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tv   [untitled]    June 8, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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come back to our new center here in moscow top stories now at home past the hour the u.n. urges both the syrian regime and the rebels to lay down arms to prevent the country from sliding into a full scale civil war this comes as you and observers are visiting the site of the latest massacre near the city of hama. a big day for european football as the euro twenty twelve tournament kicks off the third player has been dealt a blow with boycotts over human rights abuses and claims of racism was recently from the dutch national team. and eurozone experts predict spain could ask for a bailout as soon as the seeming that is e.u.
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powerhouses try to keep the single currency afloat one irish town is banking on the past to turn a profit. but that's it for me and the news team here in moscow will be back with more for you know half an hour from now in the meantime back to washington d.c. where the show takes on america's financial woes. technology innovation all the developments around the world we've got the future covered. all right guys it's been nearly nine months since the movement that became known as the occupy wall street movement first started in new york with hundreds and then thousands of people taking over new york city's ducati park since then it has
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spread nationally and internationally as change the discussion about the state of the economy and the system in this country that i think it's safe to say benefits those at the top and keeps those at the bottom while at the bottom those involved have always called it a leaderless movement critics call it a bunch of dirty hippies with no direction but some of the more friendly critics they hate your messages about the ninety nine percent versus the one percent about a broken system and about inequality are good but now it's time to do something about it well one man plans to do just that joining me from our studio in new york is george martinez a candidate for the u.s. house of representatives in new york's a seventh congressional district hey there george thanks for being on the show i guess i want to talk to you first a little bit about your campaign and how you plan to implement some of those occupy messages if you're elected. without question well thanks for having me. the premise of what my candidacy represents is that we can build the people's
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machine to be able to compete with the corporately controlled party machines and so it's not just that i'm running and that i'm a qualified candidate it's that we're building from within the occupied model of empowering autonomous communities structures to begin to deliberate local problems begin to distribute local resources in a form of building a direct democracy engine and the ring my candidacy and the perspective of service as a congress person to that deliberative body and so as part of the diversity of tactics we're encouraging that people bring issue literacy and direct actions to bear on affecting outcomes of election and we call our direct action bum rush the vote george and you have to forgive me because i just got back from wisconsin that late last night i was covering the recall election there and i know part of bum rush the vote is as you say it's about. putting the power back in the people and not in the
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corporations but guess what an election was won and i think a lot of it had to do with money and with with a lot of money given to a candidate and i think it's very idealistic to say you know let's do this grassroots style let's give the power to the people but in reality how can you deliver. well they cause one point two million dollars on average for a congressional candidate see my campaign prove the concept by getting by being the first occupy wall street activists organizer to get on a major party primary ballot in the united states of america with just under five hundred dollars raise that point so the promise of getting money out of politics is critical but the power of the citizenry is to control politics without money in the first place the recall vote definitely expose the eight to one if not more spending from the power of the corporations the republican party in the super pacs as the as
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the defeated the recall but another underlying tone that happened that we should analyze is we part of the fear is to build the horizontal grassroots movement of labor not only just labor unions but labor in terms of all workers building the grassroots horizontal strategy the strategy that's occupy i think that gives us a proof of concept that we can compete directly against the power of the corporations and let's talk a little bit about occupy wall street movement i know that this was on thought up sort of encouraged by that canadian magazine adbusters who basically you know put something in their magazine last summer two thousand and eleven and said hey everyone go take over wall street on september seventeenth. get huge for a while there but george i want to put something up on the screen now adbusters is changing its tune a little bit it says occupy wall street is burned out of money out of ideas seduced
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by salaries comfy offices book deals old lefty cash and minor celebrity status some of the most prominent early heroes of our leaderless uprising are losing the edge that catalyzed at last year's one thousand and kampman i guess i just want to get your response to that yeah. i didn't go to zuccotti park because of ad busters call lots of folks from new york city people from the hood if you will we didn't come because of an ad busters call what we did was we came because there was a moment of transformational hopefulness where people who are normally disconnected from each other people who are normally separated because of race class ethnicity gender whatever the differences were that we were moved that we found each other so i didn't go because there was a call from adbusters i came because something was happening in my city but what do you think especially if your age that that the person i know you may you and
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thousands of others didn't go because of adbusters but what do you think it was that ad sort of put this in their magazine to start with and encouraged in the name they're now saying that it fizzling down that it's lost that you know. the two things that the direct response to that is you can't kill an idea and another world is possible we are moving not because of any one leader and if it's a leaderless movement. a call from a leader. or ad agency is not the totality of what the movement represents it's broader so the name occupy could dissipate clearly but the call the singular call to get the corporate financing out of our the corporate corruption out of our electoral process reclaiming our democratic institutions at the hands of the people has not changed i don't think it's going anywhere and it's part of our
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direct action as part of the tapestry of the diversity of tactics we tend to bum rush to vote and hold the democratic party and all of the parties accountable who have failed to eliminate the corruptive influence of corporate dollars and george real quick run without a time spring is here is beautiful outside in new york in d.c. this is when we expected to see the occupy movement come back what do you expect what can we think. what we saw in maybe forty thousand plus people in new york city and most of the mainstream news hadn't really covered it but what we're seeing every day or smaller actions growing into crescendos of issue literacy and awareness so i expect that over the course of this summer time you see more folk reaching out to communities not in centralized places like zuccotti but in neighborhoods where people live galvanizing around local issues and building a grassroots movement i expect that you should see some strong presence in tampa
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for the republican national convention and moving on all the way through to the democratic national convention and intend to continue to raise the streets and rock block by block and city by city now right occupy wall street member george martinez who is running for the u.s. house of representatives in new york seventh congressional district thanks so much . all the time for show and tell on tonight's program earlier this week we wanted to get your take on what's happening in wisconsin and the financial influences that saved scott walker in the recall election and we wanted to know if you thought money played a big a role so let's go to producer patrice in a sense a to find out what you had to say. i'm of the streets of d.c. to tell people the nation's capital what our viewers had to say on twitter and facebook and you tube and see which comments we should keep orderly. but. how big of a role do you think that money played in the wisconsin elections greg on twitter
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wrote in to say big labor played more of a role in this election than anything but do you think i think money probably played a huge role in this election but labor unions have been losing power so it's kind of tough to know to me and to so many others it's not the number one priority i'm more interested in the defeat of the union position because i think the unions are very relevant today and they need to come up to tune with what's going on in terms of the realities and the well get up on smell the coffee miles said of course money played a huge role in wisconsin elections i doubt it influenced voting i'm sure influence voting money always does the money always you know the more money you spend the more you reach the audience and it encourages more people to just actually go out and vote match on twitter he says it has everything to do with every election i do believe that the money had to roll in the who was elected according to the wall street journal sixty three million dollars are spent on both sides of the election regardless of how much money was spent in the end people of wisconsin voted for
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saving money on the cost of government employees from the banks of. the. thank you as always for your responses and here's our next question for you earlier in the show we talked with lauren lyster about ben bernanke is testimony on the hill today while he was there he called on congress to step up and do some heavy lifting by acting on the spending cuts and tax hikes so we want to know what you think should congress take some of the financial burden off of the fed let us know what you think on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make it on air. well as we've been saying throughout the show alona is in providence rhode island at the seventh annual net roots nation conference with seventy panels and thirty training sessions the purpose of the truth is to educate stimulate and inspire america's next generation of progressive leaders is being dubbed a revolution on the left past guests have included then senator barack obama hillary
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clinton al gore nancy pelosi and harry reid so what does the conference have in store for this year we've managed to snag alone for a few moments if she can fill us in on what's happening this year and what we can expect for tomorrow's show straight from the conference itself a there alona. hey christine well yeah we have been very very busy all day but it's been a fun day in our meeting it we're running into a lot of people out here that we know whether it be bloggers or fans a lot of people coming out and telling us that they love the show they love what we do and so they're happy they were here and making our presence known to you but i got to admit today is a little bit slow you don't see as many people as at least i expected and so i keep trying to get a pulse from the organizers from other journalists that are here as to whether they think that maybe this year some of the energy is just dying down a little bit but everybody assures me that tomorrow friday is the big day and that's when it's really going to be jam packed but yeah you're right in the sense that this is about having panels having discussions and getting people to engage
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and activism and so we see a lot of occupiers that are in fact on a lot of panels this year talking about how it is that they're supposed to work within the two party system. yes progress is engaged talking about the foreclosure crisis and then there's kind of a weird dilemma here too in the sense that there are a few occupiers that are local from occupy providence and they showed up outside for a little bit they stood on the street than the rain started to pour and then they left and so a really weird dichotomy here between the occupiers that have made it inside the conference that are on the panels and those that are still kind of stuck outside but you know tomorrow we'll be having an entire show for you from what we filmed who we're talking to here in providence i mean that's really good stuff in store including some occupiers that we've spoken to are going to have some discussions about the federal reserve there is a great local bar here called murphy's let us go inside and film our happy hour at the bar right so finally we got some real drinks in case any of the fans out there were wondering and so we've got a lot in store for you alone i'm very jealous as
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a frequent guest on happy hour i think that we should encourage our bosses here to let us do that here in d.c. there are plenty of good bars nearby appreciate you're inside and you're going to bring us a lot. of years network net roots is often called the c pocket for the left so i'm sure you'll get some great stuff out of there so and make sure to watch alone it tomorrow. thanks. well coming up after the break one fox news personality tries to keep islamophobia alive in america details in tonight's tool time segment and then on the hour herman cain has a new gig and there's a campaign to boycott groupon will explain why when we return.
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i'm sure all of our got a story are out about this crazy lady with a convertible that honk for the bridge that every time she. was on death row for nineteen years right there. he said i don't know what that might say. oh society has condemned these people as less than human it is necessary to punish crime everything we do to punish crime is unpleasant. but it needs to be done nobody wants to be linked to the nazis but the historical antecedents of the american death penalty today come in large part from the nazis and the saddest part is the state of texas gets their way and they
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execute him and i won't be allowed to touch him until after he's dead he's my only son that any time i leave the house i ride in my horn and he keeps telling me they can't hear me in there because it's all cinder blocks and concrete but i still honk everytime i go by. i won't be there i will not witness the killing month for. my. right of time for tonight's tool time award and we're giving it to a well known face over on fox news eric bolling co-host of fox news a segment the five he gave his input when they were talking about a lawsuit filed by muslim advocates over the n.y.p.d. as domestic spying program we told you in the past about the a.p. investigation which revealed that new york law enforcement was spying on muslim
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students around the state as well as conducting muslim surveillance in the neighboring state of new jersey well there in the fox segment several members of the panel seem to think that the n.y.p.d. was in the right for their surveillance except for political analyst juan williams when williams suggested the muslims had valid reasoning for a lawsuit against the n.y.p.d. eric bolling strongly disagreed well that's not fair to people in the muslim community most of whom are not terrorists it is fair to say that when we have a lead we will conduct surveillance search how is it that everywhere our house every terrorist on american soil has been a muslim not a lead. all right lots of eric right there because he's actually arguing that every terrorist here in the u.s. has been a muslim now obama city bomber timothy mcveigh is obviously the first person that comes to mind but there are so many more people post nine eleven who have committed acts of terrorism who are also not muslim what about the anthrax anthrax attacks in two thousand and one they were carried out by dr bruce ivans
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a microbiologist for the army's bio defense research center the f.b.i. never had a chance to charge him for sending the suspicious powder to senators and media outlets but a panel has determined that ivan's carried out the attacks after financing for his research on vaccines that was threatened or how about scott roeder accused of killing dr tiller in two thousand and nine in kansas for performing late term abortions there's also the case of andrew stack who flew his personal plane into an i.r.s. building in texas back in two thousand and ten he made no secret of his beef with the i.r.s. that americans tax system he hated them enough to kill himself and one of the two hundred people working inside and also injure several more and here in d.c. eighty nine year old white supremacist james von brunn planned and carried out an assault on the d.c. holocaust museum back in two thousand and nine james von brunn walked into the museum today started shooting before being shot by a security guard one security guard is dead is in critical condition at this hour von brunn has a criminal history and
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a racist history really against jews and minorities once calling america a quote third world racial garbage dump. those are just a few examples but you get the point they're all white americans not muslims who wanted to send their message to the public and that's not counting some of the young people who carried out school shooting acts of terror i think it can be argued at columbine virginia tech and elsewhere the young people behind these attacks also non muslim bowling statement about muslims being the only ones who commit an act of terrorism in the us is completely false there's plenty of facts to prove it are not hard to find but polling is perpetuating fox's message of islamophobia he joins other fox news faces and other media faces in general that want to keep the fear of muslims alive he wants people to think that the muslim community is the bad guy here i want to take a look at that if you didn't already see it in the new york post this shows those scary muslim terrorists building bombs as the new york police department sits
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outside asking the a.p. they would like to register a complaint come on this is a ridiculous and the facts back me up on this if anything hate groups and white supremacists are the ones who have been waging war on american soil soil not muslims so for perpetuating lies and trying to trying its best to make muslims the target of america's hate eric bolling is tonight's tool time winner. alright it's thursday and it's time for happy hour on tonight's show before we get to all of our good topics we just want to give everyone a heads up that alona will be doing happy hour from murphy's pub she'll be joined by david pacman and julia for a lot oh so you won't want to miss that let's get back here to d.c. and hey guys it's a ladies night joining me tonight producer adriano saddo and that is the money roll
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calls heard on the hill reporter the right guy has a what do you think of when i say nine nine nine herman cain herman came down six is how we are how we've missed him and guess what we want to miss him for of much longer because guess what he is back with a new radio show. these balls went on a profound prove allegations continue to be spin in the media. and then book cork. so as to create a crime go. all right so that was herman cain you may remember and he is suspending his campaign speech blaming the media guess what now he's going to be part of us do you think ok looking here are five happy to see that you can be part of the lame stream media or you know it you know if it is ten gallon hat i cannot wait damn because radio is right where you'd like to have video podcast or something where
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they can stream it like i am and i'm. just going to. i mean i'm curious to hear what he has to talk about and also who will be tuning in. i'll be. able not i'm going to say that right now and he's one of the most entertaining political figures of political figures of our time and i for one am excited to hear what he has since i always definitely a little sad when he dropped out let's move on now to the group absolutely ok so you know every day for those of you don't know you know groupon you get a message in your inbox saying you know today spend twenty dollars get fifty dollars at this restaurant or this spa you know whatever. a whole lot of whole lot of treats and specials morality in the media an organization stage their first ever boycott against groupon and they did that they launched this campaign because
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groupon was offering tours of a facility that sells torture and porn i think it's called kink and how they launched this campaign and in the months that followed twenty thousand people cancelled their memberships so they're saying this is a success but i want to say this the taiwanese news animators actually did a piece explaining. play it. group of law morality and media just. people one group on my. own time. my heart is amazing my favorite is that groupon is like now. like i like it it was the most amazing comeback just about the no one was. hot so then what do you value and people like that's going to hurt hurting since the super bowl right i think was
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a super bowl when they came out was super bowl commercials were fantastic i disagree with anybody. i love you have a moron in the media think that it's because of them because of their boycott that groupon has not been selling these you know kinky tours or whatever but they say you know it just it ebbs and flows and it's regional and it totally depends you tours but they all how do you know if exactly a little bit of that. right. i'm still going to say i'm not sure it was i'm not sure it was a boy and then much as well. guys campaign season i love it it makes my heart burst with energy every day and. last week i know that you might remember mitt romney's campaign got a little bit of negative attention because they made a little bit of a typo here's something to refresh your memory in case you forgot. well romney is getting some flack this morning for his new i phone app take a look at this we want to give you even a closer look as we took
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a screen grab just this morning you notice something wrong there the word america misspelled is. all right so. we're going to see joe or murphy all right so it turns out that that wasn't enough to sort of raise a red flag and make sure you know have mitt romney say you know let's make sure you know maybe they should get like the winning of the spelling bee to come work for him that haven't happened because guess what take a look i want to show you something. i think. if you look closely reagan the grandfather the godfather of the republican gardener they. misspelled do you think that will. say the right wingers if they continue to misspell it things like reagan and america i think this is this only going to the left and those of us who are smug laugh although our material dollar but you know spell check spell check either one of these times when i wrong it shouldn't be america or
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am not mostly right look at jay's right before he came here i finished i filed a story on pete hoekstra who's running for michigan seat and he was the one that did the other super bowl ad with the chinese lady in the race but anyway he felt reckless in his youtube political ad that went out today he was also the one that decided on the r. who was proposing the agency the birth. so there's just something going on with the republican copywriters brain trust is really failing us. i don't know i don't like my idea of having them hire the other would be child labor but those national spelling bee winner every one of them only going to go this is like six years old it was like a little adult maybe maybe it can be and turns maybe they can be interned so that was probably the that was why it was misspelled belle is probably going to turn and there was nobody. people guys sadly we're out of time so much to talk about so
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little time so that's going to do it for tonight show thanks for tuning in and make sure to come back tomorrow to tune in because a lot of will be alive from the net roots conference today she's treated that there's been a low turnout but everyone is assuring her that tomorrow will be jam packed so stay tuned and in the meantime don't forget to like the alone a show on facebook follow us on twitter and subscribe to our you tube channel and now you can check us out on hulu as well coming up next is the news.
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if. you. look. more news today violence has once again flared up look these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada.


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