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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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would free book us in video for your media projects and free video done to our t dot com. on r.t. creeping contagion eurozone champion germany enjoys ratings downgrade with the crisis is hitting the market for unions biggest economy now. military maneuvering russia plans closer ties with china while america promises to move most of its warships to the asia pacific in the coming year. and protest peacefully or pay a fortune russian lawmakers pass a bill that sparked some of the most heated debate and set a new parliamentary record. hello this is r t it's six pm here now in moscow my name's kevin zero in with the
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top stories for you this hour the eurozone debt crisis is getting dangerously close to the monetary union is powerhouse germany moody's has cut the ratings of several german banks today including the country's second biggest lender austria is also affected here's our europe correspondent tess or cilla. granted that there's a lot of skepticism surrounding the moves or the motivations of ratings agencies what has just happened does confirm already existing skepticism on the health of the whole banking economy the whole economy at large of the euro zone and nations the fragility and the vulnerability of certain countries even economic powerhouses such as germany to what happens in the so-called periphery countries the losses countries like spain or portugal greece would be taking in now this a downgrade happens on the back of some negative news coming from spain also the leaders of the g seven countries meeting together to find a solution to spain's increasingly dire situation spain had said that it's
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a banks are losing access to markets because borrowing costs have been going up so much this begs the question is there going to be another bailout what would this entailed once again and who's going to be bearing the brunt of it would it be the taxpayers of once again that would be a previously a spanish ministers had said that spain can't come up with the money on its own but already some ministers are saying that in fact they will need some international help because of that there's a lot of skepticism jittery markets reacting to this now certainly what has been consistent in this whole crisis is that one statement today of confidence changes at the next day a complete turnaround and therefore there really is no sense of stability sense of confidence in any of the statements coming from the country what has been consistent is that there is no solution until now and found to will get out of this euro zone a crisis. or a correspondent in europe or spoil the financial because he smells a rat he told me that the crisis is the chance for some to make
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a fast buck. that global elite law of when these crashes occur they can buy all these assets whether it's the all the assets in ireland all the assets in grace all across europe and around the world they love these catastrophes you know as somebody described it naomi klein it's disaster capitalism the austerity measures are the result of debts that are being imposed upon the population of debts that they did not incur and i'm very sorry to see the people of wisconsin they are of came very close to throwing out that bomb a walker but they balked at this at the last minute same thing in ireland they almost voted against a treaty which would have crashed the euro and help their exports it would have been economically a a boon if they voted no but they at the last minute they chickened out again the people in greece are on the threshold of a revolution but you know they don't seem to get it together yet to overthrow regime change get rid of this technocrat this morning the show put in a people's represented i'm flying to athens tomorrow morning with billionaire hugo
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salon is price we're talking to decide a reason the new left wing government about introducing a silverback drama along with the euro as a way to cure a greece's problems russia and china of boosting their military partnership including holding more joint drills president putin is currently on a state visit to beijing to forge closer ties with the asian giant china's growing influence is causing worries for the united states which is shifting more of its warships to the asia pacific. in the chinese capital force. not only the diplomatic and economic ties seem to be very strong between moscow and beijing but now we have it confirmed by vladimir putin and this is something he stressed in particular that the military partnership between the two countries will also expand now it's already been very strong i mean here that russia and china have already conducted very successful joint military exercises in the past and certainly the weapon exports from russia to china is also massive but now we understand according to put in that this cooperation will expand suddenly this is some kind of news which would
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hardly be very welcome in the west in the united states in particular which have been growing a very much war with china's growing military might and the recent visit by the u.s. secretary of defense mr panetta to the asian pacific region basically confirmed all these worries with producing statements like the united states must be vigilant in the face of. china's growing military power but beijing is also growing very impatient and very irritated with the actions of the united states which in particular this visit often that the saying that a growing military presence in the region may destabilize the whole situation we certainly are waiting to see whether there will be any reaction coming from washington on these statements coming from beijing but definitely the fact that russia and china are growing their military ties certainly adds a very interesting spin to global geopolitics. and if you follow that story i'll be interested to know later this hour we look at how the u.s.
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might be eyeing out a counter the strengthening russia china part america's courting new delhi now to boost military cooperation we explore whether it's to help cement its age or pacific present border square up to. the attention of wiki leaks supporters is no shifted to an american military court where u.s. army private bradley manning a suspected website contributor faces his latest hearing he's suspected of the biggest leak of government documents in u.s. history of charges lawyers hope to see dismissed however results he's made in a coach never explains there are some leaks that will always go on punished. from a former cia officer who questioned waterboarding to suspected we can take small bradley manning the obama administration has waste an unprecedented war on whistleblowers prosecuting more of them under a span ash loss than old previous administrations combined but it seems one man's
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snitch is another man's spin doctor the problem with the current situation with the current white house is they have leaked classified information for the times when it suits them to do so one of those with what was written with the book obama's wars done by bob woodward or they played out two chapters of information about current operations and also with the kathleen bagel bigelow project regarding seal team six takedown of ben lauder last year at this time the film in question which is titled as zero dark thirty covers last year's raid by u.s. commandos on the pakistani compound where some of bin laden was hiding the conservative watchdog judicial watch has obtained records revealing that hollywood filmmakers were given access to precisely undisclosed information about the operation oscar winning director kathryn bigelow and screenwriter mark boal were even granted at tour around the fold as cia building where tactical planning for the raid took place the film is out in december but was initially due to be
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released just weeks before november's presidential elections bad facts all some flak fly the administration's way while the entire project has raised concerns over the way intelligence is being used it's best that this kind of information particularly as it revolves around what's surrounding this movie remains classified it absolutely has to it's very unfortunate that it's coming out to be used for political purposes for a congressional election however there is nothing unusual about the defense department collaborating with the makers of hollywood blockbusters. it's a partnership that dates back to the middle of the twentieth century and it has proved effective the pentagon has what hollywood filmmakers one access to millions of dollars worst off a military equipment to use in the movies and hollywood has what the pentagon wants the insolence to sugarcoat its actions and attract millions of potential recruits
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in recent months to other movies about the navy seals biver and act of valor how for safety official assistance veteran hollywood reporter david robb says the pentagon has for a long time had access to the scripts of hollywood filmmakers to show the military in a better light and the american people are seeing hundreds and hundreds of films and television shows that have been sanitized by the military and to make military seem more heroic than it really is and never wrong and always good that this creates a false image in the american people's mind so while for some small gadgetry walked out others are trying to project patrick johnson and propaganda on to the silver screen but i didn't question archie reporting from los angeles california and just about just waving catchy yesterday the world's top whistle blower julian assange
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has got his very own interview program here on this child well if you missed any of the episodes including yesterday's latest one go as catch them online as well the streaming whatever you want to see the dot com. bridging rules during public protests may no cost a pretty penny here in russia as lawmakers approve a new bill supporting tougher punishment for violations it's yet to get signed off by the president but the bill's already caused a storm among politicians and opposition groups and even set a new parliamentary record for the time it took to be passed what is it called piskun office got the details. the draft aims significantly increasing the fines for violating the rules of taking part in mass rallies from the current seventy year olds up to a maximum of seven thousand euros for average citizens who are around two hundred hours of community service so that's why it's caused such a wee of fierce criticism and anger both from the official and unofficial opposition many of whom are calling this draft draconian but its supporters say
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that it corresponds with western european standards and actually if we compare the figures the penalties in some western european states are often much more severe and the fines could be much higher as well reaching seventy five thousand euros the draft was initiated after a launch protest rally ended in clashes between some of the protesters and the police we've seen pieces of concrete flying around small grenades and injuries on both sides it was more of a marathon last night when it took eleven hours for the lower chamber of parliament the state duma to work through the draft because of a new tactic which is being taken on by the opposition which is new for russia but it's a practice which is similar to filibuster ring in the united states when some deputies try to be as abstract as possible to do real the vote but by around midnight it still ended up being passed to despite this fierce debate. now we go all later
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stories on our website it's quick taste a couple there right now you might be interested in the rest celestial sight we're bringing you here live in both astronomers and stargazers gasping in amazement over the r.t. dot com for spectacular footage of this there it is a little spot the transit of venus across the sun but a look at our website because don't look at it direct really happens every hundred five years and staying with the final frontier we investigate the mystery of an american satellite which returned to earth after a year in orbit with its mission cloaked in secrecy. a morning nato air strike in eastern afghanistan has left at least eighteen people dead including women and children according to local officials there people living nearby say all those killed were celebrating a wedding a nato denies that claiming they took out a military commanders in that strike and doesn't mention at all civilian casualties in this statement let's talk about this in a couple of other matters no that point to race she's joining me live she's
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president of the pac nationalist forum is on the line from islamabad rather are there's talk about this event first it's only a week since the un report since talking whether the number of civilian deaths in afghanistan by nato saying it was far too high now today we have another deadly airstrike what impact is this latest. air strike one of a better word i'm going to say x. that we don't know there's a strike going to have. kevin first of all i'd go with the report of the of government and their complaints about the civilian deaths of course i would not take into account the denial of the nato because the government does not have a reason to lie and of course they have a reputation to protect in front of their own people they have their answerable to their people so i would go with the afghan government is saying and they're saying that civilians have been killed today and i think without exaggeration it would be safe to say now that the vast majority of the of gun people have really rebelled against the foreign occupation of their country though the only reason you're
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seeing increasing and more blunt and more courageous resistance attacks against the coalition forces in afghanistan is because the ordinary of guns are providing sanctuary are providing protection of providing access to the resistance fighters to the to the al qaeda to the taliban whatever you want to call it whatever nato wants to call them so basically and everything you hear frankly about winning the hearts and minds is really ancient history that the americans have absolutely lost it as far as the of gun people's hearts and minds are concerned on the mission was to protect the wider afghan population wasn't this but another event as well twenty two civilians killed again until i've just been talking about twenty two civilians killed in twin terrorist bombings earlier on of the day as well this protection of the afghan people is going so well as it. the of gun people kevin have lost more of their civilians in the first decade of the twenty
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first century then the united states lost on nine eleven it was a tragic event of nine eleven but this is no less a tragedy and frankly we don't see any justice in this that the afghan people did lose this many of course nato and the u.s. military in afghanistan a very quick to condemn the taliban for their bombings in various cities where and attacks of course were civilians are killed but how is the u.s. military and nato any different they kill as many civilians there and i think and i hear we hear we talked to a lot of gun activists and i think any feature of government in afghanistan after the americans are in order to reclaim credibility i think they will have to initiate some sort of a reconstitution process whereby they would have to move some legal cases maybe go as far as the u.n. or the international court of justice and ask for compensation for what happened i mean of going to stun will be left with with with wounds that would take it decades
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to heal i mean just just it thousands and thousands of civilians have been killed who would look after the the orphans who would look after these psychological and the other social problems resulting from the that this is an ending endless deaths of civilians and milk out to belittle whatsoever on the u.s. military and the nato. that's let's talk about for a minute we complained about the u.s. drone strikes they don't choose they say in the alliance acts against international law is markedly similar doesn't it to what western aid is accused syria's president of doing kind of double standards own them. i see no one has been really undermine the international system in the twenty first century the first decade now of course we're in the second decade of the twenty first century no one has undermined the international system more than nato and the united states and this is very very dangerous i mean this might sound a little alarmist or romantic maybe but if we go back
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a hundred years ago the early years of the twentieth century the very reason the world went on to extreme armament didn't weaponization and of course endless wars is because of the mistakes committed by the western powers and i'm very concerned to see these very same western powers sort of messing up and really planting chaos in our region and we will pay the price for what these people are doing here and and i think i think the people of this region the countries in the region the major powers in this region russia china pakistan others should really step in and try to sort of contain some of the mess that these western powers are leaving behind or i thank you for your thoughts are there on the line from islamabad president of the park matchless form as you are. so international news in brief now at seventeen minutes past six o'clock moscow time hundreds have marched through to rome to in support of quebec students have been rallying for months against jewish and hikes
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since february hundreds of demonstrators have been detained with almost two hundred thousand refusing to attend university wednesday's toronto rallies united local students and labor activists with another protest federal for a fortnight's time. north korean leader kim jong un's given his second public speech since taking power in front of tens of thousands of children wednesday marks the anniversary of the country's union organization that helps ensure the young generations of loyalty to the regime know that comes two days off the north korea with a southern neighbor of military action over their critical coverage of children's festivals. the u.s. defense secretary is wrapping up his first visit to india to a largely regarded as an attempt to shore up washington's influence in the asia pacific and those u.s. india ties right to challenging the growing military muscle and economic expansion of china as proof explains the world's got its eyes on india it's the
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planet's biggest arms importer and is set to spend one hundred billion dollars on beefing up its military arsenal over the next decade while many weapon makers from far and wide are lining up to cash in on this need to modernize the united states's dash to the front of the pack is also being angry to. strengthen its new member. to farm guard america. ships and those who. grow up through the maybe to many it's seen as part of the u.s. is bigger shift towards asia one that its defense secretary leon panetta is now touring the region to actively engage it in a chair new worry report issued by the american government of china is listed along with iran as one of the us is biggest adversaries the report also specifically singled out india as the main country washington would pursue as
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a strategic partner in the region the united states has already been thinking better of the amount of energy strengthening military ties with india it just called them time military transport planes for four point four billion dollars india also conducts the most military exercises with the united states than any other country many analysts say that it could be a way for washington to use new delhi to counterbalance its new enemy china i do see the. united states is going to do. what even though says that it finds it as a major competition for this includes. and. american influence in issue while india is happy to have partners to advance their arsenals and many observers are watching the american interest with caution. is one of india's biggest trading partner i mean we are neighbors we can reach each other
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we should not be made a proxy of power so you know. we should not fight the battles of the americans and really americans i think. it's a declining superpower. as the united states continues to buddy up to india it looks like it could be using their new found friend to bully its enemy preassure either r.t. new delhi india started to impose six moscow time leaving teatime daniels at the business desk teatime done lizards or just my imaginary burger donut and fizzy drink news that disney's banning junk food advertising would go for a year that could hurt the bottom line for firms like mcdonald's is there one of the top children's advertisers disney's excluding on its t.v. channels and websites the new nutritional guidelines it's already taken mickey mouse of packaging for pop talks with two in three americans overweight or obese
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first lady michelle obama is backing disney's move. the homemaking forced to change tollgates emerging markets but russia has teamed up with v t v bank to expand into the country's regions will invest up to one hundred million dollars over three years. of the facebook start here last month the nasdaq may compensate some of the losses a new report shares in the social network of lost an estimated two hundred million dollars a report facebook he'd week four calls from potential investors more kids who are more school having a strong we converse does like the government's economic cost as you can see there . aeroflot shares are soaring in particular it wants to loose shares in london this year investors backed the plans as one of the world's most profitable airlines. up to two hundred forty million dollars from the move change rates and the ruble strengthening russia's central bank says it should continue to strengthen you also have this year's inflation target of five to six percent and europe is recovering
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some of this week's losses goldmine the petrel have lost the top gain of the u.b.s. bank upgraded it by brussels taxpayers money will no longer be insolvent banks though under the new proposals by shareholders and creditors will be responsible for any losses but the new legislation is on likely to come into force before twenty fourteen that's too late to protect taxpayers from the current raft of bad bank loans and record numbers of greeks all turning to so-called toin banks folks can get a coffee for fixing someone's computer for example an hour of anyone's time is worth the same whatever your profession with people really short on view or new online service gives the so-called time credits whenever they help each other. and another slap in the face for greeks they've been told to be more like let vians christine like god called incredibly impressive performance a model for athens in the credit crunch letters economy collapsed even more than
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greece is now completely slash spending and was in surplus within months international monetary fund god says it proves acting hold and forced works better than spreading the pain over years like greece and europe today all the news in interviews on the website of the dot com slash business course thanks daniel so i had to feed this we took a series minister of information about the difficulties of reporting from his crisis torn country that's coming up in a few minutes much more topical conversation i was lined up for of course on this channel after i've updated the top stories in just over five minutes time.
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with the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially of sounds of nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. focus of a difference to use it as a three ball as an actual rip and you know if you keep spinning a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't make up most
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of the weapons or build the new features. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. it's. use. the be.
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cut. wealthy british soccer. players on. the market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for no holds. cars are reports. today. the full these are the images the world has been seeing from the
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streets of canada the first operation the day.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. mission. critic a should treat in store charges free. range means free. three stooges free.


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