflict drags on the mall look at if it is for the weapons dealers but money's not the key reason shaadi is a sunni muslim and to him is his holy duty to support his co religious fighters in syria for sure. and sunni dominated snow fled and on where we meet the arms dealer those who want assad out are in the absolute majority and they're sending their religious brothers in neighboring syria a lot more than prayers. mad twenty nine year old field commander from the free syrian army was wounded during the siege earlier this spring together with other
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injured f.s.a. members his now having treatment in lebanon but his not stopped fighting entirely. we have supported the syrian ex-pats everywhere in the world or people from. saudi arabia also send us money weapons walkie talkies. he says every day tons of these aid go through his hands but for him it's not enough as soon as he gets better he'll return to syria. is a selfie a radical sunni group whose influence in this part of lebanon is growing dramatically. there are demonstrations in favor of the syrian uprising a role so the support package everything sounds. we also made some of fish a comedy backley one of the founders of the band islamic group. suspected of links to international terrorism but he says his input in the syrian revolt in send in
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the rebels the ideas and encouragement to achieve their ultimate goal would cause me to make a call to overthrow the government we will make all the scholars speak for against these issues and make them all applies i guess the government and other selfish a can triple the runs this car parts shop he confirms that every sunni and especially every salafist here in lebanon is involved either ideologically or financially in what he calls syrian liberation. already help the tunisian and egyptian revolutions we want to syrians now to get rid of this regime. shake muslim doesn't wear muslim white robes and keeps his beard secret every selfie short so as not to draw too much attention he says everybody sacrifices something these days just to see their mission and assad for. syria completed. an r.t.
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reporting from northern lebanon. r.t. life here in moscow is to have falling ratings as a symptom of distrust we look at what's causing a growing number of americans to abandon the mainstream news media in favor of independent or foreign elements or even fictional programs. that still cover your first year in the surge in the occupy movement have much in common they both criticize governments and are often condemned by the mainstream media so now for the first time the world's most famous whistleblower and the leaders of the global protest movement come together here on our team in the latest edition of a sound is very an interview program they discuss the spread of the occupy demonstrations. occupy sort of simmer for a while for the first week or two or ten days or something until there was violence . well yes i mean one of the police violence but nonetheless we did not provoke it like a silence record or you can record. we took
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a nonviolent direct action we went and we occupied a square so we could have a general assembly and starts talk about the world that we wanted to live in which we saw is completely antithetical to the world we're currently living in and the structures that governed it so yeah i mean i guess by being there by exercising directly democratic process we're posing a threat and so the police had to respond there's nothing that terrifies the american government so much as the threat of democracy breaking out in america. are there for to react violently. and you can catch the seventh edition of julian assange just series in full tomorrow at eleven thirty g.m.t. right here on r.t. and if you've missed the previous six you can always watch them online and doughty dot com. and to the protests in canada now and there is hope the standoff between students and authorities in quebec could soon come to an end with talks due to resume on monday thousand strong demonstrations against jewish and fee hikes have
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been taking place on the bases for over a month no but a new emergency law rescore such anger cutting fees may no longer be enough going to come has this report. it's not just about to wish and hikes anymore even many of those who didn't care much about the problems facing students in care back have now joined the ranks of protesters. it is something that we should and have to do in this region potentially again and we have to be there and we have to make noise he does because it's the end of the democracy if we keep on this way and the farther on our own goal on the ground. for the future to ensure. the country and the city needs to tens of thousands marching every day making a noise to express anger at what they see as draconian government measures to suppress people's rights to freedom of assembly and expression earlier this month the government here adopted an emergency anti protest law to make it illegal to
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assemble without permission and to insist on a precise road map of any planned march or demonstration decided this is a map of montréal yet was not known for always that exact words would think about don't know what arcane they got their sound for for democracy there inside for to birth and the first time i ever sleep i leave the narrative there to start the war ads are going to start serving i got a day after the anti protests law was passed a quarter of a million people spilled onto montréal streets in defiance in a peaceful march more than seven hundred were arrested in just one day there were people coming out of from the bar actually at that time and they were arrested and they weren't going into the demonstration there there had been tear gas the have been. a lot of physical or station but the people keep more change and banging
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their pots and pans each now risking a fine of up to five thousand dollars when there are so many people that get arrests everybody canadas me. dia aren't spending much time showing incidents of police brutality. journalists in canada live in which the politicians and live looks good good good good good the ganger is making the rules so they don't going to get outside and see what's happening in the streets really and they don't want to know about police brutality did don't want to know about it. you can see how dramatically the protests have evolved over the past three months in february when they started it was the students of kept back versus the government of the problem the gatherings were generally very peaceful but the police reaction was overwhelmingly harsh and as if that wasn't enough to makes leaders talk i think thanks a lot to quell the protests would spell the end but it did and now they're facing anger over fees and freedom i'm going to check on from the streets of montreal
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canada our team. they forget that all the stories we're covering are also available on our website dot com here's what else is there for you right now deadly moves the authorities in pakistan threaten six people with the death penalty for allegedly violating tribal traditions but don't sing together the details at all t. dot com. and splashing the cash rushes on set to mark is like a bug founder of the country's biggest social network his shows off his riches by making paper planes out of banknotes find out how much money the board meeting there was throwing away and altie dot com.
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some more world news from across the globe now in this hour a massive farda shopping center in qatar has killed at least thirteen children for teachers and too far to the witnesses. the complex did not appear to have any alarms or sprinklers the blaze began around midday at the luxury mall and took several hours to put out because a still. islamist revolution prime minister will both fight it out in a runoff in egypt's presidential election the first and second places of mohamed morsi and shafiq have been confirmed by the electoral commission but two of the other defeated candidates are demanding a recount saying there were violations during voting the second round would take place next month. former british prime minister tony blair's appearance before an inquiry into media ethics has been interrupted by a man shouting war criminal investigation is looking at the issue of phone hacking by journalists face questions about his relationship with rupert murdoch who owned the news of the world the main newspaper involved as players convoy left the
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inquiry eggs were thrown at one of the vehicles. he was mainstream news media is rapidly losing its audience with the biggest network suffering from sinking ratings rising independent outlets and internet sources provide an alternative to corporate controlled news. reports media giants. but he's the most trusted fictional name in news the lead character of h.b.o.'s upcoming series newsroom is on a mission to tell the truth in the face of u.s. corporate and commercial pressures what new era what makes was the greatest country in the world i don't know what i'm. venting their lives and their work in the myriad of nonfiction morgan holding its annual shareholders meeting america's corporate owned news networks that rarely challenge the status quo might want to take some cues from h.b.o.'s fake show and i report awards last month cnn's ratings dropped to their lowest in
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a decade and here are the nominees in march fox lost nearly twenty percent of their viewers and for years and as n.b.c. has consistently remained at least popular among all three if you went into the board rooms in the executive suites of these media companies they're in a panic about this. other peter hart is the activism director at fair a us media watchdog group he says an increasing number of americans are abandoning mainstream media for alternative independent or foreign news outlets once people shift and say c.n.n. is not for me fox is not for me on this and b c is doing what i really want them to do i need them to do that it's hard to get them back how do you convince somebody that your media system works when their experience tells them that it doesn't work when last autumn's biggest global story was born in new york city it was largely ignored by most mainstream news outlets but it is. this organized
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a look quote any one of the protesting nobody seems to know until it became impossible to suppress. this spring the fight against corporate greed is still being waged but at this event in times square demonstrators are surrounded by news tickers but no mainstream t.v. cameras the occupy movement. is it waiting for the almighty powerful networks to show up and reports about their demonstrations instead the grassroots group has need immediate distribution all part of its campaign creating newspapers like this one which report about political financial and social stories that are either blocked out more rarely addressed by most mainstream news outlets the first amendment just keeps shrinking in importance as a handful of profiteering corporations who don't care a lot about journalism don't care a lot about democracy have taken control reporting the truth means risking all the
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dangers of digging too deep cost america's legendary newsman dan rather his coveted chair at c.b.s. the trusted journalist was forced to resign after reporting that george w. bush went missing during his national guard service to avoid being drafted to vietnam mother chibi as you know because i had my t.v. reporter the true story was a tough story a story a lot of people didn't want to believe that it was subjected to a terrific propaganda barrage to discredit to a case in which art is imitating life is becoming. a life now seeing more americans turning to the alternative marina port i.r.t. new york. time not to cross over to the business desk there's natasha hour and it looks like more and more foreigners a coming to work here and russian attention absolutely and that's according to the latest data from recruitment agency headhunter all the details in just a couple of minutes but first let's check out the equity markets and we'll start
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with europe since wall street will remain closed for memorial day and as you can see the european equity markets closed the mix to the footsie managed to gain a hold on to some with gains while the dots how cool is there around a quarter percent a little war and of course that's on the news that we're a mixed bag. on the positive side there were a lot of good news coming out of greece namely that the greek people of ready to vote for the prove bailout new democracy party the next month and if that happens there's a chance that the country will actually stick with the austerity measures and will keep the year old will stay in the eurozone but on the other hand of course the spanish story is really putting a grain of salt into all this shares of a spanish bang bang he dropped more than twenty percent on the news that the bank wants an injection of twenty four billion dollars the biggest in the spanish history and let's move on now to the currency markets and as you can see the euro
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is managing to stay quite robust it's gaining against the u.s. dollar and the russian ruble was mixed throughout the day it was gaining to the dollar but a losing value to the euro and the russian markets they ended the day with gains although not quite as robust as they were earlier on in the lead as they did shows that the country's economy attracted thirty six point five billion dollars in the first quarter that may seem like a lot but that's an eighteen percent drop compared to the same period last year and now onto the blue chips the biggest movers on the my six included in the financial sector is very banks lukoil was also doing quite well and stronger prices and t.m.p. b.p. managed to recover after trading in the red most of the day on the news that it's sealed the whole friedman resigned on monday
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a bit more on that resignation the c.e.o. and chairman of. men has resigned from both positions without providing any reasons behind the move he was one of our shows owners who blog to the arctic deal between rosneft and b.p. claim it was violating the existing agreements of t.n.t. b.p. freed. and as one of our richest people he has assets in banking retail and telecoms but to while some people lose jobs other people actually get them russia's job market became more attractive for highly skilled foreigners last year the country's top recruitment service headhunters says the number of applicant ex-pats rose by eleven percent most of the applicants are native english speakers looking for positions in the oil and gas or the banking sectors analysts say versus a growing economy looks like a more promising more destination considering all the financial problems across the
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globe and last but not least let's check out the oil market and as you can see crude is doing well it's gaining value this monday morning despite the fact that u.s. stockpiles are at a twenty two month high apparently all those good news coming out of greece and the continued concerns over iran's nuclear program are enough to bring oil higher and that's all the latest from the business desk you can always find a lot more stories that are dot com slash business see you later tasha thanks for most of you that well next to the laces additional pictures of those crosstalk after a reminder all the headlines with me stay with us for that if you can this is ulty live in moscow.
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