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represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that russia and china will pay a price the u.s. secretary of state takes a shot at moscow and beijing claiming that the two are supporting the syrian regime as the u.s. spearheads a pro rebel gathering. we were told that this district was clean from turkey months ago but as you can hear nothing from here clashes still continue. a firsthand account from the heart of the syrian uprising our team team goes to homs the scene of the fiercest fighting in the war torn country. and the pentagon. for a multi-billion dollar of all those critics say the proposed closure of the scandal ridden facility seems ever more unlikely.
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hello this is r t coming to live from moscow it's now nine pm here my name's kevin know it first america's chief diplomats threatening russia and china with consequences for what she sees as siding with the regime in syria hillary clinton was speaking at the paris conference of the syrian rebels key supporters more this now from artie's peter all of. or you heard it vitriolic address from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton directing a threat towards russia and china saying that they would have to pay a price for what she sees as their support of the assad government you know this wasn't the only thing that hillary clinton not to say he said that russian helicopters were being used to kill civilians on the ground in syria now if we look closer at this there are some really inconsistency between where we were
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a week ago following the conference in geneva of international partners looking to you to find a peaceful solution to syria and what we're hearing this weekend now last weekend in geneva the u.s. seemed to be very own side with the kofi annan but police plan would see it would keep on which would see both sides both the opposition on the government forces lay down their weapons and trying to come to the table to find a solution now then what we've heard from russia with regards to these statements we've heard from hillary clinton today is the foreign ministry slamming in the secretary of state saying that under no circumstances one hundred russia ever supported all continue to support the assad government during the ongoing crisis in syria now with regards to those helicopters as well we've also heard from the foreign ministry saying that that just simply wasn't the case that yes there were a there is i beg your pardon a shipment of dismantled helicopters currently on its way from russia to syria
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however that once they arrived in syria that would take at least a month for them to be put together to be assembled so they clearly would be used right now for the purposes which mrs clinton is suggested so yes it seems they very inconsistent approach a very different approach from the u.s. secretary of state it delivering as they say a vitriolic statements more of a run to times than a considered political argument that she delivered in paris. russia expert michael mccaul you from the university of london told me how american threats so highly unlikely to materialise. i think that you have become very very frustrated with russia and china and the shrewd nature of a commons in fact underlines that. the united states is in fact in a quite a weak position all it can do is to try and put pressure on you know russia and china and if you like try to shame them into doing something coming over to the other side and supporting the people but the united states has failed to do this
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she's failed to do that and she makes these accusations by russia one should remember has been arming syria for the last fifty years it's nothing new russia and china if you like superpower as the leading member there are in the security council have got a veto in the security council. there are nuclear powers there and sitting at the top table what can the united states do can't you use military force it can't use sanctions it's very difficult to see what the consequences would be the consequences maybe minor things that some russian general can go to our chinese general convert the united states or present and something like that but they're all minor things the city of homs has reportedly suffered more deaths than any other syrian flashpoint area. next visit since battle scarred neighborhoods witnessing the ferocity on the street. this part of hundreds may be back under syrian army control but the trials never stop soldiers
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are searching house to house they're looking for terrorists or snipers but that's not what they usually find. some people in the homes became their grades too and this room look human bones but at least one person. who seems to have been burnt to death. in the next house we find three more charts. activists claim up to eight hundred thousand people have been killed since your process began sixty nine. you're honest in ways around ten hours. we have no way of telling you these remains or others like them were even counted at. baba amr used to be home to one hundred thousand people now we're driving through area people have left military almost the only human beings left in this area this is he can see behind me this is
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a cemetery almost untouched actually while the rest of the city looks completely like the cemetery buildings schools mosques all in ruins and no sign of life while many signs of this is one of the tallest buildings in the area and we can see from this balcony two completely different pictures two completely different realities look there beautiful pictures peaceful city while over there well we can see war homes the opposition hotbed has always been at the heart of the uprising against president assad. is a real job amr if you could have been the epicenter of the questions between the rebels and the army since it's been shelled heavily now so you can see it's quiet here but just steps away just meters away and. sometimes and this is where the things are happening right now it's standing behind these rays strange rays quite safe but from time to time missiles reach this area to this is why would
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a hurry up. but what about another homestead district as you can see also most completely destroyed everything shops building schools even mosques we were told that this district was cleaned from turkey a month ago but as you can hear it's not far from here questions still continue so we were actually told not to go any further i just simply dangerous soldiers come to our location and tell us the rebels woke up so when the. just a fifteen minute drive takes us to me is another image of homs that people here aren't taking that banks nice round people in. syria. there's no fight here we are living like one family is talking to this man at a coffee house on a street full of people it's easy to forget this truck tonight just a few blocks away. regional. homs syria. calls here and security council action which may include military diversion into
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syria are growing louder outside the country but there's deep resentment to that from people within the country's political analyst what the captain told us from damascus the vast majority of the people that we talk to in the street and the intellectuals that we speak to this is nobody wants to see a. libya type or. type military intervention in syria i think syrians are extremely protective of. their territory this is a country that has for since its creation in the twentieth century has been facing constant wars in the neighborhood people do not want to see foreign troops on their ground under any reason now i'm not sure the there are voices that call for the stop of intervention but i think nobody can make the claim that the suppressants even a significant minority within the syrian population. well there's hope in syria for
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a better life once the conflict is over in libya the hopes quickly dying off as we were reporting soon attacks on electoral offices and officials spread on the eve of the country's first election after century to the already east convinced that it deserves a bigger voice. next though russian bell branded all of foreign funded non profit organizations and gauged in political activities as foreign agents and it's been passed in its first stage in parliament the idea is to make such groups finances more transparent but critics say it could be used to attack the opposition movement or nicolas reports from outside the state duma. the opponents of this law first and foremost have a problem with the word agent itself they say that it has a very negative connotation and makes it sound as if the n.c.o. is operating in russia are actually spies for in-state celebrating illegally they're also saying that they are already being tightly controlled when it comes to finances as it is and it would be further control over their monetary our sources
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will be installed or they will simply have no room to operate the masterminds behind it say that they have taken it almost word for word from the existing american law this so-called era foreign agents registration act which has been existence from the one nine hundred thirty s. and nobody seems to be bothered by it now the proponents of the law say that this law is absolutely vital for russia i guess they say we are admitting the fact that it's still very raw and it still needs to be worked on but that's exactly what we're doing here in the state duma but they say the law is absolutely necessary and they believe that the n c o's which do which do get financing from abroad may be meddling in russia's internal politics and that is something that's acceptable not just for russia but for any country they're also saying that their main aim of course is to make the operation of these n.c.o. is more transparent and they're really not putting any any more pressure on they're going to say sions basically it's up to an organization itself to register or not to register itself as
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a foreign agent of course the law will be undergoing more amendments and discussions but it is hopes of by the deputies in the state duma that it will be come effective at the end of july check out our web site briefly or to go call the . league footage of an american helicopter pilot sitting in beverly there is either sit or writes a group with a hellfire missile the video starting fresh wave of u.s. troops in afghanistan before long for most is well thought of the family of russia the. business pointed to boot petition for him to be returned home from the united states was currently jailed for conspiring to kill americans who got the latest on that long running story.
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out. of america's notorious kuantan emoted tension facility in cuba has now set for a major renovation the pentagon is reportedly finalizing upgrades including undersea cables and state of the art military equipment that's despite pledges though by a bomber to close the prison which many see as a place to keep undesirables that can't be prosecuted the locked up the details for marty's going to church he can. forty million dollars will be spent to lay out this underwater fiber optic cable from south florida to cuba where the guantanamo bay prison camp is located the base commander said it only makes sense if we're going to be here for any period of time an infrastructure project like that may well suggest that the u.s. military is preparing for detentions and other operations at the guantanamo base for the long term when president obama was first running for office he pledged to shut down guantanamo in very strong terms in two thousand and nine he even signed an executive order to close it but not only did not shut it down but the u.s.
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is obviously renovating guantanamo in this case by improving communications and the argument is you don't make such an investment to pick up and leave guantanamo has made a black hole in america's human rights record indefinite detention torture around eight hundred people went through the camp within the last decade of america's war on terror the majority of them had nothing to do with nine eleven that's according to a former chief prosecutor guantanamo now the prison houses one hundred sixty nine detainees the government says eighty nine aren't those threats but president obama and congress have blocked their release as for the rest some of them have a shot at a military hearing but forty six don't have that chance because the government says they can't be tried for one reason or another the u.s. supreme court keeps refusing to take up one tunnel detainee's petitions what has been striking to me was that the u.s. prides itself on the rule of law and human rights but at the same time has denied you legal process to these detainees practice for sure and not just the one
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possible but in secret prisons around the world human rights organizations have issued reports on all kinds of violations but to the u.s. it's been like water off a duck's back. well artie also spoke with british lawyer professor philip sands who is involved in a number of high profile cases that came out of america's war on terror he details some of the torture techniques approved by the bush administration that's on air next to twenty thirty g.m.t. here on r.t. . they adopted in the autumn of two thousand and two in the u.s. department of defense a series of eighteen techniques of interrogation arranged in three groups and the first group was no traffic and screening. the second group up the ante so to speak and included sleep good promotion the use of dogs to induce fear. and then counter through the worst of all included waterboarding the use of
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the water to induce misperceptions of suffocation and i was interested to find out how a country which has turned its back against torture could have moved to adopt these techniques of interrogation. international criminal court officials jailed in libya from most of months say there's no chance gadhafi certain saif al islam will get a fair trial representatives for free just days ago ahead of the country's parliamentary elections tomorrow but the lead up is seen bloody sectarian clashes with hundreds dead as one former rebel commander vows to prevent people from voting more now than from political commentators xander the feeling is on the line from london luke hello if legal experts from the i.c.c. is now declaring that saif al islam trial will be a sham what does that say about the chance of a new start and for libya now. well it's important to note that the upcoming elections take place on the back of significant disunity within libya the national
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transition council has completely failed to cohere the people of libya around any vision for how libya should be taken forward the result is that on the ground there is no significant majority in favor of any party fighting this election although it looks as though the muslim brotherhood may negotiate their way to the top now for the international criminal court they really did stake their claim in libya very very early on almost immediately after the uprising began it was immediate that they issued indictments for the gadhafi family and so for now for them to then go back on their old intervention by folks of recycling can't sleep a fair trial is quite striking but i think the key point is that the disunity that we're seeing in libya really has come around as a result of western intervention in the uprising of which the i.c.c. was very much a part so they really have played a significant role in causing disunity which has led to what is now in libya
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a very dangerous situation and of course one of those many thousands of ordinary people who supported gadhafi they're still in jails across libya if saif al islam such a high profile figures do begs the question what chance is there now for them. well i think that's that's an interesting question i mean the i.c.c. prosecutions are by their very nature political you know the i.c.c. is used as a mechanism for trying those individuals which may lend some political authority to the interventions of the west and that's why the i.c.c. is so often used in these interventions in order to bolster the earth already of western institutions and it's also the fact that the n t c had its authority on the ground bolstered by these indictments the indictments issued against the gadhafi family lent artificial cohesion to the rebellion on the ground
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a rebellion which has always been characterized by a very disparate set of material concerns on the ground formed by a mixture of islamists young people generally in search of freedom you know people striking out against the old regime and what the i.c.c. effectively did was artificially give that rebellion a sense of unification an artificial sense of political purpose and that in the end is proved extremely destabilizing because as we've seen now as we approach the elections libya is anything but unified fact it looks as though it may revert i mean it's in danger of reverting to the kind of city state set up that we had in the one nine hundred fifty s. so it really is another stable situation bought about by the kind of meddling that the i.c.c. form part on do you see any good coming after this election this weekend. well at least this election is a chance for the people of libya to have their say in the future of the country and
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that really is a step forward from the way the rebellion. has unfolded so far the national the n t c has never been elected its leader mr for chill has never been elected he is effectively a post in fact to be a daffy crony put in place by by western governments in order to effect a transition and having as i said completely failed to do so so at least the election is a chance for some vestige of democracy to come to libya and you know the libyan people have shown themselves to be committed to the ideal of democracy we saw earlier this year elections in misrata for council representatives which were undertaken completely against the will of the n.t.s.c. the entity since they couldn't do it the citizens of misrata stood up and said no we are going to elect our own council representatives do all. the all because crude crucial here that's where the money is that's where the wealth is. calling for
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a boycott of this election given how critical oil is for libya's future why are there concerns being more addressed. well i think at the moment analysts predict that the oil production in libya is going to take a very long time to come back to what it was precisely because of the destabilizing forces of unfolded in the course of the rebellion so you know there is this but it can't be positive that. is on the brink of reverting back to a state which it was in sixty years ago no matter of that there are legitimate concerns on the ground those concerns really need to be coherent around a coherent vision about what not to just do with libya's oil and with the revenue that it generates but with the future of the whole country bearing in mind everything you've said during our church now what is your prognosis for libya as you see it well i don't want to make predictions and i don't want to be
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a doomsday predictor but i think it is in a very unstable situation of the moment on the ground at the moment you have militia fighting in the south you have regions as i've said of libya attempting to effectively become semi autonomous and until those till those concerns are addressed and someone steps forward with a coherent plan as to how to take libya's political project forward then it will remain an extremely unstable situation your political commentator and contributor to the spiked online news website thank you. fact is a brief now around the world constitutional court struck down the government's latest facility packages unlawful it said cut pensions and public worker bonuses and vacations couldn't go ahead as they promoted inequality that's a harsh blow to the government's austerity program is likely to be deeper cuts elsewhere portugal was given a seventy eight billion euro bailout from the e.u.
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last year to save it from bankruptcy. have been protests in northern pakistan over the reopening of nato supply routes the roadway was shut last november after u.s. airstrike that killed twenty four pakistani troops and they reopened what america eventually apologized a few days ago the first convoy crossed into afghanistan early friday with plans for all containers passing through to be scanned. keep abreast of all news twenty four seven on the web site r t dot com keep abreast of business there too but for now let's get a live update with dmitri dmitri market still down absolutely although they have recovered slightly since we last looked at them but ever since we got the jobs report from the united states the market started tumbling let's take a look at what's happening right now in the united states and the they are still down more than one percent known non-farm payrolls in june added eighty thousand jobs well one hundred thousand was the number that investors were actually
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expecting and therefore this is sending yet another sign that the recession is much more likely than it was before given the big batch of negative data disappointing days that we've seen of the past past week actually with manufacturing contract with factory orders up just point seven percent one month this jobs dates of course this is all pretty pretty bad and pretty spooky at the moment what's happening in europe with these worries about the state of global growth also coupled with the factors in spain borrowing costs went up to jump. so within seven percent it was six point nine one point and therefore this is creating also a lot of worries that spain's bailout might not happen as easy as was expected especially given that we're just one week of the e.u. summit which turns out to be very positive which provided
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a much easier access to bailout funds without going for a bailout procedures now over here in russia also negative of the week which was pretty positive actually for the first three days at least. not more than two percent financials were some of the biggest contributors to these are losses with the t v there declining as you can see four percent in just one session one of the few stocks which was actually gave it was the first a largest oil company in russia t.m. k b t now it's a joint venture between russian shareholders out for access for an over group and reduce b.p. and it's a fifty fifty joint venture but the russian shareholders could significantly increase their stake in the oil for as they said they will officially offer to buy half of b.p.'s stake of twenty five percent and thus they will gain control shareholders have been in long dispute over investment projects in russia those in the arctic. on the currencies market the euro continues to drop heavily versus the
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dollar now worth one point two two seven five so that's pretty worrying also for anyone who's holding savings in the euro and the russian ruble therefore was dropping in line with that with the markets are dropping around up a cent against the dollar and one quarter of a percent versus the euro and that's as investors good worldwide actually cashing out and moving into the greenback plus of course concerns about supply. and not only about spade slovenia's says an e.u. bailout can't be ruled out of the fitch want to has one of the weakest banking markets in central and eastern europe at the country's finance minister added that a bailout will only be the needed if their lenders problems get bigger. also hundred seventy two economists have written an open letter to germany's chancellor angela merkel saying she's open germany up to through each other known debts and of the e.u. states by agreeing
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a banking union this is merkel dismissed economists fears she said the union is quote first of all about better banking supervision and this is urgently necessary so all that combined with problems stateside is course creating a pretty worrying situation there you know ok thanks for that with a little later on tonight more money news as well on the way from capital account from washington our studios there very shortly after the headlines which should exit after this quick break.
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