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with the support of the government they were protected by the by have became the first of the rebels the opposition the blade but the government try to treat. the internationally rich which is so fake that the rebels want like the. it just before kofi about speak to syria. press about the situation. there better secure pussy choke position sites who are barrios scrupulosity they don't want to go back to a situation in which they might have to it thursday the possibility of negotiating . they don't want the way back they just want to remove by force that's a very serious risk especially with their older players he told me that each approach to china there is. no syria there is so you can really bait your precepts by turkey could trigger
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a broader war. well where the whole massacre occurred on the eve of kofi on this visit to syria the slayer's bloodbath comes just ahead of a un security council meeting to discuss syria later today but in the halls of the united nations there is a deadlock over what to do next although as artie's marina fortnight explains for some that's no barrier. the united nations is the only diplomatic forum where every country is supposed to be governed by the same rules the united nations found and showed a close upon us to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security a founding member and biggest financial contributor america ratified inside the u.n. treaty in one thousand nine hundred five which prohibits unprovoked attacks or military interventions in sovereign countries unless authorized by the un security council. my fellow americans today our armed forces joined our nato allies in air strikes against serbian forces responsible for the brutality in kosovo in recent decades
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the us has been seen by a leading the very international laws it helped create we have acted with resolve the u.s. and its allies also acted without authorization from the un security council when it launched a seventy eight day aerial attack on yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred nine nato starts war against the federal republic of yugoslavia serbia and montenegro. serbia for seventy eight days occupies kosovo and this doesn't have you an authorization until the very end the us again disregarded international law in two thousand and three after the security council refused to support a military strike on iraq they withdrew their new additional resolution rather than face defeat clearing it is their argument the way for a military campaign without any new u.n. approval the united nations security council has not lived up to its responsibilities so we will rise to ours and it's not in conformity with the u.n.
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. so from our point of view and from the charter plane to leave it to us in the by circumventing international law for geo political interests experts say the us has systematically damaged the confidence and credibility of the un it's been used by the united states i think as a fig leaf to get multilateral approval from the policies that the us u.s. wants to do but if the u.n. doesn't agree with the united states as you know the case of iraq or kosovo the united states just disregards in the case of syria we're kofi annan fragile peace plan has showed slow progress washington is prepared to once again bypass the un if the security council fails to impose more pressure on damascus and members of this council and members of the international community are left with the option only of having to consider whether they're prepared to take actions outside of the annan plan and the authority of this council groans have no need for diplomacy they have
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the legions apparently the united states thinks it has no need for diplomacy it has missiles and drones the u.n. was founded at the end of the second world war as a place for countries to solve conflicts through dialogue rather than gunfire however the honorable goal of maintaining global peace and security becomes harder to attain every time a member state decides to play by its own rules growing up or ny r.t. new york. now clashes in syria have already spilled over the border to lebanon r.t.m. met with the country's interior minister who believes the virus of the syrian violence could be contagious for the whole region well here's a taste of what's coming for you about twenty minutes time here on r.t. . we have some global and arab interests trashing him and we all understand that what we don't understand is where this clash will take us in the end but we can say one thing with about if the syrian conflict is resolved one way or another this will affect the situation in lebanon lebanon security and does. depend on lebanon.
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politically and in terms of security lebanon depends on external factors as well the people of lebanon have close religious and family ties with neighboring states . and shall high cooperation organization summit and beijing and it's coming to a close what most of the attention focused on its fringes iran's nuclear crisis which remains a bone of contention between russia and china on the one hand and the u.s. and its allies on the other will be brought to the forefront let's along with nato as war in afghanistan let's now cross to your chefs use it more on this election what exactly are we to expect. well the shanghai cooperation organization summit which last two days now has come to an end with some very important security agreements that have been signed between the parties involved but definitely the most interesting events of today are the meetings. and the
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leaders of iran mahmoud ahmadinejad and afghanistan hamid karzai now these meetings will take place within the next several hours certainly we're not expecting any groundbreaking statements then but definitely those talks are very interesting now first of all with. china for him it's just the place to be because it is probably one of the few places in the world where he is not being threatened by sanctions where you can all feel relaxed and smiling we saw on the cameras as he was walking inside the building how children relaxed he was just being in the circle of friends and allies probably means a lot to him now definitely putting on him have a lot to talk about because russia plays a very important role in mediating the conflict between iran and the west moreover the timing of this particular meeting in beijing is very important as well because in the middle of june we're expecting a five plus one group of negotiators to meet in moscow to discuss the iranian issue certainly this happens i mean the time when washington does not rule out military action against tehran and constantly keeps slapping. iran with different sort of
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economic and trade sanctions now as for the meeting with you it's also seen as very crucial because russia is now playing a very important role in afghanistan providing one of its military bases in the town it will be honest for the nato troops to deliver its military cargo to afghanistan to help with the u.s. troops from the country by the end of twenty fourteen so definitely these two also have a lot to talk about coming back to the iranian issue we've already had heard statements here during the summit that both russia and china support to support the civil nuclear program in iran at the same time they would not support any military nuclear program in this country and also we understand that both russia and china have very important energy deals with you first of all russia is building a nuclear power plant in the country and china has a million dollar deals with this country in the middle east definitely will be
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bringing more information as soon as we hear about those meetings which are due to start in several hours from now but what we can say for sure that a lot even if we didn't has has finished his three day trip to china which has already brought many important economic agreements and most importantly the science of agreed to bolster their military ties of the news which would probably be unwelcome in the west and particularly in the united states which have been declaring their worries about china the chinese rise in the military aspect but definitely this latest meeting between the leaders of china and russia a very interesting spin to the international geopolitics. all right alessio thanks very much indeed for bringing us the date from beijing. and we're always interested in your thoughts on the stories we're covering here in r t so at our website r.t. dot com we are asking what you saying the reasons behind russia stepping up its
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military ties with china are always take a look at the site though they are well so far as probably seen a second the majority of respondents think it's to keep washington's asia pacific ambitions and chad seventeen percent say moscow wants to ensure regional security others are split between two options to keep tabs on china's growing military might and game or leverage and the un security council will do what is now what do you think on this issue by logging on terra web site r t v dot com. bloodletting continues to span all across of ghana stand with scores of people killed in a recent wave of bombings including a nato airstrike a local officials say eighteen civilians died of wedding ceremony when the alliance forces launched an air raid on a village in the country's east nato commanders have denied their report claiming the only wiped out tell a bonfire is on the same day three suicide bombers hit a market outside a sprawling nato base in kandahar killing twenty two people investigative
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journalist gareth porter says nato is a committee in afghanistan has become a magnet for civilian deaths wherever it happened it's. this whole problem of u.s. and nato military operations both air strikes and night raids is a situation that has caused enormous opposition from the population particularly the population in southern afghanistan. to a region of the country are to increasingly oppose the presence of u.s. and nato forces if you look at the casualty figures for civilians and you compare them with the level of foreign troops operating in afghanistan you can see. that there's a direct correlation between the two and the more u.s. and nato forces particularly u.s. military forces are active in a particular area the more civilians are going to be caught up in the fighting so
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than in the exact opposite is really the reality of the clan but the united states could ever protect the civilian population. we're going to live from moscow still to come in the program the pirates riding a wave to success while their mutiny on the political ship in germany as the pirate party uses economic crisis in a friendly face to first step of the ladder to power. plants as the trial of america's most famous army whistleblower gets going in court it turns out it's the u.s. government that's hiding skeletons in the closet. health of ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak has worsened dramatically comes just days after the eighty four year old was jailed for life for complicity in the killing of protesters during last year's uprising a former leader is currently in intensive care suffering from shock high blood pressure and severe depression with a run off looming on june the sixteenth hundreds of thousands into arrears square
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are calling for bars former prime minister ahmed shafik to be disqualified from the presidential race for many egyptians the revolution hasn't brought the troops they were hoping for and that's particularly the case for women artists are a for of explains. when this egyptian woman was dragged on to tyrion to be exposed and abused by the military men it served as a stark reminder that bear it might have been talking to egypt's arab spring has many hurdles to overcome if it's to blossom into a democracy for a conservative cult show watching a woman exposed in that way open the floodgates to shocking tales of female protesters subjected to violence and sexual harassment not just at the hands of those they opposed that their fellow revolutionaries is still we're having a small profit on with some men and the streets that there are still a little bit again as to having women with them side to side in the women played
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a vital role in egypt's revolution but will the future now hold for women and their rights is far from certain. in the life of women actually water i'd like my dog to to live. i do less in the same way i live my i do this with no harassment sexual harassment is rampant in egypt forcing women to wear conservative clothes and even avoid areas where they might come into close contact with men because of the problems a sexual harassment that a lot of women any complain about here in cairo the metric system has some areas for women only many of the women say that's to avoid some of the men's wondering hands. egypt's now facing the prospect of an islamic government that's raising fears over what it could mean for women's rights i met with as around one of just
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eleven female m.p.'s and a member of the muslim brotherhood she's controversially condoned the practice of female circumcision which was banned under the former regime or in a photo from one man who agreed the rules of the constitution first. the rules for women and for america and we will do what is right for the gyptian people these coups to revoke hard won women's rights could risk egypt's new modern democracy becoming a terrifying throwback to the past ages of female oppression now you see the game from. point which is very for street because usually off to of when you feel that you are going to gain or the political revolution in egypt may be in full flow but the cultural one it seems could be just getting started so it's the kind of thing. now for more on our headline stories
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head to our t. dot com to check out what else is available on. the u.s. defense secretary wraps up his epic tour across asia having announced some plans by the american military check out what a continent should brace itself for after the visit. the online viral video series of the so-called russian climber continues as these guys brace strong winds to do press ups handstands and check ups on a girl hundreds of meters in the air without any quit. the european commission has proposed more controlled banks which means they would come under much greater sense of oversight this comes after financial institutions of europe's economic bastiaan germany felt the global european squeeze following
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the downgrade by moody's on wednesday investment advisor patrick young says europe is now paying a high price for turning a blind eye to problems which of law existed. we've really heard the truth that i think many in finance knew all along but i'm such as commerce bank they build themselves up a huge portfolio where they thought they were being very very clever by buying themselves boards of places such as greece italy spain and in other words all the places where not they can't possibly sell their debt because the government sort of effectively in huge problems so there are for what's happened is once more another little layer of the onion let us say because we are way and that's examining and showing us that ultimately the euro has no clothes the european union is in a total mess due to its three years of denial of its economic problems all of the
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politicians hope basically left the people stranded the new government in spain went into denial mode from the government they came into office and six months later they've suddenly realized what anybody who was remotely financially literate could work out six months ago or two years ago even spanish banks are lost and ultimately there needs to be a way in order to manage to rescue them but the conventional be like mechanisms are not going to work and that's why ultimately it's very difficult to see tragically whether or not there really is a future to the euro was a currency because it's a disastrous political scheme rather than an economic engine of prosperity rather it's the opposite it's putting people out of work for up work rather than putting them in jobs has a european financial roller coaster keeps bringing not just economies but also governments down it's given some political parties a chance to get to the top the prior party in germany has seen
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a surge in popularity as people decide not to put their trust in traditional fractions i t's in corpus cannot assess as their political ambitions. but it may seem like a hollowing convention but don't let these outfits for you this is the annual conference of the pirate party of germany only three years ago it had just about one thousand members and now there are almost thirty thousand and with deputies in the three local parliaments including in berlin paris or hijacking their way into mainstream politics paris has become more digital landscape in germany and other parties have to take and you already see that are people reacting to the party success story started in berlin local elections last september when they surprisingly won newly named percent of votes now according to opinion polls the party would capture up to thirteen percent of votes across germany if the election to the national parliament was held today. a newcomer within the party system
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they produce a policy making people that didn't expect from a traditional party they offer a new style and political communication and they are a kind of a platform for the transport of political protest. the power is all about participation and transparency all members to take board in discussions online and it doesn't seem to matter that so for me submitted to me to political issues in schools by where until come surveillance or that their favorite meeting spot is a bar in berlin they don't have a stance on foreign affairs or the financial crisis and they have already made a few mistakes with one senior member comparing their success with the first years of hitler's nazis though he quickly apologized we don't take ourselves so seriously we're not us as other politicians are we we know that we're human and we
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make mistakes and make mistakes and therefore we have no problems with saying ok sorry i was wrong germany's national parliamentary election is planned for next year and the pirates are ready for battle just like most young organizations the pirate party of germany is going through its own case of growing pains but its popularity and flyers are on the riots and it could be time for mainstream politicians to watch out for the new kids on the block. r.t. germany. take a look at some other stories from around the world the us federal agents have arrested dozens of workers at frédérique us largest airport on suspicion of smuggling millions of dollars worth of cocaine thirty three people are accused of sending the drugs across the board commercial flights for at least a decade while they are suspected of belonging to two puerto rico based drug trafficking organizations that work together and stop the drugs were sent to
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several american cities including miami and. the space shuttle enterprise has arrived at its file home after floating up the hudson river it's been lifted into place at the sea air and space museum in new york although it's never been on an actual space mission it was used as a test vehicle for experiments on the ground and was brought to new york after new . decided to and the thirty year shuttle program. the pretrial hearings in the case of bradley manning accused of the biggest classified data leak in u.s. history have kicked off in maryland but there is growing concern over the year of fairness with the u.s. government withholding more than two hundred thousand relevant documents from manning's defense lawyer kevin has taught a whole witnessed of the first hearing sheriff he's impressions. what was really clear today is that the government has been misrepresenting intentionally the sort of evidence that it has in its possession that it knows agencies possess which they
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do not want to turn over to the defense they cite legal reasons and the main military justice rules they talk about the fact that the defense hasn't been specific and they make up how they haven't you certain terms that you would normally use so they're just you know going above and beyond to stall and make sure that they can keep going where they don't provide the information of the defense wants that's just not the role the judges actually the person who makes the decision on whether evidence is supposed to be turned over to the defense is not the government or the prosecution's decision. all right crossing into the world business we're in a casa or is there for us with all the latest so marina was buzzing in the world of business day this morning in fact all this buzz on this morning is asian shares because asia is the only one trading right nasa of course we'll start with that and take a look at the latest figures basically what we have there is
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a positive sentiment that the nikkei is adding over one percent the hang seng is approaching one of the percent that financial stocks are the best performers there so far and basically what we have and also we can in the end which is supporting exporters and. i saw that i gave an overall four percent and this is following a very successful performance across the board line so let's take a look at some major international markets as i said the u.s. markets are closed right now but what we saw on the wednesday was the biggest increase in five for america to in the year so far of course and investors that are more optimistic that spanish banks will be rescued also there was a survey by the federal reserve show that the u.s. economy was a picking up strength so of course that's the result you see there over two percent growth for the. and that as that was a similar picture over in europe where equity markets finished higher and that's following the european central bank said that it will leave its interest rate unchanged at one percent and that's despite calls to decrease it and also in the
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banking stocks were among the best performers there along with the mining and energy stocks and also staying with the europe the spanish government is now will test the waters over the global credit markets and this will happen later today the cast strapped economy will try to raise one point six billion dollars and that's amid speculations it's been seeking the bailout from eve funds spain needs to find at least eighty billion dollars or eighty billion euros i should say banks struggling due to bad loans. you know with the markets here in russia it's now two hours ahead of the opening bell on wednesday of a great performance on the markets here as well as the i sat out over two and a half percent of all the mice excited over a one percent and so for the russian economy seems to be going from strength to strength this by the crisis in the euro zone let's take a look at currencies and see what the figures are there the euro is again against
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the dollar as you can see and the ruble these are the figures from wednesday's session they gained against both major currencies as the central bank tried to inject stimulate the ruble and as we can see right there we'll give you updated figures when the russian markets open of course now moving on to crude which is also very important for the russian the call on the meet again for a fourth day as we can see right there lights with this at around eighty five dollars per barrel while the brant blend is approaching one hundred and one dollars and what we know about crude is that first of all the helps up policymakers in the u.s. are boosting their economy as well as in europe as i mentioned earlier and also iran the second the hard line when it comes to its nuclear talks this is a winning combination that's the result that we saw on the screen that's it from memory now back to you for now thanks very much indeed. they'd ask you next hour for more business news and the meantime there is a logic come your way here on our team in just coming in a few minutes our interview with a lebanese interior minister right after
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a break here they have a line stay with us. mission
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welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow let's take a look at our top story the massacre it is of women syrian government forces find dozens of women and children butchered in a polish style slaughter once again coinciding with a high profile appearance of kofi annan. touching sore points global political attention shifting used words as president ford in the means the iranian and afghan leaders in beijing wrapping up his chinese tour. the political revolution that failed to bring a cultural one women in interfere in their fight for equality do rise from the ashes of the uprising. the headlines here in our next an exclusive interview with the lebanese interior minister marwan trouble who gives his outlook on how bloodshed in syria could play out for the region.
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well again the soul of the lebanon is affected by internal tensions and we do not conflict or decisions related to security issues are made outside lebanon by other countries so how can you talk about security in lebanon then. little bit of lebanon security doesn't depend on lebanon alone politically and in terms of security lebanon depends on external factors as well but the people of lebanon have close religious and family ties with neighboring states. is that an alternative to external influence of the corner and there has to be an alternative even smaller countries than lebanon resist external influence a conflict also what do you think about the conflict between the shia and sunni as a lab and then. fit. in.


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