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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2012 8:02am-8:32am EDT

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and they tied people up the sharks to be stabbed and brainstem in an orgy of violence and to support that the opposition posted a number of videos allegedly from this village show when dead bodies but however these videos contain. by all appearances to the creator died yesterday raising many questions on the credibility and the truth of their positions claims and just where these bodies came from on the other hand the syrian government has a completely different take on what happened. in syria they say they got a call from a local resident asking for help after militants took over the village the army has been stationed in this area they've been reporting beforehand that they are preparing for an anti-terrorist operation so after that call they immediately launched this operation and we are receiving right now. reports from official sources in hama that after the army went in they discovered nine bodies of
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civilians and following the clashes that occurred after that two officers have been killed and five others have been injured so as you can see both sides think there is a child there while witnesses reports just contradict each other about who was responsible and without credible investigation right now is to go to just simply impossible to establish who was behind this massacre what's striking here is of course the timing of this comment as coffee and briefs the u.n. security council on syria today and of course there are similarities between this story and houla massacre last month that happened exactly on the coffee and ends of rival to syria for talks with president bashar al assad and the free syrian army the largest and most well armed rebel group here in syria use these massacre to withdraw from detention improved and review a military operation against the government forces there are also questions. on
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what possibly a sub can gain from being behind this massacre some pain the rebels are claiming he knows very well the care and we'll done and could be used against him by fractions of nations that won him out and back the rebels all thieves has given rise to a view that the rebels themselves may be framing a solid knowing that they've got media support and knowing that the bench really assad would be held responsible for what happened for the innocent people just yesterday in istanbul we saw him eighteen of those nations or those who support the rebels headed by secretary of state hillary clinton the come up with the so-called . syria so what we see now is huge interference in syria's internal affairs and knowing how houla massacre was used against assad we can see. even further interference and we can suppose that this latest massacre could be used against
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assad again and as could be used as justification for further interference from the international community into syria's internal affairs. and international affairs and defense out of this to believe the circumstances the harbor killings are very suspicious. over seventy were killed in the lurch. by between these by how belonged to a group that was settled and so they could see the called the baby but with the support of the government they certainly received louds they were even water means to cultivate the they were protected by the already is so with feet that they buy this with the relations we feel. i could not for sure we follow them impartial investigation i suspect but they by happy killed by papers of the rebels the opposition to blame me put the government try to speak. they were a separate group he would have been. there because they didn't belong to the make
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group but then provoke an international outrage. but if this case is he's quite striking he's like the houla massacre that what they or what it just before kofi about specific to syria. a. press about the situation. so it seems to me that there are limits your posts each show who are very unscrupulous and they don't want to go to a situation in which i have. to go share it with the government. so that their recurrent police. i have a theory that the timing of the latest reported massacre in syria was no coup instances explode later this hour. similar presidents have already been used in the past to justify military intervention in point countries by possibly un. now
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foreign military interference into syria's affairs and strong arming regime change there is unacceptable that's the message from central asia regional security summit in beijing spearheaded by russia and china the fringes of the event russian president vladimir putin met with a divisive leaders of afghanistan and iran reports. china for him it's just the place to be because it is probably one of the few places in the world where he is not being threatened by sanctions where you can all feel relaxed and smiling we saw on the cameras as he was walking inside the building how children relaxed he was definitely pushing and him have a lot to talk about because russia plays a very important role in mediating the conflict between iran and the west moreover the timing of this particular meeting in beijing is very important as well because in the middle of june we're expecting a five plus one group of negotiators to meet in moscow to discuss the iranian issue certainly this happens i mean the time when washington does not rule out military
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action against tehran and constantly keeps slapping iran with different sort of economic and trade sanctions both russia and china support to support the civil nuclear program in iran at the same time they would not support any military nuclear program in this country now as for the meeting with it's also seen as very crucial because russia is now playing a very important role in afghanistan providing one of its military bases in the town it will be honest for the nato troops to deliver its nonmilitary cargo to afghanistan to help the withdrawal of the u.s. troops from the country by the end of twenty fourteen it's evident to many that the nato war on terror in afghanistan is not working out as it was planned civilians are being killed by terrorists drug trafficking in the still there so russia certainly wants to play a very important role in bringing this country to peace. and we're always interested in your thoughts on the stories we're covering and. we're asking today what you think the reasons are behind russia stepping up military ties with china
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so far the majority of respondents think it's to keep washington's asian pacific ambitions in check eighteen percent say moscow wants to ensure regional security others are split between two options to absorb those that you might gain their regional security council join the pate. it was a birthplace of the egyptian revolution but tahrir square is reputation is now being tainted by sinister trend activists say female protesters are being increasingly subjected to violence and sexual abuse and the arming trend that some say reflects a much bigger social and cultural problem sara firth reports now on the plight of egyptian women who fear that instead of freedoms promised my mubarak's fall they may be facing an even darker future. when this egyptian woman was dragged into terrier to be exposed and abused by the military men it served as a stark reminder that barrack might have been toppled but egypt's arab spring has
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many hurdles to overcome if it is to blossom into a democracy for a conservative culture watching a woman exposed in that way open the floodgates to shocking tales of female protesters subjected to violence and sexual harassment not just at the hands of those they opposed but their fellow revolutionaries as well still we're having a small profit on with some men and the streets is that they are still a little bit again as to having women with them side to side in the political women played a vital role in egypt's revolution but what the future now holds for women and their rights is far from certain in the life of women actually water i'd like my do to live. i do less and the same way i live my i do this with no harassment sexual harassment is rampant in egypt forcing women to wear
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conservative clothes and even avoid areas where they might come into close contact with men because of the problems is that the harassment but a lot of women any to complain about here in cairo the metric system has some areas for women only many of the women say that's avoid some of the men's wondering. egypt's now facing the prospect of an islamic government that's raising fears over what it could mean for women's rights i met with as around one of just eleven female m.p.'s and a member of the muslim brotherhood she's controversially condoning the practice of female circumcision which was banned under the former regime. who agreed the rules of the constitution first. the rules for women and where and why. do what is right . these coups tour of a card one women's rights kids risk egypt's new modern democracy becoming a terrifying three back to the past age is
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a female oppression now again i'm from zero point which is very frustrating because usually after of. you feel that you're going to gain the political revolution in egypt maybe in full play but the cultural one it seems could be just getting started. with a timeline of the turmoil in egypt can be found on our website and there's plenty more few there including a blaze on a nuclear submarine in miami many make it into the record books as most costly fire caused by household appliance. com. plus the scientists say that stone age artists may have been using any nation techniques in a cave drawings creating impression on moving animals.
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now germany is urging other states to give up more powers to europe and they to us and he crosses proposal that says talks on some kind of international aid for spain intensify especially after it's a budget minister admitted the country's banks do need help us and mr patrick young says there's no way the euro zone's fourth biggest economy can be bailed out. all of the politicians hope basically left the people stranded the new government in spirit went into denial mode from the wall and they came into office and six months later they suddenly realized what anybody who was remotely financially literate could work six months ago and two years ago even spanish banks are boss and ultimately there needs to be a way in order to manage to rescue them but the conventional belike mechanisms are
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not going to work and that's why ultimately it's very difficult to see tragically whether or not the really is a future to the euro was a currency the greeks when you talk to the one side they don't want austerity and they don't really think they should have to pay their bills for the deaths that have been grown by the government over the years at the same time they think they should be in the euro it's automatically a little bit like going out and pulling a group of your two year old children no matter they may say that they realize they have to eat sensibly they're going to demand ice cream and jelly for their next meal and for every meal there after as long as they have influence the problem with greece is ultimately it doesn't really matter what they vote for in the course of the middle of june because they haven't actually been taking their medicine greece ultimately is returning to the drachma i think whether it likes it or not because it's completely untenable as a conventional modern democracy it's simply sadly does not function as one. and
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they did today max kaiser will be looking at the u.k.'s efforts to stay forster's and then the financial crisis. that police war and economic crime the metropolitan police in the u.k. are going to go after them in the last twelve months the police have seized over fifty million pounds and asked for only small time economic front stairs well they got it backwards. couple of centuries ago and learning at the top began flowing at the bottom if you want to really learn. at the bottom there are looting at the top which means get rid of cameron get rid of born and get rid of mervyn king it's all that up and expect more looting at the bottom and more on the zombie apocalypse. as the european financial rollercoaster continues to bring down economy isn't governments some smaller political parties are getting their moment in the sun the
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pirate party in germany has seen a surge in popularity as people abandon more traditional outfits are pissed off assesses their political ambitions. it may seem like a hollow convention but don't let these outfits for you this is the annual conference of the pirate party of germany only three years ago it had just about one thousand members now there are almost thirty thousand and with deputies in the three local parliaments including in berlin paris or hijacking their way into mainstream politics paris have become more beautiful landscape in germany that a lot of parties have to take and you already see that are people reacting to the party success story started in doing local elections last september when they surprisingly won newly named percent of votes now according to opinion polls the party would capture up to thirteen percent of votes across germany if the election
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to the national parliament was held today. a newcomer within the party system they produce. policymaking people didn't expect from a coalition of party. and political communication and they are kind of a platform for the transport of political protest. that words are all about participation and transparency allowing all members to take part in discussions online and it doesn't seem to matter that so far leave only submitted to me to political motions and school spy ware until conservations or that their favorite meeting spot is a bar in berlin they don't have a stance on foreign affairs or the financial crisis and have already made a few mistakes along the way with one senior member comparing their success with the first years of hitler's nazis though he quickly apologized we don't take ourselves so seriously we are not just come first as other politicians are we we
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know that we are humans and we we make mistakes and he accept that we make mistakes and therefore we have no promises. ok sorry i was wrong germany's national parliamentary election is planned for next year and the pirates are ready for battle just like morse jiang organisations the pirate party of germany is going through its own case of growing pains but its popularity and flies are on the right and it could be time for mean stream politicians to watch out for the new kids on the block you've got this kind of arty germany. the civilian death toll continues to grow in afghanistan dozens of lives lost in the last forty eight hours local officials say eighteen civilians died at a wedding ceremony nato forces launched an air raid on the village in the country's east lots commanders denied reports claiming they only hit taliban fighters on the same day three suicide bombers targeted a market outside
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a spawning basin tanda killing twenty two people investigative journalist a goth porter says that his activity in afghanistan's become a magnet for civilian deaths. you know this whole problem of u.s. and nato military operations both air strikes and nate ritz is a situation that has caused enormous opposition from the population particularly the southern afghanistan and the. region of the country to increasingly oppose the presence of u.s. and nato forces in fact if you look at the casual the casualty figures for civilians and you compare them with the level of foreign troops operating in afghanistan you can see that there is a direct correlation between the two and because of that the reason for that
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correlation is obvious that the more u.s. and nato forces particularly u.s. military forces are active in a particular area the more civilians are going to be caught up in mid-flight. the exact opposite is really the reality of. the united states could ever project as you know your population. or some other news making headlines across the world the south hundreds of workers rioted at the chinese factory foxconn produces apple devices dozens of protesters detained employees clashed with security guards for in reports of an attempted theft fracture at previously came under fire for forcing stuff to work excessively long hours for low salaries. the pretrial hearing for bradley manning cases taking place meet tense plans to call several u.s. state department workers to assess the damage done to american foreign relations disclosures before old man is accused of aiding the enemy by publishing hundreds of
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classified u.s. cables on the recent web site. but our top story now the reported massacre in a serious as both governments and the rebels apportion blame for the slaughter there are concerns its timing is not a coincidence because we are now and due to brief the u.n. security council later on thursday parties looks back at cases where similar incidents were used as a pretext for military intervention without u.n. approval. united nations founding charter close upon us to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security a founding member and biggest financial contributor america ratified inside the u.n. treaty in one thousand nine hundred five which prohibits unprovoked attacks or military interventions in sovereign countries unless authorized by the un security council but. my fellow americans today our armed forces joined our nato allies in air strikes against serbian forces responsible for the brutality in kosovo in
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recent decades the us has been seen by a leading the very international laws it helped create we have acted with resolve nato starts war against the federal republic of yugoslavia serbia and montenegro. serbia for seventy eight days occupies kosovo and this doesn't have you enough until very and the us again disregarded international law in two thousand and three after the security council refused to support a military strike on iraq the united nations security council has not lived up to its responsibilities so we will rise to ours and it's not in conformity with the u.n. charter from our point of view and from the charter plane to give it to us in the by circumventing international law for geo political interests experts say the u.s. has systematically damage the confidence and credibility of the u.n. it's been used by the united states i think as a fig leaf to get multilateral proven from the policies that the u.s. u.s.
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wants to do but if the u.n. doesn't agree with the united states as you know the case of iraq or kosovo the united states just disregards in the case of syria or kofi annan fragile peace plan has showed slow progress washington is prepared to once again bypass the u.n. if the security council fails to impose more pressure on damascus and members of this council and members of the internet. community are left with the option only of having to consider whether they're prepared to take actions outside of the annan plan and the authority of this council. for diplomacy they had legions apparently united states thinks it has no need for diplomacy it has missiles and drones the un was founded at the end of the second world war as a place for countries to solve conflicts through dialogue rather than gunfire however the honorable goal of maintaining global peace and security becomes harder to attain every time a member state decides to play by its own rules up or ny r.t.
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new york. times the business news now is downhill and president obama's been hitting back over who's to blame for the economic crisis when secretaries blamed europe's for the downturn in the united states but we reported yesterday how france's foreign minister laurent fabius says it's the other way round the u.s. calls the euro problems there is that he says lehmann brothers quote was not a european bank we should not shift responsibility. in two thousand and eight sparking a global recession france's new socialist government is seen as less friendly to washington than previous incumbent nicolas sarkozy british premier meanwhile gave it cameron is in germany to wall anglo merkel bureaus in the last chance saloon he's to push for huge rescue deal to save the failing single currency in the following line is spain whose banks need at least eighty billion euros to cover property loans is just sold another two billion in the government admits it's too
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big to bail out the country is too big to bail out but it also said world markets are refusing to listen to it for fear they won't be paid back russia's joint state development v.b. says it's ready to support russia's equity market by buying shares moscow's been one of the world's worst performing this year v.e.e.p. hopes to make a big profit for course of just the market will recover and also reduce the full. timothy on the market crude is gaining ground for a fourth day as policy makers in the us indicate there may pump extra cash into their economies to boost growth on top of that iran signals it will take a hard line in nuclear talks that's bad that's just the supply could be affected time to check out exchange rates the euro's a bit higher against the dollar in the topsy turvy week the ruble is mixed to the main currencies and you know the news russia's top oil company rosneft will be privatized through all the sale will kick off next year and the company's stock should be sold entirely in four years we've been having mixed messages from
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russia's government the move is part of the government's privatization plan to sell state controlled energy infrastructure companies to boost domestic markets in competition the new economic school gree of says the move as a positive. i think it's a very good sign that the government today decided that should be privatized i think it's it's a step in that i did actually there is no reason why last year should be a government owned company it works in a competitive sector it's not an infrastructure company it's not a defense company should be privatized but i would still be the big deal because with your bets on when you and we've not seen prejudicial happening yet it's a very good sign that it's been on that. decided to hear more forty million dollars for brokers who all those were mishandled in facebook's i.p.o. last month the new york based stock exchange says it will pay around fourteen million dollars in cash with the rest of the money credited through lower trading fees for those who incurred losses delays and functions on the first signs of trouble in the social networks watched placement facebook shares have fallen by
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a good since the initial public offering with collective losses of trading firms estimated at around one hundred twenty billion dollars already kerry and europe today will be keeping an eye on that euro situation and the meeting between mr cameron and mrs merkel ok thanks that i will speak again see. what in just a few minutes here in our team talks the lebanese interior minister to then his take on the turmoil in syria so often updates of headlines that go way.
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there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before the source material is what helps keep journalism honest we thought. we wanted to present. something of. the world with. science technology innovation all these developments from the round russia we've dumped the future covered.
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would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from friends to pressure these. stunts on t.v. dot com. for.
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this is r.t. the headlines now a new massacre reported in syria the estimates of casualties vary dramatically is the timing of the small town just ahead of the from to the u.n. security council raising suspicions from global political focus shifts to the east this this day as delicate rain in an afghan issues are discussed in beijing about the no internet for the country's leaders. and increased cases of assaults on women in egypt's tahrir square rule applied to female protesters whose hopes for democratic change is a fading this is a missed strive to take a grip on power. the next an exclusive interview with the lebanese interior minister he gives his outlook on how the bloodshed in syria could play out for the entire region.
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well again a so i love the lebanon is affected by internal tensions and we do not conflict or decisions related to security issues are made. by other countries so how can you talk about security in lebanon. little bit of lebanon securitized doesn't depend on lebanon alone politically and in terms of security and lebanon depends on external factors as well that the people of lebanon have close religious and family ties with neighboring states. is that an alternative to. the corner and that has to be an alter what is even smaller countries than lebanon has just external influence a conflict also what you think about the conflict between the shia and sunni. about fitness and in one hundred seventy four and seventy five we had a conflict but i.


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