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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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he don't come. here and. headlines now flashpoints of fighting between rebels and government troops spread all across the syrian capital this was a showdown looms at the u.n. over a draft that would allow sanctions could mean an intervention of both of which russia strongly opposes. the german parliament is set to decide whether to hand over some one hundred billion euros in rescue cash to spain's back to the banks. putting her reputation on the line by trying to convince and piece to the controversial bailout . the b.b.c. by a court order preventing it from airing
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a documentary about last summer's riots that engulfed england lawyers for the broadcaster and now considering an appeal. desk as he puts the klitschko brothers in the domination of heavyweight boxing under the spotlight that's next here on the team. hello again to welcome to the spotlight the interview show on our t.v. on al gore knob and today my guest some to show that klitschko. boxing is apparently the most profitable the most glamorous sports in the world handsome men
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war just women and bags of money waiting for the wind but they're not as many world famous name in the box same as that in some other sports and most of those who are in the hall of fame are american i want you but recently some of those who made it to the very tough were born in the u.s. and two of them are my guests on the show today the invincible klitschko brothers bladder and vitale the best the greatest boxing family in history. the klitschko brothers are among the rare breed who will reside in the boxing hall of fame long after they finish their careers the younger of the dimmer is the current heavyweight super champion recognized by four different boxing associations . the elder vitali is the reigning w.b.c.
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heavyweight champion one of the oldest boxers to hold the title is also a prominent ukrainian politician and a member of the ukrainian delegation to the congress of the council of europe. welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us today well my first question is to tell you tell me you will be defending your w b c world heavyweight . title against a man who will charge from germany and the fight will be here in moscow why is it going to be missed a child why not englishman david haye who has been sinking who has been but well longing to fight. six months ago after my last fight we give proposal to david haye to fight. to make my next fight against me and we was work was to make negotiation as a contract but in a last minute tape decides to fight. and that's why
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i'm so sorry for david haye he by himself make a choice he doesn't want to fight enough of that he tried to explain his story. don't want to fight him it's not true you said you're sorry perhaps for him i think you'd better be glad for him you should have been sorry for him if he would chose to fight you i think. i can say. just whose books and skills or many books he's waltz by address. talking. actually fought against. the foot and dread no want to fight me i give you all chance to do that but he doesn't want to ride no after horrified he tried to challenge me but he had a chance to fight in september in moscow. he missed his chance.
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is young and he is undefeated and is very charismatic while your brother has more experience he has he has. more charisma i think even than china so do you think that this fight between vitali and char will be a fight of experience and charisma or rather of the young skills and young blood. you will never know who is going to win the fight to know. the fighter that you think is going to win they have a challenger that you think you know is going to lose or the other way around you can play with it as much as your younger brother don't you think for your older brother time maybe coming to start start thinking about quitting what itself. i will hopefully with that with the opponents you will find out when the fight happens if we take a look back when mike tyson the youngest which champion of the world when he was
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twenty was fighting for the title nobody thought he's going to win because he was too young mother experienced and so on but after after the fight people realize he's actually fighting machine so with metal chair it's the same situation in the way of we'll see how he's going to develop themselves during the fight against italy and all of our opponents are going to be better than the usually are because that's their chance to become the champions of the world and i think if you have this chance you usually perform better than you actually can and i'm expecting him to tell as well that all of our next opponents there are going to do their best and they always done the same way some of them collapsed before the fight some others develop the skills we should never seen before because that's the best motivation to become a world champion and you definitely do the best what you can do and with the age
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gap well. there is there is a lot of the pro and cons. with age you have experience but you know sometimes your body is not working well or your body is working well but you know speaks purest enough to tell it before adding him in his last fights probably all of his opponents were at least ten years younger and to be honest with you retell is my idol because to be in this age not only yours it is forty years old and he's he he's also warming up to talk about my view. and. inexperience and then i think he's not just fighting well or great he looks as well in this sort of a shame he's hinting at you know becoming too old. to be in the rage and form and look good as you are going to loose and you've seen all of it on the inside the rink and outside of the ring so what my debate see today what's the motivation for
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you to go out there and it and be beaten i mean is it money. money. became enough motivation is it is a motivation no no not really so you don't need money you know what is very important very very important to have a dream a life and dreams is biggest motivation and always. try to reach you dream and make you dream true and is biggest motivation to make its next step and if you we should go you make zenaida's go and try to reach and or lies to you vision and it is because motivation if you best and the walter yes of course your suit is good money for for your job if you bezels world in the box and. also on you or good money for for a fight but money it's if somebody's sink about money go to the ring you've
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been there or lucky misspeaking by dreams isn't there any dream you ever had that isn't realized. you still dream of something yes of course i mean there's no point a life without dreams is boring in sport in sports you dream in boxing today. many many years ago i had a dream i was told about my dream to my school friends i want to be one day world champion i want to. beat my ties and i think he's that all the way my friends. somebody who'll listen well that just smile and nobody believes but it's very important to trust yourself and to hear to hear your dream and walk maybe you need weeks maybe you need months maybe you need your arse to realize your dream but he's very important if you want to or much if you want our. nothing is
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impossible of italy this will be your first fight in moscow if i'm not mistaken so many people around the world there are why in moscow i'll put it differently why is the first flights of this caliber that you had in moscow. actually is one of your first flight errors i have full of experience as editor and as professional boxer i fart. during her oswald. many many cities in the russia also in. the former soviet union but there are fights and more score in most all we have huge. so many. jewish community of boxing fans and boxing is very popular and especially many people can come from kansas than from ukraine from where all of from or russia to go and
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this is the capital of the country you were born in it's truly skeptical of country where we were born and. also ask us why the fight in switzerland wife while fighting in united states we. see the many factors in sport is global and that's why if we have a chance to buy the new place a new city and to deliver a good fight for fans we do that because we enjoy that and the question. many people explain the placement of the spite with politics because you are a leader of the you down a party and the fight is a september and october are you going to run for parliament in ukraine so is this fight part of that election campaign. you know what sport and digs to suppressing somebody your case let me popularity is popularity ok. ok all my career is
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perforation for parliament election like bush was in there going on all his career was a preparation for his political career is that you've. made him popular. you know what a sportsman i am very popular and political i make it feel steps but it's a very good step we build a team and exactly the same. skills what i use in books and use and pulte i mean you need to go all you need is skills to reach you goal to work hard to be organized to build good team because in boxing. also impolitic so much depends on how good your team and if you want to do the best work was the best you said vitale's your idol well he's the elder brother but as for politics is he also your idol do you think he's
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a professional as professional or is he a professional boxer and amateur politician well i'll just say this is he still does just like. the bass and difference between politics and being professionally in sports and also targeting new goals in the politics so you have to grow into the politician you have to grow in the so and then know that it used to always interested in in the politics and he was getting into it and now he spends yes spent over five six seven years i don't know how much was many years were there but some around that time and all the goals that he has. at the front of him i actually his opinion as well because he's fighting still fighting fighting before good on the political field and this battle is not easy and grew with him you know in sports you have rules. in politics you kind of all have rules
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well well the rule is the funny and the rules are funny because they're really kind of almost like more rules in the certain way and it's much tougher fight then in any box and event do you ever have any russian that in politics if you compare it's a box somewhere halfway through the match like lie after ten rounds or something they make you switch corners the send the know you'll be in the black order if you're. in the red color does it you know whether. you talk about ukraine's new country we just celebrate so last year twenty years independency. we talk about. and compare to sports in sport we have. if you. breaks the rules you scoff. but always. break the rules you disqualified and
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in baltic compared to supporters like flight no rules. it's not easy but. i am or them sure you have to invest a lot of time many years ago i explained to my friend suppose a dreams in sports and right now i have four dreams and full to also my dream in baltic to build modern country middle of europe waltz thunderous also life well we'll have to take a break at this point but we will be back in time just a reminder that my guests on the show today are the famous klitschko brothers spotlight will be back stay away or.
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we'll do the. technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. welcome back to spotlight i'm algor knob and just a reminder that my guests on the show today are the famous klitschko brothers vladimir and vitale the greatest boxing family in history. the great russian. fighter well he is he
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actually was because he quit just recently one of the main main guys. in the sport so what's your attitude to his career and to and to fighting without any rules well i think even further i met him last year and he's. that's my first meeting with america is an incredible guy he's very self-confident very calm but he's very far and we were in the same age. and they've all respect for all that humans in a sport that you've done and actually sport itself when we talk about sport has rules and people sometimes think or call it the u. of c. or m m a mixed martial or. the other federation as you see in kind of same sport. there
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is fighting without rules which is not true to our rules. the beginning of that was maybe a little bit different but with with the time an improvement of the sport there are certain rules and it's very complicated sport and watching it one time and it was authentic to one of the events and the skills that those fighters have they have to be able to wrestle to box to to do a lot of things in the great condition and you have to watch all around with your point and in the what you have to do and it's very complicated sport it's very complicated to be successful for such a long time in this sport since we've. been there the name. has been challenging you guys for quite a while do you think there is a chance that any one of you will need to many times. i saw her actually have. two chances twice. or was ready to fight him actually or signs a contract to score some press conference and either some doesn't come to the
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person or is that we listen the excuses worry and sink we was very confused because six because was little different. say one things. he scores total different points and he's more or explain there are. points why it's out of doesn't go and doesn't fight. he have good skills good fighter and the best maybe this fight against the school happens where assume and we'll let him i don't like a lot because you know what is so funny situation i'm glad we're. super champions. i think sandra champion and. for many many fans was really disappointed whose real champion has of course a lot of. legs on her by the looks of him takes us mall title rick.
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when not i hope we will be very interesting fights for our show a little or in other question about about motivation. you're holding you're holding for titles and you've been holding and defending them for quite a while recently you'd be tony the tiger dumps an imperious what chad's fight when you defended one of your titles what how easy or maybe how boring is it to keep defending your titles without a chance of winning something else wells there are and there are boring. it's always something exciting why because one of the titles when i was fighting for example would be one of the ladies paid half a million dollars that were used for charity to carry one of the belts so i kept winning the belts and they actually instead of four their five belts and they have five people carrying the balls in the ring and i'm glad that also one of the latest
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fights in march that i had this year one of the kids. alexis stout was carrying one of the belts and alexis is there sick and he has i wish him a long life but unfortunately his health is eliminated and the amount of years that he's going to leave and if you can make a little change in people's minds even with these little boys is alex. it gives a great motivation to repeat those things and go and fight again and in the race money for certain good things for charity and education and in sports that's actually what we know we tell in the very well and that's i think is the key for the young people to get success in their lives a couple of question about the philosophy of the sport. the number of versions according to which. champions are chosen in boxing
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is it pretty impressive don't you think it was better one day when there was one undisputed world champion. so one of the well known here that you're also there is this one family name under all the titles there's no way to anyway anyway if we had to do did you think it does make sense to have five or five yes may make sense this is a champion have to defend his title. twice or three times a year and can imagine how long time have to wait. to come to least top some somebody who have number one hundred in the position. that's why. boys have a chance weekly up and yes of course it's very interesting to fight when. champion
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from one wish and fight against another one champion against a champion who will be super champion and actually work well. but right now is whether holding a holding call bells. division and that's why. books in evidence. there are disappointed because who is champion here we division was a well boxing is pretty traumatic and you know better than anybody else people actually people go to watch boxing matches to see people fight each other well the same situation used to be as you know in formula one racing people went to the drums to see the crashes now they've done everything to reduce the danger of a car racing do you think the time will come when they will reduce dramatically the
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danger of trauma in boxing and do you think we need to do that as a matter of fact the rules from box have been changed for years a little changes their model. and they're all still actually the same you can improve your formula one car but you cannot improve anything else when you were in the boxing gloves so you saw you lose to leave the income when you look at the end example there is nothing to protect you there's no helmets there's nothing if we talk about program issues have a question about c.e.o.'s and that's why i think that's where boxing will stay always as a classic sports with not such a big changes and another question that has been asked to you lots of times and there i've ask you that question but i think that ten years ago when we first met you say you promised your mother never defied each other. so you still insist that that will never happen is that true you know with
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a boxing main goal. to knock out your opponent. is possible. we know just bros way close friends friends and. it's very difficult to flies shows as false born. emotionally difficult and second point. and there are those who fought or fight against somebody can you measure eve do solves shows. to be very difficult for and that's why we do want to break hearts of that's why we promise to. others and we keep our problems ok last question very sure i want a yes or no answer from both of you how has anybody of you ever been in a fixed fight with only the numbers and fixed five. hundred dollars
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and you're going to win the lotto what about you talk that's why. i'm here i'm telling you have years of being in the fix. i mean all during your life i mean it's the fights are pretty much fixed in the way of finances we talk about because it all you know what it is that is exactly where it is a letter you're going to lose or the i mean cheating you're going to get the same but i have never been involved in such a thing never hurt and been reading this story about that and. but me personally probably doesn't make any sense to anyone to make me loose and there's a lot of things that you can ask. questions but you know what there is one answer that you can get from the brothers and the answer is if the commensurately we sure are promoting right now in russia has been all around the world we've been in that the states in britain in the new europe and now the movie is hitting the russian
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market and this also has through the flame which is russian german and english so if you want to improve your language you can do it. of course you can get a lot of questions and a lot of answers through the commercial which is really exciting and just work and i hope it could improve my boxing to thank you. thank you very much guys for being with us and just to remind my guests on the show today where there. is the most famous boxing family in the world and that's it for now for all of us with if you want to add your sales or have someone in mind to think it's time to drop me a line. at t.v. . and let's keep spotlight interactor will be back with more common thought of what's going on and outside russia until then they are. take it.
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