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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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from steve. starts on t.v. dot com. the un says it's observer mission in syria will not resume due to the escalating violence while nato condemns damascus for downing a turkish fighter jet. glad to hear putin calls for a diplomatic resolution on a nuclear iran and restraint between israelis and palestinians russia's president currently on the last leg of his middle east mediation tour. arab spring countries could be turning into militant training ground as the u.k.'s top spy warns of a new terror threat. eleven
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pm in moscow i met très a good to have you with us here on r t our top story the un's observer mission in syria won't resume the u.n. peacekeeping chief says it's too dangerous for monitors to restart their operations the mission was halted ten days ago because of rising violence let's get the latest from artie's marine important to us live new york so marina where does this leave kofi annan peace plan. well at this point the u.n. peacekeeping chief of a lot sue did brief the security council behind closed doors saying that the mission in syria could restart at any point. in this circumstance hour by hour the situation in syria is just too dangerous to have the observers resume activities in this of course is coming as the u.n. peacekeeping chief as i mentioned and other officials from the u.n. have been working on the mission in syria for more than two months now it was on
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june sixteenth that the head of syria's mission suspended all activities citing the violence and dangers rising in syria and left the three hundred unarmed un observers very weak in critical circumstance and disadvantage in syria and that's why. the mission was suspended according to the mission's chief general robert mood . deserve a shot at at least ten times and at least nine. suffered some bullets so right now it's a very dangerous circumstance of courting to u.n. officials and we saw those dangers dropped recently fresh clashes breaking out between syria's a lead to republican guard and rebels on the outskirts of damascus those clashes breaking out tuesday morning according to reports at least six people were killed
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this is just an example of why the u.n. believes it's too dangerous to have this mission resume at this moment but in an effort of course to quell the violence to resume kofi annan six point peace plan there will be an international action type of conference taking place in geneva on saturday at least that's what. being scheduled this is an initiative that was put forth by russia and the un. joint envoy kofi annan on it will include members of the security council the permanent members as well as european countries and also countries that have an influence on all parties in syria countries specifically such as iran qatar and saudi arabia now mr coffee and on the special envoy for the circumstance in syria said that he has made it clear that iran should be part of the solution because iran has
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a relationship with syria russia also believes that iran should take part in this meeting the western countries have been critical of that move but russian ambassador to the u.n. batali churkin addressing the media just a few hours ago say it's not just critical for for countries to take part in the meeting but they also need to stop any acts of provocation including arming the opposition in syria let's take a listen to what he had to say but we need to get together and. let's be serious let's be serious. you know national selfish agendas in the context of syria have not worked the only thing which they have generators of for the aggravation of the situation of growing growing while and so if it's time to get serious and to make sure that we will exercise all leverage on whether we can exercise leverage in syria in order to revert to the implementation of course.
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russia's foreigners foreign minister sergei lavrov has already said that he has accepted the invitation from joint special envoy kofi annan for the upcoming international conference on syria and other countries said that they have also received the invitation of the u.s. has not made it clear yet whether they will be attending or not but the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice says that washington has received the invitation and maria we hear there's another conflict brewing between syria and turkey over this down turkish fighter jet nato even held an emergency closed door meeting in brussels what's come out of. well what's come out of it is that nato has publicly condemned syria over downing turkey's plane and the head of nato said that he hopes the situation wouldn't escalate any further however nato did stop short. of claiming
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or deeming the circumstance an armed attack against turkey this is according to what many people are saying is what turkey was actually. hoping to receive from this meeting because if nato were to have considered it an armed attack on syria an unarmed tucked against turkey went when downing its plane then it could have put nato in a position where it could have struck strike struck back at syria that did not happen it seems by all accounts that's what turkey wanted in the aftermath of the meeting that turkey turkey's prime minister said that the rules of engagement with syria have changed and now any military element that approaches turkey's border from syria or poses any security risk will be regarded as a threat and treated as a military target so clearly this is not easing
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a very tense situation already taking place in syria for more than sixteen months now you have attentions even mounting between syria and turkey so this international meeting scheduled for saturday can't take place soon enough. for us in new york thanks for that update. let's discuss more on this with dr kevin barrett an author and radio talk show host based in wisconsin so do you think there's any chance that kofi don's peace plan can still work. well matt i hope so it's not looking too good but there's really no alternative i mean what else well could we possibly do to get a resolution of the situation in syria serious internal political complexity is such that there's simply no way that violence can possibly create a stable situation so i think it really has to back down from the tension around this fight or shoot down incident and get serious about peace or russia says it's
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time the countries who have stakes in syria put their agendas and plans aside and seriously work to find a solution do you think that will happen. well i hope so i am concerned that people are trying to take advantage of the excitement around this fighter jet shoot down incident it had all the earmarks of a typical kind of war orchestration event typically when powers not to go to war they orchestrate or take advantage of a public relations incident or stunts and plane shoot downs are one of them in fact we had a situation in turkey just a few years ago where there was an attempted military coup d'etat which was going to use a fake plane shoot down to trigger war or tension between turkey and greece as well as a coup d'etat in turkey and i think the turkish people remember this which is why the turkish people are not stampeding into war with syria. so it does appear that the danger period may have passed and that we may be back on track for negotiations and i do think that russia is playing
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a very constructive role in this area now many saw turkey dragging nato into this dispute with syria as a sign of some kind of military action could happen but nato has shown restraint here do you think that military action is entirely off the table. well i hope so again typically in these situations the people who want war try to use a sort of very immediate inflammation of people's emotions around in this case the shoot down of the plane to rally public opinion for war and now we're several days past that point and i think that things are starting to move back towards a state of normalcy clearly the turkish people never wanted war maybe some of the turkish government did i hope i hope they didn't but the turkish people according to polls oppose intervention in syria by more than a two thirds majority and want the government to play a more balanced role now nato is described syria's downing of the turkish plane as
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brings in an disproportionate do you agree. well it's hard to say it's just very very difficult to know what really happens when you have this kind of incident with a very fast moving plane shoot down who knows whether it was a provocation. some time shoot down actually or staged or invited. of course syria is paranoid about its borders right now because turkey is allowing nato countries to arm these rebels and when countries are very concerned or fearful about what's going on right across their borders when people are arming terrorists to come into the countries and really we could have a then be off and we'll get out here tension hair trigger alert and that seems to be what may have happened with the syrians all right thanks for your time dr kevin barrett an author and radio talk show host in wisconsin thank you. president vladimir putin says the stalemate over iran's nuclear program should be resolved
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diplomatically while on his middle east mediation torrie also said he believed there was a will both among israelis and palestinians toward a peaceful solution party's policy or has more. the russian president is now in jordan where he is missing with the jordanian king abdullah they have discussed the story israeli palestinian negotiations at the same time issues of regional importance that include iran and syria earlier he was in the palestinian city of bethlehem where he met with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas topping their agenda was the issue of the israeli palestinian negotiations that have seen no breakthrough for more than three years following that meeting and said that the talks had been frank had been productive he said that russia and palestine held very similar positions when it came to regional and international concerns he also said that the talks were supportive of the tele still in position which is mainly that of a two state solution and that russia supported this position which it saw as being
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very responsible he wound down any kind of human lateral action by either side saying that it was counterproductive he said that they had discussed various ways of overcoming the crisis in the palestinian authority at the same time he said that both israelis and palestinians need to show restraint and on a prior commitments now last night monday the russian president met with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and asked him to pass on a message to president abbas that israel was willing to sit down and talk but a bus has responded in saying that they can be no negotiations for as long as israel continues its expansionist policies in the area it's unlikely we'll see a breakthrough anytime soon but certainly what this visit by the russian president does drum home is the central role that russia can and does play in solving these regional issues russia has supported and seen by many as a neutral mediator it is worth noting that also on the agenda are the issues of iran to this end the russian president urged the israeli leadership not to conduct
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any kind of strike he said that sanctions were counterproductive and he said that they needed to be a diplomatic solution. the russian president also met with his israeli counterpart last night. at that meeting he said that is weighty russian relationship course in tiva minded president who said that musta had supported the establishment of the two state back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight at the same time he think that peace in israel was in russia's interest it was in the region's interest and certainly it was in international community's interest. still to come here on r t seoul hoping to bolster its forces along its disputed border in the yellow sea it is we investigate why south korea is planning to build a new naval base on the islands claimed by the north. and from the florida talk show or time for the next installment of julian assad is an interview show on r t today watching question activist intellectuals noam chomsky and tariq ali on the
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revolutionary phenomenon that's taking the world by storm. but first the u.s. senate foreign relations committee has approved travel and economic sanctions against a number of russian officials the so-called magnitsky bill was given a green light by an absolute majority the senate has yet to vote on the measure it targets those people who washington's a specs were involved in the death of lawyer sergey magnitsky who died in a russian prison in two thousand and nine with his supporters saying it was due to neglect by officials who didn't provide him with accurate with adequate health care moscow has been saying if the bill goes ahead it will retaliate with similar measures against u.s. officials it's a spec so being implicated in human rights abuses. the u.k.'s top spy warns that a new terror threat is a brewing the head of m i five said uprisings in the middle east have created new militant training camps up to two hundred extremists from the u.k. are thought to have joined forces with heavily armed terror groups in yemen somalia libya syria and afghanistan middle east peace activist franklin lamb thinks nato is
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bombing of libya may have opened the gates for all. when you've got an operation like nato on slaughtering civilians in pakistan afghanistan iraq of course it's going to activate them and give them the opportunity as you know al qaeda has urged its leadership and surge of people to go to syria and get training and go to southern turkey and also in libya it was a rush to enter and to topple the regime i think that once the classic mistake i spent four months there got to know a number of the different factions and and it was clear that al-qaeda was there some cases they were training the same militia of the british were training and the americans and the french were training and now they're joining they're increasing their ranks two months three months ago that is a congressional hearing a cia analyst told the congress because there were three hundred not so much on
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al-qaeda in syria now they estimate there's thirty one hundred so because nato got this thing going in libya there was this opportunity and there was no will respond to an opportunity and that's what we're seeing now. the eurozone will have to find more cash for another of its struggling members after cyprus became the fifth state to say it needs bailing out its side heavy exposure to greece the blocks hardest hit member no official figures have yet been given but eilis estimates cyprus could ask for five to ten billion euros now this is only a fraction of the hundred billion that spain's already asked for to shore up its own beleaguered banks the promise of rescue cash though didn't save madrid's banking sector from another international downgrade ratings giant moody's slashed the scores of twenty eight of spain's lenders racist researcher drover roos thinks the eurozone is trapped in a vicious circle of debt and belin. what we see now is that this this crisis
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reached sort of a tipping point especially in in the case of cyprus and spain where what economists call the duma to sort of the mutual dependence of banks and states and one another has reached the point where the state is no longer capable to prop up its own banks and the banks are no longer capable to prop up the one government so basically what needs to happen is that external forces need to come in to profit off this real government so that it can continue getting out its own banks there's an ironic situation one hundred billion is not enough for the spanish banks they'll probably need a lot more and i think within a year will see another european bailout for the spanish banks coming along and at the same time these bank avail outs for the for the spanish banking system will be passed through. the spanish government can directly and this means that it will add up to the sovereign debt of spaying and as a result will make it more difficult for spain to repay its debts in the long term this one hundred billion euros that's being piled onto into the spanish banking
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system right now will add up to fifteen percent sovereign debt for spain and this is the real thing that we should be looking at because this will this will actually make it more likely that spain needs. a bailout in the near future. find out how much money the euro zone's pumping into its ailing members at r.t. dot com and while you're there you can click on these other stories right now. as he in second or a nano surveillance drone a us university developing a bug sized flying spies that could revolutionize hoover workfare. and the not so fab for russia's chief export and drug abuse holds the beatles responsible for promoting drugs back in the sixty's all the details online. korea planning to build a new front line naval base near its disputed border with the north the site of clashes between the two rivals in the past the base will be located on one of five islands recognized by south korea as south korean by the un in the one nine hundred
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fifty s. though pyongyang is always refused to accept the decision james corbet editor of the corbett report thinks the base is a sign of an escalating conflict in the region. well the important thing to remember about this is that it's in fact the second provocation in less than one week from from south korea against north korea in fact just on monday pyongyang was protesting the use of the north korean flag as a target during some joint military exercises that were being conducted very close to the north korean border and so this has to be seen as something of an escalation that may indicate an increase in border tensions and perhaps even military tensions between the two entities and the question is why now and it has to be understood that there is something of a quiet revolution happening in north korea in terms of its relations with china china has invested over two billion dollars worth of infrastructure in the last year alone to build roads and and other things that may be part of an infrastructure whereby china will be able to start investing more and more in north korea and south korea may see that as
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a type of threat against their their one leverage over north korea which is their food aid and their monetary aid to the north and if china is investing more and more north korea that kind of gives it gives them more of an advantage in that respect so we might see some mounting military tension too to try to regain south korea's predominance over north korea. turning now to some other stories making world headlines a massive blast has leveled several houses in a residential area in the city of oldham in northern england one child was found dead in a man suffered severe burns in the blast that's believed to have been caused by a gas leak rescuers are searching through rubble for anyone else who could be trapped around one hundred nearby homes were evacuated. masked gunmen attacked the headquarters of a private arab t.v. station in beirut starting fires around the area one of the assailants was detained the rest comes after the chain channel aired a fiery interview with a sunni muslim islam is to criticize the hezbollah movement the group itself
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condemned the incident saying it's not behind the violence. police in bolivia clashed with government supporters and law officers strike. in overload pay were met by supporters of president evo morales after marching to the city's main square police used tear gas to drive back to pro-government groups the country's leaders accuse the officers of setting the stage for a coup claiming their motives are political. again his government says a rescue mission has turned into or recovery mission at the site of monday's landslides eighteen people so far confirmed dead and several villages swept away on the sorts of a mountain landslides buried houses in the mud and up to one hundred people mostly children remain missing landslides are sadly not uncommon for dozens sometimes hundreds die in similar incidents every year. it's been a week since julian assad requested ecuador for a diplomatic asylum and took refuge in the country's london embassy no decision that has yet been made meanwhile prominent americans including filmmakers michael
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moore and oliver stone along with renowned academic noam chomsky signed a letter of support for a songes bid chomsky's one of the guests on the whistleblowers show airing today on r t here's a let's. now move over to the middle east steeped in the united states and the other imperial traditional imperial powers britain france particularly concern is that now they may the middle east may get out of control and that syria's a much more serious than south america and i agree that's why they invaded libya and i have no doubt about it was to reestablish control but i agree but i think it's all over so for example if you take a look at what's happened in the arab spring of the countries that are crucial to western imperial power the oil producers they have been under a very tough and in saudi arabia kuwait the emirates the major oil
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producing regions it never got off the ground the intimidation of the security forces backed by the west was so enormous that people were literally afraid to go into the streets and the west mainly france and to the united states and britain and egypt are following a very traditional pattern there's a playbook that you pursue that you gives you a kind of a game plan when some favor dictators lose the capacity to rule. you can watch that show airing a little later here on our t.v. time now to check out all the latest from the world of business. check in with us tell us what's going on hi magill basically of all cities the only one site in right now so those are the numbers we're focusing as they keep changing so let's take a look at what the prize is. the numbers are showing there and basically we have investors reacting to different data of the other's negative but it seems that americans and like to focus more on the positive side of things as you can see the
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dow and the nasdaq are adding over a half a percent and the data that i'm talking about is that the u.s. home prices have climbed and this is the first monthly gain. on the negative side of things we have consumer confidence which is declining in fact is the climbing for the fourth month in their all and it's up the lowest level since january moving on a look at how markets and of the session and they're basically it was a mixture which is what we saw across the board today and you saw that the footsie along as much as the german dax added and in germany we have consumer confidence that climbed higher beating expectations there of course investor confidence now moving on to currency the euro is a flounce against the dollar this hour when it comes to the ruble against against both major currencies the russian markets and then the trade in session in positive territory in the what we saw on the monday crude prices high i'll talk about that
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a little before the. boyd the company year and in fact the net profit for russia is major aircraft holding five fold last year the company says the result was primarily supported by stronger maintenance services and supplies a force mostly famous for its fighters but it also makes the civil super jet one hundred and of course the crash of. one hundred in indonesia last month spurred concerns over the future sales all of the jets. head. here in the c.i.s. . and he said that there should in the fact that the man for super jets. we think that that will play in our turned out to be pretty good it's the most more than we can all get in the world and the world does need a lot of we can all get our current market outlook says that it's about one thousand eight hundred ten airplanes or that the world will need with less than two
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hundred passengers the passenger jets it's a very big business it's about seventy billion dollars business in russia yes the whole market is about one follows an airplane about ten billion dollars and fifteen percent of all airplanes needed in russia yes we can oh yes so it's about ten billion dollars market i think from a marketing point of view point made it absolutely the right decision and to rein in the civil aviation market in this nation that we needed all the world. all right and finally a second look at some oil prices which as i said they all recall bring the brunt blunders them particularly well as you can see there it's now trading close to under three dollars a barrel when it comes to light sweet it's still trading under that eighty dollars per barrel in march and good prices in general are hovering near a two month lows but a little bit of a sigh of relief perhaps for us investors when they wake up tomorrow morning well for now that said i will leave you with the optimism that's are on the wall street mats i guess americans are more optimistic than the european counterparts here all
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right that we don't really tend to be an optimistic people that's great i live my life excellent well thank you very much for that update surely we bring you the latest episode of julian assange just show as he speaks with two prominent thinkers and philosophers about the state of the global affairs stay with us. been living this way since the seventeenth century. their rituals are
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