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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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always top stories from our southern russian resort region struggles to recover following a deadly deluge as hundreds of volunteers rushed to help those left without homes and supplies. and findings in serious provinces rubbish rebel claims that the regime massacred some two hundred civilians an accusation some ball powers took at face value before rushing to condemn the regime and. spake follows in greece is wake is on to a strategic protest take a bloody turn the police adopting a no tolerance approach now in their dealings with demonstrators.
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hello and welcome this is r.t. for moscow coming to you live you're watching the weekly a roundup of the top stories of the last seven days with me kevin owen and first the result region of krasnodar in the south of russia's picking up the pieces still off the worst natural disaster in its history massive flash flooding killed over one hundred seventy people and destroyed thousands of homes. in the region for us. it was a night of cheer for the people of green in almost an instant the small town was virtually swept away by a torrent of rain and mud deluged by a giant wave of up to seven meters dwarfing most of the buildings there but indeed it was lucky to survive in a sudden turning to walk up his wife and son before rushing to help an elderly disabled neighbor presuming to experience what's a rose immediately with dread to do something to save our belongings but the water was everywhere it was high time was saved ourselves and we climbed up onto the roof
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spaces others were not so lucky with many elderly people in particular found amongst the dead in the morning so why vors desperately needed help fresh water dry clothes and food their s.o.'s message was answered. of emergency workers people from all walks of life rushed to chremes medical students assisted doctors vaccinating survivors fashion model and philanthropist but earlier with john over two gifts for children after an appeal on facebook i just left everything and came here just to just to clarify because i felt i had to and to see how how i myself can be helpful but also before doing that i kind of just got to do whatever we could in one day and we gathered does. tons of half of it there's still this. very necessary provision many locals refused to believe the official account but the flood was caused by torrential rains rumors that the deluge followed
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a discharge of water from a reservoir continued some spread both social media triggering a second wave of panic hundreds of people will gather here fearing that the new wave of floods is coming into town nobody says where they got this information basically people rely on rumors the false alarm however did not stop people from once again returning to their homes and continuing the massive operation these people just arrived from the i.c.c. they are volunteers they. brought shovels rubber gloves everything that is needed to clean up the debris many flood victims took matters into their own hands literally diving for their belongings greetings to come shots car i mean an earthquake there and when i came here i got hit by a floods the russian government and regions of georgie's are to compensate victims with cash and help to rebuild their homes or new ones but those left with nothing and even though it may take weeks and months to get things back to normal this town in southern russia is just refusing to give up even though the town has been badly
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hit it looks like the people of chremes have not lost told and against all odds they're staying and helping each other to rebuild their homes and their lives does but. crossing the region. all the time one of the trying to do that through southern russia is available on our website and there's plenty more on the story darting dot com well there you can see photos and footage from the scene of the disaster this devastated towns and communities in southern russia. another big story there were un observers probing a mass killing in syria's hama province have confirmed the regime's claims that its military was targeting rebel fighters in the area that contradicts opposition reports of a civilian massacre something the u.s. and its allies rushed in support. of brings us more now from the capital damascus. but your enemies are attrition hit syria has visited the village of tremseh in the syrian central province of hama hours after the news of much about the alleged massacre there and they've confirmed fierce clashes between the rebels and the
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governmental forces took place on the ground but this concludes is that an attack apparently by the government to forces appeared targeted at specific houses and specific groups especially on into faxes and opposition activists and this conclusion actually contradicts initial reports that we've been hearing from syrian opposition here that they've been very potent this of been a massacre the opposition has also claims that at least two hundred people most of whom civilians have been killed in this incident actually what the international observers have discovered is in line with what we've been hearing from official sources here in damascus that the army launched an assault against rebel hope but in this village in the province of hama we've been hearing accounts from official sources that the army even allowed some time for local residents of this village to evacuate and that was only off to the rebels refused to surrender that's going to
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intensify did in this village when this assault officials have come to me to say that they've seized many weapons from what they call were terrorists and they've killed many of them and even captured some of them and we've seen apparently some of these people on syrian t.v. here in damascus and this can fast they were involved in this incident in what happened in the village of tremseh and they've even sad that they were given weapons that abides forces from abroad and especially from turkey while problems continues to rage everywhere call syria it still remains unclear exactly who the syrian government the syrian regime is fighting against his more important that since the uprising in syria escalated the west has been consistently calling on assad his and. government to step down you know defectively want to give in to the demands of the armed opposition but it seems so far there is no clear understanding
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of who exactly they are. these fighters of the syrian opposition they're brave determined full of pride they took the fate in their hands. but for some taken control of their destiny meant taken up arms in this amateur video posted on you tube which cannot be independently verified gunmen calling themselves members of the opposition militia from its lips explain why this man was hanged and which he helped the syrian regime and was killing the rebels they say can i met. on behalf of all friends let me express my admiration by their bravery over to the north but this kind of justice only adds more anger to what has already been called a civil war. with the terrorists currently those murderers and i believe is necessary for any citizen to leave these. we cannot ask
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the opposition to unilaterally give up their struggle for justice dignity and self-determination in other media whose origin is hard to establish these men say they captured the syrian air force officer then they dispense even more rough justice but well united states will continue providing non-lethal assistance to help those inside syria who are carrying the fight to organize and better communicate. in this video are the boys behind cameras says the fight must go on it warns this will happen to anyone who can't race with the assad government. they are top criminals these people type of criminality how do they have the right feel sad when you find your country destroyed our country we've been building more lives. the whole world wants to see
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a political transition from this illegitimate regime to actually see one that can take care of its people maybe however fear that should such people force assad to leave since like these could become a familiar occurrence and have little faith in a western force democracy. where they targeted democracy in the gulf or in other countries we are syrian people we should decide these things ourselves. this mantra that the syrian people alone should determine their country's future has been repeated by many nations and has finally been recognized by major world powers but why some states still continuing to call on assad to leave and support in his opponents fears mounting and syria that this is the people that will pay the ultimate price. or if you're shut out see from damascus in syria. the plasticity security force bus in the capital damascus reportedly wounding several
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people there it is the latest in a string of attacks on government sides which the authorities blame on terror groups middle east expert told me the unrest is modified greatly with the government now forced to wage war against militants who infiltrated syria. the situation is calm change completely there are still peaceful protests this but there's an increasing number not only of deserted army people but also of jihadists of islamic scientists who have the only purpose to fight. government and as far as western media are concerned well they follow the general pattern would started from the beginning the victim or the rochas bashar asad and we have to also it's the same strategy which hillary clinton promoted right from the beginning and many nearly all the governments
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from nato states they followed this pattern so they are not really interested in the vast majority of the media they stick to this fishel pattern which is promoted by the western governments and state in the region bahrain's balun opposition rallies hasn't stopped and the regime demonstrators from taking to the streets despite fresh clashes in the restaurant of his promise to escalate the protests a crackdown on dissent makes bahrain's criticism towards syria illegitimate says american academic calling cavil. continuing to be very skinny there's pro-democracy opposition supported well with three quarters of a barbie. or injuring many of them brought to us through. some of the all or just broke just because the only.
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george is continuing the jailing continue. and how areas to many observers and we don't know about the. rooms of syria our being in baghdad. are incredibly smart in the war on saudi arabia. bahrain regime going to have no all history of democracy and all. the way to the free syrian army bunch of mercenaries there have no legitimate. along with bahrain saudi arabia is stepping up its crackdown on anti-government rallies activists say two men were killed in the already strained province after police opened fire on protesters triggered by the arrest of a prominent shiite cleric last sunday extra troops have been deployed in the area to prevent further rallies by the shia population which has long complained of discrimination by the ruling sunni family. somewhat more comfy of course in the program this half hour including
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a look at how immigrants are now paying the price of greece's financial world's racist attacks in athens as extreme right wing factions galvanized public anger over the source of greece's troubles me to look for my coming up also r.t. investigates the mysterious wrench in the u.s. mountains allegedly harboring russian children that have been adopted by american foster parents and later abandoned campers go. havoc on the streets of spain this last week as pent up public rage over the government's austerity drive spilled over into clashes with police mass protests by. this wednesday the police reaction so of the seventy people injured in suing clashes clad cops fired rubber bullets at the demonstrators many activists. coming to madrid this friday approved a new round of cuts a condition rescue bill for banks by the sociologist post in the week he believes that after all of this the prime minister should resign. the tendency is to think
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maybe that protesters have become desensitized to all of the police violence because we've been dealing with it for a year but today we saw pictures of you know images of an eleven year old child shot in the head with a rubber bullet ok we've seen we've seen policemen with no with no badges of course that's become you know standard operating procedure for them basically i don't know how much further they can really push it you know if you had any sense of decency or even a fragment of the dignity that miners and the protesters the indignados have that he would resign along with the rest of his government he's broken every campaign promise that he's made some even comical levels you know his entire party was saying that raising the sales tax was you know one thinkable and all that and now we have a twenty one percent sales tax and i think people are are wising up to this you know they see a lot of similarities between what was happening in this country forty fifty years ago and and what's happening today. let me tell you on the other side of the
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mediterranean agree susteren driven rioting and protests there morphed into something much more sinister violent attacks on immigrants in this extreme right wing factions revel in the newfound public support they've pledged to rid the country indeed of all immigrants and volunteers to blood to greeks only jacob graves reports now from athens. all round the country crumbles some parts of greece acing firm foundations take root. in that we want a nationalistic state all of them should go back to where they came from the word of an elected official as unemployment grows hand in hand with extremist sentiments looking for people to blame for their current plight the golden dawn party has proven to be the prime outlet for public anger you that if you ask me about violence i would have to say yes we do have violence in greece but not the violence
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you're suggesting it is the violence that thousands of jake suffer from by those gangs of foreigners that we have allowed to govern accumulate in our land. despite spouting racism from the podium and scandals including physically assaulting politicians live on air the party still secured around seven percent of the vote in the parliamentary elections. campaigning with a promise to throw all sick immigrants out of their hospital beds and incendiary pledge as having dark consequences as greece and in particular athens have seen a spike in the number of hate crimes that have seen almost they are that's the part that's by organized groups head by savary seeming that these attacks are happening at night and therefore ever doesn't celebrate by people who are often for dead and armed with clouds. came to greece two years ago fleeing war torn somalia
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but he's found no peace in athens i want to wish if i had known what it was going to be like here i would never have left somalia from what happened to you when you're attacked. they beat me to the ground and ran over my leg with a bike. his case is by no means unique the mother of these children was also assaulted while pregnant the perpetrators remain at large this in neighborhoods like this in central athens where an increasing number of attacks are taking place the so-called vigilante groups in disco targeting ethnic minorities. victims say there's little point turn to police they're just not interested. greece's immigrant influx is worse than any other e.u. country is poorest border with turkey where ninety percent of all those seeking refuge and to europe and in a country that circling the drain and nationalist rhetoric flooding into mainstream
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politics anything that the. good here are the eventual groups militant it insists it's an e.u. wide problem which hardpressed greece ends up paying for twice with a doubling to agreement what happens is once one you go in the ground has been caught in there in another place in europe he's going back to the country that he entered in europe and absent that means they end up in greece athens pleads for more e.u. support the refugees just keep on coming the danger for them is not the trouble they're fleeing from the fire of extremism they're entering j.q. griese r.t. happens. we've all you had to r.t. dot com for more stories there unrest in israel reported to have thousands rallying to marking the year since the start of mass social protest in the country with one
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man in tel aviv setting himself on fire also. i. think just barely on a bike and all japanese u.s. and russian astronauts heading into orbit to carry out unique scientific experiments without the full body of an incredible. politically active nonprofit groups working here in russia and funded from abroad may soon now come under tough scrutiny a bill that forces such organizations to register as foreign agents has passed its first stage of approval in the country's lower house of parliament the groups will have to undergo financial audit and submit reports about their activities otherwise they'll face heavy fines or even jail terms critics immediately labeled the move an attack on civil liberties while supporters say it will help push transparency the u.s. to slam the bill despite having earlier introduced an almost identical law itself with more is our washington correspondent guy any church you can. the west hurry to
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dump the proposed legislation as a kremlin crackdown on n.g.o.s pressures of money flow where's the money coming. toward you or your organization to get transparency get regulation get some monitoring of. these roll through. a sovereign is allowed to do u.s. officials were quick to express concern presenting it as an exclusively russian initiative but as the russian foreign minister said the concept and even the wording of the proposed law was almost entirely borrowed from the american bill called the foreign agents registration act if you work in the united states if you work for another country you have to register as an agent of that country. never again that's that's not a negative. for representing the country and the walls if you can on the employment of a foreign nation veronica
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a question in nick of us says while in the u.s. she was forced to register as a foreign agent even though she was not involved in any political activities. to them i was a representative from st petersburg we promoted economy corporation to reason cultural ties nevertheless the u.s. justice department which more new touristic two metres of foreign agents insisted that representatives of cities also registered disappointing agents version of the law doesn't even include nonpolitical actors like that the foreign agents registration act in the u.s. quote requires persons acting as agents of foreign principals in a political or quasi i political capacity to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principle as well as a cave it is receipts and disbursements in support of those activities end of quote the sponsors of the russian bill say their version is almost identical with the american law the us argues the difference is that their law doesn't address nonprofit a. it is asians but many see another difference but he knew that in the
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u.s. doesn't have thousands of forming organizations which work to change its constitution to change its leadership but in russia do you have a situation when scores of going to see sions work precisely on that for example when some calls for people to join a protest they have the right to know who's behind that and who's payroll they are members of some non-governmental organizations met with hillary clinton behind closed doors in st petersburg afterwards one of them media the russkie said the secretary of state is aware of the proposed law and quote is searching for ways to modify the support of russia's n.g.o.s without subjecting them to a crackdown end of quote we say non governmental organizations many of these organizations are government funded so they get some of their funding from from the government of the united states anyway so and she is saying that then the certainly do and they are certainly going to either get over it when maybe she's hinting at
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covertly i don't know how many of the n.g.o.s in russia which get their financing from abroad to preach openness and transparency and the sponsors of this washington bill argue it only makes sense that they themselves are subject to the same principles of transparency i'm going to check on in washington r.t. . while the second visit to egypt u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has met with field marshal hussein tinto he's chief of the country's armed forces clinton urged him to hand over power to islamist president mohamed morsi as quickly as possible but while iskander a blogger and journalist spoke to his believes washington hasn't yet picked a side in the egyptian power struggle. washington has always been supporting the power structures that serve this purposes respective of whether they are democratic or not so currently they really don't care what kind of forces are there as long as they give the us what it actually requires which is the foreign policy not
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to interfere with it and to make sure they have political and military allies wherever the news is a new system when the new regime is in but i think that what the us is trying to do right now is to wait for to see who wins in the political battle that is ongoing between the muslim brotherhood and the military and reinforce the power structure that results out of that. deal to help save go children adopted by families in the united states has been ratified by the russian parliament the changes come hot on the heels of chilling examples of abuse against russian children by their adoptive american parents at his body in a coach never reports. just some eight kilometers from the canadian border stands a remote trains hidden in the mountains and forests of this northwest part of the u.s. for many adopted children from russia who have found themselves abandoned once again this remote train in the state of montana has become their last resort after so
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much rejection but despite its noble goal care homes like this and there are several across the country are close to the outside world it's almost impossible to discover the fate of these neglected children last week russia's children's drawings commissioner pavel try to visit the range but it was denied access to the children living there. with their assume many lies about the real conditions of two dream adopted by u.s. parents we have no idea what's really going on i know there were twenty four russian children of different ages and is our understanding they were all removed just days before my visit but this incident in montana happened only a week before a long awaited agreement concerning the wellbeing of russian children adopted by u.s. families was to come into force russia has long been demanding information from u.s. authorities on the fate of children after they have been taken in by adoptive
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families but under u.s. law once a child is legally adopted the state has no specific responsibility to monitor or oversee how they are doing with their new families once an adoption is foreign allies in any state in the united states that child is considered as is born to those legal adoptive parents there is no further intervention at all on part of the adoption agency in rison years it's an issue that has caused several difficulties in relations between the two countries since russia suspended adoption of its chill. by americans that was prompted by widespread outrage after a tennessee mother sent her adopted eight year old son back to moscow alone with a known saying she no longer wanted him and that was no isolated case nineteen russian children have been killed or badly injured since overseas adoptions began
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in nine hundred ninety one including seven year old you violence kind of by god though was beaten to death by his american foster parents you know. and this harrowing example from twenty ten when an american mother filmed herself punishing her adopted as little russian boy i want you like to me. like to me what it is what you think to me. what. i mean. jessica beagley was charged with child abuse and there's untold numbers of children who have been and are being abused but it isn't stable and so it doesn't make headlines we have no way of knowing though there has been some progress in the political arena there were thousands of russian children
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fostered an adopted across the u.s. and while some may well have phone loving families nobody knows just how many a suffering the fate of little evens could have i got them by the question r t reporting from los angeles california. that's for come up to fifty minutes tonight where the boxing apparatus david haye noto compadre and derek just sore at a highly anticipated bout in london more on that than the rest of the sporting headlines coming soon plus our interview this hour to that is how the next thirty minutes shape up here on our team from moscow with me kevin oh into night.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. mission free cretaceous free cruise for charges free arrangement free free.


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