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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2012 2:32pm-3:02pm EDT

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the rent is too damn high so mad thanks for joining me tonight and you know why do you think that is like i just said that we don't really hear a lot about monetary policy or debt and deficits interest rates when you're at a progressive conference like netroots but you know for a long time i think the federal reserve was doing its job fairly well and the economy was plodding along very stable ie you know for decades and so it sort of slipped out of view people start to think of it is very arcane because like all policy you know it's a little complicated so a little technical but it sort of completely fell off the political agenda and people are only now just starting to remember that this institution is probably the most powerful force shaping the labor market and so in that sense you know one of the things we keep hearing about this election in november is it's going to be a referendum on president obama's economic policies what about ben bernanke is policy is you know do we need a referendum on the fed chairman as well but i mean exactly we should the primary institution that's responsible for sort of stabilizing the economy for fighting unemployment things like that is the federal reserve not something that the
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president the congress deal with directly and we've lost a little bit of sight of that but the president has also lost sight of it he spent a long time not nominating members for the fed board he simply reappointed the guy he did parroted from george w. bush didn't sort of deliver change in that front and he's paying the price for it do you think that ben bernanke he has sway over president obama meaning written about this in more of a historical perspective we want to talk about the relationship between clinton and greenspan right where greenspan had this ability to almost issue threats is going to have that at all i mean he may you know it was very clear at the beginning of the clinton administration that alan greenspan wanted deficit and he wanted deficit reduction as the price for sort of monetary policy that would fight unemployment whether that same thing is happening now we can't really know but it seems like it may be one factor that motivates the white house for sort of deficit reduction. in that sense i mean if you look. the economy right now it's just not good news
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anywhere right we had another horrible jobs report for the month of may if you look at europe and what's happening unemployment is at record highs not only that we're seeing growth slow in india we're seeing growth slow in china and russia as well so . what do you think is in store for the global economy well you know it's a very rocky situation and we saw a testimony this week from central bankers in europe in the united states where they've looked at this slowing growth they said you know it's a problem it's really bad but they don't really say that we're going to do anything that they don't quite seem willing to sort of step on the gas and try to help stabilize things even though everyone agrees that the world economy is moving down . but ben bernanke testimony he says that that they're ready to act if need be right finally someone is saying that we need to pay attention to what's going on in europe but i want to work in the fed really do it right if interest rates are already at zero is another round of quantitative easing really going to do more than perhaps provide or you know a really temporary boost to the markets well i think the kind of quantitative
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easing that they've done has had a big impact but there's a lot that you can do and it has to do with influencing expectations of the future and try to make a clear statement that he wants to see economy with more demand and if that produces a little bit of inflation if you have millions of unemployed people go get jobs and start commuting to work and start moving out from their parents' basements you know gasoline prices will go up rents will go up and the federal reserve needs to say that they're ok with that that that's a healthy sign of covering the economy and that will help give a boost to investment in real estate to investment in expanded production and really could accomplish a great deal but they haven't been willing to take that step but do you think that people have become a little bit too dependent on central bankers i mean obviously we still have this attitude of too big to fail on wall street if you think about it and i mean same thing and i know that the markets are volatile you can't necessarily base everything on how the stocks are reacting rad day but as ben bernanke gives a press. and then suddenly everything shoots back up after everybody was worried
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about spain yesterday let's say well exactly but i mean that's a sign of central bank failure you know monetary policy is always important but when it's being done correctly it doesn't move markets because people just expect it to be done correctly and so the banks the financial system wall street is all looking for other things that are outside the system it's because they haven't been consistently doing their job well there were instead always sort of on the edge of our seats trying to see what's you going to say it ought to be boring unfortunately it's become too and. too interesting i mean that's interesting because we were we are in this era where you know the federal reserve used to be something that was kind of a mystery because it had lacked any transparency for most americans now we at least got some audits when it came to who they bailed out and how much money they gave to them now you have ben bernanke giving press conferences these teaching lectures that are posted on line is this a new era of the fed is the fagot in trying to be cool i mean you also have this kind of ron paul wave of people that are really interested in abolishing the fed
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but nonetheless they're at least talking about it wouldn't these mean response to taking a lot of criticism has been to try to become more open to become public to teach these college classes to speak more and you know that's nice but the main reason he came in for all this criticism is that the state of the economy is so bad and which really want a central banker who doesn't effective job of stabilizing demand which point no one cares about or you know criticism is limited to some cranes you know a couple of press conferences can't make up for years of mass unemployment i want to go back to something you say i mean part of the problem here is that we have an economy where demand is of course an issue where we do have this fun employed generation that's now living with their parents how do you put that into perspective with you know what it is that you write about too in terms of the rent being too damn high for going to live in cities and how you know commuting everything really stalls our ability to grow i mean it's a huge problem if you look even now in a depressed economy in a very let down. construction market is so lots of places words it's really
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expensive and if you were allowed to throw up some more apartment buildings in the san francisco area in the new york area around austin you know people would live in the price of housing and major american cities is through the roof and we have the ability to build more houses for people but a lot of times people say you know they want to block renters from coming into their neighborhood but they don't like it if young people move into lower income people and so they've zone people out of a lot of these desirable neighborhoods and you know it's a long term problem but it plays into our short term how does that play into housing which if you ask me is the most. underdeveloped farther we nobody talks about how that affects our economy and why we're still in this right there right now you know it's linked in we had for the past several decades sort of policy around the idea of homeownership and inflated home values as a way to sort of build wealth into building we all to see it as part of the cost of living that you know people need to be able to afford
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a house to live in to have kids and to fit their family into and it's not a source of wealth to have houses be expensive and then to have people borrowing against the houses and taking out these mortgages and that sort of process it ran aground but we haven't yet built that kind of that new housing economy that's built around you know just having enough space for it and the meantime i guess you and i we both live in d.c. and it's not a cheap city so we're just going to have to keep paying rent there's way too damn high all right that the way it is thanks so much for joining us tonight from slate and author also author friends through them i think one of the big things here at the net roots nation conference is that it's about activism we want to know how to get young people specifically if you ask me engaged in politics or whatever it is that their cause is and one of the ways you can do that especially these days with this generation is by using technology and so today we have a very cool guest who's got a company called loud sun so this is com i'm sure who is the founder of loud soft.
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so con i guess to start off by telling us what that is i mean a definite interesting name but it doesn't tell me much yeah i thought i think it's funny the name actually came from a crowdsourcing thing but it kind of means the sauce that makes things louder i think you know allowed sauce is a way for crowds of people to raise money specifically for buying advertising space for things that are under promoted in the culture so it could be for political causes it could be for nonprofit organizations but basically you know set a goal of like five hundred dollars a thousand dollars spread the word among your friends and then if the goal is reached then will actually put an ad on national t.v. or put up a billboard or you know have a make a video that by media for a video that actually reaches people that wouldn't see it on facebook or twitter it was a that's far i mean how often does it happen that aside from when you pass along to your friends it becomes this advertising campaign that people can actually see out at the time that i would say reach the most people was in october where that occupy wall street movement was kind of you know happening and somebody made a thirty second video on the streets of new york somebody found it put out loud
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saucier is six thousand dollars on a life less than a week and then we were able to air a national t.v. and even aired on fox news of all places and that because of the moment of that it also had a huge amount of earned media was on t.v. the story itself was interesting and i think that's what's what's amazing about the time we live in is that the social media in these very powerful for like organic spread but then when money's involved it becomes even more interesting like regular people are spending money to try to buy advertising for things they care about it's sort of like mainstream media is interested in that story it's and so you get this kind of double hit of like earned media plus bought media to reach not just like a you know the few hundred people in your network but actually millions of people for the ads and to get the word out there and you know i think it's really important but can you i mean do you consider yourself a competitor to the big advertising firms out there because i feel like every step of the way when you see some kind of a new project when you see progress yes he's usually trying to block it. i mean for
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that you know whether it be on capitol hill where else it is the bank industry they don't want competitors so for i don't think we're really competitive i think eventually perhaps it might be seen as i think actually much of the t. shirt i had we made is you know cut out the mad men which is more in that spirit of like you know let's actually tax the the advertising industry but i think realistically the advertising is going to say stick around forever there's money to be spent there trying to reach people but i think allows horses is a sort of creating is a new. customer of advertising like people who never have traditionally thought of even using the media or just regular people artists musicians will start to actually realize they can spend money in strategic ways to use everything so in some respects the advertisers will be happy there's even more money being spent on advertising for like a new a new we're creating even additional market ok but then you hit upon something where you want to talk about advertising there's always money to be spent but is there necessarily money to be made for her firm like yourself and if you look at
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what's going on in silicon valley right now with so many of these tech companies house on that worry you want to talk about the five i suddenly everyone's wondering if there's a bubble if there's a really old value when a because you got so mad that what comes next yeah well i would respond by saying that most of the infrastructure around technology and advertising that's been built over the last twenty years with silicon valley is very specific about what optimizing targeting for for the people that are already spending money and you know facebook's the the epitome of creating a free service that for users is free except we give up all of our information so that they were going to be targeted by advertising and that's mostly the carmyle that's not going away time soon but i think what we're doing is actually completely different we're saying like forget all these like crazy millions of companies that are all trying to optimize for targeting for this let's go from like one side which is the advertisers to the audience we're saying let's just talk to the audience and let the audience start. to actually target themselves like in some respects the
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audience is best positioned to understand what the audience wants and so if we actually start to give some of that power of targeting and advertising it and open that process up in the same way that in the internet is now for so many industries i think that a higher percentage of the online population will start to realize whoa maybe we can reach you know my people like my mom in ohio or people like my uncle. a person of faith in mississippi and instead of only like the big boys trying to target messages we conserve begin to understand how we reach each other i mean look this is this is further down the road but i think actually we have a chance to really you know reduce the amount of spending and wasteful spending happening out of ties and so that what's actually what the media of our times is being used for is more things that people actually value and finance them and how important our young people and to this entire equation that you know people like you know myself to even really relate to the general kind of advertising and
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carrying her i mean i feel like there's a lot of pressure turning family out of pharmaceutical commercials that are out there but you know but what about here not what about younger generations they just don't care and i feel like you know whatever's out there in the mainstream meanings to writing and then aren't you know it doesn't relate to people like yeah i think you're right that you know that the old ways of marketing in terms of the old school t.v. ads and the arlo working lossless effects when i think that's why there's i think young people are more attuned to like authenticity in culture that you know because we've been exposed to so much advertising we were young we sort of are more media literate that young people are then the average like sixty year old and so we kind of see through the. color of the balls of advertising and so that's why i think there's a chance for something like allows us to succeed is that we're not trying to promote stuff just because we want to make money for some company like this is about promoting authentic mulcher and so i think that young people are critical to this because young people are the ones that. so we are able to generate high quality
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videos themselves like they know that's a no they don't have to do it really do it yeah and they also have the networks on the shared trust to be able to say hey guys this is worth chipping in twenty five bucks so that we can help reach people that are not our friends but i think that it fits more and more clearly with the culture that's rising right now online you know they want they want to just promote social cause they're promote their cool friend that's doing some kickstarter project or there their friend that has a company on etsy that's selling interesting stuff like those guys don't do any advertising right now i could be in some way to be more and want to marry you know a very interesting idea and i guess that's what this place is for right is to come up with these new ideas and share them so much learn about loud thoughts thanks so much for joining us and thanks so much. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought
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you knew you don't know i'm tom parker was a big picture. down the official on t. hopefully keisha. called touch from the top story. which all she lives on the go. video on demand. gold coast's and on as just feet now with the palm of your. question. dot com. hi guys it is time for happy hour and tonight we're doing our happy hour here at murphy's bar in providence rhode island we're here for the net roots nation conference and joining me this evening for happy hour first next to me i have nato green comedian who's also got a new album out called the. nato green party then we have giuliani for law no post
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absurdity today also comedian and david batman who you guys know host of the david paquin show so let's get started for get started nato seem to be in favor of control just for me here you have to turn to when i go you work on the no if you consider what a gentleman i think you know. ok guys so people are going crazy over something that president obama said while he was at another fundraiser at the home of the creator of glee and they're trying to decide if they think it may have been a sex joke or not he basically was talking about push ups between michelle obama and elena generous and said i want to thank my wonderful friend who accept a little bit of teasing about michelle beating her in push ups but i think she claims michelle didn't go all the way down and that's what i heard when we set the record straight michelle outdoes me in push ups as well and so some people are trying to decide if the president made a little a little you know b.j. joe talking about going all the way down what do you think i think it's about time
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you made it i think what it is for the whole entire presidency i mean let's do a little with b.j. just probably a sexual double entendres all the time you know the stimulus package is what we're talking about missile is that all the stuff there's probably a lot more of these where you know they get i think i'll just give you and i know i have missiles stimulus. that obama has just for you are do you go over to the well you know. these are already in the freezer so he's. ok i don't mean that joke he probably did i don't think i would probably didn't make that joke is that mean and let's not talk about the first lady that way. but who knows i think it's unfair to fade at the low point because people are so obviously desperate for the president to make a joke. our next story here there are a lot of stupid criminals out there i think we find this out all the time. and the
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story isn't it's not funny because someone got hurt you know i mean these two people are being investigated. for perhaps strangling this nineteen year old girl but it is the things that were found on their computers and what they were asking which makes them seem like a stupid criminal that or for example some of the questions are what's on those rags that make people pass out another question could you kill someone in their sleep and no one would think it was you and that of course there was thirteen ways to poison someone on paper basically just certainly leave their posts and everything of the out already spread out and on their computer are they viewed as tragically kids today have to go to. get my do we have a lot of the dewey decimal system where you go to the library we would open up starbucks we knew where the burger and people such and it was you actually had to do some work to just sort of went to yahoo why not google without you having to
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make so they were using the whole to visit they use are you going to trust me yahoo answers as an abduction which does seem a little outdated laws because though a lot of those questions they're just internet truly right i mean the questions are just put up there just to see what happens if you have to assume not everybody who actually asked one of these questions is really planning and killing some no but these good idea or not yeah i would hope not well we know we don't know because there's an investigation that is going on but they're accused of strangling in one thousand year old for drug money but this so clearly they didn't get the answers that they wanted about the chloroform clearly they didn't find out when you look at a rapid fire killing you have to do so so it was. you know are just going to go to a place of things besides just how you which is the fastest way to find a kill so what is it just tells us how inaccurate some of these yahoo answers are right because if you're searching for how to kill someone you get we would strangle you use definitely not on that list of you reach my. that's right fingerprints
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because that would be all you know it is yeah it's definitely not on the list so they if they're guilty are horrible people and they also don't know how to use the internet properly you know it's just sad i guess that this is what people spend their time doing online a way to get away with it is just. very good very good. very good maybe that would have been maybe they would have been found out how things better passwords how to better protection system online and lately we've seen a lot of leaks right recently linked in profiles i think there were some dating web site that got leaked to and so here's a piece on the atlantic where they're asking if it's the end of the password as we know it because this guy who invented the five crepes back in one nine hundred ninety five his name is pending camp he just wrote his personal blog saying that the entire system he created is obsolete that people need to create new cars were
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systems a lot more protections. that tell you right because we do see passwords being leaked all the time yeah and you know i think even though people should shouldn't be the first day i actually know people still have their birth date as the middle name and things like that so if you just eliminate those i think that number's. way way down. they kind of deserve it know if they're putting their birthday on still kind of i'm assuming you're saying that the entire concert system i mean i'm assuming that what he's saying here is that you can still have a different password for every possible new use if you have that kind of incredible memory but it's just a crappy so what are they going to do and so i stands you know what i'm going to raise the issues to. you try being circular jersey with number two because it was wrong this is empty five krypsis i mean there's all kinds of he needs so there's a strong word grambling are going to take you where they are a little above my head but i would hope the people who are creating fall. no
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they're talking about retiring because there's a lot of emerson's a lot of what ampersands ok if you go to one hundred keyboard and you know there's a real good at it in the end so i work those into my grassroots thanks for letting us know you know this is a national show you know. if anybody was ready i did not mean i'm pretty sure they gave you an invitation is necessary to have manners. if you're going. to nose ring and preserve it yeah that's true it's true here's what you have to say about this one. we live in a war all over there is a lot of you know materialism really how you look becomes very important maybe a little less so in washington d.c. believe me i live in washington d.c. but i'm from l.a. and you know it's a tough town in that sense but it turns out that recent conflicts surgery statistics show that there are thirty seven percent fewer americans who got nose
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jobs in two thousand and eleven than there were in two thousand so nose jobs are on the decline however they're on the rise in certain groups like hispanic and asian americans and some people i mean this is just the bells taking they're saying this means that if you are jewish girls are getting nose jobs you know hearing about this or that is also that's why i say the less the fewer nose jobs the better but is it true for you so much more people have jobs are. getting there are obviously confident things an economy thing they have to pick like with a hard job somebody who doesn't need to do if it is that you know in tough economic times maybe you're not going to think that that nose job or that timing is really the most important thing to spend your money on it's a recession so it sort of the district maybe they'll have like a living social deal where you can get your nose job for like a like a cheap for a month or something five thirty or it's something that worked for him when he died i want to look at him to live up to living with. us you know if you're. on
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a music always be it but also it's probably that those are kind of turning the exotic looking women that are becoming more and more popular pop culture maybe some of these women don't have someone on t.v. their nose will eat too and they think of it as a trick if it is going to change because of the no this is or it's all because that's a very exciting answer that's very well thought out i think if i was just thinking that maybe we could open up like a like a quickie service like a place where people can go get all their plastic surgery needs done by the public eye cancer surgery something you know something like that you just drive and get everything done all in one place make. our guys before iraq get up here too i'm kind of curious i was going to talk about more zombies because it just seems like every day there's an insomnia story that is out there and it's freaking me out and i think that it's creepy know what's happening in the world but you know any thoughts on the net roots of what's going on here and think of all zombies. totally
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zombies or i think there's a wealth of consumption in the media between cannibal and zombie recently because really noticed that in a lot of these stories it seems like all of a sudden cannibalism the sense through their receding into different things lansley i don't know these people are actually zombie in something because they're not that's not their natural not a living dead real thing as far as we know i think it's it's discrimination it's so i think because to me singing energy out of those give i think so or even something for their. part of your life a lot of what you should do experts who are finally getting the truth because it's a little bizarre because it isn't like finally someone will so don't want to have to say the next week on sunday i guess it shows you how far we've come though if you want to talk about you know the news and when they've actually talked about things like this as a zombie apocalypse and that's the effect of these this it has an interesting regular apocalypse isn't enough like a zombie apocalypse because we've got to be the next makes big big thing our guys i
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got to wrap it up by nato giuliana david thank you it's so much for joining us tonight this was fun. soon much brighter than if you move monsoon from funds to pressure.
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for instance on t.v. don't come.
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moscow says there's no alternative to the un envoy peace plan in syria with both sides to blame for the violence as russia proposes an international conference to resolve the conflict. spain confirms it will last for up to one hundred billion euros to help the country's beleaguered banks after emergency talks with the eurozone ministers. rushing to start up a wins the french open crown marking a victory in four grand slams. around the clock around the world international news and comment live from moscow russia says it will not let the u.n. security council sanction military action in syria foreign minister sergey lavrov has said external players
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a provoking the syrian opposition to continue fighting despite kofi annan peace plan with the country now on the brink of a full scale civil war. has the details russia wants to see a peaceful solution chaves through negotiations to. in syria. said that russia wouldn't accept any measures put through the united nations that could leave will be interpreted to allow any kind of outside military intervention so beloved rove saying that kofi annan six point peace plan was still the only viable option for the government must in syria mustn't be blamed totally thoughts happening in the country and said that the rebels have some responsibility to shoulder as well. when we hear reports of another massacre in syria and other atrocities almost daily many international media outlets want to put the blame entirely on assad the government to do.


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