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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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well i've been to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture we all know fox news is the official mouthpiece of the republican party but this time they were really outdone themselves was the latest propaganda coming out of the network and when will the american people wise up g.o.p. t.v.'s real agenda also ever publicans had a change of heart over obamacare now they're really trying to steal the election in florida again all that and more in tonight's lone liberal rumble and over the last four years five hundred thousand call center jobs have been shipped overseas
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leaving americans unemployed and struggling to survive and what can be done in washington to stop companies from outsourcing jobs to third world countries. you need to know this one billion dollars a thousand dollars a million times that's a hell of a lot of money it's how much republican groups plan to spend this election cycle to kick president obama out of the white house and put mitt romney in there as politico reports that a between the koch brothers republican strategist karl rove the chamber of commerce and mitt romney's super pac president obama is about to be hit with a tidal wave a billion dollar negative ad campaign the koch brothers plan to spend three hundred ninety five million dollars over the next few few months karl rove super pacs plan to spend three hundred million dollars the chamber of commerce has now promised to
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spend one hundred million in this election mitt romney's restore our future super pac also has the goal of spending one hundred million dollars and then there's the slew of other corporate wall street and personal billionaire super pacs each promising their own multimillion dollar contributions to the billion dollar election blitzkrieg against president obama and that doesn't include the traditional campaign fund raising goal that romney the republican party have set of an additional eight hundred million almost a billion again so all together we're staring down a multi billion dollar election effort just by the romney campaign and even that doesn't include another very special contributor to defeat obama at all costs campaign which is these guys so-called news this morning on fox and friends gretchen doocy and kill me debuted their very own anti obama political ad conceived of edited and produced by their very own staff and bankrolled by rupert murdoch's
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news corp is gretchen's setting it up. let's talk a little bit about what the campaign slogan used to be for president obama when he was a candidate remember it was hope and change the president says that he is still using that slogan in the way in which he hopes to get four more years so we decided to take a look back at the president's first term to see if it lived up to hope and change followed was a four minute act piece against the president that would have made karl rove envious here's a clip. of concentrating on job creation president obama has concentrated on growing don't. make. sense for people coming up with start ups and want to create jobs that's. just a way to do. is to. buy funding for food just. to be. food sent brooms the more people have been put on food stamps barbara obama
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than any president in america. we are becoming. that makes poverty comfortable. because the attention in the congress in the role of the republican filibuster and blocking numerous programs that would have created jobs and no mention though again grid says in that ad is a flat out why president bush actually added more americans the food stamp program than has president obama backs or pesky though especially on a network claiming to be new earlier this afternoon after news media watchdogs expressed outrage over the ad box news disavowed it saying it was created by an associate producer and not approved at the senior level. but the big picture here is this what you just saw was an organization that calls itself news blatantly running political ads to benefit the republican party and as media reports the ads
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bear a striking resemblance to political ads run by the republican national committee and the republican governors association is there any doubt left that fox is merely the unofficial mouthpiece of today's republican party i mean to understand box so-called news you have to understand the history of roger ailes and rupert murdoch murdoch has a history of using and corrupting politicians around the world to both promote his newspapers and t.v. networks and to get favors inside information from those same politicians to help his media empire this is most visibly the until played out right now in the u.k. or murdoch's successful corruption of politicians from tony blair to david cameron are now on display for a horrified british public less well known in the us is how much power fox has over american politicians which is in large part because fox has become the official mouthpiece for the hard right movement that's taken over the republican party this
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all started back in the nixon white house when roger ailes was an aide to richard nixon one proposal it came past ailes as desk and he marked up heavily in appears to really like it was to create something called g.o.p. t.v. . the plan was to get republican talking points out on local t.v. news stations memos included pricing for t.v. equipment logistical information for news anchors and a pitch by roger to let his own production company take the lead on unfortunately even the next it was up to his eyeballs in mafia money as lamar waldron documents in his brand new book are watergate the very very rich people in america had not yet gotten the blessing of the supreme court to jump into politics so g.o.p. t.v. died for a while until roger ailes met rupert murdoch who was willing to throw half a billion dollars into starting the new g.o.p. t.v. network in the first five years it lost hundreds of millions of dollars just sean hannity lost one hundred million dollars
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a year for about five years the kind of money richard nixon could only have dreamed about but they got it everywhere position did as real news that a g.o.p. t.v. even going to face so far as to call it fair and balanced g.o.p. t.v. owned by murdoch and run by ailes is now the most powerful media voice in america when it comes to republican politics their opinion shows are blatantly black biased toward our right hard right republicans and even sean hannity is pain. to the racist birth or creed. you know i've never been a birth or this is no i did it was odd that they didn't release the birth certificate to me i'm like as women from my birth certificate right it's pretty easy to get doc absolutely. and multiple university studies even show the g.o.p. t.v. so badly misinforms its viewers that they actually know fewer true things and more false things than a person who watches no news whatsoever and they still call themselves news with a nonpolitical sounding name of fox news in my opinion it's time for fox news to go
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back to the name that led to their birth g.o.p. t.v. so americans can know that the real agenda of the so-called news they're getting is all about the g.o.p. . it's was there you were ready to rumble join a for its rides alone liberal rabble are adam bitly editor in chief of net right daily and michael warren reporter with the weekly standard thank you both for joining me tonight thank you and let's just jump right into this something here we go you heard my rant. on fox all this kind of thing republicans just released a new ad. hoping to counter the attacks on bain using cylindrica take a look at those. president obama is spending your tax dollars to create.
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doing you've heard of cylinder they took five hundred thirty five million dollars in taxpayer loan guarantees and went bankrupt but that's not even half the story dharma's department of energy has handed out billions of dollars in loans and grants for solar three billion dollars in taxpayer backed loan guarantees now they're cutting jobs and their stock is near all time low. now you know what they kind of ignored in this was first of all slender was less than one percent of the long portfolio mitt romney would all love to have only one percent of his companies go bankrupt secondly first solar which they were just talking about three billion dollars in loan back guarantee is losing jobs they cut two thousand jobs in malaysia and two thousand jobs in germany no jobs in america and they're making jobs in america eco totality which they go on to to rant about they say it received one hundred twenty six million taxpayer money last forty six million he could to tally the fact and this is from politico today i mean this isn't from some left wing blog they just announced a net income of one point two million dollars just flat out why they said that more
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than sixteen billion dollars has gone to companies i'm quoting like cylinder that are linked to big obama and democrat donors democrat actually the democratic party anyway congress looked into this the republican house of representatives to try and find some smoking gun to try and find any connection between any of these people and barack obama or any decision makers and they were totally unsuccessful so you know what's the deal here what what is it what this is all false equivalence is it not i think i think the biggest problem actually is the fact that you know we're looking for the smoking gun for corruption. but what we should be looking at and what we i think many people are appalled by is the fact that the government throws our money money taken from the taxpayers to companies that fail but none of that's going to fail i mean that's one percent i mean this is this that exact a pretty good deal is exactly why this is i think a poor line of attack for mitt romney if you want to bring up a cylinder there's an actual great line of attack which is this is the perfect
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example of crony capitalism and category of networks and capitalism that works for democratic interest groups like environmentalists i mean you look at the story of cylindrical for instance it doesn't work for environmentalists it will arguably it competes with the oil companies or the coal right but he's are they republican has what how energy policy would how come our visit is cylinder i mean you look at the solar panels that cylinder was making for example these were much more expensive than than what was being made in china for much much cheaper it was an industry said would you want to say that so we should just say to hell with american manufacturing let's make every no absolutely not and that's why i just said no it's not stopping in china is cheaper why are we exactly so i was about it so far have said american manufacturing should not be making these type of solar panels maybe there is a cheaper something that american manufactures to make either of you but this is the no one was the first president to openly actively aggressively and proudly subsidize american businesses he was tortured washington yes it was alexander hamilton eleven point plan and every president from george washington bridge obama
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has done it it's the subsidies that lead to these problems people from on i problems we just get you talking about five hundred thirty five million taxpayer dollars that are gone forever fall out of a sixteen billion dollars portfolio but this year often happens routinely and maybe doesn't happen at the five hundred thirty five million dollar level but this is a pattern is a mystery how much did we lose in nasa and what we got out of that was velcro and a million innovations how much did we lose in darpa net with the military spending all the money that if we got out of that was out of the internet does this mean this is but this is actually we lose the tennessee valley authority and what you know ok but now we're just debating about about economies of scale. obviously private companies particularly the time in the one nine hundred sixty s. just didn't have the economies in the in the capital to go to the go to the moon go into space i mean this was something that we as a country don't know if there was any of it was about it maybe maybe richard branson last week private company does set up not of the moon so what not but the point being is that. is that romney needs to be making the argument that this is
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a bad type of capitalism that the government is picking winners and losers and you get the last word on that more rubble we're coming up right after the break. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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download the official anti obligation to go on the phone oh i pod touch from the i choose ops to. life on the go. video on demand all t's mine comes and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. more news today violence is once again flared up. from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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live live . on the back of that i sloan liberal rumble joining me are adam bitly editor in
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chief of net write daily and michael warner board with the weekly standard and let's get back to it something's happening with the republicans on capitol hill they're starting to like pieces of obamacare heads exploding allen west of all people allen west comes out and says you know there's a couple things there that i like you know let kids who are up to twenty six years old stay on their parents' insurance policies they don't you know don't like corporations kick people off because of preexisting conditions and close the donut hole in medicare only problem is if you're going to force insurance companies to keep people who have preexisting conditions you've got to get a bunch of healthy people in there to make some money for those companies so this is which means you've got to have the mandate i mean i don't get how roy blunt has now come out in favor of these three things like cherry pick obamacare i don't get how they got you to do it or not do it don't you mean exactly that i mean this is exactly why the tea party needs to keep the heat on the republicans that they elected like allen west in twenty ten i mean not to you guys to not do it i mean
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look so what's wrong with these are really saying to insurance companies you know my kid was born with a congenital heart defect you still have to give her insurance well i don't think that that's qualified children you have that or you don't know what one does is that yeah this one is and i get a million children right now who have health insurance who didn't three months ago when obamacare went into effect because the insurance companies refused to cover kids who are born with congenital defect so i mean there's actual interest in states who regulate their own insurance industries doing this on a state by state level it's close they have not been successful yet but they haven't been successful because a lot a lot of the things that obamacare promised to change that are or didn't promise to change you know i mean they have been successful in doing that for thirty years well yes but long before obama adam you would say you know let's back up a couple of years here when the. and in two thousand and ten it was part of their platform that they were going to do this stuff do what. revive these parts of obamacare should it be overturned they've always supported the keeping everyone
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millinery place montrose i guess you could call it killer voice do away when he was say it's kill or replace it's just going to modify it repeal in those places it was the phrase that was a phrase that was actually the buzzword but this was eric cantor he said exactly in in two thousand and ten in the lead up to the elections that they would keep the i guess i won't call children but people on health care you're going to hear this it doesn't make any sense i mean this is the problem with obamacare it's a piecemeal piece of legislation not with obamacare at all works with you know way and over the whole i don't remember the rationale i got like you should be for single payer health care actually i have always worked my alley with all this is this is the it won't break even we're still going to be running the deficit in either another way and howls but most people pay their taxes. everyone is paying their taxes i see it all the other every other every other developed country in the world that has a national health care system is managing to pay for it none of them are in the red right now much smaller countries much much you know the bigger european union eight
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hundred twenty eight hundred million people but we only have you know it's in dire straits for countries hardly exaggerates went to germany germany right now you know what german bonds are selling for treasuries one point three six percent they have a better credit rating than we do because because the republicans we have started trading happens with green credit rating was that no i'm going to give you you know when when goldman sachs help greece fudge their numbers so that they could get into the e.u. both of them committed a crime in their hand for i'm with you on that but that's not most to europe and most of europe is doing it is a bit but in any case i don't get why it is so so you guys are saying that the republican party is going to cherry pick the popular things and say yeah we're for that of course they are not going to offer a plan to pay for this is what we're going to run these are the three most popular parts of the bill this is the parts that the public. was sold sure now. i want that so i going to be able to say with or pay for the rest of the government right now i guess we're just going to keep talking about is going to borrow it just like they have you have you know reagan bush and bush they were the big borrowers certainly
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do you have any evidence that they'll stop my scene on these because those are republicans so i don't know if you are ok speaking of which speaking of partisan politics in florida it looks like the fix is in you we had after katherine harris strip seventy thousand african-americans off the voting rolls all of them legal citizens back in two thousand george bush won by five hundred thirty six votes now their concern is going to be a title action again and so rick scott said to his secretary of state please find a couple hundred thousand or over one hundred thousand people that we can take off the voting rolls this guy found a bunch of people but he's but he was so horrified by this he quit his job so now scott's got another toady to do this and they've already started taking people off the voting rolls people are getting these letters that say you've been targeted you're not a citizen you have thirty days to to come before a board and prove that you're a citizen i'm guessing that most people when they get this think that it's either propaganda or they look at the outside of
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a letter and think it's rick's rick scott campaign stuff they're throwing it away the fact of the matter is that so far they have already removed thousands of people from the voting rolls in florida and they have not found one single illegal immigrant who is registered to vote not one if they did his name would be as famous as willie horton they haven't found one how is this not a crime ok well let me just say this you know what we're seeing in florida it's a mess it is a mess but this is it's not a mass this is a criminal act by this guy he is you know we have a right to vote is a typical gov actually has said we don't have a set out to do something and this is what happens when you ask the government to take on the stuff so the government can run a large overview what you want to run our elections trust them more than i trust any one of these people so what you know is or are we are we debating about the the idea that government. should be finding people who aren't allowed to vote and making sure that they're not being able to vote because if we are debating that i don't think we're going to get anywhere we're debating whether or not this program
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or this particular way that rick scott went about it whether or not that's good or bad i agree it's he went about it a terrible way if this if this is the case that they're getting you know all kinds of citizen they have only had one now one coming james o'keefe put out and said i'm going to find the guy is right he finds two guys he follows him around with cameras he catches them voting guess what two years ago when he first looked them up they weren't citizens they got naturalized and like most people who become u.s. citizens the first thing they do is they go out register to vote he again if he had found one guy his name would be as famous as willie horton this is what happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty this guy rick scott is sending out letters to people saying you are guilty of not being a us citizen you have to come into our office and prove that you're not guilty this is all they're trying to do is throw and by the way all the names that we've had so far of people that have been the press so far coming forward and saying i'm a us citizen i got targeted i don't know why all of them that i've seen and maybe maybe i'm wrong on this conspiracy theory one hundred one and all of them have
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names that end with. it looks to me like and this is a purge of hispanic voters. i don't want to say that there's racists in this whole thing but. you know this is what happens when you sit down and say we're going to we're going to we're going to find all these things as soon as a statement like that is made you're going to government bureaucrats trying to justify that program and this happens all the time you try to have examples do you it was the governor you in fact they're not only. are you you are yes so you believe in god you want the governor killed you know. that's the way we're now we've shifted from voting to today i'm just i just always been amazing people say i hate government i don't trust government all by the way yes i trust government that's new government kilpi to do what it needs to do ok well what it needs to do is run elections to clean up the new study on child poverty around the world by the un the us is the second we are only beat by romania twenty three percent of all the children living in america are living in poverty and if it wasn't for the food
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stamp program of the forty six percent most of the countries the other thirty four countries are in like the five percent seven percent when you look at the graph and it goes like this i don't think that we have a graphic but it's like there's the u.s. out here along with romania which is famous for gypsies i mean you know. so well and the republicans are saying they want to got the food stamp program what would republicans do about the child i think today when you when you look at this you got to look at how countries are measuring their poverty rates there was a there was a great study in two thousand and five that looked at what sort of amenities and appliances that under our poverty rate level what sort of amenities that people have ninety nine percent of households under poverty have refrigerator ninety eight percent had had stove sixty seven percent had cellphones as back in two thousand and five ten so i think children in the united states last year who were who went to bed hungry now but we don't know but we don't know that you are saying that
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where poverty levels we don't know exactly what's happening colo podiums up here a t. the federal government actually issues these numbers but and by the way this was the u.n. they were kick comparing apples to apples they were using the same criteria for every country. again i mean we look at this we look at this program yes what are republicans going to do yeah answer is they're not going to cut the program i can tell you that right now that will never fly and voters won't like it so they're not going to do it on your side the corn i find it but they want people to make less and less and less with the way with the many ways that's of the iowa republican platform and on the minimum wage. that only raises the prices for food for these same people that we find the help that there may be i don't understand the coin we're spending hundreds of billions of dollars and it doesn't work off the court for your last question for mitt romney parting with the new king of the birth of his last night in las vegas reality t.v. star donald trump always did a fundraiser for romney tuesday night just as romney officially clinched enough delegates to be the republican nominee just hours before the fundraiser trump went
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on c.n.n. and sparred wolf with wolf blitzer doubling down on his claims that president obama wasn't born in the united states rather than taking the high road and condemning trump's embrace of birth or is a romney got up and down in the mud too appearing with trump in las vegas and thanking him for his support trump is no stranger to being a political liability called for the united states to take all of libya's oil he said word wind turbines are going to disgrace scotland where he happens to own some property is companies have filed for bankruptcy four times and he's been accused of rampant sexism is the color of the u.s. the miss usa pageant so if romney wanted to fire trump for any of those mishaps or for his brace of birth or ism or anything else what would a romney fire trump for michael. if he ended up making out on live t.v. with rove rosie o'donnell. adam i'll be honest i can't think of a single thing ok about romney all it ever get rid of donald trump had a hair plugs go on. thanks guys michael there you have it was.
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crazy alert and under cover unicorn last week arizona secretary of state ken bennett said he would remove president obama from the state's ballot until he received proof from hawaii that the president was in fact born there well in response to this latest flare up of birth or ism seventeen thousand people have signed a petition asking bennett to investigate mitt romney as well specifically for the possibility that he might be a unicorn that's right seventeen thousand people think mitt romney might be a unicorn and feel that the issue needs to be cleared up with a thorough and lengthy investigation or since mythical creatures can't be president united states mitt romney would probably have to end his campaign if he was found to be a unicorn but if he was a minute that might be a whole different story so if mitt romney could be a unicorn what could other politicians be as mythical creatures could for example
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chris christie actually be the elusive big foot quick production note this a.p. photo was not doctored in any way coming out bank of america has become the latest big bank to lay off american workers and relocate business operations and call centers of the philippines with half a million jobs being lost in the u.s. call center industry over the last four years what can be done to stop the outsourcing of our jobs to the developing.
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