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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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france called for increased un action on syria with reports of a massacre killing two hundred in the country as a cure to countless deadlocked over how to stop the bloodshed the army and rebels trained blamed over the region stronger. nonprofit groups funded from abroad and involved in russian politics of now become one step closer to becoming for an agency that is the russian state duma prices and you'll be fine no more for me you go to schools shortly. and red faces in london as the olympics organizers are forced to call in the british army to pause a massive security gap just days before the flame is led when a private contracting firm admits it's not got enough guards.
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fired from our headquarters in central moscow here watching r t with me and he said now it's six pm here in the russian capital and france is leading more calls for un security council action to stop the carnage in syria where over two hundred people have reportedly been killed in a massacre in the central province of hamas both government and rebel forces are blaming each other for the slaughter of the world body remains paralyzed on whether to extend its observer mission or impose sanctions were a financial reports from damascus. opposition groups claimed at least two hundred people most of them civilians have been killed in the syrian central province of hama earlier on thursday fierce clashes broke out there between the governmental forces and the rebels fighting over control of the village of tremseh the syrian observatory for human rights says eyewitnesses spoke of civilians died in
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a to refire before the militias moved into the village and these are unconfirmed reports and this information provided by observatory change and is very hard to be independently verified some analysts have questioned the group's math as counts gunmen armed opposition as civilian casualties even though they are carrying weapons and they're taking part in the armed uprising at the same time we've been hearing other accounts that the syrian army had allowed time for the residents of this village to evacuate and it was only after the rebels refused to surrender that fighting intensified the opposition is portraying these latest developments as having a strong resemblance to may's houla massacre that claimed one hundred eight lives most of them children and women at the top of the opposition reported governmental shelling but later the evidence emerged saying that most of the victims were actually supporters of president bashar assad here and so the true mission in
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series still unable to establish exactly who was behind this massacre in both cases news has come while the un security council was about to consider vital decision on the country's future and while violence continues to rage all across the country damascus has been reporting that a large number of opposition fighters have tried to enter syria from abroad. moscow says the massacre in the syrian village benefits those who want to unleash the tarion unrest in the country jeff steinberg from the executive intelligence review believes it's the foreign backing of the rebels that's the main obstacle to peace. unfortunately qatar saudi arabia turkey continue to provide financing and significant weapons to the opposition u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton continues to insist as a non-negotiable demand that assad steps down and of course these are all violations of the very document that was signed in geneva just two weeks ago
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president assad proposed to kofi annan on the name of one of his government ministers who he said could be his personal representative negotiating with the opposition a transition government i think that's an important concession and step forward the head of the internal opposition reform opposition movement michel kilo was in moscow and he met with foreign minister lavrov and he said to lavrov that his group would be willing to negotiate begrudgingly with president assad representatives it's the xterra law position based in london paris and in omkara who are the big impediment and they're being encouraged by saudi arabia qatar france britain and elements within the obama administration so it's a rough gordian knot to untie but i think emissary kofi annan now and with
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backing from russia and china is making one final stand and i can only say i hope they succeed against all odds. non-problem broad will now face tougher scrutiny in russia the country's state duma has given the green light . to read the store as foreign agents i think you know reports. non-profit organizations funded from abroad and involved in politics have to register themselves as for the agents to be authorities on the evidence that was the. events outside forces from interfering with russia's internal matters this draft did cause quite a lot of criticism and discussion before with many critics saying that it could be potentially anti democratic so some of these amendments were introduced specifying that these nonprofit organizations funding from abroad has to be involved in politics since there is also a wide range of other organisations which are also funded from abroad like mass
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media or educational institutions the business is and saw which can be effected by this right to the initiator say that it's simply a matter of protecting national interest the need of national security and the similar practices being used for years in the west as my colleague again education explains the west hurry to dump the proposed legislation as a kremlin crackdown on angiosperms shows the money flow where's the money coming. toward you or your organization so you get transparency you get regulation you get some. of. these are all things that a nation a sovereign nation is allowed to do u.s. officials were quick to express concern presenting it as an exclusively russian initiative but as the russian foreign minister said the concept and even the wording of the proposed law was almost entirely borrowed from the american bill
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called the foreign agents registration act if you work in the united states if you work for another country you have to register as in nature not that country. now that again that's that's not a negative but it means they are representing their country and there has to be no if you can go on the employment of any foreign nation veronica question in nick of us says while in the u.s. she was forced to register as a foreign agent even though she was not involved in any political activities which would be extended to them i was a representative from st petersburg we promoted. cooperation to resume cultural ties nevertheless the u.s. justice department which more new touristic to meet is a foreign agents insisted that representatives of cities also registered as foreign agents version of the law doesn't even include nonpolitical actors like that the foreign agents registration act in the u.s. quote requires persons acting as agents of foreign principals in
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a political or quasi i political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principle as well as a pivotal receipts and disbursements in support of those activities end of quote the sponsors of the russian bill say their version is almost identical with the american law the us argues the difference is that their law doesn't address nonprofit organisations but many see another difference i need a new at in the us doesn't have thousands of whoring organizations which work to change its constitution to change its leadership but we in russia do have a situation when scores of i'm going to say sions work precisely on that for example when some calls for people to join a protest they have the right to know who's behind that and who's payroll they are members of some non-governmental organizations met with hillary clinton behind closed doors in st petersburg afterwards one of them media the russkie said the sector estate is aware of the proposed law and quote is searching for ways to modify the support of russia's n.g.o.s without subjecting them to
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a crackdown and of course we say non governmental organizations many of these organizations are government funded right so they get some of their funding from from the government of the united states anyway so and she's saying that then that they certainly do and they are certainly going to either get over it when maybe she's hinting at covertly i don't know many of the n.g.o.s in russia which get their financing from abroad to preach openness and transparency and the sponsors of this washing bill argue it only makes sense that they themselves are subject to. the same principles of transparency i'm going to check on in washington our team. still to come this hour who's behind what's being called a new style latin american crew the president came to power at lightning speed gives his explanation for recent events that shook the country. and whistle blowing when victory for wiki leaks in its first large battle against major u.s.
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financial companies which blocked payments to the web site the details are coming up shortly. an extra three and a half thousand troops will be stationed in london to bolster security for the twenty twelve olympics the additional forces were assigned after a private contracting firm responsible for ensuring the games security and made its unfit to stand up to its students as artists are first reports two weeks before the olympics kick off organizers flaws just keep turning up. the london olympics is now just a few weeks away but it's more than the weather that could be said to cause a dark cloud over the events but the transport system already struggling border control checks under pressure and most disconcerting of all the emergence of significant problems in the security system that is london really ready dylan picks twenty twelve soldiers on the streets of london may be an unusual sight but it's
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one that could be set to greet guests to london's olympic for the government have had to call in the troops after it was revealed that the security company g four s. wasn't quite up to the job despite having been awarded a whopping five hundred thirty five million pound contract to. shows that it has made a great deal of coordination i think between the private sector g four s. which has this massive contract and the military which itself is putting on a major sort of show of force as it were in the run up to the olympics and i think that you know with such a short time to go one does what one does wonder how three and a half thousand extra servicemen can be implemented very efficiently the drafting in of three thousand five hundred soldiers some of whom have just returned from afghanistan is just the latest in a set of government leaves that have been dubbed the militarization of london on top of the thousands of soldiers that were already being deployed for the games i think that that kind of war is it worse that's called
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a war on terror that kind of attempt to defend people by intelligence or by infiltration it's not necessarily by scaring people and by putting out ground missile systems and putting them in blackheath park from the top of a pop in blocks or indeed having soldiers on the streets of london or having submachine guns on the tube for the first time in its history the security problems are also causing concern in the transport sector it's already been experiencing major headaches in the build up to the games security just just work when you see world. so how you get people to from the phone use to the straw that directs them where they go where they feel safe going to operate and at this late stage list four weeks ago can we train three thousand five hundred personnel in specialist areas and different environments in different locations to that equally i do wonder the threat of bus strikes congested roads and directives from london underground to walk rather than take the train has left many with more hope than expectation we
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want the olympics be a success we'd like the financial basis the money that's been invested in it and we could do with a feel good factor in a moment after a period of austerity but when it comes to the actual benefits to britain's economy campaigners insist it's going to be the wealthy sponsors he pocket the goals they're raising seven hundred million from the sponsors for the london olympics actually six hundred million will be given back in tax rebates and local gets off we get another hundred million in terms of its own tax rebates so why should the economy there at all with a catalogue of concern some feel it's already clear who the real winners of this year's olympics will be and i think there's a real danger that the olympic games is becoming a showcase for the international security industry and the military around the world rather than what it should be which is the athlete despite the problems in the build up to the games there's no lack of enthusiasm in london but when it comes to the logistics and organization as time runs out it looks like britain's going to
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need to raise its game so r.t. london. meanwhile across the atlantic it's matters of fashion rather than security bothering the minds of some americans in the run up to the olympics these are the uniforms that the u.s. athletes will be wearing to the games although all of them were actually made in china it's called the star in congress with one senator so flustered about it that he suggested burning the suits and the move quickly caught on the internet with a surge of supportive tweets. and you can read more about the olympics made in china scandal on our website r.t. dot com while you're there check out some other stories we have lined up for you and i don't think i am all marches in northern ireland turned violent find out what happened when paths of history were profits. but it's also an invisible laser
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you're watching our live from moscow paraguay's facing virtual isolation of south america with neighboring states concerned about the swift ousting of former president fernando go interior he was impeached by the countryside there replaced by his former deputy frederica franco in little over a day brazil argentina and venezuela have lived ties with paraguay response and several regional trade groups have also suspended the country's membership federico franco will now lead a transitional government until actions in april next year in the exclusive interview with r.t. he explains why the impeachment took place. on the fifteenth of june the
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police officers and eleven farmers were brutally murdered and the people responsible for this massacre promoted i don't believe this is ever happened in any other country but someone responsible for seventeen deaths would be promoted to the post of a police commander so one guilty party became the police commander and the other a regional commander at that point legitimacy was breached the president could no longer do his job this was something called serious mistakes while in office and this was the reason parliament impeach him. and you can watch that full interview with frederico franco in two hours time here on our t.v. we also spoke to the man he replaced fernando lugo on his views about the coup you can find out what he had to say on our website r t dot com. we get leaks have struck back with a spectacular victory in its first battle against major u.s.
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financial companies which blocked payments to the online whistleblower a court in iceland has ruled visa and master card's local partner broke the law by refusing to process public donations to the web now the credit card giants were among several u.s. payment services that stopped accepting money transfers intended for weiqi leaks in twenty ten it came after the websites release of hundreds of thousands of classified american cables and data bigger leaks founder julian assange remains in ecuador's embassy in london where he's seeking political asylum in the south american country he's wanted in sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes he denies but believes his extradition there could see him handed over to the u.s. or he fears the death penalty for the leaks human rights activist peter tatchell says the luis blockade is an assault on free society. this is a very very important principle of freedom of expression and the right of people to
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donate to an organization which is not itself until until these leaks was not itself the subject of any kind of criminal investigations or allegations even today during a stange and wiki leaks have not been charged with any offense so to preemptively cut off the finances of a company that has not been found guilty of any crime i think is a very very bad omen it's not what we expect in a free society and it's very threatening or menacing to freedom all going on as oceans. or n.g.o.s depend upon public donations and the willingness of banks and credit card companies to process those nations once we give those companies the right to veto donations to which companies they would accept we're on the slippery road not only just censorship but indeed to an on free society. we're
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watching them as impose more sanctions on iran over the nation's nuclear and ballistic missile programs eleven companies affiliated with the defense ministry in tehran will have their assets frozen and have been blacklisted is the latest u.s. move against individuals and firms accuser breaching the european ban on buying oil from the country the west accuses iran of if you can make a bomb something tehran denies meanwhile the u.s. has also begun reinforcing its military assets in the persian gulf by deploying underwater drone target the iranian many of the. bomb explosion in southwest pakistan has killed at least five people and wounded eleven more the attack occurred a day before the prime minister's visit to the area where insurgents are active it targeted a political rally by the obama and national party which opposes islamist militants no group has yet claimed responsibility for the blasts. at least twenty
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four people have been killed in a train crash in south africa the freight service carrying coal for export to mozambique a truck with farm workers at a railway crossing ambulance officials say over twenty people were taken to hospital. well it's time for business over here k.v. so the recent trading losses of j.p. morgan have more than doubled what's happening right now the u.s. bank says a trading error in may may cost them a total of four point four billion dollars now it's london team had taken bets to protect the bank by hedging against his investments but the strategy dramatically backfired this not j.p. morgan's reputation the bank has lost about fifteen percent of its market value since the losses were announced late in the spring so with that in mind it's have
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a look at the u.s. market markets because. well street is now rising in the house and speculation of to the worst growth figures in three years to the chinese economy revealed there's now the speculation. that policymakers in the world's second biggest economy will be forced to intervene to get things moving against investors already holding out for that one as you can see the dow jones one point two percent the nasdaq just over said imposed to territory on the european law great so also. the ultimate ism of from those figures believe on all their also how you paying for the action from the chinese government doesn't help we do use the momentum as well as that we have a timely and boring cause as well for laying out a debt oceans day helping to relieve the pressure ready for the debt ridden economy so with that in mind is have a look at the common currency and see how that's getting on just now still loitering around those two year lows they want twenty one seventy one us the ruble go into look at the last sort of twenty minutes of trade really now is going to
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make performance against the basket of currencies it's now against the u.s. dollar and moving on to the exit markets hate russia did mention they're going to be closing up in about twenty minutes time as you can see that it's looking to finish on a positive note today with what we all see as their one point seven percent on the mises one point six percent opposed to just now it's all to the russian government said that the economy grew four percent in the second quarter so we have the mice it's getting for the first time in three sessions and we're also going to talk about oil as well also talks are also supported by western companies which is started by in the so-called your eyes blind not due to the embargo on arabian oil is that the euro's price soaring on iran's oil output as we can see with many to rome customers turning to russia as a replacement now all to use jake agrees went to the industry expert for an
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explanation. as discussed the prices weaken the spike in new rules blend joined by alexander and his are of oil and gas analysts from gas from. now nice to meet you how long do you think this good fortune for us can last. one so you wouldn't last a full on like it was before but i think these time it could be different because the reason for that is different and what's the reason for. well unlikely last times when it was some one offs like shadow seaboard because of some storm this time the zimbardo full run which will last for months maybe years but soon as that embargo is over then surely the more purple option is brant that's why people are going to be putting their money just you know fundamentally brant crude is better than euros for some characteristic so fruity this cause it is so on so it's just lighter there causes some premium for brand historically but in
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reality for refineries. they should get some gas going to said enough to two euros and make it like right now aside from which is better i mean can russia provide more if it's if it if there's more demand of it can it supply more oil marginally i don't think the problem is number first expert capacities they're used almost one hundred percent at least those capacities which are headed to europe and the us and the second is that our production capacities are limited we don't have like we don't have a spare capacity for production historically and right now it's the true as well russian companies produce as much as they can't every single moment. and that's her business at this hour be back next hour with the clothes in vegas for the russian markets katie thanks for that update we'll see you next hour same place same time
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