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stupid. stunts on t.v. don't come. from the russian capital this is. headlines now explosions and fighting in the syrian capital as rebels announce a full scale offensive against emasculate soulmate another diplomatic attempt to end the for. insulting muslim immigrants in belgium describe a new kid which they say is nothing more than a guide for surviving in the civilized world. plus the summer camp for the world's elite protesters say the so-called one percent strike deals and make international
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policy decisions all the while being on vacation. stay with us if you can hear and . discussing britain's foreign policy issues with a very controversial u.k. m.p. ultimately he decides to shed light on agendas being debated behind closed doors. today i'm in the parliamentary office of george galloway m.p. who around three months ago one surprise election victory in his constituency of bradford west george galloway thanks very much for talking to us today now your election your victory was a surprise to many possibly not to you what does it take to break a monopoly of these three ruling parties to win an election in british politics and everest of a challenge because first of all the big parties command almost all of the media attention and the media is the medium through which most people get their political
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ideas news and secondly because you usually critical credibility factor people are doubtful that they would be doing other than throwing their vote away by voting for a candidate who may be closer to their cup of tea but are unlikely to win it and therefore the voters in a way taking a self-denying ordinance and the choosing of the m.p. but if you have this critical mass of. derision i mean i don't think that's too strong a war the derision felt in the country against the three mainstream parties often see if backside could have three cheeks these three parties are those three. the three mainstream parties are such that you couldn't slip
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a cigarette paper between them they all accept that austerity is the medicine some quibble about the dosage and the the timetable of the taking of the medicine but they all accept that the mass of the people must pay the price for the crimes and the mistakes of rich and powerful people secondly all of them support britain's role in going around the world invading other people's countries occupying them and dick spending billions in some cases hundreds of billions of hard earned money that the people have sweated for. on weapons and war. and so if you can come along and say we don't believe the ordinary people should pay the price for this crisis and we don't believe britain should be occupying other people's countries first in the ranks of those pushing for a new invasion a new occupation as mr hague is doing over syria for example at the moment we just
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reject that we we are paradigm is completely different and it's like in the wonderful film dead poets society when the teacher invites the children to stand on the desk and see how different everything looks once you get people standing up on those desks they can see that actually the world looks very different from that and do you think that there's a why did disconnect between politics and the electorate the people the people hold the mainstream politicians in contempt they know that the mainstream politicians hundred. many hundreds of them almost all of them. are looting the people's pockets in parliamentary expenses which was a huge scandal. we have actually a systemic failure in britain the media is on trial the bankers are on trial the politicians have been put on trial and found guilty long ago so. who was
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untouched by the expenses scandal didn't claim any expenses at all. and who have has a track record of attacking the mogul billionaire mogul ownership of the media and is seen as an anti political voice in the sense of being anti the political system. bingo we won we won the jackpot and you've said in the past that muslims like you because you protect them from islam of faith yet we recently had the director of m i five say that al qaeda is using arab spring nations to recruit terrorists and potentially target britain is there a point to islamophobia therefore to people have other people justified in their fear of islam if you know like any for it is irrational exaggerated and paranoid but that's not to say the extremism does not exist of course it exists and
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exists in britain and it gets more and more. oxygen. as a result of the policies that the british government follows you can't make endless war against muslims and muslim countries abroad and expect to have no resonance here at home but actually we are the antidote to islamist extremism because we say to the young muslims you are right to be angry but be angry with others who are not muslims in democratic politics so that you can affect change rather than blowing yourself and other people up in these kind of terrible acts of self immolation that we saw on seven seven five years ago here almost to the day. so. the truth is al qaeda exists it was invented by the countries no most concerned about it it was invented on the principle bankrupt moral principle that my
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enemy's enemy is my friend the soviet union was the enemy of the west so they gave weapons and money and credibility to an islamist fanatic formation and they didn't read the novel frankenstein to the end if they had they would have known that when you make a monster it ultimately breaks free of your control so they have no one to blame but themselves for this phenomena. of islamist extremism it comes out of a swamp of hatred saun by western countries and their policies towards the muslim countries therefore the best way to solve this problem is to drain the swamp of hatred and bitterness by doing the reverse of what we did to fill it and there is a rise in islamist political parties there isn't that particularly in arab spring nations in the middle east and north africa what challenges do you think that poses for syria at the moment well a very large number of people in syria whether
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a majority or no i don't know are terrified of the prospects of victory for the syrian rebels. because there's a substantial christian population in syria for example which has the most on a position of any christian group anywhere in the middle east putting israel by the way. there are. minority islamic sects which are substantial in the minority in the state as a whole there are different ethnic groups just people for example are terrified of the victory of a jihadist extremist islamic victory so that's undoubtedly one of the reasons why the syrian government is still holding on in the teeth of what is a thorough going and massive international conspiracy against them not because they're a dictatorship because the west likes dictatorships in the arab world saudi arabia
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is the grimmest dictatorship of them all and is the best friend of the west not because it's one family rule because of course all these arab dictatorships are one family rule in saudi arabia the families even given its name to the country even kim jong il didn't do that so it's not because of dislike of dictatorship no it's because the syrian regime refuses to follow western or. and has always refused to follow western orders that's why they want to bring them down they're all mixed signals they want their thermostats he seems to suggest that he will step down that he won't what do you think will happen and as far as i know he has no intention of stepping down there are people who fly kites in the western media russia's about to change its position china is about to change its position ourselves about to go on a plane this is i think largely dissent formation but undoubtedly the syrian regime has a massive problem it has democratic deficit in its country it is
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a dictatorship the era of dictatorship must be coming to an end in the arab world and should come to an end should have long ago come to an end but there are many dictatorships in the arab world who are not being targeted by this international conspiracy indeed. a vital component part of the conspiracy mrs clinton declared the friends of democratic syria but within three days even she had realized the resume billeted of that moniker because its core included saudi arabia and qatar were there is no democracy of any kind whatsoever you mention these ethnic groups that are just sling for position in syria do you predict a full scale slide into civil war and if so do you think that britain will be gunning to get involved well i think there already is a civil war in syria the massacres that are taking place are
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almost entirely demarcated by sectarian division. the. if you like the dichotomy that exists in the country it's not just between those who are with the regime or against the regime though that exists between different ethnic and confessional groups and it's a powder keg if ever you want to. to find one that's why i said to i said last night to a british foreign office minister what are you doing in syria have you any idea of the virtual nuclear explosion in the us critical area that you are helping to bring about did you learn nothing from afghanistan did you learn nothing from flying osama bin laden to afghanistan to fight the red army. this is even more dangerous because it has course front here with
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israel it's on the shores of the mediterranean so close to europe itself and it is part of if you wanted to draw out that way an arc involving iran iraq with its big shia majority. the syrian government and the people who support and of course the. national resistance movement in lebanon hezbollah that's a very powerful arc with a lot of firepower and one of the characteristics of she is a witch the foreign office minister that i talked to last night appeared oblivious to was the shiites are quite ready to fight to the death and what role do you think iran should play in bringing peace to syria well iran is a critical component in the region as a whole it's critical in iraq it could end in an afternoon the all
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remaining traces of western occupation of iraq in an afternoon if they give the want to do so and of course you cannot talk about the future of the region without bringing iran into it and russia and coffee alone are both correct in saying that iran is indispensable in any solution to this the only possible solution is the kofi annan plan which is supported by everybody in the world except the. people whose plan it ostensibly is the united nations is supporting it the rope supports the hanging man the arab league appointed coffee out on in the first place is busily supplying weapons to the rebels to do it but any sensible person in the world wants the plan to succeed and the plan is to buy dialogue and transition and dictatorship in syria without having to spill an ocean of blood in order to do it and destabilize the region and therefore the world i thank you very much
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thank you. one industry in the so. display of the labor school. for the attempt to catch up with the west. for this will be. thought.
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the headlines on the explosions i'm fighting in the syrian capital as rebels announce a full scale offensive against. made another diplomatic attempt to end the crisis. and insulting muslim immigrants and belgium describe a new start to a kid which they say is nothing more than a guide for savages arriving in the civilized world. plus the summer camp for the world's elite where protesters say the so-called one percent gather to strike deals and make international policy decisions all the while being on vacation. and those are the headlines here in the headlines from the world of sports with to me.
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well they're welcome to this. thanks for joining us coming up in the bullets are. former england manager fabio capello says taking russia job will be a wonderful adventure. boxing queens thrushes women prepare to make a little big games in london. and the civil war is safe organizers keep olympic medals at the tower of london for security reasons. but first former england manager fabio capello says taking charge of the russian national team would be a wonderful adventure he's heading to. a two year deal worth up to twenty four million dollars with a possible two year extension russia will be made to give
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a card successor on monday and claim they now only need to agree on the fine print with italian capello's expected two point four fellow countrymen and two russians in his coaching staff and take charge in time for russia's friendly against over coast next month before cup qualifiers against northern ireland and israel in september. capello's achievements in management have seen him qualify england for the world cup in twenty ten and the recent european championships but biggest achievement at club level winning two bloody good times with real madrid and seven patella in the league titles with more you've entered a similar and also won the champions league on the hand. now thousands of athletes are starting to arrive in london for the olympics and some will make history just by turning up boxing is making its debut at the games
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and russia sees it as a golden opportunity to boost medals tally with more he's robert. they've already made history with the women's boxing to make it's a limpet debbie in london these are the three russian women who have fought for their right to represent the country on the biggest stage of all. sophia should go over holder of two world and european gold medals has proven time and time again she has what it takes although adding an olympic medal in the sixty kills category would top all her previous achievements. to be faster than your opponent to reach your mind and neutralize her to be virtually untouched a ball in the ring that's the greatest feeling you can experience in the sport you can't always be in such but when you're richard that's what i enjoy most in boxing mentality often turns out to be the key factor of big wins and dramatic fails russia is hoping the heaviest olympic class under seventy five years adorable are
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listed as paramount. mental training this is where i believe i can improve on psychology plays an essential role in any preparation even my coaches now and then say to me come on you're the european champion i still have to gain some confidence i need to step in the ring cool as always as for me even when i make some technical mistakes it's all down to mentality it's all in here with women find a way to do battle in the olympic boxing ring you're going to surveil ever expect london twenty twelve to be simply a cold room and i think women are driven by anger in the ring more often than men competitive anger women's boxing is also more emotional sometimes guys from the russian man steam say hey you're emotionally overwhelmed you should calm down but of course that voice is great but getting firsthand experience is crucial but these women the talk is made real when they get in the same room with men. or team has been training with men for quite a long time three times
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a week it's common practice for us especially you have big events and every wednesday the girls even spar with men but for us the guys didn't take it seriously but after a while it became very real and it's really paid off at the top of training short to help win the battle for olympic glory it's up but regardless of reaching the podium or not having already secured their berth in boxing history is something that can never be taken away. all righty. so they're on their way to london although rush is telling team were among the first athletes to make it to the british capital they arrived at heathrow on monday it was described as the day in the airport history and with even more athletes and fans expected to fly in the days to come no major holdups were reported it did not go smoothly for everyone. driver got lost while taking american athletes to the
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olympic village in london journey along specially designated lanes should have taken an hour but almost four according to the team prompted an apology from the mayor of london and the head of london transport although they do stress it was an isolated incident. there were many thousands of basra has the money the twenty four thousand of them. through four thousand coming to london from all over the country to run services for the twenty two world it wouldn't surprise me if one of them got lost it would surprise me if one of them got lost four or believe as roshan will on the front row looking at it to suit. my messages are busy people be inconvenienced then clearly we're sorry for it but you know hundreds of buses have gone through. very very short order got to. the park and athletes are forming fantastic facilities that. america's basketball players are about to kick start in
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lego. but before leaving home the gold medal holders brazil eighty to sixty nine in a friendly to send out a signal to their rivals at the london games coach mike krzyzewski doesn't write off a south american side adding that other opponents could also cause an upset. i think it's a great chance to be in contention for a gold medal. we're going to play in a couple other teams in exhibitions you know also will be there and tina and spain and wanting we will not face we cross cross over to france you know france was tony parker weeding them in all the n.b.a. players they have will be really good. not all of. them pick village of the moment australia for example are currently at a training camp in the north of england have been talking up their chances of success even though they got half as many golds as the say at the last olympics the
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pool is still their main source of medals jones will be competing at a fourth games and will defend to olympic titles while three star sensation james magnussen is making he's a limb big debut feature in the fifty one hundred four by one hundred meters and is confident giving others a run for their money this one of the reasons why i chose one hundred phrased as a not becoming so is that we would have been it's the event that everyone wants to see in the room to do some of the reasons. it's been a long time coming. in that have been. just about time you know that we did. north korean athletes are the traditional dark horses at the games fifty one contenders will fly the flag for the world's most isolated country in london refused to talk to the media while getting on board of their connection flight to
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london correct claimed six medals including two golds in the chinese capital four years ago and the asian nation will once again be hoping for success in gymnastics let me think and beyond. staying with the olympic theme the first prizes will be presented in one of the women's shooting events on the twenty eighth of july in all three hundred two sets of medals will be up for grabs at the london games it took several tons of gold silver and copper to make them and for security reasons to organize is probably the safest place in the british capital for them the tower of london as it has been used for over six hundred years to hoard crowns and jewels. is the safest in london it's iconic it's looked after the precious jewels in the crown jewels for many many years and of course it's one of our host borrowed as well so it was an obvious choice.
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to they'll be playing with the upcoming open championship tiger woods has been drawn with england justin rose for the fourth time the major the former world number one was one of the first to arrive at royal life in course in length and will also be playing alongside spain's here defending champion. alongside any else and zach johnson won the john deere classic last weekend. some of the place took some time out to watch a documentary at the golf course on monday night it was cold outside the ropes but with that rough. play say they'll be trying their hardest to stay on that. it's tough it's very narrow the rough is very very thick. from what i can remember in the past some of the forecasts that were more we've been given this week it's
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going to be windy a little bit of rain and so it's going to be a very very strong test but. really crucial to hit the fairways here. is a rough rough which is really just brutal. so you got to you know you got to keep your ball ground and keep it keep it on line. ok today now i'll be back with more sports news from around the globe for you whether it's next stay with us. well. science technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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