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beginning of the suppose that the plan of economic and eastern bloc now off you went afterwards to berlin on a whirlwind visit which lasted for only half a day was going to put an end german chancellor angela merkel who seemed to see eye to eye on the matters concerning syria now earlier in the week u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said that russia is aiding to the troubles in syria by continuing to support the regime of president bashar al assad to which of course the russian president prepared a response. but usually russia is unilaterally supporting the assad regime. we have longstanding good relations with syria but we soon to be conflict. and agree with. you don't become an objective. both russian and german leaders seem to believe that their coffee on speed planet should be seen to progress to excess fully at the moment it does seem like a strong a by the seemingly unstoppable of fighting on all sides in syria now of
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course and not all leaders in europe seem to agree with the french president francois long also earlier in the week did mention that france supports military intervention in the middle eastern country and of course that is something that russia is adamantly against and that was one of the matters discussed by puttin on his last leg of the european tour which took him to paris now of course there is no agreement on the issue of syria among the european leaders among other issues which were also discussed or mentioned to put into meeting with the french president of course was the issue of missile defense now russia's russia's adamant that the plans for creation of the missile defense shield in eastern europe a plan much hailed by nato and the united states as being very much needed by countries to counteract the pose a possible strikes. from the likes of iran and north korea now these plans worry
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moscow very much and moscow has been adamant in its demands that nato and its allies return to guarantees that this missile shield will not be used against russia could be. in the past we've often been promised good news you wouldn't expect then we were promised that nature wouldn't put military hardware near russia but we've seen it expand and its bases spread no we need guarantees but i'd like to say we're not going to escalate this discussion we've already invited our partners to engage in dialogue it is natural that all of these issues of course will crop up during the russian e.u. summit which kicks off in st petersburg today and although we probably cannot expect a major breakthrough to be done it is clear that a lot of people a lot of observers as well as all of the european leaders involved are hoping that some sort of movement forward will finally be made at least in some of these topics
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. or clashes in lebanon between the groups for and against the regime across the border of the nine people dead and more than forty wounded and independent u.n. panel is to investigate last week's was a massacre in syria in which more than one hundred people including many children were slaughtered damascus and government forces are blaming each other for orchestrating the attack. is now discussing the crisis in syria with qatar and saudi arabia more aid to the rebels. better meeting list as that country slipping into an all out civil war to present to cease all violence antiwar activists sara flounders explains just why the call shows no signs of abating. it's important to know that it's the u.s. and nato who are creating a civil war in syria in terms of arming commando mercenaries thugs flooding the country with weapons doing everything. that they can to destabilize
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syria and the latest massacre in houla is just one more example because it's this exact scenario that the u.s. has used to justify quote humanitarian intervention in the past and after they create total destabilization send in all sorts of mercenaries and armed groups and they claim that they're going in in order to save the situation it's absolute hypocrisy and ford and they've done it with the u.n. security council support and they've done it without u.n. security council support and we've seen this in the past and it's clear that the u.s. is not interested in a diplomatic solution they are in every way trying to move toward military intervention which means massive destruction of the entire country but they're already responsible for great destruction. what are the strife in syria drags on
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the rebels are being sustained by a constant flow of alms reportedly coming through neighboring lebanon but this deadly trade is also about faith not just money in financial reports as solo shows off his goods. this is five thousand dollars thirteen hundred eighteen hundred and two thousand and seven machine guns between two an hour from three thousand euros burks shaadi not his real name also has a rocket propelled and hand grenades which he showed me in private people come or contact me every day we have a revolution next door. we talking shot his garage in tripoli lebanon on syrian rebels are his major clients are very popular but recently they're looking for really have the stuff we buy from her and they're ours and research they have a nerve and they're getting it for free as iran makes their entire story. it'll
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take no more than ten hours for this shot he says to reach lebanon's conflict and gulf to neighbor since the beginning of the uprising in syria last march arms prices have rocketed for some items they coast has gone up five and sometimes even ten times and the more the conflict drags on the mall look at if it rains for the weapons dealers but money is not the key reason shaadi is a sunni muslim and to him it's his holy do you support his co religious fighters in syria for sure we. will help them topple assad till they do it in sunni dominated no flub and on where we meet the arms dealer those who want assad out are in the absolute majority and they are sending their religious brothers in neighboring syria a lot more than prayers. mad twenty nine year old field commander from the free syrian army was wounded during the siege earlier this spring together with other
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injured f.s.a. members he's now having treatment in lebanon but his not stopped fighting entirely . we have supported syrian experts everywhere in the world or people from britain france saudi arabia also send us money weapons walkie talkies. he says every day tons of this aid to go through his hands but for him it's not enough as soon as he gets better he returned to syria. is a selfie a radical sunni group whose influence in this part of lebanon is growing dramatically. there are demonstrations in favor of the syrian uprising a role so the support package every ounce. we also made some of fish a call my backley one of the founders of the band islamic group. this is packet of links to international terrorism and he says his input in the syrian revolt in
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sending the rebels the ideas and encouragement to achieve their ultimate goal would be to make all the overthrow of the government we will make all the schools speak for against the. issues and make them all again the government and other selfish aken tripoli runs this car parts shop he confirms that every sunni and especially every summer fish here in lebanon is involved either ideologically or financially in what he calls syrian liberation. to help the tunisian and egyptian revolution we want syrians now to get rid of this regime. shake muslim doesn't wear muslim white robes and give his beard sacred to every sellafield shot so as not to draw too much attention he says everybody sacrifices something these days just to see their mission and assad's. syria completed. t.v. reporting from northern lebanon. well so they had few this austerity says
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yes to the e.u. face to treat in a referendum on their losses taking it will control the country's national economic policy. raging at roadblocks and to serve protesters clashed with nato peacekeepers in the barricades of course of. egypt's ousted president hosni mubarak who was given a life sentence on saturday has been admitted to a prison hospital after reportedly suffering a heart attack while being taken from court over the life term in the control of these two sons was considered too lenient like many of us hotels cost the country people demanding the death penalty for the proposed leader ten thousand gathered over night kyra when it raged mob attacked the headquarters of presidential candidate. mr. riyadh's genest truth is in the square for a. people at the moment really quite angry with the verdict in the us from
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a kind of a bar it was given twenty five years of life sentence they were euphoric because people busy making would just be done for corruption charges however they realized that his sons are also. the interior ministry's a six police officers would not be sure of course it's people started to realize that perhaps the verdict wasn't what they wanted so what we saw was actually a mass on grazier cross egypt where people basically came to the streets streaming angry about lot of people calling for dust and. so we saw several tens of thousands people here with aunt and across egypt really very angry mubarak the funny stories did not say lodge an appeal earlier a scene is about it was really announced i mean that's one of the biggest fears the protesters are. fearing really is about you realize. these except two of these fields i'm not subtly end up serving my life sentence this is why people are still
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on the streets basically people think believe the distribution system is transparent so they think that perhaps that part will be acquitted because that's what the regime the old regime is still in place once people are beginning to make the connections between what they consider to be the old regime and the new regime which the military council basically what they seen is mubarak get off likely they want to hear they want to see the death sentence they want to taste son history put in prison at the same time in the background of the elections where the parks former prime minister which defeats is actually considered to be one of the most part. makes the most popular candidates so people are really fearing is that this regime will never end and the revolution is in fact it's not worth well the muslim brotherhood's candidate in egypt's presidential election will see that if elected he would retry hosni mubarak and then with several of his the officials so many foresee a revolution activist in cairo says the brotherhood is actively trying to use the roundabout mubarak's trial to its advantage in the upcoming presidential runoff.
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people took to study it for different reasons and you have to acknowledge that some revolutionary forces the ministry because they think is is the rebuilding itself again the mubarak is about to be acquitted if the court ruling is called just the people political and this is this is expected by the way and others particularly muslim brotherhood dizzy they wanted to portray their candidates in the presidential elections of course the second round. as a candidate of the egyptian revolution again this is the old regime again it's more barak and they're given a stroll through the state establishment candidate in this race there's a muslim brotherhood this is straying took a bit allies on what's going on for the sake of the presidential election well time is running out for june in a sun shines his legal team now has less than two weeks for the last ditch attempt
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to stop him being extradited to sweden britain's supreme court has ordered the wiki leaks founder be handed over to answer sex crimes allegations are sons and his supporters fear however that stockholm may eventually sent him to the u.s. to face espionage charges and the mass leaking of sensitive and embarrassing american diplomatic cables sarah ferguson story. the truth shall set you free all know the supporters were out in full six weeks for julian assange tearing his appeal was rejected in a split five t. decision by the judges after all the five hundred days of house arrest in person he's now in the brink of deportation to sweden to answer questions about sexual assault accusations he say's a trumped up basic point you're a member of the jury and hasn't been charged with any crime in any country and it really is extraordinary so much pain actual joy just for the purpose of questioning . it all began when we started revealing uncomfortable truths about the us
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government the afghanistan and iraq war logs gave shocking detail about the violent occupation of these countries the scale of civilian deaths on potential war crimes all at the hands of u.s. forces and the swedish arrest warrant wasn't far behind i think this will send a chilling effect to all potential whistleblowers but if they dare challenge the secrecy and indeed in many cases war crimes of the united states they will face retribution and that's bad for democracy it's bad for human rights the case is being seen by many as a david and goliath style fight with a stanch taking on not just the legal system but the establishments that seek to silence him and wiki leaks and it's not just the government media that champion the songes of freedom of speech defend spectacularly turned on him in recent times he didn't want to be a member of the club. and that was the problem we could reach produced in
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a matter of. more revelation about the workings of democratic of the workings of the world in many ways how the world is wrong than all the news by western world put together. the word jealousy comes. in a further twist. in the tails legal team managed to get him an eleventh hour extradition stay if they fail this battle is likely to end up in the european court of human rights. really richard. should not be reduced. disappointment among his football to the decision and a real sense that this wasn't just the last stand and his legal team but along with the british justice fifty. third. well remember you can always watch any of us on his interview shows i don't know much of that don't come during
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the latest installment of various occupy protesters to hear the first ten story of how a small group came what is now. and german war zone a violent clash between the announcers an anti nazi groups and. more than seven hundred arrests the footage on the dot com. on thursday olen devoted yes to the e.u. fiscal treaty by march of sixty forty critics say the plan will impose long term austerity and loss of sovereignty from dublin to brussels and we can all make affairs what is there smith has more. ireland says yes to writing european austerity into law and ceding more sovereignty to brussels the sixty forty result saw a split between rich and poor with middle class and rural areas in favor and working class. against sinn fein leader gerry adams campaigned vigorously against
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the treaty and is now island's most popular party leader as a result of government. commitments during. were converted to the notion that you can put your way. up to get people. to work. just. so we. they'll need to unemployment up to fifteen percent welfare payments are cut public sector spending has been slashed everyone's feeling the pinch including publican jimmy killed near he's seen his turnover fall by hoff as locals batten down the hatches we would have had. five full time employees and four part time to full time to part time
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we had a restaurant up stairs which is. a full time job. it's a huge factor it's the discretionary spend that people have. you can see it throughout. the restaurant. people are very very very careful on how they spend their money to pay the economy is tightly bound to the eurozone through bank loans and bailouts the treaty binds budgetary policy even tighter so that brussels will have a say over how arlen spends its money on healy of social. justice ireland says it's a badly written treaty that will do what it's meant to do what we're looking at no is a limiting limitation being imposed by this treaty which we believe quite strongly means that we cannot put in the investment levels that are required of the scale
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that's required to actually generate the goals to produce the jobs that are required if i was to get out of this mess that it's in thanks to the constitution the irish are the only european people who got to vote on the pact and all but two e.u. member governments have already signed it the yes vote will give added power to an unpopular treaty france's new president francois hollande has talked about trying to renegotiate the pact and germany's angela merkel despite having written the treaty can't get her own parliament to ratify it richard boyd baratz of the united left alliance sees a bleak future because of all of the gambling debts and banks and speculators and important to the books of the state that this would mean permanent austerity billions worth of cults every year for at least a decade or more in order to meet the treaty targets and that we believe will do on told damage to the economy which is already very traumatized for ireland it seems
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more damaging austerity is up ahead here in dublin every taste is bristling with referendum posters they know posters call the fiscal pact the bankers treaty the austerity pact but the yes campaign has won the day with its message of stability in itself prepared to cede silver and sea in exchange for financial backup but even that's not guaranteed in a beleaguered you're right they know it's me hearties. ireland's yes vote they're still deep skepticism the treaty will actually ate the country's financial recovery director of the national platform for us searching information center. says europe's austerity plans own to helping anyone germany's cuts proposals that come with questionable legality. things are going to get worse and worse in my judgment the fifty percent unemployment rate as high as you like to rise the immigration to get worse and so on because the austerity is being pressed all over
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the eurozone or particularly in the peripheral countries including and i don't see any real improvement coming about and that certainly programs are pushed on the eurozone by the european central bank and others and. said she is happening in my view when that are many others is a kind of german late takeover bid for the eurozone. and with questionable legality that is why there are actual legal challenges constitutional challenges in germany itself in a stone he added to the european stability mechanism treaty which is to set up this problem bailout fund but everyone knows that most people think the sub's of money involved are insufficient and this fund can't be set up under relevant treaty is ratified the same treaty which already is beginning to give you talk about that because the government will probably seek to ratify that next month though as i said earlier it's subject constitutional challenge in the irish courts so we still hear more about referendum down the road. on friday
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a nato led peacekeepers deployed in northern causes are exchanged fire with angry protesters for demonstrators in two german alliance soldiers were wounded in the clashes. try to prevent troops from moving barricades they set up last year on the border with constable roadblocks were wrecked in response to an attempt by ethnic albanian authorities to impose a border and customs controls serbs in kosovo reject its two thousand eight hundred pendants from serbia it's. great for the presence of foreign troops and stirs up trouble. the nato forces which are being called peacekeepers are actually trying to use force to force the course of the serbs to accept living in independent kosovo which they won't accept and that's the whole root of the problem this morning they've actually a fired live ammunition at people trying to keep the barricades and they're trying to keep the barricades to prevent. the calls of all baiting regime from prishtina
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to get a hold of the north northern part of the territory so actually this morning we've had wounded civilians wounded by so-called peacekeepers using live ammunition against barehanded people on our own people so actually peace is the last thing that on their mind unfortunately i do want to say that this was something at the beginning of june which was to be expected because there is a sort of a power vacuum in belgrade right now we've just had parliamentary and presidential elections but we do not have a functioning government and we only have a technical government so and actually what's nato and the e.u. and the us are doing they're using the power vacuum in belgrade to try to to establish a new reality on the ground in kosovo. well at this hour in our exclusive interview r.t. talks to serbia's newly elected president who says he's ready to maintain dialogue with pristina is a quick preview for you. yes and that is that i'm ready for dialogue but not with
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hashem touchy because there is suspicion that he committed crimes against the serbian people he cannot negotiate until the investigation of his case finishes but i will speak with other representatives after the bombing of serbia in one thousand nine hundred nine we left nato in the territory of course of we gave them civil and military power we have a ministration for communities in northern kosovo and the e.u. has asked us to abolish these serbian institutions we responded that we cannot do that because we have a university that hospitals schools and colleges i just follow the constitution and in serbia the president is it's guarantor our constitution says that kosovo and metohija up parts of serbia. that are some other international news making headlines across the world the south u.s. drone attack has killed ten suspected militants in pakistan officials say four missiles were fired at a village near the afghan border early on sunday morning the u.s. continues to launch drone attacks despite requests from islamabad to endorse
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strikes on its territory. thousands of students have marched through the streets of montreal protest that opposed to mission fee hikes came two days after talks collapsed between activists and government aimed at ending months of sometimes bottom protests over two and a half thousand people have been arrested since demonstrations but dad doesn't colleges and universities in quebec. to garner now ten people in a minibus a died after being hit by a cargo plane which crashed landed at the country's main airport the plane overshot the runway and plowed into the packed vehicle for crew aboard the jet escape the injuries were taken to hospital it's not yet clear what caused the incident. we'll be back shortly with the headlines.
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and religion and they. are inseparable. enlightenment is impossible without. inner peace without hard work. and. joy with no prayer.
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week's top stories. president putin has rejected calls for military intervention in syria and iterated his view that the un peace plan is the only way to prevent full scale civil war the comments were made this week during his first foreign office recent inauguration meeting of the leaders of germany france and the rooms of the russian new summit in st petersburg. rebels and government forces in syria trade name accusations and really massacre in which at least one hundred eight people including many children died the u.n. investigation to find out who's responsible comes as clashes between syrian government supporters and opponents in neighboring lebanon eight people dead.
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right. bottom for ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak as he begins a life sentence handed down to his partner and the protesters last year really was closely followed by a massive demonstrations across the country thousands of rioting in a capital cairo angry that he was not to be executed. time running out for julian assange for less than two weeks left with his legal team down the field. loses his battle against extradition to sweden and britain supreme court. supporters could eventually meet me and the u.s. to face espionage charges from the american diplomatic cables. well next our interview with newly elected president of the college in which he talks about the road ahead for his country as it faces economic difficulties and strives for e.u. membership.


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