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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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egypt's deposed dictator hosni mubarak could face execution or decades in jail be found guilty by a cairo court of involvement in the death of hundreds during last year's revolution these are live pictures now from outside the courthouse in new gyptian capital but the verdict is due to be announced shortly security is tight with thousands of police officers deployed crowds also gathering in violent clashes during previous hearings. in paris president putin has the international community to stick to kofi annan for peace plan for syria to prevent a full scale civil war. and facing the sackler speaking out latvian naval professor says he's a victim of persecution of ethnic russians in the baltics after raising their
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plight on r.t. . there world news twenty four hours a day this is. a cairo court is set to announce whether egypt's ousted president hosni mubarak is guilty of complicity in mass murder he's accused of ordering security forces to open fire on protesters demonstrating against israel during last year's revolution into more than eight hundred deaths well let's go live now to miami shani outside the courthouse for the very latest on this it's been a long trial of the deposed dictator what sort of verdicts expected do you think what sentence could he possibly face if convicted. oh over a year ago today the events of today would have been virtually on friday mobile in
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the minds of most egyptians if convicted former egyptian president hosni mubarak faces anything from three years to the death penalty and most people largely expect he will not be receiving the highest penalty in this case because of his advanced age as well as what observers believe to be a failure of the prosecution to deliver an airtight case in terms of his responsibility in the orders to use live ammunition against protesters in the revolution last year this trial has been lengthy and a rollercoaster of drama the cost has been enormous for the state as well as believe that justice at this point will not be met simply because of the way that mubarak was a handled in this trial more as a patient than as a prisoner his treatment at the international medical center outside cairo as well as the sharm el sheikh facility is processed eight hundred seventy five million egyptian pounds as well as the securing of this facility an additional six million pounds. egyptians have already elected
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a new call of enter on the good will bow to the new president to how do those who took to toughest square during the revolution last year are you about the way the country looks now. well obviously the attention the country is squarely fixed on the events of the trial today but in recent months the focus on the trial has waned largely as egyptians focus on the results of first the parliamentary elections and then the recent presidential elections. i spoke to a mother from alexandria just a little bit earlier who was in the crowd behind me her son mohammed had not he was killed in the uprising at alexandria last year she described to me how a verdict that would at least put mubarak behind bars would feel would fill her heart with joy but at the same time she felt that the reason the recent presidential. results that did not yield the candidate that would represent the interests of youth and many of the marchers like her son who went out into the
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streets and made demands for change did not yield a candidate that would meet their interests and she said that was a shame she described to me as well how herself and other mothers recent days some of them in the crowd again here today who traveled from alexandria to hear the verdict live went around alexandria and rip down posters have as much a peak in protest of the fact that he could possibly become the next president of egypt and continue a legacy that her son fought and died attempting to change. the paradigm of shawnee life from cairo with the latest that thank you for that. well some observers predict a further revolt saying egyptians are growing more disillusioned with the results of the revolution. the verdict will be mostly political as opposed to adhere to any sort of justice related matters however on the other hand if mubarak is off the hook the chances are their evolution might find another way of
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violent expression the stime this is what many egyptians find very bothersome we have went out in the streets and we revolted and the whole world's to buy us and we supposedly ousted mubarak and his regev yet somehow the regime is back shafiq right now is one of the major one of the two major contenders for the presidential elections he could possibly be the president come july first the egyptian people are becoming weary and fatigued by all of this they haven't even thought that there could lucian has as the liver it on its promises the military council might come at the end of the day and say we've we've given you the chance and now we just have to got to with the country back together the imminence of the regime going to spoil the party so that the egyptians don't actually since any real change and at the end of the day they are going to prefer security over evolutionary changes that haven't materialized in any way. well the chart the fall of hosni mubarak you can log on to
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r.t. dot com and get all the background on last year's gyptian edition but here's what else you can find online right now the fight over roadblocks between activists and nato forces in concert leaves six injured as the conflict in a disputed area continues. also online today economic heavyweights you seem to know something no one else does that's why you can see he's already trying out trading in greek drachma. president putin has urged patience and time for kofi annan peace plan to take hold in syria he made the statement why don't a visit to bear in paris nato expansion europe's financial woes have also been among the topics teso city reports. they have talked about energy
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issues also in terms of increasing trade between the two countries let's not forget that the e.u. is the trading partner of russia the e.u. as a whole and that investment coming from this continent to russia is definitely significant and they also touched upon issues that concern them both such as that of a nuclear nonproliferation and again stressing the fact that the two countries are indeed partners but in terms of that partnership there is of course still a tension especially when it comes to the anti missile defense first of all and had stressed the a position of france it accords with its other international partners saying that is not aimed at russia however russia said that in the past they had had a god verbal promises but that is not enough. in the past we've often been promised that they wouldn't expand then we were promised that nato wouldn't put military hardware near russia but we've seen it expand and its bases spread we need guarantees but i'd like to say we're not going to escalate this discussion. is to
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engage in dialogue now syria of course is high on the agenda before a bloody or putin went to berlin and to france at the paris there had been statements from the two countries saying that they will try to get moscow on board with the rest of the a members of the u.n. security council or russia maintaining that it is not siding with assad nor is it siding with the opposition now this has come under fire from the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton who said that by not taking sides that in fact will contribute to escalating the violence in the country well certainly this is not how it is or potent of use the situation. the tragedy of a syrian town where fourteen or fifteen people were killed some of them were actually tortured as well this is stood up the world but how many civilians of actually been killed at the hands of the so-called militants have you looked at that body count now as far as francois hollande and putin are concerned they both a stress so that they are looking at a diplomatic solution. this is still the ideal and to solve the crisis in syria
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however it has to be pointed out that there are differences they were approach a law in saying that more sanctions are necessary to put pressure on the assad regime we did say that this is ineffective citing past examples for example in iraq or libya while she was questioning the security level at this point today. and an independent un panel is to investigate last week's massacre in syria in which more than one hundred people including many children was slaughtered the massacres blames on the opposition forces were focused writing attack says the seeking to trigger foreign military action several western governments have expelled syria and that's after the atrocity. says the horror and who are the highlights the dangers of backing rebels and extremist elements find west us continues to support the syrian opposition by proposing regime change or political risk consultant and says washington's proclaimed desire for a diplomatic solution to the crisis is laden with contradiction. but you know
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they're talking out of two sides of their mouth when hillary clinton says we support the kofi annan plan but we want regime change which is not part of the kofi annan plan of course washington is not happy about it negotiate a diplomatic settlement. i think the europeans are much more interested in a diplomatic resolution because they don't want rolling instability in libya today after after the nato intervention is one huge armed camp of the tribe battling tribe in the streets of tripoli and benghazi and elsewhere so it's just total chaos . and that that wouldn't be at all amenable to the european stability and security while the u.s. wants to essentially push an agenda that's been supported by saudi arabia and by qatar which is a it's turning into a shia versus. sunni conflict within the islamic world and if you
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set that off you're going to have rolling instability for maybe decades in that part of the world and. divide and conquer is i think their game. that still to come this hour around over death row complaints in the u.s. about the cost of keeping alive people awaiting execution for some taxpayers are going there and they could pay for other much needed services. and speak to a twelve year old internet sensation to get her insight on the global economic crisis and stay tuned for that story. latvian naval academy a professor says his career has been sunk the latest public persecution of ethnic russians in the baltics the man says he's facing the sack after voicing his grievances on our team our correspondent. met up with him real sort of show in the premier league more store i cannot accept this policy of treachery to my friends
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from the russian minority we stood shoulder to shoulder to make independent now they're being treated like garbage. in february this teacher at the leader's novel academy spoke to our team for months on the europe is looking for a new job it was made clear to him by the academy's management that his appearance on our team meant he had no future there. were of my boss coolly and said this interview is harmful for our future students he made it look as if i made an act of aggression against latvia i told him i only spoke my mind sure we don't have a gun situation right to due to my colleagues told me the economy's richter ordered the h.r. department to find a reason to sack me after the summer exams. a top level politician from another baltic country estonia also made comments on one of our stories and also found himself targeted by the authorities the vice mayor of dialin because you'll kill
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but it was surprised to see himself on an annual report put together by a stone your security police outlining actual and potential threats to national security. he decided to take action. i was glad because of my civic duty is to protect and preserve russian schools here the security police believe this could violate as soon as sovereignty i have a different opinion and that's why i filed a lawsuit against the organization for me it's not clearing my name but just talking tendencies were john's or mine democracy in my country so that list also contained almost all russian t.v. stations including r.t. foreign minister sergey lavrov and anti-fascist activists from finland and a dozen n.g.o.s member of a stoniest parliament. also one of the names on the blacklist wrote a letter to estonia prime minister demanding answers she believes such actions are
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illegal when you know what if as i say if they are not at war with russia or anyone else that's why we have no grounds to list any organizations or channels in the security police have been running this reports for many years but this time they have crossed a certain line and read the rules and they say this organization is only responsible for gathering information and into not publishing it to influence the public opinion in the two decades since independence the baltic states have been trying hard to bury their communist bost ironically putting people on blacklists was one of the methods used by the soviet special services so with more people being scrutinized for speaking their minds the wish of the baltic countries to follow a democratic path which may come into question those who have found themselves on the pressure from the authorities for speaking to the media find it especially surprising that things like that happen in morden day europe they say they never wanted to harm their homeland but they want the democracy to prevail after all. the
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r.t. reporting from latvia and estonia. taliban insurgents have a detonated a car bomb in. tried to storm a nato base overnight in eastern afghanistan fourteen minutes and killed and coalition forces responded no foreign all afghan troops injured russian presidential envoy to afghanistan i mean he's spent many years in the country says the taliban and wants to oust nato forces but to achieve peace they must reject violence. looks like law in the law movement not all of them. is what they were aided by ideology. they are. fighting these believe they're fighting all their cause so the nation a little bit in channels they don't like for on the force will still be stationed in their country and they feel as though they are legion using danger. maybe its
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edges aeration but. they are part of all gun society and you may call it. i would call them passionate who wants to see their country their homeland in different shape they have legitimate right but we want them to drive to achieve their goal for political means not for you it's not for insurgency and violence we want them to stop the bloodshed there are gonna stand we want them all our guns come to terms on their. nation the interest basis well that's so there's i in that sense where ready. to support all the extents of our potential a certain principle in trying by security council for nation what is your solution are gonna start we strongly support these principles and we wish
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shouldn't see you to embrace the space bulls and start moving toward peace. let's have a look now at some other news making headlines around the world this hour voters in ireland said yes by a margin of sixty forty to the e.u. fiscal treaty which critics say when those long term austerity and loss of sovereignty from dublin to brussels cannot make affairs the pact in response to you term it crisis is already signed by members except the czech republic and britain with ireland the only country to put it to public vote the plan forces member states to coordinate their budget policies within strict limits and imposes tough penalties on those breaking the rules twenty tenant of see an i.m.f. bailout worth eighty five billion euros after huge private banking debts were transferred to the public. meanwhile in contrast to ireland the leader of greece's syriza party says he'll cancel the country's bailout deal if his radical left wing
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movement wins the election greek voters will go to the polls on june the seventeenth after elections in may produce new. coalition government formed greece is under strict terms to cut spending or to continue receiving emergency e.u. funds to avoid going bankrupt cancelling the bailed out austerity program may force the country out of the euro zone known as the global economic consequences. and an israeli soldier and a palestinian militant have been killed during a border gun battle in gaza army officers say the man cut through the fence an open fire on troops before he was shot dead in a separate incident an israeli airstrike on gaza killed one person seriously injured two suspected militants exclusion zone is maintained by israel between its borders and gaza troops in the opening fire on palestinians who approach it. the cost of keeping someone on death row in the u.s.
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can run to millions of dollars something are complaining that the money could be better spent in other ways a move that's been resisted by those who run the prison system what is meant in the culture never has details. but in his twenty years as district attorney of l.a. county john van de camp was involved in the conviction of a good number of people who were sentenced to death he says with the years of legal wrangling keeping people on death row doesn't come cheap and is a constant drain on resources to try death penalty jurors. you basically have to trial and that takes a very long time to go to jerusalem to have to go through the jury process you also have to have special counsel will point to another as an automatic appeal there's a cost of appeal all of these procedures make the death penalty a big and expensive business for the state since nine hundred seventy eight
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taxpayers have spent more than four billion dollars in capital punishment in california alone or about three hundred eight million dollars for each of the thirteen executions carried out since then and with the average costs of keeping a person in prison at around twenty to fifty thousand dollars a year this coming november california is said to vote on whether to scrap capital punishment in favor of life without parole today in times of deep economic recession the debate is shifting from traditional arguments about the morality of axa q. show and focusing instead on the cost effectiveness of the state's death penalty program ronnie sound deval is among those californians who stand for an end to the death penalty her phrase in the justice system was shattered when her sixteen year old son arthur was wrongfully convicted she now believes the money spent on capital punishment can find
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a better use put more cops on the street put more police officers trying to solve crimes i mean there's a lot of places where we say can go to work we're actually both at the community activists claimed. dropping the death penalty puts california on track to save one billion dollars in the next five years the money desperately needed by the state now running a sixteen billion dollars deficit however some say dropping the death penalty could provide difficult because of the special interests involved in what's being dubbed the prison industrial complex that's an industry that is not serving anything right now except for special interests but we're up to the point where if we continue to keep this hunger for do her justice what we're going to be doing is cutting those people off the all the law enforcement people from their pensions with the state of california facing bankruptcy it seems is moral calm past is being guided by the
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drop cash not affix by the bush marty reporting from los angeles california. this is our take and just ahead for you on your bike a pensioner who cycles of course russia sixteen times the waves to freewheel through europe full story coming up in a few minutes. now economists around the world are struggling to find solutions to the financial crisis but a canadian thinks she's got the onset of just twelve and tory grants to the internet by storm of a night after a video criticizing canada's banks for robbing people went viral. this is the banks and the government. financially enslaved the people of canada want to give you a mortgage early me. or a wall they don't actually give you money no quick a key on our computer and carry the fake money out of they are painfully obvious
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even for me i probably. thought we were being a friday on robbed by the banking system on a composite government well you can stop this. and my colleague bill dog talked to victoria grant and cea about not only her take on kind of the banking system but in life what's been bothering me is that our government has been borrowing money from private banks and putting us into debt and they're not doing anything about this so they're just standing by and watching the private banks make us pay compound interest you are just twelve years old what do you think you understand what's wrong with the economy that you have the answer and world leaders don't well i've been researching and watching documentaries and like reading books and it's not that hard to understand once you start researching world
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leaders they probably know what's happening it's just they're just they're not doing anything about it i think they don't care because they're benefiting from what they're doing to us did you really come up with all these ideas yourself me and my dad have been watching documentaries so i'd be taking notes and then we'd write it down and then we put it into my speech what are your ambitions do you want to be an economist you want to be prime minister. i want to be an interior designer but i'm definitely going to keep studying monetary reform. could for her from a wonder go to a super gran a seventy one year old woman who defies her age is one of russia's most traveled cyclists she's crossed the world's biggest country over a dozen times on her bike but is now back in the saddle setting course for europe nazis are going to school reports now from western russia. she took
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a biking twenty years ago right after her fiftieth birthday a physical education teacher if you really mean hi luke said she had to do something after her retirement so she learned to ride a bicycle in a week in the house these days seventy one year old yulia feels comfortable enough on the bike to ride right across russia i think she's accomplished no less than sixteen times averaging almost a triple year traverse in the world's biggest country. every day from dusk till dawn i'm cycling i do take rest stops but they used to last two and now there are only half an hour a rest while i eat and then get back on the wheels again. this here she's heading in a different direction yulia is riding her bike from tierra to paris to commemorate the march of the russian army in his defeat of napoleon in eight hundred twelve the only thing she had to conquer was a visa let's face it for most of us taking
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a mile long walk is already an accomplishment and a four and a half thousand kilometer bike ride forget about it but yulia says she runs him kilometers every morning in the winter and some of the snow melts she's back on her bike so this trip should really be a piece of cake. i often get asked why don't i take anyone along with me you are but how can i when you do come with me i'm not sure you'll be able to prove and i'm sure i will never go to see a doctor i never get to see the seventeen years i've been doing it because i only take a first kid some bandages and i'm just sceptic but comment. here is somewhat of a celebrity local politicians believe her exceptional physical shape and enthusiasm are just what people of all ages need in this day and age of a drive through fast food traffic jams and to be marathons. is the sport of cycling in our city who are putting
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a lot of effort into developing this sport here by sickle parking spaces bike routes and basically i want to turn into the bicycle capital of the country and she sets a great example but hughley his biggest supporter is her husband also a physical education instructor and he believes his wife is an example hard to follow the premier the opposite of her not everyone can lead this lifestyle you have to be brave and determined and possess enormous willpower and she has it but a lot of people don't. do it as to means it will take her around two months to get all the way to paris across europe she intends to sleep in a tent on the roadside just as she's done dozens of times before and you don't still look back and you can go yeah i can talk to the wild for the first three years in villages by a river or upon one such time a man approached me and said i was observing you for a long time everyone is leaving and you're staying for the night on the beach he
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said come along to our house dumbass kid i leave with the wife i told him i'm not afraid of the devil himself so if you happen to see his brightly levy on a bike as you travel across europe in your car this summer do say hello but don't offer a lift she will most certainly refuse it it even goes to be air region. i'll be back with headlines in a few moments stay with us. child
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missing. police in effect. lost. every single meter of the forest plungers found the girl. much it was too late. now a score of lives saved money is momentary scouting force is the best memory of that one life mosque. commission free accreditation free transport charges free. range month free kids free. to tide free.


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