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nation is doing a long day we're. not aware of your maybe secretly fighting. to get a journalism oh jones magazine which is not owned by rupert murdoch rupert murdoch and tom dispatch and horace cooper conservative commentators senior fellow at the national center for public policy research welcome back to all of the. obama democrats have proposed actually here let me to move on to the campaign trail president obama just released this new ad hammering mitt romney on his record of outsourcing jobs and offshoring bank accounts check it out. i'm barack obama and i approve this message beautiful for spacious. right. for. gosh. and.
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has become a big issue on the campaign trail and romney has been leveling criticism at the president for being the outsource or in chief. it is interesting that that when it comes to the outsourcing that this president has been outsourcing a good deal of. american jobs himself by putting money into energy companies solar and wind energy companies that end up making their products outside the united states if there's an outsourcing or in chief is the president of the united states. romney is actually right although on some of those details not quite but most of president obama's outsourcing is a result of more so-called free trade deals like the trans-pacific partnership that's currently being negotiated and that some are describing it as nafta on steroids actually i would describe it so both men are guilty as are both political parties and have been since one thousand nine hundred two arguably before that
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meanwhile the american people are getting more and more fed up with losing their jobs to low wage foreign nations according to most recent polling on this issue back in two thousand and eleven by pew ninety percent of americans believe that keeping jobs in america is one of the most effective ways to stimulate economic recovery over the last decade more than two point four million american jobs have been shipped off shipped off overseas over sixty thousand factories closed in the last ten years so the question is which party is better poised to carry this outsourcing mantle and getting working americans behind them the republicans or the democrats or a third party or will both of them suddenly see the light bright white think or do the american people want they want a better economy they want an employment down it is true i mean mitt romney is correct to say that barack obama has outsourced government money for jobs look at fisker automotive making cars the carmo overseas that's that's taking our tax dollars and chicken shipping them overseas like romney good with when he was
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masters discovered it but rather than getting into it with partisan pissing war they both of the what to say that mitt romney isn't outsourcers not one hundred percent accurate because he also in source tell. here is not to is not to litigate whether mitt romney or barack obama obama are more answers i'm concerned about this this entire dynamic you know ross perot got twenty percent of the vote in one thousand nine hundred two on this issue and i don't think it's gone away and i think the first political party that starts taking ross perot's position is not going to lose elections for a generation and your thoughts on a highly doubt it's going to be one of the two political parties we have now i mean look at the two presidents presidential candidates and look at the last democratic president we had bill clinton i mean the policies that he would have to then captain shaft same order right in this is a bipartisan tradition for the last few decades so what what breaks an. economic collapse of the popular movement of some kind i mean you know the tea
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party. you know you talk to those folks they are middle america especially parts of the country that i'm from there is a great about jobs going abroad jobs being eliminated here and shipped there sitting next to a tea party guy and i would say that we're angry about government spending the fact that our government has spent sixteen trillion dollars more than it has the fact that we are running one point three trillion dollars in debt every year wasting money that we're never going to get back that we're passing on the future and what is this that that's not outsourcing horse owner to i want to give a pox on both of their houses i believe that we live and record i recognize that we live in an international global economy now we always really really quickly and then the trainer and seventeenth the national center takes no position on this upcoming election but both of these men have wrongly appealed to the fears of the american people by talking about keeping jobs here if you're talking about a growing dynamic economy you need policies that encourage international trade you
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need to recognize the benefits of that and you tell the american people about it what you don't do is lie in them a label the opponent as the person who's worse on the issue now. i don't disagree with you on that and international trade has always been an important part of american you know the american economy from from seventeen eighty seven told today but the fact of the matter is that in seven hundred ninety one washington asked alexander hamilton his treasury secretary come up with a list of ways to industrialize america hamilton came up with an eleven point plan the cornerstone of which was tariffs tariffs paid for one hundred percent of the federal government one hundred percent the federal government from the washington and ministration to the lincoln ministration two thirds of the federal government are going to was there so i guess that. may have been useful in helping us to get set but it is not a labor not a litter and it is not a long term agenda and what mr ross perot did was a had a pernicious effect on the american people and leaving them with the false impression that jobs gained in some other country are somehow coming at our expense
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you have to grow the other thing you have to grow up or too many you have to encourage trade ok now you're you're taking a same position that clinton and george herbert walker bush are right in arguing that i mean really these two candidates for their failure to tell the truth do they would i like capitalism i like free market capitalism i like the i saw your corporation should be running this deal it shouldn't be what's best for america and do your thing well i mean i think this outsourcing ad that we just saw you will see a lot more of this going forward this election that we've already seen polling that it's having significant effect but it's it was going up i trust i actually trust corporations more than i trust government because it least corporations are engaging in capitalism these governments are engaging in socialism and i can't allow writing or peroration knowing you can elect a bunch of there are people who maybe i am i don't know if everybody always on which is to pay you can get shares and you can get shares with numbers of friends hundreds of thousands ever shown to stockholders meeting or is actually yes that's what one of the things that we do at the national debate is talking about life or
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scandal as well i mean these are large powerful multinational corporations and in this case they didn't serve us that well yeah there's a big difference was the only way not only i mean the average regulators. a about the library scandal and they did nothing about it so government didn't solve a problem that's saying that the government is off the hook here but i don't know if i don't trust the corporations put my trust in him i would put trust in government well in all the other cases you hear of the commons of we you know we we started this government back in seventy seven with a very or seventy eight i with a very specific purpose to administer the commons to do what was best for we the people the first three words the constitution and not only the first three words but are eight times larger than any other letters in the constitution isn't there's isn't there a point at which we say you know the need has it in order it does it has given us more prosperity everybody else on the globe wants to come here precisely because what we've been able to do with the resources that we've had on the rules that we
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have in those are pro-capitalism in some sense pro corporate but they are not anti trade they are not anti outsourcing or the kinds of rhetoric that you have easily have a net negative flow of immigrants illegal immigrants right now the fact the matter is that people would rather leave the united states you would know. exactly where you are sure of the last you know i. trust you to immediately turn that into a not that. my point was it was easy if it really was i suppose but my point is that there's a larger issue here of fair trade versus free trade for lack of a better set of has brian points up with a cut to me is government control versus letting private actors take the responsibility i'm going to be not only them accountable rather than letting the government risk you can't you can't have a football game without rules and referees i mean that's the government's role
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that's that you know and we have to collectively decide where we're going to i mean people can barely live are not really saying that alexander hamilton is planned that they kept this country going for two hundred years is the same thing as not i thought it was a. good starting point but we have to cast aside the mercantile of the past and move forward with a modern economic agenda and this idea that if we can try to keep track of how many jobs were any of these other places let's take it out of the realm of jobs that we've got a six hundred billion dollars trade deficit i mean it's a big we have we have a trade deficit i mean those are people who own american dollars and what is the best thing for those people to do with those american dollars to buy them back to the united states right why wouldn't we want an environment where people are holding because when dollars that are primarily you get is what we did to honduras and nicaragua and why it's called banana republic when when you know foreigners own your whole pile your currency they come in and buy your country and you've been
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very quiet and i was curious here i mean. there are a lot of ways you can measure the obama economy right now and the policies both that we have right now are the policies that have gotten us here as well not just the previous president but the one before him and if you look at measures of income inequality in the country you look at measures of a stagnant mean household income i mean there are so many metrics by which to look at our economy and say that we're we're not in a good place if anything this economy is stagnant and it is going to buckle roddick and frankly i mean and you know whether trade policies are that is to not bring more government him and allow them to hasten the collapse of what do you think the solution i don't think that this is he really agree with that i mean pulling government out we can we can we have a very clear track record in just the last ten years pulling government what this leads to. free trade agreements the clinton era what this leads to when you can't
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exclude these factors when you look at the economic facts of today i mean the i don't think these trade agreements that we signed i don't think policies of deregulation are going to help the the economic woes that we have today i mean i'm not saying don't government it and. the business world but at the same sentiments didn't see it used as a thought if you think that it's an exhibit of i'm willing to lend effort to scalpel and address the problems and these because of it's is that these traits of the lives of these i mean agreements that just take government out all together i mean you know it's basically well we we've run time here so i don't and i think we've massaged this discussion fairly well bryan and of course thank you all for being thank you for having us. after the break iran hated libertarians about as much as she hated the welfare state so how could a leader of the modern rand movement be named the president of the nation's top
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a libertarian think tank what does this mean for the future of the radical right in america.
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be easy be. easy to. see. it.
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so sometimes you know what you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and sometimes the firesign theater says everything you know is wrong and. if you really are you're right. just make. sure. you know everything you know is wrong. it's no surprise that a lot of conservatives in washington are big fans of iran like this guy it only ran more than anyone else this fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism the morality of individualism so if i'm reading really here today i think she would do a great job in showing us just how wrong what government is doing it because it's that kind of thinking that kind of writing that is sorely needed right iran to grow
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railed against government welfare programs and government regulations at the end of the day random imagine a world where corporations were allowed to run roughshod over society putting you and me the mercy of millionaires and billionaires it's no surprise then that even after being dead for nearly three decades since she went on social security and medicare ran remains a highly controversial figure in american society and politics and now looks like rand's vision for america and the world is becoming more common among the radical right and that is a very scary thought so if you think that iran only has a small influence on a select few today and everything you know is wrong joining me now is gary weiss an investigative journalist and author of the book iran nation as well as the author of the recent alter net article ion randori ads and libertarians joined forces will her noxious philosophy further infect america gary welcome. thanks for joining us what is the cato institute how much influence does it have in washington
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and why and why does that matter in the context of enron. well you know what is it it's a very very influential libertarian think tank it's probably the most influential libertarian think tank and basically what it does it brings together large numbers of very distinguished libertarian authors and scholars and channels their thinking into position papers to influence policy in washington. and they're been very they've been very effective over the years you know they were the forefront of their everything you know that you can think of that's progressive they've opposed basically the exception being that their foreign policy has been non interventionists and that brings me to iran now iran and of course it's extremely right wing more so than anybody on the right more civil libertarians and very recently. one of the top people in the iranian movement man by the name of john allison has recently became president of the cato institute and this is
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a major thing because the libertarians of random always been to a bit but at the loggerheads rein hated libertarians so this is basically taking the cato institute it's already very right wing and pushing them even further to the star board it's it's really quite a remarkable thing correct me if i'm wrong my recollection is that the cato institute actually started out as the david d. koch foundation and and david koch was involved in this big power struggle over the last some months to reclaim the cato institute does this represent his reclamation of it or his reclaiming it or is this you know the cato institute moving more in the direction of the paul ryan libertarian republicans or objectivist republicans. well it's moving the direction of the of the of the objectivists and you see the paul ryan wing of the republican party but what you have to understand though that the coast they have been sort of a jack that largely jack that from the institute john allison the man i'm talking
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about the ranter he's brought in really he's also mr moneybags he's the he's the founder of the honorarium movement one of the major funders of the ira and if you see c.e.o. b.b. and t. which is a huge bank banking company in the mid south and he took over reasonably and is replaced the cope's the coke family and it was very important but he's not just going to be the moneybags of the cato institute so running the place and that's what makes it very interesting to go back in one thousand fifty nine mike wallace had an interview with diane rand and i think it's fascinating just a bit to get a context here let me just play a clip of this for. you are out to destroy almost every edifice in the contemporary american way of life judeo christian religion modified government regulated capitalism rule by the majority will either abuse of said but you scorn
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churches and the concept of god obvious accurate criticisms yet right so do you think the buy in rand's philosophies are dangerous if they go mainstream. or is there some contribution i can make to the american. well i think that if her philosophy was adopted quite the way john allison wants it to be adopted in toto. then it would be very dangerous you could see basically an abolitionist of government of most government functions only government functions that would be left would be the police the courts in the military but as was pointed out many times in the book that you just if you just ran rand's philosophy is to replace dayo christian norms gayo christian. views that we've all been brought up with you know she favored and she was she glamorize the
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whole concept of selfishness and she despised altruism if you really dig deep into on rand's philosophy you see a rejection of christianity rejecting the day that's actually one of the thing that's interesting about this is because it's an atheistic movement is it is a true the chief one of her heroes was a serial killer i'm not a serial killer but a brutal killer a child killer. one of her heroes it was a it was it was a child killer but i think even more important than that was that her her heroes were people like henry ford you know her heroes were the were the industrialist you know when her novels advanced you that you know that it's really you know america was built on the backs of the industrialists and on the backs of the one percent of then america has been exploiting but one percent of the ninety nine percent has been sort of the writing on the one percent chance that it turned common sense of logic upside down the looters versus the takers it's incredible gary thank you so much for being with us tonight thanks for having me. now everything you know about
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iran and her influence on politics today is right unfortunately. so i don't want to talk about conservatism the political ideology that is touted by today's republican party by corporate america and even by some democrats according to a recent poll by the pew research center conservative was the second most positively viewed political term in america right behind progressive check republicans have liked the label so much their biggest political conference of the year is c pac the conservative political action conference but i'm trying to figure out why exactly that is i'm trying to figure out why anyone given our nation's history or any
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knowledge of it would want to call themselves a conservative in today's america they say that conservative means someone who embraces traditional values limited government moderate change and fiscal restraint but those are frankly just weasel words they're the velvet glove over the brutal fist of an autocratic authoritarian and oligarchy form of governance here's the reality of what conservatives have actually done to this nation in its two hundred thirty plus year year plus history first off it was conservatives who opposed the american revolution and many of them joined the british in fighting against george washington's army then conservatives at the birth of our nation pushed to restrict voting rights at the federal level to only white men who own property although progress is like thomas jefferson and james madison blocked those efforts so conservatives at the state level picked up that cause it was conservatives who wanted to keep the traditional american value of slavery and fought progressive
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abraham lincoln so fiercely it led to an incredibly bloody and horrific civil war. in the aftermath of that civil war conservatives supported jim crow laws to keep freed slaves as second class citizens conservatives oppose woman's women's suffrage all the way up until the nineteenth amendment was ratified in one nine hundred twenty and some still to this day oppose it when women got the right votes when it all went downhill because that would involve started being cast with emotion and . terminal instincts that government ought to reflect. wealthy conservative elites opposed every advancement made by average working people from the forty hour work week to child labor laws to workplace safety laws during the one nine hundred fifty s. conservatives embrace mccarthyism and the witch hunts that ruined the lives of thousands of americans in the one nine hundred sixty s. conservatives oppose the civil rights act which finally ended legal discrimination
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in america you see every single advance our nation has made came despite conservative efforts to block it as famed conservative thinker william f. buckley said a conservative is someone who stands up for work history yelling stop at a time when no one is inclined to do so at each turning point to give more and more rights to americans to give more and more economic opportunity to more americans to make the workplace safety for more americans you name it conservatives have tried to stop it while progressives have fought bled and died to make sure these progressive things happen. and today nothing has changed today conservatives are yelling stock when it comes to marriage equality they're yelling stop when it comes to climate change legislation they're yelling stop when it comes to equal pay for equal work for women they're yelling stop when it comes to critical lifesaving stem
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cell research they're yelling stop when it comes to providing health insurance at an affordable cost to all americans they're yelling stop when it comes to immigration reform they're yelling stop when it comes to ending the failed richard nixon's failed drug war and not only are they yelling stop they're actively trying to undo most of the progressive victories over the last one hundred fifty years that they opposed from the start that includes undoing a woman's right to choose or even have access to contraceptives it includes forcing women to submit to mandatory ultrasounds like their children are wards of the state includes passing more and more right to work for less laws further eroding the rights of working people in america and includes gutting food safety programs unemployment benefits and food stamps it even includes sabotaging our economic recovery to achieve their all to a political goal which is kicking a black man out of the white house this is what conservatism has been all about in
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america and continues to be fear discrimination and corporate domination the conservative principles of limited government and more freedom might sound good but in practice they mean less government to protect americans from corporate abuse and more freedom for people like the koch brothers and their industries to pollute it means less government to provide social services and more freedom to die like a dog in the gutter without health insurance that's been the message of the conservative movement since the onset of this nation always wanting to take us back where we should be moving forward so i ask the question again why the hell would anyone call themselves are conservative. that's it for the big picture tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our web sites at the tom harkin dot com free speech to order r t dot com also check out our two youtube channels or a link to tom harkin dot com also a tom arbor dot com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback
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