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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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freeboard you know if you go for your media projects free media our teeth on time. on time are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture this morning the first circuit court of appeals ruled that the defense of marriage act doma which denies same sex couples federal benefits is unconstitutional what does this really mean for the future of marriage equality in the united states also new york city mayor michael bloomberg wants to ban sugary drinks at least large size or means sold in that city as part of his fight against obesity in new york should the government have the ability to tell you and me what we can and cannot buy and with the use of drones domestically on the rise the drone industry could soon be the place for
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american workers to find jobs so one of the consequences of the sudden boom drone usage in developing. the day to know this this morning the first circuit court of appeals ruled that the defense of marriage act which denies same sex couples federal benefits is unconstitutional it's actually the judges two of which were public and appointees ruled that by defining a marriage between a man and a woman the law discriminates against gay and lesbian couples since that law was passed in one thousand nine hundred six this is the first time a federal appeals court has ruled against it and it might have something to do with a decision made last year by president obama when he instructed his justice department to no longer defend doma in court that prompted speaker of the house john boehner and his republican buddies to hire their own high priced lawyer to
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defend a discriminatory law and a force he would me the taxpayers to pay boners legal fees. ultimately the supreme court will likely have the final say in this matter just as they had the final say in approving interracial marriage and decriminalizing homosexuality so stay tuned in the meantime though we still have to deal with the crazies out there who think that we're living in the bronze age for example kansas pastor curtis knapp of the the hope baptist church he says that gays should be put to death because that's what the bible says so we're going to organize society around bronze age legal standards let's go whole route for example the bible says in leviticus if anyone curses his father and mother he must be put to death so if your kids talk back get out the stones or to update things keep your guns loaded in fact to help pastor knapp here's a quick list of people who have insulted their parents so he can lead the crusade for their death drew mary barrymore's dissed her parents as has macaulay caulking
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and angela and angelina jolie and michelle williams i wonder when pastor knapp is going to ask his congregation to bring in their unruly children so everyone in the congregation can participate in a mass execution in the bible also says in leviticus anyone who blast beams the name of the lord has to be put to death the entire assembly must stone them anybody in the congregation ever in their lives god damn put that going to have everybody in the congregation should form a circle around the malefactors and stone them to death and then should anybody in the good pastors church do anything other than going to church on sunday but god to ask after all is the bible says an exodus three three four thirty one fourteen observe the sabbath because its whole way to anyone who desecrates it must be put to death whoever does any work on that day must be cut off from his people. you know his church can go from house to house looking for people who are doing home repairs or mow in their lawns on sunday kello ball and of course they should fire
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bomb each and every business and shoot the workers as they feel the flavor of the flames after all it's in the bible and how many of those men in the congregation married women who are not virgins and the bible has a remedy to that bring those fallen women into the church and put them to death deuteronomy twenty two twenty if if the tokens are virginity be not found for the damsel and they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father's house and the men of the city shall stone her with stones until she dies on the other hand if any man in the church sees a virgin he likes and doesn't want to who doesn't want to marry him but even if she doesn't like him and doesn't want to get married the bible has a solution this is the so-called traditional marriage from the bible only has to do is rape her in deuteronomy twenty two twenty eight the man finds a damsel that is a virgin who is not patro and lays hold on her and lives with her she shall be his
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wife and this is just the beginning religious statutes of people who eat shellfish religious statues excuse me graven images put them to death people who eat shellfish people who wear clothing made of two types of fabric doomed remember when nancy reagan was choosing the days for ronnie to sign legislation or make speeches based on astrology advice from a medium bible says they should both be put to death as a pastor knapp get your bedroom astrology and virginity police well organized america will be such a better place if people like you are successful at taking us back to the bronze age biblical law. now to get some more opinions on this issue i want to turn it over to my panel joining me now chris kreider senior political writer writer at metro weekly and jimmy to sell. founder and executive director of go proud great to have both you back here on a program. my my rant. how important chris how important was this ruling this was
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a really important ruling this is the first time that a federal appeals court has heard and decided on the constitutionality of section three of doma and the court held unanimously by a panel that two of the three judges were appointed by republican presidents that the federal definition of marriage is is unconstitutional and that that nine hundred ninety six law can't restrict how the federal government is going to recognize state sanctioned marriages jimmy i read the ruling today and. it's on page twenty six or twenty eight there's a really interesting comment they said tradition is the glue that binds society together and for one hundred fifty years our courts did not really take on tradition but in the last fifty years we've examined a variety of them and found i'm paraphrasing up and found them to be unconstitutional or or even barbaric things like slavery miseducation laws separate
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but equal and they basically put this in the same category as a republican what's your take on well my take on the ruling is that it is the state's purview and that you know the constitution a rule right is that the constitution lays out a set of rules and we all have to play by the rules whatever side of the issue that you're on and the congress is not given the power to determine marriage and family law and that's what the constitution says but the cut is so congress is given the power to determine tax laws and and tax codes inheritance laws things. like that those right generally don't vary from state to state they are federal and and those federal statutes have words like marriage and spouse shouldn't shouldn't states respect those but the congress has always respected until doma the definition of married and spouse that's determined at the state level and that's how it should be
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and so that's you know this is an event for federal tax law. if if the congress determines that the marriage is the criteria then the states determine what that that definition is always has been always will chris it is it's not going to it's true i mean there was i mean is that the oral arguments up in boston in april and the judges asked paul clement who is representing the house republican leadership that defending the law at asked him whether or not the federal government had ever tried to create such a wholesale definition of marriage before in the bottom line was that that they had and that that's what he said and that i think was was something that we saw today in the unanimous opinion was a real concern for the judges that's interesting to me i mean the bottom line is i
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don't know anybody less qualified to determine who should be married then i guess maybe the people in hollywood about who should be married and i happen to be as you know a big supporter of the tea party and the movement that wants to return to the government to constitutional principles and i think that this is a great example of how we need to look at every law and apply the constitution and the tea party in a large not down with gay marriage the tea party has. has said nothing about gay marriage every tea partier i know is concerned about the size and scope of government and the role of government in our lives and. that that in fact this is what was going to day is so actually marriage is. something the government only government can do state government that's what the constitution has left that power
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to the state i agree it's a federal government that has to recognize and that's so you're see you're ok with a situation where a married couple of massachusetts. can file as married on their federal income tax but a gay married couple in oklahoma which was married in massachusetts who lives in oklahoma can make a completely different question about whether state bans on gay marriage are constitutional completely separate. i happen to think that if something is legal for one group of americans it should be legal for all americans so i happen to believe that gay people should be married so allowed to get interstate just ok i mean i think the mary bernardo who's the lawyer from gay and lesbian advocates and defenders that brought the case i mean when she's describing the case to people she she says this is sort of the classical equal protection case this is
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a situation where throughout the entire history of the country the federal government hasn't felt the need to legislate in this area and then with one group of people one time the federal government decided we're going to make a definition that that is only intended to exclude people from at that point remember it was hypothetical there weren't even any same sex couples who could get legally married so it was we're going to ban a hypothetical possible group from receiving the same benefits as well they're going. so i find it amazing that the fourteenth amendment which is what guarantees equal protection of the law has been used to establish the rights of corporations as persons but not the rights of gay couples but that was a question in this case you know a great lesson in this case was can the federal government. overreach in my opinion in the court's opinion to two of the if i mean the court went into the fact that in
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a situation like this where the federal government has historically not played a role in the states have played the significant role when it when the federal government overreach is like that and goes into that territory that that subjects the law to two additional search by the court that's looking at whether or not it's constitutional and that's that's quite reasonable ten seconds what do you guys think the supreme court's going to do on this i think they're going to take the case because it's striking down a law passed by congress that's what they're for therefore they're there to keep congress from over from playing out of bounds of their ok all right great christian thank you very much for being with us thank you. and the march toward civil rights for all americans continues. after the break new york city wants to put a ban on the sugary drinks that are driving america's obesity epidemic does the government have the right to regulate these substances or should consumers be
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allowed to decide whether or not drink. thank.
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you x. .
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your city and mare michael bloomberg announced plans yesterday to an active ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants movie theaters street carts and just about everywhere else this is on super large ones not you know large size but the super slow burger or whatever they call the ban would impact the menus of franchise restaurants like mcdonald's local deli and even sports arenas were prohibited the sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than sixteen fluid ounces or bloomberg was an innocent you see this morning to clarify the specifics of the ban. mr mayor explain what how you think this will work and counteract the criticism that this is the nanny state run amok well the way it would work is simply those organizations that those industries that we regulate which are or restaurants and movie theaters and carts
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they would they can still sell thirty two ounces of sugar drink to you but they'd have to put it in to contain is in the idea here is you tend to eat all the food in the container in front of you if it's a bigger container you'll eat more of somebody put a smaller glass or plate or bowl in front of you you would eat less. bloomberg said at yesterday's press conference that new york city is not about wringing your hands it's about doing something i think what the public wants the mayor to do and to quote the question is should the government be in the business of regulating sugary drinks in the first place joining me now to discuss more on this is david selig conservative commentator business owner and pro business that get in new york city and david welcome back. thanks for having me it's always a pleasure so so why do you hate human life he's a lot of people are dying because they get obese from from drinking these
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supersized drinks. yeah it's an outrageous claim to try to draw a nexus between these large drinks and people dying of obesity it's a total leap you know it really gives you pause to wonder does the mayor really want to save us from our simple pleasures or does he want to rule over us new yorkers like. levelling king or a rough child or some grand roman emperor because they will tell you something good . this is a man who absolutely ruined the bar industry with his war against smoking he really lowered the boom on countless restaurants when he found their food to be too salty you're too fat the first is privilege it wasn't ready they had to replace trans fats with healthy fats i mean the. thing didn't cost a lot of money and because i don't know your dictates what's right for us he is the
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enemy the enemy of the ok well here's the here's you know even new york when it was raining david i don't you know you offered a binary choice is he doing this because he wants to be the emperor or is he doing this because he wants to save us from ourselves i don't think it is either one obesity in the united states right now is costing us one hundred forty seven billion dollars you're paying it pain at the taxpayers are paying at a person on medicare who is not obese because medicare an average of forty seven hundred dollars a year a person on medicare who is going to be easy also costs an average singer with one hundred oic medicine at the end of their lives stop as not what we're talking about you know we're talking about obesity let's not change the subject to have a picture of that and so when you know obesity is caused is one hundred forty seven billion dollars it's costing new york city a hell of a lot of money and so the marabout easily looks to me like he's looking out for the taxpayers and he's saying no no kompany is they're pushing these very very large drinks on people you know promoting this are promoting obesity and by the way his
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is commissioner of public health act. he did a survey in new york city what they found was that in those areas where you've got greater levels of obesity people are consuming more of these kinds of drinks why because cheap and they're large and this seems to be associated with poverty now i personally think the best solution is that is the end of poverty is to raise the minimum wage and bring back unionization and then have people working for a decent wage but you know get rid of those illegal aliens who are taking the problem whatever i mean you know we could talk about medicare that are obese we could talk about how to get rid of poverty but somebody has got to do something one hundred forty seven billion dollars in expenses the marriage tried to simply raise taxes on these which seems to me like a far more rational approach and it went to albany and guess what all the politicians got bought off by the sugar industry or by the high fructose no no no man has bought off this board he has appointed everyone on this board so he can push some more of his own ideas so we can push oh i agree with you on that lays it
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down that i agree with you on that or the board does not have the power to raise taxes i mean as i said in my opinion a more rational approach to this abuse say oh you want that thirty two ounce drink well it's going to cost you the same price as two sixteen ounce drinks right now the thirty two ounce drink is cheaper right make it raise the tax on it so it costs the same price and at that point people would say you know sixteen ounces is just fine or all takes two of the sixteen but he couldn't do that because only albany only in the state capital do they have the power to raise taxes and they refused to do it how is he going to save money out of new york like you and your clients. i think he is overreaching and i think if our good mayor bloomberg had his way we'd all be toeing the line like a bunch of indentured servants and serfs it's outrageous and you know when i go to my favorite bodega up in spanish harlem i want to know that i can get one of those large sugary drinks and not have to worry about them putting it into containers or
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over charging me or something of the kinds and i'm not alone but i could anybody who want to learn to do ounces of liquid in a meal i mean you know there's you know there's a lot of questions i could ask how could anyone do this activity ok or that act all these studies in order and literally correct so i don't see is it any percent nationwide it's only thirty thirty three or thirty four percent i mean he's got a real problem there absolutely that's largely because we are a destination states ok we have a lot of people coming here to take advantage many of them are obese with these free lunch programs that are literally there is things you know they were not we did not have this illegal immigration problem thirty years ago what are your views i don't think it comes back to that but david thank you for being with us this. thank you very much to all for this and if you go to as bloomberg in new york city crack down on one industry harming the lives of americans another industry is doing
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the same thing but getting away with it no questions asked and that's big oil even in concerned scientists is out with a new report exposing big oil strategy to pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to global climate change looking at twenty eight u.s. companies on the s. and p. five hundred that are publicly expressed concern over climate change and carbon emissions the you see as found at the same time these companies are behind the scenes funneling huge amounts of money into causes and organizations devoted to discrediting climate change one of the contributors to the report francesca grifo but the u.c.i. said the actions of many of these companies might come right from the tobacco industry playbook for the end goal is do lanes sensible regulations that protect our health and safety in two thousand and seven and two thousand and nine just as congress was debating crucial climate change legislation the energy sector increased their lobbying by ninety two percent just enough to get a minority of republicans in the senate to filibuster legislation that would have
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put in place a cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions corporations using their massive financial war chests to influence lawmakers used to be called bribery now it's called business as usual in the post citizens united world a world that is getting hotter and hotter with carbon dioxide now passing the ominous four hundred parts per million milestone. it other screwed news the c.e.o.'s are literally stealing workers' wages as c.n.n. reports wage theft complaints of increased four hundred percent over the last decade with over seven thousand lawsuits alleging wage an hour violations against employers filed just last year the complaints center on workers accusing their employers of not paying them for all the hours they worked or not paying overtime that they were entitled to some of the companies that have had suits filed against them are wal-mart starbucks and. of america yet another consequence of our corporate capitalism model where executives are rewarded for squeezing whatever profit they can out of a company nickel and dime in their workers or outright stealing from them just to
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have quarterly profit goals time to bring back business in the public interest. it's the good the bad and the very very bella bulletin really ugly the good buffalo new york occupiers occupy buffalo protesters have convinced the city government to move forty five million dollars in funds out of an account held with j.p. morgan chase and transfer it instead into a local buffalo bank city comptroller mark schroeder says the move quote sends a crystal clear message to j.p. morgan chase that the city of buffalo is not happy with the business practices across the nation occupy activists of convincing tea and town governments as well as religious organizations to move their money from big banks to smaller locally owned banks big banks need to be punished for these actions for their actions and
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while losing a few accounts is much it's certainly a start the bad honeywell c.e.o. david cote code who is named to president obama's budget deficit commission told andrew sorkin that he thinks the u.s. corporate tax rate should be zero it was. david i'm attacking question for you what do you think the the ultimate effective tax rate should be on corporations zero. zero yeah the problem is from a fairness perspective nobody would be able to stand it but at the end of the day if you look at where jobs come from they come from companies and if we want to create the most effective foreign direct investment pipeline you've ever seen we would have the lowest rate possible well most corporations in. america pays their own taxes anyway coats claim that a zero corporate tax rate would promote job creation is just plain wrong america currently has one of the lowest effective corporate tax rates in the world in the
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developed world the second lowest in the developed world the job creation in our country has been very very slow and let's not forget code has been busting unions and reducing pay and benefits for his employees pretty vigorously over the last few years it's very clear he's just worried about the bottom line on job creation and the very very ugly florida republican chair lenny curry yesterday curry released a statement defending governor rick scott's purging of thousands of eligible voters from florida's voting rolls comparing scott's actions to a dui checkpoint curry said that while many drivers met by police checkpoint are not driving drunk they put up with the inconvenience of the roads are safe he also said that similarly registered eligible voters in florida will put up with governor scott's voter purge if it means prevent he illegal voters from voting. please don't throw sober drivers in jail and then make them prove that they're sober but governor scott is throwing legal voters off the voter rolls until they prove
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they're legal sorry mr curry but the two things are nowhere near the same and this continued war on voting in florida is very very. kind of the drone industry in america is booming and could be the hot it is true for jobs in the months and years to come but what are the consequences of this growth and should americans be concerned with the increased use of drones domestically.
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asked. me if he. if he. asked.
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back to the big picture coming up in this half hour and on wednesday night in cities across canada thousands gathered to show solidarity was striking students in quebec and fight back.


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