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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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moscow says those behind the latest massacre in syria want to ignite full scale civil war more than two hundred people have reportedly been killed in a village in the center of the country as the security council remains deadlocked over how best to stop the bloodshed. non-profit groups funded involved in washington politics have now become one step closer to becoming for egypt as the russian state duma passes to find out more from the you go to school. and read faces under there is the olympics organizers are forced to call in the british army to plug a massive security gap just days before the flame is lit. see
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it's eight pm friday evening here in moscow my name is kevin now in our top story for you tonight moscow says those behind the latest massacre in syria want to unleash sectarian violence and ignite full scale civil war over two hundred people are believed to have been killed in the central province of both government and rebel forces blame each other for the slaughter of the u.n. remains paralyzed about whether to extend its observer mission or impose sanctions or reports. opposition groups claimed at least two hundred people most of them civilians have been killed in the syrian central province of hama earlier on thursday fierce clashes broke out there between the governmental forces and the rebels fighting over control of the village of tremseh the syrian observatory for human rights says eyewitnesses spoke of civilians died in a to refire before armed militias moved into the village and these are unconfirmed reports and this information provided by observatory change and it's very hard to
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be independently verified some analysts have questioned the group's math as counts gunmen armed opposition as civilian casualties even though they are carrying weapons and they're taking part in the armed uprising at the same time we've been hearing other accounts that the syrian army had allowed time for the residents of this village to evacuate and it was only after the rebels refused to surrender that fighting intensified the opposition is portraying these latest developments as having a strong resemblance to may's houla massacre that claimed one hundred eight lives most of them children and women at the top of the opposition reported governmental shelling but later the evidence emerged saying that most of the victims were actually supporters of president bashar assad here and so the true mission in series still unable to establish exactly who was behind this massacre in both cases news has come while the u.n. security council was about to consider a vital decision on the country's future and while violence continues to rage all
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across the country damascus has been reporting that a large number of opposition fighters have tried to enter syria from abroad. it's more. talk to author a middle east expert on the line from london. waiting for details about what exactly happened what sparked the violence in syria. but the. heavy artillery was used what do you think we could expect from the international community to this now well let's not true. about the international community in chinese so. what you have isn't about it's security council with russia and china so far resisting it amplify the west to syria over these continuing and we are now seeing a you have a fun moment of them out of. these so rents are reported in the i have seen evidence now from journalists in the field i cross the charts last another being
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there who insist there across a tease carried out by the syrian national council and they organize a should all or. of creating mayhem in some areas and to look we're pleased carrying out these are crossties so they can be blamed on to. the regime the regime does its own planes we know that but these people of by no means on the side of the angels as the as the for ten. journalists on the frank photo i'll go my insight on some weeks ago explain what had happened in the law. and was denied but we now have other reports coming from german this charlie scaled from him but god has written a very detailed pointing out of stream really a belief as to who the people are who we see on c.n.n. b.b.c. and who are promoted by the state department and the british foreign office. or
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influence them let's put it mildly and these are people who are waiting to come to the bar. very high the west as unleash these people saudi arabia and. beautiful examples of democracy arming people the own side as far as the worst system so they are wanting now a final border to get rid of this regime. from iraq on what process we're witnessing is new for colonizing these countries we've seen it in iraq we saw a very clever. propaganda operation mounted to. libya now which is a mess and. that's trying to keep the focus on how exactly what you say and i take everything you're saying there let's try and keep the focus on syria and also
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as everything you are saying is happening at the u.n. discussing proposal long what it is going to do with syria it's going to be sanctions is going to be more monitoring what can we expect from the u.n. do you think. but i think it was the security council can do it can only do with the support of russia and china if the veto any one sided sanctions would be positive i mean if we're going to have sanctions why not impose arms sanctions on these armed groups that are creating him in their country it is not only are they have a very clear over the last few weeks and one can't simply say that this is justified because of who they are fighting against you know the syrian national council it is the favored group of the western countries there are other oppositions on the ground in syria people i respect uncrossed who are not part of this outfit and all are equally concerned over what is going on many of the people who rose against this regime in syria have been have been sidelined and we now have
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a very grim polarized situation in which the choices are limited by the western imposed regime. of sundry syrians who work for the western intelligence agencies. or the regime the people of syria it's clear wanton neither so the only way of forward is negotiation just catch him constitution constituent assembly and that it is now obvious that the west is not going to lead because there are affected really backing the people who are opposed to any negotiate at all if the reports about these latest deaths are true no matter which side is responsible for it whoever did it is the u.n. in any position at all to say these are the last deaths to actually do something about it. i mean as i pointed out there are. very difficult to see what the united nations as
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a body can do i mean we live in the united nations you have the nato countries who can do things whether or not they are part of the security. council majority your with that they have been vetoed on the treaty of nato like you think i don't know do you think any time soon well they will go it alone if the russian government. gives them the green light which i hope they won't i think it would be a bad precedent if nato won't change don't talk of mother country and change the regime through outside force thank you for your thoughts terry terry kelly there author of middle east expert on the line from london. nonprofit groups funded from abroad although faced tougher scrutiny in russia the country stadium is given the green light to a bill forcing such organizations to register as foreign agents article press can offer reports. it is that all nonprofit organisations funded from abroad and
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involved in politics have to register themselves as foreign agents and report to the authorities on their activities that was to prevent outside forces from interfering with russia's internal matters this draft did cause quite a lot of criticism and discussion before with many critics saying that it would be potentially anti-democratic so some of these amendments were introduced specifying that these nonprofit organisations funding from abroad have to be involved in politics since there is also a wide range of other organisations which are also funded from abroad like mass media or educational institutions the business is and so on which can be affected by this draft or the initiator say that it's simply a matter of protecting national interest and really of national security and the similar practices being used for years in the west as my colleague again education explains the west hurry to dump the proposed legislation as a kremlin crackdown on angiosperms shows the money flow where's the money coming.
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towards you or your organisation so you get transparency you get regulation you get some monitoring of. these are all framed as a nation a sovereign nation is allowed to do u.s. officials were quick to express concern presenting it as an exclusively russian initiative but as the russian foreign minister said the concept and even the wording of the proposed law was almost entirely borrowed from the american bill called the foreign agents registration act if you work in the united states if you work for another country you have to register as an agent of that country. now that again that's that's not a negative but it means they are representing that country and there has to be no if you can go on the employment of any foreign nation. nick a question in nick of us says while in the u.s. she was forced to register as a foreign agent even though she was not involved in any political activities that
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heated him i was a representative from st petersburg we promoted economy corporation to reason cultural ties nevertheless the u.s. justice department which more new touristic tutor's of foreign agents insisted that representatives of cities also registered as foreign agents version of the law doesn't even include known political actors like that the foreign agents registration act in the u.s. quote requires persons acting as agents of foreign principals in a political or quasi i political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal as well as a pivotal receipts and disbursements in support of those activities end of quote the sponsors of the russian bill say their version is almost identical with the american law the u.s. argues the difference is that their law doesn't address nonprofit organisations but many see another difference. knew that the u.s. doesn't have thousands of forming organizations which work to change its
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constitution to change its leadership but we in russia do have a situation when scores of going to say sions work precisely on that for example when some calls for people to join a protest they have the right to know who's behind that and on whose payroll they are members of some non-governmental organizations met with hillary clinton behind closed doors in st petersburg afterwards one of them media the russkie said the sector estate is aware of the proposed law and quote is searching for ways to modify the support of russia's n.g.o.s without subjecting them to a crackdown end of quote we say non governmental organizations many of these organizations are government funded right so they get some of their funding from from the government of the united states anyway so and if she is saying that then that they certainly do and they are certainly going to either get over it when maybe she's hinting at covertly i. many of the ngos in russia which get their financing from abroad to preach openness and transparency in the sponsors of this
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russian bill or it you it only makes sense that they themselves are subject to the same principles of transparency i'm going to check on in washington r.t. . coming up this hour it's been described as latin america's new style of coup new president who came to power lightning speed gives us his explanation for recent events that shook the country and interview him almost on the way also coming up to whistle blowing when a victory for wiki leaks in his first battle against major u.s. financial companies which blocked payments to the web site we brought you that story last night we got milk more details as well coming up in just a bit. next to an extra three and a half thousand troops are said to be stationed in london to bolster security for the twenty twelve olympics the additional forces were assigned after a private firm responsible for ensuring the games security admitted it unfit to stand up to its tutsis and as artists are referred to reports two weeks before the olympics kick off the organizers flaws just keep on turning up. the london olympics
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is now just a few weeks away but it's more than the weather that could be said to cause a dark cloud over the events of the transport system already struggling border control checks under pressure and most disconcerting of all the emergence of significant problems in the security system that is london really ready there lympics twenty twelve soldiers on the streets of london may be an unusual sight but it's one that could be set to greet guests to london's lympics the government have had to call in the troops after it was revealed that the security company g four s. wasn't quite up to the job despite having been awarded a whopping five hundred thirty five million pound contract to well it shows that it has made a great deal of coordination i think between the private sector g four s. which has this massive contract and the military which itself is putting on a major sort of show of force as it were in the run up to the olympics and i think
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that you know with such a short time to go one does what one does wonder how three and a half thousand extra servicemen can be implemented very efficiently the drafting in of three thousand five hundred soldiers some of whom have just returned from afghanistan is just the latest in a set of government leaves that have been dubbed the militarization of london on top of the thousands of soldiers that were already being deployed for the games i think that that kind of war is it worse that's called a war on terror that kind of attempt to defend people by intelligence or by infiltration it's not necessarily by scaring people and by putting out ground missile systems and putting them in blackheath park in the top of a pop in blocks or indeed having soldiers on the streets of london or having submachine guns on the tube for the first time in its history this is the problems are also causing concern in the transport sector it's already been experiencing major headaches in the build up to the games security just just work with venues
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they work. so how you get people to from the phone use to the strong. how you direct them where they go where they feel safe house is going to operate and at this late stage list four weeks ago can we train three thousand five hundred personnel in specialist areas and different environments in different locations to that equally i do wonder the threat of bus strikes congested roads and directives from london underground to walk rather than take the train has left many with more hope then expectation we want the olympics be a success we'd like the financial basis the money that's been invested in it and we could do with a feelgood factor of my own after a period of austerity but when it comes to the actual benefits to britain's economy campaigners insist it's going to be the wealthy sponsors he pocket the goals they're raising seven hundred million from the sponsors for the london olympics actually six hundred million will be given back in tax rebates and local get soft or get another hundred million in terms of its own tax rebates so why should the
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economy there at all with a catalogue of concern some feel it's already clear who the real winners of this year's olympics will be and i think there's a real danger that the olympic games is becoming a showcase for the international security industry and the military around the world rather than what it should be which is the athlete despite the problems in the build up to the games there's no lack of enthusiasm in london but when it comes to the logistics and organization as time runs out it looks like britain's going to need to raise its game so r.t. london. meanwhile the story from across the atlantic kind of linked its matters of fashion rather than security though by the remind us of americans in the run up to the olympics these are the uniforms that the u.s. athletes will be wearing for the games very smart for all of them were actually made in china it's not gone down well of course a big old store in the u.s. congress with one senator so flustered about it he suggested burning said suits the mood quickly caught on the internet too with
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a surge of support of two. it's flooding the web. you can read more about the olympics made in china scandal on our website r.t. dot com while there as well you might want to check out these stories we've got lined up for you would appreciate it if you did it on easy pace annual march you did northern ireland to find out what happened when parts of history were crossed on our website also at r t the common a visible laser able to detect traces of explosives drugs a gun powder without people's consent and it be introduced in the us live why not everyone's happy about that plan. and the same for the russian capital these pictures just in flooded by a massive from the storm just now to go check out the footage of r.t. dot com. paraguayan is facing a virtual isolation in south america right now with neighboring states concerned about the swift sting of former president fernando lugo in june he was impeached by the country's senate and replaced by his former deputy frederica franco in just a little over a day in an exclusive interview to us that r.t.
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franco gave his view of what was behind the political upheaval. on the fifteenth of june and six police officers and eleven farmers were brutally murdered and the people responsible for this massacre promoted i don't believe this is ever happened in any other country but someone responsible for seventeen deaths would be promoted to the post of a police commander so one guilty party became a police commander and the other a regional commander at that point legitimacy was breached the president could no longer do his job this was something called serious mistakes while in office and this was the reason parliament impeached him. and you watch the full interview with fredricka frank of this hour of live here on our t.v. also spoke to the man who replaced as well fernando lugo on his views by the coup was well you can find out what hear this say and i web site r.t. dot com right now. wiki leaks is struck with
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a spectacular victory in its first battle against major u.s. financial companies that have blocked payments to the online whistleblower a court in iceland has ruled that visa and mastercard local partner broke the law by refusing to process public donations to the web site the credit card giants were among several u.s. payments services that stopped accepting money transfers intended for wiki leaks in twenty ten it came after the web site's release of hundreds of thousands of classified american cables and data we collect founder julian assange remains in ecuador's embassy right now in london where he seeking political asylum in the south american country is course wanted in sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes he denies i spoke to human rights activist peter tatchell who told me the wiki leaks blockade is an assault on free society. this is a very very important principle of freedom of expression and the right of people to donate to an organization which is not itself until until these leaks was not itself the subject of any kind of criminal investigations or allegations even today
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during the regular. i have not been charged with any offense so to preemptively cut off the finances of a company that has not been found guilty of any crime i think is a very very bad omen it's not what we expect in a free society and it's very threatening a menacing to freedom all going on as oceans. or n.g.o.s depend upon public donations and the willingness of banks and credit card companies to process those nations once we give those companies the right to veto donations to which companies they would accept were on the slippery road known to censorship but indeed to a non free society. now some other international news first of washington's imposing sanctions on iran over the state's nuclear ballistic missiles program levon companies are gated with the defense ministry into round will have their
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assets frozen and have been blacklisted now is the latest american move against individuals in the breaching a european ban on buying oil from the country meantime the u.s. has also begun reinforcing its military assets in the persian gulf by deploying underwater drones to target a rainy and mini submarine. a bomb explosions southwestern pakistan has killed at least five wounded eleven more days before the promised his visit to the area where insurgents are active it targeted a political rally by the awami national party which opposes it is in the midst of militants no group claimed responsibility for the blast. at least twenty four people have been killed in a train crash in south africa a freight service carrying coal for export to mozambique get a truck with farm workers at a railway crossing ambulance official say over twenty people were taken to hospital they keep abreast of all our stories of course as they come in online as well if you're not on your t.v. at r.t. dot com twenty two minutes just twenty three minutes past eight o'clock now this
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friday evening and of course kate is there the business to know wall street rebounding from the longest decline since may have been talking about this it's been building up to it but i'm looking back at the record seems to be bring us up to date if you would absolutely friday the thirteenth kevin this seems to be good luck for the us market so far so good this still sort of in the first part of their trading day and a lot of that is because we had chinese economic data coming out that was disappointing but what it's doing is it's really in forcing these hopes of further stimulus which is causing the u.s. stocks to rise as investors are really positioning themselves for possible more stimulus and not just from china but from central banks across the globe there was a chinese d.v. piece figures coming out saying that the chinese economy grew at its slowest pace. three years investors are really hoping that the authorities in china are ready going to inject some cash into the system to get it moving again so if we look at
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the u.s. markets will be able to see that we do have a rally on our hands at the moment at the dow jones one point four percent for the nasdaq around one and also want to mention the net profit for j.p. morgan to post almost nine percent in the second quarter and now more on this story as london team has taken bets to protect the bank by hedging against it all their investments but was drafted dramatically backfired this not j.p. morgan's reputation and the bank is also about fifteen percent of its market value since the losses were first and late spring so tough times for that bank in particular i also want to talk about the european markets because they're not the end of the trading day but they frame staged a recovery as well and that was because of the optimism as well as i just reiterate as well that the chinese authorities could potentially be forced to intervene and that took its effect in europe as well we also had
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a positive figures coming out from today as well a bond auction went rather well today and that was in the face of another downgrade by moot is so but the. percent the dies over two percent in positive territory it's just that we have a look at the common currency as well the sea that's really responding to the optimism as well one twenty to thirty four for the traders favor of the ruble that's how it closed up today it was a mixed performance against a basket of currencies as you can say that moses on to the russian equities then they aren't closed but we did have some optimism as well here in most sky great figures coming out from the government saying that the economy grew four percent in the second quarter and that means that we had gains very much also what about gin or it as well because it's a top topic today because also it's also supported by western companies. just started this so called your friend and asked you to be involved on a rainy and or its sending your eyes price. out of raleigh outputs sliding as we
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can see that with many of terrans customers turning to russia as a replacement artie's jacob grieve went to the industry expert for an explanation. of the price this week and the spike in blend joined by alexander and as our of all in gas analysts from gas from. now nice to meet you how long do you think this good fortune for us can last. one so you wouldn't last long like it was before but i think these time it could be different because the reason for that is different and what's the reason for. well unlikely last times when it was some one offs like shadow seaboard because of some stall on the zimbardo full run which will last for months maybe years but soon as that embargo is over then surely the morpurgo option is brant that's why people are going to be putting their money just you know
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fundamentally brant crude is better than euros for some characteristic so fruity this cause it here so and so is just lighter their causes. premium brand historically but in reality four refineries is. enough to to you all sound make it. now aside from which is better can russia provide more . if there's more demand of it can it supply more oil marginally i don't think solve the problem is. extra capacities they're used almost one hundred percent at least. capacities which are headed to you or you and the second is that our production capacity is limited we don't have like sodium and we don't have a spare capacity for production historically and right now it's the true as well russian companies produce as much as they can't every single moment. ok so to
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conclude kevin disappointing economic data across the board and the markets are rallying let's see what it does now with and sure it will make it a day there and thanks for that kate in our exclusive interview coming up very shortly here in r t tonight with paraguay's new president who came to power controversially after his predecessor was ousted the big names talked to us on this chalice after a short break and a recap of the headlines next. in the long. haul. there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum physical impact.
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